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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 14, 2013 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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fight. >> we take bullying very seriously. >> the school board member, says the school district has programs in place to help the students that are picked on by other class mates. >> we know it takes place on all the campuses, and we try to address it, and offer the counselling. >> the students involved, face disciplinary action. however, the assistant principal says in the end, there's a lot of to learn here. >> it is a learning experience, because everybody at school will be affected by it. i really think that students can learn from other students. what to do and not to do. >> it was last week that the berkley teenager was set ablaze
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on a bus, the police say he was targeted for wearing a skirt. the parents say, he does not identify with a particular gender, a 16-year-old is charged in that attack, and prosecutored -- prosecuted as an adult. tonight, a march is planned, they're getting ready to walk the route of the bus that he was on in oakland when the incident occurred. we'll take you there. the next story is graphic and disturbing. it's an animal cruelty case, and an unusual large award is offered. these are the least offensive photograph of a puppy found dead on a sidewalk. the animal had a multiple of bite wounds. we'll find out why the
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investigators believe the cruel death may be connected to dog fighting, and details on the large reward offered and why. that's coming up at 6:00. in oakland, a man was hurt when a gun was fired. you're looking at video from the helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. the victim is expected to survive, no arrests have been made. in walnut creek, the crews cleared out the homeless encampments, we first brought you this story on tuesday. the police say they needed to step in. >> you have to see for yourself what's inside this truck. >> as you can see this large truck is full of items taken from this near walnut creek. this is the scene below the bridge. the police say they've received
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numerous complaints, and it was time to take action. some of the items removed, included laundry, a fire hose, and a microwave. police say the concern is the homeless were creating hazards by living so close to the creek. they attempted up with activists to try to provide services to those affected by the cleanup. at another location, the police and cleanup crews spent time to haul off the item pps they'll have to come back to finish the job. an unusual sight for drivers on highway 880. this was the scene this afternoon, when a car broef off the lane and -- drove off the lane and into the water. they responded, and a tow truck
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was needed to pull the vehicle out of the water. no one was hurt. on interstate 80, you were probably not having a great morning. a big rig, carrying food, overturned, this is just before 4 a.m., the crash causing a heavy traffic issue. the crews work to remove the car go from the -- cargo from the truck. it took a while, the driver told them, he lost control when another vehicle swerved into his lane, causing the truck to go up an embankment, and the whole ordeal lasted about 8 hours. the road reopened around noon, and no one was hurt. a man is in jail after wiping out power to thousands of customers. you see the damage, about 1,000 people lost power, when a drunk
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driver ran his van into a pole. the driver was lucky, if it fell, they were quickly had to restore power. near sacramento a 16-year-old boy was severely burned when a trailer exploded this morning. the teenager lived in that trailer, fire officials say there was a leak somewhere in the propane system, but it's not clear what ignited the flames. two homes were also damaged. an update on a developing story. the attorney for a 13-year-old boishgs charged of stabbing his sister to death, will allow statements the boy made to the police to be included in the trial. the boy did not say anything that will hurt him in the trial, back in april, the boy told them that he found his sister's body,
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and found an intruder in a home. but he was later arrested, and charged with second degree murder. he has pleaded not guilty. the trial is set to start next year. the conflicting reports on the latest death tolls, the people in the philippines bury the dead. six days after the typhoon hit. approximate children are begging for food. most don't stop. some authorities figure they reached less than half the areas affected. they're afraid that people alive today, won't last much longer. when a truck does stop for these children, it's surrounded by little faces and hands, and there's not much to pass out. this is the first video of the beautiful fishing town, and the first point of contact when the
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typhoon made contact. the mayor said they still need everything from food and water to temporary shelter. >> the rains are coming. >> you can see the children, and the babies that need shelters. >> hospitals are swamped. there's been no electricity since the storm. and some, the wait was too long, this man died last night, the body at a back of the hallway on a gurney because there's no place else to put it. occasionally, there's a happy story, this woman was reunited with her son after a week. >> it's okay. >> the official death toll
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stands at either about 2,300 or 4,500. more relief supplies are unloaded again. among the companies helping, apple is collecting dongss through the -- donations through the i-tune store. >> if you would like to support, visit our website,, we have posted links of how you can help. and stay tuned for this story. coming up tonight, the special plans for this young survivor, who's getting ready to save sacramento from evil. then what the president is doing to make the broken promise to americans turn right. and next, justin bieber says he's sorry how he managed to disrespect an entire country. we're looking live, you can
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see the cloud coverage, sticking with us, but the clear skies is expected as we head to tomorrow. i have more on that, and weekend forecast coming up.
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. singer justin bieber is apologizing after insulting an entire country, the cell phone video, show the pop star, kicking and sweeping away the flag that had been thrown on the
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stage. you can hear the concert goer yelling to stop. he said he thought it was a shirt, and never meant to disrespect the fans. insulting the flag is a crime. still ahead tonight, out day-to-day or essential? the new push the get cur siff writing back in the classroom. then, the doctors break the bad news had to this driver involved in this serious wreck. the hot spots. >> we continue to monitor this big problem. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes!
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it's like everyone came to, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend."
