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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 9, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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4 thick shock at the savannah school after school aid gives students dog treats after- school been research. students
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says hugh surprised that the teacher is supposed to take care would do something like this. this official said there's no at illnesses as reported from the tree. >>: the world cup soccer is the tradition since 1956 to benefit local listings a workable to sing the song. connie farrell is
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rally averages 368 $4 for a gallon of gas but here in california it's lower dollar in san francisco it's the highest average in $4.10 a gallon faugh. fed with even-years on apple this morning as they slipped 1/7 to 1 split. does volunteer priced apple shares from 91 shares. >>: these are numbers from frieder from dow and the s&p create a
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news. chess or 16 images around 100 degrees again but not everyone's going to see that. i like it is in green for this as krim weather. it's very foggy this morning if, san francisco and the peninsula this morning. temperatures is after no be in the '70s and '80s some places for some close to the '90s will be clear tonight partly cloudy towards midnight. -numbers gonna be up towards frere said in and half in which a with is for those areas and above. nine and
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adding conquered 83 and eloquence and san jose. downtown san francisco as an added a few clear skies that of another round 77. this tell-all news will last before the court down causes were. >>erica: we have an accident and send your cell block in the center line. this could affect affect your ride if you're going not to the golden gate bridge. fit and bridges are still alive on sites to the bay bridge toll plaza. 778 minutes draft time have as you were curious and francisco. in effect of the things back on time. in jane'
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hisas acidify danger accordanceo the oakland fire department described as very high. ed asner and have extreme temperatures it also means there's not going to be a lot of wind. if there is with high temperatures hyaline would be a recipe for disaster.
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nicosia aalto the grasses and i this in yen look like solemn mode pottery. was to allow more roads sapphires o'sullivan steen and dragging this not secured olive wood would take is one smart and when we take iraq's- sphere were up with these high temperatures the smallest spark can spark a fire wait until the
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close down a little bit. if think you'd end reporting live for us. >>: also this lorna firefighters want to mention this still looking what caused this fire. this look of this video the broke out around 320 out ride outside of all new stock-stoop. the good news is they get it under control of 45 minutes no one was hurt. >>: moghul messaging client was an accident-oakland mayor quan ran
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a light and was involed in an accident. for mayor claude was not badly injured. hough there's
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no way yossi the light changes the election are looking at the road. this is not just an accident if it was the issue was the first accident and everything was o.k. it would not be a story. this story has political ramifications kirkuk we called the mayor last weektws driving this of the birds have you done this and is not good for a political analyst, she said last week that she would not do it again and she now appears as if she feels she's above block. -the law. she also
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says she standing over for the investigators to prove she is not on a fallen during the crash. said the sentences of 49 is a man in a surprise visit find out where they're being is going to be at. one 01 this afternoon
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look is in draft france and about 10 minutes. >>: off the note is going to give more expensive if it may be good for dairy farmers but not so good for shoppers. now the prices go on the-up. and some sizzling temperatures are headed this way with a live look to the building a bridge there's a the conditions, and there's lots of forecast common-comming up.
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♪all day and all of the night - the kinks♪ yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. it is so good all the time. the policy was attack conditions this afternoon no more high as 81 sun arose in the '90s redwood city with of the 90 degrees average has upper '70's
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surfaces goes looking at 80. there's one 0150 route 75 in babysitting san jose is gideon around upper 80s this afternoon losses such an. a man of sunnyvale in these basic temperature is gonna be really hot. 84 and sematech. for a seven day in four test of the
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house today to mark: trend begins below continued got quite a bit through when said but it looks like 5 is there on sunday will be pretty nice. >>erica: the lives of most of the traffic has stopped. as a receiver and lighter than usual conditions to monday morning. i draft time right now is under 20 minutes to allow look at the golden gate bridge to date with
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death linacs its report before use of the bridge within their the center lane block pregnant with of course there could tapestry had headed up to the drawing a bridge. as for the receiver of draft beer and cents or delays for north bound to david. today president mobile will announce a new plan which will
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capture monthly payments for bowers discretionary income. audrey and 01 the doodle flute mobile and she's 11. and as kids can guarantee for of great wall with the inventory to run a better place. witnessing today as a water purification system. five players from the san francisco 49ers of pond abrams in san jose-put on aprons. for
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the company against degeneracy which player will make the most. this taxi's pizza on tanker route we do not know will be there from the niners did you decide to show off. a zero brennan ucla basketball star goes to court today the antitrust suit was filed five years ago. the trial must would decide if they were unsure if bill pay college students for the service. for 24 other legal
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actions are pending to ford's ucla. >>: services could * olmecs tom with the coal strikes out six, sergio raw-romo. this dance a luncheon of the last 12. the athletics are rare but this series in baltimore with that! a grand slam with four runs batted in and the juice 7 scoreless innings and the a's beat up on baltimore and they still have
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the second-best record in all of baseball behind design. the very not travel west of plaintiffs. >>: if you didn't care for its last night this is a glove with humans off ♪
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welcome back to the ground for a morning news-knron 4 faugh
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southwest plane back into a northwest plane airline a strand of fine and how this happened. >>:
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the morning everyone are live shot from san mateo bridge. for the south bay will bring back your forecast for you say skyes m out for this afternoon is sunny and warm and make sure hot for some locations, but in a of race. the 95 unconquered


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