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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 19, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter:now at eight. i turned and saw flames. a story you will see only on four. a good samaritan reveals what went through his mind when a teenager was set on fire aboard an ac=transit bus. >>somebody had to help. me
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and another guy did it. >> reporter:former raider thomas howard dies after a horrific high speed crash on highway 880 in the east bay. >>bounced over the center divide wall and went head on into the honda crv. >> reporter:what we are learning about the cause of the accident and the other life that was lost. whoosh >> reporter:tonight. new pessimism about a bart labor agreement. >>i intend to vote no on thursday the latest in the family leave impasse threatening to derail a contract. whoosh >> reporter:a traffic dispute in san francisco turns deadly. police are looking for a gunman who murdered one woman and left another critically wounded. all over a fender bender. >>whoosh >> reporter:george zimmerman back behind bars. >> reporter:his girlfriend
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called the cops after she says he threatened her with a shotgun. >>you put your gun in my frickin face and told me to get the * * out. now get out of here, >> reporter:our top story. a teenager set on fire. allegedly because of his sexual orientation. >> reporter: passenger who rushed in to help him without regard to his safety. >>that's what we are supposed to do. >> pam: developing tonight-- >> pam: a high speed crash in the east bay. takes the life of former raider thomas howard. >> pam: the c-h-p says the 30 year old was going more than 100 -miles an hour. witnesses say he lost control of his b-m-w. and into a big rig on highway 880 in oakland. the impact then sent his car over the guardrail into oncoming traffic. killing another driver as well. kron 4's scott rates is live at the raider headquarters coming up in our next half hour. kron 4's j-r stone spoke with friends of the other victim in the deadly crash. hear what they have to say. tonight at 8:30. >> pam: new tonight at 8, one woman has died and another is fighting for her life following a shooting in
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san francisco early sunday morning. >> reporter: lance body disappeared from her womb and found october 8th on the stairwell. the witness the researcher that worked for san francisco general hospital is from either india or egypt. he came ford after seeing a flier district by the police. obviously so many unanswered questions. this witness is not the name of the suspect. the thought here is that the information he did provide may help them on a time line. and that stairwell and
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in the long run bigger out what exactly happened here. reporting line reporting live j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> pam: when he struck the back of a big break causing him to lose control sending him into oncoming traffic hitting and killing the driver of the s u b. suv >> crushing the driver here
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and killing him. >> reporter: is one of the worst accidents he has ever seeing the seat h-p associate says. but taking the life of 64 year-old ximg lui and thomas howard >> on 880 they have lowered the speed limit. with the construction and narrow lanes. and now >> reporter: chp are trying to find out why he was quan so fast. >> and at the victim's life at what led up to that collision. that may have cost them to drive that speak. speed
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>> at man's family one no longer having him come home on a day-to-day basis. >> reporter: expected the autopsy report about a week or long corporate at that point they will know for sure if any drugs or alcohol may have contributed to this crash. >> pam: one person tells kron4 reporter that her friend's death is making it even more difficult to understand. >>ridiculous. just ridiculous >> heartbreaking.
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>> it is! >> reporter: >> he would never do anything to anyone. he is a nice man and here is this other man and multimillionaire with all his life and from him but he goes and killed the guy. >> not that important. just slow down and take your time. >> reporter: although he declined to speak on camera he did tell me that he wants the world to know that his dad was his best friend. both his dad and mom was
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planning to spend thanksgiving with him here in southern california. now he will spend the next several days planning his father's throne room. funeral. ahead at eight.
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just when you think it can't.. bring >> pam: to bring in millions of dollars to be reinvested into walnut creek. if approved a new parking fees and will be will go into affect 2014. >> pam: still ahead tonight tesla under investigation. why the company is welcoming the investigation. plus coupon on a pro basketball coach resigned after apparent leak by team one of its players. later a state senator injured after being stabbed.
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>> pam: virginia state senator creigh deeds. is in the hospital after being stabbed this morning. police say, an altercation took place inside the senators backed county home. then, and relatives of the found him walking down a road near his home here with the multiple wounds to the head and chest. state police them down peak 24 year old son at dusk gus deck inside the home from a gunshot wound. police say they are investigating the incident as attempted murder and suicide. the task is being treated at the university of virginia medical center
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in charlottesville virginia. >> pam: george zimmerman was in court again today on domestic pilot charges. then released from jail a few hours later. it is the latest in a string of run ins with the law since he was acquitted in the killing of unarm florida teacher teenager trade don martin. trayvon martin. catherine heenan reports. >> reporter: >> catherine: back in a florida court drunkard and people are beginning to wonder why george zimmerman can't stay out of trouble. this time his or friend called police after accusing him of pointing a gun at
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her. he denies it. the judge laid out the charges. " do you understand that? yes, your honor. " >> reporter: 911 calls from some of crawford and zimmermann himself told different stories and $9,000 bond has been paid and he scott of custody for now he also has to stay away from guns and we're a monitoring device parent since his july acquittal and the martin case, the man has been pulled over twice for speeding. at in september was briefly detained by police after his soon-to-be ex-wife klay p smashed her i'd pack and punched her father in the nose. no charges were filed at that time. but now he's facing charges that could mean up to five years in prison if he is convicted.
