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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 12, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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robin williams asphyxia due >> : to lead did deep into the triggers for a check and of comic life his well-known struggle with depression and >> : nothing sadder than when the comedian is by himself. >> : will miss him >> : and neighbors and now but tell kron 4 about their loss and we have a piece of his resonate you won't see anywhere else. >> : not just a meteorologist and men robin williams delivers the kron 4 weather >> : evening everyone to begin our coverage tonight with the investigation into robin williams' death kron 4 latest tales with the news conference on the marin county sheriff's office >> : mr. williams' life ended from a asphyxia due to hanging in very graphic details weren't county sheriff's deputy coroner nattily pulmonary findings
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suggest death was a suicide but gave specifics of the house he did and what he looked like when assistant discovered the after shortly noon on monday >> : mr. williams personal assistant became concerned approximately 11:45 a.m. we filled responds to not on his bedroom door at that time the personal assistant was able to gain access to mr. williams bedroom and enter the bedroom to define mr. williams closed and a seated position one response of with a belt secured around his neck with the other end of the belt which between his clothes closet doors and door frame corner also indicated that hanging may not been at williams first attempt to take his own life >> : inside of mr. williams rest left wrist several key to provincial transfers cuts pocketknife with a close blade what is located in close proximity to mr. williams and examined in dry red material was located on the blade of the knife which
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appeared consistent to dry blood. corner also said there is nothing to indicate foul play was involved >> : friends examination did not reveal any injuries indicating mr. williams had been a struggle or physical vacation prior to him being located deceased child determination as to the cause of death must wait until investigation is complete until toxicology results are back. that should take to six weeks in the meantime the corner has indicated that williams had been seeking treatment for depression he did not say the weather not he left a suicide note >> : we have team coverage on the new information coming out about robin williams his troubles with depression may have been spent decades >> : robin williams battle with addiction and mental illness
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was no secret the academy award winning actor spoke openly about his struggles and 1988 williams told people magazine " cocaine was place for me to hyde was people get hyper on coke it slowed me down. >> : higher highs losel was nothing sadder than when the comedian is by himself. >> : those close to williams believes he had bipolar disorder dr. mason said he's a clinical psychologist bipolar on like depression includes major depressive episodes but also includes episodes of mania art pepper wrote mania characterized by increasing energy level and increasing behavior and put in involvement and interest hyperactivity so all of the event such as final financial problems of divorce trigger depression or something that you're born with an advance of this kind happened and it can trigger depressive episodes
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we think of more and adjustment disorder or reaction there is a lot of research suggesting that it's often triggered by life events. however with bipolar disorder there is a thought to be a large biological component so what will initially set off a and said well-documented history of depression and advocate aunt spoke out against it and actually said that it took his own life >> : interestingly enough we spoke with people of national suicide and tell me that sense robin williams' death they have seen an influx and phone calls from people dealing with depression >> : we are learning about something else that weighed heavily on williams' mind before his death money all at may seem strange given his at his success kathryn reports that he had openly knowledge and that his concern about financial
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trouble >> : when he took a job starring in a cbs show the crazy ones he joked it was nice to have a job where the trucks were clear >> : according to reports in the new york post and daily mail sources say williams was crushed by the fact the show was canceled after just one season and he had really needed the money in 2013 he told parade magazine he had bills to pay and downsizing it's one reason he says that he put his ranch and not on the market saying he had could not afford any more than 640 a. napa valley property still listed for sale at just under $30 million sources including abc news say to the forces have reportedly wrecked his finances and cost him millions and referring to alimony in the parade magazine interview he said it's ripping your heart out to your wallet >> :
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continuing our team coverage tonight at kron 4 j.r. stone spoke with nappa county friend of robin williams one who likely knew him longer than most >> : will miss him and the thought of it robin williams is not here anymore douglas them the sole and a sorry were so sorry >> : roberta who spoke volumes more than 20 years now but county neighbor yes a friend no doubt when the mother-in- law recovering from surgery there was williams who showed up at her doorstep with one of the largest flower bouquets she had ever seen >> : as i felt compelled died should tell pollen from the flowers all over and williams lived in a small multimillion-dollar mansions
