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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  February 6, 2014 4:00am-6:01am PST

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this morning on the kron 4 morning news. it's been raining all night. soaking the roads for the morning commute. we're looking out for hotspots for you. we're tracking how much rain is falling, and where. let's start with our forecast treat the morning erica. take a look at this. >>erica: not only light rain but moderate to heavy rain started to blanket the area. it kind of felt like little pellets hitting my windshield this morning coming into work. down and the richmond district take a look at potrero hill that area of yellow = a pretty heavy rain falling into the vicinity of where raceme broadway flooding. drive with extra caution as you
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had to east bound 80. taking a look at conditions in oakland 3 you need to use your windshield wipers for interstate 580. lots of rain to deal with through the san ramon valley. it could see walnut creek really getting hit hard right now. south bay looks like a desperate san jose menendez de la with some light rain looks like lifting heavier rain. of
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course with the 10 in. of new snow above 7,000 ft.. definitely good news for our skiers and borders. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows system #two will approach by friday night continued into saturday and sunday. this is a fairly strong system. in fact we could see up to 7 in. of rain for the north bay hills. the san francisco bay area in general will see between two and 4 in. of rain. we will see dry conditions as and haven't to next tuesday and probably wednesday. as for traffic around the bay area track and a couple of up solos and out. if you're heading to the bay bridge toll plaza, you may encounter some pounding and the roadway.
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various look out here at the san mateo bridge. fortunately, no end to its to reports here and as detective live look at the richmond san rafael bridge for the most part, seen a lot of space between cars. over on our traffic maps an accident 580 westbound on for more ave. the live >>: moderate rain is falling in some areas this morning, compared to last night's light rain.
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in fact, the rest of this week looks wet. a series of storms are set to hit the bay area. this is the first round -- making the commute more treacherous. four days of rain seems like a lot. but officials say it's not likely to have a significant effect on the state's drought emergency. erica kato is here with how much rain we're expected to get. she's also monitioring traffic at the start of what will be a wet morning commute. we went to the north bay as the first drops came down. kron 4's jeff bush shows us how people in marin are reacting to the much-needed rainfall. the rain was slow to come in the early evening but more of it could be seen as the night progressesed. look and you can see the streets were reflective and the city lights completed the picture of a more normal looking winter in
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marin county. residents i spoke with said the rain is a good thing that is long over due and most people say they are ready for the rain. i grew up in portland so i'm kinda used to the rain. it's good. we need it and we're entering a drought so i'm excited for it. i'm ready for it. i've got a lot of books and a lot of tea ready and a good window to watch it out of. we need it, absolutly, so, i'm very excited about it and i love rainy daysto prepare for iti'm going to get out my rain bonnet. got my hat on. got my jacket on.
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i'm really excited about the rain coming through because i definatly want this drought to end and that's one of the big reasons i'm excited about the rain and to get ready for itjust keeping a wind breaker with me all the time and an umbrella. i'm really excited about the rain, too. up in tahoe, there is no snow so i'm excited for that and i'm kinda sick right now so i'm just going to get some cough drops and bundle up.
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almond. a good that comes in 25 flavors. from whole natural to wasabi and soy sauce. and once good gets going, there's no stopping it. get your good going. blue diamond. snack nut of the u.s. ski team. for online is the time periodsbreaking news in the south bay: a homicide in san jose. in downtown san jose. polce say a man was stabbed in cesar chavez park. on south market street. shortly officers say they saw the victim had a stab wound when they arrived.
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the man was taken to a jhospital, where he died. the police department's homicide unit has taken over the scene. kron 4's will tran is on his way there. we'll bring you a live report later in our news now to developing news we've been following all week.
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investigators say a womana 17 year old oakland girl allegedly shot and killed by her 14 year old brother will be laid to rest tomorrow. the service for justice toliver will be open to the public. its being held at the first african methodist episcopal church on 37th street in oakland.
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toliver's brother is charged with her murder when the two apparently got into a fight edthe boy is being allowed to provided a probation officer goes with him. we're learning that a california teenager has died in a snowboarding accident at heavenly. 18-year-old wyatt james colvard. of fountain valley -- a city in orange county. colvard was found unconscious in the snow shortly before noon on tuesday. officials say, he died of his injures at the scene. preliminary autopsy results show. he died of internal injuries from blunt force trauma.
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some snowboarders will begin competing in sochi today -- before the opening ceremonies. early starts are needed for the snowboard slopestyle qualifying runs. the men's runs will happen this morning. the women's runs are set for his and the new team figure skating competition begins this evening. the majority of u-s athletes are expected to arrive in russia today. as they arrive, andrew spencer reports u-s officials are warning of another potential threat -- especially concerning travel to sochi. as athletes from all over the world converge on sochi for the 2014 olympic games, a new concern about security in russia comes in a bulletin from the u-s homeland
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security. ".warning about this potential threat where explosives can be put in toothpaste containers or cosmetics." the bulletin warns toothpaste tubes and cosmetic containers could be used to smuggle explosive ahead materials onto flights into russia or into sochi. crops ahead "the olympic site itself probably is locked down ahead pretty well. there is that ring of steel around the olympics itself. but getting there and the surrounding of has a u-s law enforcement official tells c-n-n the alert is specific to the start of the olympics. that source also says intelligence is picking up increased chatter about regional transportation hubs outside the sochi area.
