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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 28, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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the little girl in limbo, nearly three weeks since this 13-year-old jahi mcmath was left brain dead after a surgery gone bad. she remains on life support tonight at the hospital. after nearly three weeks, the hospital wants her out but the family isn't giving in. we see a new fundraising effort to help move jahi mcmath to another medical facility. >> the family has a new goal, raising $20,000 by monday. that's when children's hospital says they'll remove the life support. >> reporter: a fund is set up online. almost $6,000 is raised so fax all in less than one day.
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on facebook, it keeps getting more likes. over 12,000 people have clicked the thumbs-up button. children's hospital say they'll take her off of life support at 5:00 p.m. on monday. hospital officials cited a judge's order that declares her brain dead. today the family sent a press release that says in this country a parent has the right to make decisions concerning the existence of their child, not a doctor who caused the death in the first place. there's three different possibilities for where she is to be taken, new york, l. a., and then here in the bay area. children's hospital said they would agree to move her if the family finds a suitable situation, but they declined to perform two surgeries on her to
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be necessary to today the famil plea saying we would ask that the hospital and its top gun for hire focus less on trying to paint us in a negative light and focus instead upon working with us so we can be gone from this place, with jahi mcmath's heart still beating. >> to help them reach their goal of $20,000, they're holding a fundraiser tomorrow. tonight gusty winds leading to a fire, these unseasonably warm temperatures. for more, we talk to brian. a red flag warning in december? >> yes, it's unusual. normally it's raining this time of year but year dealing with the driest year on record, and then add the winds, and it makes for a high fire danger, and it's through 10 a.m. tomorrow and could see gusts up and over 35
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mph. notice the camera here is shaking around from the winds. they will subside by tommied day, and then the red flag warning expires. for the lower elevations, the temperatures go down into the upper 20s and low 30s. sunday, a another sunny and mild, dry day. the temperatures will reach the mid-60s. the grinches may have stole christmas but they didn't get away with it. six suspects and two juveniles were arrested in new york in a home that was burglarized on christmas eve. one of the families that lost their gifts in the robberies got a christmas miracle when people got together and bought them a car-load of gifts. the family woke up to find their present missing on christmas
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morning. target confirms that hackers stole debit card pen data data, and they say you should be careful. >> reporter: eight day after saying there was no evidence that pens were accessed, a turn-around from target. they said debit card pin numbers were stolen, along with names and card numbers. still, they insist the pin code information is safe and secure in statements saying, quote, the pen information was encrypted at the keypad... the company insists it would be unlikely that hackers would be unable to unscramble the data. >> it's called data encrypttion
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standard, and the problem with pin numbers is that there's only four characters. all together, it's not going to hold up because hackers can force it and grab the numbers. >> reporter: affecting 40 million customers who shopped at target between black friday and december 15th. if you are concerned about your account, experts say to be vigilant. >> talk to your bank and look for any type of fraudulent behavior and contact the bank. >> change your pin number, call your bank and get a new cashed. and get a new pin number. long-term unemployment benefits ended today after congress failed to extend the
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federal program. >> reporter: this is what the last six months have been like for paul. >> i've answered over 500 want ads just on one website alone. >> reporter: at 52 he's been out of work in educational publishing, and now another blocks one of 1.3 million americans losing unemployment benefits. on average, they've been getting $300 each week. his check wasn't nearly enough to carry the 1100 dollars rent on his new york apartment, and now it will stop coming. >> i won't be able to buy food or pay my bills. >> reporter: enfits beyond the issue when weeks were started during the bush administration to help americans. since '08 they've been renewed 11 times, but not this time. >> it's going to be messy
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politics where the two parties don't have a united view. >> reporter: some republicans say it's time to end the program altogether. they argue that it's too expensive. a year's extension costs 25 billion dollars. >> when you extend benefits to 73 weeks or 99 weeks, it encourages some people to say unemployed too long and that makes it increasingly hard for them to get back into the workforce. >> reporter: democrats say benefit checks get spent right away, spending that's necessary to boost the economic recovery. >> this is what these people need in order just to get by, and it's what the economy needs in order to keep its momentum. >> removing this minimum safety net, beyond just being cruel, is not productive in terms of getting them back in the labor
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force or getting them a job. >> reporter: but the political blame game doesn't help paul's new reality. >> it's extremely stressful. i've gotten physically sick and haven't been able to sleep. >> after six months, we had a beach that had a new facelift. crews improved how water is transferred to the beach, and the construction began in july, blocking swimmers from visiting the beach. funding largely came from settlement money from the '07 oil spill. a family learning to cope with the loss of a daughter, finding new ways to keep her spirit alive. duck dynasty, how the tv
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network plans to smooth over the controversy. a family searching for a woman gone missing. we share her medical condition that has authorities high on alert. good. good answer.
