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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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>> vicki liviakis now at 11. *another security breach at san jose international airport. this time.a man trespasses onto the property. and leads airport police on a chase. good evening.i'm vicki liviakis. the man was taken into police custody. kron four's dan rubin is joining us live from san jose mineta. where he spoke with airport officials. >>dan rubin vicki, i spoke with rosemary barnes who is the public information officers for san jose airport. she sounded pleased that security protocols here worked as planned. despite 39-year-old miguel zaragoza doing everything he could to prevent capture. he's accused of entering through a restricted area like this just after ten o'clock
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sunday morning. the area is secured by atlantic. a private and commercial flight company. miguel zaragoza allegedly had a similar experience. he was stopped by atlantic's security personnel, who called police. officers say zaragoza was told to wait in the lobby but fled. according to san jose police, zaragoza then stole a city maintenance truck. zaragoza allegedly drove the stolen truck to this curbside area at terminal b. it was there that operations and custodial staff helped san jose police arrest miguel zaragoza. he was booked into santa clara county jail for possession of a stolen vehicle and trespassing. >>pour beer from and l. a. we do not hear thatno one was hurt during the incident, and no flights were delayed. therefor travelers were generally un-affected. we have reason to believe miguel zaragoza is from richmond, although we've yet to confirm that.
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efforts to reach his family have been unsucessful. reporting live at san jose international airport. dan rubin. kron four news. >> vicki liviakis we're following a developing story tonight. rescue crews are still scouring the waters at rockaway beach in pacifica.after reports of a body seen floating there. kron-4's annie andersen spoke with fire officials who are leading the search. >>helicopters are scanning the area for this missing surfer a member the fire fighters said the following. >>around 5:00 p.m. call came in about as surfer in distress separate from his board. there have been searches by helicopter. in the helicopter we also search by land and that coast guard is searching by see. there have been no more sightings of the victim since 545. >>reporter officials said they found a surfboard that washed up on
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shore but they do not know for sure that is related. they'd say it is likely bell--though. >> vicki liviakis a teenager is badly bruised - but alive after falling nearly a hundred feet at alum rock park in san jose today. kron 4's alecia reid has details on the rescue where others have previously lost their lives. >> alecia reid officials say he was too close to the edge of eagle rock while taking photos, when he slipped and fell >>a good 30-40 foot fall in rough terrain then rolled another 70 or so feet down. that's nearly 100 feet through rocks and rugged terrain. >>omg im surprised he was ok. >> alecia reid getting the victim out was no easy task. emergency services shuttled equipment to the top of the hill, but eventually a cal fire chopper airlifted the teen to the parking lot, where an ambulance rushed him to a local trauma center. >>very lucky to be alive. when you're up at the top and you see the jaggedness of the rocks, it's amazing that someone could survive.
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>> alecia reid eagle rock is that big mass at the top of the hill. the victim was on the flat portion, to the left of your screen when he tripped. >> getting too close to the edge is dangerous. the young man suffered moderate injuries. he was concious while being transported, leaving witnesses shocked. >> i saw him there texting so i thought he fell from there. >> alecia reid a park ranger that has been at alum rock park nearly 3 decades says this is the second person she has seen survive a fall like this. reporting in san jose. >> vicki liviakis bayshore boulevard in brisbane is back open after being closed most of the day. just before 11 this morning. a man died after crashing his car down an embankment during a car chase. the chase started in daly city when the driver refused to pull over during a routine traffic stop. daly city police chased the man down bayshore boulevard where he lost control just past the industrial road intersection.