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so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good. . we have a tress story here a brave 5-year-old who's beating cancer can live out his dream of batman, and tomorrow, he'll be bat kid tomorrow, and thanks to those who plan to participate and cheer him on. he's a jammed packed agenda. 10:00 friday morning, he leaves
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the motel, in the bat mobile, and call for help. that kid helps to rescue a girl in distress, no time to rest though. theist off to -- he's off to catch the riddler. that kid watches with satisfaction as he's hauled off in a paddy wagon, and even the bat kids need fuel. eh eats lunch here, and the food is barely die jested, when a flash mob says he's needed at the park, the penguin has kidnapped the mascot, and they hurry there, and at the park, the bat kid rescues her, and he finishes his dream day at city hall, and he has a key to the city. the public is welcome, it's expected to happen at 2:00 or
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2:30, and here's a secret of the key. >> the real key to the city is when you're born, and you're 5 years old, the chocolate might be of more interest to a 5-year-old. >> if you're into this story, we have the entire agenda on, and tonight at 8:00, we'll show you the bat kicks, the special shoes. >> well five of the bikers the police say they were involved in the road rage, they were arraigned today on assault charges. it's been a month and a half, caught of video, the car was chaised -- chased down, the man was baenlt, the windows broken. a total of 11 bikers have been
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charged, among them a veteran police officer. because of this video, the incident got national coverage. and this driver will never race again. he announced today that his doctors told him the injuries were too series. he was in a terrible wreck in this race on october 6. he suffered a fractured spine, a concussion, and broken ankle. and he was hoping to return to racing, but that's not going to happen. he's recovering at his home in scotland. this is an aerial view, you can see the house that's swallowed up, and as many as six other homes are threatened. and for a closer look, someone was taking a video, and part of
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it just fell away. there it goes. the family who lived here is okay. the father says they heard a noise like a sledge hammer, and he's been worried about a sink hole, and hired a company over the past two days. several neighboring homes had been evacuated. a man charged with selling leopard sharks is find $24,000. the authorities say he caught the sharks in the bay, and sold them to customers in florida and canada. it's against the law to catch and keep the sharks under 3 feet long. it was cooler out there today. thanks to the cloud cover, the stubborn fog this morning, and did high clouds this afternoon. the it happens largely in the low 60s, and we did hit the upper 60 in the valley.
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the warmest was livermore. and 64 in san josi, and just in the 50's though at the coastline. as we look live, the skies are clearing. there's the remaining high cloud coverage. it's pushing to the south, the north base is seeing the clearer skies, and it'll clear for the south bay, later this evening. we'll look at the current conditions, so it's a little chilly out there. 65 in san francisco, 59, and tonight, we'll see the mostly clear skies, and chilly, but gusty winds in spots. take a look at tomorrow's temperatures and the weekend ahead coming up in a bit. coming up next, the punishment for a woman convicted of stalking, and harassesing alec baldwin. i love watching tv outside.
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. is this the 1980s? well not quite, but it does reek of the movie foot loose. but the sufth dance -- suggestive dance, and we explore the generational disconnect on the dance floor. >> it's all about twerking. it's made it all the way from the club scene to the school board. that has some worried, fighting to keep teens from doing that at the school dances. and some high schools in maryland, make the students and parents sign the dance contracts. the students who sign, promise not to dance in a sexual manner.
5:25 pm
no back to front dancing, or grinding. >> the nature of dancing is more provocative in eaten years. -- in recent years. >> this may seem like a real life version of foot loose. twerking has become so popular, it's made its way in the classroom. >> the students to understand the history of dance, it's great to start with something that's really current, and move backward, and say, this isn't the only time that this has occurred. >> from the charleston to elvis. >> this form of expression or communication that comes from a youth culture, bumps up against the status quo. >> every generation seems to
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have the kwefbl dance consider questionable dance moves. a canadian woman accused of stalking actor alec baldwin has been convicted. she was found guilty on five counts of stalking and harassesing the actor. a judge sentenced her to 225 days behind bars, and issued a five year order of protection for baldwin and his wife. she's not to contact the couple in any way. coming up at 5:30, new news of the man who assaulted here on the campus. and new, they're not smoking cigarettes, but finding their fix somewhere else.
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. now at 5:30, families and friends of a teenager who was set on fire on a bus are marching in support tonight. the attack happened last week, and police say he was targeted because he was wearing a skirt. the parents say he does not identify as a particular gender. we're live in oakland. >> right now i'm standing along park boulevard, this rally is set to start at 5:30, and people are just now showing up. what they'll do is march up the boufrld, and let's look at the video. walk along here, and tie ribbons on the posts, and sign posts, because that's the route of the transit bus, which was the bus that he was riding when the teen was attacked on november 4.
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the oakland association, the teachers said they'll be here this evening. and the mayor could be here. he's resting in a hospital in san francisco after treated for severe burn injuries. the attacker, 16-year-old richard thompson is charged with two felony counts. felony assault, and mayhem, both are treated as hate crimes. if convicted, he could face life in prison. for now, in oakland, kron 4 news. new tonight police release a sketch of a man who assaulted a student at the college lp here's the sketch of the suspect. the victim said heefs in the restroom, when the man entered her stall, and she thought he was a student, and he may go by
5:32 pm
the name of johnny. president barack obama offers a fix to those americans who had the healthcare coverage cancelled due to the affordable care act. >> i said we would do everything we can to fix this problem. >> the plan, allow millions of americans who's health plans are cancelled to keep their plans. >> i get how upsetting this can be, particularly after assurances they heard from me, if they had a plan they liked, they could keep it. >> and what the president calls the 5% of americans who purchased their own health policies, and many are cancelled because obamacare deems them sub standard. and now, the president lays out an administrative fix to allow them to renew the policy for one
5:33 pm
year. the fine print, if they renew, the plan, they must notify them, and inform them of benefits they'll not receive if they keep the plan. >> the commissioners have the power to decide what plans can and can't be sold in their state. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like yoir healthcare plan, you can keep it. >> an open question, how the insure companies might -- insurance companies might respond. >> i'm concept conceal. >> the speaker says the house will vote on a bill on friday, to allow people to keep their plans, and bayner adds this. >> to scrap this law once and for all.
