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tv   Rob Black and Your Money  KRON  December 23, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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welcome to rob black and your money. i'm kron4 financial expert rob black. what's your take on buying
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individual stocks. that i call with a loser. the market has a much information in it and you have a piece sized brain at compared to the overall market. i'm not insulting you. i think you're one of the smartest kid will i ever met but it's just things you don't know. but with things that have been there for a long time. don't buy nextel networks. go out and buy established. stocks. facebook looks good today.
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that may not last. individual stocks i would say a loser. >> as far as 401 case are these the easy ones. id's the winners? but if you can but 20 percent and to >> what about day trading period and early 2000's everyone was an expert in every one thing to do well. what's your take? >> all market street there was a trade center treaty
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were able to walk into a cool glass office building with hundreds of computers to you can day trade. i don't know one day trader who turned 10,000 and a millionaire. i don't know one who was done well. be cautious. the best day traders working chicago. in new york on the floor. at can ask their friends and family. how many dates and did other were able to do and a long time. one of the best in the business went bankrupt. now what about other markets. investing overseas? that might think it's a winning idea. it's a little bit tougher. if you look at asia they have a lot of roles to build.
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>> what about taking social security right when you can add 62? >> if you can wait to do because that on the young
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side of heard about how to import it is to start early with and invest in various with your biggest regrets from investing. that i did start early. i got into a car accident and that settlements into the markets. my biggest regrets. i dated. i lived large and i enjoyed it. i wish i didn't do that. because when in 20 life is so good you don't need the finer things in life. in their thirties and forties start rewarding yourself. when you're in your 50s and 60s are rewarding. when you're in your 20s, don't waste your money.
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>> semiannual at rob and rob black dot com. --send me an email. we will be right back.
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natural experts a dental analyst. he's young and aggressive and else technique. us talk about aging. it's tough on the teeth. what do they need to know about dental care going forward. >> i guess the number one thing is the more preventive you can be with their dental care of the more cost-
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effective is and long run.
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member orthodontics allow you to be better in place. member i was shocked many years ago. i learned she was in a full set of the gesture. i don't know how long she kept that. let's talk dentures and dentistry. what do we need to know. >> dentures are a great option if you're losing all of your teeth. in my office we like to prevent you from having false teeth at full cost. they can be extended. lucky said he didn't even know your mother had dentures. if it can be very difficult to eat on
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dentures. they're not like royalty. they flock around in your gums. they're hard to retain. you generally can't eat as healthy as you can and dentures and you can have your normal tea. that a little bit more from the new practices vary with the seniors pretty good. but talk a little bit about some of the new things out there. mark van and took his kid to the dentist and they got a laser cavities. >> their graphics and small holes and teeth that have to restore previously. it uses a high intensity light that vaporizes to particles. the nice thing with that is the best kind of am a nice tip. at the end of the year make sure you use up all of your benefits when they reset periods of talk about the benefits
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>> what is a health savings account to you. >> it's a great lifeline. if you have a tough year in my office. say you damage your teeth to the point we need implants are some significant amount of dentistry we're personal assurance is going to run out a health savings account is like a lifeline. they will help >> what would you tell your son or your friend the basic thing you need to do at home so they don't have to come to your office and a worst- case scenario for preventative care memo we have some amazing patience and our office that my job is just to rid keep their
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teeth as clean as you can't. in west and the services of a dentist or hygienic. >> what a good routine and general. what's your real thing. >> >> if you brush your teeth twice a day 2 minutes at a time for it one of those times your frost flossing your teeth. >> i use an electric toothbrush. it's kind of the analogy. it's like using a blower compared to a brokerage it just works faster. it's a power tool. >> what bring up his contact information. my personal dentist. i kind of like the younger dentist these days.
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doctors at three memo will take a break here. a top financial issues. rob @ from black dot com. drop me an e- mail.
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the bay area is an affluent area someone asked what should i do after imax out my 401 k. >> high salaries means some have the extra savings they want to push towards other issues other than their 401k. what are your basic thoughts you need to know. >> if you're 50 or older you put another 5500 and to the
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401k. if you're lucky enough to be able to save more or if you started saving weight and now fear 45 and you're just starting to save, it may often save 20% of your check to be a better retire at 65. roth ira. $5,500. there's phase out the mets. which means if you make too much money you're not allowed to put the money into the rocks. starts about. there's a trick to being able to do this. even if you make too much to contribute for the irs guidelines. what do we need to know with the ability to fund that roth. even though there's a limit to contribute there's no income limits to take ira money and
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converted to a ross. usually that means you pay taxes but i want people to consider if they make much money to put your money and a ross ira. topics open their regular ira account and make a contribution. because you make too much to deduct it filed a former 86 into iras i made a contribution to the ira but i make too much money to deducted sought- after tax dollars going and and then there's nothing stopping it from turning around the next day to convert that to a roth ira. it's kind of a little bit of extra paperwork to do with greed as long as you don't have any other high ras other than your 401 k plan in its typically a nontaxable events. if you have other ira as it can be a taxable event. and
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i'm kind of on the camp that we should have mandatory savings requirements and the united states because 53 percent of people that retire are going to have a lower standard of living that when they were working because people are so under prepared for retirement. >> what else can you do if you've maxed out your 401 k. >> when your for starting out in your funding for 01 k. in your roth ira you can balance your overall portfolio for each one. once you start to investing even more. and i like it when people have pretax free money and the ross and an after-tax dollars. but once
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you get to that level where you're standing outside of your retirement accounts you have that have applications. yes the haldeman the right account so the best thing to hold. the average and >> what a good example of an index fund you can park some money and allegro overtime. >> i took a of a repeat of the time better just turned out to a safe for the u.s. exposure. you can use vanguards total stock mutual fund. you make one investment in its annual have large caps. when you're
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constantly adding to its are you're going to do well at the chart is going to be hired 2030 years from now >> let's talk about the self employed. what options do they have. >> people that are making to less than 220,000 are usually better off with an individual 401 k plan with a salary deferral of 17,500. a little more if you're over 50. if you are older, you
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don't have the upper employees or any at all and you try to really catch up and save even more than that, of money more than 25 percent of your net business in coming to a defined benefit plan which is essentially creating your own and his plan. i mean they're going to pay yourself a certain amount of life. >> thanks very much. it was blood does contact information. we will take a
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welcome back. a couple e- mail's. the mummies route back to rob black got concrete here's one. what does 2014 look like for investors? >> as long as were summer between two and four in g p and the 90 states and a worldwide issue be an environment where market can go higher. markets go higher every seven to 10 years. the best capital. i think it go higher. a typical street line no one knows for it from that helps. should i buy foreign currency? am i don't think the average person should buy foreign currency. there's a lot of effort marshals say you to make $60,000. trading currencies can get you in a lot of trouble. i know no one home player who's ever been a good currency trader. >> what you think about art as an investment.
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>> for dead people but not for loving people. that's just living people. dead people can't make more parts. >> how much should i have saved by age 43, somewhere between 100 and $400,000. contact me a youtube rob black show. twitter rob black show. take care and have a good day.
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