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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  December 11, 2014 7:00am-8:33am PST

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. and good morning, we continue our live team coverage of the storm hitting the bay area. >> the there's a wallop moving through right now. the south and east bay is about to start for you. we've seen heavy rain throughout the night. high wind warnings and strong
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gusts and advisories posted. we're tracking where the heaviest rain is right now. >> it's offshore believe it or not. we have a line of intense rain. the rainfall measures were north of 3 inches per hour falling where that red is on the map. that's incredible. let see where it's falling in the north bay. we have a shot in clover dale. the rainfall rates has been impressive all morning long. it's about an inch per hour. we have seen it just under an inch of hour in clover dale. if you live over there, you'll be in it for a little longer. sonoma and napa valley is seeing rain. and petaluma, and coming onshore, let's look at this in inveteran he is, look at that, the beach, it's some of the red
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coming in into -- into view. this is off the beach, we have two inches of rain falling per hour. it's 2.5 inches per hour and 3.6 inches per hour. that's an intense line of showers. look at that -- look for that to impact you today. there's light rain and it's heavier in martinez and concord. there will be showers spilling over the east bay hill from richmond and berkeley and oakland. it's all the way down from union city and freemont. it's impacting those communities and san francisco seeing heavier rain. let's look at where it's coming down. where the bay bridge comes into san francisco. you have it at a half-inch per hour. that's what we're seeing right here in san francisco. the wider view of the peninsula shows the entire peninsula from the golden gate bridge to half
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moon bay moderate to heavy with more intense showers left of the screen. that deep red is what we're watching. that will be a concern as the morning progresses. san jose, we've got moderate rain falling in palo alto, los altos and sunnyvale. the wind is hitting us from all hours, but we'll continue our team coverage now. >> let's go to san raphael. they've picked up an inch of rain in the last few hours. jackie has been showing us the rain. >> reporter: good morning, that total will go up. we're getting socked right now. you can see how much rain is coming down. you can see folks walking through with umbrellas. i don't know how much good those umbrellas are doing, because it's coming down right now. james talked about it. some of those cells are continuing to blow through the north bay. we've really gotten socked. it started raining hard last night at 9:00 and then it tapered ovulate last night early this morning, the rain
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intensified. up in the north bay, it has been coming down consistently, very hard, we're starting to see street flooding, we're starting to see the water pull up. you talk about the rain and the wind. it's a constant, it's not blowing hard right now. we're getting gusts at extreme levels. i'm inside the news van with the mast up. it's rocking back and forth. that means for folks on highway 1 01 here in the north bay, if they're traveling to school or work, schools are cancelled by the way, it's extremely difficult and dangerous out there. if you don't have to, don't get on the car and get on the freeway, there's a lot of pummeling and wind mark, we're starting to get in the heart of this storm. we talked about it for it's and days. it's not disappointing. it's coming down and coming down hard in the north bay. >> thank you, jackie.
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we've seen over two informs of rain in jackie's location. wind gusts have been over 50 miles per hour. a reminder of the flood advisory and a high wind area. let's go to the problems in the freeways this morning. we have wind advisories around the bay bridges. look at the span right now. a lot of folks got the word to stay home. we would see this back up into the macarthur maze. as we look at the traffic maps, you'll see approaching mid span that's where speeds drop down to 25 miles per hour. so while those are not many cars, people are starting to slow down. that's because of gusty conditions on the span approaching treasure island. drive time right now under 20 minutes from the maze into san francisco. we have a wind advisory for the richmond and san raphael bridge. they ask that all trucks and rigs avoid this bridge.
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you'll have to jump on another bridge to cross the bay. the ferries are not running and there are shuttle buses instead. the ferry that comes out of it. iveron into san francisco is also cancelled. let's continue our team coverage. in pacifica it's getting pelted. it looks like it's stronger now, will? >> it's much stronger than when you last talked to me about 30 minutes. the wind is so windy. [indiscernible] >> this is blowing backwards, my jacket is blowing backwards. [ wind noise ] >> you can see behind me. if it was just raining, no big deal. but, because it's being powered by extremely strong winds, you can see what it's doing. there's a reporter and she's faced sideways, she can't even look at the water coming at her because that how much it hurts.
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we want -- before we interview her, we want to show you what it's doing to the water. don't think about surfing today. i know surfers tend to be fear less, don't think about it. let's interview this woman here. you happened to be walking along, why? >> because this is my kind of weather. you have to get out and enjoy it. it's so rare here. >> you live in pacifica have you seen it as bad as this before? >> i don't think so, not like this. i haven't been here that long know. >> you want to -- >> . >> . >> yes, more rain and wind, you have to enjoy it while it's here. >> can i have your driver's license? >> why. >> because in case you get blown away and i can report it to the police department. >> i'm sorry. >> this is as bad as i can possibly handle. let me send it back to you. that's how bad it is right now.
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if you don't believe me, my colleague, she is turning her back. she almost lost it. how bad is it? >> it's bad. it really is bad. >> she's going backwards. back to you. >> will is having those goggles on. don't worry about looking silly, i mean seriously, i saw that girl getting pelted in the eye too. that's the way to go. your hood is sopping wet. >> i'm out here in the name of love. >> do you feel the rain more pouring or is it just a the wind pelting you? is it intensifying as far as the rain goes? >> i can't tell you, if it's the steady rainfall, it is so windy, it's getting hit in the face like by sand or bebes. >> am i giving you side eyes? yes, i am. >> thanks a lot, will. he's sideways, that's the way to be when you're out there.
