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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  May 2, 2014 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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i have some good news and some bad news for you as far inland as gas prices will continue to go up townsend expected. coming up out to you how much and when this will happen coming up in a live report. >>: good news for warriors fans with a bid and win again 6 and oracle rain and now it's down to gain seven los angeles against the clippers. >>: and fog came back this morning give us a little bit of a cool down. >>: this is the bay area's new station kron4 news at seven starts now. good morning i'm darya folsom and im mark danon. kabi friday. once again with our weather with james fletcher. as >>: still bridge a lot of sunshine out there. relatively clear as we take
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a look " of the peninsula hills. near the pacific oceans and denies the breeze coming out and that's going to be keeping it nice and cool and the coast and mildly cooler inland. here's the day ahead 50s was to be solidly in the '50s and 8:00 hour. by noon was hard to warm up. 73 by the bay low 80s inland. looks alarm but when you compare it to them and upper 90s that we've seen over the last couple of days and that is a nice cool down very pleased by 10 degrees thrift 76 by the bay. 69 for the coast. it will talk about what we can expect an terms of temperatures for today. what are three day out what coming up a 615. among was did a quick update our traffic. >>: the back of growing here at the toll plaza. of more cars get as calculated a
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drive time for you expect perhaps a few more extra minutes if you're coming from interstate 580. if traffic still moving pretty well on the e shore freeway. now delays from 80 in the northbound direction but you can see the toll plaza is slept not seeing much movement on the currents of metering lights are on. as for the rest of the bay area looking at for the light conditions. 580 of the odds, past three or drive times for you coming up at 715. tafoya >>: of gas prices, which have been spiking in recent weeks and could be going down a couple with 50¢ per gallon over the next few months. such was the kron4's will travel to live in hayward. how >>will: two months might as well be two years to people pulling up to the gas station. we're at a place in hayward or four or nine is a lot cheaper than california average of 426 but don't
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tell, bill there. and you just filled up with how much? and all $42. >>: you just told me a hot sunday story. if you drove past a at a gas station and what it is a. >>: for 99 per gallon. i'm going to get a bike. >>: have the founders of cutting back >>: if you're in the bay and you go ride the bart to them into commute and that's what it is. and i have some good news to pass along to you. what if i told you, a delight it will be 50¢ cheaper per gallon. >>: sorry were having problems with a will shot will be following the latest expected gas price drop, and
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over the next few months. this is all happening at a violation of round. >>darya: is can the investigation of the bus in of day on the san jose football player who was seriously burned in a fire.
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jerry the leaf is still in intensive care this morning with what doctors call critical bonds drifted 20 year-old spartans linebacker have burned all over his body. the family says he will have to have many more skin grafts and the next two months. bursa's there's been an outpouring of support from the community agreed to--jared leaf. it's what happens when you're as good as a person as he is i guess. >>: here is video of last week's fire. and jerry was a slip in a back bedroom when the blaze started. apart firefighters believe an unintended candles are gunfire. or is gone their momentum back. sweet as it 33 it is curry enclave. what are you want to do about when came out. we're going
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on the way. >>: all the way. go warriors. >>darya: all the way and possibly beyond if we win game 7 tomorrow. take a look at after the game as it tourists oracle was all but cut spending. stephen curry wiping the sweat off his face and ending on the brink of but in asia but is that winning creek for about an hour long as fans celebrated country to fight that led to go to the game. from his injuries sharpshooter with 24 points and nine assists. andre igoudalad and adding 15 points and scradraymond green had 14. but when 100 to 99. the warriors now vote once again 7 saturday and los angeles at 730.
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>>: join me in the robertson this sunday night as boards and i live for a full half hour of lawyers boards need to 3 marcus jackson the warriors down his throat and was not leaving quietly at the giants a braves sharks and include a feature my kids got a game. it's all this sunday night and 9 right after the news. >>darya: coming up, authorities originally dismissed the idea of the wreckage from the missing malaysian airliner now one officials as naso fasttrack it will have the latest on this change in 25 minutes and in gallons of sewage spilled in connecticut. will have the latest on that next and more as we continue. [doorbell rings]
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a comeback was taken outside to saw off on 680 through the san ramon valley traffic moving well into and out of walnut creek. no problems as you join up with. out having lunch and other traffic cameras come in just a bit. for >>mark: a spokesperson for russian president vladimir to descend the kremlin has sent an envoy to ukraine south east side and this would be to negotiate the release of foreign military observers captured by prussia militias appear
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ukraine has launched what seems to be the first major assault on this from russian forces on the with countries eye. both sides report at least three dead and two injured. if the >>: days after authorities dismiss the idea that the missing lens an airliner may be in the bay of bengal in top malaysian officials as if he is considering another theory. thefts so far there no specific plans to do that. this comes after australian companies' home in australia publicize the clams and and may have found wreckage of red and the bay is split in two.
