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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 25, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. >> now at 11:00. >> my mom called. you need to come now. a baby got hit. >> a 3-year-old hit by a truck in the cross walk. >> she had the baby's blood all over her. >> this tragedy could have been avoided. kron4news starts now. >> this is the bay area's news. a 3-year-old child hit by a pick up truck in the cross walk. that child has been identified. he was with two other people crossing the street when they were all hit. kron4's alicia reed spoke with the distraught family.
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>> reporter: there is a growing memorial for elijah. they crossed the street and a truck making a left plowed into them. the woman's daughter was pushing the stroller. they were also hit suffering minor injuries. the toddler didn't make it. he died after hour after the crash. >> he was an awesome little blond, blue-eyed 3-year-old. i never seen a 3-year-old so smart. he was brave and happy. >> reporter: the driver
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remained at the scene cooperating and frantic. >> that 10 minutes we lost a little angel. >> reporter: the mom is distraught. her family is from salinas. she is making funeral arrangements there. alicia reed, kron4news. other activists are asking for stiffer charges for students accused of a hate crime. . >> what has happened has scrutinized the leadership i have provided. >> reporter: in a joint news conference, san jose state president said he failed the university.
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>> what we need to do -- the decision making failed. i failed that student. we failed all of our students. >> reporter: the president pledged there would be an independent investigation about the incident with 4 white students. some students taped their mouths shut. >> this has been going on for a long time. >> i am a person of color. i deal with this everyday. it happens everyday. >> reporter: the naacp is asking the district attorney's office to up the charges from
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misdemeanors to felonies. >> someone was terrorized for 8 to 10 weeks. >> reporter: the disict attorney will have to see if federal charges were violated. >> the charges with stand as filed for now. as we understand the outrage for those calling for stiffer charges, they are not a reflection of the degree of their racism but the criminal conduct. president obama making a trip to the bay area. he endured criticism. things grew testy in a brief
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change in chinatown. who is the heckler? what does he want the president to do? justine waltman talked with him. >> reporter: undocumented and unafraid. the berkeley grad was hand selected to stand behind the president. that is him yelling as someone grabs his shoulder. he didn't go to the event with the intent to interrupt, but he didn't like what he heard. >> he just blamed on congress saying they are not doing their job. he is not doing his job. >> reporter: hong is very passionate about immigration reform. he was under arrest for civil
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disobediance at another rally. he faced deportation every day. >> i am afraid for my family. my grandfather passed away. i couldn't go to his funeral because of my status. >> thousands of people are separated. >> that's exactly what we are talking about. >> that's why we are here. >> please use your executive order -- >> reporter: the outburst caused him to turn and talk to him. >> he can stay there. they feel deeply about the concerns for their family. what you need to know when i am
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speaking as president of the united states, i come to this community, if in fact i could solve these problems without passing laws in congress i would do so. we are a nation of laws. >> his response was not impressive. he treated me like a kid. >> reporter: he said he would do it again. >> i firmly believe it was the right thing to do. i represent the voice of people who couldn't be at the rally. >> reporter: in san francisco, justine waltman. kron4news. a living facility abandoned patients. black friday lining up. a multiple shooting, details next. >> we have high clouds over the
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bay area. temperatures and whether or not there will be rain coming up.
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. a shooting with multiple victims at 96th and olive. we have confirmed 7 male victims. 2 in critical condition and the rest expected to survive. this took place in the early evening hours. police still investigating and haven't released suspect descriptions or a motive. still to come the owner of the castro valley facility that abandoned patients. for some bay area residents black friday can't come fast enough. stay tuned with debra
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. >> it has been a month since patients were found abandoned at a facility that was shut down by the state. how this could have happened, the inquiry is under way.
