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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 3, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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what led up to the attack. the blue ford suv hit the median so hard is flipped over. police say the vehicle was driving eastbound on i 580 when someone from another vehicle fired multiple rounds into the ford. >> we don't believe the -- [ audio not understandable ] we believe the suspect was firing at him. >> i heard pop pop pop. and i heard a big crash and i came up front and have seen the smoke. >> really crazy, a lot of people getting out their cars and trying to help. >> that left the suv -- suv careened near the regatta exit in richmond and the shooting happened just before 1:00 p.m. stray bullets could have hit anyone driving by. it was scary. >> live in a crazy state.
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>> there's no description of the suspect or who's responsible for the shooting. police are investigating the motive behind the homicide. this is the third shooting on the 580 this year -- friday this year. you may remember the shutdown in castro valley after the suspect opened fire on this black chevy. the video of the scene from the helicopter partnership with abc news. foreman one are ne are were arrested. happening now, is a golden state warrior for versus la clippers playoff game seven do or die, testing the nba playoff fever joining us from the staples center in los angeles. it's getting
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pretty rough. everybody is inside right now the game just started a while ago. we have fans, clippers fans were taunting warriors fans, it's good fun. this is a crowd gathering outside, we brought the fans, they did make the trip down from the bay area and came down proud and loud. you have a sellout crowd, everybody is paying a pretty penny for seats. the clippers tickets are averaging the highest around for the first round for the they have. they are saying it's worth it. >> he are sitting premier seats, we paid $400 per ticket. >> it looks good.
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>> let's go, warriors. we -- warriors. we have to beat la. >> clippers win. >> win big but exciting. >> we will see if the mood changes at all by the end of the night we will see out here live at 11 to bring you details and talk with fans and see their reaction. one man is dead after being hit by train in richmond this afternoon. an elderly man tried to cross the train track with his cane got stuck in the tracks. he was crossing the street, the core street has a sidewalk at that amtrak goes through. he was seen with a woman at the time of incident, however she was gone by the time police arrived. they're urging -- they are urging her to reach out to
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investigators. the fire started overnight in a 2500 block of parker avenue. they pulled the woman out of the burning house and pronounced dead at the scene, the cause of the blaze remains under investigation. they believe they -- they have more victims and -- an ongoing investigation into craigslist rental scam on thursday a woman in santa fe was charged with illegally pocketing deposit from rent others who answered her ads on craigslist. we speak with one of the suspect neighbors who said the allegation, still surprise. the santa clara county district attorney office said of this three couples walked up these steps to the san jose condominium on -- for a tour of the priests. before signing a lease in getting this woman 47-year-old monique morris $2000 deposit to rent it. prosecutors say little deceived the call -- that they were victims of an
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alleged scam. >> she never let on that she was doing anything illegal, but you can tell something was going on. >> dp -- dp man lived across the green belt, over the years, man said she noticed the revolving door of tenants coming in and out of morris' place. >> it was her living by herself, but she would have different guys every month that was kind of odd. >> how long did that one? >> i would say maybe the last year because she didn't did not live here for a while. she rented it out to other people. >> the va office said morris used craigslist offer rooms in her condo or the entire unit for rent. after receiving a deposit from her victims, prosecutors say the ad on craigslist would stay up and she turned around and sign another victim up.
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the das -- das office said morris never return the deposit. >> is unfortunate because this is a nice complex. it is really sad that she did that to so many innocent people. >> she's currently in custody on $150,000 bail, but if she's facing four felony charges including grand theft and if convicted, prosecutors say she's facing up to four years in prison. the three san jose state university students accused of hate crimes are expelled before student accused and that is -- for the rest of his college career. all four pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor battery charges. last november delegations came to light -- that allegations came to light. the boys are accused of putting a bike lock around the classmates next neck and taunting him and locking his room and chanting. >> he's expected to be back in santa clara santa clara that his home. -- is no longer in hawaii and released at with child
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protective services. the minor is escorted by a soap social worker. the father was -- travel to hawaii but was turned away. she recently learned that his mother was alive and was trying to find her. when a change in the weather today. temperatures only in the sixties and seventies. gone are the eighties and nineties we had earlier in the -- the week. sixties by debate, low seventies in the valley, san jose 69 degrees again down about 15 to 20 degrees over what we had yesterday. thanks to the seabreeze which has been strong today up in over 30 miles per hour in many spots.
