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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 28, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. >> now at 11:00. happy thanksgiving everybody. we will show how everybody in the bay area gave thanks and volunteered. >> we are an hour away from midnight and black friday is in full swing. we have the madness at the mall. the teenager set fire on an a.c. transit bus speaks out for the first time next. . >> happening now the
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shenanigans of black friday sales. two women were arrested at wal- mart fighting over an h.d.t.v. hundreds of people have been in line tope to be the first in line. besides the line of people there were 250 cars waiting to get in the lot. if you are going to catch the midnight version, you might want to get moving. we are at the mall in santa clara. >> reporter: we have bargain hunters looking for the best
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deal. we aren't seeing anything like you are across the country. it has been peaceful. look at the line behind me. people wrapped around the railings. that is the line to get into victoria's secret. look at these lines we took earlier. this is after most of these people waited in line for several hours. some arrived early to get a spot. a deal is a deal. old navy, macy's gap, the rest of the mall open nothinging in
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an hour. >> i bought a laptop and a t.v. it was a reasonable price. >> i will wait until 12:00. we are then going to bath and body works. >> i feel like they jacked up the prices of the original price so when it is on sale you think is it sale but it is originally higher. >> really did you buy anything? >> no not yet. for those of you planning to use bart friday they will have longer trains to accommodate the bargain hunters. police will provide safety
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escorts within a 3 block radius and they will have patrol vehicles if people don't want to walk to their cars. >> i look down and my skirt is on fire, and i freak out. thankful to be home, sasha fleischman, who is gender neutral speaks for the first time. he is brave but his resolve is more admire able. >> it was pretty scary. >> reporter: there are 2nd and 3rd degree burns from the
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november attack. after 3 surgeries it hurts to walk. sasha will have to wear compression leggings. a banner with get well messages covers the walls of their home. >> my parents would visit and bring a stack of cards this high. most of them were from total strangers. it was neat knowing there are people who care about you. >> reporter: the teen's confidence has not suffered. >> i will keep wearing a skirt. it is not something i will give up. >> reporter: they are trying to get back to normal and establishing a routine, which
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includes changing bandages. the 16-year-old told them he set sasha on fire because he was homophobic. >> it was a dumb thing. i think you should know better than to light someone's clothing on fire. you should realize it is not a funny prank. >> reporter: the 16-year-old charged with setting him on fire is charged with assault and hate crimes. sasha's parents want to see him tried as a juvenile. we are looking at the buy bridge. i was surprised to see this
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much traffic. i think they are better served being at home watching kron4news. temperatures outside right now are mild, 54. 49 in hayward. 50 in san jose. we will get to the rest of the forecast in just a bit. just into the news room, the thailand army says more than a thousand anti-army protestors broke a pad lock and pushed inside. they are in the 6th day of protests. helping others to have a happy holiday. how those on duty still had a
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nice thanksgiving. thanksgiving was difficult for this french bull dog. we will explain next. i love watching tv outside.
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. >> a word of caution for anyone going out on the roads. a man was hit by a suspected drunk driver while they were on their way to thanksgiving dinner. the driver was arrested after 3:30 on highway 24 west of the caldecut tunnel. drive safely and designate a driver. an iconic san francisco church and those on duty on this holiday got to spend quality time with loved ones. stay tuned for inside edition with debra norville.
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. >> last night you saw volunteers from a church in the tenderloin preparing a thanksgiving feast. more volunteers helped to serve it. >> reporter: one of the best things about thanksgiving is generosity. it is hard to top glide
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memorial church. kron4 was there in the tenderloin as they carved turkeys, hams, breakfast and dinner. people gave their time and said they got something out of it. >> giving back to beam people when you are blessed throughout the year. >> reporter: on a normal day they have 6,000 people getting meals. difficult economic times didn't stop st. anthony's foundation. just there week they received 1500 turkeys, 500 more than their goal. volunteers did everything to create a happy holiday for everyone who walked through the
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doors. thousands came out in the silicon valley tradition. before the meal there were several events including a 5k and 10k. runners and joggers enjoyed the weather through downtown. it raised money for several charities. many folks on this thanksgiving get time off to be with families. other like police and fire are on duty. some care enough to give them a holiday that is happy. 8 members of the fire department where with their loved ones free of charge.
