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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 25, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> reporter: now at eight. >> reporter: are you a hero? everybody says i.m. a hero. >> reporter: a tough marine veteran talks about how he saved the life of a young woman after she plunged off the upper deck at yesterday's raiders game. >> i was an evening thinking about myself. >> reporter: president obama and the bay area and getting an earful. >>
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stop the deportation! stop the deportation! >> reporter: tonight, the message that young protesters hope the president with here >> tonight on something i am really passionate about . >> gary: students at san jose state have their own silent message. here by the university president said this today. somewhere along the line our decisionmaking failed. >> gary: >> reporter: room when treat weather threatening to wreck a thanksgiving travel plans. >> this weather is just insane. >> reporter: we have the latest on flight delays at as low. and with the forecast is for the shivering folks on the east
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coast. >> pam: now at eight it was a 20 year old bay area woman who jumped from the upper level of the 0 dot coliseum during sunday's raiders game. tonight that woman remains in the hospital in critical condition news tonight at 8 we hear from a 61 year old marine corps veteran who saved her life at the raiders' game and lived to tell the tale. j.r. stone has more from stockton. people were still telling her not to do it. but she made the decision to jump. as she was suspended i called her. i caught her. >> reporter: that woman is in critical condition but alive.
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>> reporter: he is always my hero. but now he is everyone else's. >> reporter: are you a hero? everyone says i am a hero. what is a hero? i just acted reacted >> pam: president obama making a quick trip here today. raising money and pushing for immigration reform. but unlike many of his pasture to the bay area he endured some tough criticism from those
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supporters who were set up right next to him. things quickly grew testy in a brief exchange. stop the deportation guest we can! >> pam: so who is this heckler and what does he want the president to do tonight at 8 >> i was compelled to speak out. >> reporter: and documented and on of freak that is how to hong described himself. ju hong
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the 24 year old berkeley grad and current san francisco state student with hand selected to stand behind the president bring immigration speech. that is him yelling at someone else grabs his shoulder to make him stop. hong tells me he did not go to the key that with the attention to interrupt. he did not like what he was hearing. he did not give any concrete examples of is that he just blames congress he is not doing his job. hong, from south korea, is very passionate about immigration reform. those on line show him under arrest for civil disobedience at a
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previous immigration rally. he came to the state at 11 years old and he feared deportation everyday. i could not go to my grandfather from all if it is depressing the president let hong state after his outburst, even turning to talk to him. >> reporter: pont, the answer he got it was not enough heat >> he treated me like a kid. >> reporter: and to those who think honk is rude for interrupting the commander in chief >> i think obama is ruled. >> reporter: says he would do it again.
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>> pam: the president of san jose state university says he felt a student victimized by alleged hate crimes. at a news conference with the end a a cp, university president mohammad announced that an independent expert would not be called in to investigate how the racially millbrae motivated abuse could have gone unchecked for weeks. he also said, he takes personal responsibility for what happened, blaming himself for not interviewing sooner to stop the alleged abuse of a black student by his what i roommates. white roomates
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"all of our students." >> pam: meanwhile today, hundreds of students placed that tape across their mouths in protest. to illustrate their view that actions speak louder louder than words in this case. those students and the inn at 88 c p one p santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen to upgrade the charges against the four suspended students from mr. meters to felony charges. the four white students are accused of tormenting their black roommate by displaying a computer at plaque in their dorm room. using racial slurs. locking him in a closet and fastening a bicycle lock or round his neck. actions that report
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and started back in august and went on until october. the four students have been suspended from school. >> pam: news tonight at 8 has been a month since patients were found abandoned at a castro valley assisted living facilities. after it was shut down by the state and public still has the very few answers as to how this could happen state officials say, there it in korea is still under way. but we are learning more about the owner of the facility. her name hilda manuel. as kron4 and herman tell us patient advocates say the state never should have allowed her to run valley springs matter in the first place.
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>> reporter: 4 she went in the '90s were riddled with trouble. the four she ran in the 90's >> she owns another with 5000 citations for violations. how can this possibly happen? >> reporter: it happens because come does a lousy job checking the background for prospective licensees. >> they do not do the kind of background checks that they should do. you fill out the application as a note i have never owned a facility before and that this id.
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>> pam: ahead at eight separate a new report shed some light on the deadly sandy hook elementary school shooting derrick and the similar attack the killer was obsessed with. + call a winter weather storm is throwing a wrench and to the thanksgiving travel plans. a live report from san francisco is coming up. and next the wife of bay area man been detained in north korea for a month is now pleading for his release.
