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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 21, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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windy weather creating dangerous situations all around town. when things could be dieing down >> at lake tahoe, snow flurries could be stealing the show. the son of a bay area korean war veteran, now trapped in north korea breaks his silence about his father's captivity.
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>> judge what 49ers fans are saying about the flashy new stadium will not be seen in prime time this year. >> i say i'm hurt, dismayed, saddened shocked. angry. now, at 8:00. hundreds march as san jose state university demanding action. a black student victim of a hate crime. tonight, three white students are facing charges and the accusations against them are disturbing. >> the students and faculty here at san jose state -- the news that three students have been charged with hate crimes have struck a nerve.
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hundreds marched across san jose statement ainge ared by the news that an 18-year-old black freshman may have been harrassed on campus by his white roommates. alleged abuse apparently began last august in this dorm. the victim said he was bullied and tormented for months. he said there was a u shaped bike lock around his neck. put him in a closet. and called him racial slurs. on wednesday. battery and hate crime charges were filed against the three boys. deputy district attorneys said this was more than them playing games. >> he was the one that was single out. there were not pranks being played on other id cans only him. >> >> reporter: the school has responded to the situation by
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suspended ail three students and launching their own investigation. san jose vice president for student affairs said the faculties were appalled. we are all out raged. >> reporter: the victim in this case has not been identified and notes that spoken publicly. these three students are expected to self sur renter to police if they haven't already. if convicted. the boys could be punished with anything from probation to a year in jail and they could face penalty from the school, including possible expulsion. >> >> happening now at 8:00, a wind advisory in effect across the bay area. strong gusty winds will continue to develop this evening and into the overnight hours. we have team coverage tonight. our chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett in the weather center tracking the
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conditions and we begin with concorde's just teen wallman. she is live in oakland. what is it like out there? >> i didn't pull my hair back so you could get the full effect of how windy it is. you can see the trees behind me blowing. the wind is howling and bringing in a very cold weather system with it. so chilly out here as well. i did ask my facebook friends what is the weather like where they live and i got interesting responses and some great photographs. one of them wrote me there is garbage all over the freeways and cars are being blown around pretty badly. but you have to see this picture i was sent from a fence that fell down in a man, jonathan's yard, and he said he watched the wind tear it apart. there are wind advisory says out there that you should know about. there are dangerous conditions associated with this system.
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drivers should be staying away from the area as much as possible. we know there is a downed tree and an accident blocking lanes on 238 northbound an pg and e telling us about power outages. >> >> . we come back out here live so you can see what is really happening. i'm sitting in my car waiting for live shot. it is rocking back and forth. another facebook friend told me. he said the wind is really howling like a dog. he nailed it on head. how long can we expect these conditions. jacqueline bennett has that for you. for now, from oakland, kron4 news. >> >> just teen talked about the reports of downed trees and
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power outages and downed trees, only to get worst during the overnight hours. we have seen gusts in the 30 mile-an-hour range. 31 in livermore. 37 in fairfield, 43 mile-an- hour gusts in santa rosa. a wind advisory remains in effect. the only areas not impacted by these wind advisories are bay shores and portions of the south bay. this will be in effect in most places through 10:00 tomorrow. wind gusts will be up to 50- miles an hour in valleys, up to 60-miles an hour in the hills, downed trees and power lines are likely. we'll talk more about the wind, we'll time that on future cast coming up in just a bit. >> >> a korean war veteran from the bay area has been detained in north korea for nearly a
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month. newman lives in palo alto in assisted living complex. his family and officials are working to get him released. >> reporter: an 85-year-old retired tech company employee, a long time red cross volunteer looking forward to a trip to north korea with a friend. but newman is a captive in that oppressive company and has been for nearly a month. according to his son, he was near the end of an organized, heavily monitored tour when the subject of his status in the korean war came up >> korean war was discussed, my dad's being in the service being questioned. >> the next day, five minutes before his flight was to depart, newman was pulled off the plane.