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some say the security alert leaves a lot of open-ended questions. "in a setting like this, what is an airline to do or what is the tsa to do or a ahead passenger to do with regards to toothpaste? are we going to put in place immediately restrictions on any kind of tubes or any kind of cosmetics going in flights going towards russia?" a senior obama administration official says the president has been made aware of the latest chatter. secretary of state john kerry says people who want to go to the olympics should still go. "we feel that everything has been done that can be done to try to guarantee people's safety and security." he says the venues will be as safe as any large public event can be.
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i'm andrew spencer, reporting there are growing concerns this morning that an attack on a south bay p-g&e sub- station last year, may have been more than a simple act of vandalism. kron 4's charles clifford explains. in the early morning hours of april 16th 2013, gunman opened fire on pg&e's metcalf transmission substation south of san jose. this is surveillance video from the substation on the morning of the attack. just after 1am sparks can be seen flashing in the dark, possibly from bullets striking a chain link fence. by the time authorities arrived, the attackers had fled into the night. in all, 17 transformers were time damaged. pg&e routed electricity around the crippled substation and no customers lost power but it took crews nearly a month to repair the damage.
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sheriff's department handled the initial response and it was clear from early on that the attack was coordinated and well planned. 10 months later the attack is making headlines once again... in a new interview with the wall street journal the former chairman of the federal energy regulatory commission jon wellinghoff says that the attack was "the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred" wellinghoff also tells the journal that he's going public with his concerns because he believes tht the country's power grid is vulnerable and that this type of attack presents a risk to national security.
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"what keeps me awake at night is a physical attack that could take down the grid," since last april, the fbi has taken over the investigation and so far no arrests have been and the motive for the attack remains a mystery. in the newsroom, charles the entire bay area at least dealing with light rain pacifica. we are dealing with some heavy rain. a very hazardous driving conditions. we are seeing rain falling at about a half of an inch per hour. san
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francisco right now is still with some light rain. that has worked its way east. turning art attention to the east bay anterior spots. most of this rain is working its way easy. down and the south bay to still of some sprinkles right now closer to sunnyvale. san francisco not too impressive but we will take what we can get. 4107 and already. a little less than that in the oakland area. take a look at santa rosa keep in mind we are dealing with a series of systems. this is only system #one. the storm will be out
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here approaching most of the ram will fall and the north bay. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows also weather. the talk about what conditions. looks like the storm wraps up by early monday morning. dry conditions and partly cloudy skies as we head into tuesday and by wednesday were looking at a 10 percent chance. as for travel around the bay area we have several solos and now it's out there. my last report. this face it accident. as of right now to of the lanes are blocked. areas of red on this rain in the case speeds
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below 25 mi. per hour. keep in mind this is usually the first backed up for the early morning commute. we're seeing that right now to attack on a a an extra 20 minutes to your drive time approaching the 58680 interchange. oscar caltran currently on the same budget may encounter some lanes blocked heading to lower deck of the bay bridge. you may encounter some pondering. you can kind of see it from our live camera shot tear. we do have puddles of water out there so definitely drive with caution. over at the salmon to bridge box against a report. your drive time 12 to 13 minutes.
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>>:now to the northeast, where hundreds of thousands of residents are waking up because of ice and snow. some 750-thousand people lost electricity in pennsylvania yesterday. most of them in the suburbs of philadelphia. the storm brought down trees onto power lines. new jersey governor chris christie has declared a state of emergency. people may have to wait through the weekend to get
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their power back on. and even though the storm forced the cancellation of nearly three thousand flights yesterday, fewer cancellations are expected today. the only road into the town of valdez, alaska has reopened -- after being shut for nearly two weeks because of a series of avalanches. alaska's department of transportation reopened the highway wednesday morning. the first avalanches happened on january 24th. transportation officials ended up closing a 52-mile stretch of the highway. according to the alaska d-o- t, crews worked around the clock to clear away more than 50 *tons of snow over the last five days. investors are hoping to see signs of health job growth in the u-s. there are some jitters about a possible economic slowdown ahead of this weeks employment reports.
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stock markets have sunk after signs of weaker growth in the united states, europe and china. but today's report on january employment could be distorted by unseasonably cold winter weather. and a cutoff of extended unemployment benefits in december might have caused an artificial drop in january's unemployment rate. in other world news:
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egypt's army chief ends months of speculation-- and announces he will run for president. the move was expected after the military cleared him to seek office. abdel fatah el-sisi was defense minister when the army deposed mohamed morsy last year. many egyptians consider him a hero for cracking down on the muslim brotherhood-- a group that the government calls "terrorists." critics say he has essentially returned egypt to a police state. elections are expected soon, but no date has been
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set. rescuers in south africa have found the bodies of eight miners who died when a small earthquake triggered an underground fire on tuesday. a ninth miner is still missing in the mine a mile west of johannesburg. the mining company says smoke and rockfall hampered rescuers. but eight other miners were rescued and brought to safety on wednesday. the "castaway" who said he survived 13-months at sea.