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>> reporter: dan a. it 830 and start up oakland toy company now in legal battle with the beastie boys. why the music group is upset and how big resolution could affect the super bowl.
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the wife of a palo alto man. >> pam: who is being detained in north korea. is asking for his release. 85-year-old merrill newman has been held for a month now. lee newman says, her >> pam: husband's detainment is a "misunderstanding.' >> pam: she is worried about his health, and sent medicine to beijing. with hopes it can be delivered to wherever merrill is being held. >> pam: lee told c-n-n. she is hoping her husband will be home for the holidays. "i would like to remind them that this is the 30th day of his detention, that we're looking forward, as a family, to being together on thanksgiving and we need to have merrill back at the head of the table for the holidays. and we ask, respectfully, for them to release him and let him come
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>> pam: merill newman and a traveling companion were on a 10-day organized private tour of north korea. the korean war veteran was getting ready to travel from pyongyang. to beijing, when north korean officials took him off the plane. the swedish embassy is negotiating on merrill's behalf - since the u-s has no diplomatic relationship with north korea. >> i hold her and tried to reach and called for the baby to try to hold her. >> reporter: elijah's mom coming that is understandably distraught and i spoke with her over the phone. she is now backing salinas or family is originally from. she is
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planning perch out from all right now. of course we will keep you updated with any information you receive and the upcoming forecast. >> reporter:nearly a year ago, the country was shocked by the slaughter of children and teachers at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. >> reporter:the state released a summary of its official investigation today. it concludes we probably will never know why adam lanza took the lives of seven adults and 20 children, but it does reveal details of how the killer carried out his crimes. >> reporter:on the morning of december 14th 2012, adam lanza began his killing spree at his home, shooting his mother nancy four times in the face with a rifle. he left that weapon at her side, and set off for the sandy hook school armed with a semi=automatic rifle, two handguns and more than 300 rounds of ammunition arriving at the school at doors. >> reporter:the noise brought the school psychologist out of alanza killed them instantly. this hall.
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first=grade classroom and another staff member , along with 15 children. >> reporter:one child survived. behind others and lanza didn't see her. he then went to the next door classroom, killed the teacher and her aide, and five more children. >> reporter:by that time police had arrived outside the building. lanza then used one of his handguns to take his own life. he had fired 154 rounds in less than 11 minutes. >> reporter:the report says lanza gave no hint to anyone of hisbut he did live a secretive life, in a bedroom with blacked=out windows. he had been diagnosed with symptoms of asperger's syndrome as well as obsessive=compulsive behavior >> reporter:an analysis of his online activities revealed a preoccupation
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with the columbine shootings and other mass killings. >> reporter:but even though he had been treated by mental health professionals, none of them saw anything threatening in his behavior. >> reporter:the report says lanza may have fantasized he was playing a video game. that's because he frequently reloaded when the rifle clip was only half=empty. it's a technique used by gamers: never enter a room without being fully armed. >> reporter: into giving, like rain possible. thanksgiving. 48 in napa and that goes for he worked as well. 51 in livermore and pleasanton. radar imagery we see clouds high clouds at that to starting to get over california. there is a
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system behind it that we are tracking to bring showers if they do show it would most likely be to the south. looking at 66 per palo alto, 6766 in castro valley 66 in pittsburgh spirit accurate '65 this santa rosa. slight cooling as we move through the weekend >> reporter: gabe slate stay tuned after the brick >> gary: if the game is over we will give you a full
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blown 40 niner i like. 40 niner redskin highlight ahead! also the warriors without a big man i will tell you what happened later in this for test broadcast
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>> reporter: google has chosen six cities so far is not a floating barge but officially tried to hand at retail space they are opening pop up stores in malls across the country and in global fashion the spot will be high-tech bringing snow and doors. >> reporter:google has chosen 6 cities so far for this brick and motar expierement, the closest one to us is the sacramento. google's calling these temporary pop up stores winter wonderlabs.
