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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  November 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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thanks for joining us on this monday morning. >> : on the top stories and will it. >> : witness start off with a live look at what temperatures look like right now because that's what will be dealing with is ahead out the door it's cold out there specially in the north bay and 38 degrees fairfield 36 a vallejo. 37 about of 39 said rosa nappa 42 called right now what looks like out the golden gate bridge, to see those 30 degree temperatures and what we expect looking ahead in time one mid-60s by the afternoon mid-60s and a couple places reach the 70
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degree mark. more than likely upper 60s for you >> : extended forecast 615 ending skidding day whether and when did you can expect in the weekend to completely different forecast >> : not checking any hot spots at the bay bridge toll plaza. well hope to mib a lighter than usual commute this week >> : might not be starting off that way already backing now in macarthur westbound. in 24 minutes >> : and 26 and is now and then even as west on the high weight northbound 80 ride also starting to back up bit heading into the toll plaza. right san mateo bridge highway 92 still great, you and a 11 minute drive time for westbound ride >> :
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me this morning report to giants apollos end of all is leaving and signed with boston red sox and jackie says all live at&t park now with the latest and are we sure of this >> : not yet having gone in the eyes to deputies >> : and at public send all signed with the boston red sox standing in san francisco giants dugout stores public sandoval jersey still hanging on iraq out here still there, or for how much longer before came 45 minutes ago john the reported pop los sandoval signed a five-year contract with the boston red sox up words of a hundred $40 million >> : last half-hour a conflicting reports in the boston speak writers that they talked with agent of policy and a
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ball brother and that has not been confirmed yet. seven giants obviously have a huge amount of success with baubles and a lineup over a hundred men it at in the game in a giants uniform won three world series titles including a month ago when they eat when the third world series in fact he was the 2012 ndp of the 2012 world series for san francisco giants over a hundred home runs on this bleak when the fan favorites in trying very hard to get confirmation from san francisco giant or apollo agent obviously a huge blow up 4/7 to giants also one of the most popular in china is an alliance 20 years or so in some reconfirmation one way or another will definitely passalong >> : and the code we have right now from apollo's brother call agent shady doesn't really clear things up
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because says eds not a done deal and they said the deal is not true. that's according to his brother agent telling other sources >> : of see what happens >> : the developing news and police investigating after midnight. and the three suspects upper each other people and attempted to rob them. the shots fired one person to in the hospital pronounced dead and not releasing any suspect information working to get more on the story >> : surf called off for person seen face down in the watter office of the beach. urgency personnel looking for lepers in it and at pacifica. sematech a fire department responded to up for a
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possible surf fire in the stress for 5:00 at rockaway beach. at the end they'll also the person less seen based on what and the water wearing a black sweatsuit this is a coast guard arrived in the search >> : culkin answer for in distress separated from surf boards. research is by helicopter are units also searched by the land and motorboat coastguard and searching the sea it >> : no more sightings of the victims since 545 >> : coastguard saying they will not be resuming the search when the sun comes up >> : happening today to mexican consulates will be laying out plans of action toward the ahead in ansett for emigration they want the present their position on the president's order blocking deportation also explain how they plan to
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help those potentially eligible in the plan and today's news conference happenings at francisco mexican consulate 130 this afternoon fulton street san jose consul at at 5:00 on think erode >> : first city buffalo got buried under several feet of snow infect 7 ft. in the spot. buffalo residents waiting for a potentially major flooding >> : temperatures in the area is 60 degrees today >> : causing major concern about what melting snow over flowing creeks >> : governor andrew cuomo their side of caution and valuables up to baseman's pack pack a bag should evacuation's it become necessary plans emergency shelters being readied >> : is} in another storm expected ahead of the is getting a busy travel day this coming wednesday >> : at bring rain and snow to the northeast and in accidie >> : philadelphia allport's boston as well massachusetts connecticut tough to tell if
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the rains >> : is going to be right now. everyone getting ready watching carefully for a potential major storms on the eastern seaboard and wednesday before than skimming >> : busy holiday travel season for millions of americans right now aaa is expecting 43 million people travel 60 mi. or more from home for the holiday weekend which runs wednesday through sunday. that's the most we've seen since 2007 more than 4 percent over last year >> : could be a record 90 percent holiday travel drug driving and enjoyed the lower gas prices seen in four years >> : is how still had on the morning news one person dead and others injured a bus crash near sacramento more on the details including a crash that happened on a bus earlier in the day and more reaction to report sandoval has signed with the boston red sox try and work that
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confirmation rather not true and cvs reports right now trendy more information and find out more as panel become red panda >> : right live outside san francisco wind blowing here at the top of the mark since early this morning temperatures coming up mid- 60's in san francisco low 50s right now in the spots in the ferry's coldest temperatures in the season so far >> : start a revolution a revolution in coffee quality with the finest nespresso coffee blends. a revolution in technology with unique centrifusion.