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inner section of stanley and a reason but carried out as a few blocks from 280 so you will likely be a but this is a smoke from the freeway is if you're heading in that direction. i live it out of walnut creek producing nothing in the way of them are rain layer. ciskei's the sun is out as you can see here. for us all to make their way to san ramon valley. our mount tam cam ranh us show fog an instrument of the golden gate. san francisco boat clear. it's nice as you walk around with the but of course a year travelling across the golden gate bridge him a run into some fog of their spirit and in the north bay as well. in santa rosa scene fog. temperatures were now 56 for above san francisco and
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oakland. san jose a degree warmer and 57. to ask livermore 54 santa rosa and dan nichols bought a 46 and those are the ones in the fog at this our tariffs temperatures this afternoon on and as of the bay for the mid 80s. maybe even upper 80s 89 evergreen. snow 90s the british justin degrees cooler today that we were yesterday afternoon. livermore has protested to a fork as 87 degrees of cooler bridge of much cooler than yesterday. for these been sterilizing upper seventies to low 80s thrift sells also read the 70 degree mark. 72 is the big chains. here's a quick live look at the satellite and radar you can see the clouds pushing up and as the who was a pressure moving them. if of this year three day banner planner. when the cool down the most noticeable. and
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friday and saturday food drops in some corporate more than 10 degrees and then we are one to hold on to that of forecasts. the looks like into next weekend's 12th out to you those days with a 7 day around the bay forecast coming up in 745. let's get an update on a camera. is it a month in drive time now is running at 20 to 21 and mysterious suicide to have is delays from interstate 5 in the approach creek we did have an earlier accident at the base of an incline long gone from the roadway. ha, i did not blocking any traffic land was filled with in dealing with some pretty lengthy backups. stress and barely moving into san francisco skid that the mind on this friday morning ride terisa and all is said to this until bridge to regional problems getting their to it. we're not to want to have to tap on to the brink approaching the
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high rise. for traffic and julie and proves closer to a 1190 to interchange grief over and the richness and recovery is dealing with from a back up if over on the traffic and maps. jindal been a slowing just pass the bottle. soybeans dropped down to about we have paid fog advisory as we approached the golden gate bridge and here in san francisco couple minutes ago we did reported three-alarm house fire in the city and anglesite heights neighborhood. as a result the m ocean in new the as men in line bags like the m ocean view has firmly directed to a heat cain was i ride. of 50 people
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suspected of using sexual information or and is to cyber black male hundreds of people in at least six countries 3 among those arrested were three accused of blackmailing a scottish teenager who took to his public knowledge threatened to show footage to the boy's family even though he thought that he was chatting eight american girl who was his own name. age. cause of the latest on the wild fire burning in seven california. right now and the rancho cucamonga a 53
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percent contained. firefighters are expected to gain more rain today because of the gusty winds and dying down. the evacuations have been lifted. the cause a fire still under investigation. >>: espn and the deer calls are both reported that clippers owner who's been banned from the nba donald sterling is battling cancer and has been for some time thrift sources said the 80 year-old has been battling prostate cancer this news comes as the clippers are was banned for life from the nba for making racist comments that were caught on tape. back to the news. >>: if this is true my file servers with him eminence the first i ever heard of that and is truly unfortunate. >>: with the following scrutiny for honor remo sterling and the president
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of the laws angeles chapter of the naacp landing camp says " in order to separate the los angeles naacp from the negative exposure i caused " he is resigning. s day o'connor and saw a man with eight of achievement award in 2009 and plans to do it in dance again this month but they decided not to after the controversy. >>: locks.
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assist och envoy to ukraine's convicted of murder, exonerated, then convicted again. amanda knox says her life is in limbo, as she continues to fight charges that she
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murdered her roommate in italy in 2007. knox responded to the latest conviction in an exclusive matt c-n-n interview. kept ms.
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this meant that goes by the name of all does this with, his special day will come back on them moment. >>:, with the surface as the department, who just about every day on a mission test flown vehicles. this means the owner has seven outstanding tickets costing close to $800. this know which you owe the huge but it's the moderates feature receive. the get one to get nothing in its or three still you can even get four and not with you
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get the six ticket you become blue worthy. you end up in the computer system that scandalous and play in the book comes out. this owner record of nine parking tickets that ran about 50, and hundred $42. the ones caught a commercial vehicle that racked up 31,000 tickets. this led to wage and get the ball off your car. with the owner of the thick of debt and pay the fine break away 72, hours in the bowl is automatically removed and replaced with a tow truck. >>: the blue patrol tried
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the the has tried but, the boat broke so maybe just maybe he should play the lottery or parka 0 private parking lot. in chile and pay off the close to $900 in fines. >>: [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey.
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this little cooler out there and where we heading for full, this weekend. by
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saturday and sunday were looking at 20 degrees cooler than are high yesterday which was portion not. martin took a lot of the kansai roof camera shown a some high clouds there's some fall pushing through the golden gate. russell seen some fog the north bay of the santa rosa and number and model. so yes morning clouds and this afternoon of the warm but not as warm as it was just a day were tennessee about 10 degrees cooler today. and as the head into saturday and sunday at a vehicle bomb. back to the '60s and '70s are highs will only be, in the lotus mid-70s. looks like demo weather's gonna stay with us the temperatures are a mistake in the '70s web more about that in detail with this seven day run they forecast
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coming up to 15 minutes. memo you talk about much needed relief in terms of the weather but when i sing any relief in the bay bridge. we'll have anything serious to report we do have an accident and the space of the incline about two hours ago but said the shots were not of that. we haven't had much think to backup. even moore's that cut around 80. fortune in the rest of the bay area looks good in terms of the freeway but we do have some problems here in san francisco will return to the murder thriller fire in the city and will get more details and that ends up in just a moment. the looks of it is running on the cable side line right now. >>: rough polydorus time this morning after hitting a at gunpoint. the, three
7:34 am
men held up the store by slipping into an on-line door after closing wednesday night distiller no rest. they tell the police that there were for them they run the store cleanup and three men holding semiautomatic weapons came and went their guns and demanded money. i guess you can expect things like this once and awhile and just a prize is nine to make me more afraid of being year. >>: the robbers got away with $7,000 in cash and 734 and with the breaking news recovering now for about 20 minutes of so with this fire burning in home and services of their multiple curls on the scene because gone to a third alarm this is the city's hillsides neighborhood assembly street near the intersection of stanley and the reason bob. is a few blocks away from to 80 years like a gorilla
7:35 am
see the smoke on the freeway. there will allow your sleeping fire crews are busy working at the house fire in the east bay. this home was a bed furfur said they were able to get on the flames quickly but it's still suspicious. >>: there's no furniture in that this particular time so you considered that vacated. avi slithers always and you'll be suspicious, care it for them knew this morning armed gunmen robbed the dutch pride gas station and antioch happen last night around 530 at the gas station and 18th street believes that there fast but not fast enough to catch drivers and their also tried to track, dogs with a more able to find the trail.
7:36 am
neither clark was injured during the robbery. >>:
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good morning and welcome back to the crime 4 morning news a quick look that traffic all as well as soft on 680 no problem working your way to the san ramon valley a full ligature bay
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area breakage in the drier times for you are coming up about 5 minutes. >>: big news this morning the monthly jobs report the unemployment rate in this country is falling to 6.3% this the lowest level in five and a half years. this economy as a beginning to wonder in 88 jobs. it mainly occurred from the number of people looking for work. however with this 288,000 jobs added in april with the 78 jobs more than expected.
