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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 28, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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the tragedy in isla vista is being remembered here in the bay area. tonight students from u-c santa barbara and u-c berkeley came together for a candlelight vigil at cal. kron four's philippe djegal was there for the moving tribute. a sense of pride in this time of sorrow. wearing uc santa barabara
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sweatshirts and t-shirt, cal studentsd and ucsb alumni light candles in solidarity for the lives lost in isla vista. victoria xu knew 22-year-old shooting victim katie cooper, personally. > > katie was the type of girl who even though doesn't fit the typical san the barber of mold, i care about science and i care about engineering.... i don't know. we got along somehow and she was great. no matter what i did it she always loved me and that was pretty amazing of her to be able to do that. katie was exactly the type of girl who maybe he thought he was talking about when he took her book was not that type of growth at all. and as other gauchos alumni take the mic, its clear this tragedy is one with strong ties to the bay area.
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> > as the brother of someone who is currently a student there, this fear of one who is related to someone who's just two blocks away from where the shooting was. it was just a terrible feeling. speakers, like tom sheehan, whose son graduated from ucsb in 2012, also stressing the important of recognizing early sings of mental illness and how talking problems out rather than allow them to fester inside can prevent needless deaths down the road. > > as the parent of, let your loved ones know they are ok once in awhile that you are ok. sometimes you don't get in contact with them so let them know. you are know and, the flags here at cal will fly at half staff through sunday in honor of the victims. at uc berkeley, philippe djegal, kron four news. classes resumed today at u-c santa barbara. students were back - a day after a memorial was held to honor 6
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murdered classmates. the mood was somber on the campus. throughout the u-c system - flags are at half staff.that will be the case through sunday. we're hearing more tonight from a bay area survivor of the deadly rampage. patrick eggert of san rafael was in the path of the troubled young man who went on a killing spree near the santa barbara campus. but patrick considers himself fortunate. he was riding his bike with a friend when elliot rodger gunned his car and hit them. today kron-4 talked to him on the phone about his experience. > > everyone i see is coming up to me and telling me they are happy i am right. but yasser i am definitely still trying to a realize that there was the mass murder. trying to run me over. i'm so happy is see my friend was even alive. was a miracle right there. > > you think there's a part of
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you that won't heal so fast? > > absolutely. my knee will heal fast but that is about it to. > > patrick is still shaken by what happened.and recovering from his knee injury. a suspect is in custody after police say he robbed someone at gunpoint and barricaded himself in a residence for hours. san francisco police say it started at 23rd and shotwell streets after 4-30 this afternoon. they say the suspect robbed a victim.and then ran into a residence on shotwell street. streets in the area were shut and locked down. the swat team and hostage negotiators were on scene. the suspect didn't take any hostages.and no shots were fired. neighbors in san francisco's west portal district say they're fed up with a water leak. which has been flowing since last week. they say they've reported it several times to different
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agencies.but with no results. the san francisco water company says it's taking so long because the leak is close to muni. since it's within four feet of the tracks. they have to get special permits to do the work. residents are frustrated.especially because of the drought.but officials say they're doing the best they can. > > i am concerned about the infrastructure under the ground. what is happening to it? where is that soil going? the farmers could use that water in. could be passed into. > > we are working closely with our colleagues to get that permit quickly. they water company says the work should be finished any day now. once they get those permits - the actual repairs will only take about an hour. > > it was a nice day out there today. it was a little cooler in a couple locations but still in the '80s. as we look live right
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now you can see the camera still bouncing around. we still have some gusty conditions in the hills and that is where the winds will stay gusty overnight. that will be calmer out there tomorrow and pretty mild similar, to today, but cooler throughout the weekend. the extended forecast. forecast out coming up tonight. the world is remembering maya angelou. the renowned poet and activist died at her north carolina home this morning at 86. years before the world knew her as a groundbreaking poet, author, and activist, the bay area knew her as an innovator. at 16 - she was the first african american woman to become a street car conductor in san francisco. she later told oprah she 'loved' the uniform. those who knew her well. say she used her heart and words to make the world a better place. > > she did it as a poet, as a writer. my angelou to me was a
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great woman, a great spirit, a great person. angelou was considered something of a renaissance woman. at various times she was a dancer, actress, composer, poet, educator, producer, filmmaker, activist and author. she was awarded the presidential medal of freedom a couple of years ago. saying she was a "warrior for equality, tolerance and peace." "he is a bully! he's physically aggressive with other children and he's basically a little jerk." coming up. a mother accused of choking a 12 year old boy she believed bullied her daughter. what a new report claims really happened.
