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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ on the brink of elimination, the golden state warriors fight hard. and force a decisive game 7. they beat the clippers 100-to- 99 tonight at home in a tight game 6. that was --no doubt-- a
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thrill for *dub nation. kron 4's j-r stone has been talking to fans. he is live at oracle arena in oakland. j-r? we've got a party cannot hear pam. the dj outside of oracle a ring that is plain music, and the can still see hundreds of people were grooving and grinding and celebrating the victory of game 6. "cheering, going all the way it
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got a momentum that were going all the way." "with a backward and nothing to lose this point we does got to get the business." "when they come home they do it in the duke of the home." there's no better feeling than a victory celebration in oakland. piquancy all the fans inside were allowed during this game-- fans.
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it is a pure party right now. many of these fans are so hyped- up they said they're making plans to go down to watch game 7. thanks, j-r. our sports director. gary radnich will break down highlights from the game. later tonight in sports. and this reminder. kron 4 sports will cover all the local teams in depth on sports night live - sunday night. get insight from bay area experts on the donald sterling scandal. plus, an update on where the warriors stand now. also the a's and giants. on an upswing. catch sports night live. sunday night at nine. right after the kron 4 news at eight. another day a record-breaking temperatures around the bay
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area. livermore-95 concord-93- 9 93 hayworth. as we hadn't the next couple of days we're in for major cool down. was twill still seeing a r '80s and around the bay area. bergen to ge
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robbed at gunpoint -- inside a trader joe's in san carlos. last night, three men held-up store employees. kron four's philippe djegal says. investigators are working hard to try and solve this about a half hour after this trader joe's in san carlos closed wednesday night. sot- rebecca rosenblatt/san mateo county sheriff's office and, deputy rebecca rosenblatt with the san mateo county sheriff's office says those men, all holding silver semi- automatic handguns, pointed the weapons at four employees and demanded cash. sot- rebecca rosenblatt/san mateo county sheriff's office thankfully, no one was hurt and no customers were inside. sot- lucia sanchez/trader joe's shopper this is not something we expected at this trader joe's. sot- kathy warne/trader joe's by thursday afternoon, the store
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on el camino real called-in reed brothers security to re-key the locks. sot- robert ferguson/reed brothers security however, it seems the problem may have started by the store not being secured after closing. sot- rebecca rosenblatt/san mateo county sheriff's office trader joe's declined to comment on the incident. meanwhile, the sheriff's office continues to look for the armed robberers. last seen wearing hooded sweatshirts, gloves, black pants and bandanas to cover their faces. in san carlos, philippe djegal, kron four news. coming up: sex assaults on campus. the federal investigation into dozens of universities across the country -- including u-c berkeley. peaceful here, but violent in other parts of the u-s. video from today's "may day" rallies. a fight among neighbors after two dog attacks in brentwood. more on the victims who went to
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the hospital. and the dogs involved.
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you don't understand those are like my grand-doggies and my wives dog is in surgery, you don't know the whole story mister. in brentwood. a fiery exchange between neighbors. two people went sent to the hospital today, after being attacked by two dogs. contra costa animal services says. a 7-year-old black labrador retriever. is one of two dogs responsbile. one woman was bitten in the face. another man says, he was on a walk, when he and his two dogs were attacked. but the father of the dog's owner, defended the animals. claiming, the animals are loving and kind. it was to very large dogs against my to very small bodogs.
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owner-"i've never seen my dogs bite" the dogs were taken by animal services. and will be in quarantine for the next 10 days. an investigation is underway to determine if the owners will face any charges. and whether the dogs need to be put down. still ahead: a difference of opinion between the health department and a bay area whole foods. what each side is saying. about a maggot problem. then, inside edition is learning more about billionaire clippers owner donald sterling's past, including a reported love affair *before v. stiviano. see the love letters. after the news.