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asserts the forecast will be a live look outside in walnut creek, so far so good here as a some umbrellas and nice and sunny. to the livermore valley is the fact is pretty much sunny everywheres set for right along the peninsula in the north because final we are seen some fog out there pushing for the golden gate we also since the fall in the north bay to. was also on the one on one form to-are 57 in concord and hayward. still chillier than no. 8 again that's the one on one ride curren 61. in antioch. are lookg
7:46 am
for widespread '60s and by noon were looking for widespread '70s know '80s at this point the lease if they are the be in the stream inland areas the beast " core around the coast. loewy's expected there let's take a look at the numbers. well for 87 san ennead 78 in oakland is a little cooler end san francisco so be a definite cold on the notice that this afternoon where the temperature is cool heading into the weekend low pressure finally pushing against the royals from ocean breeze. their highs of the weekend in the low
7:47 am
'70's prickle literally. among on this friday morning were backed up at the beit bridge toll plaza continues to grow tech today, 80 over crossing. traffic from interstate 580 to the sure freeway now backed up to the foot of the maze. pretty rough ride heading into separate cisco this morning and a caution about 25 minutes from the maze into san for cisco. over the cemetery ridge lookout heavy traffic is moving it istowards the high rise. my suspicion is traffic only continue to grow as we head into the inner clock hour. here's the richmond center for a bridge its backup the backup is now affecting fast-track customers. holy
7:48 am
get 25 minutes and overall we have enjoyed the conditions us out on 680 just a minor tap on the brakes heading to the tunnel. >>: when newcomen'
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fire that's burning renounce their francisco is a thriller firearm by a streak to lies north is to 80 is the effecting the ocean line this morning south monstrance turnaround in 1910 holloway. what the latest on the street alarm fire as it comes in. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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update/ or fall on this developing story and services call of the three alarm fire will be to the scene in the morning watch traffic at this moment. it's actually affecting the mean them ocean view because the emergency crews are actually blocking the traffic is pushing, back and 19th in l.a. and shuttle buses are placed the picture to the metro. at a little extra time if you're catching the minute this morning specially the motion of view. as for the rest of traffic around the area here's a live look on-site as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza of the
8:01 am
drive time is 23 minutes. looks like the biggest backup that is delays are coming from the interstate 580 approach. will begin a live look him on the creek as a lot of sunshine on your the san ramon valley looks beautiful for your morning commute was also seen as conditions in some parts of sampras's call, out near union square that looking pretty good. high clouds out there but funny as sunshine the temperatures today will be slow to warm up. we got ocean refiling accompli it's gonna keep temperatures at bailey's for this afternoon for the day and the coast. my a o'clock this morning will see that a lot of low 50s is still little chilly up and , amid
8:02 am
the upper 80s and that represents about attended the drop in temperatures vary basil's this afternoon and notice will see considerably cooler weather. memake them fire crews are on the scene and the fire and surfaces on the 100 block of first street. >>: i just try here's to the english side neighborhood friend offer of more rain and bradstreet regency cruises so airless scene of the third alarm house fire here's some video from early this morning according to a fire department this fire broke out in a home or on
8:03 am
635621 to two alarm. tells me later when 23 alarm because it started to spread to nearby homes. when they're on known, two people where hurt , not sure at this point how servere, >>: watching gas prices and despite three salesian noticed much as 44450 an hour getting more of the gas prices could be dropping dramatically over the next few months.
8:04 am
>>: why drive over the next few months i wish that the drop renown here's a woman at the supper guests think, should you pay? temple $53 and will retain about a month ago? >>: i was all the way empty but if i it would then $60 and a month ago would then about 50 something the $10 difference. >>: will understand we could be paine's 50¢ less come july how does this sound? >>: that will be great i was saved some money i need save some money. among seven notice that your limiting your getting around and things like that. >>: definitely do for his china figured out it's really difficult. amonthe
8:05 am
we saw this like, little but earlier this year the interview shares the good news is that we give canadair over the next couple a weeks gas prices will continue go up a little then that'll start going down near july. typically we did go down in december and the leases three months early. maybe in a lot of mothers so they continue to climb slowly but then they will go down. amonthe >>: also edit and 7 tomorrow
8:06 am
night after this date when you get sick of fatty falling here after the warriors beat the clippers last night in game 6 stephen curry goes wide and the sweat off his face the art when. >>: on to the court ms. cass that occurred the warrior sharpshooter 24 points, and 14 rebounds for the warriors. even after center mania had to leave the game he is basically tackle on the court. they sprang his
8:07 am
right knee at the second quarter. the warriors fight on for game 7 that a saturday in los angeles. >>: what the latest on the clippers in the sterling they could he could be battling cancer.
