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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 26, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. .for the support now at 8-- >> pam: after he was set ablaze while wearing a skirt while sleeping on an a-c transit bus. young sasha fleischman will get to come home tomorrow after spending weeks in the hospital. tonight. his family tells kron 4. the news is a holiday treat for them.
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j.r? . >> reporter: he is a band with finally coming home tomorrow and his parents are ecstatic >> reporter: peak 18 year old set on fire earlier this month. both parents cannot be happier on the eve that he is supposed to be released from the hospital. just over three weeks ago sasha's kirk was set on fire while riding in ac transit bus. sasha does not identify with either gender male or female. but his script was caught on fire set on fire.
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his parents like to say thank you to all that helped and supported. >> thank you for supporting us. it was a terrific thing that happened but we have had so much support from the committee, friends and family. we are just so thrilled about that. we are thankful for that it has been a great support. >> reporter: as of right now he will be charged as an odd built britt j.r. stone kron 4 news charged as an adult
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>> reporter:new tonight at 8-- bart service is not normal yet on development of this story. >> pam: the holiday shopping season is well upon us. and authorities are cautioning shoppers that thieves are also coming out in force. >> pam: but there are tips for keeping you and your belongings safe this season. >> pam: kron4's scott rates is live in walnut creek. with what shoppers and police are saying. scott? with the holiday season rapidly approaching, san francisco's district attorney george gascon d.a wants to remind shoppers of some simple tips to keep them safe. tips you have probably heard before it's sounds like common
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scene, but how many shoppers follow these tips. to find out i hit the streets of walnut creek. >> reporter: and what i found were several shopping bags sitting in plain view, in the front seats of cars exactly what the da was warning shoppers about. katie lew ellyn knows just how important these tips are she had to learn the hard way >> cannot leave your valuables exposed in your car if you have these please take them with you or keep them locked in your truck truck. trunk. >> reporter:katie knows its always good to be reminded about how to keep things safe, even if it is as simple as locking your valuables in the trunk, and she says she will be keeping a very close eye out. >> reporter:gascon also taking about internet scams as well, he said on-line
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shoppers should always know the website they are buying from, and if they don't to do research before buying from the site, and always use a credit card on -line as opposed to a debit card >> pam: happening now. severe weather hitting >> pam: sections of the united states. already more than a dozen people are dead. the potential to make lots of travelers miserable. wrecking thanksgiving plans. >> pam: if you count both
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air travel and road travel. some estimates say, as many as a third of americans are being affected by the mess. >> pam: catherine heenan reports. >> catherine: it's a messy, stressful and dangerous situation. people trying to get somewhere by car.are running into wet or snowy weather. and triple-a figures that as many as 40 million people will be driving over the thanksgiving holiday. there have been hundreds of accidents. and at least a dozen deaths. >> catherine: in the northeast, snow is pittsburgh, it's a virtual white-out. in the south, steady rain and ice are keeping drivers on edge more than 3-million americans will be flying. as the day wore on.airports were racking up more and more delays and cancellations. >> catherine: this is of the big
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problem areas early on.but the storm has been moving east. and it might be small consolation - but some airlines, including delta and u-s airways are giving people a break on re-booking fees. if you want to change a reservation to avoid the'll probably get either a discount or no fee at all. >> catherine: and it's not just snow and rain. heavy winds could be a continuing problem. there's already talk that macy's thanksgiving parade in new york could be missing some of its famous balloon characters because of heavy wind. and it could be one more factor in delaying travelers throughout the mid-atlantic and northeast. >> pam: it has been almost a week since strong winds knocked over trees and power lines all across the bay area. the gusts also blew over this particularly large eucalyptus tree near lake merritt in oakland. since then, the tree has become something of a tourist attraction. a steady stream of people have been stopping by to stare, take pictures, play or even eat their lunch on the downed tree. >>i walk the lake everyday's kind of circus. everyone having fun. >>it's fun... and walked over it
