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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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now at 11. a man shot by san francisco police tonight is dead. police say the man was found in a restricted area of the mission police substation.and would not obey orders to leave. good evening i'm vicki liviakis. kron-4's annie andersen joins us live from where it happened.annie how did this unfold? more than 24 hours after a fight the reporter>>: we learned that this man has died at the hospital. a police officer sawn man in and
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restricting parking lot at the station. the man lifted up his sweater and went for what the author officers thought was a gun. it turned out to be a begun but the officers said it books like real gone without the gunships. new speaker anvalencia's street has reopened it had its earlier been closed. two of these officers were sergeants in the department. at a vallejo motel-
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6 leads to an officer-involved shooting. the alleged gunman is still on the loose. kron four's philippe djegal shows us who police are looking for. phillipe djegal>>: service calls this motel 6 are not on the ordinary, but what happened saturday night to spiraled out of control. when officers reported to a reported fire at the hotel a man walked out of the room with an alleged handgun. at this key it did dealership
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he stole a car with the keys already in the ignition. the officer believes that he could have been wounded during the shooting but he abandoned the car and ran away. hawthorne steal me beyond. a 68-year-old man is dead after his car went down an embankment and crashed into a tree. it happened along northbound
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highway 101. near north first street in san jose just after 11 this morning. officials say another man lost control of his ford mustang. and swerved into the victim's toyota corolla. the crash sent the corolla down an embankment. where it struck a tree. the victim was later pronounced dead at the hospital. both the driver and passenger inside the mustang were not injured. new tonight at 8. a 14 year old boy had a heart attack while playing in a community basketball league. it happened at a gymnasium in walnut creek. kron-4's scott rates shows us the amazing way people in the stands were able to save the boy's life. reporter>>: it was a scary moment moment for these people at the gymnasium. they say to young man's life.
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west all non the coordinator for walnut creek shows us how this works. he was responsible for installing the device. seven years later, a payoff in a big way. the 14 year-old was plain in an organization mealeague/. then there's determined that the boy was in cardiac arrest, they started chest compressions and cpr. they took the e.d. and out of the cabinet ticket to the
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court you as did on the youngster and were able to bring his heart back into normal rhythm. you'll have to pay more to park. at many bart stations around the bay area later this month. stations with regularly full lots will be seeing an increase of fifty cents a day. every six month bart acesses parking to determine where the prices would rise. millbrae, hayward, oakland coliseum, concord, and north concord stations will not see an increase. most increases start on or after january 20th. for a full breakdown of dates stations, and increases visit our website at kron4 dot com. search crews recovered four more bodies from the java sea while looking for remains from airasia flight 85-01. that makes a total of 34 bodies found in the water so far since the plane vanished eight days ago.
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officials believe many of the unrecovered passengers and crew are still strapped to their seats. crews have found several large pieces of debris believed to be parts of the plane. but they have yet to locate the main wreckage site. u-s navy sailors from the u-s-s fort worth are helping diving crews in the search. today marks the eighth day of recovery efforts.
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an infant is missing. her parents and uncle found shot in their long beach home. three-week old eliza delacruz was taken from her home. police say they found her parents and uncle injured.
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they don't currently have a person of interest. or a motive. investigators are saying the kidnapper is an adult male. two of the victims are still in the hospital. but one was treated and released. no amber alert is issued at this time for the girl. reporter>>: and have your forecast, the out.
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life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups.
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life's running out of shaving stuff. and thankfully being able to find backups. traffic is flowing smoothy now. but starting next saturday morning the bridge will look a way that i know i've never seen it empty. that's because it will be closed for the longest time that it's ever been closed while a center median is being installed. reporter>>: the golden key bridge transportation interests district agreed that having roominess, not saferubber median is, was not sayfe.
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it will be closed for 52 hours starting at 12 01 and saturday morning the new speakenew speakerwhen the pre-opens at 4:00 a.m. on monday the buses will be able to cross, as well as the phase that will be going. vicki: spare the air day this
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week. wood burning will be banned both indoors and outdoors throughout the day. poor air quality from the recent cold weather prompted officials to issue the alert. first-time offenders will be required to take a wood smoke awareness class. and will be fined 100-dollars. progra reporter>>: look for more he's the sunshine the next several several afternoons. looks like they're already shut down the golden gate bridge. temperatures not quite as cold as minetonight. heidi's tomorrow are going to be warming up about 5 to 10
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degrees, in the '60s about to everywhere just about. tuesday: even warmer still. for thursday and, we have a weak weather system coming away, so by the time they get hit gets here and there will be some clouds and maybe just the little rain. many americans could be in for an expensive surprise this tax season. a dramatic decrease in their refund. those who received payments under the obamacare act could owe the i-r-s. because credits they received to balance their insurance premiums were too large. enrollees had to estimate their income for 20-14, and many didn't know exactly what they would earn. it was also up to enrollees to report major changes that would
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affect their income. including new jobs or a marriage. those who didn't have health insurance at all last year are also facing a fine. police officers and citizens lined the streets of brooklyn today, as funeral services were held for new york police officer wenjian liu. hailing from a chinese immigrant family, liu was remembered as a good man who fulfilled the american dream. liu and his partner. officer rafael ramos. were gunned down as they sat in their patrol car in december. a cop for seven years. liu was aslo a husband. married for only two months. several new york city officials attended the funeral to say goodbye to liu. mayor bill de blasio's presence was not without controversy.
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outside. some police officers turned their backs as the mayor began to speak. several bay area police agencies also attended the memorial service. the san mateo county sheriff and menlo park police officers were there to honor liu. in 2007, scott began a long, public battle with cancer. in 2014, he was honored for his fight at the espy awards, and he talked about refusing to let the disease defeat him. scott is survived by his two teenage daughters taylor and sid-knee.
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this season is over for the 49 and the raiders but the playoffs are in full swing. a 51 yd touchdown pass. lions
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wincowboys win 24 to 20.
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butthe colts win 26 to 10.
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the colts will play the broncos next sunday afternoon.
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cougars with be upset to 69 to 60 sit6. 8.
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