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put your back to the wind. that's the reason, thanks a lot, will. this is causing power outages and this is why they decided to cancel schools. and some decided just this morning to cancel schools. >> cautionary measures and the power can go out and also the strong winds. most march incounty schools are closed some sonoma county schools are closed novato unified and are closed. san francisco, sf state is closed for classes, san francisco unified closed today. they're going to monitor and decide what to do tomorrow. stay with kron 4. we have a complete list of school closures on the bottom of your screen and on the website. you can watch the radar and track the rain coming your way on our free kron 4 mobile app. we'll be right back.
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. welcome back, if you're traveling today there are a lot of flight cancellations, a lot of airlines pre-empt actively cancelled flights. 81 of those flights were departing, 73 were rifles and scheduled between 6 and 9 this
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morning. there were 96 cancellations yesterday on short haul flights. it will be a problem with strong winds blowing through for takeoffs and landing and that's the time when it starts to show up. we'll report any problems this morning. we continue to watch what's happening on air and online. on our website we have great resources for you including a list of all the closures for schools, the latest traffic and flooding and power information and where it's going, the latest on traffic and weather on female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event!
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. we're back following the storm tracking it here as it slowly works its way across the north bay. we can see the cold cold front materialize here. there's a line of red and intense showers. you can see it's clearly visible here. there's a thin area of red. you can see it. we'll show you what we're talking about. this is starting to see some of the deeper reds. let's look at the rainfall rates. 1.6 inches per hour. that's pretty intense. elsewhere in the north bay we have petaluma and sonoma and napa for that matter seeing
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rain showers at the moment. a quarter of an inch in sonoma and in napa we're looking at a half-inch per hour falling right now. and north of glenn allen we have nearly an inch per hour there. that's what we're seeing in the north bay. i want to slide the maps briefly to the lest left here and show you what's happening in wood acre. that's the top edge of the cold front and the most intense part of it impacting wood acre and to give you an idea how heavy the rain is falling there, let's look at 2.34 inches per t stin son beach. it's headed in the direction of san raphael and communities like novato. if you're in there, be ready that line of intense rain is coming your way and coming at you in a decent clip. martinez, concord, the
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entire 680 corridor from martinez to danville, and san ramon is going to see it as well. we have seen heavy rain falling in berkeley and the east shore communities. oakland down to union city and all those communities down flew 880, moderate rain right now. it's still on the light side up and over the hill in dublin and pleasanton. that will change as we head deeper and deeper into the morning. san francisco moderate rain has been falling since our last few updates. look offshore, you have the heavy band of rain. that's the cold front getting ready to make its appearance. rainfall rates 2.3 inches per hour in spots. 3.4 in others. that's the wet weather that will be impacting the peninsula coastline here in the next hour. we're watching that very carefully. in the south bay, let's visit this and stop our tour in the south bay, light to moderate with heavier showers beginning
7:19 am
to pop up for places like sunnyvale and portions of los altos as well. that's the rain, that's very intense. that's half of the weather you'll encounter if you head outside. the wind, andy is following that. >> check out the wind we've been getting. the wind has been picking up to 71 miles per hour, that's in southern march republican county. that's a -- march incounty -- marin county. this gives you how strong the winds have been this morning. everyone has been tweeting about it. you can hear it shake the doors and windows. and that wind will continue for much much of the morning and this afternoon. the wind are sustained, 30 miles per hour in oakland and san hoe i and oakland. a lot of you are getting into that wind action. wind gusts are at 46 miles per hour in half moon bay, 41 in
7:20 am
san jose and we're seeing for parts of the north bay including wood acre, we're seeing strong winds coming through that. that wind warning for the entire bay area is in effect until 10:00 tonight and we're going to see some strong winds up to 60 miles per hour in the higher elevations with i is why we're seeing all these power outages this morning. our futurecast shows this is a cold front that james was talking about bringing heavy rain for the north bay. just ahead of it is where we're seeing the winds get really strong. you're going to see the winds pick up and the rain intensifying, 8:00, concord oakland you should get ready for heavy rain. redwood city looking at heavy rain as well. up to 3 inches per hour potentially. this cold front pushes south and east through the morning hours and by 9:00, it's now out to the livermore valley and parts of san hoe shea and then after that we're -- san jose and then after that we're left with a lot of rain from
7:21 am
yesterday morning through the afternoon and çto tomorrow morning. it will be wet through the evening hours as well. 10:00 still v:getting poured on then i think by mid knit and afterwards we'll see a break-in the rain activity, but by 6:00 in the morning we could see west spots içmçout there. a blizzard warning in effect. if you go to tahoe now, it will be fine, it's still fairly warm. . >> i think we just lost power a
7:22 am
minute ago. it looks like power has come back ?;çon. let me continue with our forecast here. i was talking about the blizzard warning. so, it must be windy also here in san francisco which caused our power outage. we'll go to break and we'll come back with more after these messages. no, we'll go with mark and daria. >> we have more with mike on the rain in it. iveron. >> reporter: they drive through this shopping complex. the rain is really coming down. this rain started to pick up in the past half an hour. the rain has picked up, and the wind has died down. the rain picked up momentum. we got a report from pg&e that a thousand people are without power starting in the eastern portion of it. iveron. in this shopping complex there is power this morning. a lot of people are going through their morning routines
7:23 am
grabbing a cup of coffee and taking the storm in stride. >> although last time ited intoed here we couldn't come and get coffee because the parking lot was closed, the police shut down the street. so, at least i get my piece this morning. >> a lot of people are taking it in stride this morning. this shopping centered inned a couple of weeks ago. some businesses this time have put out sandbags to protect their flooding in this storm. as you can see so far this morning, the water is not making it down to the sidewalk and threatening businesses, but some of these businesses did open up in the past 15 minutes, we'll talk to one owner on how he's keeping his business dry and we'll have that coming up at 7:45 this morning. >> we'll keep following that and all the power outages around the area, we lost power on kron 4. we're running on our generator right now. keep being part of our storm coverage and sending in our pictures. >> the studio went dark for
7:24 am
about 30 seconds and we couldn't see a darn thing. all of the computers went off and now we're back online. we're redoing all of our maps and making sure we have the latest information for you, our computers are back up and running, maybe you or your neighbors are going to be thrown into the dark, so be ready for that, i hope you have your emergency stuff ready. send us any pictures of what you go through us this morning. go to our facebook or twitter feed for breaking news and you can use the mobile app on your phone, and we'll be back with team coverage in just a couple of minutes.