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drifting from mexico to the marshall islands. has taken a turn for the worse. jose salvador alvarenga met with the media yesterday. two people had to help him. others stood by. ready to help. alvarenga thanked the government and his friends for their help. officials said he needed to be taken back to the hospital for more medical checks. and it would likely be three or four days before he was fit enough to travel back to el salvador, where he is from.
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former pitcher turned television analyst curt schilling says he is battling cancer. the 47-year-old schilling, who spent 20 years in the major leagues before retiring in 2009, divulged the news in a statement released through espn. it did not indicate what type of cancer schilling has, when he was diagnosed or what his prognosis might be. an espn spokesman says schilling is taking a leave of absence. a new spring football league will be unveiled today in san francisco. it's called the a-11 football league and it's headed up by the former
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publisher of the oakland tribune and san francisco examiner. the new league promises some changes from the game as we know it today. while those changes won't be made public until tomorrow's press conference, the new rules are supposed to create a more dynamic and exciting game. the a-11 football league will also announce a television agreement and inaugural cities and teams tomorrow. seattle police estimate 700-thousand fans filled the streets to watch the seahawks super bowl victory parade yesterday morning.
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that's more people than actually live in the city of seattle. running back marshawn lynch sat on the hood of a duck boat and tossed out skittles -- his favorite snack. and among those 700- thousand fans. a lone 49ers fan! check this guy out! he was there in seattle, decked out in red and gold. to show seahawks fans that we'll be back next year. that's the definition of 49er faithful. in light of the drought. people are talking about conservation. and even if you're not going to collect tonght's rain. you can recycle water you are already using. it has been difficult
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keeping gardens and lawns green in the bay area. but there's a new way to use water wisely. the heaviest rain currently falling and sunnyvale and cupertino. futurecast 4 shows by 6:00 this morning good news is there really have the stuff has already pushed south. we're really dealing with the brunt of it right now. by 10:00 looks like it's mostly out of here with the exception of the 880 corridor heading down to the south bay. it's bodies are definitely possible lunchtime the looks like were mostly dry by the rest of the day. looks like we pick up some light rain north of the golden gate bridge. with storm number one is all said and done.
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almost half financed for the east bay and a sad francisco bay area and a little less than that and the south bay but we've already picked up a little more rain than we originally expected. storm no. 2 will arrive on friday night. this will carry us into the weekend. will still get a decent amount. inspect heavy rain at times saturday and sunday. the rain will taper off by monday morning and looks like dry conditions as we head into the middle of next week only looking at a 10 percent chance. whenever we have rain we typically have hot spots. itouch about this and alert at north livermore ave. the good news is the said letter has been cancelled all lanes are open. unfortunately of the damage has been done. take a look at the red on the roadways sensors approaching the scene of the crash. the
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speeds have dipped below 25 mi. per hour and we see them back up carrying into the often not pass. caltrans currently on the scene. in north bay 101 at ease about 80. north bound to 80 edberg. there's really no rain and fall right now. i don't know how many of the lanes are blocked bridges drive with extra caution if this is your typical commute. as for the bridges around the bay area you could see all the water droplets at the bay bridge toll plaza wet roads are to be expected as you had ever to the richmond san rafael bridge. >>: kron4's mike pelton is an berkeley following the rain there. looks like a pretty decent clip of rain.
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>>: yesterday i think that's actually rain falling here. this one at least here and berkeley were seen a consistent stream. all this recollecting here in the middle of the roadway. you could see a lot of rain pulling in a row. so far this morning with same months pretense of an inch of rain. if anything like me you might need to dig in the back of a closet. attend to the north bay as attend our team coverage for aware of kron4's jacki said so now jacki cecil is tracking. >>: it is raining out here
4:37 am
and it's their reni consistently. you can see it coming down right now. about 10 minutes ago we had a vote lot of note so that came through. you'll notice the roadways have had any significant rain in such a long time. >>: this is just round one. we have more right hand and this weekend. if he has some flooding and neighborhood streets lima san jose's 6
4:38 am
the murder of the year took place in downtown san jose right next to the fairmont hotel. you can see investigators are on the scene. we do know this happened at about 1250 in the morning when a person was stabbed in this location. so far no motive and no arrests in the case. that's the very latest. reporting from san jose will tran kron 4 news.