5:34 pm
>> in california, ten healthcare websites have been shutdown or redistricted. the sites misled the customers that they were affiliated request the state's version of the affordable care act. the state attorney general said the plans sold outside of that, maintain have the same protections with the official site. police shot and injured an armed man at the hospital this morning. it happened at children's hospital of wisconsin. the authorities say they went to the hospital to arrest the man for a felon in possession of a weapon, and when they arrived, he held a baby, he put the infant down, and took off, while taking the handgun, and police opened fire. the officials say the cops fired several shots, hitting the
5:35 pm
suspect. the suspect is in a different part of that hospital. the mom and newborn are fine, and no one was injured in that shooting sniefrment as expected, former boston gangter whitey, he will die in prison. this is him not long after he was arrested by the fbi. he was convicted of 11 killing us, extortion, money laundering. and he refused to make eye contact with them. >> i know with the letters he sent, he has to live in that six by nine cell for the rest of his life, and i'm the one thing that comes to his mind, i'm glad of that. maybe that'll be a soothing part of my life, you know? >> when he was arrested a couple of years ago, after years on the run, some people were
5:36 pm
surprised he had been an fbi informant at times, and one was convicted of tipping him off of an upcoming indictment. and some thought he would be killed by authorities, because he knew too much of the fbi. >> we were surprised -- were you surprised they took him alive? >> yes. >> he was a bank robber in the early 50's. and part of the no to herself eyed -- no or gang. >> when you're facing a loaded gun, what's the difference? >> in the 70s, he became an fbi informer, provide it go information on gangsters, but
5:37 pm
the information went both ways. he took off with a girlfriend in december, 1994, the fbi put him on the most wanted list. and he was arrested along with that girlfriend in santa monica in 2011. tonight the attorney says he'll appeal the two life sentences. you were going pretty fast back there. >> i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly, tonight. . i have some amazing new technology to show you the touch screen, this might be the way we interact with the mobile devices, it's called air touch. stay tuned to kron 4, that's coming up. we're looking at the current conditions, it's chilly out there, the temperatures in the 50's. it did not get warm today, but
5:38 pm
not a repeat performance of the fog, i can tell you what to expect on friday, coming up.
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. now for today's stock market update. it rose 54 points. the slump in text stocks only led to a slight rise, it gained 7 points, the s and p, rose 8 points. airlines tell us to fly the friendly skies, and a new survey show that air travel is getting friendlyier. we're at the new york stock exchange with the details. >> some people flying these long lines, and these days the experience appears to be getting better. the governor says there's 10,000
5:42 pm
complaints from passengers this that's down from last year. the worst, frontier had the highest rate of complaints, followed by united. but united is getting better, and it gets the award for the most improved. airline mergers are difficult, and complaints usually shoot up when people complain. you just want to get where you want to be. fewer u.s. teenagers are smoking cigarettes, but that's because they're finding the nicotine somewhere else. the center for disease control,
5:43 pm
and prevention, says the overall tobacco use last year was one percentage point lower than 2011. but there's an increase in sixth to 8th graders, using the hookas. they're increased marketing, and the availability, and the perception that they're safer alternative to cigarettes. netflix is getting a face lift. click ago show or movie will give a full page description with images. the new interface is available in multiple devices. it seems more people prefer to work for a male boss than a female one. that's a new poll, and the organization asked more than 2,000 americans, asking what generalizeder they preferred to
5:44 pm
work for, and 35% persuade male, and -- preferred male. in 1953, back then, 66% said they preferred male bosses, and only 5% preferred female. this reminds me of the iron man movies, when tony stark is interacting with the crazy computer interface. when he controls it by grabbing things in the air. that's what they're trying to do with these glasses. it's called i touch in air. it's one of the first see through technology for computers. it can be used with wearable computers, and mobile dwieshgsz allowing a consumer's hands to be free.
5:45 pm
and google glasseses, or the buttons, the idea is to offer more privacy. no voice commands. the glasses project a display in front of the yourself. that's the canvas, the floating key pad, or mouse. the built in camera scans and records input, and the air touch interface, relays the information, and then the response to a user. this guy was flipping through pictures with ease just in air. i had them call my cell phone through skype, on the computer, the glass were sinkered with it -- synch the with it. it worked, and i tried the glasses myself, and you can see the real world, behind the display. it's a bleng of it, you would not want to drive or walk with
5:46 pm
these. this is when you're doing focused computing. this is a prototype, and by next year, they'll be smaller and sleeker, wireless, and roughly the size of regular sunglasses. you probably noticed it was cooler at there today. the temperatures in the 60s, and we were only in the 50's at the coastline, low 60 inside the bay. 60 in napa. take a look at the difference in the past 24 hours. down 16 degrees, and yesterday we tied a record there today, almost 20 degrees cooler. in concord, 10 degrees lower, and cooler in san francisco. in down 13 degrees in sunnyvail. it was thank to the cloud cover, then the high cloud cover that is pushing to the south. the clearing will continue in the south bay, a wider view
5:47 pm
picture, that high cloud coverage is coming from a storm that's well offshore. there's a storm to the north, and no rain, but it'll increase the winds for this morning. that led to the fog. tonight the temperatures are in the 50's, at least in the 88:00 -- 8:00 hour. the winds will pick up in the coastline, and in the hills. otherwise, we'll see the calmer conditions, and clearer skies. 45 at the coast, and 44 at the inland valleys. in the afternoon, cool still, but warmer than today. here's a look at the future cast, largely in the 40's. as we move in the noon hour, we're not going to see much warming. and then by the 3:00 hour, a mix of 50's and 60s. and out the door tomorrow, a
5:48 pm
little chilly, and 43 in pleasanton. the afternoon, 64 degrees, san josi, 60s for the inland valleys. no 70s, 50's at the coastline, 60 in san francisco, and also through the north bay. here's a look at the extended forecast. cooler tomorrow into saturday, another storm to the north on saturday, will increase the cloud cover like today. no rain though. the next chance of rain is next week, a slight chance tr tuesday and -- for tuesday and wednesday. now a look at the thursday evening commute at the plaza. the lanes are moving well. the golden gate bridge, medium to heavy traffic, and the bridge, traffic is heavy. that's the left side of your screen.