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fairfield to 38 miles per hour. the seabreeze has been strong and cooling and put a rapid end to the heat wave and we will continue to see that tomorrow. tonight, a few sprinkles possible, low clouds rolling into the bay. startups tomorrow with clouds and sunshine partly cloudy to out mixture of clouds and sunny skies. more breezy winds for the afternoon and not as strong yesterday and that will allow temperatures to rebound. more details in this sunday's forecast and later on. amid the racist comments by clippers owner donald sterling, we take a look at or losses surrounding -- the lawsuit surrounding other allegations of his racist behavior. reports of cancerous colors making -- cows making it into a fast food chain hamburger. how some are claiming the -- health, claiming the slaughterhouse workers got away with it. the mother of the toddler speaking out after her baby falls out of a window. bulldog: you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose. that's why mattress discounters good deed dogs is raising money
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to train service dogs for people with disabilities. i would never imagine a life without an assistance dog ever again. i relied on people a lot. he helps me live a more independent life. bulldog: we need your help to do more. give at, or any mattress discounters. mattress discounters good deed dogs helping dogs help people
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window. . a toddler is recovering after falling out of a second-story window. this is the video of firefighters attending to the three-year-old who fell. the child was airlifted to children's hospital oakland. the mother tells kron4 that she's doing great, walking, talking and laughing she said it was an accident and -- and encourages parents to check window screens. bay area figure george lucas being moved to another metropolis, which city is gunning to host the star wars creators museum and how services close trying to win them back. the health department bits versus holt -- holt health -- whole foods, a disturbing maggot problem. >>
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. more information about methods and the me case -- in the me case at the bay area whole foods, kron4 first reported this story when that me clerk told us the maggots
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were discovered at the whole foods. whole foods maintained that they were swept clean up the problem and the public health department inspected the place and disagree. dan kerman reports now. the depart the health department thought that wolfowitz was moving in the right direction. >> it was tuesday afternoon when public health inspectors arrived at this whole foods in the wee valley. expecting to find cleanup completed following -- following the april 21st discovery of life maggots in the me case. that's not what they found. in fact, deep cleaning of two floor drains which could be the source of the maggots had not had not been done. and the food inspection report the public health apartment told him foods it can't be an isolated maggots. if you see one, there's more somewhere. so there's an urgency to do all the department of public health recommendation that you have to be more proactive and take care of it immediately. on wednesday, the department of public health told kron4, whole
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foods dismantled the me case last night, this work addresses most of our concern regarding the possible source of maggots. not all of it, the health department is expecting whole foods to clean the entire department on thursday -- department on thursday. they will reinspect reinspect the store make sure this will happen. whole foods is not addressed question about how did discovery of maggots was handled. the me meat clerk told kron4 news was made hours on the monday after despite the employees knowing about the maggots. we asked wolfowitz when the employees found out about agates maggots and no answer. we asked have how long before -- we asked how we gain -- that this activity will not occur in the future, no answer. we asked if there would be any
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disciplinary action or retraining of employees as a result of this, again, no answer. >> . all across the nation people took to the streets today spoke out about the mass kidnapping of girls in nigeria. he will -- will show you a video of protest in new york city. 276 girls were kidnapped by islamic extremist about two -- two weeks ago they say art sherman ... forces failed to rescue the girl send last call 53 had managed to escape. nigeria is fighting a five-year-old uprising by islamic extremists. they demanded that the return of girls. the party was called sinkhole -- and was supposed to take place tonight, the holiday was supposed this celebrate
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mexican heritage over 100 students protested to get the party shutdown and some were offended by the theme and some compared it to st. patrick's day. the calm the chancellor suggested mandatory -- mandatory diversity course. >> firefighters are putting laser making progress and the wildfire in rancho cucamonga i was burned around 2000 acres and forced evacuation of 1600 homes. officials are saying its 70% contained. this other part is no longer active and cruiser current working the on the northern side. the city police department is warning the officer killed in a hit-and- run accident happened early this morning in la harbor city neighborhood. they say the officers were in a routine patrol when they began following the speeding car. the vehicle made a u-turn, they were hit by another vehicle. and the vehicle fled and the second person was transported. officer sanchez survived by