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parents might be exposing their children to toxic chemicals without realizing it. now an oakland group is hoping to change that. california used to require certain baby products to be
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doused with a flame retardant. that requirement ended in january - and some companies have since removed the chemicals. the center for environmental health applauds that - but wants labeling to indicate which products are safe. "we think companies have done the right thing by taking the flame retardant out but they shouldn't keep it a secret anymore." the center asked 17 popular baby product companies if it offered products without the chemicals. and whether it said so on the label. to see which companies have eliminated flame retardants head to our website -- kron next how muni buses are controlling signals to help you avoid getting trapped in traffic. and more hidden cash has been found in the bay area. where the anonymous millionaire may be headed next. the native baseball here with the a's and the tigers in oakland. can the brawn and he
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closed outhe heat close out
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san francisco muni riders have complained about the on time performance of many of the lines.
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now there's a new program which has some busses taking control of the traffic lights to cut down on commute times. kron four's jeff bush explains. traffic light after traffic light and you eventually have a traffic conjestion problem. that problem affects everyoneincluding the busses and trains. muni says there is a new program that rolled out last month that addresses the problems of conjestion and makes it safer for pedestrians all at the same time. gps transmitters have been installed on the busses along the 14 mission line to literally make the light stay green until the bus goes through. > > there is a gps on the bus that communicates with the traffic signals. when the bus is coming it will keep the green light for the bus and hold for pedestrians. muni officials say the system helps out those who ride the bus but also makes the traffic flow better over all. ultimatly, because you are moving faster and more efficiantly, you are saving time as well. currently,the gps system is in
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operation on the mission 14 bus and the 49 mission bus and officials are monitoring the progress of the busses on that linewith the idea of expanding the service to other lines in the future. muni officials say the new gps system will be expanded to the bayshore 8x line next month and the n judah line in the fall. i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron four news. most bay area drivers say they're facing a transportation crisis.according to a new poll. the bay area council surveyed more than a thousand people from the 9-bay area counties. 31% say their daily commutes are longer than a year ago. one of the problems -- most of them are driving alone. in fact - 77% say they drive alone -- and only 12% percent say they're car-pooling. people want something done -- but there wasn't much agreement on how to fix the situation. we're still seeing some gusty winds up there right now which will continue into tomorrow
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morning. by the afternoon we're looking at '60s coast side and seventies inside the day with eighties away from the coast. we're going to be warming up quickly. by noon seventies and eighties practically bay area up widwide. here you see the numbers on the coastline do not have much of a change in the low 60s. down by the peninsula will be in the '70s. 80s in redwood city and some other places. '80s for the inland valleys. this is the south bay will be running in the '80s as well.
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finally the north bay it will see plenty of the '80s as well tomorrow is a very comfortable day with pleasant winds and much cooler into friday and saturday maybe even with a little rain on saturday california could toughen penalties for young people convicted of sexually assaulting someone who is unconscious. in a bipartisan vote.the state senate approved "audrie's law" today. the bill now moves to the assembly. it's named after 15 year old audrie pott who committed suicide after photos of her being assaulted circulated around her saratoga high school. "audrie's law" would close a loophole in state law that means lesser penalties for juveniles if a victim is unconscious. in santa rosa. the lawyer representing a woman accused of assaulting a child she believed had bullied her daughter.says he can prove the woman is innocent.
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the lawyer says the alleged bully - a boy - actually choked himself - and then blamed her. delia bratcher-garcia was arrested on assault charges last week in santa rosa. she's accused of confronting a 12-year-old boy.and choking him. her attorney has conducted an investigation with a private investigator --- who says at least one witness saw the boy choke himself. sot he choked himself and he lied about it to get her in trouble because he did not appreciate being confronted by her about his bullying behavior. and importantly by the way the other children in the report confirm that he is a bully that he is physically aggressive with the other children and he's basically a little jerk and the d-a's office says they're investigating - and they've received information from garcia-bratcher's attorney. the next court date is june 19th. who couldn't use a little extra cash? and maybe a little fun, too?? today - hundreds of people hit the streets in search of cash hidden across san jose. similar scavenger hunts have
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been held recently in san francisco and oakland. an anonymous millionaire has been hiding cash --- then posting clues on his twitter feed. alex doxie found 135-dollars near the shark tank -- after seeing a tweeted clue involving a fire hydrant. it was a hunch. it was a major hunch. i sat there and we were the only person there. i just saw the fire hydrant and we started running to all the fire hydrants. and there was. other cash-filled envelopes were found across from the greyhound bus depot, on a stop sign at oakridge mall, and near a dumpster at an olive garden restaurant. the man leaving the money says his next hunt for cash will be in los angeles. giants star hunter pence has been reunited with his scooter - after it was stolen over the weekend. some people handed it over to police today at a-t&t park - saying they'd found it. pence got the good news during
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the game. a police report was never nobody's going to jail.and pence had already ordered a new scooter. he says he'll auction off the stolen scooter.and give the money to charity. in sports. tim lincecum gives up no hits. but is removed from the game after only five innings. and a great finish for the a's at the coliseum. gary has the highlights - next.
