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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  September 29, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> reporter:now at eight. an east bay middle schooler. air-lifted to a hospital after an accident on school grounds. >> reporter: injury school officals called *traumatic. a sideshow in the middle of an oakland street. got out of control this weekend. >> reporter:law enforcement saw it happening. so why didn'ta local bar tender allegedly beaten with a hammer. by an uber driver. >> reporter:the beating. so horrendous. he could lose his eye. we talk to friends trying to help him in his time of >> reporter:and motorcycles and a-t-vs takeover a bay area freeway in broad day light. how they manage to get away with it every weekend! >> reporter:this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: an illegal street sideshow in oakland. ends with a car crashing into a group of people. you are looking at video from the scene. >> pam: kron-4 has learned authorities knew about this so-called sideshow. >> pam: but decided *not to break it up. good evening, i'm pam moore.
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>> pam: we'll show you how pervasive of a problem sideshows are. in a moment. >> pam: first, grant lodes shows the evidence we uncovered today about the sideshow. that raises many questions about public safety and which agency - oakland police department or the california highway patrol - is responsible. >> pam: grant? >> reporter:it is strange that oakland police is not at least confirming that this sideshow happened in their city. >> reporter:the chp admits some of their officers were there. set up at a distance along the permeiter of the sideshow. keeping an eye on things.but those officers did not intervene.due to the overwhelming number of people in the crowd. >> reporter:let's take a closer look at the video. you can see the driver almost hits a crowd of spectators during this maneuver. >> reporter:that was their e to get outta harms way.because secodns what happens. >> reporter:the driver slams into the crown here. we'll play it again in slo motion. >> reporter:after hitting the people.the driver just
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takes off. >> reporter:kron four went to the location today. near the 880 freeway on ramp at high street. daylight reveals tire marks from the donuts. >> reporter:the crowd of people was standing in this area. after hitting them, the car took off in this direction. >> reporter:also at the scene. multiple traffic deliniators were knocked over.on the ground. >> reporter:oakland police do confirm that side-shows occurred west oakland and moving east.ultimately onto interstate 880/. >> reporter:opd says they responded and were able to divert vehicles. but they have no reports of a hit and run collision at a sideshow. >> reporter:sideshows have become somewhat common occurrences here in the bay area. there have been three notable sideshow srecently.
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>> reporter:this one on the golden gate bridge shut down northbound traffic in mid- august. >> reporter:a guy driving the black camaro starts doing spins and donuts. taking up three lanes of traffic.and narrowly missing opposing traffic as drivers crawl by headed south. >> reporter:that same afetrnoon. the camaro started again in marin's waldo tunnel. >> reporter:this time he had company.a silver firebird is videtaped as well. and the day before.drivers shutdown part of westbound 580 in oakland. >> reporter:videos were posted on social media. >> reporter:these three vents were part fo an orchestrated weekend of sideshows.that also included multiple displays in east oakland. >> reporter:we've posted video from this weekend's sideshow on our website. we also have a version that we enhanced and slowed down -- now on
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>> reporter:and later in our show -- video of yet another sideshow in the east bay this weekend. involving motorcycles. and even an a- t-v. stunting on interstae 580. >> reporter:kron4's stanley roberts will have that at 8:30. in tonight's edition of people behaving badly. >> reporter: pam? the >>tonight only on 4.a scary case in antioch this morning as a medical helicopter had to be called to park middle >> pam: an accident in pe class left a student unconscious after a head to head collision. tonight that student is okay. he spoke with kron 4's j.r. stone who is in antioch and has the story. >> reporter: >> tunny are rubbed and other kids started to pull my flak. i stood up and ran
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into his head and dropped to the ground. >> reporter: bekaa with his brother and family. the birds that was capture the flag in football playing in didn't t e class. it was so bad that it not come off conscious. his father flew to the children hospital by helicopter. --pe class >> he would not respond and i was so scared. >> reporter: doctors believe he had a concussion and will be ok. tucking could be difficult. talking. >> it is really painful. >> reporter: an unfortunate accident and they will look at the game being played to
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make sure all of the safety precautions were taken. his father is thankful that his son is ok. >> this is a nightmare for any parent. >> reporter: j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> this just in to the kron 4 newsroom. >> reporter:breaking news in dallas tonight. >> reporter:a dallas hospital says it is isolating a patient who is showing signs of having the ebola virus the patient's symptoms and travel history suggest the patient may have ebola, the virus that has killed more than 3,000 people across west africa. >> reporter:the hospital expects to receive preliminary test results tuesday from the c-d-c. presbyterian hospital says it's taking measures to keep its doctors, staff and patients safe. >> reporter:we'll continue to follow developments out of dallas. >> reporter: 10 on?--pam?