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we are learning more about the owner hilda manuel. she never should have been allowed to run it in the first place. >> she had 4 nursing homes that she ran into the ground. >> reporter: advocates for nursing homes, patients were abandoned after shut down by the state. she said the state never should have granted manuel a license. the homes she ran in the 90s were riddled with trouble. >> all kinds of citations, illegal transfers, theft and loss, care violations, physical
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environment negligent, death. she owns milpitas care center. a violation where the resident died. how can this happen? >> reporter: it happens because the state department of social services licensing division does a lucy lousy job. >> they don't do cross checks with the department of health. you say yeah, no i have never owned a facility. >> reporter: it is time for the state to stop dragging its feet. background checks have to be conducted differently. dan kerman, kron4news. members of the port of oakland voted for work stoppage
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set for wednesday. they are not part of a union. they want a rate increase and a congestion fee if they are stuck in line more than two hours. nothing has changed. truckers previously stopped work in october. they haven't said how long this stoppage will last. black friday and just a few days away and many stores are opening on thanksgiving to give shoppers early opportunities. many of those shoppers got an early opportunity. >> can you believe it? they are starting to camp out at this best by. the tents set up, this is early. people are very dedicated coming out here 3 nights before black friday in the cold on the
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concrete camping out. let's look in a tent. you have all the essentials in these tents. they are taking shifts. they have to go to the bathroom and eat. but they are sleeping in these tents. they have chairs and air mattresses, cards, chipses, even the hookah. everything to keep their minds occupied. why do they do it? >> safe sheaf a save a lot of money. >> reporter: how much? >> at least a thousand. >> reporter: they are hoping to get they great deal on a flat screen or ipad. whatever it is they will be
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here at 6:00 in the evening. it is different than last year when stores opened at midnight. they will be ready. scott rates, kron4news. >> reporter: i hope they are ready for rain. not likely it will be on thanksgiving day, but there is a chance with increasing clouds and slightly warmer temperatures. a slight chance of precipitation. future casts change quickly. it moves into the coast. as we push toward tuesday evening, 10:00 clouds will persist into wednesday and thanksgiving. high temperatures tomorrow we have mid-60s and 66 in mountain view. san jose 64 will be the high in
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fremont. east bay 60s as well. 64 in richmond and pleason pleasanton. 61 out by the coast. 62 for daly city and san rafael. 66 in napa. kron4 7-day. clouds, rain chance on thanksgiving. sunday is looking nice with sunny sky and a high of 67 for inland areas. hot rods and high tech cars thanksgiving night. we bring you a preview of the san francisco international auto show at 8:30 thanksgiving night. you can go to to
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this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. . >> good evening the 49ers are
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the kings of football. first is colin kaepernick and rg3. he will end up with a bad ledger. 49ers, griffin under pressure which allowed dante to make the interception. he is back before family and friends. 42 yards, 4 catches, 70 yards, a score for vernon davis, fieldgoal. 3rd quarter washington flat. 4th and 2. patrick willis. kaepernick bolden in the end
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zone. 2 touchdowns. ouch. o oh man right to the groin. poor robert griffin, sacked by smith. first since rejoining the team. 15-24. 225 yards. kaepernick says make plays 1, 2, 3 time . . >> we just went out and made plays. . >> sunday at candlestick. the tennessee titans will cost
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griffin one game without pay hitting a defenseless receiver. rivera in question. his status for the thanksgiving game in dallas. warriors will not have boget for a push and shove. he was tangled up with a receiver. the nba is trying to clean it up. they will not have their center when they play. anthony davis, pelicans tomorrow night. college hoops we have stanford and houston playing tonight. barkley center, they have all these holiday tournaments.
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86-76. cal is in maui. they are 5 and 0. bird from rich rich mond had 15 points. we want to give a quick plug. we will do this up until the special airs one week from thursday night. we will try a few of these and take and make it feel like the radio show. we will have special guests and a highlight if you go to our facebook page you can win a television set. it will be fun. in the meantime stay connected. >> with we begin at 4:00 a.m.
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good night.
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michael jackson's ex-wife debbie rowe. >> did she really say she would buy the bullet so a fan could shoot dr. conrad murray dead? >> do you believe he's a pedophile. then, miley and the giant kitten. and chaos on the red carpet at the american music awards. and tv chef disaster. >> i got several stitches on this tiny finger. >> here's tips to help you avoid an accident in the kitchen. >> you want to tuck your fingers in. then, you see the ads on tv. clever, knock-out, must-see, but when you go to the movie


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