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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 29, 2013 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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walmart's c-e-o responded today, defending the retail >> "we pay in the top half of retail. our industry offers the opportunity for people to enter at really any life stage from 16 all the way to 76 if they would like to and then they work hard and they can build a career. entry level jobs are in our store. we have lots of opportunity for people to grow into management and today over half of our folks make well-above the amount that's >> the walmart c-e-o also responded to criticim about the store being open yesterday. saying walmart is a service industry just like hotels and airlines -- and when customer want to shop -- the store will be open. he also noted walmart has been open on thnaksgiving since the mid-eighties. >> here in the bay area. it appeared many people did *not have a problem with a little holiday shopping. residents started lining up last night after their turkey dinners. this was the scene at best buy. reports had predicted stores would be busier in the bay area.
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since we're leading the country with our economic recovery. >> the local bargain hunting continued today -- the official start of black friday. kron4's mike pelton reports >> what is not surprising is that one of the busiest locations is a coffee shop. so many people came and shot here over night. by 8 or 9:00 a.m. in the morning some of them showed up and started their shopping adventure. >> overnight shoppers, thousands of people pass through since the livermore open up its 6:00 p.m. last month. this is four hours earlier than leisure. shoppers have huge bags full of discounted items. they're back here shopping for a variety of items.
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>> how much did you say? >> i save more than 50%. is not 60%. it is still a good deal. >> the sales are great, you can save a few dollars. you should do that. >> you must be shopping for other people. >> no, i am shopping for myself. >> the marketing director stated that buy them open in early this helps to stagger some of the large crowds and that he helps this most more revenue. >> so just how crazy can the holiday shopping frenzy get? brian spain took footage of the chaos at a north carolina walmart during doorbuster deals thanksgiving night. >> "i had no clue. i had the camera up because i saw -- before they -- i don't know how they were wrapped or whatever. there was just a big group of people standing around. so i was just holding the camera up going this is kind of crazy.
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i kind of started to take the camera down when i heard everything going crazy. so i turned it back and just happened to catch this." >> a pretty big scuffle broke out at an unamed walmart. the video was posted to youtube today. take a look. >> it appears some pushing and shoving broke out over the disocunted t-v's. all of this ended with police taking a woman down -- and cuffing her. no word if anyone was hurt. >> and the violence not just at walmart. black friday bargain hunters witnessed a violent confrontation between police and suspected shoplifters near chicago. it happened outside a kohl's store in romeoville. officers say they chased two accused shoplifters as they tried to leave the store by climbing in a pontiac with a get-away driver waiting inside. >> "the cop had got over there -- as he attempted to
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slam the -- the door, the cop's arm got stuck, and the driver attempted to take off. the second cop had come with the gun -- was telling him to stop the car 'cause he was dragging the cop around the parking lot. he didn't stop. the cop shot about four, five times." >> police say the driver was hit by several bullets. all three accused shoplifters were arrested. >> at least one bay area mall has a plan in place to deal with any unruly customers during the holiday shopping season. kron4's haaziq madyun reports from concord. >> along with those of door busters, here at this mall and convert their road always be a increase insecurity. that also be outside in the parking lot. >> we want people to feel safe and secure. we want them to feel safe in and outside. one spokesperson stated-- >> this time a year we increased our security staff. we have people
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outside the mall. we have vehicles and we have people who are under surveillance. you would normally see and just plain clothes. we have lots of security cameras. >> they saw over 700 customers lined up for a blockbuster deals. everyone was on their best behavior. however, the store has assigned the states that there warning against shoppers behaving badly. >> we make sure that we enforce this and people know they will not be tolerated. we want to make sure that everyone behaves and have a great experience here. my staff here is very protective of the customers. >> it is important to remember what people are enjoying the holiday shopping atmosphere. keeping vigilance is the best way for shoppers to protect themselves. >> bayberry clear of your
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surroundings and your accident and entering the mob. be careful when you are living things in your car. do not leave them in a visible side, put them in your trunk. >> now to a breaking story. a helicopter has crashed into a pub in glass goethe, scotland. photographs from the scene, we got within the last hour show that the helicopter smashed into the rose. emergency workers are on the scene trip there are reports of people may be trapped inside, but details on a number of victims-a gesture injuries if any have not yet been confirmed. >> there is no wood burning of wild. we have a back up at te
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bay bridge toll plaza. we have plenty of sunshine and the highs will be in the upper 60s to lure seven is perhaps in some of the inland areas. started early next week will have a cold front that will come in pretty good set a clear skies and there's no storm system. we're not looking at no precipitation. for now, are temperatures are pretty nice. 60 degrees in richmond and 554 santa rosa and 60's for napa. 61 degrees right now in hayward. >> your overnight low we're looking--let's talk about 55 for paula out tow. 58 for campbell and the east bay will have mid 60's. 65 for concord and 63 for richmond. along the peninsula at will be 53 tomorrow at 61 degrees for sampras's go. we will
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talk more weather coming up. >> coming up add 5:15 p.m.. a major gasline explosion. the terrifying blast caught on a cell phone camera. then at 5:30. if you want to avoid the black friday chaos. where to score the best deals from home. and next. a bay area county giving accused criminals a second chance for the holidays. >> here is a live picture from danville. a holiday celebration just getting underway there. the lighting of old oak tree.
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the triple choice sale ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend.
