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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the morning top stories we are following this monday november 25th, the president is coming to the bay area. we will take a look at what he is going to do while he's here. and a visit by the naacp today. to san jose state university because the school is still with four white students who face hate crime charges involving what they allegedly did to their african american roommate and to people are in the hospital this morning after a woman jumped from the stands at a raiders game. we will tell you what happened coming up. first a quick check of weather and traffic. hi anny. >>anny: we are starting off with clear skies.
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temperatures are chile. for today we are expecting temperatures to be especially cold and the north bay once again pretty usual suspects and are inland locations return to some north bay fog. by the afternoon of lots of sunshine. it will be mild. . we are tracking the possibility for some rain. maybe for your thanksgiving holiday. more details on your holiday forecast when i come back but first here's george the morning. >>george: news of an accident now slowing your ride to the e shore freeway interstate 80 westbound at cutting boulevard. maybe three to four vehicles involved. either blocking the left tamerlanes or the second lane from the left.
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it can see it is backing up traffic here an off-duty police officer was actually at the same. >>darya: president obama returns to the bay area today just a few hours from now he's raising money for house and senate democrats and for the national democratic party. kron4's will tran is at the betty ong center one of the stops for the president this morning. >>will: he will leave a much richer. he arrives here at the center at 1133 he will give a speech. according to legal or political experts because this cost zero thousand dollars originally but now it's the sound of $500. he was back here and
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the bay area back in june. also fund raising at the time. people believe he still needs to do a lot of fund raising simply because he needs the house of representatives to be controlled by democrats for him to get all of his issues and political promises fulfilled. and it's because of those unfulfilled political promises that we expect a lot of protesters to come up here. they're very upset with president obama over climate issues oil issues drones obama care so he comes to san francisco very embattled. his presidential approval rating is 40%, the lowest in his presidency and and california, a state that loves democrats in los president obama, his approval rating is barely around 50 percent. we are here. we will carry that speech for you live as a happened on kron4. if you have to come down here just don't because parking is a huge issue. if you want to
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attend the event or even be near this place, if you ought to be a protester or supporter be dropped off because secret services all over the place. i've seen a car is being told this morning and will be that way throughout this afternoon as this whole area has been taken over by the obama arrival. >>darya: how long do we expect this to last. >>will: as far as this event goes probably until about 1:00 in the afternoon. the parking instructions as it will last until 3 but they are giving themselves plenty of wiggle room. after he leaves this place has a couple of other events at the san francisco jazz event gets to go to and then a private fund raiser around $32,400. a very quick visit for president obama because after this hill and down to los angeles or he will also be looking for money. >>darya: thanks a lot will. we will continue our team coverage throughout the morning and the president obama expected to land at sfo around 10 thirty that's
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where kron4's yoli céspedes is there. >>: i am here on standby. it's expected to arrive around 1030. he is then going to go over to where will was that there is expected to recover their at about 1133 hills and some time there and then he will move on to the san francisco jazz center which is down over by franklin and then he will go to a private luncheon for it is actually going to be to all the city that's in a very short time because the air force one is expected to leave at about 330 in the afternoon and onto los angeles . so keep in mind, if you're going to work or school in between those two times, at 1032330 in and out of san francisco young could be some roadblocks. he might have to avoid the chinatown and over by cross street at 101 later on in the afternoon.
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president obama is going to need a lot more support this
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time around. when he visited the bay area in june a gallup poll showed his approval rating and 62% but a poll taken just a couple of days ago shows his approval plummeted 39% with 54 percent disapproval of his job performance. a rally and news conference today at san jose state university to condemn the accused actions of four white students suspended for hate crimes against their black roommate. the naacp is calling for the santa clara county d.a.'s office to increase the current to misdemeanor charges to felonies and and false imprisonment to the list. they will also be asking the university to conduct a thorough investigation into why it took so long for this to be brought to light. according to police, the white students under investigation on the confederate flag in their dorm room barricaded their african-american roommate
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inside and forced him to wear a u-shaped a bicycle lock around his neck. the rally is planned for noon at san jose state. we now have more information about the man who tried to catch a woman at jumping from the stand at a raiders game. police say he does not want to be named but is a 61 year-old retired marine and a lifelong raiders fan. he is still hospitalized with an upper body and three after tried to break the woman's fault. according to investigators, the woman who has not been identified, jumped from section 301 an area close to the public. a group of fans in the section below 3 01 were tried to talk to the woman, asking her not to jump. the woman fell at least 45 ft.. investigators would not say if all was a factor.