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>> pam: two men are behind bars. arson spree. torching homes, businesses, cars and trash cans in alameda. >> pam: tonight, several families are displaced. and the damage is estimated at 3 -million dollars. >> pam: today, kron 4's maureen kelly dug up some interesting information on the two men arrested -- andrew gutierrez and stephen petersen. >> pam: first, grant shows us what police say they set on fire. grant? >> reporter:homes and businesses destroyed. fires. >> reporter:that were set in alamedamost within just blocks of each other. >> reporter:maureen kelly now.uncovers interesting details about who these suspects are. >> reporter:this youtube video shows one of the suspects.stephen petersen.singing and playing guitar in this music video. >> reporter:wearing his hair longer than what you see in his mug shot. on his facebook page the 27 year old describes himself as a songwriter and producer. >> reporter:several of his
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songs.and facebook posts denounce facism and racism. he calls himself an anarchist pagan.who is member of occupy oakland. >> reporter:he has posted several photos of himself demonstarting in favor of animal liberation. >> reporter:were they troublemakers? >>no, they were always coming and going. >> reporter:walter brown remembers seeing petersen when he lived here in this alameda apartment building a few years.when he stayed in the apartment of other musician friends.the building manager describes petersen as quiet.and was shocked to hear he was connected with the arsons.that burned within blocks of their building. >> reporter:police are still investigating petersen what the any he has to the second suspect.andrew gutierrez. >> reporter:a 22 year old transient. >> we are looking into is those two people had a new relationship. were they working independently?. >> reporter:police say both suspects were seen near several different fire at least one instance by surveillance cameras.gutierrez has been booked on four counts of
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arson.peterson faces three counts. >> pam: in sports. negative headlines today for the head coaches of the bay area's two football teams. the 49ers and the raiders: >> pam: a report from sportscaster - deion sanders that some niners players want jim harbaugh fired. and coach harbaugh had some very choice words regarding that report. >> pam: also, rumblings about the raiders. an associated press reporter tweeted that raiders head coach dennis allen is fired, then deleted the tweet and acknowledged he knew nothing. >> pam: coach allen is scheduled to have a press conferece tomorrow. the raiders have lost 10 straight games, dating back to last year. >> pam: gary radnich will be here at 8:45 with his take on both stories. -- >> pam: if you are trying to get around on the powell- hyde cable car in san francisco. transit officials want you to keep in mind that the street cars heading
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to beach and hyde streets at fisherman's wharf, are down until further notice. >> pam: in the meantime, s- f-m-t-a has shuttle buses running in their place. we spoke with commuters who say, the buses get them to their destination, but the wait time for the cable cars is normally much shorter. >> on the regular it's more easy to get picked up and you don't have to wait that long. the next car, somebody go to hyde street and that's it. >> pam: according to the muni website, the powell hyde cable car line will be down until further notice. no word on what caused the disruption in service. >> pam: grant? >> reporter:good news for north bay drivers. >> reporter:the highway 37 overnight closures scheduled for monday through friday
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this week.have been cancelled. >> reporter:crews doing maintance and paving work got enough done during the past two weekend's full closures.and they can finish up withough full closures this week. >> reporter:crews repaved about seven miles of eastbound and westbound highway 37 between highways 29 and 121 over the past two weekends. >> reporter:about 40- thousand drivers use that stretch of highway 37 every day. >> pam: san francisco court workers have voted in favor of going on strike. a san francisco court bargaining team counted the votes today. from last week's strike vote. >> pam: about 91 percent of union members voted in favor of a strike. >> pam: a date for a strike has not yet been set. however. officials say it could happen at any time. >> pam: ahead tonight at 8 why it is costing you more to pull your own money out of bank atm machines.
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>> pam: all members of this group keep regular vehicles, up out of date when they run wild. >> pam: >> jacqueline: it was pretty mild out there today. 70's and a few low 80s. 60 degrees at the coast line. a big warm up later in the week. i will show you how hot it will get coming up.