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his family has not heard from him since. what could have provoked the north koreans to do this? he could have said something unwittingly to set them off >> again, as the north koreans would have it, this was a war of national liberation. secretary of state john kerry calls newman's detention disturbing. former u.s. senator working to get his release. newman has a heart condition. pollock has a warning. >> the possibility that one or two americans might die while being held unreasonably in captivity by north korea is a scenario that i would think the
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north koreans would find deeply troubling. >> meantime back lear in the bay area, residents at newman's complex very concerned about what is happening with their friend and neighbor. >> i haven't seen him in a long time. very active in church work. did a lot with the youth -- >> they talked about him a little bit, but unfortunately before i got there, the residents, whatever, you know, it's to be concerned about, that's for sure. >> reporter: part of what is so unusual about this case, the north koreans have not publicly acknowledged that they are holding newman. experts say they might indicate they do not know what to do with him, yet. >> >> vallejo police on the hunt for two suspects wanted for several armed robberies, all happening in one night. we have image from a
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surveillance camera of the cars investigator suspects were driving. the two men were behind seven armed robberies from 5:30 to 9:00 last night. these robberies spanning all over north and east vallejo in homes and in front of parking lots. police say the suspects used a revolve to rob all of their victims, stealing wallets, purses and jewelry, now, police are warning people to be extra careful. >> it's the shopping season. there are more victims out there. they prey on that. >> very freaked out. that's way too many. it's the same people going around doing that? >> police are looking for a dark colored '90s style lexus with silver trim. >> >> a bay area charity acustommed to hitting others is in need of help. teen challenge has been lit by burglars four times in the last
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few days. gifts donated for kids for the holidays is in jeopardy. what the burglars made off it. >> reporter: the burglars seemed to know what they were doing. in each of the burglaries, offices were hit. you can can see the damage done to this door frame from the break in. gift cards, cash taken and a few computers. >> it's really puzzling and disappointing so close to the other, we have had these break ins during it time of the year, this is part of a program and it is focusing on christmas. >> the charity said burglaries total to a $20,000 loss. which means less to the kids that benefit from a teen challenge program. >> for them, that type of theft really, especially the gift
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cards that were sent in were sent in specifically for the christmas opportunity for the students and naturally, the cash is an essential part of the ongoing operations and a lot of the cash would have been used to buy gifts for the students, the residents, clients of the program. >> reporter: police say they are investigating a series of burglaries and say they are collected some good clues and hopefully, the thief or thieves would be caught. >> >> ahead at 8:00, re5:00ion to the news that the niners may not be having any night games during their first season in the south bay. >> >> anxiety about the possibility of a third bart strike. bart district board voted an the union is not happy with the outcome. that story coming up. >> >> they spent decades inside of a london home. next how three women held as
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>> a very disturbing case of slave labor if britain. police say they have rescued three women woe had been held in a home in london for 30 years. the youngest victim may have even been born in captivity. two people have been arrested and the former hostages are described as deeply traumatized. >> we established that all three women were held in this situation for at least 30 years. they did have some control freedom. the human trafficking unit of police -- we have seen some cases where people have been held for up to 10 years, but we have never seen anything of this manage naytude before. >> victims described as a 69- year-old malaysian woman, a 57-
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year-old irish woman and a 30 years irish women. they were physically and emotionally abused, too terrified to try to escape until they saw a documentary about a charity that helps women. one of the captives managed to make a phone call to that charity which lead to their rescue. >> >> winds are howling at this hour. take a look at our country wind gusts, a lot of places getting in on the conditions, right now, 43 mile-an-hour gusts nearby in the hills, 53-miles an hour. right now, 30 in oakland. 39 at sfo. 29 in harve moon bay. let's look at more locations, oakland hills, 58-miles an hour gusts. you can see the camera bouncing around here, the golden gate bridge seeing 37 mile-an-hour gusts right now. be careful going over the
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bridges as this wind can continues overnight into tomorrow morning. future cast showing windy conditions through the north bay, also through the east bay. as we move into the overnight hours, you see it near the coastline. pretty much sustained winds all night long. this will affect temperatures. it will not get that cold overnight in these locations because temperatures won't have time to drop with gusty winds mixing the air up. we'll see this through the 8:00 hour as we move into the later hours, wind dieing down south of the golden gate, but staying gusty in portions of the north bay. wind advisory will remain in effect until 10:00 tomorrow evening, but for most locations, it will end at 10:00 tomorrow morning. wind gusts up to 50-miles an hour in the valley. 60-miles an hour in the hills. impacted downed power lines, it's only going to get worst. be careful out there.
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future cast 4, you see all of the areas highlighted in light blue an your screen indicating temperatures in the 50s. this goes to show you where the wind will be tomorrow morning. where it's warmer, windy conditions and where it's cooler in the 40s. calmer conditions. as we move into the later morning hours, afternoon as the wind starts to die down. we'll see widespread 60s, even a few low 70s. in the afternoon hours. windy in the morning tomorrow and calming down into the afternoon. also calmer and mild this weekend, but now as we look ahead to thanksgiving, rain looks likely heading into the evening and 8:00 p.m. wednesday to 10:00 am thursday, we'll keep you posted as it gets closer. >> >> new tonight at 8:00, when it comes to the weather, those in the sierra are getting their fair share of cold temperatures and their fair share of snow.
