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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 18, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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top stories we're following on this monday november 18th. if it crashes down
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lanes on interstate 80. we will have an update and a live report. and the wait is over. if the new fourth--the new 4th bore of the caldecott tunnel is open. we'll see how much time it will save on your morning commute. bart and its two biggest kenyan could be heading back to the bargaining table yet again because of a contract mistake. riders fear another bart strike. with an update in the weather center from erica. good morning. >>erica: we could see upward of 2 in. of rain a. i will be tracking the time line for you highlighting futurecast 4 coming up in
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about 15 minutes. >>mark:. the news room following the latest of the string of deadly tornadoes that tore through the midwest. more than 60 tornadoes were reported throughout the area. on the left you can see video from a chicago suburb of the ride a small town in central illinois. a woman in washington and illinois as her home and business was standing one moment and on the next. >>: our house was just beyond the deck. and this was not a business. we have veterans above the garage and of the car here and work our bedrooms. a lot of people have a pile of rubble to fill. i don't have anything. it's gone. i don't
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know where it went. >>mark: authorities say at least six people and the state have died. the illinois national guard is helping and recovery and cleanup. the national weather service says there may have been as many as 80 tornadoes throughout the midwest yesterday. >>james: it was suppose to ease traffic but the first weekday commute on the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel might cause delays this morning. the two cars through the hillside are only expected to light in traffic for people on the reserve community that is commute direction. those commuters only used to get one bore to travel. now both directions of highway 24 will have to dedicated bores all the time. caltran spokesperson id morrison
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says the new bore will slow things down in the short term at least until drivers get used to the new edition. >>: it's a beautiful tunnel. but we don't want people to slow down and admire it too much. >>james: driver should get to use to the way things are now. caltrans will soon be starting a new fire safety project installing water lines inside the three older bores. this will require them to be taken out of service one at a time. that will take place sometime in 2014. >>anny: bart and its two biggest unions could be heading back to the bargaining table. that is because bart says a provision is included in the contract would cost the district too much money. the issue at hand is the family medical leave act. it would allow union members six weeks of paid family medical leave. both union and
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district negotiators signed off on its several times during negotiations. but the bart board says they don't like how much the provision would cost the district agreed in a statement released over the weekend, union officials slammed a bart management saying the provision would cost less than what bart officials claim grid all of this leaving bart riders confused for street wondering what's next. >>: hundreds of thousands of people rely on the system every day. this should have read the contract before that everybody agreed on it. if you can go back or read a contract as a way to something is wrong. >>anny: the bart board is expected to vote on the contract on thursday. that is when we will know if both sides will have to go back to the drawing board. >>james: we are following
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year morning commute. at the george track any hot spots of their >>george: the hope for relief on the nimitz freeway southbound is not going to be coming anytime soon. there is a new accident blocking to land on the nimitz freeway southbound near the embarcadero and the 16th off ramp and that's slowing the traffic to a grind again. on a '80s out from before the post office. the kron4 morning news will be right back.
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>>anny: is started when san francisco police stopped a man for riding his bike on the sidewalk. and ended with two officers injured and four suspects recovering from injuries behind bars. officers say 21 year-old d.j. williams fled when they tried to stop him from riding his bike on the sidewalk. when friends of williams intervene on their rest the plainclothes officers called for backup. for residents were arrested following the ensuing scuffle. friends and family of those arrested were shaken up by the events. >>: they saw there of a get dragged out the house and pulled down and give the like that street i would be scared to. >>: i just want my son home and i want this all to be over. but none of this needed to happen at all. >>anny: san francisco police said in a statement that " reasonable force was used by the officers to effect an arrest. " they're referred to the crowd as " hostile "
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noting that two officers were injured by angry residents. >>james: family and friends of the 61 year-old woman who shot and killed by a santa clara county sheriff's deputy are questioning why do we force was used. the shooting happened just after midnight saturday. deputies responding to reports of breaking glass and loud pounding at a xxx this isn't san jose's burbank neighborhood. one of the deputies opened fire when the woman who was holding a knife refused to drop the weapon. she died at the scene. officials have not released her name of friends and family identified her as andrea najarro. >>anny: eric is keeping an eye on the forecast. the morning. >>erica: high clouds headed to the area. rain on top as we head into tomorrow. on the brick and on your extended forecast when the kron4 morning news returns.