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>> reporter:these will be spots that people can get their hands on google products like their chromebook laptop, nexus 7 tablet, nexus 5 smartphone, and chromecast media streamer. >> reporter:at these winter wonderlabs is also an igloo like dome. in the dome it's snowing. fake snow. >> reporter: attraction for shoppers people can play in the fake snow while google records a slow motion video of the winter frolicking people will be given the video to share with their friends i guess a fun video for social networking is the idea. >> reporter:bottom line. this is google continuing to test out retail space. instead of opening up stores they are trying to figure out what works and where. this seems like a good experiement >> reporter:their biggest competitier apple has these incredible flashy hip glass stores that are iconic around the world. >> reporter:google needs to get into the retail game these pop ups are closing december 24th
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. will >> pam: now at 830 some of the country's biggest airports in new york, washington, philadelphia, boston could be c major delays between now and thanksgiving. the problem, and with the storm that is making travel miserable both on the road at and the chair. at this now been delayed for at least 14 deaths cap and he now has a look at the devastation already been felt >> catherine: airports in texas began packing up the cancellations and delays
8:31 pm
first. hundreds of them derrick lee miserable looking travelers who had hoped to get an early start on this thanksgiving holiday. but this storm is pricking a mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain to many other places. it included parts of arkansas, oklahoma, missouri, kansas and texas and this was the miserable morning commute in milwaukee wisconsin. as people coasted along icy road spirit of t kept piling up. it oakland someone was taking a view of a raft trip on sunday and called this as you be going on of control on an icy road and rolled over. the driver managed to walk away. the weather is being bled for hundreds of accidents many of them or series. and she major delays between now and thanksgiving
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>> pam: many travelers are worried the major snowstorms system back east will have a ripple of fact on the air traffic here in the west during the thanksgiving season. kron4 charles clifford is live >> reporter: the spiked the winter storm pushing towards the east coast, thinks were looking good at s f o monday. there were 15 to 30 minute delays and air force one landed at as f o monday morning and then the president left the bay area and the after him, but other then the flights were on time. it's quiet.
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>> reporter: nick burgess and his be nothing other flight out of s f o monday evening they wanted to avoid the inevitable crowd of holiday travelers. i tried to avoid the big day but my significant other finance the tickets so i thought at her mercy she likes to avoid bad days as well. >> reporter: but the quiet probably will last. airport officials say they are expecting a busy travel day on wednesday and that i get on sunday when people are headed home after a thin skin game. also that this storm is expected to reach the east coast tuesday or wednesday in what it could of calls airport delays in places like boston, new york or philadelphia.
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>> pam: one survey says it want to get where you are going toward the holidays on time, white and airlines may be the way to go. that's according to a new list from forbes magazine based on data from the airlines' web site flight aware. hawaiian white airlines get the best. only 7% of its flights or lake over the last three years pre-holiday is on the floods like jet blew flights were like 20 per 22% of the time however, jack blum flights into some of the busiest airports in the country. the list is based on a flight data on arrival delays for a teenager and regional airlines. >> pam: new at eight a start up oakland toy company finds
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itself in a legal battle with a well-known music group derrick grant is that he is calling about is with the situation which could play out on superbowl sunday night grant bonds >> reporter:video >> reporter: lee the idea there is time to change goldilocks address to produce the boy's spirit the base to attack their day in the sun is the bullying the besides giving them free press. the beastie boys had destroyed we have made very clear that they do not want their music used to surf to to sell products. i wish the company had not used without asking.
8:36 pm
well we tried to simply ask how and why are so all the girls had been used in your act without permission cute you sued us. >> stealing is silly and does not matter what the reason is behind it so she agrees with the beastie boys. >> the beastie boys had their day and this is an uplifting song but giving them free press. >> reporter: two sides to this issue you could join us facebook to try the discussion. >> pam: still i had more shoppers are lining up extra early to get their hands on black friday deals. >> reporter: the doctor who spent time in jail for the death of michael jackson is
8:37 pm
out and talking parrot some intimate details about conrad r. reese life with the pop icon on the up
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>> pam: he was the doctor who was with michael jackson the day he died. now, gregory is out of prison and talking vicki libya to reports on what the doctor is bouncing about the king of pop. douai >> reporter: caught red mercury is spilling into the details of his life with michael jackson after spending time in jail for the sinkers death. murray gave interviews to australia's 60 minutes and london's daily mail newspaper bois
8:40 pm
>> reporter: bois he says that jackson was a drug addict and accident lee took his own life by injecting himself with too much pro football to much propyl fall >> reporter: marty also detailed his nightly treat us with jackson as saying he helped the center every night to pick a capp the turks because jackson could not control his own bladder as for jackson's three kids maurice is that none of them are his biological children. but he would not reveal the fathers are. when asked if jackson was a pedophile maureen was silent. murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in texas 2009 debt and sentenced to four years in jail he got out after two years for good behavior and his appealing his