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welcome back çto the kron morning news. the storm is intensifying around the bay area, a line of heavy rain is about to slam ç into san mtaeo, moving through marin. things are only going to get worse in the east bay and san jose over the next hours. >> we are in the thick çof it. that explains it. you can çsee san francisco is we have had high winds and heavy rain. we just had a power outage here at zçthe studio. theresa çis in marin çlooking the conditions. >> i am on the phone because i am driving on 101 and i came to
7:28 am
burnwood. it is, one word out here on the freeway, scary. you can barely see because there is so much water. it splashes on the windshield. i am heading north. we have heard there is major flooding on highway 37. that's where my destination is but my word of advice is that you do not have to be out and about, do not drive now. on 101, most cars are going about 40 miles per hour and it's not because there is a lot of traffic. it's because it is treacherous. >> you are going into the rain coming so hard that you have fast wipers and you can't keep up with it? >> it's like sheets of rain pummeling the car. the main problem is that there is so much flooding on the freeway that people are slowing down because they can't see. that's the bottom line. no matter how fast windshield
7:29 am
wiper go, it can't clear the rain and can't keep up with the flooding on your windshield when other cars go by. >> thanks. we'll be right back as our storm coverage continues in just two minutes. ♪ ♪ my baby drove up in a brand new cadillac. ♪ ♪ my baby drove up in a brand new cadillac. ♪ ♪ look here, daddy, i'm never coming back... ♪
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good morning. let's get right to it. we are tracking the storm on kron 4. we have the live image up here. there is lots to talk about. we've got a band of showers. the cold front itself, you see the squall line, deep red ribbon, working up the san francisco coastline as a matter of fact. it's already been impacting north bay. let's start our tour in the north bay where we've got showers falling moderate to
7:32 am
heavy for clover dale and towards windsor. if you are in say glenbrook, st. helena, you are seeing heavy showers. rainfall rates have been impressive. as we slide the maps down, sonoma and nap napa valley has been seeing rainfall. i want to slide the maps and show you communities like san rafael, sausalito, those areas are seeing heavy rainfall rates now. an inch and a quarter per hour. that's pretty impressive. near sausalito we are seeing rain come down near an çinch p hour at .87. the rain is coming down rather intensely. i will slide the maps farther to the south. the san francisco coastline,
7:33 am
pacifica, daily city, ocean beach, those ççççcommunitie seeiow çñr.j intensifying. ççç inch per çñrhour. 1.34 per hour coming çdown, that's how çintense the rain i don't forget the winds çççar kicking up something fiercu çç front çof that ñrfrontal syste we've got wind really blowing there along the ççpacifica coastline, daily ççççcity, beach and the whole area. we'll check on the south bay where we ñrçhave been seeing look to the left. all the red, that's heading for the peninsula and south bay. in terms of çrainfall çper ç you are looking at 4.2 inches per hour in some of the most
7:34 am
intense showers. that is impressive. we'll have much ççmore on the rain coverage in a minute. we are also following team coverage aspect of ñrççççth crews everywhere. >> thousands are without çpowe including vknuj running on a generator. i know jackie is çokççççç county. your çpower çñrwas çout. is it back on? >> i haven't heard back from my wife. i don't know if it's on or off. we radar we just had a cell blow through that was tremendous. not only was it coming down in buckets but the wind associated gusting in the 25 to 30 mile-an- hour range. basically that was the hardest cell that we have seen blow through on the north bay all morning long. it's been raining pretty consistent out here. as james was talking about, you get cells that blow through. this thing dumped a lot of rain in about a five minute period
7:35 am
of time. the rain is coming in sideways. there is one of the gusts now. it's really starting to pick up out here. we have talked about this for days, that this system was really going to pack a real wallop with wind and raining. it is comeing in sideways here in the north bay. it has been raining consistently, but it is getting harder and harder. it is getting more and more dramatic çoutúçhere. if you ñrççñrdon7tdhave to, suggestion i& conditions. >> in your live shot people are waiting =i to to çget to çç;eju9hçsome wa the ççñrschools are canceled you are. it looks like buses are still running. on the left we have been showing the radar. you are getting hit and the wind çmakes it more çç difficult. we will çcontinue çour çteam coverage in ça ççminute. he want to get on the çroads a seppzhow the area is ççdealinç
7:36 am
with this. @kf >> a lot çof mççpeople ç jackie's advice. we are not ç"eeing a lot ççç cars. we ñrñrare not looking at hot s but çwe have ñrdowned çtrees power lines çan of roads flooding. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is smooth sailing but we have a wind advisory in effect. closer to mid span, it drops to single digits approaching san francisco. your drive time is still clocking 20 minutes çççheadiç into the htcity itself. at the bridge it looks like the camera froze but we have a wind advisory there. big rigs çand high ççprofile trucks and vehicles, stay off ç if they can. we have a ççdowned çñrtree bc lanes. keep that in mind. cal tran is headed to ççthe ç scene. north 880 çis good ççmoving oa miles çper hour. we have problems çñrççwith p ferry as ççwell as çthe harb
7:37 am
ferry çare çcurrently not run service but yt looks like bart is on ñrçtime. >> çthank çw3you. our çteam coverage continues. near # things çççare getting pounde the shot is froze up. we'll check back with him. we'll be right back. we çare ñron generator power a kron 4 with continuing coverage as we track the storm that's sliding through the area. we are staying on until ñrç11: am to keep you covered with the storm.