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sadie and to the walnut creek even had out highway 24. we are seeing a back up on the toll plaza. with that just a bit. >>: 810 right now espn in the new york post are both reporting that clippers ban and the owner donald sterling is battling cancer they tyrol has battled prostate cancer for some time now. some clippers players reacted to the news. >>: that is true my thoughts and prayers are with them and nobody deserves to go through anything like this. >>: this the first thing ever this in is so
8:11 am
unfortunate. >>: for honoring sterling is the president ofnaacp. designing " ignore the separate from the negative exposure i've caused the naacp on a sterling with a lifetime achievement award of 2009 in a plan to honor him again this month. >>: of all large house
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
france after cisco a possible cruise on the scene is a three alarm fire in this neighborhood just a few blocks north of 280 its embrace street intersection a stanley a few blocks just north of 280. we get some major problems at the ocean
8:15 am
and the only is this more visible from the free rebbe to conceal from to 80. they're actually blocking the traffic it that way. that is fixed. as a result of from anti-gay concerning around at and holloway. that is something we will continue to monitor and also seen the leg of a virtual plaza evanston in relief here that i say that we are seen some delays on a 80 lower-cost thing that backing up into the diamond lanes split. we haven't seen any accidents this morning, the drive time is now running up to 23 minutes for mason to the samper cisco. cemetery ridge is looking pretty good in my last report the busy traffic
8:16 am
circle slowdown people or tapping on the racing from the high rise. it's not the case anymore i wouldn't be surprised if the backer returned in the next 20 minutes. a look flatcars the lining up in the fast lane. turnover on the traffic map of seen delays highway 11 and san jose reproaching guadalupe interchange of portion of your prom free from north run a five. . won't reach a golden gate bridge safety still has a fall revisory and effect the time i know is a 16 let's talk about the changing weather. this live shot right here fromj is a, that's why we have the fog advisory year. the fog is
8:17 am
completely covering that east bay. it is caused some visibility programs up and several other u.s. zero visibility this morning which is only about 2 mi. visibility. all those coastal communities ulysses some pretty dense fog in a moment. this is what most of the bay area is seen out there with better bay bridge camera showing are relatively clear skies with some high clouds out there. temperatures are in our 59 is set for cisco 621 oaklan2 oakland, nearly as hot s
8:18 am
it was just as they rounded up till 75 degrees. monocracy 90 degree weather today and least not in the widespread. most locations will max out in the mid to upper 80s if that. and philby by the coast today you'll see the texaeffetc. the wider view shows that low pressure pushing in you see those call the motion really stopping in. that's what's gonna be giving us the cool weather pattern that running get this weekend. we're looking at 20 as 25 degree drop in temperatures compared to yesterday. all
8:19 am
avicenna look at your round of a forecast coming up about half an hour. >>: to negotiate the release of four military observers to a capture bar for russia militia. ukraine of launching the first major assault in the eastern part of the country it both are reporting three dead and two injured. banf but some malaysian officials said on friday that they considers the ferry and that the officials should take a look of this. it was only confirm by sending vessels to the area thousands are in light of the santa, area. so far there's no specific plans to do that. an update
8:20 am
on a wildfire this morning in southern california and new video coming in this morning this fire and cucamonga is 53 percent contained. the over acres have been burned. the gusty winds arthere were about 1600 homes in evacuating. and they're now under investigation. >>: said finally one of the two suspects charged with murder in oakland is the libyan court today judy salomon was gunned down las julyast july some reminiscing and just about a half-hour at 9:00 this morning. >>: happening to mar the
8:21 am
kentucky derby there's been a change in the lineup of opportunity is not an array. the rebel stakes winner is expected to get a full exam. that means california crime in the top seed. >>: their them 23 points.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
the unemployment rate is dropping from 6.7 t of, as
8:25 am
of america's stock looking for work. >>: a manner not says her life is in limbo she continues to fight charges that she killed her roommate in 2007. she responded to the latest conviction an exclusive cnn interview. the i did not kill my friend i cannot with the knife i had no reason to. >>: she's been found in this murder charge for seven years her entire and all life. >>: my life is been taken over by this tremendous mess. them the court in italy and vigor. of murdering or roommate another court overturned the conviction to those 11 she was freed and returned tournament seattle earlier this year in people's court
8:26 am
the convicted per of murder due to the testimony. >>: it is incredibly disturbing when when routing a day is unreliable. he was fine to be certain with meredith recess and killer. that they will consider his testimony over mine. >>: she says the collateral not reliable friends evidence proves that she was evidently innocent. >>: is not as was convicted and is confirmed by any of this type or she could potentially face murder. >>: coming up on the crime 4 morning news a worry and a tradel latest on the serb,se
8:27 am
arch. let's face it,
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alarm house fire in the 100 spark of life street. >>: to ours at this fire started is still going strong beliefs and the corner by an randolph if you look care on the right-hand side is the a couple of fire ladders, the story building. this city got a first call run 60 the morning in the fog made it difficult to seat at least to the four homes are totally destroyed. the fire chief tells me canyon barely hear hi live audience to rockabilly
8:31 am
and rhythm is like the static and then you can hear them lightly in the background, as a result of the issues to the fire lines in the fire trucks it's now running through your right now. the fire department's
8:32 am
said they hope to get they it's sometime surely the fire is not a control at this point, >>: as we did speak to ss mca in their sane to expect for added delays as a conceit of the fire learn and the hoses. it looks like that intersection and shut down so actually the ocean view can run on the tracks. so they're being turned around southbound to 19 finale. npa is working quickly to clear that syri. >>: as it is the backups are certain to form areas of red on the screen heading
8:33 am
into redwood city is going 25 mi. from our. interstates to it is the best but along the peninsula, that is a quick look at your bay area traffic a 33 let's talk about the changes in your forecast. >>: us to the quicklime look outside the montand shows us, is doing a good job pushing again where the golden gate. eventually make its way are the east bay hills and down into the valleys that of the frankel things found later on this afternoon into tonight. is sending some critical temperatures in the case of saturday and sunday. not savages is that general paul n. mex on to the upper '70's. the be a bigger increase decreaour temperaturesn the '60s and the low the mid-70s for saturday and sunday. as we look ahead
8:34 am
into the next week mild temperatures and rain throughout the forecast on are seven days around the bay. hama >>: my wife's little dog, you know the whole story mr., two people went to moscow yesterday after being taught by two dogs. the seven year-old black lab was one of the dogs a woman was then in the face and a man says that he was an ornament has two daughters were attacked. the father of the dog's owner defended them that said that their kind and loving the animals or taken my animal services. is the libya investigation if see if the owners could face charges and see if the law is needed be put down. jeff lee is still in intensive care this morning
8:35 am
at the docks are calling critical burns its one-year- old spartans linebackers burger over half his body is only had to surgery's his family said he's an, many more skin grafts and the next few months. >>: he's just us to be alive and have this meant much support as he does. after they can for him i guess is that a weapons is still the personality is. >>: there was sleeping in the back bed when the blaze started he was burned running through the flames to a state firefighters believe that unattended canto spark a fire. >>: armed gunmen robbed the gas station in an yack on 18th street by the time police got there the robberies are verdi taken of the u.s. tried to fin these dogs to track them.
8:36 am
>>: through our results this morning please are looking for them after they at gunpoint. they held the store by slipping into on law-and-order after the close. there were holding some. my automatic handguns as they pointedf . surprised us that and make me more afraid of being here. darmer piscataway with several thousand dollars in cash. >>: is the bird is analyst to school that reinvestigated by the federal government of how they handle sexual abuse allegations residents. as one of 55 schools facing a federal investigation the government says the list is about investigation complaints and how conclusion does not mean that the school violated any
8:37 am
law uc-berkeley and response to the statemen sexual assault on copper's college campuses. we will cooperate fully with the investigation. much has been done to restrain and the campus handling you fully understand that there is always room for improvement. because of a complete list on our web site. >>: will have an update on our breaking news story today finance services of the thriller house fire. and we have a little cool down today a big one for the week and a lively care at the traffic heading to the richmond simmer for eldritch. will be right richmond simmer for eldritch. will be right back.