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>> santa clara law enforcement is offering a special holiday gift. but only for those who have outstanding arrest warrents for minor offenses. it's called "operation second chance". because give individuals a chance to stay out of jail during the holidays. those who qualify have to check in with law enforcement and get a new date to appear in court next year. since the program began 7 years ago. 24-hundred people have taken advantage of having a second chance. >> still ahead on the kron4 morning nils.nils. news. a verye arrives at the white house. then, why former presidential candidate mitt
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romney's son is being hailed a hero.
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>> a pipeline explosion rocked an area in central missouri late thursday. cell phone video shows the fiery scene residents witnessed from their homes. the fire burned through the night and continued this morning. people say they could see the flames from more than 30 miles away, causing panic among residents >> "i thought we were going to die. there was literally like pieces of dirt, rocks, everything, flying up and hitting the cars, hitting
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the side of the house and the only thing i could think of was running, running for my life." >> >> no injuries were reported and only three homes were evacuated. those people were allowed back into their homes this morning. a representative for the pipeline says the cause of the blast is under investigation. >> the president and first lady are throwing their support behind a group of immigration activists fasting on the national mall. president obama and first lady michelle obama visited the group today. the "fast for families" protesters have given up all food -- only drinking water -- in hopes of pressuring congress to pass new immigration reform laws. some house republicans have taken issue with a senate- approved measure. that calls for an eventual pathway to citizenship for
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undocumented immigrants currently in the united states. house speaker john boehner has hinted he'll bring up immigration reform measures individually, rather than in a comprehensive bill. >> a little christmas cheer has arrived at the white house. first lady michelle obama and daughters sasha and malia welcomed the official white house christmas tree this morning. the 18-and-a-half-foot douglas fir came from a tree farm in pennsylvania. per tradition, the tree will be on display in the blue room. >> the first family is considering staying in washington after president obama's second term is over. in an interview with barbara walters, scheduled to air tonight, the president said the decision will revolve around his youngest daughter, sasha, who will be a sophomore in high school when he leaves office. oldest daughter, malia will be in college then. >> one of mitt romney's sons tweeted out his role in helping rescue several people injured in a traffic accident in utah this morning. now it's being criticized by some online.
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josh romney tweeted this photo of himself smiling with the wreckage behind him. police say the driver missed an exit and veered off the road crashing into a house. authorities say romney was there to pull people to safety. the family inside the home was shaken up, but not hurt, the driver also survived the crash. >> here is a live look outside from our mount tam cam. it is just a gorgeous sunset outside. this is very beautiful weather. it is a little bit hazy. here's a live look from our roof cam on bass. there is no wood burning. we have a spare the air alert issued. the san mateo bridge has free- flowing traffic. for our weather headlines we're looking at sunny skies continuing through the weekend. we will be in the
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mid 60's possible low 70's throughout the weekend. starting next week it will be cooler and it will be a trend that will have to deal with for the rest of december, really the rest of the year. let's enjoy it while it lasts. the morning low will be 49 for oakland and 51 and sampras's 39 degrees for napa. 39 also for fairfield as well. they also have a frost. we have the afternoon highs of the will be in the upper 60s for the most part. 684 campbell in reaching 74 los gatos creek 55 for paula out tolpalo 5 for castro valley and 63 for richmond. 65 will be your eye out in vallejo. >> 65 for petaluma and 64
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for a senator felt. 61 for ocean beach and 63 for the financial district of san francisco. the kron 47 day around the bay shows a gorgeous weekend. you are in for a treat we will have plenty of sunshine started monday, tuesday and into wednesday we will get cooler. we have a chance of showers on wednesday. there is a system that is moving in. will track it and will let you know. cold weather will certainly be on tap by the middle of next week. >> a clumsy crook caught red handed after a gas station robbery attempt. police say he tried to hold up this gas station near his trouble started after grabbing the cash, he went to grab some beers. his hands were so full he ends up dropping his gun. the suspect then runs outside, where he fumbles his loot again. he drops his beers and instead of just taking off
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with the cash, he stops to pick the bottles up. that's when police show up >> coming up on the kron 4 news. the hidden danger one man says he's uncovered about e-cigarettes. >> then -- one couple paying a steep price, after they wrote a bad review online. >> here's a live picture from danville. a holiday celebration is just getting under way there.
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>> e-cigarettes are advertised as safer for smokers. but a colorado man says says there's a hidden danger you need to know about. >> "just torched it man." >> thor hacker wasn't smoking in bed, but he walked upstairs after hearing a noise to find his bed smoking.
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>> "there's smoke pouring out of the room." "i walk in here, the beds on fire going crazy, i thought it was my girlfriends curling iron." >> after using a blanket to smother the flames, suffering burns to his arms, hand and face, hacker discovered it wasn't his girlfriends curling iron, but rather his e-cigarette. he believes it exploded. >> "it didn't stop's like when you keep filling up a gas tank, it just kept going." >> hacker says he just started using the e- cigarette from the maker named "foos" a week before.ironically because he heard e-cigarettes were better for his health. >> "not when they explode and catch fire to your bed." >> reached by email, a spokesperson for "foos e- cigarettes" says they have never heard of or had any reports of safety issues with their products and that quote "our products are manufactured with every measure of safety." but a google search shows reports of other brand e- cigarettes exploding across the country. >> hacker says he started using e-cigarettes to quit smoking. .but now he's back to normal
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>> i have the best deals that are born to be offered. >> now at 5:30. black friday mania across the country. >> a hefty fine and eight credit ding. all for writing a bad review online. >> i will talk more about the weather after the break.