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the latest tonight from south lake tahoe. >> reporter: certainly a cold day and night here in the sierra, right now, temperatures according to my instruments, 23 degrees. north section of lake tahoe, not a lot of snow. i came down here and you can see it behind me, white stuff every which way. the snow is here, while depending on where you go. this is what it looks like in certain sections of south lake tahoe. snow on trees, snow on bushes and snow on the ground. as to the amount of snow that has recently fallen here in south lake tahoe, this may not look like a lot, but according to my measuring tape, we are talking about six inches. in the truckie area of the sierra, it's different, limited snow. don't tell that to skiers, the die lards are out. wind blowing snow every which way. it felt like i was going to get
8:20 pm
blown over. i can tell you it is ice cold here as well. 20 degrees, wind speeds, according that i'm holding right here, sustained at 20- miles per hour. i have seen some gusts as fast as 26 or 27-miles per hour this cold wet and snowy area is not for everyone. in fact, not everyone is prepared. this guy was wearing shorts in 20-degree weather. yes, that's right. shorts. oh, well, the cold season is, no doubt, upon us here in the sierra. when it comes to the driving conditions here in the lake tahoe area, roads are in pretty good shape. that's good news because a number of ski resorts opened friday. in south lake tahoe jr stone, kron4 news. >> >> account can you hear me now?" you may be hearing that in the
8:21 pm
air. how the fcc is considering phone calls on flights. >> >> a big day for gamer, it has been eight years since the last x box. there are already a lot of people lining up. we'll tell you all about it after the break. .
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>> new tonight at 8:00, the day gamers have been waiting for. microsoft new x box 1 video console hits the market at midnight. people are lining up, hoping to get one before they sale out. >> >> reporter: i'm at the westfield center in san francisco. there is a microsoft store here on the second floor. they will be open at midnight for the release. there are already a lot of people in line. i asked them "why are you here? why are you willing to spend $2,500 for this device."
8:24 pm
>> it's the atmosphere, this is once every decade or so and it's just like the x box. >> the next generation of gaming, i'm waiting in line to sell my spot and i'm going to go study any ways. might as well study here and make some money. >> right now, it's going to be -- to honestest. $500, it's pretty much worth it. >> this microsoft store is going to get a lot louder at 10:00 p.m. , when the official party starts. they will have a dj playing music, free food, a lot of prizes and give aways. they will be setting up extra gaming stations where people can get their hands on the new x box. it is going to be really lard to find this holiday season. my advice is to go to a microsoft store.
8:25 pm
tonight and any days in the future because the microsoft stores will have the most inventory. >>
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>> still ahead tonight, bart agrees to a contract, but not with all of the provisions, new troubles for bart and its union >> it's supposed to keep children safe, but experts say it is actually making them sick. popular children's items in question >> next, the 49ers afraid of the dark? re5:00ion to the news that the
8:28 pm
niners may not be having any night games during their first season in the south bay.
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reports tonight that this shiny new stadium may only be filled on sunday afternoons next season with no night games monday through friday. that news has niner fans conflicted. the nfl and the team remain tight-lipped about why the team may not be playing under prime time lights. >> people the talked without here in santa claira were somewhat surprised to hear next season for monday and thursday night game, levi stadium could be completely dark the whole season. concerns out there would be traffic, specifically in and
8:31 pm
around the stadium, 70,000 people coming into the stadium for a 5:30 kickoff on monday and thursday night in the middle of rush hour. the fear is that it could add to an already gridlocked road system. most of the people i talked without here wanted to see these games monday and thursday night. however, some of the people said not having any game on monday and thursday night would be a good idea. >> if you look at the stadium, it will be incredibly difficult to get in and out. >> i think they should play, no matter the traffic or not. it will help the economy in this area, especially. >> there is going to be traffic no matter what. >> >> reporter: you think they should go ahead an play? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: the niners said they cannot comment on this because the schedule for next year has not been released. they are not saying anything. just to put this in perspective. three games this year, monday
8:32 pm
or thursday night, reporting to santa claira, scott ray, kron4 news >> bart and its union have no agreement. now, commuters worry about whether this means worker also go back on strike. >> reporter: wrote this contract down taking a step back. >> if there is another strike, you are responsible for it. putting in these union buskers and liars to be in charge of negotiations. are you responsible. >> reporter: for more than an hour, bart district board members heard from people in the community, most chastising the board for rejecting the tentative agreement last month. because the district just discovered can contained a paid family medical leave provision that is too costly. >> now, we are told on november
8:33 pm
6th that you found this oversight -- this is in big print it's your responsibility. a mistake has been made. bart district board did not want to go on record rejecting the contract. instead, the board voted 8-1, approving the contract with the deletion of the paid family medical leave provision. >> i think it's fair to both our employees and to our riders >> it's affordable and sustainable for our riders and taxpayers. >> reporter: union members cried foul, saying this vote is not only cowardly, but illegal. >> it should have been a vote on the package in its entirety. that's what our board members
8:34 pm
did. >> it's not unfair labor practices. it's not illegal. >> whether or not this vote will send workers back out on strike, the union is not saying, all they will say is that they are in discussions and keeping all of their options open. >> >> new tonight, at 8:00, cell phone conversations could become the new norm when you are flying. grant is back, now with details of a proposal that is generating a lot of strong opinions. grant? >> reporter: the fcc is considering a new proposal that would let us use cellphones during flights, allowing calls, texting and other mobile services, but only once you get above 10,000 feet. not during takeoff and landing. the fcc has prohibited in flight calls for year. concerns about interfering with wireless networks on the ground. the fcc will discuss this new proposal next month.