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>> pam: oakland city officials said today, they currently have no plans to remove the tree because the city is still dealing with the hundreds of calls for service. received after last week's storms. they say. for the time being the tree will stay right >> reporter: we will be in good shape. let's take a look good high temperatures for tomorrow 66 in redwood city, for the rest of the east bay to but in walnut creek, 65 percent leandro 64
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for dan city, and slightly cooler but ocean beach with a 61. santa cruz much more of their after thin skidding in will dry out and get cooler. >> pam: teachers, students and faculty members are remembering a long time football coach at john f. kennedy high school in fremont. >> pam: 76-year-old john webb. was killed in a crash on northbound 6-80 webb was returning home to brentwood , after a triple overtime football game between his alma mater: san jose state and navy. >> pam: a vigil got underway tonight in memory of coach webb. kron 4's jeff bush is live in fremont at john f. kennedy high school. jeff? >> reporter: pam dozens are still on hand here at the visual more than two hours after it began that is
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showing how much he was loved by everyone who knew coach webb. >> reporter: retired and realized it was not for him he came back to j. f. k. to teach mathematics, p e and workshop. >> i know that when i would go in peak and what by the locker room he would always speak in complement everything that you did. he was very supportive all his students and teachers. he was all around cool guy. >> he was such a good guy, very funny and always making everyone smile or laugh at. but everyone loved him so much. he was a very great
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man. it can make everyone go on the right track and to know that he is gone is very hard it is very tragic because he was such a great guy and i cannot believe it myself. >> they felt more comfortable or round him because he was a good guy and the up everyone's emotions. >> reporter: he will be missed by everyone here. >> pam: ahead at eight. >> pam: a 23-year old bay area murder mystery may be solved. the d-n-a evidence that helped pinpoint suspects. >> pam: plus: a toxic warning about some toys on holiday shelves. >> pam: then at 8:30.public one of hollywood's biggest stars.gets in a twittr
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battle with wal-mart after walmart employees organize a food the employees can afford to have thanksgiving dinner. we have the viral pictures that set it off.and wal-
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>> pam: new at 8-- >> pam: two cats are dead tonight. they were snatched from their owner and thrown into >> i think that is terrible. >> reporter: the cat lady was attacked when someone
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came up to her and threw her cat carriers and the bay both cats or died. animal control now wants to review the security camera video from the amtrak station that might have captured the crime. people are disgusted that this could happen. the owner was extremely upset. >> i am born and raised in san francisco that is now how we take care of our family out here. she is homeless and have a bunch of cats. " edberg did this,,karma!karma! >> reporter: when he is caught he will face an animal cruelty charges.
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>> pam: authorities in alameda county say, they have cracked a decades old cold case. wide open. this man was stabbed to death in 1990. and left in the middle of a castro valley street. now. the ex-wife and her current husband, are accused of the crime. kron4's haaziq madyun has more on what prosecutors say. was their possible motive. >> reporter:a murder cold case dating back 23-years has now been solved >> reporter:the acso announce the arrests of two suspects 50-year old william devinchenzi and 58 year old cheryl ervin for the 1990 murder of steven rudigerwhose body was found here along redwood road within hours of being stabbed to death in his palomeris hills home in castro valleydetectives say new evidence began heating up the cold case around 3- years ago >> reporter:rudiger's family members whom you see herewere overwhelmed by their emotions during tuesday's press conferencehowever his oldest
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daughter says she never gave up hope of someone being arrested for her dads murder >> " cases you receive some of the information that you were not able to receive the man that will assist you now. >> now we can begin to close this captured close this chapter, hopefully. >> reporter:investigators say the female suspect and rudiger were ending a bitter relationship when she met devinchenziin fact the two were married the day before the victim was killed >> reporter: assigned legal counsel in alameda county superior court in hayward tuesdayboth facing murder charges in the casehaaziq madyun kron4news >> reporter:in oakland-- >> reporter: we have
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overcast clot overcast skies today. moving toward the coast with this system director however it is not likely that it will bring does a great amount of rain. tomorrow to look for to highs of 65 for paulo all 266 in mountain view, 64 and clear bill. for the rest of the east bay 64 in richmond and 65 in san leandro with 64 in hayward. >> reporter: we are looking for a high of 61 in ocean beach. 664 petaluma and 634 san rafael.