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for the kron4 tech report which gave a slate. >>: good morning target wants to prevent future data breaches by implementing new technology into their store issue credit cards permit the want to use more cards or any emceed credit cards to protect our customers. these are cards with a built-in computer chip. almost the entire banking and security agency agree all the debt and credit card use this technology to keep us safe. most of europe use these types of cards. we'll have them in the u.s. because the emc cards and car readers are expensive to produce three but there have been so many that a breach is likely that could have been prevented. the financial institutions can't wait to hear any longer. there will be in there while in the next few years 3
4:42 am
here's a look at what they are and how they work. >>: the smart cards are also called e m fee cards which stands for euro pay mastercard and visa the companies that developed this payment standard. you don't swiped the and the current has the built-in computer chip it you insert it into a emc card reader. then the shoppers enter 84 security code. as a pretty simple system which would help cut down some of the kelly on credit-card and debit card fraud. in this system the u.s. is way behind on adding this security measure to our cars for it with all the frau lately retail chains and banks are getting on board every get this technology to the hoss gave a slate kron 4
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news. for most of us are like enough to light to moderate rain take a look in san mateo county. looks like rain is coming down for the buckets. rain will continue on for the rest of the morning. details on when it will finally moved out of the bay when the kron4 morning news returns.
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it's raining at the moment and for glad it's doing it.
4:46 am
the san mateo bridge " wet weather on 92. james lick freeway chose conditions in san francisco. you can see the wet weather getting kicked up and the headlights on the traffic. that is the situation. be ready for it as you head out the door. also want to update to quickly where the driver of a deadly pedestrian park has been arrested and charged.
4:47 am
kron4's philippe djegal has more on what police are calling a goldmine of affirmation. >>: the california highway patrol teams up with the alameda sheriff to permit federal agents to serve a search warrant on this storage facility at 36 avenue and east ninth street. investigators seem pleased about the bus and what they found. >>: a gold mine. inco mine of affirmation. men and women taken out a couple of shackled on the pavement while investigators searched this great building for stolen cars and auto parts. officer sean logan felt said they found plenty and this building has been under investigation >>: we also found seven guns
4:48 am
on the premises. that in itself should say there's something bigger going on >>: the award was carried out after tendered in the morning by about 40 officers. he said this building has also been subject to numerous noise complaints from neighbors in the past. >>: one of the neighbors was very excited to see us. and all 23 people were detained of those beloved arrested. and no clear philippe djegal kron 4 news. >>: 448 is the time was covered to the weather department. erica has cried the day tracking all of it. >>: while most of us are deal with light to moderate graeme we are seeing that come down along the buckets.
4:49 am
around the area the time was coming down at a rate of 2 in.. some of on the ride around 280. racine about nine tenths of rain per hour. looks like the heavier rain will start to slide into portions of the south bay. here in san francisco deal with some moderate rain right now. to the rain is coming down a little harder than just minutes ago. over and east bay light rain right now heading out to the macarthur maze 3 looks like the heavier rain impacting portions of highway 24. a lot of heavy rain areas of on to read are moving closer
4:50 am
to san jose mineta. whenever we talk about rain here in the bay area that usually translates is now in the sierra. chains are required
4:51 am
to have an to the sierra nevada. when this is all set and that we could accumulate up to 2 1/6 inches. all of our skiers and borders here's a look pitcher 7 day around the bay forecast. and fact this is going to be a more significant storm and even heavier rain. could see between two and 4 in. for the san francisco bay. up to 7 in. for the north bay hills. looks like dry conditions as we head into tuesday and wednesday. we were following a 6 alert westbound 580 and no. livermore ave. the 50 did manage to open up all lanes of the damage certainly thumbprint take a look at all of the red and yellow on the screen. unfortunately
4:52 am
there's really no go alternate. my advice is perhaps to the later commute or leave a lot earlier. also following summer when flooding north bound to 80 and bird avenue down as san jose. as of renown no rain and fog this drive with extra caution. taking a look at our bridges. setting conditions as you work your way out for the high-rise. as a ticket live love. it is right now there. today may be the morning to a take public transit if you don't want to go on the road.
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a lightning strike injured an air traffic controller at baltimore's main airport back in september. the incident has exposed a potential vulnerability at airport towers during storms. it's prompting federal aviation administration officials to inspect hundreds of towers nationwide. the faa will be looking for
4:54 am
problems with the lightning aho protection systems for airport towers. subway says. it is removing a chemical from bread it uses. that same chemical is used to make yoga mats and shoe rubber. the announcement comes after a popular food blogger see launched a petition. asking subway to stop using the chemical in its bread. the blogger -- who runs food- babe- dot-com. says, she targeted subway because of the healthy image it advertises.
4:55 am
subway says, they're working to take the chemical out of its bread soon, and claims. the changes were being done before the petition came out.
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the sharks get the second
4:57 am
win in the last six games. tommy wingels scored with 3:08 remaining in overtime to lead the san jose sharks 2-1 over the dallas stars. marty havlat scored in regulation and set up the game-winner in overtime to give the struggling sharks a much-needed boost with just one game left before the olympic break. alex stalock made 19 saves. sharks/stars sharks trying to bounce back from a subpar performance monday 2nd period/ scoreless martin havlat 1-0 sharks 3rd period/ 1-0 sharks valeri nichushkin ties it up for the stars 1-1 overtime 3:08 remaining
4:58 am
tommy wingles they call him tommy "win-goals" wins the game for the sharks final: 2-1 sharks alex stalock: 19 saves dwight powell had his third double-double in five games and anthony brown scored 11 points in the final 10 minutes to help stanford beat california 80-69 last night. brown finished with 16 points and six rebounds while powell had 22 points, 11 rebounds and six assists for stanford.
