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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 9, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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morning commute. >>: travois a bill to restore service for the morning commute. >>rebecca: like america arlington base fare heavily affected are the southern and eastern commuters dublin presence in fremont and also of richmond and is a noble for you
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this one definitely tried to get your way into work to figure have anything else except report this morning were a problem on to a system wide delays for the rest of the morning commute none reported so far but we might as we progress drop this morning is from going off the 40 this morning to drive into san francisco held a live shot at the bay bridge toll plaza every than normal because a lot of our writers getting in their vehicles and diving into the city 20 to 25 minutes from the macarthur maze across the span at the downtown so far. >>will tran: diskettes to so many people off guard the have not been following the news that initial run-up to the fruit bellport station in corporate and find out there was a gate that prevents them from going upstairs to the platforms of a
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hot on the train because of the people right behind buses pulling into the station this man has been very busy telling people this bus goes here that busgirls. densitometer is one of the cost your a rocket or confuse one they did not know what happened and and i told about the problem of the fire and the bart tracks and then it is because they do not know which a bus to take and where terrell a lot of confusion right now and we expect a profit continue because a lot of people still showmen of not knowing that this station and many others pretty much shut down in the meantime
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>>anny hong: out toward the santa rosa and in between ukiah in corporate bail it conceive fairly light before the north to ukiah it was only a closer to see looking a very light rain also rents are but scattered in nature or problem onto the most active weather in another debate today we have the best chance for some land and some thunderstorms come this afternoon live in northern
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sonoma and napa, from the north and east of those areas we have a good chance of since a more active and dynamic for the especially this afternoon we're expecting some showers out there we do have the the latest a live look at sfo were we have a love of drizzle shun as crowded conditions keeping most of the heavy rain and for the afternoon at madison spotty scattered showers for san francisco oakland and for the peninsula 5:00 the evening ride home with a look like you to see scattered light rain showing you just listen to what amounts of falling we should be drawing out
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late and actively of nine our maybe some more morning drizzle the highs of p.s. 69 and 4:00 p.m. today walesa also be a little bit heavier today in the afternoon gusted to 20 mi. from our possible on the mostly cloudy conditions will let you know when the warmer weather heads this way, a little bit later. >>mark: were getting ready for the close of for the oriole drive the presidio park late next week where in the news room with with a bitter round of the close a starting tonight. >>michelle apon: it will be closed from 10:00 p.m. tonight to 5:00 a.m. monday morning traffic will be heavy on friday during the morning and evening rush hours there be no access to
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highway 1014 marina boulevard or lombard street which new round heavy traffic tech richmond san rafael bridge to the vaporish are use highway one the detour to the california street or gary boulevard to head to and from san francisco of options are to use public transportation light buses and ferries the golden gate bridge will be open during the drill drive closure however a visitor parking lot will be closed walsall web site to find out more information >>darya: a story of a home invasion had a 10 year-old girl who was caught up held a gun while the partnership live there was being brought to home invasion happen on monday afternoon in the 12th on the block in venture way to gunman forced their way into the home in this apartment complex one of them put the gun to the young girl's hand and pressed her the meantime the other person with about how to grab the cash and jewelry and and they both
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laughed one neighbor was stunned to hear about this incident. . >>darya: police are hoping that they can find some surveillance video from cameras there in the area and they are investigating this crime as a random act did nothing to those people for specific targets. >>mark: memorial service for kate steinle it was taken place see a shot on pure 14 last week a friend of kate steinle is speaking out an upset with the city officials. >>j.r. stone: it is the one a week since kate steinle was killed and the undocumented immigrants francisco sanchez has been charged with her murder sparking an immigration debate nationwide as first family's past fran they've been left to try and make sense of all they
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knew her for several years the head of our party at the union street restaurant everyone's the point the finger it's someone else and and you start to get the feeling like no one is
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really a second responsibility for this a san francisco issue and they to resolvent. >>mark: this set on june 27th just four days before the shooting ranges government issue had a gun was stolen from a car and san francisco law for some sources say at the same one used in the parachuting it was passing through on official business and some fun stopped in the downtown area this car and someone broke through the car's back when the and stole the gun the right to be duly reported the theft of bought the gun was found in the bay by divers today after she was shot. >>darya: and over and home and visit our report gunfire between the home owner and the robbers the home owner of a shock and
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police are still looking for the gunman this happened a long one fog of this morning near longview drive inspire you drive to robbers broke into a home while the owner was there as they search for the home and later the shelter emplace has since been lifted yesterday was a problem with the bay bridge the cannot drive the car not to they cannot take part for the most part big problems and thus cause a lot more cars to jam the roadway is a live look of the san mateo bridge we will be back a moment.
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>>darya: we're talking up a problem that closed five boards stations and they say that they're not one to be reopened during this morning commit his live at the for the devastation. >>will tran: the news conference is going on where joining into the news conference and will add some questions to get you guys
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up to speed it is not operating this is live on channel 4 can you take it from the top with the very latest? >>: the incident trained is right above us and for the devastation at the platform the assistant general manager are there and the crews are looking at the trying trying to find it back and move it out of the way and then we can get repair started if there's any damage in the second one camilla's impacted. >>: as far as the bark is, we're trying to establish of boston branch we do not have that established the last time i checked but ac transit does provide the service drop area again for the people who normally rely on board to get into the city in seven not possible at 7:00.
7:14 am 511 >>: that can help you navigate the public transportation that you normally use the and not familiar with the ac transit bells people were help you i encourage people to go to 511. >>will tran: are there more buses now orders pretty much the same amount? >>: not really sure gonna have a handle but a free transit does have very robust service throughout the east bay in particular this station and other bart stations i would hate
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to speculate as will the convict is back in service but i would say that if people want to check the media or check the web site midmorning maybe early afternoon minutes to make their plans it appears to be something electrical it was outside of the train and so we're taking a look of what is going on with the section. >>will tran: impact afternoon committee could really painful because those people who already made it into san francisco berkeley of the parts of the bay area not have to think of other ways to come back and then not the action the have the knowledge of the situation. >>mark: does go to the other end of the problem we are here at
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the bay if herbart's station that is the southern and of the 5 station closure. >>jackie sissel: we'll hear in the currency loss of frustrated writers out here in fact a line stretching from the block of that come to catch buses because they have been told that that is shut down. >>rebecca: we did herded definitely take other means of transportation ac transit or drive their cars into work this morning because of the board issue out of five stations shut down black mayor and they fed these problems have been going on since 430 this morning affecting the dublin presents and bought in the rich and learn the trains are still getting through the transparent to and not a fact senses of just no service between lake merritt
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all the way to bay fair if you're making the drive to san francisco here was what looks like the bay bridge toll plaza it will be about 25 minutes from--macarthur maze a lot of people that are taking bart a definite views in this adoption but again this is much better than being stuck at the bart station right now switching things over to the peninsula we have a hot spot traffic alert south on 101 the three left as a bloc in during the crash mosbacher will formally involved in their down and the left flank traffic very sluggish of redwood city plastic a look at the weather forecast the sea with the have the store for us. >>anny hong: the central valley with a lot of lightning right now you can see in the north but
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we're still attracting some light rain this morning where temperatures remained cool and that will be the case for today and say scattered from ukiah coverdale and just north of santa rosa and has not been very organized also around windsor you can see most of the activity has been confined to the north banks in is the area that have the best chance for some thunderstorms will be heading north of to the lake tahoe area and will be traveling up 50 or 80 little on to you may also beginning to pretty strong storms later in the afternoon he considers hours and the north
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but also heading for the delta and thus like it was this model here is not bring it is much rain activity into the bay area north and east of the golden gate bridge for the evening ride home the 5:00 still cloudy and maybe a spotty showers or two more line drizzle for the coast and by letter on tie we should be driving out and have more drier air for selling and for writing for the stable atmosphere. >>anny hong: temperatures in the upper 50s and san francisco to los it is in livermore these temperatures have not budged all morning long holding steady a high for today in a school in
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oakland as 69 degrees here is a quick check of the next three days showers are possible along with some drizzle and submit a new our resolve on the bay area including hayward and oakland to implement court tomorrow may be the morning drizzle and a little mild and dry and mild in to the weekend and looks like for today you might want to buy the umbrella just in case. >>mark: a major cause for concern for california and this morning the shah was toppled drop in hot weather are increasing fire danger in the high and dry sierra. >>rob fladaboe: we drove through a downpour here and myers and there was a victim about 7,000 ft. is renting adjutancy right now this is where the state measures the snowpack every
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year the last time they did that back in april there was not anything yet to measure the men's and already elevated the rank come to stop quickly with allied and best sometimes in my behalf of the lightning the trees may look lush and green the lack of water has cut the natural resistance to fire their killing of the trees like this one at the headquarters and camino the trees that are quite literally standing fire was by
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removing dead and dying trees there made areas like this near slier reservoir more fire resistant but much of this year remain at risk for lack of rain and that all important snowpack's the water agency care has receded hundreds of feet. >>mark: the water financing workshop the sec insists place in sacramento said and the state standard for use in homes and plans to find agencies whose customs over the allotment.
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>>darya: more team coverage of our bookstore with to abort problem this morning and it's going to be with us through the entire morning commute you're looking live at some of the thousands of people are affected.
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>>mark: solve the been treated for smoke inhalation in hospital as they investigate that they shut down the service between they fear and lack merit the food bill coliseum and cement the station is, the close they're trying to get on the buses through the transfer it to their running the san francisco about the east bay commuters facing major problems right now percent of all the latest in the expectation bill be no station for the entire morning commute. >>darya: the call donald trump and maxxam to be careful with his town the controversy along
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the, immigration continues to broker. >>andrew spencer: his immigrants and repeated interviews our partisan whole but the force will politics when you're on homeless stopped digging democratic president of canada's our season when his words and kind trump to address the republican field they're all on the same general area on immigration they do not want to provide a pass for citizenship they range across the spectrum to be given grudgingly welcomed or hostile toward immigrants and other republican candidates with the support the citizenship is cinnamons the gramm his wife is
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from mexico and sharply criticized on the comic book yet not back away from a stance on immigration the republican party is right about the effect of the comment the republican sources the national committee chairman called him to express concern about his town with talk about on bachman workers. >>mark: he said and i guarantee of his workers have legal status in the united states and he will get rid of them immediately if he discovers that in of them are illegal immigrants he says some of them bring drugs and crime to the u.s. and some are rapists the
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recent report from washington post about are illegal immigrants working at the old post office there is no service and five stations because of a fire early this morning and a commission of the station for the whole morning commute to see a lot more people are jumping in their cars and haven't had to work that way.