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and not 611. in the morning to its long as old as the back up here at the beit bridge toll plaza grown very quickly this morning and in the west on right already backed up on highway 24 westbound direction drive times are climbing above 2628 minutes now for the westbound rte. 580 right there is an accident the toll plaza on of the lines of to the right hand shoulder. unusually slow ride this morning. e person dead and dozens injured after to or bus and injured by five men riding yesterday and the roof crush officials say traveling from l.a. washington state 26 people on board and the same bus at a denny's restaurant an earlier in the morning >> : no one was hurt in the crash >> :
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one survivor says anything's the driver was distracted >> : i think my floss a little bit and crushed and then see people remain in critical condition to others in serious condition >> : still had on the morning news at 622 babies found alive after abandoned in a storm drain nearly a week >> : 634 teenager badly bruised after following an are on park in san jose >> : 648 t more women add their names to the growing list accuse bill cosby of molestation >> :
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nest protect is the best smoke alarm. you can check it with your phone from anywhere. no fires. okay, that one was unnecessary since i'm in my home and i know i would've gotten a message if there was a problem.
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but you can never be too safe. still no fires. and no carbon monoxide leaks. glad i checked. am i obsessed... no, but i am safety conscious. and i'm going to check one last time because maybe there's a fire happening and i can't smell it... and there isn't. nest protect. welcome to a more thoughtful home. is searching for suspects near the end college in cupertino don't know who they're searching for right now of the six have guns drawn and search ever little round get glenn dale drive to heading to the scene more and for rich nations as we get 615 better look now at the weather traffic and the heat of the morning >> : it's pretty cold out there in the north bay where this cameras pointed golden gate
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bridge camera showing conditions outside hard to make out relatively clear out their as a result it is chilly. visibility crystal clear all the way out so coastal hills >> : tempters seeing this morning 38 degrees 33 and late code >> : 44 concord and then 40 as well in san jose was locations very well drop a couple agrees putting an upper '30's before sunrise watching that carefully in the latter prospect of high pressure of the bay area most of california for that matter and rather stable weather i just today but in the week ahead and then is getting the seven there ought in just a moment >> : to fact widespread '60s and stay in the '60s for most a day including 3:00 in the afternoon warmest time the day only just a select
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handful of communities really in the 70 degree mark mess majority upper 60s off a prime example anywhere from 66 to 6869 degrees may be only a liar their evergreen making it the 70 degree mark and everyone else would just shy that east bay that certainly the case for you 625 via 67 out there. and the valleys to short doesn't matter but really got tightly compacted in the temperature spread 66 in the city to degrees warmer oakland this afternoon some judges and the author bay at 66 to 68 degrees. upper 60s for today low 70's for tuesday wednesday thursday. it enjoys any nice conditions right up the links giving it the end of friday night and saturday we have another storm and then another one still saturday night and sunday a couple storms the there'd finish out holiday weekend and i tell you travel coming back on sunday and then scanning and travelers could be a soppy one with a rate of bay area wide and stayed here to keep updated as we get closer to
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it >> : now the traffic george what you see >> : some of the toll plaza on the shoulder. not really as having any impact on the right >> : then read this until bridge still looks good not yet tracking any delays here drive * still 12 minutes >> : the debris dried still looks good problem free here volume continues to build southbound >> : trip in the marin the richmond bridge starting a little busy now the toll plaza still no back up where delays of 583 richmond >> : tracking drive now on the freeway to take a look here at the commuter and then the first and east see the ride on the five a westbound