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it was much appreciated. >> we provide a service, be in service and have time with our family. >> the firefighters never had to take a call during dinner thankfully. africanafghanistan troops celebrated like all americans thinking of their families. it is the 12th thanksgiving there for u.s. forces. members of the military were called by president obama. he called 10 members from the
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army, navy, marine force and coast guard. he said they are thankful for the freedom they provide. the next few days, conditions are not ideal, but we get fresh powder. now more and more resorts are open. we have kirkwood and squaw open. dondonner will be open soon. we have another live look at the bay bridge. this is beyond the 880 westbound. we have clear skies for the weekend and warm temperature and sunshine on tap.
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it should be nice conditions. maybe of us are out and about. we are getting down to 51. 50 in oakland. 43 and 45 in san rafael. high 60s. it is a spare the air day. no wood burning is allowed friday. doesn't sound like a lot of people will be with the shopping. 56 in redwood city. 66 in cupertino. 66 in santa clara. east bay mid-60s. we have 65 for castro valley. 64 in richmond and 65 in vallejo. in the north bay we have 65.
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64 in santa rosa. 63 for the financial district of san francisco. the beach is cooler, 59. 60 even in daly city. we have a great weekend, plenty of sunshine. starting next week a significant cool down. wednesday and thursday gets very chilly and possible rain. we will track the system here on kron4. jason has highlights of the turkey bowl. plus it looks good for the raiders and the cowboys.
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. >> welcome back, the raiders got on the board quick only to fade late. matt continues to impress and the raiders as they always do, they jump out early. terrence williams opening kick off fumbles. greg jenkins scoops it up and returns returns it 23 yards.
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holmes and it is 14-7 raiders. there was a key interception. later in the 2nd quarter jennings, all over tony romo. 2 more on their first possessions. tied at 21. 4th quarter, demarco murray 3rd touchdown run. 28-21 dallas. it is brandon leaps for the interception. the raiders drop to 4 and 8 and
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gawrn guaranteed their 11th straight losing season. 30 straight unanswered points. calvin johnson, packers 561 total yards. green bay how bad was it? embarrassing. >> it is embarrassing. we got beat. they smacked us. >> the only bright spot for the packers they could get aaron rogers back a week from sunday. it is a san francisco tradition
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with the turkey bowl. it is galileo. kyle nelson found issac armstrong. they were up 28-24. lincoln tries the half back pass. 2-yard line, 81 yards setting up a touchdown run. 34-24 galileo. the san francisco section title. lions finish 12 and 1. how can you be fined for spiling a drink? the player bumped into him, ice
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flying. the nets were out of time outs. he was trying to buy time to drop a play. it was ruled intentional. the nets lost the game. you will not want to miss this. sports night live is coming thursday december 5th at 9:00 p.m. that's it. see you later, everybody. before we leave you tonight another look at the weather forecast as we go into this long weekend. it will be nice. this cool down will last until new years with 50-degree temperatures. we don't know how good we have it until it is gone. >> what about the rain? we need the rain. not much of that yet. >> thursday a slight chance. >> all right.
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>> have a good long weekend. stay tuned with us on
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the guy who woke up from surgery and got the shock of his life. >> you're my wife? >> yeah. >> meet the mortonson's. >> you should give him some of this stuff more often. >> then, when good food goes bad. tips to keep your family safe this thanksgiving. suck out the air. turn your containers upside down. >> how do you know if it's bad? >> eww. >> and that's my camera. the guy whose camera was stolen by a hungry gator. you won't believe how he got his camera back. plus, bear invasion on main street u.s.a. look. he doesn't even jaywal


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