4:59 am
he controlled the paint in the first half when the cardinal built an 18-point lead and went 11 of 14 from the free throw line. chasson randle added 19 points for the cardinal, who have won three of the last four in this series between the two bay area rivals. justin cobbs had 24 points and five rebounds for california, which sputtered offensively in its first game since upsetting then- no. 1 arizona last week. this morning on the kron 4
5:00 am
morning news. it's been raining all night. soaking the roads for the morning commute. we're looking out for hotspots for you. we're tracking how much rain is falling, and where. here's what the radar looks like right now. erica will have forecasts for later today -- and into your weekend. the grandmother of a napa it's been going off and on. but a strong odor and wider so that something we are tracking depending on where you live around the bay area. the study of some cameras outside. san mateo bridge camera showing. people making their way out. when conditions permit don't notice as much of that the public land that used to get
5:01 am
on the center line approach and the toll plaza. when i was had >>erica: quick check of a lot for san mateo county and all for the south bay. take a look at the areas of on your bread for your screen. but the coming down by the buckets. but take a look at rainfall rates run around palo alto. rang currently falling at about 2 in. per hour. sam store for those of you in the south bay ride around san jose men that were ever to get some really heavy rain in the vicinity of highway 101 interstate 280. and north bound to 80 really not too bad. a lot of guilt are saying is kind of like spring goes there. as for the rest of the bay area
5:02 am
not to have the and the san ramon valley just a moderate rain falling. karen san francisco to do with some moderate to rain remember the system continues to work its way east and south. lombardi seems oppressive rainfall amounts. in fact looks like san francisco already received four tenths of an ant and we are seeing even more than that. futurecast 4 shows rain will taper off before the rest of the morning. still dealing with wet roadways by 10 this morning it looked like rain and the livermore valley most of the bay will be cloudy. but we could catch a straight sprinkled as a hand into the late evening. in fact by midnight looks like will pick up some more rain at the golden gate bridge. two storms are heading our
5:03 am
way grid of a truck and the timing of that coming up in just a couple of minutes grid >>darya: kron4's mike pelton is continuing with our team coverage for it is in your place. but you can see a nice day consisted rain here in the east bay all long shot up avenue in berkeley. what you learned that water plant here a long shot but haven't agreed to stop the fall with chp. on the freeway as sidestreets. it's been here for quite some time so slow down and take your time to wherever it is that you're going this morning. keep your headlights turned on and take your time for it to work or school this morning.
5:04 am
not very windy out here. in fact out just a some of the trees. no way and that's a good news but there is a lot of rain. >>: was spun off from georgia for seen any issues out there on the road for it >>george: in the we are very we are raising a bunch of accidents. i'm not going to bar anyone with all of the prolonged less of an accident but i will tell you where it's affecting your ride. if the start with interstate 580 in the westbound direction where traffic is already. this eye to stitch the reports i'm still getting the worst telling me that the accident is backed up and blocked. that's why the commute is already jammed up. where are reluctant at an. there's a
5:05 am
flood of reporter for south bay freeways on interstate 280 north bound by bird ave. that's a rain or we typically see problems as well as a san francisco as the 1 01 interchange. >>darya: will enter pictures of the rain. snap a picture and send it to kron4 bae breaking news at kron4 dot com. >>: kron4's will tran is live on the scene with the latest on the fifth homicide in san francisco. >>: this happened in downtown san jose right next to the fairmont hotel which is right behind me. it happened in this courtyard area at around 1220 this morning when a lot of
5:06 am
businesses were still open to customers in this area. here's video that we got from overnight. it into the mobile crime lab. there were a year up until about 430 in the morning. there were processing. no arrests behind this but we know it was a man who was stabbed. the was alive with the police and paramedics got to the same. he was rushed to hospital but unfortunately, he died at that location. so far as that is not be released and as far as a suspect description gold 3 there's still working on that and hoping to get that out to the public a little bit later this morning. the live and coming up on the kron4 morning news street the big story is the rain that it's finally here but it won't make for some tough traffic. here's a live look from the san mateo bridge for the george following the lead as with their commute and says there's already been a number of unspent alton related accidents of the
5:07 am
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keeping a close eye on storm tracker 4. we are seeing some have a right making its way through san jose. but for the heaviest rain that will taper off and the north bay as the slides down through the south but through the morning commute from san francisco doctor san jose and to the east bay heavy rain will be focusing more on in a dense this will make up for our rainfall shortfall coming up throughout the morning. >>: the early evening but moreresidents i spoke with said the grandmother of the three year-old girl was killed in napa says her daughter did not commit the crime. the girl's mother and grows mother's boyfriend are charged with assault and murder. the grandmother did not want to go on camera but says that her daughter was too scared to tell her what was going on and that she loved her three year-old
5:11 am
daughter kayleigh. shirt the grandmother described the boyfriend as a scary guy and a monster. the daughter was found dead and the apartment over the weekend. her body had been put in a suitcase and freezer. >>: detectives believe kayleigh's body was put in a suitcase, and then a freezer. the grandmother spoke exclusively to kron-4's j-r stone. going so far as to call her daughter's boyfriend a "monster."