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for many years when equipped with a pool veneered located in the very secluded area deep and napa valley burris said she remembers going to this house for robin williams is for its bread hebert party >> : some stars that came were from new york they did not like our little winding road and they're going to hire a helicopter to go back >> : i don't know if they did that very very nice man genuine >> : tender hearted kind of person >> : aboard tells me she will certainly never forget robin williams the actor the husband and the man who she used see ride his bicycle up and down the streets every day and napa county j.r. stone kron 4 news >> : you tonight at 8 upset former san francisco mayor brown with admiration for robin williams he tells us
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what the actor comedian it meant to the bay area >> : for as of all he was equal to friends as he relates to filmmaking and san francisco he was number one number to san francisco made up of a pawn of characters and robin was one of the most important one but the most beloved most respected and symbolic of this extra ordinary city finally robin was incredibly generous with his time his talent to all organizations that need help organizations hand you name it and robin always there is a true san francisco >> : people poor in our hearts out on social media other so much out there that we were reporting for the last couple days ago had an show you some of the latest jailer who starred with him and the movie jack treats
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this sad day my condolences to robins family friends he brought like to every room he entered and was a true comedic genius jimmy phelan pleaded this take a walk and york city this morning under tree-lined street perfect briefs looks like it was raining flowers i know that was you and were not only covering the story on air but also on line on our kron 4 kron4-dot-com special section and memory of robin williams some of what it is there if you go there click on and you concede details about the life and death of robin williams if you go down here there's a video which shows you exactly what the coroner was talking about if you wont mind that a little more further down there is in the corners statement made and if you had backed there's also a section here reflecting on some of the celebrities you
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can go had and see other comments that they were making also a special section on our mobile app devoted tote robin williams set up to date on this and other breaking news by downloading that from and who will play or apple applications or >> : sadly we have another celebrity death to talk about actress laura up a call died at the age of 89 in new york city her death confirmed by the humphrey bogart estate married to comfrey from 1945 till his death in 1957 lauro made a field debut and to have and have not and 1944 known for her very distinctive voice received two tony awards and also nominated for three emmys >> : ahead tonight at 8 the resurfaces from the kron 4 archive showing of robin williams the quite the store for the city and it has been 10 years since promising
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football star turned sculley killed now a movie depicting kelly and his murder coming to the big screen we talked to kelly's father bought the film won the game stands tall and a bay area but pastor accused of molesting a child live with their poor of his arrest >> : looking live right now from the bay bridge toll plaza of clouds already moved and we have been seen cloudy conditions out there again tomorrow leaving even cooler temperatures to to look at the numbers coming up >> : also coming up tonight we have more on the problems robin williams might have been facing a could have contributed to his death doctors still way and >> : first look back at the williams are enrolled in a childhood favorite of many 1991 " >> :
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okay you can't forget the cc... guys, this is going to take a while. avo: get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card on new 2014 turbo models or lease a 2014 jetta se for $169 a month after a $1,000 bonus. at 8:00 san francisco pastor has been arrested for alleged route that acts on a minor. details on the case from daly city police department >> : this was investigation that lasted months detectives walked into the 69 year-old pesthouse today and arrested him interviewed and now sits behind bars >> :
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he is using his presence for audit group and church community took place during prayer services at his residence >> : then accused of molesting a young girl in his home police say the incidents reported to standard and police department earlier this year of the investigation led police to the pastor's bailey city home where they found enough evidence to charge him with three counts of molestation of a minor and under 40 years old they negotiate nation minister hopes are that says a number of different churches including golden gate christian church in san francisco members of the congregation facing the base the building and was not pastor their >> : progeny as to asking for me for directions to a different room apparently they were not familiar with the church describing the use of the church at that time >> : it is clear more victims may be out there >> : we are concerned because of
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this any in the community he it may have had sex with other children and maybe other possible victims out there >> : files will be arraigned tomorrow investigators interested in talking to anyone that may have been in contact with him for enlivened daly city police yet >> : edify to amend found dead in san jose motel on sunday afternoon officials say the bodies of shot williams and another at the easy a hotel on north first street police say was not clear how long the bodies had been there and no immediate signs of foul play cause of death have not yet been determined medical examiner is waiting for toxicology results clouds increasing on the bay area this evening looking live from our about 10 camry conceal the clouds moving and over the bay you can take another live look outside from 7 to a bridge