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wound >> pam: can't be out and called for black friday bills. the door buster deals at his best buy in pinot to don't start until thursday night. but a handful of people claimed their spot in line on saturday. we spoke to one of them this morning. she got her eyes on a big screen tv, a small flat screens, and ipad as christmas gifts. when were
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>> reporter: >> pam: that woman was third in line amount of five tents besought this morning. she said even though she'd done this for years what drew her in the early this year was the stills set for thursday thanksgiving day. >> pam: bay area charities and pool banks are trying to make sure no one goes honker all agree over the upcoming holiday san jose sacred heart community service hope to provide a turkey dinner with all the trimmings to some 4000 families this week. dozens of volunteers on hand early this morning to help pack up and load the first 1500 boxes of donated grow trees to needy people many of whom had been
8:44 pm
waiting in line since 4:00 a.m.. they will do it again tomorrow and again on wednesday and we are told the need is greater than ever despite the recovery economy is so calm valley sacred heart is worried they may not be enough turkeys the core around this year they hope the owners will come through with a few more between now and thursday otherwise some balance to get a tool box with a chicken instead of a turkey. >> reporter: saddam's future cash those clubs by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning pushing toward app the clubs making their way on the coast. the week mostly cloudy skies and the forecast. then we 66 and mountain dew and 1 and 64 is
8:45 pm
the high today for fremont were were 65 in san leandro in and that goes for pleasanton as well. and the financial district of san francisco 64. what if you hire with 62 and daily city and 64 and san bruno. the uc the gradual warming with a very slight chance if it does, it will pass very quickly to the south. lanes well the >> reporter: would woods (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. where >> reporter: dan fischer
8:46 pm
making every turn to some of the streams and rivers that were once damage to do to hundreds if not thousands of homeless encampment one >> stacking racks or pieces of concrete and the river and they wait for the fish to move up to a shallow area or pool that they designated and hide the net. then they black river with concrete and they use shopping carts as well and director and now the river. into their camp areas. >> reporter: roger castile chairman of the summit and still had restoration group has been monitoring the waterways are run san jose for 20 some odd years. the
8:47 pm
transient slipping along the banks of the lost gatos and guadalupe rivers were poaching summit and dropped. this is poaching to the extreme this has been happening here for about 12 years. what >> reporter: would all only hint that but they were using the creek as a public toilet despite their being restaurant nearby. it they are still remnants of homeless encampments are round but now that they are not as prevalent as before. when >> reporter: beavers have returned and out dropped. t and sevenr joseout lee roberts kron 4 news in san jose stanley roberts kron4
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news was >> pam: hybrids, hot rods and high-tech cars takes center stage takes to getting back on kron4 as we bring you a special preview of san francisco international auto show at a 30 pigs given night. you can also go to kron4 dot com to into what is to the weekend also show.
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: douaigoodevenin everyone!
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we >> gary: alden smith would put the pressure on the quarterback and set up kapernick to vernon davis 42 yds and all with a field goal at 10 nothing lead. red skelton school for and the 40 niner defense was good all night long we. calms kapernick spitting out he was all over the place. five catches aldon smith and berkeley kicks griffin and the growing. andinadver with
8:53 pm
when >> gary: 127 with kapernick could catch a touchdown pass to hundred 35 yds with three touchdowns at 49ers ron their record is now seven and four and countersign they would hold the final play off position. when will the law of the raiders on the flip side were >> gary: leaned oakland coliseum black elk was lifted. terrell prior looks on as the back up. maxim glowing touchdown pass to marcel reese to put the raiders up 1916 with 6 minutes left 10 seconds left bryant its patrick 10
8:54 pm
yds to pass to kendall white right for the win. raiders who blew a chance to sneak into the final playoff spot >> gary: that what is what a good sound bite is. when were waned friedman was a really good reporter just minimizing the sound bite >> gary: if i hear a coach going on and on at this all i know if i hear a click when it is time to stay alert it can go to kron4 that come to your snippet of the coach. when >> gary: with tennessee
8:55 pm
tighten safety michael griffin has been suspended for one thing after leveling raiders tight and macau riviera on this pass play yester day the cannot ask el declared griffin a repeat offender and thus the the suspension it was his second violation this season. martin will miss the titans think against the indianapolis colts sunday. riviera suffered a concussion is likely outcome for the things giving gained against the cowboys in dallas by the way riviera sister and i got stars on hit tv show klay glee what >> gary: bogut suspended one game. warriors center andrew bogut has spent suspended 81
8:56 pm
gabe for his involvement in the skirmish in their loss to portland trailblazers saturday night. but dick got tangled up with a laser center drool free land one joel freeland. >> gary: lee is also received a one game suspension. williams >> gary: and 1 rose out for season chicago bulls point guard is out for the season against creek road toward the moon meniscus in his right knee on the noncontact play friday night he underwent surgery to repair it today. when >> gary: we will be asking for your input, e-mail's and twitter just the whole bit.
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pam would you have for the audience and >> pam: they can stay in touch and be back aid and track our mobile at. whena pp
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