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there have been several incidents of fans been hurt and even children falls at sports stadiums. the most recent incident happening monday when a buffalo bills fan fell while sliding on a railing. he fell down to the section below but survived. two months ago at candlestick park, a 49ers fan died on the walkway outside of the san francisco stadium. and you may remember back in july of 2011, a texas rangers fan died when he fell down to that just 20 ft. headfirst into a concrete walkway while trying to reach for a baseball. still ahead on the kron4 morning news, a bad start to the thanksgiving travel week. a deadly storm pounded parts of the southwest. we will tell you where the storm is headed next. and more problems with the boeing airliners for it will tell you about the one involving the plane's engines this morning. and we're watching
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bay area weather and traffic live look outside at the bay bridge approach.
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things are here ok here in the bay area but a tough deal for everyone else. a storm that's already being blamed for at least eight deaths in the west. this is video out of oklahoma over and nancy lewis as control fishtailing then overturning in a ditch on the side of the road. it's just one of the hundreds of weather- related accidents officers responded to over the weekend which included ice, snow and flooding. crews at dallas-fort worth had to be- deep ice plant and canceled some 300 flights. forecasters expect the weather to cause even more problems as it spread east, bringing sleet and snow to the mid-atlantic states and parts of the northeast. aaa expects more than 43 million americans to travel at least 50 mi. from home for thanksgiving.
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boeing is warning airlines about a potential problem with some of its planes. boeing says there 747-8 points and 77 " dream liner " models should avoid sudden storms while flying due to possible icing problems in the engines. the company said only a small number of engines have had a problem with ice crystals forming and engines. still, boeing streamliner model has suffered a number of technical problems, notably battery fires in some plants that grounded streamliners for four months while boeing made repairs. >>: coming up on the kron4 morning news, it's a game that involves punching people at random and it's made its way here to the bay area. we will have that story.
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>>george: track and a hot spot or accident on interstate 80 and the westbound direction at cutting boulevard. multiple vehicles involved blocking at least two lanes of traffic. it's here at cutting boulevard just ahead of the 580 march. it's rapidly backing of the traffic almost to the richmond parkway and the westbound direction for it
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also there's an accident across the bay here on 101 southbound right at the county lines. that will put it right about here near the no bottle dumps. -novado dumps. expect delays in marin county. if we are also attracting a 101 crash at grand ave.
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>>erica: here's a live look at our sfo camera. clear skies so we're not expecting any delays or weather- related problems for air force one to arrive this morning carrying president obama coming in from seattle. so for today and tomorrow, next couple of mornings will be cold especially and the north ave. you'll probably see some frost in the car. wednesday, i'm expecting mostly cloudy conditions after watching a storm system come this way. i think we will maybe see some light rain on thanksgiving but the better chance for some wet weather will be out towards the coast. temperatures right now are and the forties. are chilly conditions. mid 30's for vallejo. 41 degrees for our friends in san jose. high pressure is in control. lots of sunshine in store for us
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today. it will be a really nice fall day. maybe a few high clouds will stream and from the coast to the afternoon but otherwise, a bright and sunny day. this is a storm system that everyone is talking about. right now is dropping a lot of ryan. freezing rain. for eastern texas. looks like a little bit of snow at north texas. this is aiming to the mid atlanta. i'm talking the virginias, d.c. and also new york city.
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new this morning, the usgs is reporting a magnitude 7.0 earthquake has struck the south atlantic. it hits around 230 this morning about 195 mi. southeast of the fall plan islands a british territory that is claimed by argentina agreed--falkland islands.
