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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 7, 2014 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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shelter in place as firefighters sprayed water on the leak caused when a backhoe crew does >>: within a large plume of gas and dust together. >> reporter: the strong small and smell of gas chase people from the nearby farmers market and san pedro square as some 800 workers abandoned their work at a high rise under construction >> reporter: was little or no time to react many of the evacuees left behind their phones cold cigar keats and waited hours behind caution
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tape for the all clear in san jose brought flatboat " kron 4 news. >> reporter: >> reporter: after a delay final autopsy results are in on robert williams. authorities say no alcohol or illegal drugs were in his system when he committed suicide in his home in august. >> pam: the usual dose of nothing unusual there is why city was struggling with depression and anxiety recently been diagnosed with parkinson's disease. >> pam: a developing story the security is been high and several north space goals after somebody placed on and social media site and some pilot action would be taken. >> pam: many parents decided >> reporter: police were
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outside the school trying to report trying to see anything suspicious. >> reporter: as word about the situation spread many parents came to take the children out of children >>: and online people always make jokes and stuffed with all the school shootings is better to take action. >> reporter: police said they will continue their presence throughout the day and they will be out in an upcoming football game between two high schools. >> reporter: right now they're trying to track down who posted the track the threat. >>: >> reporter: in the
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vital to resist tossing a kron 4 nose. >> pam: arrest of traffic related deaths putting pressure on city hall to make the streets safer the activist put out one parachute for each one of the 28 people killed in traffic this year six of the deaf happen in the last two weeks. >> pam: including 51 year- old jogger to was run over by transit bus. >> pam: was designed to get the attention of city leaders a 68 year-old city worker was hit by tour costs what she was crossing the cross what would back to work. >> pam:
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>>: for the 28 pairs of shoes we have here fatalities there were all hundred times this many people injured at this point in the year they're not represented today. people with broken limbs irreversible trammel, and damage to their body. >> pam: the group is asking them to jump-start traffic safety. the activists also want more physically protected bike lanes. the recent passage of proposition 8 will they're hoping it will fast-track fixing the street. >> pam: that were checking on bay area weather is balmy right now. it's been a nice week of the most part. daniel was in the weather is. >> reporter: we have a good
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weekend in-store you can tell by the fall this rolling in now. fog is starting to push over the span and inland area overnight hours throughout the morning but our afternoon highs a ruby ring remain pretty nice. >> reporter: 9 sunset tabus and session up with the heavy traffic. oakland 6372 in livermore. >> reporter: we have nothing doing as high clouds and precipitation but we will have precipitation in the forecast starting next week. >> pam: starting this evening lane closures will start on the golden gate bridge and they will continue throughout the weekend all because of a product project to create a moving media. on the bridge >> pam: the barrier will
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currently will replace the cones the majority of the construction start next year. >> pam: starting at 7:00 tonight at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon to southbound lanes will be close to me while starting at 8:00 tonight until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to of the northbound lanes will be closed. >> pam: developing tonight is the fuel future of the oakland raiders up for grabs. detritus if they can lure the oakland franchise to texas. >> pam: kron 4 is will trend reports is not going well with the home. >> reporter: is not sitting well with the raiders fans but that could be an option. four months ago of martin davis said he was in san antonio. another option for
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the raiders could be lost angeles. but for the raiders fans of oakland is the only place. >>: i think it should stay here is data sent great fan base. >>: hello i was raised a raider fans so is born. >> reporter: the nfl said it put up have said for years and they want another team to move back. the owner of the dallas cowboys has said for years that there's a huge fan base their if the raiders have been moved out of oakland he wasn't the move to los angeles. >> pam: of the newly elected mayor of oakland
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says she is not ross ruffled by the moves she has talked with the raiders in the last 24 hours. i believe that oakland is the best place to be that we can excellent absolutely sell ourselves as the rightful prominent home for the raiders and the a's. >> pam: a one-on-one interview today the mayor elect also said the raiders assure heard this morning that their top priority is to keep the raiders in oakland. will have more on that interview tonight kron 4 it 8. she talks about the issue the police say and how many officers for city needs and how soon she would get them on the street that's coming up eight. >> pam: coming up the 5153 days after the man election vote they're still being counted. then at 530 a bay
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area flight attendant was murdered her boyfriend is accused of the gruesome crime. our friends said they tried to save her before the tragedy. >> pam: as beverly hills home is on the market for an exorbitant amount of money. hey john, check it out.