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>> pam: signed by the governor -- aimed at fighting the rise in sexual assaults on college >> pam: governor brown has signed a bill making
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california the first in the nation >> pam: to define when "yes means yes" -- and outline what investigating sexual assault reports. >> pam: the legislation says silence or a lack of resistance does not amount to consent. critics argue that it over- reaches and sends universities into murky legal waters... >> pam: now, there's even an app designed to help people consent to kron4's scott rates is gauging reaction to the "good 2 go" >> reporter: you can see what the concern for sexual harassment is on capp this print now on the maker of a new applications is that they can help as well. but how does it work? and what the students at the cal berkeley and think about it? >> reporter:sexual consent?? there's an app for that! it's called good2 go! the app. records "mutual consent before a couple engages in sexual activity. here's how it works both parties have to press the "good to go bottom before anything can happen. the other options are yes but we need to talk
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and no, thanks if both parties are good2good, it doesn't stop there the app will then questions the sobriety of both people involved. they have to enter either sober, mildly intoxicated but good2go, or pretty wasted. if either person selected pretty wasted consent can not be made, and all answer are logged students at cal berkley have mixed reactions to the new app >> honestly this application seems really silly beer at a level where it is coming from but i do not howl actually functional this is terrific >> if you are wasted you will not open this application up.
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>> reporter: you see any of your friends or people on campus at reusing this application? >> know. not really >> reporter: the reaction on social media has been very likely--lively. 13 people have shared it. >> reporter: we say join the conversation and we and on our kron4 page. >> jacqueline: still mild in the afternoon. the wind will pick up in the evening ushering in big changes. the
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wind is coming in from the belly so things will heat up this week warning all away in to the weekend. the tail end of a weak system. here it is. we will keep disagrees with an attack tonight creek will have bought out tomorrow morning creek. help mix out the fog. still sitting to our base shores by 11:00 we will see a largely clear sky. still on the mile outside the marleau looked 70's and low 80s. 60 degree temperatures at the coast creek we will see a shift in our land and so things will warm up. >> jacqueline: the brazing fire concern is still a
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concern because it is dry out there. temperatures are going to be he teamed up in a hurry on wednesday, thursday and friday for the 90 degree temperatures for most of the bay area and 70 degrees temperatures at the coast. >> pam: new at 8: >> reporter:bend=gate is heating up. >> reporter:people are going to extremes to prove to apple that the i=phone 6 plus bends. >> gary: jim harbaugh, how low you all other players to him?--loyal. later in this broadcast.
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>> pam: power attack reporter gate slate is here to talk about apple. >> reporter:that's right. brittish teens broke the law to test the phone and consumer reports has now weighed in on this bending issue >> reporter:this video has gone viral of two teenagers that went into an apple store and bent one of the i=phone 6 pluses that was on display. >> reporter:the kids used their hands to bend it. they claim they only did this because the apple employee told them it could not be bent. >> reporter: and offered to pay for the now destroyed phone cosumer reports also tried to bend an iphone 6 plus. >> reporter:they tested it with their bend bot. putting 90 pounds of pressure on it. >> reporter:and it did bend.
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but they say so what other phones of a similar size and design also bend with this much pressure. >> reporter:so consumer reports says the phone is not as bendy as you might think and it should hold up just fine with >> pam: so for normal use the i=phone 6 plus is ok ??? yeah, from what i've seen and i've seen one bend in front of me in a test we did >> reporter:i would keep the i=phone 6 plus in a rigged strong case >> reporter:and not sit with it in my pocket. >> reporter:it's not a pocket phone in the jacket. >> reporter:or purse. and you'll be fine. >> pam: and what's going on with ello ? a lot of buzz over that . >> reporter:yeah pam this crazy. people are paying to get the chance to be on ello >> reporter:on ebay right now people are buying invites to this social network. so ello is the hot thing right now online >> reporter:we showed it off on friday. it's a new social network. >> reporter:being called an
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anti-facebook social network. there is a lot of hype over it >> reporter:part of that is because it's invite only. >> reporter:you have to be invited by someone who is in or request an invite from the company. >> reporter:so people are selling invites on ebay. and people are paying for them >> reporter:invites are going for between $6-10 >> reporter: beaten by a hammer and may you may lose his eye. was france are going to help his medical attention. --what friends are doing to help with his medical attention. >> reporter: people behaving badly ...we need to break up.