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a woman is missing tonight, and the police are asking for your help. she suffers from alzheimer's and was last seen in front of her home at noon today. she had herring to with you and police believe she has the dog with her tonight. she was last season wearing a blue sweat shirt, jeans and hiking boots. what was found in this wal-mart sweater that has one family fearing the worst. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature.
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[ technical difficulties-stand by ] >> an incident report was filed with wal-mart and officials say they're looking into the situation. >> i think that he'll be fully mentally healed until after all the blood work. i hope this was an isolated incident. >> a series of blood tests have been be conducted. calls to the corporate office have not been returned. robertson is returning to
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duck dynasty. he was suspended from the show earlier this month following comments he mid-in an interview he made with gq. in the article he called homo sexuality sinful. opinions about the decision to end his suspension are mixed. >> we think he had the right to say it and we believe in the same morals and christian beliefs and we're behind him 100%. >> the comments were pretty harsh. there's a way of saying things. if you don't agree with something, there's ways to word it. >> he thanked his supporters. a new year for openly gay boy scouts. starting on the 1st they'll be able to join. the organization is still
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making decisions on policies about sharing showers and the ability to march in gay tried parades. some churching have dropped their sponsorship but the scouts will move forward with the change as planned. it a beautiful day all-round the bay area. we had lots of sunshine and the temperature was up around 60 degrees at golden bay park, but a lot of places made it up into the 70s today. we have more nice weather coming up for sunday as this dry weather pattern hangs on, not only dry, but sunny, at least during the daytime. we'll see more temperatures into the 60s for tomorrow with lots of sunshine. but in addition to the sun, we have these hazy conditions, more air quality, so the spare-the our air alert is extended another -- the spare-the-air
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alert is extended. the new year is starting to look nice. we have clear skies over california for this evening. all of the clouds are well to the north. this is the stormtrack, where all of the storm areas reside and up and over into b. c., and there's no sign of change in this pattern through the end of next week. so no rain is in the forecast. we'll see more warm temperatures. tomorrow, mid-60s on tap for the south bay. redwood city, 65 degrees. 60s for the inland valleys, as well as by the bay. oakland, 65. san francisco, 63 degrees. more 60s into the north bay, and blue skies overhead. we'll have the same thing for monday, tuesday, a few high clouds. new year's day, no rain, and
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that's the way it stays through at least next weekend. for a story to warm your heart. we talked to a woman who is keeping family tradition alive by giving back to those left out in the cold this winter. >> don't move. i think i just remembered where the bag is. this is great. >> for 16 years they have been giving out coats to people on the streets. >> i got them, all the coats. >> reporter: it can one night when she and her son left a holiday dinner and tony was without his jacket. >> what do you do without a jacket? i said, mom, i told you i didn't need it anymore and i gave it to a guy who said he was cold. >> the next day tony walked up and came in the kitchennen and he said, mom, we've got to go cloth those people in san
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francisco, and that's when it started. >> she lost her son six years ago and she continues the tradition of giving coats to people living on the streets of san francisco. >> it was important to tony that we lifted everybody's eyes when we handed them a jacket. >> i've got lots of jackets. >> we're grateful for the jackets. >> is that too small? it's a large. >> no. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> she was giving out coats to a lot of us that don't have coats and warm clothing, and i happened to choose this one, and it's so perfect and so nice and warm. >> she'll spend three weekends
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this holiday season giving out coats. >> see you next saturday 12:00 to 2:00. >> thank you. >> her son, tony, he would not only give you the shirt off his back, but he was killed on the bay bridge while trying to help a stranded motorist. you might want to consider a new beverage to start the year. we'll he -- we'll tell you what it is, coming up next. good. good answer.
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in case you thought trees were only good for decorating a canadian company has customers buzzing. a microbrewery is selling the beer called spruce beer. it's seven and a half percent alcohol content. we'll bring you a front-row seat to the best fireworks and a lot of fun on new year's live after the 11:00 news which i will be anchoring that night. we're looking at temperatures down into the mid-30s for tonight and into
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the south bay. >> that's cold. >> yes. >> that's it for us. join us tomorrow morning. good night, everybody!
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