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>>george: will come back to the kron4 morning news street essex 15 we cleared the fatal accident on 880 southbound at with all lanes open and we expected to see this backup dissipate fairly quickly but of course it hasn't and the reason why a new accident southbound at embarcadero 16th blocked the two left him lanes. the first accident like the three left him lanes. so past the scene of that earlier occurring crash traffic is moving well but here it is a completely
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bottled up again and it's backed up well north of 983 for the south on nimitz freeway ride. you're dominant use interstate 580 instead. and no accidents reported here on 680 southbound near the dublin interchange street expected to tie up your ride leading through dublin pleasanton for six '80s out of bounds. better news for the east bay ride on 24 and that is with a new border opened and the westbound direction that means there'll be the center board available for the east bound to come to flow commute. traffic may still be a little sluggish each way as people used to the changes especially on the westbound side. it's likely that folks are going to slow a little bit as they take in this new tunnel. there really is an engineering marvel. let's take a look at the bridges. your ride to the bay bridge westbound starting to slow now that the metering lights have been activated filling and across the land. we're so an
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to jeffrey with six small ride here in for your trip to the golden gate bridge 101 southbound and easy ride bolster marin county and across the span. the so that the weather. here's erica. >>erica: come morning george. taking a look at live conditions from our mount tam cam most of us are looking up to clear skies. as for temperatures take a look at how cold santa rosa is 334 out the door. looking expeditions into the afternoon will see an increase for high clouds. and temperatures will be cooler than what we experienced yesterday. expected 5 degree drop. the pattern of high clouds will stream and to the east bay interior spots as well. 64 for castro valley. in do francisco will
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remain in the upper 50s and low 60s along the north bay. as you wake up tomorrow morning at you can probably bet you'll see some wet pavement. futurecast 4 predicts by 7:00 that's really the peak of your rush hour commute. the contract widespread light rain and of course that's a concern with the slick conditions on the road. we well up see a bird out in the rain fall. plenty of sunshine and dry weather potentially and the forecast. looking ahead as some of the models looked like to keep dry weather are round until thanksgiving.
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>>mark: midwesterners are picking up the pieces this morning after the region was hit with the dozens upon dozens of tornadoes yesterday. the storms killed six people and destroyed at least 70 homes in illinois alone. you're looking at time lapse video out of indianapolis as the system moved through the area. you can see just how strong the wind and rain pounded the state. meanwhile to news anchors have to take cover in peoria and illinois as tornadoes hit while they were on the air. take a look. that my kids your basement it to your center most portion of your home and take cover. i am hearing things right now truck. i think we may need to take shelter right now our self sprit memo we do treat them all we need to go out there. we will be back when we can. >>: we will be back when we can.
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>>: let's go. >>mark: you heard it. the anchors quickly realized they needed to stop the broadcast and take shelter themselves for seven minutes. and you just heard the nfl broadcaster saying that fans and soldiers fans needed to be evacuated during the bears and ravens game yesterday because of a tornado warning. ravens were up 10 at-0 over the bears won this happen. the game was delayed one hour and 45 minutes.
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>>anny: iphone =--typhoon haiyan has left thousands homeless in its path last week. medical workers are making slow progress due to severe loss of water to electricity and medical supplies. in many hospitals lack of drug and blood supplies has kept doctors from performing most operations that need to be done. some doctors haven't even returned home after the typhoon working for days without food or rest. according to authority's the typhoon has killed more than 3900 people.
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>>james: football fans put their bitter rivalry aside over the weekend to raise money for victims of a typhoon haiyan in the philippines. many raiders and 49ers fans were at jack sports club in real in fremont collecting boxes and bags of food and medicine blankets and more than $3,000 in cash donations. organizers said it collected a ton of stuff. and it's all going to go and the back of this trailer. to then be shipped off to the philippines. how the san francisco 49ers organize mission also donating free tours of levi stadium with 4 raffled off at the public. >>mark: taking a look at wall street this morning investors are waiting to see if the stock market will begin a new week with a fourth straight state of record highs. futures trading right now shows mixed trading across the board. here's how the numbers closed on friday. the dow up 85.3 to the
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>>james: 625 is the time.
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today marks 35 years since the mass murder-suicide at jonestown and in guayana. nine-test 918 people died in the settlement led by jim jones. most of the victims were from the bay area. they died after drinking a cyanide waste kool-aid. also killed or wounded were members of the delegation led by congressman leo ryan. they were there to investigate conditions at the settlement. and there were boarding planes to leave at a nearby airstrip jones security forces opened fire. ryan was killed. shot and wounded was his legal advisor jackie speier. today she served in congress representing the bay area. a memorial at oakland's evergreen cemetery was dedicated back in 2011 were more than 400 unidentified and unclaimed victims were
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buried in a mass grave. >>anny: officials in colorado are looking into what led to an explosion at a silver mine that killed two people. police 19 others were injured in the blast. there are reports that the two miners died from carbon monoxide poisoning. investigators are now looking into the source of the gas. mine managers say the two dead miners had their personal respirators. >>james: investigators and russia are still trying to determine the cause of a plane crash that killed at all 50 people on board. the boeing 737 jetliner crashed sunday while trying to land at its home port and the russian city of kazan. the son of the provincial governor was among the victims. the head of the local branch of russia's investigative committee says the plane crashed during its second landing attempt. investigators are looking
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into a possible pilot error or an equipment failure. >>anny: up next on the kron4 morning news. how contract dispute lead to yet another bart strike as we take a live look at the else to reforestation we will have the latest on talks coming up in a live report. plus opening bell i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why?