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there are low clouds also having high cloud coverage of thing and you can see that very well on satellite radar picture and to a weak system of the north of us at the tail end of it and see rain moving to the north not whole lot of it but that's where that rain and state right to see any out of it but were and c six seabees wins more fog and drizzle near the coast line tomorrow morning widespread low cloud coverage and 6:00 hour we will start to see clearing all little bit quicker tomorrow than what we saw today especially in the north bay and see that if it cluck our by 10 clear to most of the north bay and into the bay and back to the coast for the afternoon pictures to more manning below average for this time of year comfortable in the '70s and the low eighties for the most part 83 moscow's 87 and a plot to 80 and santa clara at eighties as well and lends tomorrow low eighties 80 unconquered pleasanton and livermore 84 and at antioch 67 used inside the bay 72 in san
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leandro and hayward in the north bay woman tomorrow because this cloud cover upper 70's will '80s >> : and had tomorrow temperatures still very much on the cool side a little warmer cluster average there is a friday will not hit the '90s any time soon the state pre comfortable to the weekend and early next week >> : next the next addition, for archive to showcase what robin williams it meant to the bay area he brought joy to so many people for so many years and that includes the child patient spent 1998 based on the true story of dr. hunter patch adams >> :
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near tonight that a robin williams a regular fixture on movie television screens for decades also made more than a few appearances right here on kron 4 earlier today our own troll's clifford some time digging through the archives >> : callous clubs on the internet featuring robin williams as an actor in films television shows also from his senate career but today we went into the kron 4 archive again for all stories that featured him as a member of the bay area community >> : real the studio club was from 1994 when he made an appearance at a bookstore on haight street shot there to show support for its front 40 new book >> : is another clip from 1994 of williams at the san francisco symphony there
8:23 pm
with friends and legendary san francisco reporter hurricane >> : don giovanni >> : nci 6 williams billy crystal spotted on the streets of san francisco shooting the movie father's day and do very well at the box office but one of many movies including a stow fired jack williams films and the bay area >> : and once again showed support when the city held parade as the festival in cannes honor he appeared on stage with san francisco mayor william brown >> : he died less than a year later robin williams spoke at the funeral which was held inside grace cathedral >> : by early 2002 during game 3 of the world series he was spotted in the stand dishing out signals as the giants
8:24 pm
face the angels in game 3 of the world series >> : still ahead tonight at a we are live at the punch line san francisco's famed comedy club where they decided to show what must go on when they reflect on how robin williams change their world >> : academy of motion picture arts and sciences posted this corporate contribute on it robin williams post- 1992 film aladdin is look back at the amazing voice work >> : spokesperson: get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card
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book now online, only at today authorities released new details on how robin williams and it ended his life officials say we have it to indicate that williams committed suicide by handing himself in a room at his home and to ron. his wife i saw him alive time clock on sunday night he woke up monday and left the house thinking he was still asleep it was his personal assistant who found him on monday morning >> : mr. williams personal system became concerned approximately 11:45 a.m. when he failed to respond with not as much and door at that time day access to what mr. williams bedroom into the bedroom to find mr.
8:31 pm
williams closed at a seated position on responsive with a belt secured around his neck with the other end of the belt wedge between the clothes closet doors and door frame police say williams had apparently also made superficial cuts on his wrists and a pocket knife was found nearby. the tet board would not say whether he left a suicide note >> : , defense lineup at the punchline in san francisco tonight to see this show tonight robin williams performed many times at that venue particularly earlier in his career where people saying tonight >> : that sold out for several weeks and people i talked to not even put to intuit the other one, asking questions about robin williams is said it's only appropriate to see live comedy tonight just one night after williams died >> : this comedic genius so
8:32 pm
tonight symbolic coming here are good friends he's featuring here tonight so a comedian rock-and-roll musician gone comedian now till coming here to support what his hilarious antics so i thought about last night how symbolic as it pisidian tonight at the punchline and services could day after williams passing can give me chills to think about it >> : and never saw him perform here i saw him at the great american music hall >> : , about the performance? >> : a bunch of years ago and he was a surprise performance he was it's not been on the stage and when ended his whole act it was an amazing gift >> : support, any and the first thing i thought of a cdc a
8:33 pm
recess is >> : robin williams will definitely be missed your in the bay area >> : just bush reporting live in san francisco kron 4 news >> : friend of robin williams provide more insight into the actor and producer comedian himself produced a comic relief shows which raised millions of dollars for needy causes for williams coasted those shows with billy crystal and whoopi goldberg >> : must tell you when you went with him and makes sense of what happened when you were with him just a loan he had no social skills he had could not have handled that he would be and is meant for 35 years and yet it was like those in an elevator with a stranger year there had to be to people in the room and then you were an audience and then he came alive i think it was when
8:34 pm