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>> reporter: the clouds will park and we will see more sun. getting cooler into first part of next week. new at 8. >> reporter:good news for old people.bad news for young people. >> reporter:elderly people say they feel much less tired than teenagers and younger adults, according to a surprising new study that tracked how nearly 13,000 americans rated their exhaustion. >> reporter:the results counter earlier studies and defy stereotypes of older people as weak and tired, said laura kudrna, a researcher at the london school of economics and political science. >> reporter:what's even more surprising, she said, is that the unexpected results can't be explained away by elderly people sleeping longer or doing fewer activities they find tiring.
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>>"there's something else going on here," kudrna wrote in an email to the los angeles times. >> reporter:kudrna and a fellow researcher analyzed answers from the 2010 american time use survey, a nationally representative survey sponsored by the bureau of labor statistics that included nearly 13,000 u.s. residents. earlier rounds of americans spent their time, but the 2010 survey was the first to ask how people felt during different activities. number of children and how how much of the day was report feeling less tired the study, recently journals of gerontology, series b: psychological research to understand the >> reporter:new at 8 >> reporter:scandal is rocking the new ps4 video game system after a man uses it to broadcast naked images of his wife online. u-verse was made for me.
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>> reporter:i'll want to warn you the video you're about to see is very graphic and disturbing if there are children present you may want to remove them. this incident has upset a lot of people it may change the landscape of the gaming industry. >> reporter: the live ps4 stream started with this man who calls couch with his wife . she eventually passed out. after a while of semi- innocent messing around with her he took her shirt off and exposed her breasts for 15 minutes >> reporter:anyone tunning in could see her naked top half durning that period of time. >> reporter:then the video stream went dark after 10 minutes or so it comes back and she is completely naked still sleeping >> reporter:presumably stripped completely by the husband >> reporter:the name of the couple is not known they have not come forward it's completely possible that women has no idea this
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even happened all we know is this man's gaming handle. he calls >> reporter:the ps4 comes with a camera that people generally point toward their living room for various interactive gaming or video chatting. >> reporter:what's new here is twitch tv added channels for the new ps4 twitch is a live streaming video network for gamers. typically it is used to broadcast live gameing. people watch other people playing their favorite games. >> reporter:competitions and tournaments can also be played through twitch this incident abused the system and let this twisted sick porn or sexual abuse go live to whoever wanted to tune in. >> reporter:twitch did a great job immediately responding to this and has banned the man from twitch who did this they also told their users they will have a zero tolerance for anything broadcasted other than innocent gaming. the larger problem here is that there isn't really a way to prevent such content from getting out in the first place. >> reporter:and ofcourse this worries parents of young gamers. who now have access to this new form of self broadcasting live medium.
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>> pam: still ahead-- >> pam: before you hit the stores -- the new list of dangerous toys you may want to avoid. plus: controversy surrounds a young waitress who claims she was denied a tip, because she is gay. turns out. it may all be a hoax. >> pam: and next-- black friday deals now available to shoppers earlier than ever. which stores are opening their doors on thanksgiving night. and which are staying closed.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: >> pam: >> reporter: bustling with shoppers some were out early looking for bargains. >> all yes i am definitely shocked me i have birthdays than december's plus christmas so i am looking for deals. >> reporter: macy's and other numerous retailers decided to open their doors on thanksgiving. it will be six days shorter >> so they are trying to
8:31 pm
extend the hours in response to that. >> reporter: says the shorter shopping with a greater online competition means the business must do what they can't to increase their profit margins. >> to have been squeezed and they are doing their best to extend hours of operation is still acting to do. >> reporter: shoppers we've spoken with have no plans to be in stores compass given. >> now i think that it is really sad to work and be away from family members on thanksgiving. >> i do not believe that this is necessary i believe people should be with their friends and family. >> i think that there it is great and have their turkey early and come back and
8:32 pm
start shopping >> reporter: is under 25% survey said that they would come audit action shop on thanksgiving. we would have to wait and see how that turns out and if it was worth it for the stores to even open their doors. >> reporter:dan kerman kron 4 news >> pam: while many retailers are kicking off 'black friday' shopping early. fry's electronics says, it will be closed on thanksgiving. the company has an alternate option for holiday shoppers. >> pam: it's called the "click, reserve and relax" sale. customers can reserve items online. and pick them up anytime on black friday. fry's president and co- founder says, the decision benefits employees and customers. >> pam: fry says, an additional 500- items will be available only in store on black friday. for customers who enjoy the thrill of black friday deals.