8:38 am
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8:40 am
south bay here's a look back at 1 1/3 at 87 a change traffic really start to bunch up not only on 11 itself up, still run as you work your way is self across the headland and a change. >>: minorities are not signing up for health care 63 percent of those who picked up the insurance and 63 of 8, many who signed up for african-american 7%
8:41 am
asian is the first time the permit health of human services have reported a waste of people setting a for health care. temp, the is recalling 25,000 odyssey minivan because the side air bags may not deploy during the crash they say that fissuring terminal which deploys the, terminal and it may have been damaged during the assembly process. 10 month old red panda arrive this week and will be put in a new closure is an alum's comes complete with the custom a tree house built by the animal planet, the exhibit will open may 10th and the panda's name will be announced then. >>: a surprise of bodybuilding and never but the trio's? >>: i but the trio of
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ me d yo.. irarlli uarechocate... a ltle ndezus savor r luiousilli coinedith r sl melng ccola. ♪ that ttleewarfor l e thgs y do.♪
8:45 am
onlyrom irarlli. a wirless printer ,
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8:48 am
live in the traffic center will have a store which is a little better luck in the best receivers the summer and where we have seen a little while tisch travel around here. in the ocean when his back in nfl the effects of that as early as right now. we have fought out there in some parts of the bay area we are seeing conditions that are warming and a little in the east bay. more receive temperatures slowly begin to rise in the sunshine. we have 59 degrees in services go across the bay and open with gallo's '60s there. 51 in santa rosa is glad, as warm as it was just hidden in the us and clapped and now 10 minutes or and look for widespread '60s and '70s if they do pop-up will be limited to our extreme in
8:49 am
the valley. by noon time during lunch '70s all around the bay area which is pretty nice is still cool along the coast '60s there's chamomile the rows. rest of the '70s gordon get the low 80s in the east and south bay, spots need be hennepin's the upper 80s. 85 percent as a 87 referl. erilow 80s. if you to lie without weather ahead to the beaches today it's gonna be mild around there. our highest from yes to that are in the mid 90's with our eyes for saturday and sunday mid-70s as a 20 degree drop for a lot of communities so get out there and enjoy it while it's nice
8:50 am
smile. >>: of alumni tracking news hotspots on the bay area still don't delays as your heading to the bay bridge is morning settled the backup even know it has eased, over crossing. the dismal record any lover back up to the diamond lane split. blue slat the good news t it's trees to improve across the bridge itself of course traffic starts to slow again after 1180 brand and san francisco. sam taylor bridges been easy ride for most of the morning although we did say some slowing early around-the-clock our is moving pretty well dried thyme and still about 1415 minutes working your way out to foster city have some minor delays at the interchange. heading over to service cisco looks like cruz as a trainer cleanup
8:51 am
member we did have some delays and ocean the lines in some for cisco in their lab was a loth. will said they may still have shuttle buses and place several erratic delays if you use in the mind for a ride across san francisco. the nighttime and at 24 minutes from hercules to berkeley and down the shore freeway. south on 680 into and out of one the creek will set course still dealing with just the traffic. hall them for a man in big trouble use a cellphone jammer driving and a highway the fcc is now finding that man $48,000.60 year-old jason humphries committing to a police
8:52 am
they've been using the self one jammer in his car on the daily commute for roughly two years and what the drivers around and talking on the cellphone the powerful jammer not only blacks telephones that also bars police radios and scramble aircraft's communications. i mean know mommy can use the cell phone it could never muncie's great. >>: how the school prank it really turned out to be a serious six, two students were arrested in new jersey they're trashing the school police that a burglar alarm call so they came in the first they're pulling shares into the hallway and saw the sun like a print right? but by then the police got there the rear tremolo for greece covering the doors graffiti on walls there really destroyed the place. 62 students arrested
8:53 am
24 of the more 18 years old the-got to go home with their parents with the two dozen considered as all adults were at the end of the terrain to sit still face charges are not in the board of education will decide if they will be punished. the on san daisies on the run to or will be at spark on the fed. if your member gets his fan club your time able to start buying tickets tuesday the rest of us the tickets will be on sale at the beginning of this hour. the coming up on the kron 4 morning news . also sent to live with the san mateo bridge which looks fine. and
8:54 am
whether we have lots of sunshine but it is way: and then yesterday. sunshine but it is way: and then yesterday. >>: [♪]
8:55 am
and felthis rrib pain oneide of my ck. saw is r, blisteryrash i ha16 mic sws tdo. ai di'knowow ias going to bableo dohese shows saw is r, blisteryrash withhis nd of i hain tt i was in. i to my fe wt i d. withhis nd of i hain tt i was in. she nt otheinternetnd said my ck and it s likees."i uld fk
8:56 am
8:57 am
house fire in the eyes narrowed us san as cisco. following the latest a beginning delays on the demolition line will bareback as the crime 4 morning news returns. toelp ep o hom heahy.