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his wife and his best friend who happened to be his partner last night. the police department mourns the loss of officer sanchez. that should there rest of the city. officer sanchez was on the force for about six years. here's the time lapse from this afternoon from looking out the golden great bridge. the low clouds coming in from a strong seabreeze which made for -- may for dramatic change in the weather. temperatures dropping 15 to 20 degrees a blast of air -- the blast of air conditioning coming right into the be. gone are the warm temperatures. cool out there and breezy. low clouds ds in the sky for tonight partly cloudy -- cloudy conditions and could be a few sprinkles as we have a lot of
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moisture coming in with low clouds. storms to the north helping out with that. for tomorrow mixture of clouds and sunshine partly cloudy day, breezy the wind is not as strong yesterday. for monday and other systems leading into -- another system slide into northern california and that could bring some showers monday afternoon and evening. it looks like we will have partly cloudy conditions for tonight. the system that is to the north of us is help to crank up the seabreeze and that will be in place for a few days and that will keep temperatures colder than average for tomorrow. and beginning of next week. the system in the pacific northwest will slide through northern california and helps to bring -- helped to bring us chance for shower monday. low clouds into the bay and notice a few sprinkles floating through as we go to the nighttime. tomorrow morning there could be a few raindrops otherwise mostly
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cloudy skies that chance for sprinkle is gone after 9:00 a.m. and eventually will see the clouds break up a little bit. it will be with us most of the day mixed it sunshine. temperatures warming a few degrees. look for upper sixties and low seventies by the be low to mid seventies inland and things one backup for next week. edley is pushing to make the museum a reality. he told the staff to come up with a list of location by the end of the month once they have done they will present -- them they will present them to the filmmaker. chicago is in the race. house innovators art, his new wife is from chicago. the mayor has given more orders to his staff. the school bus engulfed in flames. the drastic measure to get the kids on board to safety. coming up with a story you will see only on kron4, i'll
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show you how san francisco could -- to 600 bucks. because you feel to do one simple thing. i will explain on the next edition of people behaving badly. no
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. this man parked his car for 10 minutes so he could run to the bank. the problem, he parked in a commercial parking spot better known as the yellow zone. >> i got caught behaving badly. >> because he had a bad -- he gets to keep the $85 ticket us memento. >> i'm rolling around with a yellow zone detail whose job it is to keep the commercial zone free from passenger, cars and trucks. this van is parked in a ozone but doesn't have commercial plates. the then gets $85 ticket, the department of traffic. then the owner appears. >> he claims he parked there for two men is to run to the bathroom. >> the driver -- to take the
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ticket that. >> when you realize you were getting a ticket, the camera became a problem. >> this car was parked in a yellow zone, but it had multiple issues. >> it got ticket already. >> the registration was expired. the owner was tracked down and permitted to move anything he needed that the car was towed. not this is something i just learned, if the san francisco department of park and traffic officer sees her car parts with expired released registration, they will total you on the spot no question asked. the ticket is $100.500. >> this car is expired -- card is expired back in july of 2013. >> there are actually four separate yellow zone detail units of roaming the entire city looking for people ignoring the signs and parking and loading zones. this one only one thing that made -- if you engage your
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an emergency brake then you might get an additional 30 seconds to show up. >> after that, it's off the car jail until you can bail it out. >> in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron4 news. >> if you have a story idea or comments for stanley email us, that the latest late racist accusation getting worldwide attention. the latch movie made years ago that targeted blacks and latinos. the woman behind the recording finally opens up. we need stiviano and when she has to say. low clouds over the santa ana bridge, cooling things off this weekend that we will be warmer next week.
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k. this is the bay area news station, kron4 news
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continues now. tonight, we're taking a closer look at the woman behind the controversy that threaten -- threatened to take down la clipper owners donald sterling's empire. she spoke up for the first time. in an exclusive interview with barbara walters last night, she spoke out openly about the measure recorded saying racist remarks that led to his lifetime ban from the nba at $2.5 million fine. she said sterling feels alone and traumatized after the leak of the tape. here are some highlights. it became a standard scandal. >> why? >> i think god had a purpose. and i wish i could answer that question sometimes. and ask i keep asking myself how when or why.