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the real estate segment. many of us know you as an expert in real estate, and we've been discussing for many years, not only real estate, but short sales. right now, the time is of the essence with short sales. >> it really is, the tax forgiveness law is set to expire by the end of the year. if a home owner is in a situation the short sale makes sense, we need to have them act soon, we're not sure if this slaw extended next year. >> in the news we hear of the property values increasing, but that's not the case for everyone. >> you're right, we're seeing one out of three properties are still underwater, and owners are still struggling. i speak with many that tell me, i still feel i'm paying rent to the bank. in those situations, maybe the short sale is the best option.
5:50 pm
>> some are experiencing an increase. >> that's true. perhaps it was a short sale, and they transitioned into an equity sale. it's still a seller's market. woe need the home owners to take advantage of this, to get the best price and value of the property. we need to hear from home owners, so we can assess their individual situation, and make a recommendation. >> and time am is of the essence. >> absolutely. >> thanks, if you would like a consultation, please contact her today, by calling this number or sending an e-mail. they're experts you can trust. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space.
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dying art. i remember writing it, but these days you ask a kid about it, they'll google the word to sew what we're talking about. 45 of 50 states don't teach it, and now california is among 7 of the states fighting to restore the cursive. this topic is popular in the news room, and on the facebook page. check out the comments, absolutely, technology i feel is allowing people to be lazy. and another one, no, we don't need it, it's out day-to-day, and -- dated, and unnecessary and another one, yes, it's important for language skills. plus a letter on note written in one's own hand is priceless. we're looked for your opinions, and join the conversation on other facebook -- our facebook page. a live look outside, the
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visibility is improved through the day. we can see fog out there earlier, and we can see the clearer skies tonight, but that means colder temperatures, i'll have the forecast coming up. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. fresh, natural, frozen. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a frozen safeway turkey is just 59 cents a pound.
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authorities are searching for the owner of a dog found abused. the latest on the case and the large reward offered to help find who is responsible. >> plus, an explosion forces hundreds to evacuate in texas. what caused this fiery blast and how long people will be away from their homes.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
tonight at 6:00, community support continues to grow for the berkley teenager who was set on fire while he was asleep on an ac transit bus. his parents say he does not
5:59 pm
gender identify as male or female. a 16-year-old boy has been charged in the attack as an adult and the incident is being called a hate crime. happening now, a march for sasha is under way in oakland. kron 4 is live with details about the march and the building of support. >> reporter: right now i'm standing next to oakland high school where just moments ago about 100 people marched up mcarthur boulevard. let's look at the video i shot a minute ago. teachers from the oakland education association are also here and they're going along mcarthur tieing ribbons along the post of the route. that is the route of ac transit bus 57, which is the bus that sasha was riding when the teen was attacked last week. now there are also -- the mayor tweeted her support for this evening. they'll be marching for several
6:00 pm
miles tonight. sasha, meanwhile, is resting in a hospital. the people who are here tonight say they not only want to show support for that teen, but they want to try to get the community to reflect upon what has happened here. >> we're too easy to be horrified and not quick enough to step back and say how can we make this better? not just for a young man that got injured, but say what is in our community that's causing young people to fall through the cracks and do horrible things to other people? >> reporter: the attacker, richard thomas, has been charged with two felony counts. those felonies are also facing additional hate crime charges. if convicted of assault, thomas could see life in prison. the alleged bullying of another transgender student at hecules middle high school led to a fight. it took place between the student and three other girls.