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>> now add 5:30 p.m.. a
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black friday many across the country. earlier we showed you just how chaotic the scene was in some places. now -- we want to show you how you can avoid it all, and still snatch a deal. our tech reporter gabe slate has the details >> do not feel any regret or remorse for not getting out yesterday or today to get the deals. you are not going to miss out. i have been monitoring deals all week long. >> the deals of on line and in the store are about the same. i was at the best buy as 6:00 p.m. when they open. they had so many people rushing in. i saw the deal said they were rushing in on the fires. the deals are the same pretty much on line. a lot of them are offering free shipping and deals a jew could only get online.
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>> i went on the web site and i found the best deals. >> amazon has this 55 in. tv 4 $479. this is top of the line. i bought one similar to this recently for $800. i should have waited carry it >> amazon also has its place they should three bundled with two games. if you cannot find the new ps 4 right now, it is sold out. >> apple is offering free shipping today and that will give you a gift cards to use on their side with purchases. >> one example, buying a new ipad would issue a $75 gift card. >> if you do not like to give card incentive idea, best buy right now has the new ipad for $50 off on line. that is the best deal
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you will find on the new hot item. >> best buy is also offering the top-of-the-line h.p. 17.3 in. laptop that comes with a 750 gb hard drive for just $400. this is the cheapest you will find for a machine with these specs. >> ebay is not just an option side there also a major weaponry teller. they are offering good deals today. >> they have the nexus 7 tablet for $115, down from $200. wal-mart has some great deals on tv's on line as well. >> they also have an element 32 in. tv for just $189. that's a really cheap. good luck with your deal hunting on line. >> gabe slate, kron 4 news.
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>> a couple in salt lake city is facing a nightmare situation after holiday shopping online. they received a hefty fine and a hit on their credit score- because they posted a negative review about a website. as c-n-n's pamela brown reports, their story serves as a lesson for anyone who shops online. >> after repeated calls she posted this review to the company. she stated in part that there is no way to get in touch with this human being. she stated that none of the extensions were. they received e-mail appearing to be that they would be fined $3,500. they stated that they had to take this down within seven until all hours. >> it is ridiculous that anyone wants up, round and tried to up do this to us. >> i have never heard of
5:33 pm
anything like this happening. >> the eagles stated that this clause, the terms this stated that you are accepting the sales contract provision from taking any action that will connect delay impact them. legal experts warn that companies are adding this language in the fine print. >> the first amendment does not protect you away from this. you can sign a contract and give away your free speech rights if it is a fair contract pripet this contract, though is not fair and frankly would be thrown off by any court. >> we have found anothers as well. they wanted to the charge customers $10,000 a day posted anything negative. the company told cnn that they stand by their
5:34 pm
practice. the plumbers could not take down their review and refuse to pay a. they reported the belt to their collections company. >> when we went to get our second car it took us a month to find a bank who was unwilling to finance as. this was because of this that upon our credit. >> they tried multiple phone numbers on their web site for all the were disconnected. they did respond to our affiliate defending their actions. they stated that they're taking their fight all with the corporate >> we do not want them to get away with this. apparently we're not the only ones to they have done this to. >> apparently, we're a deal was for fighting back. >> the better business bureau is investigating separately and has put the company on alert. retail analysts suggest you take steps to protect yourself by reading the fine print and making sure a company is legitimate. if you write a negative review, make sure it's accurate because you can be sued for libel even they
5:35 pm
don't have the clause. >> california lawmakers are getting a raise in december. approved earlier this year, their paychecks will jump about 5-percent starting sunday. that's about $5-thousand dollars more a year for those in the legislature. but at least 12 assembly and senate members say they will not accept the added cash while other californians are still struggling financially. >> one central valley senator says he'll donate his raise >> the state's other elective officials are also getting a payraise. governor jerry brown intends to accept$9-thousand dollar increase. which raises his pay to just under $173- thousand dollars a year. >> a moment of truth is drawing near for the affordable care act website. tomorrow is the obama administration's deadline to get health care-dot-gov working properly for most users. jill dougherty has more. >> withering criticism of the initial rollout of
5:36 pm
healthcare-dot-gov has intensified the pressure on the administration to get this fix right for saturday. the white house hopes it can do that -- at least for the "vast majority" of users. >> "and this website is going to get fixed." >> healthcare-dot-gov opened for business october first and it's been a disastrous two months: the site crashed..unable to cope with people trying to sign up. small businesses still won't be able to use the site for another year insurance industry insiders tell cnn some customers' personal data is getting mangled. or even lost. the white house says the site will be able to handle 50-thousand users at one time. but they admit there will be times after saturday when healthcare-dot-gov does not function properly. and they're bracing for another possible huge surge in volume that could force some people into virtual waiting lines for call- backs.
5:37 pm
officials say consumers who pick a plan by december 23rd. and pay their premiums by december 31. will have coverage effective. the first of january. >> the obama administration is now delaying the launch of its online portal to the health insurance marketplace for small businesses until november 2014. >> he's been stripped of most of his power, and is still facing calls to step down, but toronto's mayor rob ford shows no signs of stepping out of the spotlight. the mayor and his brother doug, a city councillor, will host an online talk show on youtube called "ford nation." the mayor's brother told a local toronto station that they will publish their first show before christmas this all comes as mayor ford has been at the center of intense media scrutiny after he admitted to smoking crack cocaine. >> coming up at 5:45. here's a live look outside
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of our mount tam cam. it is not such a beautiful shot. it is still a very long back about side. there is hardly a cloud over the sky. this will continue into the weekend. we're looking at temperatures right now at 59 degrees currently in san francisco. 62 for fremont. we will look pitcher highs for tomorrow coming up. >> coming up on the kron4 new spreas. >> what has china squaring off with the united states and japan. and next. a gruesome murder tied to a cannibalism web site. >> now here is a live look at today's closing numbers.