8:58 am
bunot l clnersre eal. lys, weo bend canin we cl itealtng. althg isilli ger, d hang me clningower
8:59 am
th bleh wiout e harsess. d hang me clningower it bei the1 peatrian remmend brd. and arinhealy hats in5,00schos. lyl. srt hlthing. and arinhealy hats the stores were following crime for morning moose a three alarm house fire, affecting union and injuring two people well up in a live report. emma gas prices headed in the right direction but will take a little while coming up also you come much as ours could fall. and was looking at
9:00 am
warm weather the spring break and as of a couple days now little relief. >>: relief provided by a fall which i did not expansive only hung over you. the fog is pushing and let's find out. live and from our roof camera are mount tam camera shows extremist her the golden gate. the cause less still sing a bit of it this morning most places are experiencing what we see here in the shot which israel to leclair sky's the few i called up there but a little slowly began to warmus of. we got a lot of 50 degree weather this morning again a few high clouds this afternoon will be warming gradually 82 the match, 3:00 and that the
9:01 am
know will be looking for the mid the upper 80s with mid- 70s by the day. this represents a good to androgynten degree drop [. tha's hatteras' the traffic center >>: some relief at the bay bridge toll plaza research to see a break in the back up its opening manufacturer claimed it is a the end of the backup coming from the 80 over crossing. five times a coming down dramatically is the compound to about 18 minutes from the masons and services, other than this relic and in any hotspots back and look at some of these are times in a couple minutes. >>: this developing story which fir forestrye >>: this is the corner are right around off the field
9:02 am
behind a dam break street on the right-hand side is as a couple letters that up on the four homes grew seven hoping cutout. indicated that we have better control of most of those hot spots and they did just a short time ago. here's some video from early this morning as the first call came interceptor's 630 women his wife say that this fire started and has, a common walls meaning there'sa mature in them. the suffering from some smoke inhalation. he tells me felt lucky to be alive. >>: while i was sleeping will want to fire are small smoke on knocked out of chicken and then the car to rush to lock i look up and rises seen flames of my face does everything is burning
9:03 am
secundus see my eyes are blurring the eye can see red-and get him his tennis save some money this for some less inflammatory. >>: back on the livelier some amazing stories this morning woman tried to put the fire out with a couple of fire swingers and another woman the, at the appellate some of the second story window. this cross if you try, finance temporary place to stay. the unsung you all morning long that them is impacted and that rental here right now. the tummy of the plan to clear the street within the next half hour. will more fire crews and a vest is will remain on the scene for the rest of a. >>: i love hockey everybody
9:04 am
got after the game which and, know what every but it was nervous going into the game and everybody's parting after the nets to a juicy there is the warriors won the game by just one point. the party won them for about a hour after the game. >>: inside was a great game from stephen curry is the warriors the sharpshooter scored 24 points. cambrian 14 points and 14 rebounds for the warriors. even
9:05 am
after jermaine of o'neal was mugged and left with a sprained right in the left second quarter. >>: join me and decorous this sunday as sports night live for a full half-hour of watersports needs were talking more jackson in the war years what's next for donald sterling and a desert silence, . an acquittal feature call my kids in our game. gas prices could go down as much as 50¢ are the next few months so this and says from the pan with a filling. bowmais to continue within the next couple weeks. but if you're 18 years old and you pay your own bills in your own gas is
9:06 am
paying for right now you notice every dollar month. >>: @ lugging around town and try to find the cheapest by this is the cheapest bought so far. at 4 09 down the road it's 429 heaven knows anything changing bowsher driver habits. >>: i'm not driving as much some trendy official with lead draft plan to blame the and that's pretty much how many do now with the raising gas prices. >>:, to paying out to a month ago. that sfo a traveling from here 20¢ last year and 20¢ more down the street is ridiculous honestly. >>: what if i told you that there was gonna be 50¢ less per gallon. >>: of nasa's may be going
9:07 am
up and down one thing is consistent . >>: 4 9 billion for the quarter just reported this morning, the crime 4 million who were following the latest with the clippers owner donald sterling. and the search for the missing malaysian airlines.
9:08 am
9:09 am
aha > > and rats by free if
9:10 am
9:11 am
care in the road on this friday morning a live look at one muckrakes solved on 680 moving slowly into another lay creek. closer look at other bay area freeways coming up in just a couple minutes. >>: a spokesperson for russian president said the the kremlin sent in on when not to ukraine southeast to negotiate the release of four military observers captured by pro ought commission. their launch a first major assault on this. they're reporting at least three dead and to enter. >>: and maybe in the >>: gal but some malaysian officials said that they are now considering in a think that others should take a closer look it can only be confirmed by sending matt vessels to the area. so
9:12 am
father's most pacific plans the descent of the resources over to the bay of a new strain company publicizes claim the set them have found the wreckage there. now the company's not sure is that or bend the missing plane or the ./
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
i novado have the italian that mother's day is next sunday and as a mom mike and tell you that chocolate flowers are nice motion go be really great a day off and is exactly what some ladies get in the new comedy mouse night out. >>: i cannot find a reservation in getting a little angry, and in doing something ugly tear face. >>: joining us now live is one of the stars of the femmes their true. >>: the morning doria
9:16 am
>>: emigre in your yourself is on is about two years old gas seles's deftly done as mom's night out coming specifically what. >>: specifically embracing the total and complete chaos terrifying yet joyful experience of what mother this area i relate to that in every way oslo think that myself and a lot of the monsanto no trouble filling an adequate leprechaun/felling and have no idea what or doing at the screen the job called mothering and this movie really explore is that in my character gets to go the the journey at indian never to let go of that. and i wanna learn that myself. >>: looks like a lot goes wrong in this journey. >>: yes allow calls from the
9:17 am
seam of the move is the as i mess but on a beautiful mess. sodas a mess but it's a beautiful mess. >>: been actors would the deal the stay home and then meter a movie shoot you have here is the no. 6 is or what. >>: will have an incredible partner my husband as 100 percent that is well as 100 persephone's amazing is nothing that i don't do for my son having an. ms. here's a net addition to moving i brought my son out with a babysitter and then my husband came and took over and also about my son back, the first half of it. so you just can't negotiate and navigate as things come up. but my schedule on grades as actually having allowed me to have a lot of time a home with them. >>: work as caught fire shooting brazen than me on tv.
9:18 am
>>: it's actually a lot easier the samisen monday in the tv show. we have allotted days off sagas much time with my son as i want. when delta should the movie was like in every frame of the moving so i have a lot of money gelt that first week. he doesn't even know me yet. >>: number and as kids they can roll back to escape the civil strew the kids and a turn 1112 internet service and offer other parts and you see every my matches is like i know that i can do that and a bit embarrassed my son the notice yourself thinking more rules differently. among in know it's funny not really i think fashion been pretty careful about not want to embarrass myself walking in to rolls anyway. so i
9:19 am
haven't really done anything that would be afraid of him seem down the road. >>: this is good family fun for the most are things for joining us this morning that's next friday. which in no need to check up the moving and let off. >>: and also allow for some falls down joy that the new defense past couple of days with this week and is indeed great to get all doors. here's a live look at the bay bridge a porch the spate see the high cause of sunshine for ramos of the bay area. most of the bay area's in joining the night clear start to this friday. we get 66 in hayward 66 at fremont's warm and san jose , 7 degree mark this afternoon will get these
9:20 am
numbers up to the '80s. in south bay will look to 85 85 the temperature ranges know sam met today is the '90s. we get those some breezily kicking tinkling of the entire bay area. along the baseline the shoreline and along the ocean morgan be much cooler today than we were the last couple days. oakland 7872 for sensors cisco. and in the north face today with the upper seventies to low 80s. here's a three outlook to the cool know continue as we head into the week where dropping about 10 degrees. to try would drop another 1020 degrees difference between our he break on thursday and were tennessee on saturday and will were and continue through sunday. or should the upper the four kids coming up in just a little bit.