6:01 pm
this is cell phone video of the incident. the transgender student struck one of the three girls after overhearing negative comments and then the fight breaks out. two other girls join in attacking the transgender bullying victim. one parent volunteer says it's time for incidents like these to come to an end. >> i think it's kind of sad because we as parents, we need to let our children know that they're our kids that are feeling different at an early age. we need to have more education on transgender students. everyone has rights. no matter how they feel or how different they are, we have to educate our children that this day in time is changing, that they're fighting for their rights, and that we need to be more educating and take this thing home that is not nice to bully on people that feel different. >> police are investigating whether a hate crime was
6:02 pm
committed in connection with this incident. a new late development about bart and the union contracts currently under consideration. we have learned tonight that bart management believes the final labor package that two of its unions have already ratified includes a provision that the transit agency did not agree to. the bart board will meet tomorrow in a closed-door session to review the contract and decide what to do next. as you may remember, bart and its unions sciu and atu were involved in contentious negotiations that led to two bart worker strikes. the board is scheduled to vote on the contract next week. new tonight, a $1500 reward is being offered for information in an animal cruelty case. we want to advise you that some of the following pictures are very disturbing. we have the story behind the animal abuse. >> reporter: as hard as these
6:03 pm
pictures of the dead 10-week- old pit bull puppy are to look at, the humane society says there are far worse. >> eyes barely opened, several deep wounds, muscle tears, lacerations all over the paws. >> reporter: a good samaritan found the dog still breathing here on the sidewalk near the corner of cooley avenue and bell street. the animal may have simply been dumped here. >> there wasn't a trail of blood around the dog, so obviously the dog was attacked somewhere else and left there on that corner. >> reporter: white with black spots and unneutered, investigators know the dog has an owner because its nails were recently clipped and say the pit bull pup may be the victim of dog fighting. >> to our experts on staff, it looked like the dog was attacked by two other dogs because they were going in different directions. it could be someone saying let me pit my dog against yours, which is hard to imagine with a
6:04 pm
10-week-old puppy. >> reporter: should that reward lead to an arrest and a conviction, the culprit could be facing felony charges. a developing story, a country still left picking up the pieces following that deadly typhoon. authorities in the philippines say the death toll from last week's typhoon has risen to more than 2300 and could now be as high as 4400. there were conflicting reports on how many people have actually died. things are still unfolding there. we have the latest on the devastation and the people affected. >> reporter: the new reality is heartbreaking. dozens of unidentified bodies being carried into a mass grave. the grave the size of an olympic swimming pool. the united nations saying nearly 1 million people were displaced by the storm. a total of 12 million affected by it. food and other aid is finally making its way to the hardest
6:05 pm
hit places. the roads have been cleared allowing trucks through. we're seeing more stories of persistence and survival. this woman here made a 22-hour journey by boat reaching her hometown and her 8-year-old boy she hadn't been able to talk to since last week. >> i can sleep. i can eat. i can breathe. i don't know what to do. i'm eager to know what's happening to him. >> reporter: helping matters dramatically, the uss george washington arrived thursday. helicopters are now flying food and clean water to regions that have seen little to no help in the six days since the super typhoon hit. tonight, five bay area nurses are heading to the philippines to help the typhoon victims. they're part of the registered
6:06 pm
nurse response network. this is video of those nurses checking in within the hour. one issue the nurses will face is that many medical facilities have been destroyed or are without any personnel. other concerns are the threat of the spread of tropical diseases such as cholera and typhoid. tonight on our news at 8:00, we speak to one nurse whose family members are in the ravaged areas. the west bay center in san francisco which is on 7th street is still collecting donations. the center expects to ship out at least 40 boxes of donated items to the typhoon ravaged region on tuesday. the goods will be sent to the philippines red cross for the victims of the typhoon. stay with us for the latest on the relief effort. we have ways that you can help on our website. you can also get the latest headlines on our free kron 4 news app. the bay area just days away
6:07 pm
from the opening of the fourth boor of the tunnel. workers are hoping to finish up testing and get the approval in time for the monday morning commute. in the meantime, a fire drill was conducted today. the workers set off a smoke bomb to test out how the systems operate in case of a fire. it begins with smoke detectors which notify the traffic operations system which turns on signs that the tunnel is closing. in seconds, the fire department has been notified and the high- powered jet fans clear on to clear the tunnel of any smoke. the opening of the fourth door is expected to save commuters time on the road. we'll have more on that at 8:00. san francisco police are searching for a suspect who sexually assaulted a woman in the richmond district. this is the sketch of a suspect. it happened in july but was not reported to police until last
6:08 pm
week. the driver convinced the victim to get in the car. shortly afterward, the suspect locked the car door and assaulted the victim. he is described as a white male between the ages of 25 and 28 years old. 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing 170 pounds. coming up tonight at 6:00, a fiery explosion in texas. what actions authorities are taking to get people out of harm's way. police responding to a strange call where a kangaroo was spotted hopping around. how they managed to get that animal back to its owner. and a billion dollar deal. what companies wanted to pay big money for snap chat? and we're clearing much clearer skies. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic not so good. the skies are now clear. it will be chilly out there avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new passat,
6:09 pm
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6:11 pm
an explosion in north texas forced people to evacuate their homes. a chevron natural gas pipeline exploded. this is in the town of milford. the entire town of 700 people was evacuated to a neighboring community. you can see just how intense the flames were here. fortunately, no one was hurt.
6:12 pm
fire crews blocked off a 1.5- mile radius around the site, and they want this fire to burn out. those residents probably won't get home until at least tomorrow night. and you can be expressive in many different ways in many different schools. that isn't one at our school. >> a california prep school student facing a tough choice. why his hair style could lead him to face disciplinary action. how bay area parents and law enforcement are working together to help kids feel safe after school.
6:13 pm
to those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607.
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6:15 pm
students at two schools on troubled ashland avenue now have volunteers to their safety on their way home from school. operation safe passage, as it's called, was organized by the alameda could wanty sheriff department and the members of the department's activity league to enlist the help of volunteers. many of the volunteers are
6:16 pm
parents. they're joined by several additional sheriff's deputies for the hour after school lets out a few times a week. >> there's a lot of crime going on and our kids are being affected by it. if it's not bullying, it's predators that are out here. they have been robbed from people who come from the bart station. they've stolen i-phones. and to have a presence here, it deters those crimes from happening. >> with parents, that gives me that extra set of eyes and ears to report things. or maybe students feel more comfortable to go up to parents. >> operation safe passage hopes to attract more volunteers and expand to other schools. a charter school student is facing a tough choice. he must get rid of his mohawk hair style or face discipline at his school. the boy's parents are calling
6:17 pm
on the school to remove the rule. we have more on the controversy there. >> there's lots of schools of choice here and you can be expressive in many different ways in many different schools, and that isn't one of them at our school. >> reporter: that's how they responded after the u-prep school board ordered elijah to change his mohawk or face disciplinary action. >> it's ewe versety preparedness school. it's our name and our mission. everything that we do in our school aligns toward that mission. >> reporter: part of the school's mission is enforcing a strict dress code. i obtained a copy of the school handbook. on page 19 it states students may not wear their hair in a mohawk or similar style except on designated spirit days. parents had mixed reviews. >> it appears the kids are clean cut here and they always look really nice, and i think if that's the dress code, if it's in the policy, that they
6:18 pm
should have it and they should have to abide by that rule. >> everybody's so unique today in the way that they dress and do things, and i say as long as it's not unkind to others and doesn't cause a problem, i don't really have an issue with it. >> that student has until thanksgiving to change his hair style. his parents say they will keep fighting the ban until it is removed. it has been another day of anger mixed with apologies from toronto mayor rob ford after he admitted to doing drugs. we have the latest on the developments. >> reporter: the toronto mayor has admitted to smoking crack and drinking too much while in office. he told reporters this morning he's had enough of people lying about him. >> i can't put up with it anymore. litigation will be starting shortly. i've had enough. i warned you yesterday to be careful what you wrote.