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at kaiser permanente, everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ >> pam: take a look at this is a new record in the real estate market this is a
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mansion in beverly hills is on the market for $195 million is a 25 a. property and has his own entertainment complex 27 carburizing and even has a vineyard. the mattson has 53,000 square feet of living space and has 12 bedrooms 23 bathrooms the master bedroom alone is 5000 square feet that venue produces five order cases of wine each year. the home is owned by real estate mogul jeffrey he bought the home as an investment he it rents for nearly half a million a month and can accommodate a thousand people for party if you will see more pictures and information on the mast and vegetables that are kron-4-dot-com. >> pam: kent jarosite fop dies there is i felt opens up and up by a private struggle. both still being
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>> pam: the midterm election is not over until all the bows of the uncounted. and some of the closest races the races as the continuing all week long path readiness year with the latest catherine? >> catherine: even though sam liccardo has declared victory wednesday the last words to revise the date course cents a the has not conceded it is been that close with a part of the downtown city councilman holding on in a hedge though holdup has been because of flat stacks of late mailing ballots which may not be fully counted until the weekend so there's been doubt about the outcome of one of the silicon valley's most hard-fought contest.
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>> catherine: also the election is not over yet in the democrats' only tough vote for the south bay congressional seat. fremont's connaught has not conceded to become combat my kind of san jose. caan has been insisting that a lot of vote by mail ballots still need to be counted these are the latest numbers. >> catherine: high in the meantime has declared victory. >> catherine: and maybe there's been some frustration behind scenes with election officials in santa clara county. the election commissioner has asked for an inquiry after each top tech workers suddenly quit on the eve of the election. i teach chief resign monday night and it's unclear whether that has any
5:18 pm
had any effect on the vote tallied and finally a late will result race has been called san francisco's board of supervisors president david is headed to sacramento after his opponent conceded last night. here are the latest numbers. because the assembly race was so close supervisor david compos waited until thursday night to concede this was a particularly high thought as the campaign between the two liberal democrats. >> pam: this is also very anxious time while the economy seems to be getting better is not the case for everyone kron 4 smite delta reports on some south bay families started early to make sure there would be a bright spot spot in their holiday cheer. >> reporter: where it's sacred heart community service in san jose. later
5:19 pm
this month over thanksgiving and thanksgiving and christmas boom box will be stopped you register for to make sure that their kids kid gets over the holidays. >>: this is the first time that have volunteered here in the path and on monday dismissed out myself. >> reporter: organizers expect has held 7000 people poured holidays. some do have jobs that are not making enough to afford the holiday meals. tabbies their feeling frustrated because they're not fit their not seeing the money in their pockets so that of supply for their family. >> reporter: they still have open spots and they will register more families next friday. organizers of sacred
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heart community services whelps the start serving the meals november 24th. >> reporter: the fog is absolutely blanketing the golden gate bridge. as a nice sunset across the board. eastbound 92 to moving toward a table is moving slow. all >> reporter: overnight weather cloudy conditions mostly sunny and warm all went through the weekend. with the start cooling down quite a bit after that. temperatures right now 62 in san francisco assistant d.a. in redwood city as 72 in sunnyvale. >> reporter: the temperatures start around 5:00 in the morning we should be stopped hanging around the '60s what is
5:21 pm
going to linger around a bed around 10:00 tomorrow morning fifties all across the board of the route the bay area. >> reporter: 74 intemperances go 72 in san rafael 73 in pleasanton and 75 livermore. >> reporter: his 71 mid-80s city 70 in richmond >> reporter: of around the bay forecasts sunshine throughout the weekend and cooling off in the rain will begin wednesday night through friday. >> pam: coming up next jerry seinfeld opens up about a private issue why he thinks he is on autism spectrum then a man arrested after flying what he's accused of taking from the plane he was a passenger on.
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>> pam: comedian jerry seinfeld is best known for this clamors to come watch made his name famous over 76 million viewers back in 1998. >> reporter: usually when jerry seinfeld speaks people usually listen his a big problem with paying attention. >>: and think i'm on the spectrum on a drawn-out scale. when people talk to mean the use french and sometimes i don't know what they're saying. >> reporter: his optimism speculation was revealed in a moment of candor by side brian williamsside >> reporter: 1 and 68
5:26 pm
individuals are diagnosed with asb. since a doctor says the jury's self- described trades could be a bigger problem. >> reporter: gerry has participated in advance that benefited optimism. jerry seinfeld is a champion of the optimism community there many people they can relate to his heartfelt comments about his own experiences. >> pam: and you can watch all of your celebrity news right here on kron 4 after the insider and entertainment tonight is 7:30 p.m. followed by local news that eight. >> pam: coming up a bit obeyed area flight attendant murdered her boyfriend
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>> pam: now and 530 and oakland artist is being held at a texas jail accused of murdering his girlfriend. you're looking at a mug shot of joseph car the two were in austin to meet friends and family police a car stabbed the victim to death in the home of friends they were staying with. >> pam: this is a picture of the victim kelly turner to the southwest airlines flight attendant who lives in alameda on croc more rain kelly talk to one of kelly's friends who said she had a bad feeling about her relationship. >>: she does walked into a room lit it up. >> reporter: tiffany brown says from vic sher friend kelly turner was sweet and a giving person beautiful inside as her smile kelly had only been dating the