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>> the truth is that how and why -- helen my doesn't even matter anymore is here. and some -- brought into the light. and i think sometimes we are forced into situations, circumstances in which we have to -- good- bye. everything and everyone is a test and sterling had this best is being tested right now. >> are you in love with donald sterling? >> i love him. >> i am not sure that's what i asked. >> are you in love now ? >> we love him like a friend? i love him like a father figure. i love them like like a father figure. >> donald sterling is in his eighties. you are in your thirties. >> and 31. >> you are a beautiful young
8:31 pm
woman. i am not sure i understand the relationship. >> well i am mr. sterling's personal assistant. like i said i am his right hand. i am his swingman. what is in there to understand. >> you -- there to understand. >> you think donald sterling is apologized? absolutely. >> did you discuss this with him? >> yes. >> will you apologize? >> only god knows. >> there's more to the conversation that was not released when walter asked if -- she described herself as a personal assistant, and she also described her sterling necessarily rabbit. stiviano told her that she loved him as a father figure and a grandfather figure.
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sterling was at the time at the interview and declined to speak with walters and sterling told do sure magazine that he was not planning to fill the clippers this by this van. however the nba is going to appoint a new ceo to supervise operation. >> red bull is religion assuming the marketing partnership with the clippers and a dozen sponsors go for a suspended ties earlier this week in red bull becomes at least a third company following the death and samsung to establish partnership with the clippers. this is in the first then sterling has been involved in racially charged controversy. in a -- a 2003 losses, tenants and a complex claim they were repeatedly harassed by the sterling's because of their race. >> did you take a picture ? >> the video is a bit dark and grainy. you could hear her voice loud and clear.
8:33 pm
>> you are michelle be from the department -- department. >> yes sir. >> the man recording the videos tenant daryl williams. >> i thought it was strange that somebody from the health department will have an entourage. >> it is because shelley is shelley sterling according to a judge, the wife of the building's owner, billionaire donald sterling and she certainly is not from the los angeles health department. on the video, she goes door-to- door dousing right-center claims to harass and scare black and latino tenants. >> i think it was a last resort to try to claim they were government agents in order to intimidate them. >> why? the lawsuit claimed he wanted to change the complexion of the building. he preferred asians over african-americans and latino and he told his management staff that african-americans smelled and they smelled like vermin
8:34 pm
whereas he stated that hispanic all -- all they did was drink and smoke although long. >> this is part of a campaign to get rid of the unwanted tenants. they turned off heat and shut down elevators and stopped trash service and refuse to rent and forced eviction. the latest controversy with the clippers may reveal who sterling is to the rest of the country, the lawyers in los angeles consider his past actions worse than his words. >> what he did to the residents in the building of that he owned, was like life changing for them. >> it took away a fundamental right people had in that and the security they had in the safe haven of the home. >> the regard to cases one of the largest and -- discrimination has ever seen in the country. the lawsuit settled out-of-court other terms are confidential, the settlement is estimated to cost the
8:35 pm
sterling's millions. >> 10 years later, williams remain mystified by a billionaire's wife would bother to do this and why -- why they would want to evict him so badly. >> we went his buildings and support his basketball team. we play in his teens. but he simply use it as far as his concern is like -- like a plantation owner. >> william lives in las vegas after he is evicted he said he was priced out of the los angeles housing market, we did reach out to sterling's lawyer for his side of the story, he had no comment. unfit for human food, that's how the us department of agriculture classified millions of pounds of bad meat processed at a bay area slaughterhouse. kron4 learned new allegations that some of the employees in petaluma knowingly processed and distributed diseased cow moot. the new allegations are disturbing. cnn reports that federal investigators now believe that rancho feeding corporation was
8:36 pm