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this street in baltimore collapsed. when a retaining wall buckled during a rainstorm yesterday. no one was hurt. the same storm system was behind flooding in florida yesterday, and is now flooding connecticut. new information tonight about
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maggots in the meat case at the whole foods in san francisco's noe valley. kron 4 first reported on this last friday now, following another inspection, kron 4's dan kerman talks to the health department about how the grocer has responded to the situation. whole foods maggots thursday 050114 version 2 inspectors with the san francisco department of public health returned to the whole foods market in noe valley for a third time in less than a week, to reinspect the meat deparment this after maggots were discovered in the meat case two mondays ago. richard lee/s.f. dept of environmental health: whole foods has done everything we have asked them to do. richard lee, the acting director of the department of environmental health says that includes setting up new cleaning procedures including cleaning two floor drains that could be the source of the maggots richard lee/s.f. dept of environmental health: they're going to be doing deep cleaning every week which they weren't
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doing initially whole foods told the health department they had found only one dead maggot on that monday days later, after kron 4 began its investigation, whole foods admitted there were several live maggots richard lee/s.f. dept of environmental health: it disturbed me that what the story that was first told to our inspector was not what really happened whole foods has maitained that despite the discovery of maggots "the health department confirmed that there was never a public health risk." not exactly says the health department richard lee/s.f. dept of environmental health: we don't know if there was a health hazard of not lee says that's because they inspected three days after the maggots were discovered and cleaned up richard lee/s.f. dept of environmental health: if there was a potential adulteration or contamination we would remind whole foods they should not be selling food. whole foods won't comment on that only issuing this statement saying "we have high quality, sanitation and food safety standards. we conduct routine third-party audits to make sure
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we meet our own standards and exceed those of the health department. our top priority is to ensure this issue does not happen again." standup dan kerman: going forward, the health department says there could be additional inspections of this market, but with just 25 inspectors and more than 5500 food establishments to visit twice each year, that is something they can't confirm at this time. dan kerman kron 4 news u.c. berkeley is on a list of schools now being investigated by the federal government. for how it handles sexual abuse allegations by students. the report by the education department. lists cal as one of 55-schools facing a federal investigation. the government says, the list is strictly about investigations of complaints, and cal's inclusion. does not mean the school violated any laws. still, this does not sit well with students.
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u-c berkeley put out this statement: "sexual assault on college campuses is a critical issue. and we will cooperate fully with the investigation." the statement goes on to say. "sexual assault will not be tolerated in our community. much has been done to strengthen the campus' handling of these issues, but we understand that there is always room for improvement." here are some of the other notable schools being investigated. they include, u-s-c, princeton, dartmouth and harvard law school. we've posted the complete list. on our website. kron a san jose state football player. remains in intensive care tonight. after he suffered critical burns in an apartment fire last week. 20- year old spartans linebacker - jared leaf - was burned over half of his body. he has already had two surgeries, and his family says, he is going to have many more skin grafts. in the next two months. his supporters say, there has been a huge outpouring of support from the community. this is video from last wednesday's fire. jared was sleeping in a back bedroom when the blaze started. and was burned, after running through the flames to safety. firefighters believe an
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unattended candle sparked the fire. "may day" rallies took place around the world today. while most protestors marched in support of immigrant rights and a minimum wage hike, things got violent in seattle, when some marchers became aggressive toward police. officers -- decked in riot gear, because of past 'may day' attacks -- say dozens of masked protesters threw things at them. bay area "may day" rallies were peaceful today. as people took to the streets for worker and immigrant rights. this video is from our helicopter partnership with abc7 news. in san jose, activists staged a demonstration and a rally at city hall. and in oakland. demonstrators met at fruitvale village plaza near the bart station. the activists were calling attention to living wages and other labor issues. in sports. raiders g-m reggie mckenzie. gives his take on quarterback johnny man-zell. . and the warriors keep their season alive against the clippers. gary has the highlights. and all the sports. next
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the warriors led to play games and seven.--live
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blake griffin fell about david lee. both teams shot under 40% warriors' 3939%. but johnson three offensive rebounds for shots--4 and score 100 to 99
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thunder/grizzlies #6 kevin durant "the oklahomian" newspaper headline durant "mr. unreliable" durant hits the runner in the lane he had 36 points, 10 rebounds russell westbrook ally-oop dunk off durant''s air ball he had 25 points final: 104-84 thunder
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series tied 3-3 game 7 saturday in oklahoma pacers/hawks #6 hawks can close out the #1 seed in game 6 3rd quarter the hawks mike scott with the huge dunk take another look great scott!! game tied with less than a minute left david west gets in the lane and scores 87-85 pacers
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that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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billionaire shocker. the steamy love letters he wrote to the other other woman. and the photos he didn't want anyone to see. and he was shot at the beverly hills mansion. by the tycoon's son. >> boom, first shot goes off, boom. second shot hits. >> did wealth and connections get his son off scot-free? plus the woman behind the mask, she drives a ferrari but look at the humble home where she grew up. then he gunned down two teens who broke into his home. >> you're dead. >> they didn't know what was waiting for them in the basement. >> terrified homeowner or executioner? and -- >> prince harry's in the u.s. for his buddy's wedding. >> he's staying right here. plus dry cleaning


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