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fairly typical not so on the westbound on the national road salt on this morning bigger than usual delay their >> : 680 starting to back up and self on direction there is also smooth ride here mid peninsula commute as we are not tracking any delays test 1192101 highway 84 for the ride off the dumbarton bridge. >> : and then i remember you make traffic any time with a con 4 mobile app free download. urges for both apple and i'll west devices >> : td. superable ads and big news this morning following records whether policy and the vault has agreed to a 5 your $100 million deal boston red sox and big story on twitter here's what people are saying about it miry fresh button is going
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to need a vacation. >> : another person to eating out is in getting weird national baseball writers excellent contacts on a siding >> : another person to reading what great news to wake up to in boston >> : handling ramirez public stand tall male line on top of the story for you this morning stay on top of panda watch and what you have to say you're using-tagged and allot or close, and it's on the kron 4 facebook page >> : redskins sitting on 49 hours over the winning streak to three. was the 49ers a mess day tied up the tent with a good run ball pops out for the fumble. the thomas recovers for the redskins go on to take the lead with the field goal. severances goes
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back in this thread or with the 41 rush in the first down and later: cabinet goes to a pentagon golden head, the play unnecessary roughness and the niners in the first on touchdown carlos tide the middle of the go-ahead score 171340 niner's man left washington in the third >> : coughing up the ball and the ball for the niners >> : argies 3 slowed again up game over and the niners did the first straight win >> : and get all your sunday night's football highlights con forced lloyd's nightline every sunday after the news at 9:00 p.m. >> : mr. is morning iran jury reaching today whether to charge of birds and police officer darren wilson and shooting death of a lot on teenager michael brown. anticipation of the decision going all over the country and so far the protest was a small piece fall and some scenarios in the streets of
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l.a. times reporter record and video of some pit was something and had >> : seen that committee leaders clear they wont see vandalism that happened in bergson two months ago >> : making headlines all over the world they be found alive surviving nearly a week after being abandoned the storm drain >> : the chow's mother and the baby boy was left with 24 hours old and the mother left a child a roadside storm drain seven days later that the site list heard the baby's cry and call for help >> : doctors and the child survivor of natural reserves of food nutrients and that barely 8 ft. set up the babies survive >> : the baby was incredibly lucky because it is left in a natural incubator up to caught not too cold protected from weather en predators' >> : not very lucky baby was pretty upbeat about the
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baby's future >> : the new burdens of their year-old mother confesses dropping her through the gap between the ground concrete slab over the drain now in the boycott might die in court with a charge of attempted murder investigators say she gave birth and found her after saving a knocking on doors and the road where that baby blows on >> : meryl streep a legendary singer let along these that this year's 19 recipients of the presidential medal of freedom and the new president will head all the wars today and the ceremony also getting the metal nbc anchor thinker and ethel kennedy late senator robert kennedy and tyrone congressman john dingell actress marla thomas and presidential muttered a civil honor granted those made extraordinary contributions to the u.s. and world >> : if so high on a morning news of bay area artist abroad on
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>>darya: at st. jude's children's center. i think is really fitting that were using trucks cute for robin williams. he had summoning size them that nobody really knew about a dark and scary side. so many motions come out is an incredible project >>mark: and ppi and bay area
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weather and traffic a beautiful start today but its a little chilly out there.