5:31 pm
suspect before month a tiffany said she noticed there was something not right about him early on. >>: just met it was just many red flags. >> reporter: here you see the video joke are forging a sort he's a self-described artisan blacksmith who may oriental metalworking weapons tiffany said soon after they started seeing each other joe acted jealous and possessive a kelly. up >>: steel plate of him to play me past voicemail the p.m. accusing your sleeping around and being this person that she wasn't i said kelly something is wrong and what can we get a restraining order. >> reporter: tiffany doesn't believe kelly ever filed for restraining order and caps seeing jowl. a few weeks before the trip tiffany said she witnessed an argument between kelly and joe during which she says joe had a look on his face that scared
5:32 pm
her. >>: on that look pretty good snap at any moment a kelly this is that you have to get this guy out of your life i fear for your life. >> reporter: tiffany even talk to another one of kelly's friends about staging an intervention to give galley to break up with joe. people i spoke to know who the suspects and say they never seen him acting violent or surprise and said what happened is landlord in emeryville studio says joe had been acting depressed lately. tiffany sessions is glad joe is in a texas jail. >> pam: friends and family are still searching for san francisco attack worker who's been missing since halloween night. dan not returnr showed up for work since late october its is the end of october is roommate told police. >> pam: he saw his
5:33 pm
long all around 8:00 p.m. near fourth and brennan street his family says he's known as divvies spells they say he gets lightheaded has trouble speaking at times. the deck worker has never been known to disappear before which leaves those close to him worried. a close friend just once to make sure he's safe. >> pam: of face but page has been set up the felt fine him the page says high is the i o s developer added as as a start up is a stanford graduate please save about 6 ft. tall to under 10 lbs. and was last seen wearing a sweat sweat shirt. >> pam: >> catherine: it was along running mystery is other california why a family of four just vanished into thin air in 2010 taking nothing with them a story xanthine
5:34 pm
bernadine a county announced that they have finally arrest a suspect for their merc murders >> catherine: police say the 57 new chow's merit is now accused of killing the mate mixed a family of san diego county. he was a business associate of the father of the family this is some merit this week after being taken into custody. >> catherine: joseph consummate mix stay in their two young sons were last seen alive in 2010 for three long years their disappearance was a mystery then a year go home this month in their bodies were found in shallow grave in the desert they died of blunt force wounds police now believe they were murdered at home michael misstates says his brother had tried to help charles mayor tried to provide work and this is out he was repaid. >> catherine: family members held another vigil for the victims this week as police said there was no single
5:35 pm
incident that proved to be a breakthrough moment only all re-examination of the thousands of pages of evidence and more interviews joseph mcdade brother wanted to say thank you today and found it difficult. >>: you have no idea is very difficult. >> catherine: merit faces four counts of murder and will be back in court soon >> catherine: charles' marriage has been a long time suspect has always denied any wrongdoing. investigators say he was asked by the victim to design some decorative waterfalls and two men had met at a restaurant on the day before it was believed the family was killed. >> reporter: right over the terminals there the fog is building and is picking up over throughout the overnight hours if you worry about flying now sampras's was not reporting any delays
5:36 pm
right now. >> reporter: if you're travelling by road bay bridge was about 80 is not looking good besides a relatively clear in the east bay. of all this is just pouring over the golden gate right now. temperatures right now sampras's coach 59, or 71 livermore's 72 and will have somewhat of a chilly morning because of the lack of clout coverage. will be left with temperatures around the high 40's and low 50's old and overnight our to rob the bay area. >> pam: also coming up with 545 how many more american troops are headed toward rock and next and amanda was arrested after flying when what he.
5:37 pm
>> pam: more on the monthly jobs report. hear the closing numbers for friday.
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with citi popmoney it's easy to send money to just about anyone, anytime. visit your local branch or to learn more. >> reporter: on airplanes big and small life vests are of essential part of equipment. >> reporter: a passenger filled up his carry-on will lift up to life vest and packages on carry-on.
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>> reporter: was always an electrician by trade he was caught for still invest in the past. >> reporter: and nobody's laughing now this could be life-and-death for anybody on the plane. >> reporter: he is facing a misdemeanor larceny charge for his staff of the best. >> reporter: he calls the ceiling of life vests a safety and security arrest stealing of the life vests. >> reporter: still the bizarre crime happens more than it often did you say. >> reporter: these is the best were stolen once a week on his airline. it's possible for earlier flights to take off with missing best because of the paths.
5:42 pm
>> reporter: these are using them for water skiing. >> reporter: 680 traffic is flowing like it is everywhere and not tell you was fixed to expect with the weather and with rain and forecasts coming up. ♪ ♪
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>> pam: developing tonight more about american troops are headed out tonight to fight ices president of, is an out additional troops to a fight ices and a rock the soldiers will be trained as iraqi and kurdish forces to battle the on troops. on the president will be asking congress for more money off from congress. >> pam: meanwhile president obama welcome congressional
5:46 pm
leaders to the white house to discuss compromises. >> reporter: president obama started the day by gathering his cabinet. >> reporter: it is work that is likely to become more difficult with majorities of the house and senate both parties emphasized there's more work to be done. all we have the capacity continuing proof to note so we can deliver to the services to american terry people >> reporter: end is work that is likely to become more difficult a republican to majorities in both house and senate. both sides of knowledge there's plenty of work to be done.
