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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 18, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> reporter:now at eight. >> reporter:i turned and saw flames. a story you will see only on four. a good samaritan reveals what went through his mind when a teenager was set on fire aboard an ac=transit bus. somebody had to help. me and another guy did it. whoosh >> reporter:former raider thomas howard dies after a horrific high speed crash on highway 880 in the east bay. bounced over the center divide wall and went head on into the honda crv.
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>> reporter:what we are learning about the cause of the accident and the other life that was lost. whoosh >> reporter:tonight. new pessimism about a bart labor agreement. i intend to vote no on thursday >> reporter:the latest in the family leave impasse threatening to derail a contract. whoosh >> reporter:a traffic dispute in san francisco turns deadly. police are looking for a gunman who murdered one woman and left another critically wounded. all over a fender bender. whoosh >> reporter:george zimmerman back behind bars. >> reporter:his girlfriend called the cops after she says he threatened her with a shotgun. you put your gun in my frickin face and told me to get the * * out. now get out of here, >> pam: our top story. a teenager set on fire. allegedly because of his sexual orientation. only on four. the bus passenger who rushed in to help him without regard to his safety. that's what we are supposed to do.
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>> reporter: describing the frightening sight engulfed in flames as the oakland team scored was set on fire when falling asleep on a ac transit bus. when you come back to this location with kind of ball go through your head? it's tough, some very scary. i jumped up out of my seat and saw the fire. running back towards the back of the bus. i totally not this one grow over try to get to the young team. teen.
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i do not now. i'm sorry that i could not have gotten there and quicker. you play back through your mind what you have could done better. that's it. >> reporter: euboea which could other people were running the opposite way. he were running towards the flame spirit will you have to. you have to do something. i did what had to do which is supposed to do. >> pam: developing tonight-- >> pam: a high speed crash in the east bay. takes the life of former raider thomas howard. >> pam: the c-h-p says the 30 year old was going more than 100 -miles an hour. witnesses say he lost control of his b-m-w. and into a big rig on highway
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880 in oakland. the impact then sent his car over the guardrail into oncoming traffic. killing another driver as well. kron 4's scott rates is live at the raider headquarters scott ? >> reporter: the driver of that b&w this man, 30 year old thomas howard linebacker for the raiders. recently plane for the cincinnati bengals and atlanta falcons and died on impact. that
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impact causing him to lose control of the bmw jumping the divider clearing head on into the s u b. howard was wearing his seat belt and there was no physical evidence of alcohol or drugs at the crash site. now >> reporter: x teammates are taking to twitter. "i did not use a friend or x teammate today. i truly lost a brother in thomas howard rest in peace. " >> reporter: just because there was no physical evidence of drugs and alcohol or dui is not being
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thrown out. toxicology report will have to take up one to two weeks or even more as they are same. >> reporter: his best year with a raiders was 2007 when he has six interceptions. to them playing with the bengals in 2011 and 12. he was with the falcons briefly before they released him on november 12th which was last tuesday. >> pam: coming up in our next half hour. kron 4's j-r stone spoke with friends of the other victim in the deadly crash. hear what they have to say. tonight at 8:30. >> pam: new tonight at 8, one woman has died and another is fighting for her life following a shooting in san francisco early sunday morning.