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>>kutcher tweeted at the company, saying "walmart is your profit margin so important you can't pay your employees enough to be above the poverty line?" with a link to a post on the wire about the employee food drive. the walmart pr account tweeted back, saying, "it's unfortunate that an act of human kindness has been taken so out of context. we're proud of our associates in canton." throughout the back-and-forth, walmart came off as defensive and tweeted facts that some have recognized as a bit murky: "we think you're missing a few things. the majority of our workforce is full-time and makes more than $25,000/year." about an hour after the exchange, kutcher tweeted, "walmart should be the leaders not the low water mark" along with a link to an article
8:34 pm
about uc berkeley's institute for industrial relations study, "the hidden cost of wal-mart jobs", detailing how low wages for california's walmart employees cost state taxpayers $86 million each year in healthcare and welfare programs like snap. >> reporter: are seeing people taking sides. >>danielle: i am a substitute teacher and i would make more working at walmart, so.if you don't like it.find a different job. no one makes you work there. >>tabatha: as an old employee of walmart, i stand on kutchers side. >>ken: don't make me say i agree with anything that ashton freakin' kutcher says.please. >> reporter: do agree, you do agree! >> pam: they make look harmless and a lot of fun. but according to an state advocacy group there are
8:35 pm
many toys out. which pose serious health hazards for children. >> pam: as kron four's terisa estacio reports - the group says, it is especially important right now, with the holidays around the corner. for parents to beware. >> reporter: it is called the trouble in toyland. the group address some of their findings. >> up to items in a big grant store which is easy to find such as the leap frog smart phone and twitter of this nature is recommended as 65 decimal spirit >> reporter: using simple household tool if like it and the toll it will to
8:36 pm
check on the sides for young children. >> over the last 20 years all of our reports have last over several recalls. and getting toxic torts off the shelf. toys >> pam: coming up-- >> pam: our stanley roberts visits campbell. and finds that in some cases it seems. if you want drivers to stop. don't have a stop sign. >> pam: he'll explain. in his latest edition of people behaving badly. >> reporter:how safe are animal actors in the movies they star in? an alarming new report that puts hollywood producers on the defensive. how close one famous tiger got to drowning. next. >> reporter:still ahead--
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rethink possible.
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>> reporter: morning lows. if you are in wine country, we have good news for you all the first thing in the 40's for the most part print 51 and oakland for your overnight lull and highs tomorrow 65 impala alta
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with 66 in redwood city. 68 in campbell. 65 for walnut creek in 64 for vallejo. out by the coast 61 and is down and in san francisco 64. we have slight warming it will get clobbered again by next week. cooler >> pam: controversy surrounds a young waitress who claims she was denied a tip, because she is gay. turns out. it may all be a >> reporter: i will show you what i mean in the next edition of people be having valley!
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[ male announcer ] with at&t, you call the shots. only pay for the services you need in your bundle. [ female announcer ] hurry and call at&t now while you can still choose internet for 15 and home phone for 20 per month. or start with u-verse high speed internet and add the other services you want to get the bundle you need. [ male announcer ] with u-verse high speed internet, you'll get the speed you need at a price you'll love. get wireless service and home high speed internet with a wireless gateway to connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices and save on smartphone and tablet data usage. plus add u-verse tv to your bundle and get a total home dvr included for life.