5:47 pm
>>: of president rock brought their frustrated by the gridlock and they'd see cooperation i think all of us have the responsibility me a particular try and make that happen. >> reporter: newly minted gop powerbrokers as a cautious but optimistic. >>: house speaker finding common ground can be hard but it will be even harder to the president is willing to work with us. >> reporter: there's potential compromise on issues like trade and maybe even immigration whereby parts of all reform bill has already passed of the senate but yet has to come up for bold in the republican controlled house. >> pam: lynches and her second step which if guns arm will be the second woman to serve as attorney general and the second
5:48 pm
african american hold that post. >> pam: new government numbers so that employers are adding jobs but they're not willing to pay their workers more money. >> reporter: more than 200,000 new jobs were added in october capping a year of more less steady growth. at the labor department says unemployment is at a six year low dropping below 6 percent usually win jobs become available wages go up but that is not happening in this economy. average paycheck is up just 2% from a year ago that is barely ahead of inflation and the bottom half of the a come orders are not seeing any increase at all the result a meeting median family and come where half the families are earning more and less than half is actually declining. >> reporter: clear skies and the salmon tail area and we do have a lot of fog over
5:49 pm
the of bay area. >> reporter: rock the weekend mostly sunny skies temperatures above is a pretty warm in the '70s for most or. >> reporter: next week and be pretty cold will see probably see some rain before the week cn. >> reporter: 63 in oakland 67 in the late note. >> reporter: with 76 for palo alto 78 for a sunnyvale 77 and inspects >> reporter: 76 and sally and from 79 in pleasanton. >> reporter: 778 a petaluma 69 pro some beach. >> reporter: very nice weather throughout the
5:50 pm
weekend if you are planning an outdoorsy do ebonized ahead of you however things will change thursday night and friday the will be chances of rain. >> pam: honda is expanding a recall of vince because of air bags that could explode. the faulty air bags were made by japanese company these air bags are found in nellie's 10 brands of cars and when they expose basically out pieces of metals at the drivers and passengers. as with the debt their response will fall four deaths. >> reporter: coming up pick people behaving badly.
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>> reporter: yahoo e-mail outage marks the bird held a town hall meeting microsoft is making the best offer free for smart phones and tablets. >> reporter: thank you for your patience that is what many gobbled people so they tried the law then. yalow politics and apologies for any inconvenience. >> reporter: microsoft is making soft way favor i of bonds and high debts. >> reporter: microsoft does not have such much success in the mobile market and
5:55 pm
this is the way for them to get on your phone and lure you towards more premium services that they have offered. >> reporter: mr. gray t- shirt himself held a public consols off guy q&a. read out the badge was asked what is he aware that same t- shirt every day. >>: i have to make this feud is a decision as possible. he was at >> reporter: the was asked by this woman how accurate this movie was about is life. actually this was not a thing to make a movie about a lot of things could been embellished. and they really wanted to make a movie of may woodbin be at a computer of sitting for two hours
5:56 pm
straight. i thought was kind of hurtful. >> reporter: an eighth grader from the school asked him how he overcome challenges. >>: does have to keep on going and not do alone and find people that share your passion and just keep on like that. >> pam: coming up tonight is six taxes makes the play for the oakland raiders and one city leader says not so fast it is the raiders to stay put. he's not >> pam: the officially the mayor of san jose yet where at legend of the boats are adding up now. a remote that lives on your phone.
5:57 pm
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>> pam: now at 6 and emotional more room memorial dozens of pairs of shoes lay down on the steps in front of city hall's to remind people of the people that were killed in traffic death accidents. >> pam: 6 of those deaths happen in the past two weeks were caned more rain kelly just spoke with some of the family members. >> reporter: this side of the memorial was in front of city hall to get the attention of city leaders. >> reporter: one of these pairs of shoes represents pressing arrest all who was struck by a tour bus while trying to cross through crosswalk headed back to work. >> reporter: a pair of
6:00 pm
running shoes represents san francisco's latest victim 51 year-old lori helm of the jogger was run over by golden gate transit bus bars in morning on lombard. these tiny little shoes represents a two year-old girl was killed by a hit-and-run driver on mission street. another pair stand in for polyfoam late her son is upset that more pedestrians have died since his elderly mother was hit in chinatown crosswalk by driver in september. the city has known of these locations for years yet they haven't done anything is basically hiding behind the red tape. the community activists behind the memorial said the city needs to stop promising improvement and take action which usually takes far too long city leaders are hopeful that the passage of prop. 8 the five and a million dollars transportation bond measure will give them the funding
6:01 pm
they need to make changes that need to they know they need tappan. >>: we got to put the city improvements in the ground we know what's needed. >> reporter: more retelling kron 4 new >> pam: a major gas leak has disrupted traffic and due to a gas line under market st. in santa clara just after 11:00 this morning 2500 people in high rises downwind of the leak while another 4500 were ordered to show to go to a shelter in place. firefighters and police went to several buildings floor by floor to make sure everybody was out safely.