5:12 am
it's a story you'll only see on kron-4. she was hit in the t's y no. too-so and rn oa faet oidea t's ck..this thi trthat les so it her sa it ere. th, les ju in. th bh fe. let'do ts. mo savg. re dng. that theowerf e ho dep. rit no fi a gat seleion nity sttingt 79 bks.
5:13 am
onlyor alimid ti.
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5:15 am
we have team coverage of the weather continuing out there. >>erica: the morning darya and it's been quite a while since we've seen the rain come down at this intensity level. take a with storm
5:16 am
tracker for all went up 3 the heaviest rain is pushing out of that area but we did see some heavy rain out of san mateo. for the light in nature. we really do want to focus our attention on the south bay. but stick with some of the rainfall rates. that includes the los gatos hills. per our corporate let's focus our attention on the east bay. it is moderate to rain. light rain right now out of walnut creek. here and now planned looks like heavy rain has picked up. this will continue to work its way east bay. the talks after tesco hasn't seen much of rain. what's
5:17 am
actually taking live look at some of the rain had lines. rain will continue on into about the afternoon. when this is all said and done we could see a little more than three-quarters of an ad for the north bay. looks like system #two will live late friday. it will stretch into sunday and with that one it could be a real soccer legacy. whenever we talk about rain and the bay area were talking about snow and the sierra nevada as well. expect heavy snow dusting less. if a lead level could see between two and 6 in. of fresh new snow certainly
5:18 am
good news for our skiers and borders 3 here's your 7 day around a forecast. heavier rain expected this weekend. we could accumulate up to 7 in.. periods of heavy rain will last through the weekend. rain will taper off all monday. partly cloudy conditions tuesday and wednesday. however this will not put much of a dent in our drug status three time right now is 5183 good morning george pruitt >>james: we are joining georgia and the traffic center. there was an accident of a car going off the road of san papillose of torque tilden park. we have issues this morning because of the weather. >>george: when you have such a long but dry spell on burned and a loss from the tell pipes collects on the roadways along with oil and during the rain and floods of to the surface creates
5:19 am
the biggest problem is when you take an offer around. when you try to come up to wet to fast you're going to find yourself in a hazardous situation where you could spin out hydroplaning will also be a issue this morning. and we have run away flooding. the star with a big accident. an early morning said the lark creek they're still vehicles on a shoulder. the drive time is starting to push for 50 minutes for the trip from the 2 05 interchange out to the dublin interchange for it does the flooding in the south bay where we continue to get reports of flooding onto a of the northbound side of the coyote valley and bird ave. and the reports of problems for slow traffic. something of a phantom to lead that i suspect may have something to do with rolled off the water and the road went on to 80 years of a freeway.
5:20 am
>>: the go to the northeast. hundreds of thousands of feet are waking up this morning. and the ice in this new storm. that brought down power lines. about 750,000 people have no electricity and pennsylvania. this is a video coming in from kron4 from philadelphia. an over in new jersey the governor has declared a state of new jersey. and even though the
5:21 am
storm forced the cancellation. there's your castle is expected today. >>: a majority of u.s. athletes are expected to arrive in russia to mall for the start of the 2014 olympic games. u.s. officials are warning of another potential threat especially concerning travel to sochi. the state department the permit one in that toothpaste tubes and
5:22 am
other items could be used to smuggle into the country. some say security alerts leaves a lot of open ended questions. >>: what is a passenger to do with regards to toothpaste. army immediately going to put into place restrictions on any kind of two door cosmetics. >>: secretary of state john kerry says people who want to go to the olympics should still go. he says the venues will be as safe as any public event candy. >>: still ahead of the kron4 morning news will continue to track the storm this morning cause a lot of what role to thatcher going to want to steer around.
5:23 am
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>> welcome back. watching wall street this morning. investors are concerned about the strength of the economic recovery. as stock market looked for direction. some will come tomorrow with the government's job report for the month of january. >> the dow fell five points yesterday. the s&p 500 slipped 3 1/2 points. the nasdaq dropped 20. off futures point to a slight gain in the morning's opening. >> a huge drop in san francisco based twisters stock, down 22% in the pre- market. their reported stock, down 22% in the pre- market. their reported earninwhatoes at first spooul tte le? ok. hoy bunches oats. ching! mmmm! mmmm! mm! it's thoats. honey. yeah. hoy bunches oats.
