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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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is on now! ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the land mark has been shut down as crews battle the clock to have the proeblg completed in time. it's meant toom reduce number of cligs there. >> reporter: crews are working around the clock to make sure this project is pleated in time. so far everything is on schedule. video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven news shows trucks moving pieces on to
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the bridge. here is a ground view of the installation and all of the pieces lined up. by 550 in the eefshening, beof the barrier was placed on the bridge. here is a photo of the crew after laying down the final piece. now, crews have to run the zipper truck to create to proper tension and position of the units. striping near the waldo and the tow plaza are next on the check list as well. they will familiar themselves that comes with the new barrier. all of that hopefully happens before the bridge reopens on monday. at the golden gate bridge, kron four news. >> let's take a look at some other options. earlier car kz were at a stan still. you can also use the rich mnldz
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bridge. here is a live look at what traffic is like right now. it's not looking bad at all. traffic throughout the day has been free flowing there. golden gate adding late night round trip. the ferry will add extra ferries. there is also a water taxi available to help get you across the bay. the investigation in to the french terror attacks that left 17 victims dead continues today. there is world a key suspect left the country before the attacks occurred. windup of the dead terrorist suspects may have had tied to the underwear bomber. >> reporter: the single remaining publicly identified supebt is not in france according to a source close to
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the turkish prime ministry. the source says the turkish police is tracking her movementses and she entered turkey on january 2nd before any of the terror attacks. she's likely bounl for syria. also saturday, a judgealist tells cnn the so called underwear bomber was once a room meat of one of the attackers. the reporters say he lived in yemen. cnn is unable to verify the report. police kill could him and his brother in a standoff friday. french prime minister says france is fighting a war for its way of life. >> it's a war against terrorism.
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against jihad ishad. >> french law enforce. is on high alert. a police source say officers are asked to erase social media presence and carry weapons at all times. more than 80000 people gathered marching silenltsy for the victims of the terrorist acts. additional service security acts are going to take place. more will be on duty saen. many world leaders will attends the march tomorrow. peepople in the bay area held a
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candle light vigil in san francisco. the group gathered on top of the stockton tunnel for two hours. the vinylal finished at 7 o'clock. no word if the same group will be holding another vigil any time soon. we've heard accountoffs people who hid inside the refrinlerater from the gunman. one of the hostages spoke about his experience. >> we were all in shock. and then we heard the explosion outside. we heard gun fire. he was there to kill everyone. if we went babbling out it would have been a slaughter. it would have been a slaughter. >> four hostages were killed by the gunman before police stormed the market. he called this an antisumetic attack. stran fire crews pulled a
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body out of lake merced this afternoon. it was found in the gall course just around 3:00 o'clock. the body was not identified. no word on the age or gender of the person. motorcyclist is dead after a san francisco crash. crews responded to the accident around 5:00 o'clock this afternoon. police say the motorcycle collided with a car and the impact caused the bike to hit a pedestrian. the pedestrian was hurt, but the injuries were minor. wrong way driver killed three paepm this morning near sacramento. he because driving in the fast lane with his head lights off when he hit the victim's car head on. he was likely driving under the influence.
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he made it four miles going in the wrong direction before the accident. the whole incident happened too fast for officers to respond in time. >> four miles that's four minutes if you're going to speed limit. that's not a lot of time to get where the officers were, to the freeway, to try to locate this guy. >> the victims were twej-year-old matthew 18-year-old kendra and matthew. they all died on impact. a man was found dead inside a car on east williams court. he suffered at least one gunshot wound. they are still investigating the man's death. any suspects are still at larnl. warning residents tonight about calls that say they're from the irs. they say they're collecting back taxes and bim needs to be paid.
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the calls came from 202 area code, which is washington dc. they are threatening people with legal prosecution. if you have back taxes you would receive notice in the mail. they're asvided to hang up the phone. 4 men dead after a shooting last night. george zimmerman arrested again. what police say he did to land him in hot water. next up health officials say they found the source tied to prepackaged caramel apples and it's right here in california. ♪ ♪ ♪ first impressions are important.
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the spring of bacteria is linked to a apple farm in
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california. the prepackaged caramel apples are linked today 32 reports of illness and 3 deaths. the owner says he's devastated by the news. we hear from 1 drive who says he feels lucky to be alive. what people are saying about the gruesome crime. 4 dead.
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braking fuse. a german publication -- a fire bomb was sent through a seller window. the building suffering superficial damage. no word yet if this was connected to the terrorist attacks in paris. still no name suspects. tonight, they return to the scene of the murders and filed this report. >> reporter: the 4 men kild in what appears to be a drive-by shooting died here at the scene of the kriechlt people who knew the victims or saddened by what happened dropping flowers and
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candles off. >> there were a lot of shots fired. some went in to dwellings. >> all the neighborhoods seem to be getting a little skachy for lack of a better term. >> reporter: this is a gruesome homicide investigation. 4 men were double parked inside the stoleal car on the 2 hundred block when at least 1 person opened fire at around 10:00 o'clock friday night and killed the men here in san francisco. >> the gang wars or whatever it is it needs to stop. it's kind orphcrazy. >> it's an area that has had a history of gang violence. we don't know if this is what happened. >> we're still investigating any video footage. >> reporter: a vehicle was seen speeding away after the
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shooting. at this time, investigators are still waiting to confirm whether or not that vehicle is involved in this case. pilot of a small plane crashed in the los angeles section yesterday was a nasa scientist. he worked as a researcher for the rover expedition. he worked oen a total of 2 expeditions. he studied how robots worked in harsh environments. there was a stand off earlier this week between about a dozen homeless people and a private security team. the campers say members of the security detail who refused to say who they're working for tried to evilth them from the right of way. the campers, some of whom were previously evicted. they were known has the jungle.