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>>mark: in this like the record on wall street will continue with the doubt that the record high of 11 points at the will man in the number of wall street this morning >>darya: the numbers in was the center is really chilly out there >> james: we have really in clouds out there in the summer as a beginning to happen right now. the images from the cool side. we have a breeze this morning all the working to make an offer
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to chile start this monday morning. the high-pressure testing our skies clear and most of california clear as well in this weather pattern is going to hold as the into the thanksgiving holiday which is going to be fantastic news. the weather is one to be perfect this is expected by noontime today also by three this afternoon numbers to the move of whole lot. a sitcom for details on the coming of >>george: we are ready tracking some delays for east bay freeway like this is stressfree with the drive times are now up to 19 minutes in the westbound direction. since testing
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delays on interstate 680 f here in the southbound direction from dublin down some off 580 west lawn is already a heavy commute. if the sow for christa looked pretty good not tracking any delays here. at the bay bridge toll plaza the west palm backed up is already 28 minutes to out of the macarthur maze islam's and for your ride on highway 92 to send the sale has not yet slowed down facilities in the west bombs hitting over san sale >>darya: senior white house official now same president president obama and accepted the resignation of secretary state yes sir the pentagon's chief sister 2013 is expected to make this announcement for announcement letter on today will carry live with answers. >>mark: that have their guns
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drawn when a search for a suspect. >>will tran: the never would is just right down the street from the hands their action looking for two people we don't know the particulars all i can tell you their officers all through this neighborhood there's one right behind me on the other side is the car he is standing with his gun drawn right next to his side at this is about two months of this officer he moved his car hit a lot more resources to go down this never could hear in this offer of north sterling. this officer's pay close attention to what is going on we are hearing reports that could possibly be a home invasion resulted offices they did timmy to people are outstanding not just down the street and you see there is another police officer his sons also john
6:34 am
write them street. they're focusing on is that room but is not set down in the city traffic is still moving along >>will tran: this never would at the very place on the street is keeping a close eye on what is going on down the block is how this drive awful north sterling >>mark: >>darya: teenagers badly bruised but alive after he fell yesterday he was too close to the edge of the rock while taking photos and he slipped and fell nearly zero hundred feet through the rocks in the rugged terrain and getting initial equipment to topple the hill and then at cal fire chopper had airlift him to the parking lot that's what the
6:35 am
evidence to come to the local thomas's appearance he suffered minor injuries but was conscious during transport it's amazing individual survive after the fall >>darya: this is the second person that she has ever seen to by the fall like that. >>mark: the jews of trespassing the air force still link the city maintenance of leading police on a chase the as a rejection area at the airport yesterday morning he was stopped by security and was told to wait in the lobby he stole a city maintenance of airport employees helped police arrest the bridge the not interested--interrupt travel. >>darya: to process the tuition hikes they plan to walk out uc-berkeley. the walkout as recorded effort
6:36 am
that a number of campuses in the uc system continues today at the berkeley campus >>mark: the comedian is to come for renown. technology used to improve the way of life.
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>>m>>george: was also been a slow trip for southbound 680 in no position we are now tracking an accident in the two left lanes leading down from salon to traffic here is already been backed up from dublin this could have for the the latest >>darya: the chp is looking into what may be the bay area for is the july death
6:40 am
of this holiday season at the crash happened along highway 101. this after midnight on sunday near redwood sanitary land fall the driver of the toyota camry was going north and southbound lang and hit an armored nissan the nissan slipped and landed on the roof and was then hit by a dodge pickup both toyota and nissan drivers were killed in that crash a female passenger and nissan said to us will moderate a major incident the driver the train was not injured >>mark: the police shot and killed a 12 year-old boy after he pulled an insult to gone from his waistband police said on safety tim had been removed >>darya: 01 a washer who survived and of the story fall is in stable condition this morning this happened
6:41 am
in san francisco the man sell off the roof of the building of montgomery and california street in downtown san francisco he landed on a slow-moving toyota camry with what broke his fall and probably saved his life. the workers suffered life-threatening injuries and is in critical but stable condition this morning >> james: a live look outside berlin is to hear from the golden gate bridge were talking about in this is outside of the door and what you can inspect as we were awake tore thanksgiving thursday of the details straight ahead.