6:02 pm
>> pam: a spokesman for the san jose fire department says that while those impacted by the sheltered place order are being allowed to leave the evacuation order remains in effect he said the take up to two hours after the leak is completely sealed for fire house buyers to do a safety switch all buildings in the area. >> pam: police stood guard in front of several north bay schools today after some boasted of social media that they plan to take violent action here at a vital high school police from campus for most of the day k-9 units were also brought in to look for anything suspicious as word about the situation spread many parents came to take the children out of school for the day.
6:03 pm
>> pam: police continue their presence throughout the day will also be out in an upcoming football game between the two rival house schools in the vital and meantime detectives are trying to track down the person who posted that draft. >> pam: and oakley freedom high school principal sent a letter to parents this morning putting an end to rumors about gang fights and weapons on its campus they started after a fight involving several students wednesday afternoon. later that night other student's post of social media's saying the fight was gang- related and the parties involved had weapons faulkner says the school reached out to those students were admitted the rumors were fake freedom high school says it investigated the fight has punished the kids involved. starting today the lanes on the golden gate bridge will be calls. >> pam: the new media is
6:04 pm
being added to prevent collisions. once installed the bay area walls to move slowly back and forth across the bridge-majority of the work will start january 10th. >> pam: bard's new train to plane surface will open in time for thanksgiving barnes says that starting on saturday november 22nd riders will be able to board one of four trains at either the coliseum station or the oakland international airport station the ride takes about eight minutes but will hold a public celebration on friday the 21st at the coliseum station. >> reporter: as root will remain for all the all throughout the evening. temperatures were right now
6:05 pm
is deferences go 5868 in concord. >> reporter: 57 richmond 54 in hayward and 51 in pleasanton. saturday morning of 5:00 a.m. you have 50 if they did start to see '70s roll in here. >> reporter: a tel you what to expect with temperatures and a chance to rain coming up. >> pam: the oakland raiders called oakland home but there is a new push to get the franchise to move the action to texas. a delegation from san antonio came to town today to see if they could lure the raiders to the alamo dome but oakland used new mayor says she's confident about where the raiders will be after talking with a team executive this morning.
6:06 pm
>> pam: still the raiders did meet today with the delegation for sentiment antonio and at least one oakland city council member says not so fast. >> reporter: k those are at your friends out there in the san antonio but you want to and up kind of give them a message don't mess with oakland. a group of city leaders from san antonio tx coming to oakland odd to will raiders owner mark davis and his team playing in alamo dome which to see this video is not something oakland's city council member larry reed worried about. >> reporter: one option of the raiders have not acted on extending their current lease out at the coliseum
6:07 pm
which expires in 2015 so what message does that stand about the conversation being and between the raiders and the leaders of san antonio. >> reporter: oakland's best play for keeping the raiders in town remains the coliseum city project which now has a new financial group taking the lead and try to keep both the raiders and a's in oakland. >>: financing the deal is not an issue is getting an agreement between the sports franchises is going to be a challenge. >> reporter: ogden that said the council member tells me he's not sure that the nfl will allow the state of texas and have three nfl teams anyway. >> pam: still ahead more information on the death or robin williams. >> pam: brand new numbers
6:08 pm
for the race of san jose marriott on mayor's race where the to canada's stand tonight and the sentences of family disappeared searching for the love with now missing for week. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at
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>> pam: new details on the death of comedian robin williams. williams did not have drug or alcohol in his system when he died they did confirm his death was caused by hanging. prescription
6:11 pm
medication was found in the system but they said was not lethal levels. >> pam: the actor died august 11th and his temper run home his wife reported is shortly after that williams was facing an early onset of parkinson's disease and he openly battled depression to route his life. >> pam: authorities i'd have identified the woman who jumped her death in front of the bart train yesterday she is 30 of 30 year-old from san leandro. it happened about of 930 in the morning at this video comes from a partnership a b c seven. >> pam: loved ones are desperate for an answer for the people that a been missing for week. more jobs. female announcer: through tuesday at sleep train
6:12 pm
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become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪ >> pam: in union city police
6:15 pm
asking for help to find a team with down's syndrome missing since yesterday morning police say john was last seen in union city hall in the parking lot around 10:00 a.m. his wife attend weighs about hundred 50 lbs. he has black hair and brown eyes police say he is not able to communicate well and he has trouble using public transportation. >> catherine: police are asking for the public's help in finding a missing 7 francisco man last seen on halloween night. this is 260 dan hines a software engineer lives in the city. dance friends and family say he has stopped showing up for work and was last seen leaving his apartment in the south of market area october 31st according to the supplier he's been no dan have dispels where he becomes lightheaded and has trouble speaking and he has never been known to disappear.