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the stock market is taking a breather. it fizzled today at the end of a holiday shortened trading day. it is still lodged by its long history of weekly gains in a decade. i love watching tv outside.
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>> police in germany are investigating a particularly involving one of their own. a 55-year-old police officer has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a man he met on a cannibalism website. police say online messages between the suspect and victim revealed that the man had apparently asked to be killed. killed and dismembered the victim, burying the body parts around his guest house. that the suspect ate any of the body parts. >> new ahead. why the united states is apologizing for a dead child in afghanistan. then. a new survey signaling some trouble with the american economy.
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and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no.
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the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> china has sent fighter planes to investigate flights by the u-s and japan. into its newly established maritime air dboth the u.s. ande military are ignoring that zone over the east china
5:46 pm
sea. the u.s. recently flew two unarmed b-52 bombers through the restricted region in a planned military exercise. likewise, japan used ships and flew planes to patrol the area and to conduct surveillance over the sea. both the u-s and japan refuse to abide by china's new demands that planes flying through the zone identify themselves and submit flight plans. officials in beijing have warned that it could take military action against aircraft that failed to comply. u-s and japanese military leaders say they won't recognize the new zone. >> the u-s is apologizing to afghan leader hamid karzai. after a drone strike killed a child. chris lawrence has more. >> a young child is dead and two women are wounded. the
5:47 pm
second air strike did take out a commander. >> this is disrespect to afghan people. >> the president lashed out at u.s. officials and stated that for as long as all our tory hacks continue, the security agreement with the united states will not be signed. >> they think this is something that we want, this is true but-a one add more. >> his refusal to sign the deal is a bad call but not a complete surprise. >> my belief all alone would be that he would draw this out. for the reason that he wants to. >> the deal will allow u.s. troops to stay and afghans for another 10 years. >> the negotiations are done. but, now the question is whether not the president is expected to sign it. >> the security adviser
5:48 pm
enter this ought to make them face-to-face. u.s. officials insist that is still get done by the end of december. >> we need to get preparations made to plan and for the 2014 presidency. >> some say that this is just bay pressure. the long weekend with we need to. there is no doubt that will make life harder. it makes life harder on diplomats. >> u-s and japanese authorities are investigating two small explosions that happened thursday outside an american air base near tokyo. two metal tubes and a simple timing device were found at the scene. which u.s. authorities are calling an "improvised launch device." no injuries were reported and no damage or impact points on base. >> americans' view on the state of the nation, particularly the economy, remains sour. that's what a just-released national poll shows.
5:49 pm
less than a quarter of those responding think economic conditions are improving. alison kosik looks at why. >> it's been a great year for stocks. but americans aren't necessarily feeling the wealth. the market is reaching new highs in 2013. the dow is up 23%-- and the nasdaq and s&p 500 are doing even better. between what's happening on wall street and what people are feeling on main street. a new cnn/orc poll finds that 59% of americans think things are going badly in this country. that number has been on the rise since april. and only 41% believe things are going well. if you focus in on the economy-- 39% believe the economy is still in a downturn. and only 24% believe a recovery is underway. so where's the disconnect? >> picture. there are still 11 million people unemployed. people are worried about their getting and keeping a job-- and they're worried about their wages. especially since the jobs
5:50 pm
growth is mostly in low wage positions. and that's making people feel pessimistic. >> i'm alison kosik in new you can see on the skyway, otherwise we have clear skies and that will continue over the weekend. you can see we have very clear conditions. drop the week a high of six is possibly some low 70's. tomorrow is a spare the air day. that will be the fourth one for this week. that is due to conditions over the bay. a lot of there's a staggering. 414 santa rosa and 43 for vallejo. for your afternoon high we're looking at 66 degrees. 65 degrees for
5:51 pm
redwood city. for the rest of the east bay we're looking at a mid to low 60's. 65 degrees for san leandro. along the peninsula we have similar conditions. 65 degrees for petaluma. 51 out the door for ocean beach. 53 and the financial district of san francisco. >> your 7 day or around the bay shows a gorgeous we can tap. we have sunshine propelling into monday. come tuesday, it will start to get cooler in fact clouds will return and wednesday we have a chance of rain. however, it is a slight chance that it will not be 8 hour ride a downpour but it is something that should keep your eyes on.