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welcoming back. >>mark: opening bell on wall street. rotterdam wireless solutions worldwide. >>erica: >>george: 8 '80s out about bay hot spot since we started our broadcast with a fatal accident which we will be hearing about any minute. major problems for the pleasanton dublin commute. an accident blocking lanes
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on 680 south abound. just north of its gems of all the way to the 68580 interchange. good news. if you drive 24 with a new westbound door open the means to boards available for the east bound commute. anny? >>anny: investigators are still on the scene of the fatal crash and oakland you mentioned. it happened overnight on southbound 880. all lanes are back open but there's not a backup. kron4's will tran is live at the scene with an update. >>will: >>anny: looks like were having difficulties tearing you. we will touch back with a will and testament of first let's go to. ok we do have a will. what can you tell us? >>will: sorry about those technical difficulties the traffic is moving along just
6:32 am
fine now. much of the past 980 that george was talking about you can see all lanes were reopened. they were shut down for about four and a half hours because of a horrific accidents that involved two cars. one of them was actually traveling northbound on 883 here's video we want to show you print this happen surely before 1:00 in the morning. a bmw was going north of mount st. see if the investigators tell me the driver was going in excess of 100 mi. per hour. loses control of the bmw clips the back of a semi truck, flies over the center median and then slams head on into the driver of a honda crb who was traveling southbound. the force was so horrific and so hard that it actually puts the both cars about 50 ft. south and back on southbound 880. both drivers and drivers died on the scene. i'm told the driver of the crb was in his late sixties or early '70s.
6:33 am
the driver of the bmw was in his forties. obviously there are looking into speed as the possible factor in why this accident happened. another factor they are looking into is whether or not alcohol played a role but is shutdown for four and half hours and shortly before 540 in the morning to reopen all lanes on southbound 880 just south of broadway. condemning a chp officer to slow things down but it was so bad that it took me about 20 minutes just to go from one exit to the next exit and traffic was backed up probably all the way to the macarthur maze of finally they reopened everything and the investigators were finally
6:34 am
done with what they needed to do and it will take a little while to come back with an official cause of what happened with this double fatal accidents. back to anny. >>anny: thank-you will live in oakland. >>erica: the morning everyone. lots of stories and the north bay but temperatures for the most part are in the forties. waking up to partly cloudy conditions you can see in san francisco. all in advance of a storm system heading our way. rain and the forecast for tomorrow. even as to when today. i'll be walking you through the 7 day around the bay and a look at futurecast 4 coming up in 15 minutes. have >>mark: this morning, we are following the latest on those deadly tornadoes ripped through much of the midwest yesterday. this is video of the damage from one of the tornadoes that hit washington illinois. entire
6:35 am
blocks were leveled in that area homes just ripped apart and people left scrambling to find shelter. six people were killed in illinois alone. up to 40 tornadoes may have hit the midwest in 12 states. here's gifford illinois six people were killed in illinois alone. up to 40 tunnels may have hit the midwest in 12 states. >>james: to another developing story. union leaders and bart officials are back at it again arguing over a contract dispute. kron4's jackie cecil is live at the else to read of del monte bart station and more on what's happening with the contract dispute. contract. jackie? >>: and just when you thought it was safe to go back on the bart trains,
6:36 am
after two strikes, months of negotiating and as you said just a couple weeks ago both of the bart a union agreed on this contract wait not quite yet. that's because the board of directors found a provision that they said would cost way to much money the contract was negotiated and obviously we have those two bart strikes. it's called the family leave act. they said they claim they didn't know what was the side of it and said it could cost up to $44 million a year. the union disputes that number st it's far less than that for it they say either way the contract has been negotiating for it there ratified it. they expect the board of directors to do the same thing. i this point
6:37 am
they say they want to go back to the negotiation table and negotiate that out of the contract. who's stuck in the middle? the bart riders. is there a possibility of another strike? maybe. i had a chance to talk to bart riders this morning. and as you can imagine, they are beyond frustrated. >>: it's pretty stupid because of they should have read the contract before signing it. since they signed it they can go back. why is it of to us to suffer because they can't read a contract and assigned it. so you sign the contract go for it. >>will: are you frustrated? about yes i am and i know i may have to take a very again. and that will cost me a lot more money with my commute to san francisco. >>: of the grant what give
6:38 am
employees up to six weeks' paid off to take care of a sixth family member. they're supposed to meet on thursday and the expectation is there going to deny the contract and wants to go back to the negotiating table. the union's one no parts of it. obviously it's a developing story as we all fly one more time. . when we get new information and we will pass along. >>james: we will be following this story throughout the week. >>anny: kron4 news returns after this break. it will update you on hot spots. police opening fire on a a fan with a mother and his onside appeared to you what led to the shooting.