6:16 pm
tabbies a big a thing geyser the barry genuine smile. you'll know when you see it is a great guy p.m. private a long time >> catherine: hot hot as a software engineer local start up metro mile and he's a stanford graduate severance the police are asking anyone for information call them. >> pam: within the hour we got new numbers on the race for the san jose mayor mayor's office of according to senate sent a clear register's officer registers of boulders sam liccardo maintains a 3000 boat lead over as dave cortese of their steel bolts that need to be counted sam liccardo has already declared victory and said this time to put the election behind them cortese says his
6:17 pm
campaign would continue to monitor the returns and he does not plan to concede until every vote is counted. representative mike conte is headed back to the nation's capital the longtime congressman edged out fellow democrat of 52% to 48% in the state's highest profile same party race. >> pam: coning gave him a run for his money raising more than $4 million fourth campaign with help from silicon valley. >> pam: meantime president a bomb all of hosted a meeting with congressional leaders today of the first since the voters have gave republicans control the senate and the majority of the in the house the president said the american people want to see more cooperation in washington he promise the next two years will be devoted to helping ensure the economic security of american workers. >>: despite the solid growth despite the drop in
6:18 pm
unemployment there's still a lot of folks out there who are anxious about their futures and were having trouble making ends meet on at the end of the month. >> catherine: catherine on surface the october was six the month of october is better jobs numbers but diddled they were awfully busy while lot of americans are still filling peckish despite the recovery. >> catherine: jobs are out there the labor department says that 200,000 new jobs were created october that's helped to drive a of unemployment down to its lowest point in six years since a peak around 10% at the height of the recession the rate has not dipped below 6%. back >> catherine: but apparently the number of job-seekers apparently still exceed the number of available jobs. >> catherine: now the rest
6:19 pm
of barely ahead of inflation which is at been one point just above one. the fact. >> catherine: more people working part-time because they can't find full-time jobs. some americans are still having a hard time finding african-americans a still finding i have a hard time finding stopped their unemployment rate was 10.9% more than double that of whites. >> reporter: taking a live look at the fall that is starting to stop it then although not experiencing any delays right now. if your arm plan on swine added sounds night should you should be in good shape. you got a good state of your traveling on the bay bridge. >> reporter: overnight party crowd clout disguised the
6:20 pm
fall will movement or inland areas of the weekend will bring on a sunny conditions. >> reporter: next week a vehicle down process starting wednesday evening into thursday and friday. since these fixes that carlos 64 in livermore. it's a very pleasant evening right now you're heading out morning lows of could be 5648 in napa and getting to 52 in fremont. wood and a drop off quite a bit but the highs to saturdays will go into the '70s. >> reporter: the space botanize conditions conditions 76 and is that 76 in danville and 79 in pleasanton 77 in santa rosa
6:21 pm
72 once severance cisco will be pleasant weather. >> reporter: similar temperatures will we have the past few days very few clouds culkin could pull all cooled down his right after that starting the work week. the cloud will start to build wizard wednesday evening but that's a bit far out will continue to check it. >> pam: still ahead the latest on the investigation of the crash in the mojave desert when it's been when investigators expect to release their findings come long lines for families that will get some much-needed help this holiday season.
6:22 pm
♪ ♪
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first impressions are important. you've got to make every second count. banking designed for the way you live your life. so you can welcome your family home... for the first time. chase. so you can. >> pam: federal investigators looking into last week's deadly burgeon galactic space space ship
6:25 pm
grass are wrapping up their work in the mojave desert. the national transportation safety board says it will take months more to finish interviews and examine physical evidence at determining what caused the crash burgeon galactic officials say the spaceship to was destroyed after is a gathering system decker corp. trolls the sect deployed prematurely and the aircraft apart. the co-pilot michael l. sperry of scotts valley was killed pilot peter was able to parachute from this on spacecraft before disintegrated the crash was a setback for virgins quest to fly taurus into space at the price of to leonard $50,000 each. >> pam: moving memorial for people kill in the traffic. >> reporter: coming up
6:26 pm
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>> reporter: and sam francisco after six traffic fatalities in two weeks at the kids are putting the pressure on city hall to a sixth step francisco's most dangerous streets. >> reporter: issues once before the city hall to represent the deaf that have happened this year a to euro was hit by a of a hit-and- run driver. proposition 8
6:30 pm