6:19 pm
take legal action again the waiter that said i was doing lines at the beer market. that is outright lies. that is not true. >> he's denying he had an affair. he's going to sue some former staffers. they cannot force him out of office. he has not been convicted of a crime. the council did vote yesterday to ask him to take a leave of absence, and he says no. meantime, ford and his look alike brother doug are launching a new tv show starting monday. well it was significantly cooler out there today. thanks to the fog in the morning and then the high cloud coverage in the afternoon, we hit the 70s in pleasantton and liver more, but that was it. take a look at the change from 24 hours ago. we were down 16 degrees today in santa rosa. yesterday we tied a record high. today almost 20 degrees cooler. out at antioch, it was 10 degrees cooler than yesterday.
6:20 pm
# 12 degrees cooler in oakland. 13 degrees cooler in sunnydale. we're looking at satellite and radar picture. the high cloud coverage continues to move down to the south. now clearer skies over the north span. the high cloud coverage is coming from a storm well offshore and to the south. we're seeing another storm pass us to the north. we're not going to see any rain, and this is going to pass through us tonight. we will have clearer skies into tomorrow morning. right now temperatures running in the 50s. 54 in san francisco. 56 in san jose. 57 in livermore and 55 in santa rosa. tonight it will be clear and cool. tomorrow still on the cool side. this weekend a slight chance of rain on sat. we will start to warm again into sunday. tomorrow morning widely in the 40s. the 30s in santa rosa and napa.
6:21 pm
that storm that passed through left some cool air in its wake. into the afternoon staying in the 60s in the south bay. 64 in cupertino. no 70s out there tomorrow. the east bay shoreline struggling to get into the 60s in plays like hayward. 60 in downtown san francisco. and the mid-60s for the most part for the north bay. here's ak a look at your extended forecast. even cooler as the storm passes to the north. did not look like we'll see any rain. it looks like snap chat is not going to facebook any time soon. there are reports that facebook offered to buy snap chat for $3 billion in an all-cash deal, but the los angeles based company turned it down. snap chat is a popular app that allows people to send
6:22 pm
photographs and videos to their friends and then those pictures self-destruct seconds after they are seen. coming up, a kangaroo out of place. how the animal was eventually pulled to safety. and a man in montana makes a corny proposal so big his girlfriend had to see it from the sky. her reaction, next. announcer: you're on the right trac announcer: to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose to save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempurpedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale on now at sleep train!
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6:25 pm
get ready for big changes in instant replace in baseball. major league baseball laid the ground work for expanded instant replay in 2014. as fans would have liked this option in october when a controversial homerun call did not go their way. starting next season, everything will be subjected to instant replay except balls and strikes, check swings, and some foul tips. managers will get two challenges per game. if you love the drama of a good manager, umpire screaming match like me, you may not like this
6:26 pm
change. managers cannot challenge a call if they have already argued it. another vote is still needed in january, but the new replay rules are expected to be implemented this upcoming season. here's something you would expect to see in australia, not in texas. somebody spotted a 4-foot tall kangaroo hopping along a highway in midland after it got away from its owner. patrol car video caught some of the scene. sheriff's deputies at first thought the dispatchers were crazy when the calls came in tuesday night from people insisting they'd seen a kangaroo. the deputies helped catch it and return it to its owner. authorities say the county does have an exotic animal ordinance. they're checking to see if a pet kangaroo falls under that category. i was like no, this isn't real. this isn't happening. >> a creative wedding proposal. how a man from montana popped the big question.
6:27 pm
plus, a weird situation when a kangaroo is spotted hopping along a highway in texas. how the animal was lured to safety. coming up. >> don't get caught behaving badly. >> sound advice from a couple of bananas. it's going to be one interesting segment in the next segment of people behaving badly. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why?
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colgate optic white dual action shines and whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and whiten even more, with optic white mouthwash and the whole colgate optic white line. here in oakland on thursday evening, more than 100 people marched up mcarthur boulevard showing their support for 18- year-old sasha who was attacked on an ac transit bus last week. they tied ribbons on posts along the route to show their support. this evening sasha is resting in a hospital in san francisco. the teen's attacker is facing two felony accounts in addition to hate crimes for this attack.
