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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  July 28, 2015 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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images. we sat down and talked to one of the ladies in the core group who cared for bobbi kristina in her final days. >> krissy would open her eyes, wouldn't she? >> yes, krissy would open her eyes. >> what would that be like when she opened her eyes? >> i guess initially when it happened, you know, that gave me hope. and for me, you know, i felt like she could hear. i don't know 100% if he coushe or not but i've always been told that the hearing is the last to go. >> what were bobbi kristina's final moments really like? well, i sat down with wanda shelly, one of the women who was in the core group that cared for krissy in her final days. >> it wasn't a day that i wasn't there that krissy didn't get a kiss to say, love you baby girl. i'll see you tomorrow. >> wanda said at the end, the family was at peace. >> they read the bible. they prayed with her to ensure she wasn't making the transition
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alone. >> did it feel like her mother was there or at least waiting for her? >> i feel like, you know, her mom has been there the whole time. >> there was also news today about bobbi kristina's ex, nick gordon. he looked distraught and downtrodden 24 hours after death. he stepped out with his mother, michelle, in florida yesterday. in these exclusive images, you can see the detailed tattoos he got in honor of whitney and bobby k. and wearing his wedding band on his ring finger and appears to be krissy ring around his neck. to be clear, nick and bobbi kristina would never marry. nick's mom who appeared on dr. phil released the following statement. quote, nick loved and cared for krissy deeply and suffered greatly each and every day they've been apart. the other angle is talking about
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whitney's fortune. who will get it and what will happen to it? >> it was estimated at about $20 million. krissy was the heir. she died after receiving 10% when she was 21. >> it is shocking and disappointing that whitney houston would pass so much money on based on a bill written 20 years ago before bobbi kristina was ever even born. >> attorney andrew w. mayora is the co-author of "trial and erro errors" now. >> now there are no other children born to whitney houston, the money goes back into whitney houston's estate ur under the terms of her will and held to the benefit of her mother and her two brothers. >> so much more from here in atlanta including the question of a lot of people asking, where was bobby brown when his daughter drew her last breath? i asked wanda about that. her answer is on the way, nancy. >> thank you very much, kevin. >> now we head to new york where we are with the bachelorette
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kaitlyn and her brand new fiance, sean, so the rumors are true. he popped the question on the finale last night and she said yes, but that means she said no nick and it was oh so painful to watch. >> these are awkward. >> i am yours forever. kaitlyn, no, all right. >> it's awkward when somebody wants to spend the rest of their life with you and you don't. y i don't know. i felt bad. >> million people watched the cringe worthy moment. kaitlyn rolling her eyes at nick as he attempted closure. >> what were you thinking when you said that? >> even tossed engagement ring on the floor. >> you're joking he did an underhanded toss. totally went over him. >> i guess throw it under him. >> well, clearly, they are done with nick. now, many fans thought kaitlyn spoiled the ending because she
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leaked this snap chat pic of her and nick in bed. >> we would have looked way better than that. >> we thought it was me. i got out of bed, turned on my phone and twitter was just blowing up with all these pictures in bed. >> i called him an idiot. he's like, actually, it was you. i was like, fare enough. i'm an idiot. >> let's get into the stunning ring. it's a platinum 3.5 karat brilliant cut diamond flanked by 160 smaller diamonds and worth reported $150,000. >> honestly, it scares me, it scares the crap out of me because i wear very inexpensive things and it's just bizarre to me to have like a down payment on a house on this finger. like, i'm obsessed with it. >> down payment on a very large house. another hit tv show on an engagement. trey reportedly popped the question during grace's 31st
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birthday party. very romantic. if you look closely, you can see the ring on the finger which blew off the candle. by the way, "empire" fans, the show is back on september 23rd on fox. "mission impossible: rogue nation" in theaters and hosted the entire premiere. >> tom cruise. >> he must feel like a bit of a baller. this is like, presidential status. >> we worked hard to share with you all. we make these movies for you. >> tom cruise," e.t." and the cast of "mission impossible: rogue nation" shut down times square. >> jeremy renner. >> it's amazing for us. terrible if you're trying to drive through this sucker though. >> interrupts for a photo with his life, who wore a white strapless gown by nicolas.