5:52 pm
>> we will continue to tumble altar of next week. >> here's a quick look at traffic. on the left side this is the westbound toll plaza. on right side this is the spot is oakland for it >> here is a live picture of danville. the crowd is gathering for the holiday celebration. >> 5çwç5ç5ç5ç5ç5ç5ççyçy5ç5çwç5ç5ç5ç
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>> next 6:00 p.m.. today marks the deadline for the homeless to move out of the albany bulb. the latest in the ongoing the evictions of the at the albany bulb. >> black friday shopping frenzy. a look at the violence that broke out. as well as where you can find the best deals without leaving the comfort of your home. that is coming up as 6:00 p.m.. >>
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
>> at 6:00 p.m.. while the black friday shopping frenzy was taken place inside the wal-mart store. things were pitted less cheery outside. protesters were calling for higher
5:59 pm
wages and better working conditions. >> you can hear the band that is playing behind me. many of these protesters are still out here this evening. things became heated just before 5:00 p.m.. this is a video where you can see the protesters, hundreds of them took to the streets. police had to tell them to get out of the street or that would be arrested. at that point some of them were taken to jail. these are people that are out here because they're upset with wal-mart's policy upset with their wages, and their health care. some employees were out here to up sort out their fillings pri >> some of all-star
6:00 pm
struggling just to make it. some of us cannot even afford to get to work for it >> i work for wal-mart. that is one respect for it >> they are treating their workers under way and they're not paying them enough to provide for themselves on a daily basis. >> a again a number of these protesters are still out here and just to recap, 5 people have been arrested. >> the bay area is not the only city where there are protesters against wal-mart. in southern california, a man dressed as santa, join protesters at wal-mart and ontario. police said, that he was one of 10 people arrested on a misdemeanor charge for blocking traffic. here is unclear how many of the protesters there were actually wal-mart workers. >> as we mentioned, this was a national day a protest
6:01 pm
against wal-mart. in chicago, a big crowd showed up. authority say, 10 people were issued citations for blocking a road way. this morning, wal-mart ceo bill assignment as did the the company's working conditions. >> today is the deadline for people living in an encampment on the east bay shores of all the way to move. the place is called the albany bulb. kron4 haaziq madyin checked then today, he says that even though a judge has ruled for residents to go, it appears that they will not be leaving. >> a 40 a. piece of land east of the freeway. after recently losing a court battle with the city over rights to stay, bold residents are just bracing
6:02 pm
for mass eviction. >> i am not going to let the khmer on the street. the police told us that was okay for us to be here. >> i am here to ax the city of albany to hold their plans to evict them. >> what is happening with the temporary trailers said they haven't established if you can see how their plans, there evictions are going to--is is a huge fare. not only are these not suitable replacements she stated that there is also a major problem with the port of pottage. >> these are bad loans that offer is driveways where people can see you. i'm not even know how you're supposed to get in there. there's no back door. >> she stated that these residents anticipate these tests by the city of albany.
6:03 pm
we have had police arrest was so this is one thing that we are anticipating. >> we're trying to--we're trying to empower them to resist that treatment. >> the california highway patrol says that one is struck by a truck on the spot i 80 in san francisco early this morning, has died. it happened on the highway near seventh street. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. the woman was taken to san francisco general hospital and later died. the incident caused heavy traffic tieups and the closure. >> police in fremont are looking for a bart colorful brought it home on tuesday. he was caught on camera. police released this surveillance picture. the man was seen on camera inside home one addison
6:04 pm
corporate the home or return that afternoon and notice the break-in was recorded. the suspect is believed to be a hispanic or middle eastern men, thin add to medium built, short, brown hair, brown eyes, a thin mustache and a partial goatee. >> santa clara law enforcement is getting into the holiday gift spirit. they're giving people a second chance. this is only for those who have outstanding arrest warrants for minor offenses. it is called operation second chance. the plan gives individuals a second chance to stay out of jail during the holiday. those who qualify, have to check in with law enforcement and get a new day to appear in court next year. >> a lawsuit over a policy change by a former sampras's go sheriff is making his way to the federal appeals court. the dispute is over
6:05 pm
the decision to remove milk deputies from the mill housing units. sheriff michael hennessry made the decision in 2006, in response to inmate complaints of sexual misconduct. the city attorney disputes that, saying that add to the chain's three deputies rig designed and two others were suspended. >> at seven california men has been booked for attempted murder after shouldn't officers and holding two people hostage. it happen wednesday at englewood home. police say, that 45 year old christopher warsaw killed his girlfriend and her 14 year-old daughter there for nearly nine hours. he started shooting at officers when they arrived. he hit one in a bulletproof vest. the officers survived with a minor injury. the
6:06 pm
hostages were released unharmed late wednesday. >> we will have 51 degrees for sampras's go as 51 degrees for oakland we will drop down to 41 for sunnyvale. your afternoon high, we're looking at 65 degrees for mountain view. 65 for redwood city. fremont will be checking in also was 65. 65 also for castro valley and 64 for hayward. san francisco will be checking in at 63 degrees for tomorrow. 63 will be your afternoon high for san bruno. >> filipino abbacy groups are out in san francisco asking black friday shoppers to help the victims of a typhoon haiyan in the
6:07 pm
philippines. members of the national alliance for filipino concerns, bay area taskforce, and families of victims of the typhoon collected donations on po add market street. one woman shares her pain of losing a loved one. so far, the local groups have raised the $3,500 spread >> meanwhile, additional relief efforts are still needed for victims of a tie phone haiyan. the united nations is set to appeal for more aid for the philippines and the victims. the u.n. says, that will seek funds for a 12 month plan to revive areas that were devastated. that would be in addition to $348 million a they have already sought for immediate relief. the government disaster aid is the sister nearly 5600 people were killed. more than 1700 are still missing
6:08 pm
and nea14 neanearly 4 million have been displaced. >> coming up on kron 4 news. a black friday frenzy. shoppers browsed for long lines. here is a look at the violence that broke out at some stores. >> lost luggage has been found. what the owner found inside that has her upset. >> a close encounter. bay wahale watcher got to spend some time close up with a humpback whale. i love watching tv outside.