was buying cancerous daily house dairy cows and processing them when inspectors were not around. >> once a cows were slaughtered, their employees with high the warning signs of cancer. they did so by turning off the deceased art sed part and using fake stamp of approval or replacing the head of the sick cows with those of healthy ones, this all stems from the start of the year when the federal government started monitoring all activities at the petaluma plant. after the employee tipped him off -- them off about what was going on. in january federal marshals raided the plant and sees the company's records. days later, the first recall notice went out. and all some 9 million pounds of bad meat had been recalled from thousands of unsuspecting stores across country. rancho had sons been sold and the facilities being operated by marine farms. bill nyman of -- he was forced
8:37 pm
to throw away some 100, 000 pounds of beef he had process at the plant. >> financially it is a huge loss. >> we learned in march that the majority of the cows killed that rancho were ground into hamburger meat and sold to jack-in-the-box customers. the usda send it to letter obtained i kron4 that the popular chain was rancho's biggest customer. there are no reports of anyone getting sick by the bad meat and unclear how many employees were involved in the buying and processing of cancerous cows. a cool and breezy -- a : breezy saturday night taking place for tonight after the heat wave this week. we have seen a big change for today and going to remain cooler for the next few days. temperatures in the mid to upper fifties and low sixties. san francisco breezy and 56. winds are on shore coming off the ocean about
8:38 pm
15 to 25miles. there are a few locations reporting winds will burst the over 30. it will gradually subside through the rest of the evening. low clouds and possibility of sprinkle specially for the north. cousin sunshine scattered clouds mixed in with the sun temperatures going into the upper sixties mid seventies inland. warm-up coming up next week. a split-second decision that may have saved dozens of young lives. we will introduce you to the twins. san francisco restaurant celebrates a milestone 128th birthday. we will give you a taste of the classic
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when the restaurant is
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more than 120-years-old it goes away and makes a comeback. that gets our attention. for the fans, the doors are once again open and you will be greeted by the familiar faces. the original chef and -- it's considered the oldest italian restaurant in america. >> you're not a foodie place in the sense, we don't have an eight course dinner and you have to go out and have pizza because you are still hungry. over here you eat and you are stuffed. a classic old italian food. >> like mama used to make. in the even better. >> it was better than my mother's and i always felt that she was the best cook in the world. >> but homemade pasta cranked out fresh every day. >> some of the wait staff is the same vendors lilo. >> that father and family. >> even the customers and the
8:42 pm
drapes. >> conk original concoctions. >> we are making the signature drink. >> you might opt for the negron he. >> my topic, -- me. >> my topic, the book a team, the gnocchi, and the two are missing cocktail. to find out more, go to our website at click on diamond dish. twin sisters are being held as heroes tonight, what they did to take is from a school bus from a fiery faith. >> . really excited to show you something very unique in the wearables text -- and the where both text, these are drum pants. that's coming up. temperatures were down about 15 to 20 degrees, and we will see a return to warmer about 15 to 20 degrees, and we will see a rbulldog: warmer you don't need superpowers to help someone. sometimes, all it takes is a warm heart and a cold nose.
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take a look at this. two sisters and mississippi are being called heroes for flying down the school bus that was on fire. the quick action save more than two dozen lives. it was a split-second decision that may have saved more than two dozen lives. >> we saw the school bus. he was smoking will that and we knew we had to get those kids out of the bus. >> people are calling betty windham and her sister beth heroes. >> they are do . the two quick thinking samaritans who sprung into action. windham works for the post office and a volunteer firefighter. >> we are running on the side of the bus and we have the flashers on and honking. we're screaming, my sister was out of the vehicle out the window screaming at him. and we finally got in front of the men slammed on the brakes to get
8:46 pm
out of the bus. so he started tracking them down and it took us probably a mile to get them to pull over -- pullover. >> when they realize a problem and the adults on board the bus are started to react. leaders said that the bus driver was in front of the bus during the fire trying to put out the blaze using a fire extinguisher meanwhile, in the back of the bus, three chaperones helping to get kids off the bus. the students were headed home to claiborne county after taking -- taking exit exams in hattiesburg. they had a transportation -- when he got on the -- you got on the scene all the students were waiting in the field. the bus was on this. >> intense flames swept through and chart the entire vehicle and ensures a free appraiser say it's a total loss publicly, the only injury was one girl who heard her shoulder trying to escape. >> she had her arm i think -- he had a boost arm.