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>>mark: major delays with five stations shut letdown we are alive right now at the bay fair station of the seven stations
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shut down the close of go from bay fare of one of trout lake mary. >>jackie sissel: you conceded those running for the buses out here the time for the line have been several hundred people as they tried to catch a bus from bay fred danzig (we had a chance early to catch an exchange between a bart employee and of right and you could tell the frustrations of integral.
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>>jackie sissel: dozens more also expressing a frustration your combat out here and you can see the lines there were earlier this morning hundreds of people as they pour off the train to come. concede dozens more waiting as you look appear on the platform you concede people up on a platform a lot of the trip or heading to the south they're not headed toward the stations are closed but there's still a lot of confusion people are still some about did not sure exactly how they wanted it to of the need to go if they're heading anywhere toward oakland or san francisco i can take the bus bridge has been setup and they what does not pick on those buses as possible and shuttle them through the closure and oakland a lot of frustration out
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and a lot of people are still wondering exactly what is going on information started to trickle of obviously they're trying to harness and a half of the bus bridge at the bay fair. >>will tran: the problem and right above us and we'd spoke to jim allison he said the morning commute pretty much destroyed for everyone because they do not believe they can remove that bertrand and time to recover for the morning commute a had a go to the 12th street station
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because what they advise me it is close to out of st. taken from their of and that there's nothing a second do write-down. >>: it is too much traffic tolls and parking offense too expensive option right now. >>will tran: do not expect them to shop to work on time.
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>>will tran: the kron 4 mobile application. >>rebecca: do not take a bart station trained no service between lake merritt and they fear that as a total of five stations that are affected by novices been happening since for 30 this morning a lot of frustrated people out their time to hop on buses and make their way into work this morning but try to avoid at all costs you can hop in the car if you have
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one team with a friend and come to work together are definitely take ac transit so far this morning twisting things over to the map we do have a special topic list of affected for your peninsula it is in menlo park in order to the willow road exit the with roughly as block and a three luffas block for a certain time of the open the two lines not just the far left my remain shut down the chp and emergency crews are on the same the motorcycle was involved. >>rebecca: in the southbound direction, not reckless it into san francisco just about 20 to 25 minutes into the macarthur maze in the office and into downtown and the san mateo bridge very heavy for your westbound ride over to foster city that is talking in about 27 minutes according to the road senses the richmond san rafael bridge does a pretty busy on the westbound side and jamaica
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when cassandra fell it will be about a 10 minute commute time so far this one of golden gate bridge looks great this five minutes on top 11 and a soft little book planned ahead because tomorrow is to look much different as the reply will be shut down at 10:00 tonight the golden gate bridge to will stay open and also how we won an 19th avenue will be open indefinitely traffic on to be just a mess if you detect a bus or ferry tomorrow or vapors that alternate routes savings and time for us take a look at what the weather has in store. >>anny hong: we're still tracking some light rain primarily in the north bay in areas not out for ukiah's zoom in to show you where the light rain is falling is out for: delta south of coverdell and not quite the santa rosa it was all to the web watch and we just got
7:37 am
the call the condition but we do have some pockets of light rain because the heavy amount of rent indicated just north of ukiah the north bay is the best chance for some light shower activity this morning also a chance for some thunderstorms today of the rest of the bay area you have a chance for showers as well enough by chancellor of the storms come this afternoon after 11:00 cupertino look at the day planned for today temperatures will be one of the to mid to upper '70's 78 at a high today at 2:00 p.m. expect in was the cloud conditions will have the latest in the station closure due to an early-morning possible fire on a train a live look from the bay for station.
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>>mark: once again no service between bay fair and lack merit the effort of will coliseum on lake merritt at the station are close to bay forestation and service down to the stock of the need right now that their run to the trans bay to the following the bricky new store after a 430 in the morning fire on a bart train and a major service
7:41 am
disruptions were track and unsettled weather across the bay area for this morning and through the day to day and form showers and maybe even some thunderstorms and of the complete forecast coming up where you live when we continue after the verdict--break.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>gary: getting ready and for sabrina between that and local sports with the a's and the giants both losing the as far less exciting than this whole drama in the nba with the entree jordan. >>darya: the mavericks on the corner to give me 80 million costa with the clippers for 88 but it is the way they did it
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with the entire team griffin paul pierce rhetoric received the offer live it to his house and you said and camp out until 12 01 this one to make sure he doesn't change his mind. >>gary: had a change of heart and there you go >>darya: so you get players like chris paul since the picture of said banana and a vote because he was coming in from the vacation and then started getting to the helicopters and what the egyptian air plant as they went and then they started getting pictures of showing pictures of the tear at the door like they were at a tense and camped up it was a mystery goes on folding with it's like
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breaking up with some of the text message he is driving along begging for phone call to be received for an address because he cannot get a leg in the door. >>gary: it is the l.a. clippers and then on to be doing this again and he is a real strong player and he stated in the war is the vision every player with
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all of the nicknames they have an actual target for you. >>darya: he has a little smarmy phase but the sleeping is designed it is a picture of a wide circle and a chocolate bar.
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>>darya: some of them you would not know. >>gary: what a garden so close he would be like a glove on new you have to get with the time you do not have the top you just send a picture. >>darya: i'm one to admit it was the foot but you would draw pictures and then change this was cartoons in my day this was a cartoon.
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>>gary: of the gas pump a lot of time flipping. i'm on record especially with i don't like any of them what for? >>darya: because it's sell their crop in sports illustrated and for what that level by the regular magazine if i had to combat--if i had to look at that.
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>>darya: it is interesting but i've only noticed this in u.s. athletes that they have to be symbols she has the polls on neckar and other athletes and soccer was on all looking for a will did not have to do things like that. norman we go to the supermarket and you're just killing time you go to the magazine that i don't paulo-- pull up. >>darya: star athletes have their entourage and he hired his brother to be his turtle the brother said he did not pay him
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anything up family the brother said the way the car for 12 hours at a time he never got to sleep and he was working like a slave for filet--free. >>gary: at the our retire from the position he filed a complaint with the labor board and illinois. >>gary: you listen to his music is terrific but without going into detail on the morning news
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to see what he has in his background. >>darya: thanks a lot.
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>>rebecca: hop in the vehicle maker went to work and see if you could commit to work because no service between lake merritt and they fear this is the gulf on for hours the service is not on to restore the for the rest of the morning commute switching things over to the bay bridge toll plaza your honor to be driving into san francisco here is what looks like 20 to 25 minutes on westbound 80 getting across the span into downtown san francisco it is pretty busy on the san the tailspin and the westbound side come out of hayward back to 27 minute drive times over to foster city you're also want to see it slow as it exits the span in this is due to one early this special traffic alert has been cancelled but stop 101 will be very slow from
7:55 am
92 down to willow road all lands have been reopened there was an injury accident that had a three line for quite some time but that is uncleared unfortunately the slow traffic in the backed up traffic has not clear yet at this point. >>anny hong: we have been busy all morning we're still trapped in some showers primarily in the north bank into closer and closer to santa rosa you can see right now 101 between ukiah coverdell and just north of santa rosa picking up some might rent amount and degree mashona the lighter rainfall lit yellow more intense and of the five will report net of one wanted to hillsborough windsor and burn them. >>anny hong: where tractors and showers off the coast as well this is making its way into our inland spots temperature above one to remain " due to the extended cloud cover we're born to see all across the bay area here is a live look for college grads and we have delays once
7:56 am
again it has a change in the last hour still almost an hour and half due to low visibility here is a closer look at the satellite and radar picture we have the low pressure off the coast making his way over to central california. >>anny hong: web one to sit at the weather today most of it should stay confined to the north bank the we do have a chance for some shower activity for san francisco as well and for the bay area included the peninsula this morning here is a lot of the future of past times of the rent for you and it is a most of the wet weather will stay to the north and east of much time could be more ran into san francisco across the golden gate bridge was in the spotty showers it will not be widespread and should not be heavy with the exception if we do see some honest on developing as possible and that may have some more 7:00 tonight for the evening ride home temperature should be cool crowd in
7:57 am
deliveries in which would encompass a wide spot for their commute keep in mind as and heading back home the point is a little breathing for fairfield in concord will see heavier rains come this afternoon 25 mi. from our perspective for the east bay fire temperatures has not moved at all not a whole lot of one expectable 7 isn't antioch livermore " for your 69 and open 73 in san jose here is the storm track of 7 day around the bay forecast and settled for today keep the umbrella handy tomorrow morning drizzle possible still mild attempts as a little warmer and drier for the weekend. >>mark: more on the breaking news story with no service from they fear of to lake merritt after reports to a fire on a trend for but this morning people stuck his face in trying to find ways to get to work will have the latest after the break
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we continue.