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morning ñrçnews. we çare tracking ça heavy çl bay moving through north çbay n and san çfrancisco. thatgs)very çççheavy rain co slow. we are seeing localized ç posted for san francisco as çuç are ççççççñrseeing flash ç warnings. we have a çñrççhigh wind ç
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t >> we are waiting ñrfor the lights to come back on. our whole neighborhood has no power and there are ñrççççaç 15,000 customers around çthe ç area without power ççright no pg&e is working on that. a lot of çpeople don't have ç( to school. that mdqns they're not on the roads. you see traffic ñrççis so lig but if you çcan, çget outside just for a minute çand snap a photo if you can to ççççshoç your neighborhkb. your ççneighborhood ççççm similar. get a picture of çthe damage i anything you are going through 0@mobile ap there is ñrñra submit story or picture. download the app for free. it will give you weather alerts and forecasts. yourself on çthe çgo with ç çap we have great resources for you there. go to our website çfor çthe v latest on the storm. we'll be back with our coverage in a couple of minutes.
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protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. we are backing the storm. we've got a live look at storm tracker 4. the cold front with the band of the intense showers that we will see today slicing right through san francisco and up into portions of the north bay and some portions of the east bay as well. let's dig into it and see where rain is falling the hardest. i will start in the north bay because that's where we have been tracking. they will get the most accumulation. they have been seeing rain since noon yesterday when trace amounts started to fall in santa rosa.
7:45 am
all the portions of the north bay are under moderate to heavy rain now and also seeing heavy rain at times is napa valley around american cannon. you see the colors turn orange and dip into the red spectrum. rainfall rates, a little more than an inch per hour in ççç like american canyon, napa where in napa downtown we are looking at a half inch per ç hour. that's a lot of rain coming down quickly. in east bay we are looking at antioch and brought wood beginning to see light rain beginning to fall. concord, martinez, walnut creek, danville, you have been seeing moderate rain for the last hour or hour and a half, danville is beginning to see some come into view. san ramon you are not far behind. richmond and panol you've been having rainfall. a half çan inch per hour is
7:46 am
impressive. towards berkeley, let me slide the map a little bit, this is part of the cold front. it's cutting through san francisco up into berkeley where rain is falling at times. let's get the latest measurement. 1.6, a little more than an and a half per hour in berkeley. san francisco, ççççcandle s just çunder an inch and ñra ç per ççhour. let me ççslide çthe maps ça bit more an ooking all right, east ççxdçñrbay çç anyway. let meçç ççget ççpacifica san francisco. we've got rain falling0ççççn some spots at ççtwo inches pe hour and all this is çstreamin in the direction of south san francisco. brace yourself. we've got a lot more rain on the way. sliding maps into downtown san francisco it's north beach, the
7:47 am
financial district seeing the heaviest of the rain and the wider view in the south bay shows light most moderate but it is beginning to build in cooper tino and in the santa cruz mountains. look to the left, the deep red line is the cold front. as that gets closer the weather around the bay will get more and more intense. we are not just talking about rain xdeither. we ççare talking about the wi as well. >> we are. here is a look at pictures we are getting on twitter and facebook. this viewer is from alameda showing his fence that fell to his neighbor's home because of the strong winds. we have been seeing winds over 70 miles an hour as far as wind gusts especially in southern marin and wood acre. winds haven't really let up. it's still really strong out there. 30 mile-an-hour winds in oakland. these are sustained winds, even san jose has 30 miles an hour. we are seeing gusts over 50
7:48 am
miles an hour at half moon bay, concordat 41, san jose seeing gusts over 40 miles per hour and it is still howling out there. the wind warning is in effect through 10:00 tonight. we will see gusts up to 60 miles per hour. this is verified for some spots. watch out for the possibility of more strong winds. here is our futurecast. this model is doing a good job timing the rain. at 8:00 this morning this is the cold front that we are watching. it's heavy in napa, san rafael. this will be due south and east. this will be lading to livermore by 9:00, passing through san jose. that's the heaviest rain we are talking about. 10:00 this morning, we will see widespread ççrain and that continues not just for the morning but for the afternoon. at 3:00 we are still dealing with wet weather. most of it should be light to moderate, not expecting heavier
7:49 am
stuff. most of that's happening now. at 10:00 tonight still looking at widespread rain again. you may see çcells holding moderate to heavy rain. overnight we may start to dry out for some spots and by early tomorrow morning at 7:00 generally looking at partly cloudy conditions. most rain should have moved to the east but we'll still hold on to the chance of showers. how much rain can we expect? quite a bit still, five to seven inches but some isolated spots could get up to ten inches of rain. somebody tweeted saying east of santa rosa they had a rainfall rate of 9.6 inches per hour. that's nuts. national weather service retweeted that, will have to verify that. one to three for the east and south bays. flood watches in expect, flash flood warning just posted for parts of marin and sonoma, flood advisories. this means you gotta watch out for flooding through the entire
7:50 am
bay area today and through tomorrow morning, watching roads and creeks. do not try to cross a flooded road. it only takes two feet of water to float your car. here is your kron 4 seven day around the bay forecast. today is the day that's going to bring most intense rain and winds. it's not over yet. torrow morning we'll see morning rain and then i think for the afternoon maybe scattered showers but i think we will start to dry. dry saturday but breezy. the temperatures are dropping. that means we'll see snow in the sierras. here is your snow bomb ski report. we are talking pretty good snow over the next couple days. right now we don't have new snow. if you gotta go to tahoe, get on the road now because it is still fairly warm. we don't have new snow in the last 24 hours. that's going to change come tomorrow and especially saturday because we can see we have blizzard warnings in effect, winter storm warnings. it's going to be a mess over the next days.