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>> this is the closet, groping around in the dark. >> i fully support groping around in the dark. alec baldwin. >> thank you. >> what's the most rogue thing you've ever done? >> probably not wear underwear at a premiere. >> tom said his robe on the screen. >> we do pretty fun things on the screen. terrifying and interesting, k m exhilarating. >> open the door. >> yeah, i'm trying. >> oh my god! >> the other door. >> the incredible risks that tom took, pushing the envelope, pushing the limits, doing his own stunts. >> so tom came solo to the premiere, forget about the rumors that he's dating his 22-year-old assistant, em li thomas who does look like his
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ex, katie holmes. changed profile picture with her boyfriend, alex roberts. coming up next, we are at another premiere "vacation" with the brother hemsworth and you're talking to harry stiles' rumored lady. and first, thriller "13 hours: the secret soldiers of benghazi." >> we need immediate assistance. we are overrun. >> it's under attack. go. it's under attack. let's go. we got to move. >> yes, it's based on the true story about the mystery and chaos surrounding the attacks on u.s. compound in libya that took four american lives. >> we're all going to die. >> everybody, this is jack silva. >> you might recognize some of the soldiers. that is john krawczynski. played nurse jackie's husband
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and pablo shriver known as pornstasche on "orange is the new black."
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tomorrow on "e.t." bachelor in paradise. behind the makeo
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did you know that there is a third hemsworth brother? there he is. between chris and liam at "vacation" premiere and hemsworth hotties kick off the hit. it was a family vacation of sorts for the hemsworth brothers. chris, liam and older brother, luke, together on the red carpet. >> what everybody is talking about is chris hemsworth. >> i don't know why. >> we do. on scene with the entire cast of "vacation" including chevy chase in a sling.
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>> i took a fall. it was a bad one. >> you look gorgeous. you really do. >> chevy looking good but all eyes on chris and his sexy siblings to support the bro until gorgeous wife, actress elsa showed up. the two who have three children together and chris joked about his wife's reaction to his role as a well endowed cowboy. >> has your wife seen it? >> that's why we got married, maybe. i don't know. >> that's my first time for us. >> that's harry stiles' rumored girlfriend, simpia. and stella maxwell. ten of the new victoria's secrets angels launching the new body by victoria line. >> angels. i mean, those are not normal girls. like adriana. so being in that group, it's unbelievable. >> and "law and order"
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celebrating 25 years with a month long binge a-thon on usa. >> it was so well written and people have an investment in it. >> the show's iconic calling card. >> the first time a tv show really had audience. after khloe kardashian fired off on claims of these new pictures were photo shopped. >> khloe's workout. >> and then we talk to extreme weight loss' trainers about one of their toughest assignments yet. getting back the cheerleader into the uniform. >> she became an eating machine and ate herself to over 300 pounds. >> plus, whitney houston and bobby brown's daughter. more details on what happened during bobbi kristina's final moments. from a family friend who is there. that is next. closed captioning provided by --
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that is the racy cover shot of khloe kardashian, the haters accusing her of photo shopping her body. split screen with the before and after. there's a little bit of retouching on the rise, but still her body and khloe busted her butt, so to speak, to get it. ask our brooke anderson who hit the gym with gunner peterson, khloe's personal trainer. >> who is an animal in here like you are? >> khloe is an animal. >> full on animal in the gym. >> no kplcomplaining. >> not the only kardashian. he worked with kourtney, kim, and kris. posted this photo with gunner taking the caption, thanks for whipping my whole family into shape. >> this is the same workout khloe did yesterday? >> it's almost identical. >> get the curves and the booty. >> we've seen gunner on "keeping
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up with the kardashians" and the results speak for themselves. >> this is khloe's moment. you can see it. the changes she's made are incredible. she's done it the right way. hard work, nothing fast. >> in fact, gunner is so popular in hollywood, the paparazzi often stake out his parking lot. >> gunner is awesome. gunner has a great unique way of teaching and everything is very innovative. >> what is the one thing people at home can take away? >> make sure you couple the strength training with the cardio. so many people jump to straight cardio. on a bike for 25 minutes or running for 25 minutes. drop down every five minutes and do ten push-ups, ten squats, ten crunches. find your rhythm. your pace. >> do you work with sofia vergara? >> yes. >> what's her favorite thing? >> to leave. that was solid. >> peace out. no doubt khloe had to work hard to get fit with him, but