5:29 am
billion to 148 billion. that means that people are refreshing their torture pages less often. >> subway says that they are removing a chemical from their bread. that same chemical is used to make yoga mats and shoe rubber. that announcement comes after a popular food lauber launched a petition asking subway to stop using the chemical in their bread. the blocker, who runs food and chemical in their bread. the blocke[ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek. hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it,
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>> welcome back. this afternoon will mainly be dry and we may pick up a pop up shower. most of the friday will be good to go but friday night we are tracking a storm. that will carry us through the weekend. on storm tracker 4 you could see light to moderate rain fall and along the coastline in fact let's take a look as some of the rainfall rates. just south of half moon bay rain is falling. i have not seen any downpour's like this in awhile. rain is coming down by the but it's almost 2 in. per our falling in san jose closer to the airport. you will need to use your windshield
5:32 am
wipers and we have areas of pounding. moderate her rain through the san ramon valley area. we're not done with the oakland area has this conditions will come to the macarthur mayes as well. san francisco is still light rain so it is more like a mist. >> it really just depends on where you are but as we take a look at rainfall totals san francisco saw half an inch or a little less through oakland. a quarter of an inch in the south. when this is done up in the north we may see an inch especially for a higher elevations. future cast 4 shows that the rain will taper off and on by 6:00 p.m. the range should be out. at 10:00 a.m. we will have rain for the livermore
5:33 am
area. we may have a pop up shower for the evening. storm #25 will arrive late friday it will have heavy rain into saturday and sunday i will have details on that coming up. >> we will continue our team coverage are going to the salmon fell area. jackie sissel is live with more. >> i had to break out my rain gear for the first time. it has been pretty steady and i am standing next to downtown san rafael. everyone is carrying their umbrella and the roadway is starting to cool. you concede puddles are forming
5:34 am
it has been riding since 10:00 p.m. last night. about an hour ago we had a nice downpour. it has been real consistent out here all morning long and you concede this is a good shot to show you that it is falling consistently. >> i am sure that a lot of people are happy to be receiving rain. >> you showed us the standing order which will be an issue for the morning commute. a lot of people will take it slow. the ones who do not will cause problems for all of us. >> we are getting word that there may be a new incident in a richmond and the ride on interstate 80 because of an accident in eastbound not commute direction. there might have been overturned bill: bald and this will create a visual hazard. we
5:35 am
will keep an eye on that. >> we continue to track the delays about 60 minutes into interstate 580 because of the early morning accident that jammed up the ride. interstate 280 northbound at bird avenue we are still tracking delays because it was no incident reported but it is just a very slow trying to get to daly city. i suspect that it may have something to ponder and in the road near the town of. >> here is new video to show you of another accident that is being blamed for the wet roads. this is said san tableaus and dam road just west of wildcat canyon around 1:30 a.m. this morning. police there say the driver swerved to avoid hitting a person walking. off the small pack of land
5:36 am
about a hundred feet below, up right on top of some trees. it is hard to see because it is so dark. we are told that the driver called 911 from behind the wheel. they were afraid that he tried to get out, that he would throw the truck off balance and that it would end up in the reservoir. >> more federal help is coming in. this will help us deal with the drought. this is from the u.s. bureau of reclamation and natural resources reservation service. it is on to give $40 million in federal aid. the money will be used for pro water management and conservation. the announcement came a day after the u.s. arm of agriculture committed $20 million. >> a former san francisco
5:37 am
teacher is in custody. they allegedly tried to have sex with a minor. harlan edel man is accused of sending the explicit material to who he thought was a 17 year-old boy on a social network. the teenager was really an undercover mountain view police department detective. he agreed to meet the team at a park and mountain view to have sex and this is where he was arrested. >> he taught at the academy of arts and sciences in san francisco until he resigned late last year. mountain view police are investigating if there any other victims. he has a chordate at the end of the week to answer to these charges. >> san jose accord is have dropped a murder charge against a teenager and
5:38 am
instead charged his twin brother with the crime. this means that 18 year-old anh tong is now the murder suspect, in the stabbing death of 22 year-old richard phan, a san jose state university student. however, the twin brother, a duc tong is still facing two felony counts of assessor rate after the fact of the murder. anh is expected to appear before a judge later this week. >> just answer the kron 4 news. weekly applications for u.s. unemployment benefits have dropped for u.s. unemployment benefits have dropped 331,000. this is in a sign sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now. save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic.