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. i would not anticipate that we would be able to restore service within the morning commute. so right now, if you've got to be anywhere in san francisco or the northern part of the east bay and you were planning to use bart, unfortunately you'll have to make other plans. bad news for bart folks. spokesman announcing major delays, impacting five bart stations in the east bay. >> there was a fire earlier this morning on a bart train and you can see video here of people treated at the scene. that's what set the whole thing off. we have team coverage this morning of the fallout, which has thousands of stranded people finding another way to get into san francisco. we go to the fruitvale station and rebecca is in the traffic center with the latest closures
8:01 am
and their effect. >> reporter: that's right. five stations, no service for east bay commuters this morning. this is from the bay star station to lake merritt. this has been effective since 4:30 this morning. definitely forget taking bart. it's not going to be restored for the morning commute. take an ac transit bus or you could take your car if you have one and make your way in to work. it's brutal right now on the fremont, dublin, pleasanton and richmond lines because all five stations, no service is running between those stations right now. it's going to be that way for quite sometime, according to bart. switching things over to the bay bridge toll plaza, lot heavier than normal because of the bart issues. 20 to 25 minutes into downtown san francisco. and the san mateo bridge is heavy out of heyward over to the peninsula side of things this morning. the richmond-san rafael bridge is busy, 10 to 12-minute commute up to the north bay to
8:02 am
the 101 split. and the golden gate bridge, only 5 minutes ought of sausalito into downtown san francisco. plan ahead tomorrow because the golden gate bridge is expected to be very heavy traffic because of the doyle drive closure that takes place at 10:00 tonight. traffic southbound is going to be diverted onto 19th avenue, so if you could take the bus system, that's a great option, or the ferry system, or take the richmond-san rafael bridge down to the bay bridge. that's going to be very busy tomorrow. definitely plan ahead. >> oh, boy. who angered the traffic gods! between what's going to go on over at the golden gate bridge, what happened yesterday with the bay bridge, now what's happening with bart. and we have will tran live continuing our team coverage at the bart station. will? >> reporter: i'm at the fruitvale bart station and about 10 minutes ago, they removed the bart train that was impacted from this morning's problem. you could see the tracks right behind me. that train is long gone. what they did was brought in
8:03 am
another bart train. they changed them up together and pulled the other train away from this location. even though the train is gone right now, let me zoom in and show you what's going on, even though the train is gone, you can see there are bart officials still on the track platform and they are going to look at the tracks to see if everything is okay. they tell us as early as 6:30 this morning, the morning commute definitely destroyed. looks like they will hopefully restore service this afternoon because the train is gone, but we'll have to wait and see. ac transit buses are bulge pulling into the station. lot of people showing up at the bart station, not knowing it was not an option at this location and a lot of them getting a crash course on which buses to take and of course hopped in their cars, got back onto the freeway and stuck at the bay bridge toll plaza.
8:04 am
frustrating morning for a lot of people here, but looks like the first step is done by bart by removing the train. back to you. >> as you look at the line of people going into the bus, will, i think of bart. the doors open, everybody on. what a difference. you got to line up, one door, everybody's single-file. it's a huge delay even when they do get where they are going. >> lot of people hop on bart, don't talk to anybody, just know where you're going. lot of people, didn't bring on a lot of spanish speakers, so a lot of people are confused by what's going on. they are giving instructions in english and a lot of people here maybe don't understand. they are looking around puzzled, asking me questions as well, and they are trying their best. i see a lot of bus drivers coming out, voices are hoarse, saying this goes here, this goes here, that costs this much, this costs that much. >> so you're not tri lingual?
8:05 am
no spanish for you? >> reporter: no, i can barely speak english! [ laughter ] >> thanks, will. at the bay fair bart station, the southern end here of the no-service delays, jackie what's going on there? the station's open, right? people can go southbound, but not north? >> reporter: the station's open. they can only go southbound. the problem is you have hundreds of people coming from fremont and heyward and even san leandro. once they get here, well, they are dumped off the train and put in lines because they need to catch buses from this location if they are headed north of the bay fair station. you can see hundreds of people in line right now. as you can see up above, there are people waiting. in fact, the train just left this area, but it was headed to the south. as i said, hundreds of people out here and you can imagine the frustration is starting to build. earlier this morning when i was out here, there wasn't a lot of information.
8:06 am
people were a little confused. they are trying to get their station agents as best they can to let people know. in fact, here comes a train right now, coming into the station. unfortunately, it's going to let more people off. that means more people in line waiting for this bus. as i said, the frustration is starting to build out here. i had a chance to talk to some riders and they are ready for this to be over. >> they said that bart's not running as far as going to san francisco. so i could come to the middle island and take the number 1 bus. >> frustrating? >> well, it is what it is. it's what it is. there's nothing i can do about it. not only that, we're having a birthday party at work, i'm running behind time, so it's a little frustrating, but it is what it is. >> what does that mean for you? >> that means i'm going to be later than planned getting into san francisco. >> frustrating? >> yes, it is very frustrating, yeah. >> seems like we have lots of bart issues lately. >> yeah, in general, i don't
8:07 am
experience as many of them. but this one in particular will be affecting me. >> reporter: so the real problem here at bay fair, mark, is the fact that this is the last stop. now you just have the bart train roll in, people from heyward and fremont. you can see them starting to spill out. all those people, if their intentions were to continue northbound to oakland, san leandro, richmond, san francisco, they are all going to have to get on those buses. you can see them starting to spill through those gates. they will have to get on this enormous line. hundreds of people long right now. it's only growing as we get to the heart of the commute. as i said, you can pan over here, take a look. that line extends almost for a city block, even farther down the line. obviously frustrations are high. i know bart is working as hard as they can to get service restored as quickly as they can. for riders out here, it's all about being frustrated. mark? >> thanks for the update from there. we'll keep following the latest with major bart problems this morning.
8:08 am
also, watching weather with some thunderstorms around. let's get an update on the forecast. good morning, mark. we are looking at shower activity mainly to the north for our viewing area, but boy, look at yosemite, really firing up there. also for the fresno area, they have been seeing strong storms come through. we'll zoom in here closer to show you where the light showers are falling right now. this is where it's been pretty much all morning long, in between north of santa rosa, up on 101 to north. most of it's light. guerneville, clover dale all looking at light rain right now, and we could see once again thunderstorms fire up in the afternoon hours in this area, especially from the north bay. live look at oakland right now, cloudy conditions and drizzle being reported. for the rest of this morning we're expecting most of the showers staying to the north. you can see towards santa rosa by 9:00 this morning, out toward the delta at fairfield. for the rest of the morning and early afternoon hours, cloudy skies are expected with a chance for light showers and
8:09 am
then thunderstorm possibilities come after 11:00 through 5:00 this evening. more details on your forecast and i'll let you know when the warmer air heads this way coming up a little later. back to you. >> thanks a lot, annie. coming up on the morning news, we've been talking about the snarl in the east bay commute. coming up, we'll talk about the big snarl in the north bay commute for this weekend. and doyle drive is going to be closed starting tonight. it's supposed to be a big traffic mess getting from the north bay and back into san francisco. we'll tell you how to steer around it. . >> and also, we have continuing breaking news coverage on the bart problem. as i said, that's the problem of the morning. >> an update now, they are saying 9:00. 9:00 service restoration for bart. just about an hour from now. >> that's good news. and breaking news, because we thought it would be out of commission all morning long. we'll be back with the bart delay story update.
8:10 am
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great rates for great rides. . happening today, doyle drive closing for several days, as crews get ready to open the new presidio parkway. we have more on the big closures and ways to get around. michelle? >> reporter: good morning, mark. starting tonight at 10:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. monday morning. doyle drive will be closed. the golden gate bridge to highway 1 and 19th avenue will be open. however, traffic will be heavy friday during the morning and evening rush hours. there will be no access to highway 101 from marina boulevard or lombard street. to get around heavy traffic, take the richmond san rafael bridge to bay bridge or use
8:13 am
highway 1 detour and take california street or geary boulevard to head to and from san francisco. other options, use public transportation, like buses or ferries. the golden gate bridge will be open, but the parking lots that surround the gb bridge will be closed. for more information, log on to >> thank you, michelle. we'll have full coverage tomorrow morning as people try and get from the north bay into san francisco. we'll be right back with more on our breaking news story, major bart disruption this morning, although service is expected to fully resume within an hour.
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
how do we get to san francisco? >> take the bart number 1 bus. that will take you to downtown oakland. it's a free ride. transfer at downtown 12th street to the san francisco train. >> okay. so now where exactly is this bus? >> the center island. >> center island, okay. >> frustrating? >> huh, beyond. beyond. i normally take the san leandro bart and being rerouted here, hearing overhead saying the train is coming in 12 minutes and then nothing, it's superfrustrating. but i guess that's the ways of the system. do what we can. bart riders expressing their frugs racing, long lines, people forced to take buses because of major bart delays and lack of service. we just learned maintenance crews expect service to return
8:17 am
to normal by 9:00 this morning. again, right now, no service from bay fair to lake merritt. with five stations shut down in between, although over at the lake merritt station, trains are going northbound. at bay fair, they are going southbound. at 4:30 this morning, a train traveling northbound from richmond to fremont, passengers reported smoke or fire inside. the train stopped, passengers there helped by firefighters, some treated for what appears to be smoke inhalation, taken to the hospital. >> this is huge progress, though, because that means in 45 minutes, bart is expecting to-- >> when the morning commute is over. >> could have been worse. at first they were saying call bart late afternoon and see about the evening commute. but this is looking better. >> yeah. >> not looking good right now when they are trying to get to work. >> definitely right now a snag, but it is starting to look better. within 45 minutes, they are hoping to restore service. this problem has been going on since 4:30 this morning. five different stations affected because of this earlier fire that happened
8:18 am
around 4:30. no service between lake merritt and bay fair stations, affecting the dublin, richmond, pleasanton lines. if you're heading out the door this morning, lay back until about 9:00 when service is supposed to be restored or definitely make your morning drive into san francisco this morning. speaking of, we're looking at the commute times. a little heavier than normal, especially on the nemitz freeway. from san leandro up to downtown oakland, 32 minutes, heavier than what we normally see this time of morning. heading into san francisco, taking the westbound 80 drive, 20 to 25 minutes into downtown san francisco, and the san mateo bridge, very heavy across it to the peninsula. you're looking at a 27-minute drive time for you so far. the richmond san rafael bridge, 10 to 15 minutes to get you up to the north bay. and the golden gate bridge,
8:19 am
south 101, still looking great. 5 minutes out of sausalito, across the span into san francisco. tomorrow, definitely going to look different because of the doyle drive closure that starts at 10:00. that's going to last through monday morning till about 5:00 a.m. when they are supposed to wrap that up. try to avoid the area. you could take a bus, a ferry, or take the richmond san rafael bridge over to the bay bridge and avoid this area, if at all possible tomorrow. back to you, mark. let's go back to the fruitvale station with will tran. >> reporter: the train has been moved away, taken from the scene. you can see the tracks there, it was removed about 7:50 or so. but the problems remain because they still need to inspect the tracks, which is why we heard earlier the morning commute pretty much destroyed for thousands of bart riders, including shirley. she's a traveling nurse.