8:35 pm
if approved, it will be up to individual airlines to provide the service. planes would have to be fitted with special antennas in order for phones to work in the air. most people on facebook, quite frankly, they hate this idea. take a look at some of the mens. norman said -- . gina says "i think it's a great idea. many people will benefit. cellphones these days are used just as much as computers and may create space for more luggage if other laptop bags are not needed." coming up, a bay area company sid it has uncovered hidden dangers. the one type of gift experts say you may want to avoid buying this holiday season for the little ones in your life. details ahead. >> >> it's very, very windy out
8:36 pm
there. you can see our camera bouncing around like crazy. oakland hills seeing wind gusts up to 60-miles an hour. how long will this windy weather last? that answer coming up. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends december 2nd. for details, visit today. today a jury in pelican valley said that sam sung has to pay apple $290 million. the jury decided samsung copied some of their features. this is the latest court battle between the two. a previous jury said samsung had to pay apple more than $1 billion. that was adjusted, samsung appealed the verdict and is expected to appeal this, too. it is supposed to keep children safe, but experts say it's actually making them since.
8:39 pm
in response, governor brown changed 40-year-old safety standards for fire retard ants in foam furniture. studies showed it was linked to childhood obesity and cancer and did little to stop the fire from spreading. experts are advising consumers not to buy items that say poly urethane foam on the label. one study found expod toddlers can have up to three times the level of fire retard ants in their bodies as their parents. >> chemicals can escape during time and children can get exposed to the chemicals. companies will have until january of 2015 to fully comply with the new standards.
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the wind is howling out there, right now thanks to the storm system that moved through yesterday. it's helping to increase our winds practically bay area ride. especially in the north bay. 29 mile-an-hour gusts -- 35 at
8:42 pm
sfo. 32 in half moon bay. 32 in fairfield. let's look at numbers, oakland hims, the wind is going nearly 60 mile-an-hour gusts. richmond, 35. and the wind is going to continue with us through the overnight hours, actually, even strengthen as we led into the next few hours a wind advisory has been issued for the north bay. most of the east bay. south bay, only place not under this wind advisory. it will last through most locations through 10:00 in the morning on friday, but it will last longer for the north bay. we'll see it through 10:00 in the evening tomorrow. that's for the north bay hills. wind gusts up to 50-miles an hour, valley up to 60-miles an hour in the hills. you have seen downed trees and power outages. it will continue overnight. future cast, gusty winds,
8:43 pm
through the north and east bay. more gusts through the coastline. we'll see the gusts in the 20 mile-an-hour range. even 30 mile-an-hour, notice also in the 5:00 hour, still seeing the persistent winds, persistent winds through the 8:00 hour. imported because it won't allow temperatures to cool down. you might see other people talking about temperatures in the low 40s. i did not see that happening. wind stayed gusty all night long. we'll probably only get in the upper 40s and low 50s, could even be mid-50s in some areas in some spots. calmer winds through the golden gate and still gusty through the north bay. temperature wise, if the winds stay gusty, temperatures cannot cool down. all of the 50s here on your screen, indicating where it will be windy nover night all of the 40s indicating where it will be calmer. as we move into the afternoon,
8:44 pm
60s and even low 70s out there into the afternoon. taking a look at our extended forecast, we'll be in the 60s, upper for the most part, staying dry and mild. next shot of rain, wednesday into thursday. now, it's looking pretty likely we'll see a half inch to maybe even over an inch in some locations. . stanley roberts found some people behaving badly. >> >> reporter: i have to ask you a question, what kind of car is this? >> it's not a clean air car. >> reporter: here, there are parking spaces for electric vehicles and free air vehicles, but it's not uncommon to find regular cars parked in the clean air space. >> why are you parked in the clean air space? >> because i wanted to. >> it's not a clean air vehicle? >> oh, no.