would give them the finding their need to make the streets safe. >> reporter: here in san jose and gas leak disrupts up cut traffic and. >> reporter: apparent set a clear and market a 4 in. gas main was ruptured hundreds of people and buildings work in them lincoln and they had to beat evacuate. >> reporter: and another big story in the bottom all local stores schools after disposing on a social media sought site insinuated this sum was gonna take violent action. >> reporter: the police checked for suspicious activity was some parents were concerned and pull the children out of school.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: detective though working on and try to track down that person on social media. >> reporter: throughout oakland city hall sentences sentences go on officials tried to cork the oakland raiders. marvin davis said is his wishes to have the team continue to play here in this city of oakland. >> reporter: here in oakland city hall says she doesn't officially take office until january buckshots ready to get to work shirt. she is troubled bank to keep the team in town and hoping to increase the police officers. other priorities
6:32 pm
she has is to grow existing businesses and affordable housing. >> reporter: here in hayward and spoke with a family friday afternoon that has a growing and growing problem with neighbors leaving piles of money nor the same neighbors have been that have the access of course this they have 15 when the only should of had a and they're trying to clean up the property and meet ordnances local ordinances. people do want their neighbors to clean up the mess. >> reporter: in san francisco we are approaching the holidays shopping season lots of construction. two of the three lanes are
6:33 pm
close of stock and street the construction project will be put on hold next month. but as for those stranded headstart on the shopping sent season you have been warned. >> reporter: warned about something else and not yet it was bound to the bay bridge traffic is been pretty bad for the past few hours throughout the evening is always popular go to the city on the weekend but this is what we're left wet. >> reporter: only very nice and severance cisco says san francisco. as the reporting ninth to around 5:00 a.m. was in los '60s throughout the board as to push into the later morning hours and to the afternoon high 60s and widespread '70s all around the bay area for a
6:34 pm
saturday. >> reporter: it will kill little bit cooler in the night after that and to sunday. the sunshine will persist throughout the weekend bringing raid on thursday. >> reporter: stanley roberts with people behaving badly >> reporter: i want to rent on a different matter notice something just slapping me right in the face the sheer amount people on their cell phones or operating motor vehicles despite its being against the law now the first thing i hear is maybe they're looking at their maps and even that were true you can telephone and to look at a map. >> reporter: this driver with the words we aren't giant painted on the car she must have a voice recognition why are you videotaping me she asked but maybe she's using her gps
6:35 pm
system must find out. all year the fire inspector sorry i was wondering why you were videotaping me with ctenophore you should be on your you shouldn't be on your phone what you're driving. normally fire inspectors might be found around but i don't fit no fire department does dump truck driver must avenue in surge cellphone firmly to his ear activate the gps. >> reporter: when there were lots of people with both firmly attached to their ear because for some reason people have created their own version of that handsfree lots. their version is if you stop the like you're technically not driving so there of these people think they're and tactically not breaking the old state law well i take a break it to you you can be cited and the ticket would be $161. for the first
6:36 pm
ticket >> reporter: a second ticket would be $251 and the third to be around $500 and i don't know what you'll afford that have to give away money is not on my list of things to do of the reason i've even on because the red light runners like the driver butter going have to be bought and future segments. >> pam: >> reporter: remember the googol barge the was floating in a barge and you took off with a big mystery new reformation has come out today that will shed some light on what really happened there stay had stayed up to and the kron 4 news and not telling all about it.
6:37 pm
(vo) if you live in the san francisco area
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premiums available this year. plans also include zero-dollar preventive care. the medicare enrollment deadline for san francisco is december 7th. so call anthem today at 1-844-331-7996 to learn more or to schedule an in-person meeting. >> catherine: as the
6:40 pm
holidays it closer and sell the institution is getting busy signing up people who need help. under the people were lining up this morning as sacred heart community service in san jose they're registering for food boxes that will be handed out over thanksgiving and christmas. >> catherine: as many as 7000 full boxes will be distributed and closer to christmas sacred harp will be giving way to voice a lot of people can use the help. is the first time come out i have volunteered year before the past and that's why i'm here because it's very hard this will help was quite a bit >> catherine: this is all first-come first-served if more space is available set sacred harp will sign up more families next friday from 9:00 a.m. to noon at 1381 south first street in san as a way. >> pam: coming up the
6:41 pm
warriors will are preparing for a war are road trip that could give them the best start and a history. program reminder the kron 4 will bring you the sentence is grow giants victory parade this sunday night and our long a look back. female announcer: tuesday's your last chance to save big
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>> gary: r.i. getting ever riders 49 is better when robins said it all week. the franchisees could be a bad way they don't win. saints are also four in for last november there was a penalty call. there were able to kick a field goal in when the game.