8:20 am
thinking about seinfeld. i i did degrees. you showed up, thinking bart was available for you. then you ran into this. >> right. i rely on bart. i'm new to the city and i rely on bart and the bus to get me down to where i need to go. i wasn't even thinking and i just drove in and i saw you guys and asked you if the train was working. you saw my face, like what! so, yeah, i really rely on it. >> what are you going to do? did you drive into san francisco? >> oh, no. it takes me forever to get over the bridge. even if i go through san mateo. my gps, i don't know what it is. it's screwy. it takes me all through town before i get to where i need to get to. >> so could you drive to the next bart station, say west oakland and hop on? >> sure, i could drive to west oakland. but it's easier just to hop on a bus over here, i guess. i don't want to deal with traffic, because like i said, i don't know this area. i would probably get more lost than i would. i live close to this station, so this works out pretty well
8:21 am
for me. >> gps has not been a friend, because two months ago when she arrived here, she took gps from heyward to san francisco and it took her all over the bay area. she got to know bart, relied on bart until this morning. back to you. >> will, thanks for the update. a tough morning for a lot of bart riders. let's get an update on the weather. we're tracking some thunderstorms that are around the area. let's go to annie hong tracking the latest. good morning, mark. we've had drizzle this morning and mist. i encountered it early this morning in san francisco. right now, storm tracker 4 showing us still once again most of the moisture is kind of wrapping around the low coming this way. you are definitely seeing some of it heading farther south. it's been falling toward windsor. you can see we're definitely seeing more widespread rain for parts of the windsor area. you can see those all fairly light in nature. we've had really big storms firing up for the yosemite area. i think those storms will head farther up north toward the lake tahoe region come this afternoon. a live look at the bay bridge.
8:22 am
it's been cloudy and the clouds are going to be sticking around pretty much all day today. that's what future cast 4 shows us. there's your clock. most of the rain activity will be well to the north of the golden gate bridge. i think we'll see spotty showers come through potentially for the afternoon hours, out towards san francisco, maybe the peninsula, and also oakland. keep that in mind. at 5:00, our drive home, we may encounter some wet roadways. overall, still expecting mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures will be well below average. very cool conditions for this time of year. very unusual pattern. usually don't see this around this time of year when the jetstream is toward southern california. usually happens around springtime. looking at the walnut creek camera, we have cloudy skies out there for inland spots. here's a look at your day planner for walnut creek today. cool, only a high of 70 by 2:00 p.m. this afternoon, mostly cloudy conditions. gusts may pick up as well for the afternoon hours, gusting up to 20 miles per hour today. right now, it's breezy for
8:23 am
fairfield and concord. 10 mile-per-hour in livermore. our higher elevations are probably going to see a better chance for thunderstorm activity. temperatures right now, they are budging barely. weed ad a degree now to livermore, at 63. low 60s all morning long. 62 in san jose. not a lot of warming, maybe 10 degrees from now. low 70s in livermore. 73 in antioch. 69 in oakland. it will stay cool across the bay due to the cloud cover and the threat for showers and thunderstorms. so that happens today, so you will want to bring out the umbrellas just in case. it might be just enough rain to dampen the garden and the grass. boy, we need it. tomorrow, maybe morning drizzle once again. but then more sunshine for the afternoon. a little milder, but still well below average. then on saturday, partly cloudy, temperatures topping out in the 70s for inland and bay spots. well below average, but dry and comfortable. >> thanks a lot, annie. more breaking news we're following this morning out of
8:24 am
san leandro. overnight home invasion robbery with gunfire between the homeowner and the robbers. the homeowner was shot and police are still looking for the gunman at this hour. this happened around 1:00 in the morning this morning, near the longview drive and sky view drive area. two robbers broke into a home while the homeowner was there. there was an exchange of gunfire and the homeowner was hit. he was taken to the hospital and does have serious injuries, but is expected to survive. police issued a shelter in place, told everybody to stay where they are while they were looking for the home invaders, but the shelter in place was lifted and the suspects are on the loose. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, our continuing breaking news coverage of the massive bart delays because of closures in the east bay. we'll have more on that in a couple of minutes.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
. more on breaking news with major delays on bart in the east bay, with the closure between five stations because of an early morning fire. there was a train at 4:30 this morning that was going from richmond to fremont. it was a three-car train in the back car, reports of possible fire and smoke. the train was eventually brought to the station where firefighters treated people for smoke inhalation. there were about 50 people on board the train. bart inspected the tracks and shut down service this morning
8:28 am
between bay fair and lake merritt. big problems this morning. bart's trying out the shuttle buses through the closure, as we take a look at what happened this morning. with the train on the left, supposedly had the fire on the top right, there you see passengers being taken away in ambulances to be treated this morning. big response from rescue crews, as you see this morning. this is around 4:30 in the morning and these problems have been persisting for four hours now. word from bart, they are removing the train and service is expected to be fully restored in 30 minutes. >> just in time for you to be extra late to work. not going to help a lot of people who have to commute this morning and are stuck in it all. we're actually seeing the roadways heavier this morning than normal because of these bart problems. so a lot of folks are getting on the roadways, making their way to work. five stations, no service. again, you just heard it should be wrapping up by 9:00. but in the meantime, it is definitely heavy on the nemitz freeway getting to downtown
8:29 am
oakland, 32-minute drive time for you in the northbound direction as you head up to the bay bridge, trying to get across it into san francisco. here's a live shot here. this is at the bay bridge toll plaza. 20 to 25 minutes into downtown san francisco. coming up, more news, weather and traffic right after the break. stay with us. 7
8:30 am
8:31 am
. welcome back. 8:31. continuing our breaking news coverage, listening to commuters put out by this bart delay. [ no audio ] >> i don't know if you can hear the sound, but we've had a lot of commuters telling us this morning, what a hassle! they don't know the bus system. they have to scramble to get somebody to drive them to work because of this, the bart train that had a problem on it at 4:30 this morning, which is right when bart starts, rebecca. then from then on, they said five stations closed all morning. we just learned 9:00. the damage is done. >> exactly. the morning commute is pretty much going to be wrapped up by that point. so a lot of folks have been catching buses. we've also seen heavier travel on the freeways as well, especially on the nemitz.
8:32 am
the bart tracks go along the nemitz. 32 minutes into downtown oakland, so heavier than normal than what we've seen during the week because of a lot of folks getting off on those bart trains going over to the freeway. >> you know, before, and as you continue, 8:30, bart says trains are restored at 9:00. in the meantime, you could do bus bridges, you could do -- wade through the traffic. what would you say if they are going to leave at 8:30 or 9:00 this morning, where do you go? do you wait for bart? >> i would wait it out. why not have an extra cup of coffee and just re lax. >> go for bart. just wait. >> yeah, because bart, you have somebody else drive you to work. it's typically a faster commute. >> right. so 9:00. >> yeah. >> could be late, but could be 9:00. >> and the bay bridge toll plaza, it's busier than normal, 25 minutes from the macarthur
8:33 am
maze into downtown san francisco. back to you. back to our team coverage. we've got you covered there. now let's go -- actually, we just lost will. he's been talking to people at the fruitvale station this morning about the inconvenience. that's not the end of it. we have more team coverage, mark? >> will was in the northern end of the problem down to jackie, on the southern side, bay fair where the trains are going north. >> reporter: good morning. the problem seems to be getting worse. station agents are trying their best to let frustrated passengers know exactly what's going on, but this is as far north as you can go on the bart tracks. a train just came in from the fremont-heyward area. that means hundreds of more people will be dumped off here at bay fair only to catch a bus to their final destination farther south. you can see how far the line stretches. in fact, i have a shot from the top of my mass camera. you get a better view of what
8:34 am
it looks like out here. very frustrating. here's video from earlier this morning. you can see as i walk down the line hundreds of people are waiting in line to catch their buses and then once the buses do pull up, it is a mad dash to get on those buses because there are only a limited amount of seats available. people are getting frustrated. as i was walking through the line, i could see people on cell phones talking to people, trying to find out alternatives to get around. obviously, there aren't many alternatives. i spoke to one frustrated driver and she shook her head and i asked her if she was frustrated. >> i hate bart. i hate bart. every time i go, there's something that happens negative. i'm thinking about quitting my job so i don't have to take bart. seriously. it's extreme. it's the worst system.
8:35 am
seriously. i'm so frustrated. >> as you can see, frustration is starting to bubble over for folks this morning. there must be 500 or 600 people in line already, and another bart train just pulled in, dumping more people off at the bay fair station. station agents out here are doing the best to let people know exactly what's going on. there are two buses that are running from here to the san francisco area. obviously, the hope is -- in fact, here's one of those buses right now arriving here. they have set up the bus bridge to let people know. obviously, i talked to one lady about 15 minutes ago and she left her house at 6:30 this morning only to be here at 8:00, just, what, five stops or so? so it's been a very frustrating morning for people. the hope is the system will be restored relatively soon. not sure it's going to do a lot of good for the hundreds of people here at bay fair, but the quicker they get this reestablished, the quicker these folks will get to where they need to go.
8:36 am
mark? >> maybe they let them know they expect service to be running again in 25 minutes? have you heard any announcements? >> reporter: well, not really. there is a couple station agents that are walking around letting people know exactly where the buses are, how long they might have to wait. nobody here at the station has told them any timeframe. obviously, mark, that's a soft number, time estimate, i should say. they don't want to get these people's hopes up. obviously, as soon as they open the trains, these people will be able to get on. they are not telling them any estimated time of reopening. >> we're getting official word right now. >> let's go to will tran. he's been talking with bart's pr director at the fruitvale station. what's the update? should they wait or take the bus? >> reporter: well, jim, allison, that's the question we would like to ask you, should people wait or hop on the bus? you've been so busy talking to engineers up there.