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with a quick follow for others that all measured more than 5.0 over a two hour period leading up to the big quake. only 15 quakes of more than five. now had been measured in the region in 40 years. the knock out the game could be spreading to san francisco. that's where folks supper but a random victim. --thugs sucker punch a random victim. gave up murray was punched in the head by random stranger on thursday night. after he sat down on the 14 mission bus. his head is still sore from been smashed against the window but was not knocked out from the incident. murray says there was no interaction leading up to the alleged incident with a suspect. the suspect ran after the attack and he believes he was a victim of the knockout game that has been making national news
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three san francisco police said they have not heard any reports of knock out attacks in the city. they said the incidents of-touch on it muni could have been inattentive cellphone robbery. these so-called knockout came into the tavern reported in at least five states and washington d.c.. at least four victims have died from those attacks. a month after a deputy shot and killed in north bay team holding a replica ak-47. in santa rosa lawmaker once a new law that would regulate imitation firearms. state senator noreen evans is behind after-the that the effort after the death of 13 year-old and lopez. under the proposal, imitation firearms would have to be painted a bright color to distinguish them from real
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>>darya: 626 on monday before thanksgiving and people are already camped out for this friday's black friday deals. take a look at this video from a best by an ohio. campers say they are tired of missing the deals for what they wanted. we sent our tech reporter out to see if anybody is camping out in the back bay area.
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>>: i checked out about 15 different retail stores and nobody's camping out yet. thanksgiving should be about family on that holiday you don't need to be in a tent on the concrete in a parking lot but in the day after, black friday that is all about shopping and getting deals. and i have to tell you this year i've seen some of the biggest deals on a hot tech items that i've ever seen. target will be offering a 50 an element l e d tv for $229. that's the lowest i've seen a tv that size going for. can the fire will be shut out selling the tablet for $79 down from $180. wal-mart is getting rid of their x box 360 now the the new x box one is on the market. they're offering for just $99. this is still with the system and it looks like fries is trying to let go their ps of three out of
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the ps 4 is out. the sony play station 3 it is 250 gig council with two free games. this bundle is going for $187. and lastly be to buy dray solo h d had phoned to that normally cost $180. they will go for just $120. this just scratches the service. be sure to tune in to kron4 knows all next week leading up to the big day itself. of the show you great deals all week and you can follow me and gave slate on twitter robbie posting hot tech deals as i slate on twitter robbie post♪ kiss that boring as i bird goodbye ♪ ♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday. >>george: welcome back to the kron4 morning news its 630. we are still tracking a number of hot spot already this morning. the accident
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at cutting boulevard clear now from the traffic lanes but the damage has been done. look at the back up. it reaches now. the accident still on the shoulders so that's going to keep things back up. our accident at the county land. the back of have emerged here. there's also always slow traffic getting into petaluma. we're still tracking an accident. london south bay an accident and story road and then another crash at alum rock and no one north bound are starting to back up of the drive leading through south san francisco up toward the 28101 interchange. >>anny: time now is 631.
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check out our beautiful mount tam cam shot as the sun rises on this monday morning. it's chilly monday morning as well for a lot of locations and it's even colder and the north ave. temperatures are in the '30's up and the north bay right now. in the '40's for the bay and coast. by 3:00 this afternoon and a lot of sunshine. temperatures will top out and the low to mid 60s today and then tonight will clear and cooling down. here's a look at your trap temperatures as your stepping out the door. san francisco you're at 45. concord your chili and 38. livermore you're at 39 degrees. retracting the possibility for some change.
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>>darya: we are watching president obama who is traveling to the bay area today. he's going to be speaking to at the betty on the chinese recreation center in chinatown 3 here's video from his last visit in june. during the visit today the president is also going to participate and to democratic party events to raise cash. for 500 bucks a person the public can go to one event that at the new san francisco jazz center in hayes valley. the other is a private function. 36,008 plates. a check roundtable at the home of sales force dot, see the old mark--ceo marc benioff.