7:51 am
the time is 7:50. here is ericka with the roads. >> we are tracking new reports of roadway flooding and downed trees. north bound 280 at trues dale, read way is flooded blocking two lanes. probably on the left, it is common firmed. we are seeing slow traffic with speeds down to 25 miles per hour. if you don't want to wait in that, it looks like you could hop on highway 101. it looks like slow traffic is on the south side, not the northside where we are dealing with flooding. east bay, woke land, at fruit veil we have a downed tree blocking the exit. you will probably want to hop off on parker mcarthur depending on your destination. it looks like slow speeds on the freeway down to 40 miles per hour. once you make your way toward the bay bridge it's not bad ride. look at the toll plaza. there are çlight conditions. generally on a dry day we would
7:52 am
be backed up to mcarthur maze. we have a wind advisory in effect so cars are really tapping on the brakes heading into san francisco. a wind advisory in effect at the san matoe bridge. it looks like speeds are down to 10 miles per hour and as we look at the golden gate bridge we have a wind advisory in effect. south 101, lanes look good with lots of space between cars. some of the heaviest rain and reports of roadway flooding are in the north bay. getting out of your house could be difficult especially if you are coming out of santa rosa and here at the bridge it is asked that big rigs and high profile trucks and vehicles avoid the bridge if they can. depending where you are headed you will want to take highway 37 or head to the bay bridge toll plaza. >> thank you. our team coverage continues. mike is following the storm in tiburon. >> you are looking at the shopping center. you see the rain really coming
7:53 am
down. this is a relief from what we saw 15 minutes ago when the heaviest part was coming down so hard. the rain was coming down so hard it cut back on visibility. it lightened up a little bit. here at ñrthe cove shopping center this flooded during the last storm damaging a couple small businesses that are in the shopping center. i spoke with the owner of marin cleaners. they are open. listen as to how he is preparing for the storm for the rest of the day. >> the main thing is keeping everything off the ground and making sure the customer goods and all their clothes are not anywhere on the ground to where they're going to çget wet. we keep everything up ççon th conveyers and everything high. >> reporter: was there discussion as to not opening? >> we thought about it. but we figured the brunt of the storm will be this morning and probably after 10:30 or so it should pass through and if we get through that, we should be okay, we would think. >> reporter: you see a lot of businesses have placed sand bags in front of the doors to
7:54 am
prevent water from coming in like itthe last storms. so far we have not seen that become an issue. you see the water continuing to pond in the middle of the roadway. crews have been coming through here, public works crews, multiple times. you can tell they're doing a good job checking spots that were problems last time. we're going to take a break and we'll be right back. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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8:01 am
we lost power.
8:02 am
for a while we were running a generators. let me toss it back to darya if you are available. >> in fact while you are broadcasting i am in a dark studio in the i don't know studios in -- kron studios. you can't see my shot and i can't see yours but i know you are broadcasting on tv and you are live showing the rain. i am sitting in a dark studio. we have no lights, no computers. we have nothing, but we are able to stay on the air through our live crews that are out and about like you. we are relying on you to show viewers what's happening like people siting in their homes in the dark, that's what we are doing. life goes on outside. i know the traffic has been very light because a lot of people aren't going to school today or taking their kids to school. they're staying home from work. it's good because the roads are hazardous. our last map shot showed this front is intensifying in san
8:03 am
francisco for example where we are. when we get into heavy downpours and highest winds, that's when the power goes out. pg&e has been doing an amazing job at keeping up with the power outages. when we first went on the air this morning there were about 7000 customers in the bay area without power. that went up just within the last half hour to 40,000 customers but pg&e knocked that down in half. now there are about 15,000 customers throughout the bay area with no power. kron 4 studios and this whole area that we are in are one of the power outages. there are about 49 different outages throughout the bay area. we have been live in the north bay with jackie, theresa, and mike in areas seeing heavy flooding, rain and wind knocking out power. they have no school up there
8:04 am
for example in tim ron that flooded last week they're seeing heavy rains and we're watching to see if flood waters do any damage again. we have seen trees down. we've got cal trans and numbers that they're out chopping up trees that have hit roadways. there was an incident earlier that moved out quickly. will in pacifica and along the pier where you have been pelted by sideways sheets of rain. will, i don't know if you can still hear me but while you were there you have seen two or three people that have ventured to go outside. why would they other than to check out conditions which is why you are out there. >> they went to check out conditions and realized it was worse than they thought. one man, 48 years old who grew up in pacifica and he says this was a doozy. while you were handling business inhouse that time the wind started picking up. let me show you behind me.
8:05 am
look at the pole, it's swaying back and forth. sir, can you come over here? dogs still need to be walked in the rain. we have a man here, live on the channel 4 news. do you have power at your place? >> i think so, yeah. >> what do you think about what's going on? >> it's crazy. i am staying here with my brother. >> where did you come from? >> heading into walnut creek. >> what did you think when you woke up and saw all this? >> it was bad all night. it sounded like a hurricane. >> you could hear it. >> rain was hitting windows like hail. >> was anything rattling? >> the windows were going back and forth, not bad though. it was pretty bad about a month ago. >> i hope you don't plan to walnut creek today. >> i gotta go to work. the dogs have to go out before i leave. >> thank you. be careful out there.
