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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 29, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> top stories we are following on this friday, november 29th. some shoppers get pushy, as others stay calm. the holiday shopping season officially gets underway as doors open on black friday -- in some places early. we'll give you a look at black friday across the country, coming up. >> there is a freeway closure in san francisco northbound 101 into the city has been completely shut down at vermont street. more from one on one connects with the sky way, interstate 80. there is a pedestrian that was struck by a big rig. all the lanes of
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freeway east bomb are completely shut down and that also means that they have shut down the connecting ramp from the central freeway in mt. leading to the lord that of the bay bridge. southbound 1 01 to interstate 80 are off completely shut down. the traffic is being de toward at the north end of hospital curve's. you will have to make your way via city street back on the sky way to get to the lower deck of the bay bridge. this will serve your purpose as well. there is no indication of how long this is going to be in place and an initial reports suggested that they may not keep the lanes closed for very long and that is not the case now. all the lanes are shut down on the sky way east toward the lower deck. north, and one on one into san
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francisco is backed up. >> it is pretty quiet and this is a view from our roof cam. we are waking up to clear skies also chillier compared to yesterday morning. the temperatures are in the upper '30's. low 40's for oakland and about 45 degrees for sunnyvale. we're expecting a pretty nice day. we will break down your weather coming up. >> >> here in the bay area. thousands are probably shopping at this very minute. trying to get their hands on the best deals on this black friday. kron four's mike pelton is live at the livermore outlets with more on what
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>> one along this line suppose i'll let was at the starbucks. they're getting their money's worth and i have seen a lot of them with about four to five backs. i spoke with a manager just a few minutes ago and some of the stores opened up earlier at 6:00 p.m. last night opposed to 10:00 p.m. last year. >> i dig it is giving our early shoppers an opportunity before the big crunch arrives at midnight. we can spread out the time that people can shop. we saw people as early as 4:00 p.m. this factor alone. >> he also pointed out that while the earlier stars could lead to increased revenue there is just one less shopping with that we
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have this year than last year. it is a shorter span between thanksgiving and christmas. many shoppers are not wasting any time. many of them finished your thanksgiving dinner and headed out to the stores. >> i ate my full and i went out the door. i called the baby sitter and we are out there. >> i have not even started buying things for my mother or my father. >> are you shopping for yourself first? >> yes. >> shoppers and tell me that they paisave about 50%. most of the parking lots are full. there are expecting more people to show what can she keep that in mind if you plan on showing up. between
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6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. we may see a changeover with people shopping over my will go home where as we will see some of the traditional shoppers coming out. they do not expect to see very many but we may have very well rested shoppers. >> i love that guy when he stated that he shot for himself. i love the on a secret >> all across the country. the shenanigans of black friday are underway. this is from a texas wal- mart store last night where two women were arrested for fighting over an h-d-t-v! other locations, such as this target in suburban los angeles, were a little more subdued. and this is from a 'best buy' in colma. hundreds stood in line. some since wednesday. just to be first in line for the
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store's best deals. kron-4's gabe slate said -- besides the line of people, a line of 250 -cars were waiting to get in to the lot. and >> and coming up in about 10 minutes we'll take a closer look at black friday across the country. a lot of shoppers are not happy black friday has morphed into black thursday. they are lashing out at major retailers online and threatening to boycott stores that opened early on thanksgiving. and an "i pledge to not shop on thanksgiving" badge is circulating on facebook. it has been shared more than 950-thousand times as of wednesday. this year the holiday shopping season is cut six days shorter than usual because thanksgiving falls later on the calendar. and many retailers fear sales could be flat. looks >> coming up on the kron4
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morning nils. a pipeline explosion in missouri overnight, a fireball in the sky that could be seen for miles. we will have that story. >> plus, police in fremont are looking to identify this man suspected of robbing a home. >> a special holiday greeting from the astronauts on board the international space station.