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>>mark: the shooting death of one person dead happening around one person dead at 3:00 this morning. justify one person was sent to hospital when he died. the grand jury met on friday but still has not reached the decision to many leaders are calling for peace approaches in hopes why is including from few months ago has not happen again
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>>darya: to a look at the weather and traffic >> james: this is mount tam looking out over the basic civil the civic clear skies just a few high-level clouds temperatures that are dropping as we head toward summarize maria 38 degrees in central 41 a livermore afforded in concord in san jose in 41 as will an oakland cedras is a mild still cool 47 degrees were looking a widespread shortages and other third is the salad rather showed run civic clear skies at california does want to keep our whether relatively stable women tested 70
6:46 am
remind buffaloes are relevant middle of the '60s with and assistance to most of the bay area of. >> james: never system load crude alight when given us a little wet weather. will keep an eye on forecasts for you
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>>george: had already so traffic for the san mateo bridge as we look at the bridges says 650 so is just about the time for traffic to start slowing down. in the westbound direction was of course is exactly what is going. are reports that the base of the high-rise there are several vehicles for over two ride with flat tires to namibia problem was some debris in alliance is puncturing those tires the we are ready quite so here in the west direction we're also tracking an accident was so traffic and the actual location are getting a little sketch a. >>george: tile 84 and other north mission at the bay bridge the westbound arise solidly backed up into the macarthur maze so much for a
6:48 am
lighter than usual commute the one on southbound line is the problem free no delays or problems and if you're heading into marin the of the richmond bridge just beginning to back up now westbound it will restore traffic on restraint on interstate 580 west down. >>george: get traffic any time with the kron 4 mobile application is a free download more >>darya: sexual assault allegations against bill cosby are servicing as three more women added their names to the growing list. new this morning, said the comedian insulted her when she was working adds a secretary at the agency in los angeles. to is telling
6:49 am
her story here is what she had to suffer >>: when ever you follow their a dozen in with me i wish he had the courage to come up and say something. i'm here not that i and is a great parade his character but to same come to the others who has come forward and who i hope will come forward it takes courage >>darya: caused recently also saw her at a party at his home in 1965 when she was two to two years old after she said he drugged her drink more than a dozen women have come forward accusing him of the same
6:50 am
thing. the cab is a stickler for decades >>mark: they're pushing that is have to work on this is giving more the six other employees in response to the petition kmart said they have been open on thanksgiving for two to three years and that employees get time and half working on a holiday
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can is a communique by tapping the tile and having the seven speak for them. >>darya: the christmas trees so of living that is sapping the holiday spirit of the residence or hoping to show you why and. it is a beautiful/use some of the clause we have this morning loss of clear son will be right back. right back. start a revolution a revolution in coffee quality with the finest nespresso coffee blends. a revolution in technology with unique centrifusion. a revolution in taste with a naturally formed crema on both coffee and espresso.
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>>mark: the christmas tree display is taking away the holiday cheer the resins are so upset about the poor shape and look at the town's christmas tree is too ugly. it's sad all the complaints
6:57 am
money are being raised to buy and they carry a more impressive trick for the holiday. to find out why the time that the puny tree in the first less >>darya: the search is called a full person sing face now and water will have the latest on that also fallen sports and there is world. problems and the ball is going to the red sox will have more on that and the niners.
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>> james: starting of cold the 30 degrees in santa rosa 33 in the layout freezing it for and about and there's some real looking for these everywhere of the matter where you are it is on the cool side this morning the ninth layoff in the distance tells us why we


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