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as kron 4's charles clifford reports. it esclated after a confrontation. >> reporter:according to the san francisco police department, just after 2 o'clock sunday morning, 23 year old melquisha warren, and a friend, were sitting in a 6th street and jesse street in the south of market area. police say that for reasons unknown they became involved in some sort of argument with the occupants of another vehicle. we know there was some sort of altercation that escalated to gun violence. both occupants of the vehicle were in the vehicle when the shooting occurred and the suspect fired into the vehicle striking both of the occupants. >> reporter:the suspect or suspects then fled the scene. melquiesha and her friend were transported to san francisco general. warren died a short time later and her friend remains hospitalized with life threatening injuries. >> reporter:so far, police have not identified any suspects in this case nor do they know a motive for the attack. there are surveillance cameras in the area and sfpd spokesman officer gordon shyy says there were also witnesses to
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the attack. >> reporter:there was a number of witnesses in the area and i understand there is video surveillance all along the sixth street corridor. so investigators have gone back to retrieve video surveillance and they will be reviewing that. >> reporter:in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: tonight. some much needed rain is on the way. >> pam: our chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett is live in our weather center to show us which areas will see showers. and when. jacqueline? >> jacqueline: we accept all of your pictures as the rain comes and. you can you post and twitter head and facebook. showing the system across the west coast also extending off shore with tropical moisture so we
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will see heavier rainfall. futurecast for 5:00 hour tomorrow morning rain, it will stay that way until the morning commute. what slate showers pyrrhic cream will head south. >> pam: a storm is also brewing back at bart. after the bart district and the unions reached a tentative agreement last month. >> pam: bart board members are now poised to vote down the contract this coming thursday. and that possibility has many people wondering if this will send workers back to the picket line. kron 4's dan kerman spoke with both sides and has our story. >> reporter: in the second strike last month writers thought the chaos was over. but that may not be the case. riders
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bart director says he will vote against the contract during thursday's meeting because it contained a family medical leave act that they should have not signed off on. one of a screw up and there is no way all around that. >> reporter: i believe this is just an exaggeration that it will not cost over $40 million i think this is the buyer's regret. they change their mind and now they want to get back and change the numbers. >> reporter: what will bart
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members to if the board reject the contract? i cannot say until after the board meeting on thursday. you have to be concerned but i do not have control over that at this have to be responsible for the people who ride the system and the taxpayers. we have a fair contract to be ratified rectified by the bart board. >> reporter: in walnut creek demand waldman >> pam: also ahead tonight
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california company has a new way to protect yourself from an attack by using your smart phone. we will show you how it worked. plus a new study takes a drastically different stance on the effect of video games on children peak. and we hear what you have to say about the findings. >> pam: and next just when you think you can get any worse for toronto's crack smoking mayor somehow it does. what happened today that has mayor robert for the glowing and out right or outright war.
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>> reporter: toronto mayor rob ford.
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more bizarre behavior from toronto mayor. here he is, making gestures imitating drunken driving during a city council meeting today. he made them toward a councilor accused of drinking and driving. the mayor was also heckled inside the city council building. "shame! shame! shame!" >> reporter:chants of the word "shame" greeted the mayor from the gallery. then there was this: mayor ford bumped into and knocked down a councilor while running through the council building, leaving the woman with a fat lip. the mayor later apologized, saying he was rushing to help his brother --a city councilor-- involved in an altercation. today the council voted to strip mayor ford of many of his powers. >> reporter:he's been reduced to a figurehead with no legislative abilities. mayor ford vowed "outright war" in response. the mayor recently admitted smoking crack and is accused of drinking too much and abusing staffers. "." >> reporter:mayor ford has refused to step down. in fact, he just began work on this t-v show, "ford nation," with his brother. >> pam: george zimmerman is behind this is his latest mug
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shot. >> pam: the man acquitted of murder and manslaughter in the death of unarmed trayvon martin. is now accused of assault --.that's after a fight with his pregnant girlfriend at her florida >> pam: home. she says he pointed a shotgun at her. >> pam: zimmerman has been charged with aggravated assault, battery and criminal mischief. he is in jail - and will be in court tomorrow. back in september - he was briefly held by police in another domestic dispute case involving his estranged wife. no charges were filed in that case. >> pam: a wave of tornadoes and severe weather blasted across the midwest over the weekend. causing widespread destruction -- especially in illinois. >> pam: at least 8 people have been killed. and the search for survivors continues. sunlen serfaty reports. >> reporter: >> catherine: the sights and sounds terrified people. at
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one home page to prayfaith and fear on a sunday in washington, illinois: "our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name" >> catherine: elsewhere in the city. a man and his wife held each other tight in their basement as their home was being ripped apart. "we're either going to be in heaven or in the hospital, or we are going to walk out of here -- completely in the lord's hands." >> catherine: and there were more disturbing scenes across the region wild winds in city streets. a tornado touchdown in an open field. "wow! it's on the ground!" >> catherine: looking from above.damage as far as the eye can see. the tornado had estimated winds of 170 to 190 miles per hour, according to the national weather service service. >> catherine: authorities say at least six people died in illinois. "it is important that we see ourselves as a family, that we come together when something very dangerous and difficult and deadly happens / everyone in illinois wants to help the victims."