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align welcome back. we are tracking a hot spot in san francisco northbound 101 and vermont. all lanes are blocked eastbound and the
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state's eighth leading to lower deck. the inbounds central and the ramp leading to interstate 80 eastbound has also been completely shut down. a pedestrian which struck by what appears to be a garbage truck in the left-hand lane. there are some indications but the chp maybe letting some of the traffic go past period. we o not know what this means that break open the freeway or if they're trying to clear some of the congestion. kron4 jackie sissel is in route to that location. >> new this morning, police in fremont are looking for help to identify a burglar who was caught on camera. take a look as some of these pictures. he was seen on a
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surveillance camera to stake morning and homeowners in that room in the 200 block of addison corporate, and returned later that afternoon and notice that the break-in was recorded. this suspect is believed to be a hispanic or middle eastern man, with a 10 to medium built, shourd brown hair, brown eyes, a that mustache and a partial goatee. police believe that he got into the house from the backyards. >> in san jose, police shot and killed a stabbing and carjacking suspect rid of the incident started yesterday morning. police say that he'd been stabbed three people in the 2100 block of luz avenue. all the victims are expected to survive but it does not end there. he'd been carjacked a car on jackson avenue and for a short time, drove the
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wrong way on 680 tried to get away from the police. the chase ended when a patrol car ran out of the delco and he was shot by officers. >> coming up on the kron4 morning nils credit big a deadline is coming this weekend for the white house and the troubled health-care website. meantime, janu is watching the forecast.
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>> they are releasing some of the lanes and 1 01
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northbound direction and interstate 80 and eastbound direction. there was a pedestrian who was struck and this is not yet a fatal accident but the injuries are serious that it may become one. it appears as though the plan is to release this northbound 101 try said at least to seventh street. you can take this off and then get back on the freeway. they may in fact opened several lanes along the skyway east. they also shut down but connecting ramp from the central freeway in bound, a leading to the lower deck of the bay bridge. south bond 101 to eastbound a. some of this traffic is being released but clearly, these are freeways as she should avoid. >> you should divert to the 280 extension and you can use brandon street to get back on the freeway. for
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those of you who are stuck on the inbound lanes already, some of this traffic will be squeezing by. it is possible that we may see some of the lanes open back up in a moment or two or even right now. for the present, this is a major snag in san francisco. >> a quick check from the bay bridge shows light traffic and this is really what is going on or around the rest of the bay even with a few accidents that are reported. there are no major traffic tieups on any of the for widesprea freeways. >> it is a colored start as we head into the afternoon mild temperatures. it is pretty pleasant conditions.
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we do have big changes in the forecast starting off into the next work week. the temperatures, right now aren't 38 degrees. 42 degrees out the door in oakland. as we head into the afternoon it will be pretty nice conditions. 70 degrees as the high in mid 60's for those of real and mountain the bill. upper 60s for evergreen. we're looking at mid 60's so long the delta and upper 60s for those of you and pleasanton. downtown san francisco is want to get to a high of 63 degrees. low 60's, 61 for ocean beach. taken a look at satellite and radar we do have high pressure in control and that will keep things dry to a we can but we do have a storm system heading our way. before that, will have a cool air take a look at
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today, we're on the committee to the mid 50s and we have coal mines in store. when the conditions and the chance for rain on thursday creek >> new this morning. an explosion rockewe have a lot ofs that are open and for some of them will open as soon as more snow are dry. enjoy everyone. >> an explosion rocked a pipeline explo co. and central missouri. residents reported seeing the explosion llight
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up the sky and from more than 30 mi. away. a spokesperson from the panhandle eastern pipe line co. said that the blast happened because of a rupture of a compressor station. >> a moment of truth is drawing near for the affordable care act website. tomorrow is the obama and mistresses deadline to get health car administration and de to get health working properly for more users. it jill dougherty has more. >> smaller businesses still will not be able to use this for a year. they tell cnn that some customers data information is getting lost.