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>> jacqueline: we are running in the 60 degree temperatures for the bay area however, it will become warmer! ♪
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: just about every weekend locals are taken over. reports coming in in regard to complaints were high above my pay or take great. --pay grade. >> reporter: on this video posted but histogram on the subject a bike life. riding bikes is legal what happens with these takeovers are not legal. for example, here are some doing wheelies on the street.
8:31 pm
>> reporter: i m structure they said if they were able to say it if they were able to have property or location that was legal but would not have to take over the street. red light. pretty much whatever they want wherever they want. >> reporter: if you notice, many were picked many word missing a license plate. many people were asking where were the police when all of this was going on? with this minibikes that are constantly on the mold is a form of anarchy. --a form. it makes illegal drivers look bad. and east oakland
8:32 pm
stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> pam: live in alameda tonight he has the latest details... jeff ! >> reporter: according to school officials there was a punch and tackle. some reason, the team started fighting. if you see this is the field where the fight took place. the rally behind the school. it was broken up and called the game as stated that there would be no more. it would be a on a suspension and not be able to play in this friday's game cree.
8:33 pm
>> even though they were wearing protective garments and helmets it's still came off. i feel bad for them and the guys on the national hot high-school tancred we cannot say that boys will be boys' trip we have to send a clear message that violence is not ok and will have to teach our way out of it. >> reporter: this would have been the 60th annual ball. but it will not take place . >> pam: still no formal charges against niners defensive end ray mcdonald for his domestic violence arrest last month. >> pam: espn is reporting the team is ready to either suspend or cut mcdonald if the santa clara district attorney charges him.
8:34 pm
>> pam: a court appearance scheduled for today was postponed. the d-a's office says no new court date will be scheduled until or unless charges are filed. >> pam: mcdonald was arrested at his santa clara home august 31st on an alleged assault on his fiance. >> pam: he has started all four games for the niners this season >> pam: new rules enforced at a popular east bay hiking trail. designed to combat rowdy visitors. this after problems kron four highlighted in "people behaving badly." >> pam: noise complaints and curfew violations. have forced authorities to take action at mission peak. kron 4's teresa estacio explains the changes. >> reporter: on this beautiful fall day the staging area is packed. it usually is. officials is that that is both a good thing and not so bright for the area. they are asking the to be courteous to the neighbors. kron4 stanley
8:35 pm
robbers shoulder as how some people do not pay attention to those signs. >> reporter: this is lieutenant king to explain why the change in schedule. or hours per >> we want people in the park we will like them to enjoy it hit safely with proper lighting. we have had a number of instances where people were falling. we have neighbors that were trying to enjoy the sanctity of their own home. un interrupted. >> pam: banks are cashing in on your atm machines. what it will cost to withdraw your own money cre. >> jacqueline: we will see high clouds
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tonight and a change in the forecast. much more this week. ..warmer temps. [ male announcer ] automotive innovation starts...
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>> there is it possible chance that he may not even be able to see out of that i again. >> i am taking care of his adult for the moment. his family is taking care of him. --dog. >> >> reporter: fell bartender is donating all of his tips to the bartender creekrobert chica.
8:40 pm
--robert chica. >> by supporting everyone is the right thing to do. >> jacqueline: temperatures for the 80s and 90s for much of the bay area. we are worried about fire conditions especially tuesday and into wednesday. the pattern will shift and the wind was just. we will have dry, dusty wind. right now, we still have a weak passing to the north toward bringing in high cloud cover to the north bay right now occurred as the swing through we will keep the sea breeze on land. wwinds.
8:41 pm
>> jacqueline: we will see temperatures largely in the 70 degree temperatures and low 80's up there by 3:00 made in the north bay, east bay and part of the south bay. >> jacqueline: 80 degrees in napa, and 81 in livermore with 70 degree temperatures inside the bay. we will one of sickness but only as we head into wednesday, thursday every record temperatures getting up at the upper 70's by the coastguard we stop--we will start to cool down as we head into next week. >> pam: the story of a woman who went to show a house and was never to return to r.