6:31 pm
a week's worth of bullying of a transgender student leads to an on campus fight. the entire incident is captured on video. >> there was bullying going on with the transgender student. the transgender student walked over to the other girl and as far as we can tell, slapped the other girl. >> a total of three female students were involved with in the fight with the transgender student. they're investigating to see if a hate crime was committed in connection to the incident. one man is in jail but not before putting thousands of people in the dark. and you can see pge crews spent the day here trying to fix this power pole. this is a dui at around 1:30 in the morning. he destroyed this power pole and wiped out power to about 6000 people. he fled the scene but was eventually arrested. full power should be restored at this time. reporting from hayward, kron 4
6:32 pm
news. you see this truck? it's full of items taken out of several homeless encampments. police say they pose a hazard to the public, especially because they say that some of the homeless people are defecating into the waterways and that they needed to step in and take action. there were so many items collected that they had to get another truck so they could continue their jobs. it was a nightmare commute on westbound 80 this morning near the highway 4 interchange after a big rig rolled over at around 4:00 a.m. there were no injuries in the accident, but it did back up traffic for miles. unloading 20,000 pounds of frozen food by hand. it took hours before all lanes
6:33 pm
of traffic were reopened. in san jose two employees remain in the burn unit here recovering from second degree burns. this after tesla officials say an equipment malfunction on wednesday led to molten aluminum spilling on to the employees causing the burns. one employee was treated and released and the company ceo hopes the other two can make a full recovery. cal-osha is now investigating the incident. here in the fourth floor of the tunnel, final tests are under way in preparation for the opening. those in charge of the project are hoping all tests and sign offs will be completed in time to open the fourth door in time for the monday morning commute. if not, it will open shortly thereafter. it's believed the extra door will reduce travel time for those traveling in the non- commute direction by 10-15 minutes.
6:34 pm
check out this bat mobile. it is a street legal replica of the cape crew crusaders movie. it has gadgets such as a flame thrower and you can own it. it will be auctioned off later this month in england. grant? take a look at this. a montana man decided that corny was the way to go for his proposal to his girlfriend. check it out. he and a friend plowed this very important question in a corn field near great falls. you see it right there. a few weeks later, miles took his girlfriend olivia on the flight over the ranch. she was speechless when she saw the field below her. >> i saw the word marry and i was like, no! this isn't real. like, this isn't happening. and then i saw will you marry me? >> in case you're wondering, she said yes. thankfully. the couple plans to get married
6:35 pm
in the summer of 2015. our big weather story tonight, a big cool down. we saw temperatures drop as much as 16 degrees today. we did see temperatures largely in the 60s. it was in the 50s near the coastline. we did see more sunshine in those two locations. take a look at the change from 24 hours ago. 15 degrees cooler in napa. down 11 degrees in san francisco. and down 13 degrees in sunnydale. the cooler air that filtered in today, into tomorrow we'll have mostly clear skies but still on the cool side. no 70s in sight for tomorrow. temperatures struggling to get into the 60s on bay shores and in san francisco. 64 in san jose. we have a slight chance of rain as we head into saturday. all we're going to see is a bit more cloud cover and continued cooling into saturday. by sunday it will be a little bit warmer. into tuesday and wednesday,
6:36 pm
that's our next chance of seeing rain. about 20% chance bay area wide. and coming up tonight, stanley roberts tours around a fisherman's wharf and finds tourists behaving better than the locals. it's the next edition of people behaving badly. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. fresh, natural, frozen. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a frozen safeway turkey is just 59 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life.
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6:39 pm
believe it or not, there have been some changes to fisherman's wharf and i'm not talking about the applebees. if you have a street that's been one direction for decades and then you flip the script, it becomes a breathing ground for people behaving badly. now they're new to jefferson street, but it's been around for years. apparently they are confusing.
6:40 pm
what's also confusing? this thing. to me it's a red arrow and it means no turn on red, like this sign only it's electric. if you operate an armored truck, that red arrow appears to be a suggestion. and the same for this oakland taxicab. wait a minute. an oakland taxicab in san francisco? followed quickly by a yellow taxicab. this could be the next new duck hunt. oh, i'm sorry. a duck pond means there are so many violators the cops could just sit here and issue tickets. but it's not just drivers. this is a petty cab running a red light. last time i checked, there's no exemption for them. i can hear the nasty-grams just pouring in. but why not? after all, all the other stoplights and stop signs and some text while riding. >> if you come to fisherman's wharf, don't get caught
6:41 pm
behaving badly. >> even the port of san francisco workers aren't exempt from behaving badly. picking up trash requires them to park opposite of the traffic. oh, and the dedicated transit lanes are not for hop on, hop off buss. one could say these are terries, but after watching most of the tourists were more well behaved than the locals, at least today. go figure. did you know they're giving away free gpss here? yep, just break the glass. the public is finally getting a look at a baby baboon. you can see it hanging on to mom's belly there. the female only three weeks old. now that the baby is accustomed to her surroundings, the public will be able to get a look on a daily basis. coming up in sports, we
6:42 pm
have an update on pryor. could he miss sunday's game? and we sit down to preview the 49ers, saints game. those stories and much more coming up next.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
the 49ers want to sail toward the play off, they better win on sunday. not one of those if they lose, the season's over. but nonetheless, that good feeling they've had for the majority of this season after a rough one in two starts could go away. davis says he feels fine, might be in there. kapernick looks to bounce back, but the saints are good. and drew brees, the offense rolling it up. they're 5-0 at home this season. because of the home field advantage, they're a 3-point favorite. >> the saints are an
6:46 pm
outstanding football team. they really have things working well offensively, machine-like, very hot, and playing extremely well. >> it's a loud place to play. they're a great team, they're playing well. we have to be ready for that. >> to help us look ahead to the game on sunday, the king of new orleans sports. doug won the edward r. merle award. >> king of new orleans sports, that's comical. that's funny. >> whoever we got was going to be the king, so don't let it go to your head. thanks for joining us tonight. let's look ahead here and talk about drew brees. how would you compare what he's doing this year with the other great seasons he's had? >> this is still in the middle. we're 9 games in. this would be three great seasons in his career. 2009 was the unbelievable run to the super bowl.