6:09 pm
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>> take a look at this. a
6:11 pm
woman captures incredibly close footage of a comeback whale during a sightseeing tour near san on one island in washington state. it was an experience with a comeback a humpback whale, thate will rogers will never forget. on monday afternoon the capitol lawn with a naturalist's took some watchers out in the strait. the well and did not seem camera shy, it hung around the boat for about an hour until the swim away. >> coming up, violence and drugs at a target store door on the black friday frenzy. what customers were after. >> plus, comment ison was headed straight toward the sun. did it
6:12 pm
i love watching tv outside.
6:13 pm
and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
6:14 pm
>> welcome back. black friday frenzy. shoppers said the livermore premium outlets hit the stores early today. some shoppers told
6:15 pm
kron4, they gave up a good night's sleep in exchange for the thrill of finding good deals. >> so far there were no reports of shoppers in the bay area getting out of hand. but the sun valley center in concord, security was ready. with so many shoppers out looking for deals, their parking lots were packed, the shoppers had increased. >> security stated that you should not bay distracted by being members cellphone. they stated that if you put purchases in your car just make sure they're out of the look for the spread >> bart police will be on hand to provide safety for shoppers. that was also have saved the escorts and
6:16 pm
that will be available to accompany bart customers to their cars packed with three tod within that three block radius of the west oakland station. their walls of the two dozen at a patrol vehicles. >> they were all to get towards to everything. >> i love this type of your. just enjoy yourself. this is not something that you can rush around to do. is want to take a lot of patience. >> black friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year. take a look at the line outside of the small in
6:17 pm
georgia where the macy's store opened at 8:00 p.m. opens today. some retailers to criticism for doing this but the head of macy's stated that they're giving customers what they want. >> i think the fact affecting thousand people is an indication that people want to be here. >> what customers want to shop, we will be open. that is what we do. >> meantime the scene got ugly as certain stores. this store in west palm beach at raleigh over a couple of bills. >> a shopper coppice on her cell phone and police have to wrestle someone on the ground over a television. >> is it really worth it? black friday dot com stated that many of these items will still be cheaper the second week of december the long black friday.
6:18 pm
>> kron 4 news. >> police in loss vegas are investigating a shooting that injured a black friday shopper. it happened near a target store. the shopper was carrying a big screen tv he had just brought to a nearby apartment complex. when he was confronted by a gunman. >> the gym and let off about two rounds, shot in the guy in the leg and he just caught in the car and took off. he did not even get the tv. if you can see it is still sitting over there on the ground. >> the victim is expected to survive. >> we have clear conditions for the time being we have very little wind outside. we have a spare the air day outside. we are looking at the traffic and how it is moving. this is not the case right now because the san mateo bridge is doing good. for the weekend we have a
6:19 pm
high of 60 degrees. some of our areas and will be in the low 70's. we have a chance of money for mid week, to say into wednesday. it will possibly taper off on thursday. this is something for you to be aware of our right now you can say that there is hardly a cloud over the sky. we will continue with this into the weekend. we're looking for 66 degrees for sunnyvale and '70's for los gatos. 65 for redwood city and the same for mountain view. >> 65 for castro valley and 69 degrees for pleasanton. 65 for vallejo and low 60's for richmond. the north bay will see the same conditions. 61 for daly
6:20 pm
city and 64 for san rafael. 63 degrees for san francisco. the kron 47 day from the bay shows a gorgeous weekend with plenty of sunshine. we will get above 70 degrees. that will probably be the last time we will see those temperatures. the temperatures will fall off by next week. however, the temperatures will stay within the 60's for the most part. we will continue to follow the spirit >> experts now think that comet ison, or least part of it survived is close encounter with the sun. scientists believe that some parts of the comments and nucleus survive. the comment at first seemed like it had fallen apart as it approached the sun's a sizzling surface. but new images today, showed that a streak of light that some say could indicate that the
6:21 pm
comet is still in orbit. >> coming up on kron 4 news. for those who did not want to be in the crowds and along the lines, there is another way to go shopping. without leaving the comfort of your home. where you can find the best deals on line. >> a lost luggage has been found. with the owner found inside of the luggage and has for so fired up female announcer: sunday's your last chance
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6:24 pm
>> shoppers stormed into stores across the united states as early as yesterday. there were there to get their hands on holiday bargains. you can see the mob of people rushing in. there were trying to grab the find the best deals in the store. at some stores it got violent. >> however, if you want to avoid the crowds you can wait. there is another option. kron4 tech reports gabe slate finds the best deals on line. >> you are not missing out. amazon has this television