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>> catherine: in peoria. >> catherine: t-v anchors reporting on the storms are forced to seek cover from them. "i'm hearing things right now, chuck." "yes." "i think we may need to take shelter--" "yes." "--right now, ourselves." "we do." "we need to go off the air. we will be back when we can." "right. we'll be right back." >>68 tornado reports across the midwest, including nearby indiana, michigan, wisconsin and missouri. hundreds of thousands of people are without power. >> catherine: open >> pam: relief efforts continue for those devastated by typhoon haiyan. the u-s is sending two more ships with helicopters, trucks and equipment to produce potable water. the philippine government admits. the supplies are still much needed. four- million people have been displaced by the storm. and are in desperate need for food, water and shelter. around 900 marines will also be arriving with the ships to help the relief effort. >> pam: the storm has killed
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at least 39- hundred people. >> jacqueline: 62 in livermore and wheezing cloudy conditions throughout the day. also over the sierra during the reign is still to the north of the spirit it looks like some of the golden gate we will stay largely dried in the morning commute. do not take pictures when you're driving the chicken send pictures of the rent to us. or to me at my facebook fan page of jacqueline bennett. so here is a look at futurecast at 7:00 hour or withdrawing largely to the north. it's not into the
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afternoon that the rain will be pushed to the south. oakland hayward. so we are starting to feel well bay area wide. the rain will be returning for the overnight hour. you still have a few spotty showers st st allow mukluk hour. so here is the time frame. lasting about 10:00. largely for the higher elevationsstill ahead--
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>> jacqueline: temperature why is very similar day upper 50s or 60s. but lingering spotty showers the winds die in thursday morning cooling off period so here's a look at the extended forecast. dreier woman weather as we head into the weekend. >> reporter: cape crusader we need you! ...and bring the bat kid!
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>> reporter: his make a wish went by role and the cost we will let s f p d s answer that. we use all on schedule personnel there were no overtime spent. >> reporter: no price time but no price tag in the end result is priceless spirit >> reporter: keep the city in mind if he ever goes pro. >> reporter: we do understand that the sfpd are making a home to batch of t-
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shirts. all of the proceeds will go to make a wish foundation. >> reporter: stay tune that is coming up next
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>> reporter: offering some possible solutions and they are rolling out now... is what is really an extreme! >> reporter: me your phone into a stun gun. a 650 v
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shock! >> reporter: authorities have different opinions on stun guns and pepper spray. depending on who you speak what this could be a good idea or bad on. one >> reporter: activating this one at the right time could scare someone off. >> reporter: spot come to mind by shocking yourself when doing normal things with your phone. it has stood make contact scanned to do something pyrrhi >> reporter: a safety switch pam covered but you have to remove a along with pressing the button to activate the stun gun. it
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also backs up as a better source giving you a few extra hours of power. the case is $100. gate slate kron4 this is a >> pam: and santa cruz mother documents her sleeping taller in his nap body how this adorable dual became an internet sensation. plus a new study has a different take on the up back of violent the video games and children.
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but this isn't a dream. it's just a video from my last birthday party. >> pam: a former raiders player killed in a high- speed crash on an oakland freeway. >> pam: news tonight at 830 j.r. stone top to the france of that victim. we're getting you ready for pam,
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certainly a sad night here. the 64 year old man that was killed on 880 this morning was on his way from worked. the holidays. with a special he was a good man. we received the news today. here on kron 4. we do not feel good. that was a good friend of ours. >> reporter: and spoke with his wife by phone. she was in shock. >> reporter: she's is crying in a lot. she lives in china. she answered the phone crime.
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crying yes it does, he took someone else is life. if he wanted to take up his life he should have done that. i am very angry about this. >> reporter: >> jacqueline: much-needed rain is on the way. the rain still remaining to the north. taking a little while to get to the north to pay for the rain to start falling. the storm is still up from hand. that indicates that is tapping into some tropical moisture pyrrhic will have malling pyrrhic
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you considering largely concentrated over the north bank. now if you do not one to wait it hit over to my facebook page and read all about rain at kron 4 jacqueline bennett. >> pam: >> reporter: over 11,000 hits for a decade the youngest kids for five years old when they started playing video games and finally between fine between playing the video game and finding emotional and behavioral issues. so by
8:34 pm
timeline. tv can be more harmful to young kids than video games. this has people talking on kron 4 fan page. yes i agree some games and help you think and started struck shot a judge's. yes i agree some games help you think estrada gyves. some parents need to teach your kids if it is a game or a movie that it is not real life. >> reporter: are two sides to this story. still free to china and to be conversation china chime
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into the conversation. >> pam: [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave.
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>> pam: what started with a proud mom posting a few pictures of her sleeping toddler and his new puppy. has quickly become an internet sensation. on her blog. 'momma's gone city'. jessica shyba writes about how beau wanted a puppy last christmas, when they lived in new york. but instead they waited until before finding theo at the s-p-c-a. >> pam: shyba says, when they took theo home. he had trouble napping by himself. so he found himself a napping >> pam: shyba says, the cell phone pictures she took of her 23-month old son beau. sleeping with theo, have touched a nerve with people all over the world.