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[ female announcer ] hurry and call at&t right now while you can still choose internet for 15 and home phone for 20 per month. [ male announcer ] go ahead. call the shots and only pay for the services you need in your bundle. with at&t, it's whatever works for you. ♪ >> pam: controversy surrounding a young waitress in new jersey. who claims she was denied a tip, because she is gay. turns out. it may all be a hoax. >> pam: dayna morales posted this photograph of a receipt that read. "i'm sorry but i cannot tip because i do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life." >> pam: morales claimed a family at the restaurant.
8:43 pm
wrote the message on the receipt, after she waited on them. the bill was for 93-dollars and 55-cents. but now. a report on a new york city t-v station shows. a receipt from a family for the same amount of money. plus an 18-dollar tip. and a credit card statement to back it up. >> pam: after morales' story went viral, she and the restaurant received tips from all over the world. she and the restaurant said, they planned to donate the money to the wounded warrior project. because morales served in the marine corps for two years the restaurant's general manager said, that money will still be donated. and they are investigating. >> pam: an african- american girl in florida says, she may be expelled from school if she does not change her natural hair. >> pam: vanessa vandyke says, officials at "faith christian academy". demanded she cut and shape her hair. *after her family complained she was being teased by other kids. vanessa's school has rules about how students can wear their hair. >> pam: the student handbook
8:44 pm
says. hair must not be a distraction. >>"first of all it's puffy and i like it that way. and i know people will tease me about it because it's not straight or anything. i don't fit in." >>"there have been bullies in the school. there have been people teasing her about her hair and it seems to me that they're blaming her." >> pam: vanessa says she would rather be expelled, m than have school administrators pester her about her hair. she may learn her fate next week. >> pam: the hollywood reporter is blowing the whistle. on what it is calling, one of the industry's deep, dark secrets. >> pam: the publication says. the movie disclaimer you often see in the credits, which says - 'no animals were harmed making this movie'. is not necessarily true. >> pam: kron 4's vicki liviakis movie curtain. >> reporter:you've seen this disclaimernow, a shocking report by "the hollywood reporter" alleges that the american humane association trademark accreditation isn't always credible. >> reporter:take "life of pi's" tiger -- king -- for
8:45 pm
example-- >> reporter:despite his prowess and digital twin -- the publication says king nearly drowned while shooting ocean scenes after becoming disoriented. >> reporter:in an internal email obtained by "the hollywood reporter," an a-h- a monitor on the set said: ". last week we almost killed king in the water tank." >>"this is to me one of the dirty dark secrets of hollywood by not reporting these incidents, by deciding on their own that they can deal with it internally and not bringing it to law enforcement, they're complicit in this." >> reporter: the a-h-a responded, telling c-n-n: "the email of the employee in question led to an internal investigation and there was no evidence of any harm to the tiger as determined after multiple inquiries. she is no longer employed by the association." >> reporter:the movie studio disputed the claim that the tiger nearly drowned saying: "we take on-set safety very seriously." animal rights groups, problem that has plagued the movie industry for years-- in 2012, while the stars of "the hobbit" walked the red carpet. spectators lined the streets. not to cheer-- but to protest: >>"the hobbit was monitored by the aha and that goes to show even when these films that use animals are being monitored, tragic deaths and injuries do still occur."