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in santa rosa team found a bloody and unconscious over the weekend and montgomery high school remains in critical condition this morning. police said the boy was found by a man walking his dog on saturday afternoon. they said the young man has a history of participating in part-score- par-core an up-and-coming extreme sport that involves taking their double leap from walls and railings. police are asking if anyone has seen the boy before he was hurt to call and tell them what happens. the mccabe fire burning in sonoma county is now 65 percent contained. the vegetation has fired fire has burned 3,300 a.. the fire was originally reported 10 mi. northeast of geyserville. it has cost
6:35 am
to injuries and destroyed a cooling tower at a geothermal plants. fire officials say efforts to fight the fire have been hundred-tender by low humidity, gusty winds and the area's deep to right an abundance of fresh. ported truckers are planning to walk off the job wednesday. this is video from the last time truckers went on strike in 2012. members of the port of oakland a truckers' association say they try to bargain with officials and managers several times with no luck. they're asking the poor to pay an emissions feet per low to help offset upgrading costs. plus, a $50 per hour for the after the first two hours a trucker has to wait in line. it's unclear how long a truckers plan to stop work at the port.
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>>: it happened out of know where i was at work i couldn't even stay at work. it hit me out of nowhere. i couldn't function i have to leave. i miss him. he was left to soon. >>: pedro some media family did not attend sunday night candlelight vigil with this group considers themselves his extended family. and more than 30 of them shored up to pay their respects. but he was a good friend. >>: that's my brother. that's my family. he loves everyone here we loved him.
6:37 am
that's why we're out here today. >>: he was cool. we love him. >>: no suspects are in custody and police have yet to release a motive or if the victim was armed. friends of pedro say he was not a violent per person a fear of the shooting was gang-related. in san jose felipe djegal kron 4 news. >>darya: 637. we'll be back with more in a couple of minutes. it's been pretty quiet but here at the bay bridge to conceal have quite the way to treat will be back with any hot spots you need to steer for in just a couple of minutes.
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kron4's charles clifford has a looking into the story of tesla and has details of why they're actually welcoming the investigation. >>: in the past two months to tesla model as this one here at one in washington state and another in tennessee have caught fire after their battery packs were punctured by road to breakers it now no one was injured in any either accident but the national highway traffic safety administration feels that these fires are caused enough to begin an investigation into exactly how safe the model best is 3 more than 18,000 model s have been sold since the car went into production. it features a lithium ion battery lithium ion batteries are growing in popularity because of their engineer energy storage. but the batteries are also more flammable. tesla ceo the lineup must has vigorously defended the car a block
6:42 am
post on monday he said since the model as went into production at last year there of an over 400 deaths and 12 under serious injuries due to gasoline car fires street compared to zero deaths at 0 and 3 is due to tesla fires. tesla has issued a software updates to all model s says that will make the car ride higher off the ground at highway speed. second he says that tesla actual it requested the federal investigation. he hopes that the scrutiny will ease people's mind of the safety of model s and other electric cars. and the news
6:43 am
room charles clifford kron 4 news. >>darya: hybrid hot rods and high-tech toys are center stage on thanksgiving night on kron4 as we are bringing you a special preview of san francisco's international auto show. two-man. it's a thirty on thanksgiving night. you can win tickets to the weekend of show. we will keep you posted.
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welcome back this time to talk financial stuff. here's our financial expert rob black. what kind of stuff you have today. >>: katie couric of going from abc news to yahoo.
6:47 am
maybe she's a little past her prime but this is still a big deal because netflix and amazon a year to are still trying to create content for the 18 to 25 year-old consumers to really don't to pay for cable tv anymore. this is big. this is what we are going to be talking about two to three years from now. the death of network television. or you get what you want when you want. >>darya: so this is just another nail in our coffin is that what you're saying. but what about stuff like kron4's mobile app. we're trying to move that way as well. >>: es and i'm not predicting the death of tv but more and turns are getting involved which means less money. i think this is
6:48 am
a smart content move for yahoo to make irrelevant. of >>: tell me about it around. >>: they did a nuclear deal this weekend. you're on doing a nuclear deal. basically it creates a scenario where we are going to be talking about lower gasoline prices. that will help the consumer continue steady paycheck. this is a big winner for airlines. even though we are paying higher ticket prices they're doing great because of cheaper oil >>: wal-mart has a new ceo.
