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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 24, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4 at 11:00 starts now. two fans from the raiders game are in the help. a woman jumped from the stands and a man tried to stop her. >> we have new details about the good samaritan. he is a 61-year-old exmarine. scott rates is in oakland with
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details on her motive. >> reporter: this is so tragic for fans and employees. she was in an area she shouldn't have been, why she decided to jump. it was a horrific way to end an already tough day. why a woman who has not been identified jumped from section 301, an area closed to the public. it was 15 minutes after the game ended. >> i don't know if she was making a scene, but a fan noticed her. >> reporter: they were trying to talk her out of jumping when a man tried to catch her falling 45 feet. >> he very heroically tried to
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save her. >> we need information from people involved. security is our number one priority at the coliseum, and we will follow up with the individuals. their safety is their number one concern. >> reporter: both the good samaritan and woman were taken to the hospital. she is in critical condition. the good samaritan is expected to be okay. scott rates, kron4news. >> the most recent incident was at buffalo bills stadium when a man slid down a rail. a 49ers fan died on a walkway. july of 2011 a texas rangers
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fan reached for a baseball and fell 21 feet hitting the concrete. videos like you see behind me are in areas throughout the country. one bay air man believes the crime trend has spread here. >> you can see it has gone down a lot. >> reporter: he is pointing out the contusion on his head where he was punched by a random stranger on the bus. >> next thing i know is wham. >> reporter: he wasn't knocked out cold, but because he wasn't robbed and no interaction, he
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thinks he was a victim of the game making national news. >> everything is popping up of attack and punches. you can't feel safe in your neighborhood. >> reporter: the watch commander hasn't heard of knock out attacks in san francisco and speculates this incident on muni could have been a phone robbery. it is a reminder to keep your eyes up and phones down on public transportation. >> these knock out incidents have been reported in 5 states and 4 people have died from them. at minute montgomery high
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school a man had a history of participation in parcourt. he is in critical condition and not conscious. a man was gunned down at an east san jose park. >> reporter: friends identify the victim as pedro. tears pouring over a life cut too short. >> i couldn't function at work. i had to leave. i miss him, man. he left too soon. >> reporter: his family didn't
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attend the vigil. this group considers themselves their extended family. >> he was a good friend. he pushed me in my wheelchair when i was in a car accident. he always said he had my back. >> reporter: in east san jose pedro suffered from a gun shot wound in a brazen daytime murder. >> that's my brother, my family. he loved everybody, and everybody loved him. >> he was cool. love him. we will miss him dearly. >> reporter: police have yet to release a motive. he was not a violent person
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but fear the shooting was gang- related. >> reporter: clear skies, no clouds. a few areas of haze. mostly clear and cold especially north bay and east bay where readings are expected to hit freezing. napa and santa rosa, 32 in fairfield. mid-to upper 30s. 40s by the bay. south bay around 40 degrees. as we go into the day tomorrow we have a cold start. we will have temperatures in the low to mid-60s. nice weather until thanksgiving. maybe a chance for some rain. coming up on the kron4news at 11:00 a bay area mom and her daughter survive a dry-by
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shooting. if you are headed east for the holidays, brace yours. a yourself. a turkey shortage.
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. >> a mother and her two children dodged bullets in their car. nobody in the car was injured. police are still looking for the shooter in a dark green sedan scene turning south on hamilton avenue. harsh winter storms. where they are hitting the u.s. the hardest. a big day in football. sports highlights coming up. i love watching tv outside.
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. >> president obama is coming to the city on the bay. this is video of his last visit back in june. he will speak at the chinese recreation center. he will participate in two democratic party events. it is $500. you can go to a jazz center or
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ceo mark benihoff's. 4 students are a facing felony false imprisonment and other charges for a hate crime. according to police they hung a confederate flag in the room and forced a u-shaped bicycle lock around his neck. people are gearing up for more snow, sleet, and freezing rain as a deadly winter storm moves east. >> reporter: the deadly winter storms stretches southern
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california to texas and could make thanksgiving travel problems all the way to the atlantic. rain is expected from texas to georgia and the carolinas. by tuesday it will reach the mid-atlantic. forecaster are waiting to see if it will be severe or annoying. a lot of people are waking up to snow and ice. >> you feel like it will push you into the next lane. >> reporter: in ohio swirling snow. check out this football game. they had to scrub the snow off the goal line. downed tree and power lines.
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>> i heard a big crack and the ground shook. i thought it was an earth quake. >> reporter: 40 million americans are expected to travel during the thanksgiving holiday weekend. what is waiting out there? wind, sleet, snow, rain. >> reporter: the big system that came through here has been making its way across the rockies. it will push through the south east and up into the northeast for tuesday with rain along the coast. you can be sure there will be travel delays all over in the east for much of this week for
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the busy thanksgiving holiday. we have clear skies and light winds. we have temperatures in the coldest spots. with the sunshine for tomorrow we have warm afternoons. wednesday it will thicken clouds and a chance for light rain thanksgiving. the track of the system has changed. instead of a direct hit at the bay area it will stay offshore as it pushes through california. tomorrow sunshine, low to mid- 60s. there is the sun for monday and tuesday. here is the cloudiness wednesday and thursday chance for light rain. we will see mostly cloudy skies with this system.
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the best chance for rain will be south bay along the central coast. look for potentially soggy days. closer to the weekend warmer temperatures. vicki. one employee has made a tradition out of feeding those in need on thanksgiving. the outreach church gives out turkeys. they need additional help for more families. >> we don't wish to turn away families. i really need 50 more turkeys
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so i can meet the needs of the families on my list. if not, i have to tell those families, i can't help them, and i really don't want to do that that. if an officer brought me that family's name, we really want to help them. >> if you are interested in helping her reach her goal of 50 turkeys, contact the oakland police department. manning versus brady, you can hang on. jason has highlight and sports next.
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. >> welcome back. possibly the toughest loss for the raiders. pryor backing up. watch rivera. griffin comes in with an ugly head shot. his helmet goes flying. rivera had to leave the game. he and griffin suffered
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concussions. janikowski missed. it proved costly. titans opening drive finds justin hunter. a 54-yard touchdown. safety ross getting burned 13- 9. raiders get it back in the 4th. off the back foot. reese for the touchdown. 19 of 32, 260 yards. 10 seconds left. game winner caps off a 14-play, 80-yard drive. raiders lose 23-19.
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coach was asked if mcgloyne earned another start. >> when we needed a touchdown he got what we needed. we couldn't hold it defensively. >> we are back at it tomorrow. >> the raiders will play dallas on thanksgiving. the 49ers off today play monday night in washington. they dropped into 3rd behind arizona who won big today over the colts. brady over manning. they built a 24-0 lead over them with 4 unanswered
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touchdowns. all in 20-degree weather. manning comes back with an 11- yard touchdown pass. game tied at 31. they head to over time. tony allen doesn't get out of the way of the broncos punt. they recover deep. the turn over ru cults results in this fieldgoal. pats win, largest come back in history. michigan native surprises has surprises his wife by returning home. some were wiping away tears.
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bucs beat the lions. we always have time for a back flip worth record. 57 straight back flips. he goes the length of a football field. i get dizzy looking at it. >> did you speed up the tape? . >> no. he is from colorado. look at this, sports night live in less than two weeks coming. big interviews, big topic discussions, viewers can get involved. december 5th at 9:00 p.m. . december 5th at 9:00 p.m. . [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor,
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