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the white house stated that this will get fixed. but they admit that it will be times after saturday when the website will not function properly they're bracing for another possible huge surge in volume that could force people into waiting lines or callbacks. officials said that consumers should pick a plan by december 23rd and pay their premiums by december 31st and that they should have coverage and effective the first day of january. >> and the united nations are said to appealed for more aid to the philippines for victims of a typhoon haiyan. the u.n. say that they will seek funds for a 12 month plan to revive areas devastated by a super typhoon in the central philippines in addition to 348 million they had sought
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for immediate release. disaster relief officers say that 5.6 million workers have lost their livelihoods. including 2.4 million who are ready were among the very poor before this typhoon hit. the government's disaster agency says that nearly 5600 people were killed, more than 1700 are missing and over 3.8 million have been displaced. >> not everyone gets the day off for thanksgiving. among those on the job were to americans 200 mi. above the earth. >> nasa astronauts rich mastracchio and mike hop kins sent their best wishes from the international space station. the two flight
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engineers showed off parts of their tanks given milk that's down from the, a little unappetizing. they included thermostabilized yams, irradiated smoked turkey, and a freeze dried green beans. the view from their stand is giving table, though, is unbeatable. >> coming up on the kron4 morning nils. it is an annual tradition for folks in the bay area. the turkey bowl. we will have that story for you. >> but first, george rask is following a major accident in san francisco. >> i will have more when the kron4 news continues.
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>> the bay area has its own on thanksgiving football tradition dating all the way back to the 1920's. kron4 haaziq madyun takes to the field for this year's san francisco high-school championship football, turkey day game. >> this is a tradition. every time you go to the
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turkey bowl it is a time to win. >> on the field this year, the gallup vallejo high- school alliance versing the defending champions, the lincoln high school mustangs. >> lincoln class of 71. >> lincoln high alumni patrick chase says some pretty famous sports figures have played in this game. >> not so fast as the galileo along my close of 1993. >> it was a classic shootout 34-party alliance over the mustangs, clock winding down and the fourth quarter, mustangs ball-edge driving for the win, but it is a fumble, a game over. no repeat. for lincoln on this turkey day, however this fence and says a sums it the best. >> and i got turkey cooking
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for me at home so it is even better. >> in san francisco, and haaziq madyun . >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. a big crowds are expected once again this year for one of the busiest shopping days of the year. we are talking black friday. a live report from livermore coming up next great >> we are waiting for the opening bell on wall street. we will be back in two minutes.
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>> welcome back fred the opening bell on wall street. they have a have a day today because of a holiday weekend. they are having difficulty if they are going from san francisco to oakland.
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>> there was an accident that took place now let's get an update. >> some of the rams have been reopened. the accident occurred eastbound and seventh street where the freeway is still shut down. the ramp, from the imm on central freeway, leading to lower deck has been reopened and 1 01 common no. fung, is no longer being closed off and for mott street. but instead, all the traffic from that stance in momma's central freeway is been de toward off the freeway at seventh street. there you will be able to drive along seventh and get back on at fourth street to continue. that has backed up the embalm central freeway all the way to go off street. it is also backing up the north bound, 1 01 ride to the 280 interchange. this is clearly a freeway you should avoid. you can't
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use the 280 extension instead into san francisco. you can either take six straight to bryant and take that to force and did get back on the freeway. you can use the embarcadero direct access and go all the way and use that to get back on the lower deck of the bay bridge. avoid 101 norris and the embalm center for 11 01 south. if you're going in this direction you are completely unaffected by the accident. if you need to get to sfo your problem free but if you try to use the inbound. it will keep you from getting to this rinceau us >> a quick look to other traffic, you're ride to the rest of the bay area is great and there are no other hot spots. >> it is a pretty start this morning. the temperatures
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and still in the 30's. 3749 auto. low 50's in san francisco and 41 degrees in half moon bay. mid a 40's for san jose. less clouds and the temperatures will be pretty much to where they were yesterday. 66 degrees for san jose and mid 60's for the east bay shoreline. we're expecting pretty quiet conditions and to a bichirs would drop by 8:00 p.m.. >> we do have changes to talk about but first let's head over to an a. >> here in the bay area, thousands are probably shopping at this very minute try to get their hands on the best deals for black friday. kron4 mike pelton is live but livermore all led with more. >> one of the managers told