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gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. democrat john perez for controller.
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this was a great great night of sports. we will begin with aids at home verses' the. powerhouse of the a's/tigers scott kazmir vs anabal sanchez pitcher's duel tonight top 3rd kazmir sit down nick castellanos sit down danny worth sit down ian kinsler kazmir strikes out the side his only mistake top 4th torii hunter solo home run to center 1-0 tigers bottom 8th sanchez strikes out josh reddick swinging bottom 9th joe nathan pitching josh donaldson up with two on donaldson hits a 3-run walk off home run to win it he gets the pie in the face from reddick
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final: 3-1 a's a's pass tigers for best record in the american league giants/cubs no such as theatrics' after their game. tim lncecum weird outting today top 1st pablo sandoval makes another great diving stop and guns out the runner at first lince cum likes it
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bottom 2nd vern glenn doing his annual ball-dude appearance can't handle the hard foul the great vern glenn top 5th lincecum strikes out edwin jackson he has not allowed a hit but after walking his 4th batter george kontos is summoned to the pen bruce bochy pulled lincecum after the 5th with the no- hittwer intect lincecum: 5 ip, 4 walks, hit a batter 96 pitches but no hits bottom 6th/ scorelss sandoval singles up the midle angel pagan scores 1-0 giants top 7th/ 1 out jeremy affeldt gives up a single to alameda native john baker to break up the no-hitter 8 outs away bottom 7th/ after sandoval was walked intentionally hector sanchez makes the cubs pay with this drive into the left-center ally buster posey and sandoval score sanchez is safe at third advancing on the throw home 5-0 giants final: 5-0 giants 6 pitchers combine for a 2-hit shutout after the game bochy explained
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why he lifted lincecum after the 5th with a no-hitter nba - heat/pacers #5 lance stephenson listening in on in heat coach eric spolstra 4th quarter paul george. picks off the lebronjames pass and goes coast- to-coast for the dunk 77-66 heat with less than 9 minutes to play less than 4 miutes left 81-78 pacers james has only scored 4 points but buries this 3-pointer to tie the game 81-81 12 seconds left pacers up 2 james drives and kicks it to chris bosh for the 3-pointer and the lead but he misses pacers get the rebound with one second left final: 93-90 pacers heat lead series 3-2 game 6 is friday in miami 49ers full squad ota's jim harbaugh and the 49ers hit the field for their first full squad organized team activity of the offseason aldon smith who plead no contest to felony weapons charges and will be sentenced july 25 was back on the field as well and colin kaepernick has to deal with the ongoing investigation
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blackhawks goalie corey crawford who is being investated by lapd after a heckler complained about during game 4 2nd overtime/ 4-4 tie michal handzu with the backhander to win the game for kings lead series 3-2 game 6 in friday in los angeles that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our moheat shields are compromised. we have multiple failures. are those thrusters burning? that's a negative. what's that alarm? fuel cell two is down. i'm going to have to guide her in manually. this is very exciting. but i'm at my stop. come again? i'm watching this on the train. it's so hard to leave. good luck with everything. with the u-verse tv app, the u-verse revolves around you the u-verse revolves around you
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the last video. >> the california killer at a pizza shop just before the massacre. >> and his little brother. , a future target of the killer's twisted mind? and then his war on women. >> i can't have you girls, i will destroy you. >> did pick-up websites like this help fuel his hatred? >> the whole ride ins up in sex. and then one direction uproar. is he really smoking pot? plus, he killed his little boys in a raging inferno. >> he blew up the house and the kids. >> he's the only suspect if the disappearance of his wife. and now the bombshell new book. did he really starve his


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