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they refused to leave and the security team eventually gave up and leftfelt they do plan to return. >> the security company that's hired by the next do naib mobile home park is not -- does not have the authority. i asked them about that and they said they do not contact out with any operations or companieses to conduct sweeps to them. they have the own crew that does that. so we knew they had no authority to be here. that's true because they're gone. >> we reached out to boat the management and the railroad company, but there was no immediate response there. today is the 10th consecutive spare the air day. we know burning wood is prohibited. it's because of a high pressure weather system. it's just not moving and making the air quality poor. these conditions are expected to continue in to the next few
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days. if you're caught burning wood, the second fine will be $500. the weth sh is not changing very much. we're continuing to see the calm conditions during the nighting and the day. it's not mixing up the atmosphere. that's what we need to improve air quality. now, tonight we have a nice night out there in san francisco, temperatures currently in the 50s still in? locations. it's pretty mild and we have some high clouds moving in from a weather system that's to the north of us, producing a little bit of rain. there are some spripgales out there. looks like most of them dry up before they even hit the ground. they're low clouds now. low clouds will fill in to tomorrow morning. fairly cloudy start. then clearing out to there afternoon, becoming sunny. nebs week, more dry weather
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sticks around. sunny skies and warm temperatures we're looking at 60s all the way next weekend. there will be some changes. notess the green here. that shows rain. we're just getting the clouds. there could be a couple of spripgales through toojts. the heavier rain is in southern california tonight. look at all the rain. that's from a stronger system that is moving east. it's not going to impact us. here is fog tracker midnight tonight. hees are high clouds. asz we get in to the morning some low clouds beginning to fill in here. cloudy to start. also some low clouds pushing in to the liver more valley. it's going to take a while for them to clear. starting out with temperatures in the morning of the upper 30s. 40s by the bay. low to mid-60s south bay.
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look for mid-60s. san francisco, upper 50s. low 60s, oakland. here is a look ahead for imagine, tuesday wednesday. sunny and warm. thral is a chance for rain by next weekend. vicky. indonesian officials are searching. today, they raced -- raised the tail section from the blain. they used ropes recollect slings and giant under water airbags to lift it to the service. flightidaty recorders are housed in the tail. it's paul the jet's devices are still in place. the flight disipeered on december 28th. a massive freeway pile up in michigan. it happened on interstate 94
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yesterday. officials say almost 200 cars were involved. they say intense winter weather was to blame for the accident. the massive collision caused a semi truck to excloed full of fire works. >> i'm extremely lucky to be alive right now. he's the one that protected me and kept me from dying basically. >> interstate 94 has finally reopened tonight after michigan state police cleared as many as skith cars from the highway. george zimmerman is back in trouble after he was arrested, his attorney says he's arrested for allegedly flow agwine bottle at his girlfriend. at his court hearing today he was released on bail andordered to turn over any weapons. the judge issued a noncontact
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the boy's family is overwhelmed by the online response. >> what do you want? >> there's therapy dogs here. >> like oo game of catch 72 they're just about the only thing that brightens anthony's day. he can be lying in bed all day recollect not a keep out of him and the dog comes in and he becomes himself again. >> reporter: that's why kate the dog is here, it's hard to tell 16-year-old anthony is going through intense chemo. diagnosed just six months ago, july 25th. >> we thought it was growing pain, but it turned out to be this. >> i don't want to be here, but when the dogs come in, they make me smile because she looks so happy. she comes to this depressing place and brings happiness and spreads it to everyone. >> reporter: when the therapy
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dogs come around, anthony's mom started posting about it. >> i said it's the only thing that brightons his day. a friend of mine started a facebook page for people to post pictures of their dogs. >> reporter: the facebook page caught fire online. >> we were thinking 30, 40 people would post. i've seen in the last four days, it's gone up to a million people from likate. >> i like going through all the pictures. some are funny. ? docks have their tongues hanging out. it's funny. >> do you think it's help sng. >> yes. >> to me rngs the brings hope that people are good. through animals they're showing their support. >> nearly 2 million people from across the globe have shared their dog photos on their facebook page. another warm day? >> looks nice for tomorrow. >> all right that's it for us. see you in the morning.
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ends soon! the extraordinary terror attacks and the american students in paris. what they saw. then, playboy themed birthday parties. for a high school teen? and the dad under arrest. and highway horror. >> we ran into the back of a semitruck, and he's not stopping. >> the family dragged under a truck for 16 miles. >> our car is embedded underneath of it. then, you won't believe what embattled bill cosby just said on stage. and the woman at the center of an international scandal. she claimed she was prince andrew's sex slave. now her ex-boyfriend speaks out. plus, cover


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