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after falling down the embankment. the vehicle smashed into several trees and a building. the driver died at the scene. all lanes of highway 580 in unincorporated castro valley have reopened this evening. following a deadly crash. officials say a pedestrian was struck and killed on the highway around 5-30. they say the woman was walking or standing on the freeway when she was hit by three cars. the three drivers involved in the crash are cooperating with c-h-p officers. it remains unclear whether the pedestrian was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. the cause of the collision is under investigation. the 49ers game this afternoon. drawing more controversy off the field than on it. as a big group of protestors gathered outside levi's stadium. rallying for the washington redskins to change their team name. a name they call offensive to native americans. kron 4's mike pelton shows us the message they're trying to send to the team's owner and their fans. >>reporter with music and signs their
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message is loud and clear >>change th mascot change the name >>we're not about the caricature that's on a helmet >>reporter kris roadtraveler longoris leads the bay area coalition against racism in sports and media. despite nationwide protests washington owner daniel snyder has kept the name and claimed support from the native american community >>shame on him, he didn't ask me >>reporter protestors on sunday stood near levi's stadiumspreading their message to fans >>i wanted to share with them why we felt it's derogatory tie i had no idea a bounty was put on our scallops and our heads --scalps * the protest drew a couple >>reporter hundred peopleand a few conversations with washington's
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fans. >>i've always been a redskins fan new speakertie we will be here protesting it doesn't matter how long it takes >>reporter in an email a washington team official declined out request for comment on the protest but in an espn interview this year owner daniel snyder called the name a sign of honor and respect this group though, will protest until he sees otherwise. in santa clara, mike pelton, kron 4 news. coming up. >> vicki liviakis two people are dead after a driver speeds down highway 101 and collides with a person coming from the other direction. what may have been behind the crash. plus. outrage in cleveland after police shot and killed a 12 year old boy holding a b-b- gun that looked real. and next. one person is dead.dozens injures. after a bus flips over in northern california. what one survivor says the driver was doing.
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>> vicki liviakis
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the coast guard has called off the search for missing surfer. rescue crews searched the water for several hours after reports of a body being seen earlier this evening. there is no word at this point if the search will resume tomorrow. one person is dead and dozens of people are injured. after a tour bus overturned just off interstate 5 in redding today. officials say the bus was traveling from los angeles to washington. and was carrying 26 passengers. the same bus had apparently hit a denny's restaurant in red bluff earlier this morning. but no one was hurt in that crash. one survivor says he thinks the driver was distracted. >>you could tell that he wasn't paying attention because he just kept going straight. i think he might have fallen asleep a little bit, i'm not sure. it's crazy i felt like i was in a roller coaster kinda and a lot of us were crushed. we were crushed between the seats. >> vicki liviakis three people remain in critical condition. and two people are in serious condition. coming up. overnight protests continue in the city of ferugson awaits a grand jury decision on whether to indict a
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police officer in the shooting death of michael brown. a driver wreaks havoc on highway 101.speeding in the wrong direction.and causing a deadly crash. details next. hey john, check it out.
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>> vicki liviakis the highway patrol is investigating what they think may have been the first d-u-i related deaths during the holiday week. kron 4's annie andersen has the details of this deadly accident that closed down southbound
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lanes of 101 in marin county overnight. >>reporter just 4 minutes after the california highway patrol got a call about a wrong way driver on the 101 south near the marinwood avenue exit. they got another call. this time about a head on collision near the redwood sanitary landfill overcrossing. that's about 4 miles north of the marinwood exit. according to cph, a man driving a 1995 toyota camry was going north on the 101 south when he crashed into a 20-13 nissan sentra that was driving in the fast lane. after the initial crash, the toyota stopped in the center divide. the nissan flipped and was hit by a pickup truck before landing upside down in a ditch. new speaker"upon arrival on scene, the driver of the wrong way vehicle was pronounced deceased, as well as the driver of the vehicle that he hit head on, going the wrong way. " >>reporter there was also a female passenger in the nissan. she was taken to the hospital with major injuries. the driver of the truck wasn't hurt.
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at the time of the accident, both cars were going at freeway speeds. the crash is still under investigation, but c-h-p investigators think they may know the cause. >>"alcohol does appear to be a factor at this time, but that will be confirmed later." in marin county annie andersen kron 4 news >> brian van aken but in the holiday week we of warm temperatures and lots of sunshine coming our way. we get into the mid '60s and may see some seventies. later in the week everything changes when the storm returns and we could have a stormy weekend. but tonight is clear skies with and maybe a few patches of fog. but then sunshine for the rest of the day tomorrow with scattered high clouds but the storm system hanging to the north. despite the warm temperatures during the day is getting pretty chilly at night. tomorrow morning should be in upper 30's
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and low '40's. here's the storm track there is california. you can notice the next system is arcing up and over which should push the witness up into the north pacific. this should bump up temperatures and bring a few high clouds. just those wispy thin clouds that decorate the sky for the day on monday. look for temperatures to get nearer to 70 in the warmest places.