9:21 am
>>: the commute is winding down and the 9:00 hour no plans for me you gotta love it didn't see the end of the backup some lowlands are still backed up but you are seymour car the road if have had, tracking moving well does a smallj. the bay bridge is actually in pretty good heading into samper's cisco. looks like to make encounter just to make significant delays at 10192 unchanged and is to take cover to the traffic map scene yellow under our one- on-one approach and 87. the time and now it's 921 ,
9:22 am
loyal menu the fall was here menu the fall was here the sver tus so re.. it oy grs inne pce o eth, anneislas national park inalif. w yocan periencehe esh isti sce anyere. perfted theragrce expts aair wick. frh cotal waters and lverotuss a pa of r limid edion tion pk coecti. air ck. the aft fraance air ck.
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street for now down to off points in the big drop in the unemployment rate the u.s. economy as add $280,000 thousand jobs in the month of april. the the reason for the drop is to give many americans stop looking for work so that no longer count for the ranks of unemployed. >>: it could learn the outcome of the sense us for said for, the summer rally jury goes back to a deliberate further the third day. apple wants samsung to pay 2.2 per billion in damages. samsung 1 $6 million from apple. >>: as for say at&t may be looked into directv. -have the 30 million users comcast
9:26 am
would have when they. and warner cable. >>: and place in the philippines are arrested 58 people battered accused the using sexual. three people accused of black mulling a scottish teenager would jump to as the flesh share daniel perry was the victim of black mellers he recorded his video chat interactions with the person he thought was of american overgrow of his own age. >>: the cover some of them has been banned from basketball is battling cancer they year-old has been battling prostate cancer for some time now with the news is just now coming out as the clippers' owners was banned from the nba for making racist comments. >>: that is true, my
9:27 am
thoughts some peras our wisdom-deserves goes through something like that. among the four first time ever handled that >>: for honoring sterling the president of the naacp chapter has resigned leon jenkins letter stated that he is resigning in order to separate the from the negative exposure. police searched for the armed gunmen wouldorob a.
9:28 am
9:29 am
> > good morning welcome
9:30 am
back to thekron 4 we have a couple of slow spots around the bay area still done with some delays of on a one-to- one for a ride on a vital take a look at the red on your screenm down to 25 mi. per hour. tendency in the incidents in the area unfortunately drive time is still under 30 minutes on the nevada down to the golden gate bridge. but to reach the building a bridge to have the fall divisor ineffectual keep that in mind. and keep a safe distance between you and the cars and for new. the concern to clear out at the bay bridge toll plaza as you can see the end of the backup which one encounter any significant delays working to san for cisco. speaking as evarts as though we still have some problems for the amateur that motion until the south lawn trains are midterm back at 19th and how we do to the building and fire. so keep that mine
9:31 am
shuttle buses are in place and was taken to the metro station. >>: take a look of the weather here the montana camera shows us the fall portion and then and there. that is portion and the later on this afternoon and this evening as your prison yourself for the enjoyable cool down around the bay for the rest few days. will warm up and won't be as near as high as it was just at 10 degrees cooler is a matter of fact raindrop another to increase as we head into saturday and sunday. rolling get into the mid-70's by sunday and then taking a look at the nep temperatures next week looks like it's to be mild and dry for the first the level of future. >>: m. bator developing store with the fire crews battling a three alarm fire
9:32 am
just north of to a dating december street, >>: this fire spread out from one home to four homes , that means the walls of touch make it very easy for a fire to spread of the high may number street and see some letters are still up impacted by the blaze and the good news is the past 10 minutes that they finally have all the hot spots under control this morning is video from does after the fire broke out the fog initially made it difficult for the fire crews to fight the blaze as the first of the call around 6 say this morning that the work and put out this fire. this fence erected so quickly some residents woke up and found their house and fired , he tells a dramatic story might try to fight the fire himself. >>: would get separate return the fire so it can
9:33 am
get everybody out on the web to the front the neighbors came outside silicon year water she had a mere fire swinger i ran back in china put the fire center on the mattress and at belittled the split shechem in the normal by summer ramekin hasn't settled on the back door solid do is hand right there for aside a lead trumpet them here a couple of pitchers the neighbors took to set the blaze broke out into peat other injured and the result of the fire their suffering from smoke inhalation that are expected to survive. mammal the the money goes like my grandmother
9:34 am
used and my wife's legs and suffering or not you know those story mr.. them bregman neighbors fighting over this dog and another in, give latigo that is today after being attacked by two dogs a seven year-old black lab was one of the dogs a woman was then in the face also meant says that he was on a walk when the minister does protect the father of a dog's owner defense animals and the loving and kind. the dodgers taken away their quarantine for nine days and there's an investigation not to determine that the owners will face charges and whether the jobs will be put down. 94 renow for some intensive care reynaud the 20 year-old spurns linebacker have a spotty his party had to surgeries' his family says he's gonna need many more skin grafts and the next two months. his supporters say
9:35 am
that there's been that big of spore of hope and encouragement from the community. >>: people who care bottom they deliver the can for him and i guess as cut and what happens when you're as good as a person as he is. >>: is a video the fire from last wednesday the aftermath from their apartment he asleep in the back bedroom when the fire broke out he was burned running the flames to escape. amon new this morning at armed gunmen robbed the dutch pride gas station in antioch happened last night about 530 and 18 st. and the police show up quickly but the robbers had gone away there's still looking for them which ideas dobbs last night but they run double to find robbers and the card, some are in their recovery. >>: after arriving in st. carlos at some point of is
9:36 am
it is a third man slipped into the unlocked door after the store was closed at dillon said knight summers the chatter release these three men were holding semiautomatic handguns in a kind, the weapon to for people that were inside the store cleaning up. >>: the report by the education department as cal as one of 55 schools that are facing federal investigation the government said that this was strictly about investigation the complaint and that the cows inclusion does not mean that the school violated and lost uc-berkeley put the statement in response to the
9:37 am
investigation sexual assault on cottbus campuses are critical issue duffel a cropper with the investigation sexual assault or not be tolerated in our community. usc, m it'sime chae, to neway ocl. inoducg finish per &ree.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
pored hydgen roxi acti givyou arklg relts with ls hah chicalthan er bore. givyou arklg relts because these arnot st glaes. th're at yr faly dnks fr. nishowernd fe. arklg cln. lessarshhemils. back to us here's a live with the cemetery ridge traffic's been pretty good along the seine wrote this friday morning star tamarin now is around 14 minutes to get your cross and then the debate area freeways just a bit. a florida man is in big
9:41 am
trouble he talked with the commute on his community jammed every body cell phone tower. in the numbers to responders $48,000.60 days amid it's a place they use the jammer and the jamming device at the daily commute for two years because heeding among the drivers around him talking on the cellphone, the also modest police radios the scrolled aircraft communications and keys to refer dishes in their phones at think that's not a real nice that $48,000-a banner from years and has so far for two years and more .