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shouldn't face the same challenges as extreme weight loss. rachel is a former college cheerleader who became obese after her heart was broken. >> just so gross. >> things overwhelmed me. i eat until i'm numb. >> i'm 35-year-old rachel is 5 foote a8. eating became her obsession. >> she found comfort in food. anytime she started to feel lonely, she would turn to food to numb those feelings, those emotions. >> a romance gone bad led her to overeat. >> i got screwed over by a guy and i ate myself to over 300 pounds. i just feel like such a freaking loser. such a waste of talent. a waste of a human being. >> she grew out of her leotards, she grew out of her cheer outfit and dance uniform, and she withdrew, she withdrew from life. once that happened, she just became an eating machine. and she ate herself to over 300
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pounds. >> but rachel hits a road block in her weight loss journey when tragedy strikes. >> was it because of him? the one guy? >> he died. and like, i can never talk to him now. >> her emotions overflow, but her eyes are on a goal become fixed to better coach a high school squad and fit into her old cheerleading outfit. >> any cheerleader can come back as long as they live and wear their uniform and homecoming. yeah, if i can get this to fit again, i would be able to dance and cheer at the rose bowl. >> well, rachel certainly will get a chance to dance again. not just with anybody. arranged to choreograph to favorite hip-hop star ne-yo. let's head back to atlanta where kevin has more on bobbi
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kristina. kevin? >> for six long months, the family kept a constant vigil at her bedside but bobby brown wasn't there. that's something i asked wanda about because she was in the room. >> to be honest, i'm not sure. you know, we were pretty much in a groove where the core team that was always tried to be there and make sure that she was never alone, that was a normal day for us. we were all, you know, visiting with her. singing to her, reading to her. other things we'd normally do. bobby was there at the time. i know we definitely made contact to let him know. >> wanda was in the room with krissy on the final day. she knew bobbi kristina oh so
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well, she was executive producer on reality show, "being with bobby brown" and after whitney passed, she was on "e.t." part of the circle of people who tended to krissy from the beginning of the hospital adventure. >> what was the daily routine like? >> i used to play music for her and coconut oil. i would play inspirational music. play her mom's music for her. i even played her dad's music to her. >> one of the episodes of the show wanda produced, visited the grave, the same grave site where krissy will be laid to rest. >> now you have to go back and take krissy there to be by her mo >> that's pretty unimaginable. how it would get here. definitely hard on bobby because, you know, that's his daughter. when he got back in town, he was deteriorating. my heart went out to him.
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he was crying, you know, for his daughter. >> krissy's funeral is in atlanta. i will attend. janet shut down production to be be her father's side who suffered a stroke. will be with him in las vegas until he is better, family first. we'll be right back. a new season brings a new look.
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the special olympics are under way. an event near and dear to my heart. the chance in the unified sports experience. find with two special olympians and one olympic gold medal skater, apollo ono. all right. >> we're going to bring the heat. >> and yes, apollo actually showed no mercy. so very impressed by my teammates, but unfortunately, we couldn't pull off the victory. >> even though i lost so bad, it felt so good playing. thank you for that. >> and that is truly what this is all about. respect, diversity. but i'll get you next time, paula. bye, everybody.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter:you saw it first here on kron four. >>something just unfolding. it's now unfolding as we speak. >> pam:tonight we know these are family members reacting to the arrest of a 15 year old boy in the killing of maddy middleton. >> pam:here he is being taken into the santa cruz police station. kron four has learned he may be charged with more than simple murder,. >>it appears she was lured to the suspect's apartment willingly.


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