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may that they are expecting to see a lot of the over my shoppers to go home about 6:00 a.m.. he stated that they would then get the next shoppers who will come men. we are saying it a little bit quiet and here is video that we shot over the last couple of hours. that opened up before the turkey was even in the fridge. the open at 6:00 p.m. last time. four hours earlier than last year. the manager stated judging by the eyes, it is much busier because most people started on was some are calling a gray thursday. some shoppers stated that it was worth it. because they save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. >> i had to pick up headphones and we could get great buys. it was a great night. >> i came here about 2:00
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p.m. yesterday. i want to wal-mart, best buy, targets and some other outlets. i plan to head to macy's next. >> why put yourself through this? >> the sales are great, you can save a few dollars. >> she told me that she said about $500. most shoppers that they saved about 50%. that is some of the more expensive items and they stated that we are the ones missing now because we're not out for getting these blockbuster deals. >> we all love a good deal but i will take it on my stuff. it is fun for some people. >> some shopping advice, if you are out there, you should be careful. what the holiday shopping season
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starting muni is reiterating their eyes up, phone and down campaign to remind customers. >> they're urging muni passengers to be aware of their surroundings when they are old. traffic control officers will patrol the union square and mosconi's center area to assure the pedestrians are safe. also in order to increase traffic and transit capacity, and sfmta has installed tollway signs on wednesday affected for new year's day in downtown. >> animal lovers and some accounts they are hoping people will take advantage of a very special offer this christmas spirit throughout the month of december, some of the county animal care and control is offering pet adoptions from the $10 spread the dogs and cats under adoption will be spot spade, neutered and vaccinated for free before you take them home. the
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agency is also holding their annual clause and palls of portraits with santa. the $15 fee for a photograph with the santa supports the loss in homeless animals at the shelter. >> a marine biologist is hoping to recreate a three- dimensional model of baa o arfish that washed up on the oceanside beach in october. this is a picture of the fish. scientists say this will give them a better idea about the internal and and an amatpanatomy of the mysterious circles like
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fish. tune orfish, which are rarely seen can and grow to more than 50 ft., washed ashore on the california coast several days apart from one another. >> coming up on the kron4 morning new spread the man known as the loss puts his manuscript up for sale will have the story along with other entertainment news. >> the ski slopes and the sierra opened for business as of the weekend. we will show you how they are celebrating. >> a car full of people goes into an embankment in san mateo. we will have more on the daring rescue when the kron4 morning news
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>> welcome back. there is better mills through san francisco. accident that shut down of the freeway is leading into san francisco has been cleared. there may still be one line that is block of the sky way in eastbound direction but you to see the traffic is moving well. this is kron4 jackie sissel shot. we are looking at the eastbound direction. that would mean that the head lights for westbound heading from the upper deck on the right hand side of your screen, the tail lights is the traffic leading to the lower deck.
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again, that is better >> than you can see that the back up on 1 01 northbound is already starting to clear out thankfully, the traffic was light enough on this day after the holiday. it did not get us back up as an otherwise have been. embalm center for way i was still aboard for the next 10 minutes. just give this time to complete the route. this is much better news as the pedestrian accident has been cleared and the city alert has been cancelled. >> crimes in sampras's go are a five-year high. this is according to the san francisco's department database. a total of 46,000 crimes were reported through the end of october. robberies, assaults and staffs continued the same month the rate. the city is on track to exceed 65,000
6:42 am
crimes in 2013, a nearly 22% jump from last year. the vast majority--nearly 40 dow's mr.--our property crimes, although break-ins, stetson and robberies that can include assault. >> in san mattel county, four men went on quite a trip when their car careened down an embankment and thanks giving it morning. the men were traveling down highway 92 east of state highway 35 when the driver lost control and went right down the embankment. this is video of the rest killed near the crystal springs reservoir. initial reports suggested that the driver drifted into the right shoulder, over corrected and drove into oncoming traffic area one of the passengers climbed up to the road which would for help. no one was seriously injured. >> coming up a kron4 morning
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news. we are following black friday shoppers. here's a live look at the mall.wall stret numbers. i love watching tv outside.
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align welcome back. we are monitoring a hot spot. >> it is much better news as the alert has been cancelled and all lanes of interstate 80 eastbound have been reopened. even the backup is starting to clear. here is a look at the traffic maps, the incident was at seventh street and because bishop for way down and for a while all the traffic was going here and they would not let any traffic go to eastbound 80.