8:37 am
what's the latest on the situation? i know the train has been removed. >> i would say wait and it's going to be very short amount of time before we can restore limited service. we just had an inspection train go across the part of the track that we repaired and assuming that that inspection train finds everything to be safe, then we would start the limited service again. >> reporter: why limited? if the tracks are fine, could you -- we got a lot of catching up to do. >> we have a lot of catching up to do, but you don't go from 0 to 60 in one moment. we want to graduate up to full service. the main thing is to get people moving again slowly and then when we're confident that the repairs are going to hold, then we'll do full service. >> reporter: so wait -- the question is how long is the wait? >> i think we can safely say by 9:00 a.m., people can get from fremont into san francisco. and then for the afternoon commute, obviously our plan is to have everything operational as it normally is. >> reporter: now that you've looked at the tracks, do you
8:38 am
know what happens now? >> there was major damage to the third rail in the section of track between coliseum and fruitvale station. and the third rail is what provides 1000-volts of electricity to the trains to keep the trains moving. so if something happened there where the electricity that's supposed to go to a collector shoe that gives it to the axles on the train, that electricity went somewhere else, created a big flash and smoke. >> reporter: and injuries? do you have an update on any of those people? >> i don't have any direct access to that type of information. it's my understanding that there were a handful of people who were treated for i believe smoke inhalation, but the train operator was able to safely evacuate people, which is what protocol talks about. >> reporter: we're talking about 20 minutes, we could have limited service through fruitvale. i finally get to tell people good news! >> well, tell jim allison to spread the word! because will, you got people
8:39 am
like we just saw in jackie's live shot lining up, gosh, spending a half hour to get on a bus and god knows how long -- just wait. bart needs to get the word out to people to say, just wait 20 minutes and the trains will be rolling, because they don't know! >> reporter: you know, daria has a great suggestion. could you get on some of the stations and tell those people to get on the overhead speakers and say just wait a little bit because we have jackie at another location and those people are still confused? >> i'm going to call the operations control center right now and pass along the message from daria. >> reporter: daria, back to you. [ laughter ] >> reporter: welcome to my world. >> i'm going to get him. he used to work for kron. we're very good friends, but when you're falling down on the job, jim! thank you very much. looks like good news. we've got about 20 minutes before the trains get rolling again on bart. if you're watching at home, just sit tight. don't do this whole bus thing or worry about getting in the car. we'll be right back.
8:40 am
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i'm cadee. i' hadodere toever plue prias most of myife. buthatasn'stopd mefromodelg. my doctotolde abt stara it hel keemy sn clrer. withnly dosea ye afr 2 artedose.. ...stela® hps mbe i seon. stelar® m low youabily fig inftion and incrse yr ri ofinfeions some siousnfecons quir hoitalatio before srtinstela® youroctoshou tesfortubeulos. stela®ay ireasyouriskof ccer. alwa telyouroctoif y ha anyign inftion have had ccer, orf yodevep annewskinrowt. do n takstela®f yoarealleic tstela® or any oits grednts. aleryouroctoof n orworsing oble including heache seires,confion and vion pblem thesmay sig of rare potentlly tal aincondion. serious lerg reaionscan cur. tell yr door iyou anne iyourouse needs or h rectly ceiv a ccin in a micaltudy mo stera®aties saat ast % clrer in and the majoty we rad cleed ominil at 12 week elar® hps kp mykinclear. ask yo docr abt stara.
8:42 am
i geout wk, and i to e ste, ansomedy says,smeln' aroun smell cookies." i sa, "ono you jussml me, justot o of work th'honebunchesofats, that's al" said "don't eame now." . it's going to be cool, breezy, maybe showers and thunderstorms. more details on your stormy forecast when the kron 4 morning news continues after the break. stick around.
8:43 am
8:44 am
. 8:44. we're 15 minutes away from bart service being restored, according to bart. here's a live look at folks at the bay fair station and see, you can see they have gone from
8:45 am
lining up to buses to rushing back into the bart station. look at these people. we just saw the first train start moving northbound from bay fair and the trains had been stopped. so now everybody instead of making a run for the buses, once they are getting the word, they are going back to the station. i don't know -- there will be trains rolling with passengers, they say, within 15 minutes from all these five stations. the smart people are saying i'll wait for the train for 15 minutes. >> that was the word from bart. they are saying limited rollout, a slow rollout. tough morning for people. if you're going southbound from bay fair, you can. if you're going northbound from lake merritt, everything is running fun. >> yes, no delays on any part of the system expect for your southern east bay commute. >> getting word in my ear that fruitvale just reopened. better news there. >> good news keeps improving.
8:46 am
>> for a lot of people, as we saw thousands of people late for work this morning. >> absolutely. if you are at home, wait it out and make your way to bart when you can, because again, this should be wrapped up by 9:00. so don't worry about taking a bus this morning or taking your car in to work. you're just fine. you'll have about another 15 minutes or so to wait out this bart mess that's been going on since 4:30 this morning. it's affected five of the different stations for the east bay commute. and speaking of the commute, a lot heavier, especially on the nemitz. 34 minutes on the nemitz to downtown oakland. checking out your bayshore freeway -- east bay commute rather, 26 minutes out of hercules to berkeley, and continuing on your westbound 80 ride to the bay bridge, here's a live shot. it's going to be 25 minutes to get into downtown san francisco across the span. so definitely heavier than what
8:47 am
we normally see at this almost 9:00 hour. san mateo bridge, it's busy. westbound direction on the right-hand side of your screen, that's 27 minutes over to the peninsula and the richmond san rafael bridge, lot lighter now. that's going to be an easy 7- minute trip up to the 101 split in san rafael. golden gate bridge, problem- free all morning long. south 101, 20 minutes from novato to the south end of the span. 5 minutes if you're coming out of the sausalito this morning. now, let's get a check of the weather and say good morning to annie. good morning, rebecca. what an unusual pattern we're in today. storm tracker 4 is still showing most of the shower activity in our area still primarily to the north bay, north of santa rosa, along 101, also toward clover dale. you can see light rain from guerneville, windsor. but not all of this may be hitting the ground. we're definitely seeing the potential for active weather today, maybe even thunderstorms. here's a look at your úíhásatellite and radar picture. we had this area of low
8:48 am
pressure that will be moving over central california. we've got moisture being wrapped around it. that's what we're getting, this moisture coming through. we may see more showers for the rest of the bay area today and also maybe thunderstorm activity. here's a look at sfo. we still have delays. nothing's really changed. still almost an hour and a half on arriving flights at sfo due to low visibility. and we are holding on to cloudy conditions across the bay area, including our look at the embarcadero, looking at the bay bridge. future cast 4 shows us, here's a look at 9:00. still showers and the yellow indicating more moderate rainfall. by lunchtime, it could be moving a little farther south, maybe toward napa and into marin, across the golden gate bridge into san francisco. it's not widespread rain. 3:00 p.m., scattered rain showers in oakland. for the evening ride home, you may encounter some wet roadways. i don't expect it to be wet all across the bay area, but we are looking at scattered shower and
8:49 am
thunderstorm activity possible starting after 11:00 this morning. then for this evening, we should be drying out for the most part, maybe some stray showers are possible late tonight into the overnight hours. wind speeds, not bad right now. still breezy for concord, livermore, fairfield. we could see the gusts up to 20, 25 miles per hour come this afternoon. temperatures, boy, they have not budged that much at all. maybe a degree or two warmer. 59 in san francisco. 60 in oakland. 62 in san jose. highs for today, still well below average, really cool for this time of year, 70s in antioch, 69 in oakland. 60s in san francisco. low 70s in santa rosa. we'll stay cool because of that cloud cover. here's your storm tracker 4 seven-day around the bay forecast. tomorrow morning, we'll hold on to drizzle potentially. otherwise, more sunshine for the afternoon and we'll have drier, more stable air settling in once we're done with this low today. that means for the weekend we're setting up for a pretty nice weekend. dry with plenty of sunshine and still below average. if you want to track those
8:50 am
showers today, download our kron 4 mobile app on your iphone or onto your android free. i use it all the time at home to track the showers to see when i'm taking my dog out for a walk. back to you. >> thank you very much. we go to the fruitvale bart station with jackie on the opening. >> reporter: a bart train pulling into the station as we speak. riders have been told by gate agents at the bay fair station that all stations are back open. at that point, everybody left the line and returned up to the platform. you can see this is the third train that we've seen come through. the first one left empty. the second one had limited passengers. this third one appears to be loading up with passengers heading northbound for the first time in several hours. obviously, hundreds of frustrated people, but it appears as though the system is back up. people are getting on the trains here at bay fair and
8:51 am
continuing on northbound. so that's great news for riders. in fact, if i can take a look down here on the ground, you can see all the people that were waiting in line for buses are now sprinting for those trains. so a lot of frustrated riders. it appears they finally have a little bit of relief. we expected to see the system reopen at 9:00. as i said, according to station agents out here, they have been telling everybody that all stations are open and they are loading trains and traveling in the northbound direction. mark? >> finally better news. a little too late for most people. we'll follow the latest with bart and the residual delays. thunderstorms and the potential for dry lightning both causing major concern for much of california. this morning, kron 4 takes a look at how the drought, now the weather are increasing the fire danger. >> reporter: july is bringing some rain to the south lake tahoe area. i drove through a downpour here in myers and there was a bit of
8:52 am
hail, too. this is phillips station on echo summit, about 7000 feet. it's raining, and as you can see, hailing right now. this is where the state measures the snow pack every year. the last time they did that back in april, there wasn't anything here to measure. welcome as it is, the rain means thunderstorms and lightning, and that means an already elevated fire risk just got higher. >> the rain comes through so quickly with this lightning that sometimes the rains might be ahead of the lightning and so we're getting dry lightning strikes as well. >> reporter: the drought has reduced the american river here along highway 50 to a trickle in places. while the trees may look lush and green, the lack of water has hurt their natural resistance to fire. >> trees need water to survive, and when there's a lack of water or they, trees are competing against each other for water, they become stressed. >> these are pitch tubes. pitch tubes from the typical, outward signs of attacks of
8:53 am
beetles. >> reporter: what's more, bark beetles are killing thousands of trees like this one at calfire headquarters in camino. trees are quite literally standing firewood. >> as these die and become tinder and the leaves come down and break away, it's adding fuel in a forested landscape that we may have to deal with in a fire situation. >> reporter: by removing dead and dying trees, calfire has made areas like this near sly reservoir more fire resistent, but much of the sierra remains at risk, for lack of rain and the all-important snow pack. >> trees didn't have the snow blanket around them to give them the opportunity to absorb the moisture to take them through the summer months. >> reporter: nowhere is the drought impact more apparent than at lake tahoe itself where the water has receded hundreds of feet. >> and california water regulators are discussing water fines and drought fees to encourage people to conserve
8:54 am
during the drought. the water pricing workshop's under way in sacramento. regulators are discussing setting a state standard for water use in homes and plans to fine agencies. the governor told the board in april to help agencies develop rates and penalties that maximize saving water. california state parks are shutting off the water in public showers at state beaches to save water. it should save about 18 million gallons of water every year. new restrictions apply to outdoor showers and rinse stations, not indoor camping showers. state park officials say outdoor showers were just there -- it's a way to save water -- just a convenience. not a necessity, where the bathrooms, those are a necessity. and a bank robbery suspect behind bars this morning. santa cruz police found him hiding under a bridge after the heist. police were called to a wells fargo branch on river street
8:55 am
around 12:30 yesterday afternoon on reports of a bank robbery. 31-year-old michael holt was identified as the robber. he walked into a bank, demanding money while pretending to have a handgun under his shirt. police searched the area nearby and found holt under a bridge near the xan lorenzo river. he had the same amount of cash on him that was reported stolen in the bank robbery at the time of the arrest. 8:54 right now. a big surprise for union city police. on wednesday, a couple went to the police station with a live round of military grade ammunition. the couple was walking near the railroad tracks when they saw it and thought we better take this in. they did and as soon as officers got one look at it, they evacuated the entire civic center area. the explosive unit was called in. they carefully removed the munition. the shell will be examined to make sure it is stable and will either be destroyed or returned to the military. bet the couple's, like, oh, i can't believe we carried that in! >> we drove with that in our car! coming up, a decades-old
8:56 am
tradition. cable car bell ringing, a big tradition and it's happening in san francisco today. we'll have more on defending champion and the big competitors this year. >> and a look at the san mateo bridge, lot of fog, probably delays on arriving flights at sfo. traffic moving fairly smoothly right now on the bridge.