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
there's a salmon rivers and found some people behaving badly battered felling as an enemy sooner letter they had been the stanley this was his special day. roberto and a moment that our chairman martin are out with the san francisco the permanent parking and traffic control who does a lot of repair
9:46 am
mission to stop vehicles. but the owner of the sticker triumphal last, is have some7 outstanding tickets coming close to $800. is nothing in montreal that it attributed is the money to get your received. the b-1 to get nothing yet to are three still nothing new debt for and not the the sixth person ticket then you become blue worthy. when you become aware the you end up in the computer system that scandalous and play and then the book comes out. dome of the stickup rack up nine parking tickets for whopping $1,542. that's not really the wiring find they once got a commercial $41,000 in tickets. can you say the vehicle giveaway there's
9:47 am
only two ways you can get a bowl of your car door the owner of the big and didn't give fine or you can ignore for 72 hours in the bull or automatically be removed and replaced with a tow truck. pitcher lucky day which employs the boutonniere redcoat so were never told century air here for ago. the blue control data blue ocean unbutton--boot patro; but the boat broke. he should play the lottery or parking know private parking lot so it can pay off close to 900 gal. and fines. unless they know that's funny that's what they all say. >>: final check and that we
9:48 am
can forecast-fletcher tracking the temperatures of the cool down the cool down other marine layer is a prime example of the ocean breeze returned to the bay area that's means things are gonna be much milder this afternoon for everybody this fall eventually makes its way into the san ramon valley of stores walnut creek up and over the east bay hills is sunny and clear in the east bay. mergers and services co 60 degrees are not succeeded is an oakland san jose and concord ran into 67. degrees. in the upper 50's are now the senate joined the party was 60 degrees and the napper about half hour so. widespread 60 struck the bay area-about warm up to the '70s about noontime is a day of course vinyl were dealing with '80s pop around 3:00
9:49 am
this afternoon oakland 70 a freer not ladylike has been the last couple of days later agrees that up north into the golden gate bridge to come up with low 80s near napa and san rafael novado here's a sudden there on the day forecast calling continues a job to another 10 degrees or until saturday retinal factor sunday monday tuesday wednesday looks a grim be mild and dry is a 10 percent were made in the sprinkle on monday but does know the the possibility smalls is and it is still out there of cedras the amount the the near future. >>: average is heading up the house i think you're gonna have we really cleared
9:50 am
up the backup for the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the end of the backup test track moving well, the eight over crossing as old and the most among car is working its way into service cisco women join the ride in the san mateo bridge traffic was fairly heavy into the right-hand side here's cream butter has impacted your drive time. if your head into the red since summer temperature ha ahoy. over and the traffic map grignard roadway and centers in both. the dublin agenda was from 5 82nd down to the south a pretty black duck 11 at 87 interchange speech are down to 20 mi. per hour. if
9:51 am
you on this in the back of the king had to interstate 280 problems reconditions and not hurt downtown san jose. >>: in this fire mayor cucamonga near the 67 a. have burned as the strong gusty winds dazing unless today's still dying down about 1600 homes in the area have been evacuated the cause is still under resignation. bellpul >>: she's the report on the fire in the census area he is shirtless as you can see in the evacuation area hold and installed in your assets grow should like to know about the fire he she continued are professionally this reporter this, to live at that think he was sent home. even if he
9:52 am
was allowed back into a song. >>: the bar flatus future on display once again there will be displaying their model rocard at 2:00 this afternoon at the great mall a chance to go check it out and give some suggestions before they build the fleet. the bark are seven showcased on the bay area and will be continued into a showcase ptomaine ninth. >>: robertson is not the rates is called the most exciting time as the sport the stock, this money can run left what means the california crime and the tops the spot. i've done him win the derby as five to two. it's tough to make the minimum to dollar bet you make 80 bucks if he won.
9:53 am
9:54 am
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this video this morning really thick fog showing up in dallas said the azeri the coast into the golden gates the no psittacosis date of the cold on the day in a cool down and just have to plan ahead next sunday and not this weekend and next sunday is mother's day and turns out that they think that americans and a special little less effort gets from on this year. they san on average we will spend about a hundred and $63 for mother's day which is down from about a hundred and 70 bucks from last year's spending overall
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>> announcer: today a powerful all-new "dr. phil." >> i never touched her. >> not when i was little? >> never ever. >> stop lying. >> announcer: she says he molested her. >> dr. phil: do you have a problem with lying? >> i did when i was little. >> announcer: or is he a bad dad? >> dr. phil: if you're drunk and smoking dope with your daughter, i wouldn't let you be around my granddaughter five minutes. what the hell are you doing while this is going on? >> announcer: now they're offered a polygraph. >> chris was perspiring. trembling. >> dr. phil: he did take the polygraph. if you made this up, tell me that now. >> announcer: what will the polygraph reveal? >> dr. phil: was it conclusive? >> absolutely conclusive. >> dr. phil: did chris ever have sex with you. what did you answer? >> yes. >> announcer:


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