8:42 pm
>> pam: gary has the highlights and all of the rest of the sport's next! >> pam: a program reminder. television number one trauma make its premiere on kron4 wednesday night. it is the walking dead. you will be able to watch the zombie trommel right here. back to back that the souls each and every wednesday at 9:00 p.m., followed by kron 4 news at 11. my whole life, i didn't have health insurance because it was too expensive. as a professional dancer, i tend to beat up my
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>> reporter: harrison, the nice little model job right there. look a lot of people have time to about the new jersey sprit take a look as some of the tweet part of their is eight thumbs down from our floor director. warriors new jersey's looked sick. toxic means good current--sick means good. 97 percent says they love
8:45 pm
them! 3 percent does not. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary:good evening! >> gary: psst to be accurate, the raiders have not issued a complete statement. as of yet. a final blow. players out after the game talked-about the future. >> decision comes from the higher up. >> players play creek has nothing to do with dennis
8:46 pm
allen or anyone else creek same old talk after every game thrift--we have to climb out of this whole hole. >> gary: they do now have a filling for the organization. you cannot blame everything on the coach. you have the general manager and others patrick again, you have to have a scapegoat. raiders do have eight ", by week. someone will come in and finish off at least about two weeks to try and get something new on board. >> gary: meanwhile, harbaugh
8:47 pm
has done nothing but the wind. however, deion sanders has everyone excited. when he said the players were tired of harbaugh. and they do not want to play for him anymore. that is the thing. 49ers did come back and beat philadelphia yesterday. you know, that is the type of person that wears well part in all cases. >> reporter: deion sanders as last night on national football league network, says the players are tired of playing for you. do you believe this? >> i personally believe that this is a bunch of crap. >> reporter: is it important for the players to like the coach?
8:48 pm
>> again i believe that this has gone on way too far in my opinion >> gary: you have three guys patrick antoine boldin, the linebacker patrick willis and freak board these are three veteran dies by my others did control the road and there. you get one of them accurate to get up and say we respect carboy and we play hard for harbaugh and we do not want a new coach. but if you do not hear from the guys in the suit and tie is upstairs or anything from the respected die spirit then that will keep people speaking that there is possibly a little trouble. >> gary: just finish of tom brady, rocking the crut in kansas city tonight separate 41--41-14 brady.
8:49 pm
>> gary: 2 interceptions. a fumble as well along the way alex smith 242. 414 tanker it41-14 >> gary: wild card game. pro players for the week. >> gary: huge rally today with the long drought in professional sports. making everyone extra artery. kansas city and a eighth one gave only creek for the right to invest the proceeds of port st. for the giants and his bird on wednesday night. one gain
8:50 pm
that-1 game only. >> gary: distance so that we are comprehensive plan the voice over for curry. and we will go from there. with all of the turmoil with the team. >> gary: hope real high for the golden state warriors. people want to love this team. >> pam: could to hear. -- good to hear
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>> pam: in hong kong on pro- democracy protesters have been up on the street since last week. you can see thousands of people are still protesting creek >> pam: bay are operations that china refuses to let anyone run for the post of hong kong's chief executive unless they get approval from beijing. >> pam: last night there were clashes between protesters and the all thirties. police fired tear gas and peppers break into the crowd. >> pam: news reports say the intruder who climbed over the fence of the white house might father inside the property that expected that the secret service has publicly acknowledged.
8:55 pm
sources say all mark gonzalez graeme past the guard at the front door and into the east room courage which is about halfway across the first four building. >> pam: does tell us was that attack that aged red however secret service officials said the zealous had only made it to the north portico after running through the front door. >> reporter: authorities have made an arrest in the missing in the case of a missing arkansas real estate agent. police are arrested 33 your old parent was this morning. he was named in our press war on suspicion of kidnapping 49 year old beverly carter. authorities say carter was scheduled to show the house last thursday that the bush he never returned from the appointment. police arrested lewis' at an apartment complex this morning. >> reporter: authorities
8:56 pm
have not release details on how investigators identified laws as a suspect. louis is on parole for previous convictions in arkansas. >> pam: 80 am feeds search this year. that is according to a new survey by the bank rate. --atm >> pam: out of network atm the ec jumped 5% to a new high. on average customers were charged $4, 35¢ per transaction creek bank grant also reports those tidies kept most people using such of the machines. but that is part of the problem. the bank will hike fees to make up for the loss. and there is no sign of that slowing down. but these will skyrocket 23 percent over the past five years.
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>> pam: former first daughter chelsea clinton in her new daughter check out of the hospital today. hey john check it out.
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