year that high in performing and bipolar the highs highs and lows are lows and there's nothing sadder than one comedian is by himself. and has to face the demons and unfortunately that's what i think what happens >> : in tonight at a williams reports he was not alone in battling depression in fact estimated one and 10 people are depressed at some point in their lives and majority of patients do not get treatment but williams did which underscores how difficult is to fight depression and said edition april spoke with dr. fell about this issue >> : so sorry that there was not someone there to intervene in this way it giving the world if you would call to meet >> : dr. fell talking robin williams tragic suicide after years of battling his demons >> : it to be so do debilitating sometimes you can see and on an x-ray you go and and see
8:35 pm
broken bone you go all that's real depression is just as real as a broken bone >> : oscar-winning actor battling severe depression before he hanged himself on monday suicide is throwing a spotlight on what leaves it simply too embarrassed to talk about >> : the talk about drug addiction it was all kolff less forthcoming about depression reports now say he was bipolar nearly his movie character in the 2009 dark comedy world's greatest that appears on tv show to talk about suicide >> : a few that depressed real job someone and remember suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems >> : some think of was oppression was worse worse by surgery 2009 to replace a disease tarbell's depression often an aftereffect of open-heart surgery three years ago williams appeared on a call- in show and a but just i
8:36 pm
heard when you had heart surgery at can go and oppression after that is now not to me was exhilaration >> : the laconic chevy chase mourned williams today saying he robin and i were great friends suffering from the same little known disease depression that >> : dr. fell told inside edition signs to watch for if you see your loved one is that you see a decline and grooming ec decline in activity declined and interests you see a decline and less active less involved and these are signs that they're beginning to withdraw a distance marginalize themselves the death of a great american tragedy and by many as like a call about the dangers of depression >> : you can watch and said edition here on kron 4 at 1138 that's right after news at eleven and you can watch doctor felt here at 10:00 in the morning of 4:00 p.m. in
8:37 pm
the afternoon also right here on kron 4 >> : still had kron 46 exclusively with homicide investigator and parents kelly killing that case gets the big screen treatment with the movie about the football winning streak and players behind it >> : alive look outside from golden gate bridge piquancy high cloud coverage moving in right now in and see lots of talk tonight with a firecracker coming up >> :
8:38 pm
8:39 pm
edible winning streak of the football team hits the big screen and a film called when the game stands tall. star athlete turns kelly depicted in the film is 10 years ago today that kelly
8:40 pm
was murdered in richmond hill shot to death just two days before he was to attend the university of oregon on a football scholarship kron 4 has exposed exclusively with homicidal investigator and said the case and also to kelly's father and son a story only see on for >> : short of promising life come to an end on the big screen was difficult for mr. kelly me my daughter and my wife and cried through the first half of the movie >> : august 12th marks the 10th year since his son turns calais was gunned down in richmond new movie highlighted 2003 dallas cell football team will be in theaters soon he says the film makers got a right and portraying >> : his leader putting his friends but terence never made it out of richmond
8:41 pm
person one of the carrot killed parents wanted him dead >> : police officer jose lead homicide detective at the time terrace was killed this is his first time speaking publicly about the case >> : he says it was the first time in his career as a rich and top people came forward to help the police >> : people calling it an and actually sank a this is a person that did it and his nickname add that time for and it is extremely difficult people did not want to talk to police they were not did not trust us people come out and pretty hysterical one injustice >> : arrested for the murder and now serving a life prison sentence >> : when his fighters old parts for life these days left until it works year-round for the t k e foundation helping young people overcome obstacles to fulfil their dreams and >> : we want our own building in the next five years that's one thing i would want to see a statue of my son in
8:42 pm
front of his own building helping kids like we've been doing for loss 10 years that would make me the proudest that ever >> : clara a specially in the north bay 10 degrees cooler and sorrows of because of cloud cover only low eighties for the most part through inland valleys in fact many of them reach that mark unconquered 78 their 70 in san francisco today clouds increasing right now will see clouds and drizzle again tonight afternoon sunshine will have that store on the course on and check temperatures saying the leverage to the next seven days satellite greater picture showing the high cloud coverage sourcing out there right now things to a storm to the north talent of it right here were not see any rain from this but we will see increasing reasons and that means widespread low cloud coverage into tomorrow morning you see that here in 6:00 hour especially it but certain clear tomorrow and see that here in the north bay a complete opposite this morning in the south and in
8:43 pm
north bay we tested cards there tomorrow different story tomorrow sunday throughout most the bay area into tomorrow afternoon temperatures still very similar to what we saw today '70s for the most part of the low 80s and lend lady in sunnyvale map was '60s at the coast booking ahead for warmup thursday friday but it not going to get too hot reached the '90s and and but in fact in the '80s to the weekend and into early next week >> : in sports tonight the giants are the white robin williams before the game at&t part in the a's show top in kansas city garry has highlights all sports next >> : all sports next these pajamas are really a hug. this toy is a reminder that someone cares. these are a chance to be part of a team. and this is a chance to succeed.