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we are sunny in pretty warm. average temperatures this time of year i the low 60s and we should be in the low seventies on thursday. travel plans the: going to the destination should be pretty good but coming back, we show a storm system coming in on friday and possibly to storm's coming back to back on saturday and sunday, meaning lots of rain and wind. >> vicki liviakis exactly three months after the napa quake. the first of recovery aid money is rolled out. state and federal authorities paid about twelve million in recovery. the august 24th quake left napa, american canyon, and vallejo hard hit, it's estimated the quake caused about four hundred million dollars of property damage just in napa. tourism in the city is back up. hotel occupancy rates are where they were before the 6.0 quake. masses resumed at the holy cross catholic church.a week after fire raged through the historic san jose church. priests held masses at the
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community hall, located behind the main church. the primary building is still barricaded and deemed unsafe. members of the congregation have already started fundraising efforts to put towards construction. they set up shop in the parking lot with raffles and things for sale. the grand jury is nearing a decision. as to whether ferguson police officer darren wilson will be charged for fatally shooting michael brown. the 12 grand jurors wrapped up their latest meeting on friday. but still haven't released a decision. they are expected to meet again tomorrow. three people were arrested in protests friday night. including one reporter. tonight. a los angeles times reporter was injured in a st. louis protest after he was hit in the head by a rock. ultimately. the grand jury could charge wilson with one of several counts. this includes first-degree murder. second-degree murder. voluntary manslaughter. or involuntary manslaughter. the jury has until january 7th to make a decision. cleveland police shot and killed a 12-year-old boy after mistaking his fake gun for a
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real one. officers responded around 3:30 saturday to a playground after reports that a child was pointing a weapon at park- goers. according to police the child did not obey when they asked him to put his hands up. the child had a b-b gun that police say looked like a real semi automatic pistol. both the officer who pulled the trigger and his partner have been placed on administrative leave while authorities investigate. an afternoon of niner football. jason has all your bay area sports - up next.
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>>jason the first quarter shows the perfect touch from their quarterback to get a touchdown. 11 seconds left in the half and we see a great catch on that side lines to get both feet inbounds. that leads to a field goal. but fumbles almost did the 49ers in tonight.
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three turnovers in all for the 49ers but they were able to hang on in this game. 59 seconds left in the game and that niner's lead by four . then the niners recover a final and when the game 17 verses' 13. >>we gotta win those games. that's our guys by any means necessary. >>we're going to need more of
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these moving forward >>jason they play in seattle next week and that's going to be a big game. we have the warriors who played and they are looking hot. they have the second-best record in nba. they're back up made--midd really came through tonight snacking down the center shops. --shots. the warriors only shot 35 percent from the field but still won this game. twitter iz abuzz with rumors
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about pablo sandoval. nothing is confirmed at this hour with no word from him, his agent were,. the, but word is that he is expected to make a decision by. by padres got in the bidding with a hundred and $5 million. the dodgers offered him. 90 million boston apparently offered him 95 million for five years trying to snatch him away. that's it denied everyone. >> vicki liviakis triple-a is predicting a banner year for thanksgiving holiday travel.
11:27 pm
the motor club projects more than 43-million americans will travel 50 miles or more from home for the holiday weekend -- defined as wednesday through sunday. that's the highest volume since 2007 -- and a more than four- percent increase over last year. nearly 90-percent of holiday travelers will be on the road -- while enjoying the lowest gas prices in nearly four years. and some of the best weather! >> brian van aken the weather will be fantastic while you are getting their but coming back to, you might just want to stay there because the weekend has some. stormy some but looking through thursday we had sunny conditions with clear skies. then to storms common. the first comes in friday night and may bring some heavy rain and gusty winds. then the second system right on its heels comes in on sunday. 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow
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