6:47 pm
then 2011, which may have been better. and that's when they lost in san francisco in the play offs. many people believed, including me, that 2011 team was just as good if not better than the 2009 super bowl year. this year he has been spectacular autobahn. four touchdowns, no interceptions this sunday night against dallas. he wasn't even the guy we were talking about after the game. >> is it all him, or did last year tell the story of how valuable shawn peyton is to brees and the team? >> you're exactly on point. drew brees said this year there have been times when he goes to peyton with a play and a time out and peyton has the same play. they think a lot a like. they work together. shawn peyton does an amazing job of in-game adjustments. in all honesty, much of drew brees' issues, i believe this
6:48 pm
to be true, last year was not having shawn peyton, not having the back up, and trying to do too much. you saw this in the game against san francisco last year when brees threw two terrible interceptions and the saints lost. if you look at the last two years, the saints have matched up worse against san francisco than maybe any team in the nfl. san francisco did a great job against the saints in the divisional play off game two years ago. and then the game in san francisco last year was terrific. this one is huge for the saints in terms of figuring out if they're for real. >> my god, he is the king of new orleans. what did he say? anybody remember of that? no. he was full of information. >> isn't that what you wanted? >> i wanted good information, but i also want you guys to enjoy it. >> well, we did.
6:49 pm
especially your questions. >> no, no, no. i could be a real bad guy and say what's the one thing he said that you remember? >> how about the drew brees pass problems. >> good news for the raiders here. it looks like pryor will be back on the field sunday when the raiders play houston. now he returned to practice today and again, the alternative is a rookie backup so right now pryor says his knee which affected his play against the new york giants isn't too bad. we'll wait and see. baseball awards announced today. detroit tigers say hello to miguel cabrera. took the tigers to the american
6:50 pm
league championship. a big-name and honor today. a lot of globetrotter business this week. the poor guy who had the rim come down on him, here is cory law throwing it. they say it's a record 109 feet, 9 inches. he did it in phoenix. the old record was 104.7. an official from guinness was there to say it's official, and there it is. >> an official from guinness was there. they had three tries to do this? >> i'm not aware. never ask me a question if i don't have time to research it. >> i think he said it was three times he gets. >> i'm furious. >> that's pretty impressive. >> if you're going to break a record -- >> i think it's three tries. that's pretty impressive. i wonder if it was the first
6:51 pm
try. >> never ask me a question. it makes me look bad. the whole idea is to make me look like i know everything. cory thunderlaw 109 feet, 9 inches. coach, you want to come in here where you can't trust people? >> i trust everyone. >> here he is, the great mike perodi. he's our coach of the week. mike, can you throw up one leg? i want to see how much this interview meant to you. one more time, mike. >> i always wear shorts. >> as the old saying goes, thanks for dressing up for us. this guy knows his stuff, and his team is rolling. we'll come back. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all
6:52 pm
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6:55 pm
you can tell by the way he coaches that he's been in football his whole life. he really understands and he's taught me basically everything i know. >> it's been a lot better with the group we have. a lot more chemistry. he's been putting good ideas in our head to keep us focused. >> he works harder than anybody i know all the time. all the time working hard. you can see it, and it's awesome. >> that's great. talking about hillsdale high school, 7-2 overall. coach wins $1000 from the 49ers. nice to meet you, coach. you were kidding because you're nice and relaxed. when was the last time you wore pants? >> at a wedding last year.
6:56 pm
other than that, i'm in shorts all the time. >> as long as you win. >> great administration. >> what if you were 2-7? >> i think they'd still let me wear shorts. i don't want to find out. >> even a little bit like that, kids relate to you? they feel like you're one of them? >> i hope so. anything that allows you to connect better with a kid, i'll take it. it's kind of just fun to wear shorts too. >> give me one kid on your squad we may see playing college ball? >> probably start with our quarterback. he's done a great job for us this year. he's doing well. this last weekend he threw for 390 yards. you can see some of the footage there. he's gotten good looks from smaller schools and we hope he'll get something nice down the road. >> congratulations. nice to meet you. we have a mutual friend. >> great guy. >> he'll be proud of you too.
6:57 pm
the high school coach of the week. stay connected with kron 4. you don't have to ever leave us. middle of the night we'll blow in your ear. baldwin stalker guilty. inside the surveillance video and the sentence. >> plus, gaga in times square.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
♪ "insider," the top trending stories you need to know. alec's stalker cuffed and jailed as he blows up. >> i'm at manhattan criminal court for today's guilty verdict. >> just released surveillance video proves she was obsessed. >> that's when they become dangerous. >> gaga's times square takeover telling us about taking over "snl." >> it allows me to make fun of myself. >> i'm backstage at the victoria secret fashion show. taylor swift, adam levine, and beyonce. and braless at the after party. >> i'm not here to look at lingerie. >> with this biggest loser telling us about the cheating scandal. >> people bend the rules.
7:00 pm
>> and dolvett reveals some tricks. >> cheat a little bit. >> on the set of the best man holiday. >> i was in my spanx. where yahoo and broadcast meet for 24/7 news. >> alec baldwin's stalker guilty. hello everyone, i'm kevin frazier. outside the course house after tearful testimony, explosive allegations and damning surveillance video sabourin learned her fate. let's go inside alec baldwin's dangerous liaison. >> alec, unleashed. >> get away from my wife and the baby with the camera. the actor outside his apartment going off on photographers. he chases after one paparazzi, backs off and hurls a homophobic slur. [ bleep ]. >> the drama unfolds hours after his alleged stalker was found guilty. >> sabourin waking up in jail this morning. >> another explosive day in court. >>


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