8:45 pm
>> so at leave it was an honest answer. >> i work for "people behaving badly." >> i guess i'm behaving badly. nice car >> thank you what year is it? >> '99. >> when did you get it modified for clean air? >> just recently. it's propane powered. really, where? >> i don't have time. >> reporter: then the driver of this bmw? >> is this not a clean air vehicle? >> no. >> the parking lot here is designed very poorly. always congested, hard to get into it. >> even the mailman ignored the reserved parking spaces and for some reason decided to move his mail truck to a regular parking space. >> >> reporter: why did you park
8:46 pm
here? i'm just curious >> i was in a hurry. >> >> reporter: i spoke to whole foods who don't own the parking lot, but they did tell me the clean air vehicles are in place to help raise awareness of low emissions vehicle. it's an honor system. >> all up on the news trying to catch people. it's funny. >> in freemont, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> >> we are getting you ready for the holidays with a special dining and shopping guide. it's our holiday gadgets and goodies special. you can watch it here tomorrow night following this newscast. hanukkah anded holidays is a great time of the year for me and my family. we get together. number one, we got to spend time together as a family. number two, if you are from a
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>> i want to be an nfl quarterback? you better get ready to be picked on and picked on and picked on. that's what is going on with here we go. trying to get something out of kaepernick, trying to get something out of harbaugh, good luck. >> it's not as comfortable vernon and antwon have played in this league for a long time. when you are done with the ball. >> lock effort play is 24- yards. are you always driving for big
8:52 pm
chunks. >> >> all right, harbaugh and kaepernick opening up. >> semi-final lists for the hall of fame. 49ers taking care of the fans. they have instructed the nfl that when their new stadium opens next year, they do not want to play on monday nights or thursday nights. that's due to the people in the santa claira stadium, jamming freeways, local streets. so money and thursday night football games that kick off at 5:40 in the middle of rush hour, right now, the 49ers say no. we have told the league office we will not be interested in participating., vernon davis, there is a company they paid vernon davis $4 million up
8:53 pm
front and now, you can buy stock in vernon davis. they paid him $4 million in exchange for 10% of his future income tied to football on and off the field and that would be nice if you could think of how many friends you could make. by the way a woman comes up and she goes "geez you are not that bad looking." i thought you were a short little guy and i said "you are probably judging me, i'm next to some very attractive ladies on the set." she goes "that's not it." >> i said take that as a compliment, you are pretty good looking in person. >> but i would rather look better when i'm getting paid for it. is there she kept looking at me
8:54 pm
saying "gee i thought you were a short little fat guy." >> great to meet you, happy confirmation. that's what happen when you sit next to pam and jackie. as a professional, i got through it. when somebody comes up to you like that -- >> wasn't that a compliment? >> "you are not that bad?" >> if you are out there, lady, no, no, she was okay, but, again, kron demographics. she was right in it. she didn't have to say that. i'll proceed here. >> >> saints and falcons give new orleans credit. they came back after playing against the 49ers. drew brees will find jimmy graham. he weather go up and do the old cross bars slam dunk, graham is so strong, you will see in a moment. saints win 17-1. they are 9-2 and graham is such a power
8:55 pm
house, he has been the cross bar for atlanta, drops to 2-9. big game. if you grow up in the bay area, how many years have we said "big game, are you kidding? none of the teams are good." right now, stanford, a favor over cal. they have won the last three meetings and coach shaw by about thursday, they are tired of talking, but one more time, here they go. >> you want to be the favorite, you want to be the established program, you want to be all of those things. if you are not, you can go into the game with a "we have nothing to lose" mentatility. >> they have an outstanding quarterback with really bright future. >> good receivers, goods running back. >> what dave forgot to mention, they are 1-10.
8:56 pm
here's javier lopez. first class guy. first class repitcher. back with a giants three year contract, total $13 million. manny ramirez, his son received a scholarship to play here in san francisco. he comes in from central arizona. >> >> real quick finds, dwight howard kicked the ball into the stands and was fine $25,000. offensive kick. just let dwight kick it and let pam show you what is ahead. dwight howard, he tossed the ball in the stands. that's $25 for that. pam, a lot of people don't know what to do between now and
8:57 pm
11:00. >> they can stay connected with us and of course, we'll be back at 11:00. good night, everybody. .
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