8:57 am
8:58 am
. wrapping up this hour with good news for bart riders. all stations have been reopened. jackie is live at the bay fair station and we have video here of the reopened station and he saw four trains leaving in the northbound direction out of the bay fair station. switching over to will now, he is live at the fruitvale station. this is going to be a shot of the reopened fruitvale bart station as well. i'll have more details on the restored bart service when the kron 4 morning news at 9:00 begins right after the break. livi witchroc miaine feels ke eh day a ge of chance. want toput the od iny favor. so mdoctor to meabout botox® fdapprod treatment at snificantlyeduces
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9:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: a major problem started in 430 this morning the service on between bay fair and lake merritt just backed up and running after 4 + hour delay major headed for the morning commute. >>will tran: much we talk about and a live interview with a 30 jim allison promised the for of there will be reopened at 9:00 he would actually off it opened a 40 keffiyeh people showing up right now are the people have
9:01 am
been some of dodge the bullet because many people showed up the normal time thinking it was available to them on a to find out the gate was down and the trains will not running and never confused and a barrel off onto buses to different locations past the problem and then reconnect on the bark these people showmen up probably have no idea that thousands of them had a long frustrating morning we heard the train rolled above bed and i can tell you that in a limited service for now wants to make sure everything is ok and then there would give back full- service because obviously there's a lot of catching up to do the good news is a currency is reopened and proof of performance after we did a live shot of veto jim allison during our live shad--shot. >>will tran: things are a lot
9:02 am
better ever since we gave the suggestion if. >>jackie sissel: hundreds of frustrated people are starting to feel a little bit better you can see in fact there up on a platform are releasing some four to five trains rolled through the bay fair station headed northbound does the first time we've seen this since the incident took place a much different scene of this one in fact here is the video from just about 45 minutes ago when hundreds of people were waiting in very long lines waiting to catch buses that were allowed to
9:03 am
continue on the northbound on a to places like oakland san francisco berkeley and they were told to get on those buses in the currency the mayhem that was calls from that area many of those writers were extremely frustrated. >>: it is the strain is the worst system is fair frustrating. >>jackie sissel: more good news you can see another trend has just pulled into the bay from a station it appears as though they're trying to make a for lost time at this point this of the six trained we've seen come in and they are extremely long trains of family they're trying to get all of the backlog of commuters back on the train and
9:04 am
backed women need to go out this it was trying hundreds of thousands of people that were trying to get it appears as though bart's service as a back end and people are traveling along the corridor hear from bay fair platoon will elect a mayor for prevail and oakland station which is great news. >>rebecca: a wincing traffic have given normal at the bay bridge toll plaza here is a live shot it is one to be 25 minutes getting into a downtown san francisco traffic backed up into the maze which is on normal for this time of the our using by 9:00 and starts to really died down but again traffic very heavy getting into the city because it 80 of a cross and still backed up and it is the 9 1/4 hour, >>rebecca: drive times show you is been heavy on the road with
9:05 am
this morning for your a chore for iraq commute from hercules to berkeley 26 minutes and the livermore valley commute fans and a 40 minute drive times getting to the dublin and to change in the westbound direction the nimitz commit down to milpitas instead of 35 minutes of far the settlement with the weather forecast has in store. >>michelle apon: we're waking up to a few shells and right now they're mainly across the north by one to show you the storm track their rhetoric in ukiah where they have moderate rainfall looking get coverdell life schaller stretching all the way to clear like an isolated as our just off of hills bird this to continue to track off into the southwestern direction not track enough to the south getting closer to north bay communities will to share it with us will looking at outside we do have a great cloud these guys because of the low the continues to spend because still see the chance for a few more showers later on today michigan grabbed umbrella later on today.
9:06 am
>>michelle apon: that will continue to happen later on today if you're heading that way be careful with the outside from the studios in the breezy conditions that will be the main thing for today cloud is guys breezy conditions in isolated showers and maybe even a possibility for thunderstorms this thunderstorms plan on upper 50s at the close low to mid 60s across the bay and looking at the lunch hour spotty showers still possible with the temperatures only warming up into mid 60s across much of the region. >>michelle apon: it could be dodging an isolated shower is want to be scattered advest the temperatures will be in the seven fragments of net bay spots upper 60s and across coast's mid '60s where one to talk about our our forecast looks at the right of a could expect letter on today. >>darya: coming of the next
9:07 am
traffic headache after we've dealt with the bay bridge and now barked tomorrow or tonight the wheel drive will be a problem is closed on to my right through the weekend we are expecting a crush of traffic all try to get into san francisco and out to 19th avenue. continuing coverage of the traffic headache of the day which of and a mass of the lake the train the finally rolling again.
9:08 am
>>mark: break-in knows we've been covering the smoke of for the bar ternary car train with 50 people on board and as the train was heading to the station they were being treated by police and firefighters with smoke inhalation get into all the emergency personnel on board it was a for our problem with a
9:09 am
completely stop service between bay fair and lake merritt but not service has been restored but there are thousands of passengers still try to get where they're going. >>darya: more breaking news we've been following and sam antar overnight home invasion robbery with gunfire exchange with an home, and the robbers the home owner was shot and police are still looking for the gunman at this hour as happened around 1:00 a.m. this morning along sky view drive 20 roberts brokers to walk home while the home was there an exchange of gunfire and a home owner was head he was taken to hospital with serious injuries but is expected to survive please advise people in the areas stay inside of the homes while they were looking for the home in vedas with and never did find in a sheltered place have been lifted. >>darya: a bank robber is behind bars this morning after they found him hiding under a bridge after the holdup police called out to the wells fargo bank branch on of river street about
9:10 am
1230 yesterday afternoon instead of a bank robbery and that without such for the robert, later they found this man the 31 year-old and he was sitting under an overpass with exact amount of cash that was stolen from the banks but said that he walked into the bank and demanded money and pretend to have a handgun under his shirt and ran away later they found him under a bridge near the san lorenzo river. and so he is under river >>mark: they're about to give more expensive they're adding a surcharge the minister for transportation 27¢ parking meter surcharge in keeping with the credit card or by phone the spokesperson the transportation agency says it cost when a $47 million of the next nine years and had to cover the credit car surcharge and a cut in fact many service it will start in the next month. >>darya: this morning we know why more than 30 kids get sick
9:11 am
and poor and antioch last month to cost of health services to a pump attached to the four had stopped work in the night before for seven hours to pull cleaning chemicals were pumped into a pipe that was attached to a malfunctioning pump and and and if they what they were swimming in the pull the plug was turned back on the chemicals with a back into the water a much higher levels than normal none of the kids were scarcely heard. >>darya: health services have a list of recommendations for the city of antioch which operates a water park they want to make sure that all the water and a circulation equipment meet state regulations and working in design to work. >>michelle apon: will let you know what you can expect little aunts and in how long it will last all the details coming up
9:12 am
after the break.