6:25 pm
for $479. i just bought a similar one for $800. i should have waited. amazon also has this bundled with gangs. if yoagames. apple is ofg free shipment and that was also give you a gift card. if you buy a new ipad you did as 7 $5 gift card. best buy has been no air pridhas the. you can save $50 spread this is the cheapest such you will find. ebay is not just an auction site there also a major retailer and they have good deals. they have the
6:26 pm
nexus tablet for $150. wal- mart has great deals also on tv's you can get a 50 in. tv for $400. they also have an element for just $189. this is really cheap so this bill is there on line and you do not need to go to the store. >> ahead a630 at 6:30 p.m.. a woman's luggage disappears but it is later found. the surprise that she received when she finally got her luggage back. >> how social media held a four year-old boy overcome his worries about wearing
6:27 pm
glasses. >> kron4 stanley roberts says, it is not hard to find struck the drivers in his next edition of people behaving badly. >> a joyful kickoff to the holiday season. the city of danville is hosting there and we've been of lights off. the tree lighting ceremony has become a tradition for families and the community. that is gathered on the diablo road around the town's landmark old tree to like it. the historic tree is more than 350 years old.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> and san leandro all is quiet at this wal-mart parking lot of hours ago it was a different story when hundreds of people showed up to show their displeasure. if you can see in this video and one. protesters went into the street and they refused to leave and that were arrested by police. they stated that wal-mart treats their employees bed and five of them were arrested pripet j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> if at this shopping center, security has been
6:31 pm
stepped up on this black friday. >> this time of year we try to increase our security. we have people out on the the subway. we have a vehicles, people under surveillance 3 adhere you normally see these people in plain clothes. we have a lot of security cameras and we want people to feel safe and secure when they are inside and outside of the store. >> a's berkeley couple is giving people a reason to be thankful. there are holding a dinner at their home and instead of having them bring dishes, they are asking them to donate to the typhoon victims. every couple including the ones hosting the dinner >> in livermore, thousands came out to this outlets to find the best deal. this is
6:32 pm
all part of the black friday deals. shoppers were looking for everything from clothes to electronics. many of them started shopping yester day and management hope it it will lead to better revenue. >> in livermore mike pelton, kron4 new spread >> here's a live look at our current conditions. we're at 56 degrees in san francisco. 58 percent mattel. we are checking in at 55 degrees for oakland. the morning low--we will still be in the '50s. 49 degrees for oakland and 39 for napa. we're still looking pretty nice as 66 for sunnyvale. 69 out the door for campbell.
6:33 pm
the east bay we are looking 65 for san leandro and 66 out the door for danville. mid 60's, 55% to rosa maria >> the kron 47 day or around the bay shows cooling with a chance of rain for wednesday. >> (male annoucer): now here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> the issues that thing about taxing is that you tend to be a little distracted. sometimes the destruction shall have you have no idea that a cop is even next to your to your local corporate >> the lane dishy is that has been green for a while but now that she has been some busted she becomes confused. >> when you make this left turn, polo brand is parking
6:34 pm
lot. >> i am now with the officers from the hayward police department looking for distracted drivers. >> i saw the shoe were on your phone at the light. >> she stated that she told officer the she was at the light so she was okay. >> but for record when you are on the road your hands need to be handsfree. look at this woman on the cell phone. >> after officer more got her information i found out she was doing. >> i've tried to make a call and that was it. >> where is your blue to? >> it is broken. >> the sad part is that they're not hard to find. >> like this man in his mercedes who does not seem to notice the patrol car sitting next to him. >> who were you talking to? >> my office. >> i was not looking at you,
6:35 pm
i was looking at the cops. i thought to myself that i dropped the bomb because i was not standing still but i guess the does not matter. >> if >> i told him that if i do a segment called people behaving badly. >> wonderful, this does what i made. thanks a lot. i do not need your help to look stupid. >> every person in this and was issued a ticket. it may cost of $150 for the first offense. do not be distracted is not worth it. >> stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> lost luggage happens more often than airline passengers would like. but imagine finally getting your luggage returned only to find it is still something
6:36 pm
that's-someone's and dirty laundry. that is what happen to lovmeghan mccord, after taking a delta flight from new york to atlanta. she says, when she contacted delta originally about her missing bag, off the airline told her it was on the way. when the that finally came the represents a told her that it was stolen. when she finally got her bed, she says that her designer clothing was missing, along with perjury. here, she shares at delta's response to her dirty laundry that was found in her bag. >> coming up on kron 4 news. where does the mother of four year-old go for help?