8:06 am
dogs need to be walked and that's just the way it is. you be safe sir. the cars are driving very slowly. there is puddling going on as well. the rain itself, it's not that bad if you just think about the rain. it's just the wind that we have been warning you for days about powerful winds. that's what's making it so difficult and that's why i cringe from time to time because it hits my face and it feels like a sand storm hitting your face or even worse, it feels like a bb slamming into it. that's the problem. don't be out there. we are in a high profile vehicle. this is so high up there and i can see it being tossed and turned and batted around. if you don't have to be out there, please don't especially if you are in a car ora van like this because driving will be that much more difficult on
8:07 am
a day like today. look at that. the wind is driving the rain and water on the sidewalk and sure enough i can hear the roar from where i am standing just from the ocean as well. there is lots going on. i know it probably will get worse. >> can you hear me? >> i can hear you fine. back to you. >> as we are looking at your shot, we are in the kron studios in the dark. i want you to keep showing viewers the shots of your rain. mark and i are in the studio. he has been tracking heavy downpours and how fast rain is coming down in areas and where this is moving. will is getting hammered with streets of rain. we know san francisco is one of the areas getting pounded. what would you say bay area wide where the heaviest rain is coming down now?
8:08 am
8:09 am
i think we are still on the air. this is annie. i am in the master control room since our studio is dark. will is live in pacifica. it's an interesting situation because we are limited to live shots. it looks like richmond san rafel bridge, we are looking at good torrential rain coming down and winds coming down. we have been seeing rainfall rates from three to five inches. one person reporting on twitter east of santa rosa, retweeted by national weather service, saying they had almost ten inch per hour rainfall rate. we are taking a look. here is the bay bridge approach, toll plaza. ericka has been giving us traffic reports and i think a lot of people have been staying abreast of the forecast and the storms coming through.
8:10 am
it seems like a lot of people decided to stay home and work from home or take the day off. i know schools in the bay area are closed. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. the rain has been coming down across the bay bridge and at the san mateo mat bridge. i think we will go back to will live on the scene to give us an update. will. >> let me show you the horizon. it's like a wall of rain and wind headed our way. it's picked up from just a couple minutes ago. it's cold now, wet. look at the water. it's just rising. it was splashing to the pier from time to time, a very dangerous situation out here. i know surfers can be fearless. don't get in the water. there are people walking dangerously close to it. we talked to a man walking his dog. he wants to do that as quick as possible before he gets to his home and goes work.
8:11 am
you see how dark it is. it's about 8:10 in the morning and it feels earlier meaning earlier before like 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. here is somebody pulling up. excuse me! we are channel 4 live, can you come over here? i was telling you there are people stopping by checking it out for themselves. we have been telling them for days just how bad the rain is. this is the worst storm in years. we are live on channel 4 news. what's your name? >> pam. >> do you live in pacifica? >> i have lived here all my life. >> what do you think? >> it's crazy. houses are up to the door cils with water. >> where is this? >> amza. >> reporter: so it's flooding? >> it's flooded. the cars are already almost water. >> let me zoom in on your cell
8:12 am
phone. you saw flooding overnight. >> this morning when i woke up. >> reporter: did you hear the wind and how bad it was? >> i did. it was crazy. my fence blew over. my dog cage is in somebody else's yard. >> reporter: we have ing people ready for this. are you surprised by how strong it is? >> no. i have seen this in pacifica. >> reporter: you are about to roll video from your cell phone. oh my phone had a problem too. i walked out with it in the rain and within a couple seconds it's soaking wet. now it's also drying in our live truck. we'll zoom in on the picture. you can see sheets of water on that picture as well. why did you come down here? >> i wanted to film the waves for my out of town friends. >> reporter: you had do what? >> i wanted to film the waves for my out of town friends. i have friends that have moved away from pacifica. yesterday i videoed the waves
8:13 am
prestorm. >> reporter: the reason i ask is because it's so loud i can barely hear you. thank you so much. it's not just my imagination. >> it's crazy, crazy. >> reporter: crazier by the minute. >> yes. >> reporter: here we are in pacifica. rain jackets, rain suit is an absolute must. it will not take you very long for you to get soaked and wet. she's taking photos. there are cars going around. that pier, they didn't even bother letting people get close. they have shut down the pier. you can't even walk down there. there is a huge roar standing here. you heard me try to interview her live and i could barely hear her. i had to lean in. she came down to take some photos. she was talking about her neighborhood on amza in pacifica. it's all flooded. other people said even though they were inside throughout the night they could hear howling.