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align >> welcome back. i will talk about one storm #1 is expected to leave when we return. >> a texas teenager who killed four people while driving drunk has now avoided jail for the second time. a judge gave the order for 16 year-old ethan couch at to be sent to a rehabilitation facility in texas. he was given 10 years probation last year after he admitted driving drunk. his case sparked national are rage when the defense of lawyers argued that his behavior was a resort of upbringing without consequences. >> more allegations of bad behavior for jusustin
5:43 am
bieber. the pop star and his dead apparently refused a pile as warning to stop smoking pot on a chartered flight from canada to new jersey for the super bowl. a law-enforcement official day cnn details about what the flight crew told federal officials. marijuana smoke was so strong, that the crew put on oxygen masks. they were afraid that would test positive for drug use. they say that he was verbally abusive after the crew told him to stop smoking pot. bieber is due in court next month to face the why and assault charges in miami and toronto. >> here is a triple live look at storm tracker 4. the san mateo bridge and the
5:44 am
rain is falling in san rafael. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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5:46 am
use chase freedom at gas stations this quarter and get 5% cash back. so you can keep rolling in style. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can. >> welcome back. we are
5:47 am
tracking a major hot spot. we told you about an accident reported on interstate 80 and was first reported in albany gilman area. it turned out to be near hilltop drive near san tableaus damn road. this is what has happened. a big rig that was traveling jumped the center divider and ended up on the westbound side of the freeway. concrete debris has been blasted across and we're getting reports from time to time all these lanes of 80 westbound is affected. the center divider, both west and eastbound interstate 80 is likely to be affected. we are talking about a major incidents that may be here for hours. this is already as you concede jamming up the westbound interstate 80 ride from highway 4. what are your options? >> you can always use
5:48 am
interstate 680 and access it via highway 4. if you do coming from solano county your option would be to take 780 to the benicia bridge. this will of course depend on your ultimate objective. if it is the south bay i would say is better off for you to use 680 although it is likely to get ahead. >> mike pelton is central to this location and this is on to be a major incidents for a while. >> there are other problems, heavy traffic that is continuing at about 55 minutes to one hour for the alta mount pass. the accident has been cleared but we're still getting reports of flooding and now slowing on 1 01 in the northbound direction. we
5:49 am
have been talking about the slow winter daly city on interstate 280 in the southbound direction, down from ocean. also, in san francisco you concede the crews are on the scene at the 101, 80 split with their tried to deal with high standing water that is still the roadway. >> the traffic maps, the bay bridge is no longer there here's a look picture ride for the san mateo bridge in the traffic is moving steady but quite wet. the toll plaza, the richmond san rafael bridge the traffic is heading west towards marin county. >> we are learning that a california teenager has died in a snow boarding accident at heavenly. 18 year-old wyatt james colva,rd of
5:50 am
fountain valley, a city in on county. he was found unconscious in the snow shortly before noon on tuesday. officials say, that he died of his injuries at the same. preliminary autopsy results showed he died of internal injuries from a blunt force trauma. >> you should be careful driving in the rain this morning. >> the heavy rain that we were tracking in the south is starting to exit. we are anticipating heavier rain for the santa cruz mountains. you can see the red and orange and that's where it is coming down. you concede most of this is and downtown san jose closer to san jose where you are you are scene where the rain is currently coming down at about 2 in. per hour. it is
5:51 am
very steady. you can see this is the case for your ride from conquered through san ramon. the rain will let up in the oakland area as she goes to the macarthur mayes crossing the bay bridge will not be too much of the problem. >> and san francisco they have light rain for the entire city. have your brain is in daly city and coleman. it just depends on where you are. it will taper off and a again whenever we highlight rain that translates to snow in the sierra. we have a winter weather advisory for the sierra nevada area you can inspect heavy snow, ice and sleet. bring your chains for all of the major highways. >> we are anticipating two to 6 in. of snow above 7,000 ft. we may get more. this is good news for people who ski and the snow boarders. storm
5:52 am
#two is headed our way late friday night in the north and that will carry us to the weekend we are talking about pretty heavy rain even stronger than this and we may see up to 7 in. for the north. here's your 7 day around the bay. unsettled weather for the next several days and the rain will taper off by monday. partly cloudy conditions as we head into tuesday and wednesday. >> seattle police estimate 700,000 fans filled the streets to watch the seahawks superbowl victory parade yesterday morning. that is more people than actually living in the city of seattle. many fans as san francisco have for the 2012 giants world series victory. we have more than a million. >> and among those 700,000
5:53 am
fans, a lone 49ers fan. check this guy out. he was there in seattle, decked out in red and gold to show seahawks fans that we will be back next year. that is definitely a 49er faithful. >> the time is 5:53 a.m.. here is a live look outside from 1 01 southbound in san rafael. th mwholwheatoas♪
5:54 am
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to help future athletes every step of the way. >> welcome back. we are tracking a major incident on the east shore freeway and
5:57 am
eastbound big rig struck at went through the center divider and ended up in the westbound lanes. there are multiple lanes blocked in both directions of interstate 80. the most accurate location is near this area here affecting your ride all the way beyond highway 4. this is also want to affect the eastbound commute heading towards sacramento. 680 and highway 4 will be alternates. >> with the rain coming down. a little girl is melting cards with a video that shows are going out and the rain for the first time. that is 15 month-old kayden's first experience in the rain for the very first time she lives in california and is more used to sun and rain. >> mom and dad really made
5:58 am
this video. >> this video is being reported in a lot of places. this was very cute. >> there is a big back up this morning. other developing stories that we are following. we're going to speak to the grandmother of the three year-old girl was killed in napa and we will tell you why she says that her daughter is innocent. >> will track dad and the weather when we return we will d
5:59 am
>> will track dad and the weather when we return we will d the weather when we return. dear future olympian, one day you will be standing on and here's exactly how you'll get there. you'll work hard and you'll fall hard. you'll lose sometimes when you really should have won. you'll win sometimes when no one thought you had a shot. and you'll never, ever stop. we know this. because you're one of us. at citi, we believe in everyone's potential, which is why citi and evan are giving back to community sports programs to help fiuture athletes every step of the way.
6:00 am
>> our top story this thursday morning. rain makes a return to the bay area.


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