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>rebecca: as we speak of this is following the close of that happened at 430 this morning effective five stations service was suspended between bay fair and lake merritt that affected the dublin pleasanton fremont and richmond on the no longer the case all systems are a go trains started running just before the 9:00 hour but because of the problem all morning long been seen it heavy on the roadway. >>rebecca: write half the 9:00 hour would never see 32 minutes north about into downtown oakland also the evidence continues at the bay bridge toll plaza you're still looking at a 2025 minute drive times from the macarthur maze to the toll plaza it is pretty pakistan material bridge that is a 27 minute drive time from 880 and haywood as a mecca with over to
9:15 am
foster city, 1 01, split the richmond san rafael bridge as pretty and the in this opera was bought travel in seven minutes. >>rebecca: getting up to sanwa felt golden gate bridge problem free all morning long 51 01, check in the five minutes from the south and of the tower and to downtown san francisco. >>michelle apon: we're waking up to a few showers across the north bay we showed that early moderate rainfall in ukiah a few light showers a collection of what dr. hill's birth this morning, lookit this is all part of the system that is bringing parts of the assembly in fresno all of that because of multiple level lote that will move through the area that is why we have copies guys a chance for some rain and thunderstorms and some preconditions to that. >>michelle apon: we sing some pettifog early this morning a little bit of mr. and drizzle keep in mind is you see a few showers this morning looking at the 10:00 hour on your future
9:16 am
cast their areas north of santa rosa and to ukiah you have a chance for tomorrow rain and thunderstorms and by 11 and 12:00 this our chance continues our offer to the south napa may be the sonoma looking at parts of the norplant them in with some rain during the lunch hour. >>michelle apon: which could start the season with zero showers moving south to the peninsula looking at the east bay's shoreline to concede the mid peninsula light showers and is to continue to sink for the rockets to the stop of the crystal skate a few isolated shower for parts of the south bay and looking at the no. 8 by 5:00 p.m. in a possible for the region and will continue to have a few more isolated showers overnight tonight and more rain chance of continuing on by tomorrow morning. >>michelle apon: clearing out by tomorrow night temperatures upper 50s to lower 60s a modest but to the morning looking at the afternoon highs by 3:00 p.m. this afternoon is going to be
9:17 am
on the court cited low to mid 60s across the peninsula looking of the upper 60s to run on seventh across the east bay shoreline in the spots will have lower to mid 70's, the same for the stopped in the trip and not bear the have typical of warming up into mid to upper seventh. >>michelle apon: a temple to the court to continue to slow the warm-up what we mention a few shower chances in the morning coreopsis some sunshine by the late afternoon for the first half of the weakest on to one back up the low to mid an upper 74 and run spots lower seventh and coming up at 945 will have a full look at the storm track of 47 day forecast. >>mark: we have the chinese markets rebounding today but we did have an alarming number from unemployment with the weekly numbers were talked kind of hide. >>rob black: any number on a 350,000 is a good number of first-time unemployment lost a
9:18 am
job he marched down to the convict and the office you file that is what is no. all about the claims were 297,000 they have been of the 75, 280 range them on a multiple of and on a point along to their time to 0.3 million in america and we are unemployed for a long time ago all of this savings and you will not have a future because you have no money and all of the future ability to pay yourself and buy food and a plug numbers of a 5.3% as critical to what the fed wanted 52% of an assortment that a lot of people don't feel like this to help the economy. >>mark: they're pushing back on the rates of raising interest rates and senate environment getting further away are creeping peg yesterday's worth? >>mark: apple been very optimistic they're making a whole lot of apple phones. >>rob black: samsung and apple
9:19 am
said to have the situation and there is not enough of and yet the way to the four weeks they're trying to have enough of them so you'd have the weekly one of the new fall coming up this september october the order of 90 million for its units they sold 60 million in the first quarter bay ridge and ordered 7 its 80 maebelle or 90 million the but things still ahead for investors of apple the new phone is possible to be anything fantastic it will have a little bit better camera and and a local alarm but an evolution not a revolution with a is going to be a six c. >>mark: there will be selling a lot in china yobbos time to
9:20 am
make money and they would do a daily fantasy sports--yahoo. >>rob black: they will be generating big money 57 the people in united sports played fantasy sports this would generate $2.6 billion in interest fees called daily games they're expected to get what 10 percent of that will grow 4% daily sports by the year 2020 did not consider this online gambling even know there's money involved because the game of skill we have declared of a physician in the study with baseball on into the envy and other sports as well that it is your friend or a group of friends. >>mark: castillo when monitors pay an entry fee. >>rob black: the nba owners part
9:21 am
of draft king even the sport sleek dark in on the hostile-- hutle. >>mark: we have a new york's stock and exchange trading for three hours yesterday the question is our market is broken and will? never will >>rob black: what is interesting to note the top of 15 years ago they weren't of of of buildings because the wood and a disaster but the estimate on land markets they're able to route traffic or round up and everything is still trading images on a different market part of the internet success story of the story is that even when it was down they're still able to trade all the stocks i wouldn't worry too much about
9:22 am
people are asking where's my money? >>mark: you went there but we understand was answer your questions posted on the facebook page will and from here on the air we will be right back.
9:23 am
9:24 am
>>darya: happening today at the memorial service for the woman who was shot and killed on pier 14 named kate steinle has been over weeks and she was killed in that with a suspect in the shooting has been charged with murder and also there's been a lot of fighting over who was to blame in this will spoke with one of her family friends who know her for years and he had a perfect car for at his restaurant on union street couple of years back into debt and all this argument have been very upsetting. >>: you one answers and all you
9:25 am
see its finger pointing and now as national news and everyone was the fourth to figure it someone else and you start to get the feeling that no one is really point to take responsibility for and we hope that the mayor is listed in some change happens with some of the city policies and we ought to the stand of them believe the mention of never been released, and it's been a lot of cities never been have been this is a san francisco issue of the need to result. >>darya: today is more of service is set for 3:00 p.m. at ruby hill winery and we learn more about the gun that was used to kill her the management, on june 27, 2004 days before the shooting ranges government issued had a gun was stolen from his car in san francisco into the same values and the shooting in was passing through san francisco on official business at some point he stopped in the downtown area left his car between 6:00 p.m. and midnight someone broke into his background of this woebegone
9:26 am
the rent immediately reported the fact and then that gun was found in the bay by divers a day after she was killed. >>mark: before focusing of a century city program and those cities work with a federal immigration authorities and maybe not work with them the alameda county is changing its policy the county says it will now give ice notice before releasing some from jail starting tomorrow this will become its previous profit before the trust act have once it was passed the spot notifying eyes on their release someone than a minute, scher said is important for them to monitor who was released. >>: those officials know of criminal events that have occurred drop the country we do have access to all their files so they can better determine if this individual as a threat to the community. >>mark: the office has been working with them and a federal priority enforcement which reported felon who are here illegally and broken promises
9:27 am
was established back in 2014. >>mark: have a lot more on the shooting which is costing the updated online the confines of a coverage the case and up to the latest developments back with more news whether the truck.
9:28 am
9:29 am
>>darya: back to the tent covers the shutdown of five bart stations early this morning last and almost to the commute almost to make thousands of people like to work the trains are roman again but it will be awhile to get them back to normal. >>will tran: isn't this a pretty picture? you can see people behind me they're ready to catch their trains, they're coming and going it, are heard on the overhead speaker some trains, a little bit slower than usual. >>will tran: about 20 to 30 minute delays was to talk to these people you told them early this $1.20 to 30 minute delay
9:30 am
they would take it because for four hours the trains would not running at all we're back to normal as far the trains are running. >>will tran: this afternoon we will wait and see the trains are going by here without any problems that is a good sign, for the afternoon because jim allison a bart spokesman says one state fix up the system and checks out afternoon should be free and clear you concede this trend is racing and. >>will tran: we are back to business and you ask me a little bit earlier if he was mad at you for the suggestion the answer was no. he really thank you for that we can with the phrase, maybe instead ofbarria. >>darya: i'm just happy that is taking care of people can get to where they need to go. >>mark: jacket is that the bay for station we're watching their as where getting back on track. >>jackie sissel: this was the source of extreme frustration for a lot of people, this was
9:31 am
the far north as you can go everyone from fremont and hayward, and sutherland san leandro and appear at a fair once they got here it was a mad dash to catch the bus here the video from earlier this morning. >>jackie sissel: the lines will stretch through the parking lot increased hundreds as people scrambled to get some of the limited amount of seats on those buses that were arriving those people getting more and more frustrated, more and more like they were for where they needed to being. >>jackie sissel: harvested there were trying to get to work out as quickly as possible for a lot of people when they got here to debate for a station they had no idea what was going on, i caught an exchange between an employee and frustrated writer. >>: how would i get to? san to take the no. 1 bus to get to downtown open is a free ride. >>: ok so where exactly a month
9:32 am
to poster of? the center island >>jackie sissel:?: >>: beyond frustrating i known take the san leandro bart over here and they're saying that it is come in 12 minutes and then nothing is really frustrating but that is the way the systems will. >>jackie sissel: that story was repeated through the morning for about a 45850 this morning was starting to see the first train rolling in much like this one into the station and at that point, it was a mad scramble to get back up to the platform and catch the first few trains at top the one person and 8:00 this morning she left her house at 630 in san leandro and she was still waiting in line to catch a bus. there were a lot of laypeople and upset people. >>jackie sissel: obviously
9:33 am
they're starting to feel little bit better now they're running again. >>rebecca: if you could imagine the roadways were up more trouble this morning because of the early morning close to it happened at 430 and did not wrap up until just before the 9:00 hour we definitely are still saying a lot of slow traffic along the nimitz freeway. >>rebecca: northbound from san leandro and to 37, and to change into downtown oakland as you're making a way to no. 880 over to the west on 80 in to change this is what looks like getting to the bay bridge toll plaza of. >>rebecca: traffic still backed up into the macarthur maze 25 minutes from the macarthur maze to the toll plaza and traffic is one to be bumper-to-bumper of where across the span, into downtown san francisco. >>rebecca: must take a look at the weather. >>michelle apon: wicking of to cloudy skies and breezy conditions of looking at the
9:34 am
north bay we have a few showers, still moving through the region from ukiah, down to claudel they have started to fizzle out just a little bit. >>michelle apon: because of below the continues to push through california you concede we have thunderstorms and heavy rain across yosemite a few light showers in fresno and the shower stretching all the way to northern california. >>michelle apon: where the umbrella first thing this morning and i went to see any showers or thunderstorms later on tonight will be dealt with a great cloud disguise this morning here is what looks like at the bay bridge that as well concede right now. >>michelle apon: into the next hour we do have a few shower chancels will offer to the north and north of santa rosa is the conceit of rumble of thunder letter on looking at the 12:00 hour we have a few more showers to pop up from napa and sonoma continue to track. are often track stocks >>michelle apon: patchy drizzle
9:35 am
and saw mr. but looking at the 3:00, we have a few more shower chance to starting to move farther south from the north bank in we have across san francisco in daly city looking at the mid peninsula and ease the racial line stretching of which oakland and then we have a few isolated showers moving through parts of the south by the khmer san jose. >>michelle apon: what could be dealing with a few isolated showers, across the north bay as the earth continue to push off to the east and the forecast with the free mobile application is free for apple and android. >>mark: the crew the getting ready for debate closure of the wheel drive to open up new presidio parkway starting at 10:00 p.m. tonight for traffic through the weekend. >>terisa estacio: on this earth that i am here in the presidio, you could see over my shoulder the cruise a working on the presidio park when. they're working on the northbound stretched, the commute traffic
9:36 am
as if the sea is going above directions. >>terisa estacio: on the other side of but starting tonight at 10:00 p.m. tonight the entire area will be shut off all traffic on wednesday we received a tour of the new tunnel that will eventually be a part of the new presidio park went. >>terisa estacio: the entire project was necessary for the upgrade we spoke to a spokesperson for the project an enormous amount of work. >>: to open and the roadway everyone is on a temporary detour that need to remove that detour entirely and build up the roadway make the connections to their loss seven in nine hours of constant work in east happened. >>terisa estacio: and nearly 80 our closest tonight at 10 every open as scheduled at 5:00 a.m. monday morning the golden gate bridge will be open during the closure but all traffic will have to go, through 19th avenue or highway 1 caltrans expecting a heavy backlog because of that
9:37 am
they're advising people to hide the use of bus or ferry or stay away. >>darya: the coming up where continue looking at the problem of the day within our big story and data traffic caused by the fact that mark was not ruling for so long this morning the tech look--bart it shows a little weather for the crowds-- clouds.