8:14 am
the wind is probably not as bad as we saw. excuse me sir! come here! no, he just wants to hurry and get back in. they're compelled to come down and check it out for themselves. it's not good enough for them to be indoors and look out. they have to see it. you can see he didn't bother to stop and talk to us. he is heading back to his car. be careful out there. more cars are pulling up. they just have to see, i guess, the power of nature for themselves darya. i can attest, she's mad at us this morning. there is lots going on. >> you can attest to power of nature and i can attest to the power outage. again, i am in the dark. now i am able to see a tv through our generators and be able to see a tv because we are broadcasting. you've got live shots and i like 15,000 or more customers we at kron are in the dark. pg&e have doubled the crews and
8:15 am
have been able to knock the power outages down. a half hour ago it was 40,000. they knocked it down to 15. it will go to 30. they'll knock it down to 15. as we cycle through other live shots you see the golden gate bridge. it's hard drive. it's so gray out there with the spray of the rain kicking up. there is a lot of puddling and flooding that you will be going through. be careful when you do that. go slowly. there is no traffic. you might be tempted to go fast but don't do it because you don't know when you will come up on a puddle that's deep than you can handle. the spray makes it difficult to see too. look how quiet it is. schools are out in the bay area for the most part. most districts have canceled schools. the cars you are seeing probably have to head to work and in many intersections once you get to the city you are going to if you are in the power outage like we are here there is a wide area of san
8:16 am
francisco with no power. so you won't see traffic lights. you've got to observe four way stop when you approach a traffic light. at the bay bridge look how difficult it is to see. some cars don't have their head lights on. the law is when you have your wipers on you need to have your head lights on. look at the cars that don't. as you approach the bay bridge, there is puddling too as i look in the right hand lanes. you will want to slow down if you are heading over bridges. aside from puddling and flooding we've got wind. will has talked a lot about that. so have our weather people. that's something to be careful of on bridges and when driving on the highway with the heavy winds. there have been trees knocked down. pg&e said they have power lines knocked down. they're fixing those too. i will look at my producer. is it walnut creek? you can barely see 680 through
8:17 am
walnut creek. what a difficult drive. once you've got rain pouring down and wind blowing it sideways and gusts of 60 or maybe 70 miles an hour makes it difficult to keep control of your car not to mention what it feels like if you are home watching. this is a tv watching day. you don't want to be out in this. that's why we have crews all around the bay area. we will stay on the air as long as we possibly can. knowing that we have no power, running on a generator, we are still broadcasting to show you what's going on out there as the bay area is dealing with the biggest storm we have seen in years. you can barely see a thing as you are making your way through the commute if you are in the walnut creek area now. i want to see if we have other live shots available as we are looking in the control room sampling throughout the bay what we can see. we are back to will tran. i hope you can hear me. i know you have been dealing with battering winds and rain
8:18 am
on the pier of the pacifica. >> it's getting worse. about five minutes ago we saw a wall of wind and rain headed our way and it's knocking on our door step right now. people are driving by slowly. ey have to see for themselves. they can't believe how powerful it is to the point where they're compelled to come out here to see it, feel it for themselves. it is to the point where it is dangerous and they didn't bother opening the pier. it's still looked at this hour with people stopping by. sir? we'll try to talk to him as he is getting off his phone. let's show you the puddling that's going on darya. this is a constant all morning. there is puddling here with people driving by. i don't care where you are in the area, hydroplaning will be an issue. we talked to man that said his power is on in pacifica. you can see there is a line down in front of your screen, i
8:19 am
am not sure if that was there before. there is a line down but it does not seem to be impacting electricity because i see lights on on the nearby homes. it just comes and goes. it's always strong. there are times when it's gusty and you have to lean into the wind to stand your ground and do a live shot to be out here. it's getting colder by the minute. you see the hillside. i would imagine that's rain coming down sideways in that location. here is a man in his sports car coming along. what do you think about this? >> it's crazy. i have lived here all my life. it's kind of exciting but we've got go to work. >> reporter: you couldn't call and say i can't make it? >> there is no power and they're wanting us in now to help with the customers. >> reporter: where do you work? >> the hotel industry in san
8:20 am
francisco. they have a lot of power outages outages. >> reporter: could you tell us which hotel? >> the hilton. >> reporter: he works at the hilton and says they're having some power problems there as well. here is a man, work needs to go on, there are deliveries. he is on his phone driving. stanley roberts needs to be out talking to this man because he has a cell phone to his ear. you get the point. people need to go where they need to go but it's going to be a challenge. the rain is coming down harder by the minute. >> i can hear it being blown. to see that guy heading to work, that's where i am. we are in san francisco. you got a guy trying to make his way in being told they have no power at the hilton. there is a wide area of san francisco that has no power. a lot of businesses like we do at kron have back up
8:21 am
generators. people have to go to work. there is a live shot. look how empty it is. these people heading over have to brave these conditions to get to work. obviously it's crucial that they get in. nobody will be shopping in retail stores or malls. that was great example. if you are in the hotel industry and you have guests affected by the power outage. we have now live crews around the bay. that's the way we are able to show you these shots as you are hopefully home weathering the storm at your house. hopefully you bat down the hatches and you have your lawn furniture in. the wind coming with this is crazy. is than san mateo bridge? i think it is. yeah, absolutely. look at the conditions. i don't want to say white out. it's a gray out. i do want to mention i don't know if we have a tahoe camera to show you. i wouldn't even recommend
8:22 am
trying to get to tahoe today or tomorrow even though they will have the great fresh snow. they are being pummeled by wind. forget about being able to take the ski lifts. they could get up to two feet of snow with this. it's a colder weather front hitting them which is great because the snow is at such high elevations last time that by the lake they didn't get much snow. this time they're going to get a lot. it's going to be very difficult to drive there. we know there were blizzard warnings of white outs through 50 and 80 trying to get to tahoe. it's not a drive you will want to take probably until maybe saturday. probably the rest of today and tomorrow the bay area will be spending cleaning up from the storm and damage which you will wait do. pg&e andcal tran are doing it now. they are responding. at one point they had 75
8:23 am
incidents being responded to on bay area roads, chp. we have a live shot of king vail, i-80 east. it's not snow but it's rain that they have. it's a colder storm. snow levels will come down a little bit but as you can see in king veil the road is wet. if you don't have to go anywhere, you are advised to stay off of the roads. as we go through our live traffic shots a lot of people are doing that, staying off the roads unless they have to. mark, james, annie have been following the weather. the last time they looked at the maps they could see the hardest hit areas and how this storm is moving really slowly and churning over the bay area. early this morning it was the north bay and then came san francisco and then the south bay. it's just sliding to the east. as we look at our cameras we can show you more of this in tahoe. let's go to the bay bridge approach. you see there is a lot of