6:45 pm
anything's as coming from outside flat was keep that on the outside is up to us the men in the room we were saying that we have challenges ahead of us and that's where our focus this. >> gary: a real quick before we move on the forty-niners this is a great villain. your 50 euro in aurora high school and weigh about lbs. the doctors have told him he's got to grow apace 67. >> gary: of giving $25 a
6:46 pm
everytime you knock somebody down. your dad is a big supporter of yours so the doctor said ubs 6 ft. 7 in. 300 lbs. keep your eye on dylan one day the 49 years will reach out to him. >> gary: the raiders owner mark davis is trying everything his lease is up the end of the year he met with a delegation from san antonio today to talk about a possible move to texas. we see a beacon's van in front of owners out. this guy is talking loud and saying nothing but at least been trying. >> gary: they're all in eighth come sunday. the
6:47 pm
future is so bright you gotta wear shades of the quote from kevin. were ready to go. i think we did well to. >> gary: very dumb that game will be on local television so be on tv because they gave away enough tickets. charles barkley is a great announcer. he decided to go on a hunger strike until the lakers win. i am not going to eat until lakers win the game of the clinton drinkwater. and get
6:48 pm
him a carps. >> gary: he's best since john madden he's just terrific. was a slow because of the order of about 150. >> gary: tomorrow the lakers are in houston to play the undefeated rocker test rockets. it's exciting to coach this group to make me look a lot better than what actually am. they're just fun to be around every day they're committed. incumbent del coming off the bench willingly knowing that it will make the team that better were aiming high. >> gary: speaking of a good dabble the end of year you only see on kron 4 sunday night. it
6:49 pm
the sky's the limit for us. as a lot of teams that have the opportunity to get their championship is up for grabs. >> gary: a lease is on the same. but you think of my new mandolin. dillon. >> gary: the older i get the younger i want the people around me. pam and i use the top college time now i'd check with some of them a chat with some of the younger members of the crew. >> reporter: carboys not use sound sure that harbaugh is not coming back >> gary: but the team
6:50 pm
they'll tell you he does not get along with the people in the front office. he's a football coach and part of a football coach in 2014 is making sure the owners are comfortable with you. if you wanna be a jerk all the time they have to win every game game >> reporter: if possible send a ball leaves i will never go to another giants game. >> gary: if possible please it'll be what will be because the giants are cheating him. pomelopablo >> gary: giants also will give him the money because of the if the leaves it won't be because the giants are cheating him in any way
6:51 pm
pablo >> gary: his contract came to. mets >> reporter: will you always criticize your parents for mixing big business with pleasure. >> gary: larry will action to do things the broader first pitcher do something. i will be in different bodies friend i rather be respected and liked. >> gary: >> reporter: franco why were you not on the parade
6:52 pm
floats. >> gary: because i didn't get any hits i enjoy pitching all i did was talk about it. and people have a problem with me not being on the flow but can they do. >> gary: if anybody got to close to the will to do to them. >> reporter: he's learning he's still learning the ropes. >> pam: toys r us is trying to cash in on holiday shoppers. - ( helicopter whirring ) - ( roars ) ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na...
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>> pam: some black friday sale thus starting thanksgiving in evening at 6:00 p.m. but other stores are looking to do get a jump on the competition. at toys r us black friday sales
6:56 pm
start an hour earlier at 5:00 p.m. on holiday will stay open for 30 straight hours until 11:00 p.m. friday night. >> pam: if you read of your shopping done before sitting down for turkey stuffing k mart will be opening at 6:00 a.m. on thanksgiving the lay on native and competitive eating champion joel chesnutt is at it again. >> pam: this saturday cessna it will defend his title at the world twinkie eating a championship in mississippi last year he won an is an seven the record eating a whopping one a 21 twinkies he hopes to when it will receive a check for $2,500. >> reporter: maybe not 20 weather this week it will have a lot of sunshine will be back at 8:00.
6:57 pm
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the "insider" with perspective on today's top trending stories. >> basic social engagement is really a struggle. >> the king of observational comedy is getting personal. >> very shocking revelation about autism. >> i think i'm on the spectrum. >> i will never understand people. >> they are the worst. >> i'm in jerry's hometown of new york city breaking down how he copes. >> i just think of it as an alternate mindset. and khloe's closure with lamar is trend issing. khloe, when are you going to find real love? >> a little girl time gab about the relationship. >> my marriage to lamar was -- >> and is c-law back on. >> why we have "the hunger games" to thank. >> and bringing sexy back. >> it's your teaser treat for "fifty shades of grey." ♪
7:00 pm
>> and then from supermodel and super logos, boss laid kathy ireland built an empire despite the nay sayers. >> you're not smart enough. you're not good enough. how she overcame her biggest fear. >> thea, we're inside anne's "interstellar" diet but what has her feeling so guilt? >> i fell off so hard. >> yeah, you did. let's go inside. >> i'm so sorry, peta. >> now the latest celebrity news delivered to you 24/7, the "insider" together with yahoo!. >> oh, come on, anne. don't beat yourself up. it is so hard to deny the cravings of a double double. >> that's the truth. >> famous vegan goes on the record with me revealing her "interstellar" diet. hello, everybody. i'm louis aguirre. >> and i'm thea andrews. can't wait for the details. maybe her confession will make me feel better about what i ate for lunch. today a really surprising revelation. >> killing it with comedians and cars and getting coffee but most people haven't seen much of jerry seinfeld since the


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