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641 is the time. take a look at this. you heard the shouting there. it started when a cop pulled over ariane offer real for speeding. the policeman tried to pull for roll out of a car. five children were hurt in the background screaming. her 14 year-old son of charges at the officer. for roasters to drive off and another officer fires at the minivan. it was a chaotic scene. she led them on a high-speed chase going in the wrong direction before pulling over and ultimately surrendering three c'mon now charged with child abuse fleeing from police as well as possession of drugs. her
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we are back in the 646. the skin over to the traffic of desk. >>george: multiple hot spot finally all cleared we will exxon that one out. new hot spots. here's an accident on a the westbound agnomen that's backing up of the ride. a look at the bridge
6:47 am
is 3 here's the bay bridge back up the not too bad at all even though the lanes haven't activated and did for awhile back up across all lanes. the san mateo bridge ride is going to be affected by the 101 south bound crash in hillsdale. that will start to back up the ride coming off the stand and coming out of foster city and your commute to the golden gate bridge 101 south of mount kit and a fairly easy ride. solano county there's an accident at the cornelia junction and the westbound direction. backing up the traffic coming out of fairfield.
6:48 am
>>erica: in know what george. rain as on the live. take a look at santa rosa. ms. ford is currently in san jose and offer for this out the door in san francisco. in terms of your afternoon highs, it's going to be a cool our afternoon. we will shave off five degrees compared to what we experienced yesterday. high clouds a lot to mid-60s and the south bay. mountain view 63654 santa clara. as a turn our attention to the north bay we will keep temperatures in the upper 50s for places like downtown san francisco ocean beach 61 in alameda and los 60s across the north bay. here's what's happening on satellite and radar. you could see those high clouds into closer and closer to the bay area. they've tested for signs of wet weather off shore approaching you recover it--eureka. most of us will see perhaps a
6:49 am
quarter of an edge to a half inch. 7:00 tomorrow morning, widespread rains so expect to wet the roadways during the peak of your tuesday commute. rain will start to back up. it could grow in intensity as we wake up wednesday morning. expect chari activity to continue until about thursday morning and past that we are back in the sunshine and we are putting '70s and back on the board as we transition into the weekend. >>mark: the big news this morning. with the dow jones industrial average over the 16,000 mark for the first time ever. and the s&p 500 briefly topping the 1800 mark three when you make of all this rob are >>vicki: are >>: rob black >>: airbuses basically
6:50 am
saying we can't manufacture the way we want to. and yet you see somebody like boeing home makes missiles and checked rockets. that's helping the market's overall. i think we have some room to wiggle and hire sides so don't just chased waterfalls. make sure you have something in mind as far as allocation goes and ankles on wall street. memo we stand as run up here earlier in the year there was a sudden half acceleration. we kind of thought we had such a run-up of this year. the second half not looking so great yet we are still seen at the run-up in the market. a surprising for a lot of people.
6:51 am
>>: and this is where i kick of the heinie of bay area markets and i believe in capitalism. wall street is working well because of capitalism. google is announcing today that they're open to show rooms. there also a phone company. i like what we are seeing overall. i'm not euphoric. i think to all 14 will be a positive year. constructively build on roads free. 18 million and a country of billions is not much street but we are a world and we. aquila check
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back with rob for today's winners and losers on wall street at 915. >>james: we are getting ready for the holidays with a special dining and shopping guide here on kron4. it's our holiday gadgets and goody special coming up november 22nd. the vicki liviakis was sure you the best holiday eats and treats. high-tech reporter will highlight the hottest items that will be sure to impress you on your holiday list. friday at 9:00 p.m.. >>anny: time now is 652. coming up on the kron4 morning news we will take a look at bay area sports thrift a little bit of a reversal with our riders winning and the niners fans feeling. lovely shot of the sunrise this morning for more details on the rain coming this way. the time
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now is 652. xñ
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top stories we are following on this monday, november 18th. a fatal crash shut downs lanes on interstate 880. we'll have an update in a live report. and the wait is over. the new 4th bore of the caldecott tunnel is open. we'll see how much time it will save on your morning commute.


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