9:38 am
9:39 am
>>mark: watching wall street after the dow coloratura didn't appoint yesterday a bit of a rebound it is still negative for the year is sitting at 17,00625. >>mark: big news on the grease everyone was watching to see if a major deadline comes up with the details of economic reform plan that will be presenting it to european officials and the next two days the finance
9:40 am
the troubled country and back for a three year resting from the european partner. >>mark: the banking system is teetering near the edge and banks are closed and grease the to next week without a deal deficit in almost inedible financial collapse of the banking system will be the first step for the country to fall out. >>darya: come up with a tin of the team coverage of the committee this morning with seven grown into a mess because of the problem the damage is still done to the roadways and for the bart system the second live look we will be right back.
9:41 am
9:42 am
kids are expensive. so i'm always looking to get more for my money. that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity. they have the most free on demand tv shows and movies on all my devices. it's perfect for me because my kids are costing me a fortune. i'm going to cabo! [ music plays ]
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don't settle for u-verse. xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. sign up today or get started with this great offer. call or go online today. >>rebecca: though service have been restored and was restored just before 9:00 but delays have not been recovered it is still in the recovery stage as, dublin
9:44 am
presents and in fremont will leave about 20 to 30 minutes because five stations there with no service between both products of 4:30 a.m. our. >>rebecca: aircraft of just before 9:00 a definite plus a snack court east bay commuters but things are recovering, that is better known as the weeks and a lot heavier traffic especially at the biggest toll plaza a lot of people have to get their vehicles and driving to work this morning the bay bridge toll plaza would never see it is busy at this hour. >>rebecca: still back of a to macarthur maze the 880 of a cross and staff as well given to the toll plaza is once been very sluggish all with costas and to downtown san francisco drive times want to be about 20, 25 minutes still given to the 10:00 hour. >>rebecca: heavy on westbound 92 the right side of the screen as a 20 minute drive times over to foster city and the richmond san rafael bridge that is pretty light on the westbound 57
9:45 am
minutes into san rafael the golden gate bridge bettas been great all morning long south won a 15 minutes into sausalito and san francisco. >>rebecca: tomorrow with a look much different as when you get off the south won 01 of the spent as much of it diverted onto 19th avenue and is definitely going to interfere with your friday commit. >>: there was a restaurant in monterey is that have thus find letting you know, come on in your welcome the sign said no strollers no highchairs nobles the we want people here eat in
9:46 am
peace leave your kids and the car. >>darya: it doesn't say no kid to the they're saying very difficult. >>: i do have a stroller and a high chair or a boost in. >>darya: what i used to say to my children because it is true then noisy in making a mess i would say and they do not have kids and they do not want any children so be quiet. >>: we're talking about little ones they don't know yet and may they're upset about something and we love a peaceful mail and we need kids to procreate continue this human rights.
9:47 am
>>: you mentioned about the dead know whether not if i was what the haven't. >>: know we have two dogs we're not going to have a the reason i brought her into day is michael holds wanted to know from natasha how she felt about the flooding with you on the news and in my defense i don't recall flirting with you other than asking to pick you up for a date. >>darya: the reasons that came out of the because your mis double standard let's cut right to the chase.
9:48 am
>>: actually i was watching you guys and he said he wanted to kiss you and i consider by watching that you are a very strong and smart woman and you would not fall for his boy is * yes i would allow you to because i would know that it is chipping for entertainment. >>darya: he said that you are allowed to do acting and posing but he cannot do anything like. >>: with her yes i know home wrecker when i see one.
9:49 am
>>mark: i am a little uncomfortable. >>darya: let's get an update on the weather. >>michelle apon: we still are saying some showers in the seventh since 4:00 this morning we saw some lights are from ukiah intellect or coverdell and one isolated shower right now and buy back a bank we have shower chances for a the level below the will continue to move through the area in fact have a little bit of drizzle on the if concede that is when the wind shall look like for a few parts of the region today is not a big dinner with clouds prizes and breezy conditions by 10:00 in to the next hour.
9:50 am
>>michelle apon: as vehicles of to the lunch hour the no. there were toppled by sonoma and napa and san rafael and mel valley a light shower or moved region and that will continue to sink far off to the south. >>michelle apon: it will continue to make the whole together and giving an isolated shower for parts of the south bank of the no. but we're not out of the woods yet for the showers and possibly seek a few more showers by 5:00 with a drawn to my, overnight and i was it a little bit more shower activity that will come to one and by tomorrow afternoon and will assist in clearing skies later on by tomorrow afternoon. >>michelle apon: temperature is right now mid to upper 50s will low 60s mid-60's right now across inland's 56, the five a concord, 63 of san jose across the north bank, the temple designed to low to mid 60's if you are watching on this month from or may be heading into san francisco today temperatures
9:51 am
will state into low to mid 60 from to the afternoon. >>michelle apon: of all the cloud cover we're expecting in the low level continue to move through the region and also be on the windy side saw was one of the stake between 50 to 20 mi. per hour and best of the 30 keep in mind on your even driving on today in the east bay apricot by temperatures to expect much cool again today. >>michelle apon: looking at 74 walnut creek amid seven is a cross brand what livermore 72 looking at the stop they santa and a handful of its of the feminist san jose 73 almaden valley 79 by 3:00, plan on a percentage across the east of a shoreline of an oakland as 69 degrees across the north bank, '70s across the north bay area. >>michelle apon: a few showers tomorrow morning and below will continue to move out with the seventh of sunshine by the late afternoon with an average of one of the to ms. savage mid-60's
9:52 am
will continue on for the week and will start to warm up and drive out with apostasies on its upper 80s by the middle part of next week. >>darya: thank you very much at 951 we have a lot more ahead live and now we're covering the big story which is traffic and also keeping you posted on the weather ezra's said let's take a pick outside it is pretty late for to be looking that way because early this morning there were not running will be right back.
9:53 am
9:54 am
>>darya: breaking news and an update now at 955 on how hard is rolling after the shutdown of five stations, still the delayed because of the early fire that happen on the trend of the east bank we are saying that the trains are rolling a jacuzzi in the video but we have the delays because of those shutdowns early this morning as an almost an hour the cave and roll when but
9:55 am
the fallout on the highway at the does anyone have a job for their cars earlier. >>mark: laws and was a french court discipline does charity golf tournament from donald trump's donald trump's comments about the immigrants last week prompted them to move the court district to be on but raise money for music and science education programs, a decision by the score edition of the day after the pga said it would not allow a host of a grand slam of golf accords for the official this said it was it was an easy decision. >>: 7 percent are learning english as a second line which most of them are immigrants and i'm in it myself to paint us with a broad brush of such a difficult and on caring manner like mr. trump did everyone was down but unconscionable. >>mark: prior to the statement
9:56 am
the tournament was fed up for another five months this to official but, looking for new location for the golf tournament he says he cannot guarantee the office worker that he employed have legal status in the united states but he said he would get rid of them immediately if he discovered that any of them are illegal immigrants this comes after he made a counteroffer, about mexican immigrants he system to bring drugs and crime to the united states, but some are rapist. >>mark: he says that there are illegal immigrants working at the old post office pavilion construction side wants to defeat for his not converting the building into a luxury hotel, stafford and personal services on the bill also would carter will take part in a result of the australian outback with ruffles of a " vehicle. >>mark: isn't that amazing? >>darya: official unveiling the 5530 it weighs only 400 lbs. and has half the wind resistance of the cyclist.
9:57 am
>>mark: it will take as australia and then they will race in october for the 2,000 mi. race. >>darya: they should use the solar plant. >>darya: the popular bay bridge like a rock on anywhere for a while everyone loves them the sublimate his contract was approved on wednesday and keep the lights on for the next decade the bay area told of their probe attended 2.1 million out, the contract before the fighting to maintain and was first installed to about 13 at the anniversary celebration it was suspended in marked stockout track and install more durable lives that will live again early next year just in time for the super bowl. >>darya: that is a for us this morning in is going to be a tough one to multiple. >>mark: with the clothes starting at 10:00 tonight stay with us on air stay connected with our kron 4 mobile
9:58 am
app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
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