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charged with one of florida's was fires are ever says he's not guilty if he turns himself in to authorities this morning in court this afternoon facing four counts stemming from a mass of rimfire back in august of last year that fire burned for two months across 400 square miles in yosemite national park and national forest prosecutors say he was hunting back in 2013 when he lost control of an illegal camp fire >> : battle between ridesharing at companies is getting heated with less accusing rival over of using dirty tactics with says it has data showing employees ordering and then canceling more than 5000 less drives since last october left
8:46 pm
claims that 177 goober employees are on a country involved in all this date with says by this request can decrease their drivers availability sending at the other passengers overt tuber >> : evening everyone pays back exploding tonight and kansas city johnny lesser still unbeaten class time out to a trout. title little bit tonight by the royal brand and moss bubbling to center field to hear one nothing is lost four hits a couple our rbis and from there the a's search out to for nothing about the fourth inning as you watch lester goes to work finishes sixth in six sets of three wont runs what struck out nine and and joshed owls and his fellow all-star goes the distance calls and three for 44 rbi
8:47 pm
as 11 3/8 right now the wait-and-see how angels make out tonight against the phillies right now won nothing philadelphia early >> : we have a sponsor you have a highlight miami's john carlos known for his offense makes the catch on the warning track tonight the lexus pursuit of perfection giancarlo staten the lottery this evening robin williams fire to the giants' game this evening purses the white sox honored at at&t park after showing a montage of williams on the scoreboard there was a moment of silence for williams who was a big giants fan right now the game is proceeding along without the giants' offense having are rare rough night at the ballpark and it is to
8:48 pm
nothing chicago right now in the fifth inning apparently it is over for donald sterling officially announce today the microsoft former ceo steve ballmer officially the new owner of los angeles clippers seems as the sale from those still in family trust closed for $2 billion to donald sterling had unsuccessfully fought the takeover at in court his own team since 1981 >> : south curry talking about kevin of more than likely going to cleveland it will cleat keep clear thompson something he agrees with >> : our thinking about clay >> : gives such should david love people pieces around him and we were the great team last year and the assent court together another year reacted better
8:49 pm
>> : looking for to 49ers finely chris and not state what the football game on sunday night when they host a afternoon affair and jim harbaugh took advantage of the exit edition game versing his brother baltimore beckham maryland they stayed there until yesterday and one of the things went a scrimmaging against each other or even offensive star terrell thugs stop talking business contact nick >> : use of high energy guy always working all is talking a little bit i like that if the have that on a football field >> : there goes following that game sunday night at shea applebaum bit roberts to break its bread sit down and there'd better be good traffic if the traffic flow is not very good you know
8:50 pm
what they are going to do rep rep. let's keep our fingers crossed and traffic flows mots or a day and that they have complained and do sunday night >> : he was really good >> : very good >> : were talking about who we interviewed jason of course is good >> : archer did tell the nfl commissioner has about devices dump on its head >> : just like you and i commissioner football dumping a bucket of water on his head there is good
8:51 pm
because it dealt with by all less challenged other well- known folks pete carroll seattle coach michael straight and to do the same so for the challenge has raised 1.3 $5 million in the fight against bay isle last >> : robin mullins as the weather for kron 4 for sluts watch first appearance on the tonight show with johnny carson or the 30 years ago >> :
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8:55 pm
such a great man and he was always a good friend i admired him he was a legends and believable >> : and believable is right world continues to reject the death of robin williams for government governor arnold >> : i hope you're prepared for comedic relief after such a tough couple days robin was hilarious at my expense limit like a scene for you he played the wacky weather guy thousand cds news anchor we're shooting the video olympics committee for the bay of 2012 game here are outtakes of robin >> :
8:56 pm
s. hard to keep a straight face kevin caddy kept cracking everybody up and the studio so much more to this opening get ahold of the entire video when we do it will be posting on our web site on kron4-dot-com i promise you robin was and a rare form out >> : before we had of course we of the court perky meteor shower was the weather looks like we're plessey it locally we have an increasing clouds right now it keeps things cooler tomorrow the politicians enjoy low 80s tomorrow we will warmup little on thursday friday but still in the '90s and the extended forecast will average for now but we could hit those '90s beyond seven days will keep you posted will be back with all the latest on the news weather sports tonight at 11:00 have a nice evening
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