8:38 pm
>> ".from the uk." >> pam: theo was one of 11 puppies rescued by the santa cruz s-p-c-a. he is thought to be a lab - german shephard mix. shyba says, she hopes her photos will inspire others to adopt a pet. >> pam: a shortage of a popular thanksgiving dinner staple this year. why there's no need to get your feathers ruffled. i love watching tv outside.
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other brands. shot >> jacqueline: please send in your photos we would definitely be using them on the air. overnight we will see a shower starting in the north way. concentrated over the north bay and south of the golden gate just a very slight chance of showers. but the 10:00 hour the ruling is still north of the golden gate so most of the morning we will not see any warning especially in san only in the north that at
8:42 pm
1:00 hour. by 4:00 it will come rushing down by the 9:00 hour we will see a low over the bay area. spotty in pretty much in the north that by wednesday afternoon we will see drier conditions. the rain started overnight tonight temperatures like today and the low 60s. we will see an inch and half of rain. with the exception of the higher terrain. hardly any snow. as we head into wednesday mostly boring. rain.
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>> jacqueline: >> jacqueline: so rain tomorrow and rain early mistake with the drier conditions for the rest of the work week and one me back up in the 70's for the weekend and early part of next week >> reporter:if you are driving on highway 35 in daly city doing 71 when the actual speed limit is 55 you daly city doing 71 when the actual speed limit is 55 you ato those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage.
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financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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>> reporter:especially if the san mateo motorcycle safety team consisting of officers from multiple cities are out in force well he says i was doing 71 i don't know how fast i was going my speedometer said 65 >> reporter:there were a lot of speeders on highway 35 with the top speed being 90 up 90 miles an hour ' >> reporter:however the real interesting crackdown was near s f state where there have been a lot of motorcycle relates crashes >> reporter:lake merced blvd
8:46 pm
to be exact where the speed limit is 30. but the average speed appears to be close to 50 >> reporter:the speed here you gotta slowdown you were going 47 >> reporter:but the funny part while motorcyle officers were setting up to the enforcement this guy rolled by not speeding but something else >> reporter:i thought speaker was ok yea it is ok but you can't hold you speaker in your hand yup another reason for collisions. people distracted by cell phones >> reporter:this crackdown was funded by the california office of traffic safety specifically for motorcycle safety >> reporter:this blue honda was clocked at 46 in a 30 mile per hour zone and it's probably not a good idea that the driver just stopped in the middle of traffic when the officer got behind her >> reporter:all the drivers were caught by officers simpling sitting in the
8:47 pm
center devide ok car number one lane 51 miles per hour and wouldn't you know it this was a first of many for this driver i wasn't pushing on the gas, >> reporter: you weren't pushing on the break either do you notmally driver that fast first time yes >> reporter:this guy was caught with no seatbelt first of all im not suggesting nobody said i wasn't wearing a seatgull officer sees to assume that i didn't wear my seatbelt >> reporter:and there was this woman who will get her very own segment you do need my permission to film me, are you an attorney no but i have a friend who is >> reporter:in daly city stanley roberts kron 4 news >> pam: the giants got better tonigbt.
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: warriors on or off to a good start! >> gary:utah made a little bit of a run. >> gary:warriors won tonight in utah city >> gary:in fact of all major
8:52 pm
league pitchers he comes back to the bay. 2 years good productivity then else where >> gary:if you beiver many 49er call did them in ysterday. the raiders may have found a new starting quatreback yesterday. all round the top of the shoulder pass the referee said it was and that a. it was the neck. the rule stt
8:53 pm
ates you can not hit in a certain area. "thats just how football is played." >> gary: of that he made a great play. that is our interpretation that we did not get,-in that plant.
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play. >> gary: if that had happened to colin kapernick, you know? we would not have heard a word. fans been stance you want to blame that one person for the lost. >> gary:matt mcgloin with t hree touch down passes. undrafted player is he your new starter? i am going to wait and obviously with met
8:55 pm
performance he certainly underwrite to be in the discussion for shore. but however, i will not get into hypothetical spirit and in to sit down with terrell and see where he is at physically correc >> gary: sad story regadring former raider thomas howard. he died and a deadly car crash on highway i880
8:56 pm
>> gary: i want to do more of them returned kicks. let me out of san francisco. brady chases the officials and an black went down. flag went down. 24-20 a carolina >> gary:former 49er dehon goldson is having trouble ajusting to the new ruleds. waldon suspended for head butt
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