8:46 pm
>> reporter:but "hobbit" director, peter jackson, says their disclaimer holds true-- >>"over half the animals in this film were computer- generated and there was no abuse or mistreatment of animals on this film." >> reporter:and on h-b-o's t-v series "luck"-- charges of animal cruelty. even though the a-h-a was present on set. the production was eventually cancelled in 2012 after three horses died. >> reporter:i'm vicki liviakis kron 4 (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter:if you want drivers to come to a complete stop give them a dedicated turn lane with absolutely no stop sign or yield sign this woman has stopped to read her piece of paper when in fact she is continuing on allow me to explain what's going one here, i am in the city of campell and this is the dedicated turn lane coming off from highway 17 at the hamiliton street offramp >> reporter:since drivers don't have to stop you would expect the flow of traffic to be continuous but what you expect and what you get are two different things >> reporter:because drivers who appear to have drivers licenses, how they got them i have not a clue are coming to a complete stop
8:47 pm
>> reporter:some are cutting aross the gore point after stopping and some like this man just sits there >> reporter: and sits there, >> reporter:well you get the idea >> reporter:some drivers like this bus driver should know better.but i guess that is asking for too much >> reporter:i saw a couple of near misses and some divers so engulfed in their phone it took a good honking to get them moving >> reporter:the funny thing is if there were a stop sign then divers would never stop, what a strange world we live in >> reporter:now this lady in the blue acura is upset because the drivers that have the right away are not stopping for her >> reporter:but the winner of cambell's worst driver of the day goes to this driver who not only makes a right from the outside lane >> reporter:but cuts trough
8:48 pm
the shell parking lot, driver on the sidewalk and then drives down the staples parking lot >> reporter:yup, and im, willing to bet this was a slow day in campbell stanley roberts >> pam: hybrids, hot-rods and high tech cars take center stage thanksgiving night on kron 4 as we bring you a special preview of the san francisco international auto show. >> pam: it's at 8:30, thanksgiving night. you can also go to to enter to win tickets to the weekend auto show. >> pam: gary has highlights and all the sports next
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary:goodevenin
8:52 pm
everyone! >> gary: 0 nil had 18 points. >> gary: were really one of two-101 >> gary: eric gordon is a good shooter but it rolls out. stamp >> gary:-the heat is on him. >> gary: tonight then ran into a team that they could not handle its bark is really good lamar patterson 24 >> gary: well now we if you ever want to find pam on her vacation sometime she slept now wemaui
8:53 pm
maui (laughter) pam you select now we sometimesmaui >> pam: i i do >> gary: what ever happened between he and the coach you better believe he's born to stay in school but he no longer wants to play basketball. >> gary: crabtree should speak on the field. should be on the field. his first playing time of the year >> gary:kapernick in dc, his
8:54 pm
best career game! >> gary:alden smith lead the defense. his legs are strong and still frs fresh >> gary: >> of course i do not feel that he should be playing right now. you can see it and everyone can see it. >> gary:g jean washington
8:55 pm
was a kron employee years ago. after you become a pro athlete you do not want to come to work everyday. >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: n , serious. no. serious.
8:56 pm
>> gary: you understand what i am talking about. >> gary: the way this works you have all the different forms to communicate with us and you can maybe appeared on the show one way or the other. our programs just a couple of specials in december at 9:00. with a bit name guest and a lot of interaction with the audience. we are only as good as you be people as much as i teased i do get a kick! >> pam: yes, we know. checking in with kron 4 news
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at 11:00 meantime stay in touch acrons 4 news or are mobile and see you then
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victim was stabbed upward of 30 times. every rib is marked-- vertebra sternal, vertebra costal... what kind of weapon? ooh, vacations in the desert. it's like lunching at the dump. uh, pointed with no cutting edge, like a giant ice pick. whoa, angela. or a sharpened screwdriver. we warned her about the sun, right? we told her cover up, avoid melanoma. who's the guy? her boyfriend, kirk. angela has a boyfriend? every year for three weeks, angela has a boyfriend and a vacation. whoa, whoa, playing house in a post-boho, rustic artist cabin in the desert with her overpaid, pseudo-celebrity photographer boyfriend, that is not a vacation. eight months to a year dead, correct? yeah, yeah, pupal casings, maggots, blah, blah, blah, eight months to a year. angela, we're betting. are you using crisco or butter for sunscreen? hey, brennan, could i talk to you in private, please?


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