6:37 pm
her child cries after he was told he has to wear glasses. >> thanksgiving is over and christmas is fast approaching. a new and growing trend. why you might want tone and a lovely christmas letter. >> a joyful kick off for the holiday season. if this is a live look from danville. the city is hosting their annual event of the lighting of the oak tree to mind. it was just slid about 10 minutes ago. the historic tree is more than 350 years old.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> welcome back. a mom trying to get her son accustomed to the ideal wearing glasses, in a burgundy made their store goal by rod on facebook carried it all started when lindsay fischer try to get her son his new glasses. he said that he did not want to, because he said he'd be teased. so mom took to facebook asking relatives across the nation, to pose pictures of themselves with glasses. this was a to encourage her son know what. that is when the mom says, the facebook page took off. she and know what could not bleed more graceful. >>noah could not be more
6:41 pm
grateful. >> the uglier the better, the more tacky, the more adornments. >> coming up, ugly christmas orders. what was once considered a bad christmas gift, maybe generated a specialty business.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> the infamous of the christmas quarter is actually becoming a trend of this holiday season. the squatters have even become a thing for holiday parties. meera bains reports, what was once a terrible gift from grandma, may be generating its own industry. >> the test this season for the ugly christmas sweaters. they have become a trend to wear a parties. >> this is a good
6:45 pm
conversation piece. we decided to delay a bleak christmas water thing. these two friends have taken it to a new level. >> we had matching sweaters pripet >> they have been holding this up a christmas water parted for more than a decade. it has grown so dead that they now hold in a ballroom. >> it is a predict all some parted to hold. we have a deejay, of we have a gospel choir. >> they have the city of vancouver to claim this. the popularity of this has lead to skyrocketing sales at the store. >> the uglier the better. the owners' stated that even though 85 percent of them are women, these are kind of the grandmother's where but there are hot. >> i hope still these waters off throughout the year. we
6:46 pm
have problems sold 25,000 supporters fischer. if they have so many choices. the key to finding the perfect ugly christmas order is for you to find something that will take you out of your comfort zone. something that you do not want to be seen wearing. >> still, the uglier they are the bigger the smile. there are also generating good will. >> the 56 and will san francisco international all show is a mist of this second day. ball show held of mosconi convention center features the world's major manufacturers in the splendor latest cars, suvs trucks and vans. this weekend, all show will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.. >> speaking of cars,
6:47 pm
californians have spoken. toyota remains the most popular new car choice in the state. that is according to the california new car dealers association. statistics show, the toyota iprius hybrid continue to be the best-selling new car in california selling more than 54,000 cars. >> the san francisco giants started selling single game tickets for their first half of the 2014 season this morning. tickets will be available for giants games in march, april, may and june of next year. giants fans can buy tickets online or in any giants dugout stores. >> coming up on on the kron4 nose. in sports, the sharks and one player in particular, light up the scoreboard. >> they cannot match the san
6:48 pm
jose state spartans, their superb quarterback david fales , jason has the highlights coming up. i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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>> welcome back. college football and an unbelievable display as san
6:51 pm
jose state spartans quarterback turned one of the greatest performances in college football history. this is him on senior day, looking to knock off an undefeated 16 right fresno state. he came on a fire. he came right back with a 19 it yard, chandler jones was not done it. he connected with him again for a 75 yd. he will show us at nice touch here. finally, he did thin this to jones. the 451 yds. six touchdowns in the first half. he added that he finished the game 37-45. those six touchdowns. san jose state won the 62-52.
6:52 pm
they become bowl eligible. they have crushed the bulldogs hope for a bowl. they were undefeated coming in. no chance for fresno state. by the way, his counter card derrick, threw for 519 yds. this was an incredible day. >> 49ers head coach john harbaugh says that it is all systems go for wide receiver michael crabtree if to make his season debut sunday against a rams. crabtree, who tore his achilles' about seven months ago is not even listed on the injury report. >> good nils form colin kaepernick, who has yet to find reliable third target behind anquan boldin and a brown and davis. who back of him was a dominant
6:53 pm
defense the-road programs back end of week 4. but the rams are hot, scoring a point in the last two games. so non-chance harbaugh is overlooking the. despite their 5-6 record. >> they are showing ers will points. they are faced vestron for an impor both teams. >> i learned a few kinks from a raiders lost to dallas yesterday. first, the raiders still cannot hold a lead, losing for the fifth time in the games they lead. second, matt mcgloin is a pretty good quarterback. finally, for the 11th straight year, oakland will not have a winning record.
6:54 pm
let's focus on the positive. >> in just his third start mcgloin pick apart what is a pretty awful cowboys' defense. especially in the second quarter, in which he did most of his damage. for the gang he was 18-34 255 yds. he did for a crucial pick in the end zone midway through the fourth with the raiders and down a seven. so coach comet is he your guy moving forward? >> i think his throwing pretty well. we have had an opportunity to win this football game. >> if you watch any of these games you know his relay out plane to roll pryor. he seems to have command of the position despite his desperate >> the pittsburg, baltimore
6:55 pm
game, the steelers' coach mike time when seemed a little close to the line. he was short of the goal line the checkoff hall he is on the ride and he stepped on the field them back off. he forced him to go towards the pursuit before he got out of the way. the nfl is want to review this so he might did find for the spread by the way, the offical who did not throw the slag heap may be downgraded. this man in the lions cannot stay out of the nose. here is the lions' defensive tackle and his latest think is this throat /a gesture that the band in 1999. that will cost some $7,000 spread i have no idea how the, with these numbers. he has not been fined three times this season for a total of $139,000 spread by
6:56 pm
the way, he was once voted the dirtiest player in the nfl. >> sharks' jose st. louis in search of their fourth straight win. the first time these two teams have met since maxim lapierre earned a five games suspension for that this is hit on-and boyle. but the story today was brent burns. >> here comes up them, the sharks won. they host anaheim tomorrow my. >> the giants are making a little off season noise. after the team signed free agent pitcher ryan vogelsong to a one-year deal worth $5 million in guaranteed. >> stay in touch with will
6:57 pm
be back at 8:00 p.m.. reuben stud rd's biggest
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"omg! insider" the top trending stories you need to know. >> an olympian biggest loser battle. >> i workout with one of their trainers. >> plus how the stars got slim before the holidays. melissa joan hart. >> you lost two dress sizes. >> snooki and j wow. how this obesity survivor dropped. >> and my time getting fit in the ring. >> you want me to rock it? >> now where yahoo and broadcast meet. "omg! insider."
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>> a best celebrity weight loss stories the day before the biggest eating day of the year. we hope you are enjoying your thanksgiving holiday weekend. we have put together a special show with stars opening up about their diet trouble. >> we are going to be dealing with two of the most famous contestants from the biggest loser, an olympian and reuben stutter stuttered. 264 is what i want to be. they gave me this jersey and my eyes were open. >> once tipping the scales at 462 pounds the "american idol" winning fighting to be a loser. >> i have high blood pressure, borderline


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