6:49 am
>>: why do this now. in the middle of the holiday season in the time you get a new ceo. the look of their paperwork review their business model, they should be executing and then firing the ceo after a bad december. >>: this tells you that there's something probably wrong with wal-mart internally for it. a very young replacements. 47 year- old. wal-mart's image in the last 10 years is actually better than it was 10 years ago. unions will tell you otherwise but the public transportation is a necessary evil >>darya: we will steal a little bit later on this morning. >>: 915 with the winners and losers.
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>>darya: let's look at some other numbers. anny has the temperatures. >>erica: yes we have cold temperature started off this morning. here's a live look at downtown san francisco and you can see we have clear skies on this monday morning. temperatures are in the 30's and '40's this morning. here's a look at your day planner. we aren't looking at a cold start sunny and mild. we are going to have increasing called for tomorrow as well. and temperatures will only paul walton mid-60s for the afternoon. right now temperatures are in the 40's and 30's and the north bay. 38 and now bug. 36 and vallejo. 39 degrees and not livermore. high pressure is sitting right over us so that will give us more sunshine today through tomorrow. gus and clouds off the coast. we may see some high clouds today an increasing clouds tomorrow through wednesday. i think for the travel day on
6:51 am
wednesday before thanksgiving it looks to be dry police and the bay area was a man on the storm here. this is what a lot of folks are talking about as people are going to be heading over to the east coast. the strapping a lot of rain and taxes also some snow up north east texas. and this is actually heading basically northeast. it what and the mid-atlantic states and by tomorrow and wednesday. also dropping rain at. a lot of rain in two parts of virginia and even snow and their lives have e problems. your travel forecast shows no major concerns. drive for a new york and washington pretty much, before the storm. so cal will get what i think on wednesday and thursday. highs today a lot of 60s. 62 in downtown san francisco.
6:52 am
if your kron 47 day around the bay forecast. tomorrow will be dry. we will see increasing clouds through tomorrow. i think will be tried on wednesday. thursday is the chance we can see some slight the rain. not a complete washout just to get as it looks like the storm system may be just about missing us heading farther south. time now is 652 here's george with your traffic. >>george: we are still tracking hot spot to this morning. interstate 80 a slow ride. there was a multi car crash that like to lanes of traffic at cutting boulevard. it still on the shoulder. we are jammed the the getting into more ran out of sonoma this morning with an accident south bound 101 at the dumps of county
6:53 am
lines. the drive down to sfo is improving. san jose traffic still slow through south san jose leading up to a downtown because of earlier occuring problems as story road and alum rock. the real backup across all lanes is only here. . for your ride to the san mateo bridge it's a good commute here with no delays or backups. and to the golden gate still light traffic 4101 southbound. >>darya: 653 right now. we'll be back in a couple of minutes on the kron4 morning news where we are awaiting the arrival of president obama coming to the bay area for a fund-raising visit. we have another three and a half hours before he lands right here at sfo. we will be right back.
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coming up on the kron4 morning news. the bay area preparing for another visit from for president obama. we will tell you why he's here. a disturbing new game and finding its way to the bay area of. it's called of the knock out the game that will tell you what to be aware of.
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the morning and the top stories we are following, we are waiting for the president to arrive. he has a bay area visit to raise some money. this amidst plummeting approval numbers grid will tell you more in our lives team coverage. and a visit by the naacp today
7:00 am
to san jose state university because that's school is filled with accusations that for white students were involved in a hate crime against an african american roommate and to people are in the hospital this morning. a woman who jumped from the stands at a raiders game and a man who saved her life by breaking her fault. involved in the hospital bridge will have more on those stories and a minute. first, weather and traffic. hi anny. eight >>: >>anny: started out with our day planner. a plenty of sunshine for the afternoon. we will probably see temperatures head generally into mid-60s for a lot of locations. a cold start this morning. we're looking at a lot of thirties especially for the north bay or will probably see some frost this morning. it's chilly for you but by the afternoon we will top out at the low the mid- 60s for today. lots of sunshine.


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