6:47 am
however, it is all better now read this is the traffic leading pass seven straight heading towards the lower deck. this is where this accident was located and where for one was shut down. it is completely reopen and the backup is completely dissipated. thankfully, the traffic was light. the hot spot is that in the past. >> he could start to use the amount central freeway now off to connect to the lower deck of the bay bridge. if he needs to head to one on ones out, our alert is just a memory. a quick look at the bay bridge ride, westbound as you head towards the new eastern span. there are no delays or backups. if you are headed to 92, the san mateo bridge you will find a good ride. >> we have pretty pleasant
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conditions and this is a view from our roof cam. we therefore clouds in the forecast and mild conditions. we will continue to see this weather pattern of corrupt a week and we do have big changes on a way as we head into the next work with. the temperatures are a little bit cooler than 24 hours ago. six degrees cooler for livermore. it upper '30's for livermore and cooler at 34 degrees and novato. we're expecting a pretty nice day and the temperatures will more but to the '70s and upper 60s for cupertino. we're looking at mid 60's for concord through pittsburg. mid-60's
6:49 am
for the north in satellite and radar shows high pressure in place. we do have a system headed our way. it will usher in cool air and we are expecting wins to pick up.ds to pick up. >> we have a chance of showers by thursday. >> for gets the black friday it deals you should hit the slopes. many people are doing this and montana's are resort. they lined up to be the first people down the mountain. hundreds of the skiers and snow boarders were in line before the sun came up. pens at 9:00 a.m. in the morning but many were waiting as early as 5:30 a.m.. >> it is nothing better than
6:50 am
getting your first turn in. i do this every year. >> most of the scarce stated that the conditions were perfect and that it was a great opening day. it is a different story in tahoe weather conditions are not that great. we had real power last week but some of them are open for business among them, boreal, heavenly and squaw are already open. alpine meadows will open december 13th and if donner will open as soon as the snow or ride spirit they do not make their own snow. >> there are a group of the firefighters who enjoyed their thanksgiving day with their family. >> they had smiles all
6:51 am
wrong. they dug into it thanksgiving day dinner. this was prepared by an executive chef who once owned a restauran beforet 911. they shared a special day together keeping in mind that this is also still a work day. >> when the sirens go off, was to go on a call and our families will stay here to eat. there is a radio sitting on the table just in case they get a call. a call that than flee, and never came. they were able to enjoy the holiday. >> we're grateful to be in service and still reflect what our families about how things are gone, what we are thankful for. >> the battalion chiefs stated that he drove down for writing for the dinner. >> i wanted to spend time
6:52 am
with them and still have them be thankful. i have been with them for 30 years and i have my three kids, my mother-in-law here with us. >> the battalion chiefs stated that aspiring firefighters would not have it any other way. >> it is really special to spend time with my family, i get a chance to meet other people on the fire department. >> they come in and out on every day, holidays, >> so like many of you, they have to work the holidays but they also get to spend time with their family. for that, they're thankful. >> coming up on the kron4 morning new spread why the bare naked ladies are picking a fight with sea world. >> here's a live look
6:53 am
outside from san francisco. the good nils is said george rasta stated that the hot spot is over.
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>> a hand written manuscript from the boss goes up for sale and a bare naked ladies quit on sea world after a controversial documentary. here is data stored with your hollywood minute >> at expected this is on to score more cash. they stated that this will bring in about 70 to $100,000. this is one of his biggest hit
6:57 am
and it was a great number 21 on the list of all times of greatest songs. the bare naked ladies stated that date will not perform but he will instead. the documentary tells us story of a sea world trainer who was killed in 2010. the ban stated that this is a complicated issue and that we do not plan to understand it but we do not a feel like we should performer. >> she is most known for her role on the honeymooners. she is 90 years old. >> coming up on a the kron 4 news. the teen set on fire while he was asleep on an ac transit bus will speak about his experience. >> shoppers are already out and about for black friday shopping deals. will be live in livermore with the latest. >> a comet has a close encounter with the sun. who
6:58 am
will have those stories and much more on the kron4 morning news continues.
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>> the top stories that we are following on this friday, november 29th. some shoppers get pushy, as others stay calm. the holiday shopping season officially gets underway as doors open on black friday in some places early. we will give you a look at black friday across the country. >> it is pretty chilly outside spread it is a little bit cooler than where we started yesterday. this is where the temperatures are sitting pripet to 42 degrees in oakland and 44 in san jose. 40 degrees in concord and upper '30's through livermore. a jacket is required but we will take


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