8:47 pm
she was fine and that's all the only person who was hurt. >> school of your say they want to recognize the two women who alerted the driver. >> we have to give them give them something where plaque or something. they helped also. >> you think your hero. >> i don't think him a hero. , hero. i'm just happy that everybody was okay. >> the investigation into the cause was ongoing tonight witnesses say the smoke was coming up from the front. school officials say the bus was a new model and they think it may have been mechanical problem. >> time for the tech -- tech report with gabe slate. >> a whole new type of one band, high-tech staff -- a chance to play in here more than 100 types of musical instruments. tonight the tech reporter introduces us to a unique new startup in the bay area turning clothes into
8:48 pm
musical instruments. this is where both text to that extreme, the drum pants kit comes with everything you need to turn your close into a -- closing to a concert put on by you. >> then the fun. i think it's being -- is being able to be alive somewhat like when people tap on their bodies and minds they envision the sounds and it sounds totally awesome and read and now there's a way to tap into reality and take what you create and you can share it with other people. >> these strips are thin and lightweight and can place them over your close or under your clothes. in the pants, shirt, jacket, wherever you want. the sensors have two triggers each woman in that offer up to 100 different musical instruments sounds when you tap them. >> you can wear a small portable speaker to share your skill with the world or jim out with other drum pants users or hold a private -- private session with yourself using headphones.
8:49 pm
early testers say they get quite a reaction public. >> no way. i can't believe no one invented this earlier. >> everyone has done it before and now finally the from the pilot. >> the drum pants system can speak to a smartphone that arrogant -- tablet. >> i tried it out is fun, but i look dorky. i am not very musical. >> let's go back to call people using this. >> it should be in the market this winter. >> gabe slate, kron4 news. >> , say we had the sunshine. the sea breeze coming in. cooling things down. yesterday in san jose it was 84 and today 69. down live, the crescent tonight, the winter pretty strong. a good view of those
8:50 pm
waxing crescent. >> for tomorrow look for a mixture of crowd clout cloud in sunshine. temperatures will be a few degrees warmer, two to 5 degrees. for monday at the weather system that will roll down into northern, california, in the through the northwest, a few showers in sonoma and napa county -- county by the afternoon and evening and extra clouds for the rest of the area. it moves on out for it to cnc stronger winds. 20 wednesday perhaps up to 40 miles per hour in some spots. a lot of low clouds and a few sprinkles mid- forties knows, though fifties east bay, self and low to mid fifties by the be. low seventies here for the south bay in san jose and santa clara
8:51 pm
72. warming to the mid seventies inland in mid to a four sixties by the bay, san francisco mid sixties. oakland close to seven. 17 the north. monday and tuesday temperatures temperatures cooler side. like showers monday afternoon and evening to the no space and turning -- no space and turning wendy button tuesday wednesday, offshore winds and worn-out a warm-up in the week eight in the weekend -- weekend the weekend and temperatures back up to the eighties. >> warriors do and die in la. right after the break.
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the amazing -- amazing spiderman two swings into theaters this weekend. jeremy ross gives us this week now showing. you know what it is what i love about being spiderman? everything. he reprises his role in the amazing spiderman. >> that's jamie foxx as the natural. one of the villains. >> along the way, peter parker learns more about his late parents and the role that he place in his life.
8:55 pm
>> and his love interest, as the end sally field as aunt may. >> the amazing spiderman is rated pg-13. designs are on the street. they hit home runs each, the giants beat the slump. they won four straight and eight of nine. johnny -- johnny cool moves, hit a grand slam, boston street -- the red sox beating oakland six-three at fenway park. with all the drama -- the clippers and the warriors play at seven and deciding game in the contest is being played right now in los angeles. at the staples center.
8:56 pm
with a one-point win two nights ago in oakland and a quick check here, looking good for the warriors, 58-53. the winner of the 140th kentucky derby is california chrome. in the race of billionaires, california chrome is owned by a couple regular guys from around reno, nevada, and the trainer get this is 77-year-old veteran horsemen told us. california chrome next challenge comes in the couple weeks at the preakness race. the weather, what a change. hot to chile. >> that -- even on a cloudy day sometimes we get the sunshine. similar set up tomorrow, clouds and sunshine and have to -- half moon bay, going out to 61. a little bit warmer elsewhere upper sixties and seventies. that will wrap it up. stay
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you have probably heard that george clooney is engaged but how much did he spend on that ring, and is he ready to be a dad? >> i don't hate all children. most, you know, obviously. >> how far will george take this settling down thing as his friends talk to us about his parenting skills. >> kids run to george. george runs in the opposite way. >> just kidding. i hope. >> plus george's romantic proposal. has he finally met his match. >> we can expect it soon. >> now that clooney is off the market, who's hollywood's top bachelor. >> i know who i would pick. >> oprah surprising her fans in new york. >> why she's expanding her brand to the $90 billion -- business. >> how do they know


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