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>> jacqueline: ran largely concentrated to the north. and to the 1:00 hour like rain to the south and pockets of rain to the north. that is what you will see when you head out the door tomorrow morning. by 8:00 train sliding down from the south. same thing goes for livermore and early afternoon. pocket developing into the north the bay with possible shot thunderstorms. the rain will be ongoing tomorrow night at the wednesday afternoon. more moderate rain pinpointed so
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we can see brief period of moderate rainfall win total largely concentrated for the north. as for snow and the sierra above 7,000 ft. for tomorrow. and then gradually going to lake level. try out into the evening hours clearing with the dryer warmer weather for the rest of the workweek. >> reporter: uc what
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happened last friday much of that caught on camera. >> hey, let me see your face so that i can't put it on camera. and i saw them slinking and when you first. swinging on you first. >> reporter: watch the guy in the tan jacket believed to be an undercover police punching and kicking another man. slow down and keep your eye on demand right there. this is why people out there in the mission are talking about. things quickly got out of hand the community will like police hand held
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accountable. they talk to one of the man who could be seen in this video. chanting >> reporter: the protesters say police used excessive force force when our resting d j riding his bike. >> reporter: a bump on his hat and very shook up another man on the video came to the rally after being released from jail. >> i need this type of violence to stop from the police there was no need for this. need to stop beating on d j williams. none of
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this had to happen. >> the whole thing took place because we tried to keep ourselves in the best light what the public. >> reporter: of his policeman were hurt in the fight one with a bloody head and one bit 10. bitten. it will determine if the offu officers were inappropriate.
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gabe slate tech report >> reporter: >> the paradigm of the smart
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phone is about to change. >> gary: >> reporter: the algae blacks will be the first on the market. the lg flex will be the first on the market. >>its is a little bit durable. it will absord differently if dropped. >>you get that experience. a much better life-like
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expereince >> gary: >> reporter: in another first this has self healing skin. >> a proprietary by elegy that can be used on the back of the smart phone for scratches keeping the phone looking new for lumber. still right now appeared other markets will be introduced i certainly hope that it will get here in the u.s.. when? not sure yet
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the telephone had >> pam: a popular rose college loses his temper and biked one of his players. the >> jacqueline: we are seeing widespread mind at this hour and moderate rain but how long all is that all around it? we will talk all about it coming up explanation what
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>> pam: jacqueline how long will the storm last? >> jacqueline: by thursday we will see drier conditions. for a number of locations we encourage you to send us your rainfall results. so let's do some zooming here with a moderate rainfall over an hour now with sprinkles on one
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highway 101. over towards martinez and walnut creek during is on the heavier side. deeper downpour pushed over san francisco. the whole center cisco in yellow is covered. san francisco. heavy rain over 586. and south bay. this is where we expecting the least amount of brain. rain. >> pam: san jose we are
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hearing from witnesses to a serious car accident today involving long time san jose sharks start patrick marleau. these photos were taken right after the crash late this morning on west taylor avenue near stockton and san jose, not far from s eight pete center, where the sharks play. patrick marleau was driving be black s u b. he was not hurt. there you see marleau with his wife and young son, who showed up at the scene. the other driver was in disagreement mustang. he had his lake city and his condition is not known. according to witnesses marleau was driving along a tailor when
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his s u b collided with the mustang. . >> pam: >> pam: diane disney miller has died at her napa home at the age of 79. miller was walt disney's oldest daughter the walt disney co. says she died due to complications from a fall. she founded the walt disney family museum creek which opened in 2009 in san francisco presidio as a tribute to her family legacy. she is survived by her husband and seven children. >> pam: the venerable oxford dictionary has made itself be the word of the year "selfie"it beat out towardk
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and bitcon in fact the termselfie increased 17,000 percent over the year. so no wonder if it is mainstream. that's why we sent our bikila the rockets to self reflect on sophie. selfie >> reporter: we all know happen to the political career of and putting wiener. >> reporter: sophie's selfies >> reporter: chances when
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>> pam: now at a 30 federal investigators investigators announcing the are going to take a closer look into the safety of tesla popular model s. this bawling report of two accidents for the all the electric car has caught fire. kron4 charles clifford has been looking into the story. >> reporter: in the past two