8:24 am
puddling on the roads. we are waiting to see where the next cell will come. mark is coming in to tell me. you have been keeping an eye on the front. it's 8:30. san francisco will be under heavy stuff for another hour or two? >> yes, heaviest rain is sliding through the bay area. this was expected as far as the timing with the storm. we are now seeing heavier cells slide east as evidenced here from the bay bridge. thankfully people are heeding warnings and staying off of the roads during the storm as we are getting localized flooding. as far as the extreme north bay the worst of it may be over but we are expecting heavy rain to continue as we make our way through the next 12 hours. it was the strongest line that came through and that caused the biggest problems as we made our way through the morning and into the afternoon. will tran has been along the
8:25 am
coast. in pacifica perfect had strong rain and wind there. let's check in with him live. >> reporter: it's coming down so hard that we had to actually change our microphone because the other one was so water logged where i came across gargled. we want to show you the conditions. every passing minute, it gets worse. we want to swing the camera over here. i told you five or ten minutes ago i could see the wall of rain and wind headed our way. that wall is right here on our door step. visibility is a huge issue down here if you want to get out and look as far as you can. this is as good as it gets. the rain would not be bad if it was just rain. but because of the wind it's making things miserable. it hits my face like sand or bbs at certain times. we just talked to a man live on
8:26 am
channel 4 heading to work driving in his sports car, very low to the ground. hydroplaning will be an issue for him. he was told by one of the san francisco hotels that they are having power issues just like us and they're scrambling around. so he could not even get a day off today. he was told to head into work as well. here is another person holding her hood as best she can. it will fly off if she doesn't. we have been telling people for days how bad it is. they know how bad it is when we interview them live but they want to see it for themselves. now it is still safe if you stand there. i have not seen cresting onto this location but definitely over there. they don't even want to bother opening the pier for anybody to be out there. i have seen water splash on to the pier and right now that pier is closed and this gentleman, we tried to talk to him live on kron 4 at 6:00, he
8:27 am
runs his coffee shop and closed up. two and a half hours later he is still not back because he realizes it's not worth it for him to come back out. there are other live crews running back to their car because they can't stand to be hit in the face with all the rain. we are here to monitor the situation. pacifica, if other places are worse than this, i feel bad for you and i feel bad for everybody because it's getting worse by the second. back to you. >> it's important to know if you live in far inland east bay and in the south bay what you are seeing at pacifica, shots from marin, that's coming your way. a slow moving storm system moving south and east. in san jose you are expected to pick up over an inch of rain from 10:00 to 1:00. we have the latest on the storm, where the heaviest are
8:28 am
now, school information, traffic information, numbers from pg&e. at the height of the storm we saw 38,000 outages. they have it down to 15,000 now. there are crews stationed all around the area. kron has you covered with complete resources as the storm continues to slide including outage numbers for pg&e. you can see the work they're doing to restore hour around the bay area. we'll keep track of the storm as the heavy rain pushes through. the bay bridge, very heavy rain is coming down. on the rich manned san rafel bridge, no big rigs are allowed because of the strong winds. we have seen winds at 50 miles an hour. we saw a 75 mile-an-hour gust part of the line that came through with the cell. there are lines of embedded cells in the system bringing
8:29 am
heavy downpours. in the north bay the worst of it may be winding down but we will see continued rain through the afternoon and that's going to exacerbate flood situations. we are seeing rising creeks, streams and the rivers are rising as well. the flooding will continue through the afternoon. the biggest may wind down and the heavy rain will continue. it's south and east bays that we'll concentrate on. san mateo bridge now is really coming down. we have seen rates close to two inches an hour. the biggest fear with the storm was how slowly it was going to move through the bay area. this is a powerful storm that dropped out of gulf of alaska tapping into moisture and it will continue to rain. as the day goes on while wind gusts may not be as bad, most damaging ones are coming ahead with the heaviest rain. it appears the worst of the
8:30 am
wind may be over as far as strongest gusts in the north bay. the problem is due to the slow nature of the movement of the storm we're going to see heavy rain throughout the day. that's going to just keep adding to the problems. we have been saturated from the rain that we had last week and we saw flooding problems around the area then. now we are just adding to the problems. we are expecting two to five inches of rain in most cities around the bay and rger rainfall amounts as you get to the higher terrain. bay bridge, light traffic but a lot of water. we have wind advisories posted on bay area roads. the bay area is under a high wind warning until 10:00 tonight. we are talking about wind gusts in 40 mile-per-hour range with higher gusts possibly around 60 miles per hour. also a flood advisory for the bay but we are getting flood warnings out as heavy rain comes through like in san francisco. in the sierra we are tracking
8:31 am
heavy snow headed that way with a blizzard warning to the western slope of sierra until tomorrow morning as there are white out conditions expected with the rain that's coming through. you are looking at the live shots. mark and i are talking into a phone as we broadcast live shots shots. we are in the dark. i am holding flash light on mark as he is on the phone and handing me the line. that's how we are operating. it reminds me yesterday, talking about power outages. i am in radio shack, safe way. people are trying to stock up on food and get batteries. all the ds were sold out.
8:32 am
it's possible that maybe your neighbors are in the dark. if you have power and you are watching, take the opportunity to get emergency stuff out because you could be hit with outages at any time as wind gusts rip down power lines, knock over trees. you add rain which is causing flooding meaning pg&e crews are still out there. i am patting them on the back telling them they're doing such a great job. there were 40,000 without power and now there are 15,000. we are still without power. hello pg&e, san francisco could use some lights down here. in the downtown area we saw a guy heading to the hilton hotel. they're without power too and using emergency generators trying to get the power on for customers who are staying there and for businesses in the area. a lot of people heading over golden gate bridge might be
8:33 am
going to san francisco to work and find their work is in the dark. maybe that means elevators aren't going to work. you can't get into the building if you have an electronic key code. it causes a lot of problems for businesses today. at least schools are not in operation. at least our kids aren't in the dark. stay in your home if you can. it's a great tv watching day. we are happy to be able to use back up generators and bring you live shots so you can see what's happening outside around the bay now mark. >> let's go to storm tracker 4 radar. it is showing the current situation around the bay. we've got another


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