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months, but to tesla model as one in washington state and another in tennessee, have caught fire after the car's battery pack was punctured by road away debris. no one was injured in an accident but the national highway traffic safety administration feels that the buyers are reason enough to launch an official investigation into just how sick the car is. >> reporter: more than 18,000 model as have been sold since the car went into production last year. each one features a lithium battery which is mounted underneath the car and separated from the passenger compartment by a fire wall. let them batteries are growing in popularity because of their energy storage capabilities and light weight but the batteries are also flammable than older lead
8:40 pm
acid batteries. >> reporter: tesla c e zero e line must has vigorously defended the car in a block post on monday he said " since the model as went into production met last year, there have been over 400 death at 1200 serious injuries in the united states alone due to gasoline car fires, compared to zero desk in zero in in cheek injuries due to tesla fired anywhere in the world. >> reporter: must also say overblown media coverage has made the problem seemed bigger than it actually is here he was speaking to reporters just last week. " we seem to get a lot of attention for everything we do at tesla parent even though " he even though most is defending the car safety record he says the company has taken three strips three steps to address widening
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: we are fighting
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this (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: we are fighting this week are going to city hall. >> reporter: sometimes people behaving badly segment right themselves. the driver of this pre is was clocked at 47 mi. per hour in a 30 mount trevor lanes. >> reporter: driver's license registration and insurance police >> i want this off i have a right as an american citizen you >> due to need my permission to film me. >> reporter: are you an
8:46 pm
attorney? >> no but i have a friend that his spirit >> reporter: i am what the press. >> well let me see your credentials. and i will write up >> reporter: i am with people behaving badly. >> really? >> reporter: yes ma'am. >> reporter: here in a lane of traffic you cannot stop here. you are impeding the flow of traffic >> reporter: so she does. but what she did not know is that the officer who she was talking to was the one that caught her speedy end.
8:47 pm
speeding. >> reporter: then she asked if they were training spirittrainees >> reporter: after all of that explaining she still is not convinced. >> reporter: in daly city stanley roberts kron 4 news >> reporter: the board to board of directors need to whip up to the word. a deal is a deal. >> reporter: market management could vote down that built this a week. we will have a complete report
8:48 pm
on this coming up tonight. >> pam: a legendary girls' basketball coach and central mississippi steps down accused of grabbing one of his players and then by teen heart and the face during a game! >> reporter: boyle will overturn the coach of the leak at academy girl team reportedly met about a particular play, and then during a timeout, grant the player by her jersey and on right side of parfaits! on the right side of her face
8:49 pm
i hope that she doesn't become more of a victim because of some people thinking it is her fault. the girl's family decided not to file charges.
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: 1 245 lbs. of land on your head usually bad things happen. staff curry out tomorrow! >> gary: testing curry will not play against the meant this grizzlies on tomorrow
8:53 pm
night due to what the team is calling a mild concussion curry was injured in the fourth quarter of the warriors 9887 bit 3 at utah last night 169 245 lb marvin williams fell on his hat he left the game and did not return. curry is on the system with a headache which had since gone away his status is day-to-day. >> gary: korea would not play during his own bobble at night the first 10,000 fans to tomorrow night game will receive this limited edition stepping curry bobble head. the warriors will also give away mark jackson bobbled it december 16th against the new orleans pelicans.
8:54 pm
steph curry >> gary: 40 niner's all-pro left guard mike i u p a t i would not play sunday against redskins in washington d.c. he sustained a sprained m c l in his left knee and then -2320 loss to be st sunday. i used apt i was injured in the third quarter when running back frank gore rolled up on the back of i you pt i left lake it will be the first time he has missed a game in his 40 year career snapping a streak of 63 consecutive starts. nine years that tram adam snyder is expected to replace him derrick
8:55 pm
>> gary: bill bradley! >> gary: sometimes you come in here and as a poor bill but to look great >> had a guy film with a drawn and go over the boat into the water and come back. >> gary: have been interviewing that guide for years creek we will stay france until he asks me to sponsor him. i do not know how he survived. >> gary: olympic skier lindsey bomb injured during training. lindsey vaughn.
8:56 pm
she is hoping to attend olympics in rirussia >> gary: come over to dodger stadium and participate in the game he pitched to the kid spirit also gave them a clubhouse toward and treated them to a dodgers bulk. dodger's dog! >> gary: i tell you what, he is one of the guys we hear all of the negative things about at least a year is at one that is trot willing to help someone. >> pam: that is it kron 4
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news at 8 stay connected with kron4 and the latest developments or download one of our mobile at will see you at 11.
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