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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 1, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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. >> it's windy and dry and fueling this fire. governor brown is declaring a state of emergency because of the california wildfires and with good reason. >> the day looks as dark as night, the sun as red as the flames on the ground. this as the impressive fire storm known as the rocky fire continues to grow. >> today the weather has been cop traiting on the southside but on the northside we're getting increased fire activity. >> it streaks back up again when you think it's getting
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somewhere. >> the flames are burning nearly 26,000 acres and have torched homes in the lower lake area. on saturday mandatory evacuations were put in place north of the clear lake. >> that evacuation starts about four or five miles to the east of highway 20 and 63. >> a major stretch of highway 20 has been shut down in both directions as fire crews continue to battle the flames. >> the fire was started back here and it was coming toward us and then went south and north. >> with these winds continuing out here, it's making it very tough. with these winds out here, it's making it tough for firefighters. the fire is heading east right now. that was the last check with
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cal fire. they also say the stretch of highway 20 remains closed at this time. only 5% containment on this fire still. lake county. >> all right, scott. mean time firefighters are still battling the wragge fire near lake berryessa. the fire broke out on july 22nd. all roads are open and there are novak ways. they hope to have the fire fully contained by monday. governor brown as ordered flags at half staff after the death of a firefighter. ruel was a resident of south dakota and was on voluntary
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assignment with the mystic ranger district of the black hill national forest. the transbay tube is shut down this weekend for renovations and traffic has take on the the streets and sea, making the ferries and roads packed. emily turner joins us live from one of the bus stations. emily, how is it going? >> reporter: vicki, better than expected. as far as inconvience is concerned, i've heard mostly positive things from the folks getting on the buses and getting off. they say it's not the best situation but it's certainly pretty good for not the best situation. >> the bus boarding up here. >> reporter: whether over land or sea, the commuters that usually take bart found their way through other means to the
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other side of the bay. >> you have to get to the train once you get on the oakland side . >> reporter: the transbay tube is shut down this weekend for renovations. construction is on schedule be even if the commute times are delayed. tay ear offering a complimentary bus service but they are packed. >> they're very annoying. >> you'd rather be on the bart? i'd rather be in my car but it's not working. >> reporter: bart has asked folks to stick to their side of the bay this weekend. the buses leave almost every minute and with 97 buses run the route they're keeping close to the timeline. >> i'm in no rush but it's good
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that they're ready for service. that's important. >> reporter: if you have any questions about where you should be or where you're headed, see this guy? look for the neon vests. they'll answer any question that is you have and are very helpful. one more thing to remember. this is not the only time that bart will be shut down. this will happen again on labor day weekend. >> good information emily. >> a gun battle with police in san jose acarjacking and high speed chase capped off a wild officer-involved shooting. we have a recap of last night's exchange of gunfire. >> the car jacker, he took off right here along santa clara street headed east and about 20 other police officers were following him.
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>> reporter: the security manager, george rodriguez had no clue why police was chase the drive. before rodriguez pulled his gun, he says officers approached a group of people across from the convention center when one of the men ran off. during foot chase police say the man whipped out a hand gun and opened fire on officers. no one was injured. he then tried twice to car jack a vehicle. the second time he was successful. police chased him on the freeway headed south and through this neighborhood where investigators say the suspect tried ramming an officer near emanuel sullivan's home. i heard the sirens blairing outside and i thought they were
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passing by. >> >> the suspect avoided gunfire and continued on until crashing his car. after a brief foot chase he was arrested but taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries and so were the two people in the car he rammed into. no officers were injured. >> it's glad nobody got hurt and i'm glad he got captured. >> among the charges, he's being held for attempted homicide on an officer. >> police are on the look out tonight for a suspect in a robbery that happened in downtown concord. he is james belvin. he is 6'0", brown hair, hazel eyes, last seen in a gold 1991 honda accord. >> a young man is dead after his motorcycle collided with a
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car in pittsburgh this morning. the accident happened in a split second. >> it's sad to see. >> reporter: shattered glass aflipped motorcycle and right rear of this sedan caved in. the on operate torr -- operator was going over the speed limit. the impact was so intent the rider's helmet left a dent in the car's roof. >> oh, my gosh. wow! >> reporter: he died instantly. both parties will be tested by toxicology. it took authorities about four hours to collect evidence and interview witnesses. all lanes heading eastbound were closed to traffic. >> you have to be careful.
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>> reporter: other than being a little frazao montrezled, police say the driver of the car had no injuries. >> the tax returns for hillary and bill clinton have been released you may be surprised to learn how much they earned during 8 years. we have the latest document dump. are nearly $141 million that's what hillary and bill clinton made from 2007-2014 and the couple paid about $43 million taxes on the income. she disclosed her tax returns on friday long with a medical report. the 67-year-old candidate has a clean bill of health. it came on the same day that the u.s. department released e-
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mails and that could be seen by some as a tactic to bury information. she said why spread it out? on friday she spoke to a largely african american audience and criticized republican stances on healthcare and the minimum wage by invoking jeb bush's right to rise line. >> you can't talk about that and support law that is deny the right to vote. >> reporter: later at the same event it was bush's turn, bringing us his education record as florida's governor. he said the nation's schools are failing minorities. >> i believe in the right to rise in this country. a child is not rise fieldgoal he's not reading. >> reporter: friday was the first time the two candidates appeared at the same event. >> 2016 presidential run is in
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the talks for current vice president, joe biden. his talks have reser fasthed with associates. they reportedly reached out to leaders and donors and sources say he's likely to decide in early september. he'd be the sixth running as a democrat. coming up, the 49ers preparing for their upcoming season. we'll bring you to their probing tase. a piece on an island that may be from the missing malaysian flight and what one is doing to help prepare peers for classes. >> mid-70s and 80s around the bay. i'll tell you what to expect for the rest of the weekend, coming up.
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. a teenager is making it easier for kids in antioch as they head back to school. flee school supplies and backpacks are being provided regardless of their age. 14-year-old closing argument rhys is a wilson promotes and raised funds to fill a void. agencies throughout antioch pitched in to support the cause. >> when i first thought about this is because at my school a lot of people were ill- prepared. i was always asked for pencils and papers. my school supplies started lowering. now i don't have to pester my mom and dad to get supplies. i was able to get everything i wanted. it's good for me and we don't have to buy anything. ill's free. >> this program allowness students to get free school supplies throughout the year. the foundation has helped over
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300 children. >> lightning and thunderstorms up in the sierra is not helping a bad fire season flag warning nfl effect for the area. brian, what tessellates -- the latest the. >> reporter: we've had a lot of showers and thunderstorms up in the mountains and that's a danger. there have been a lot of severe thunderstorm warnings today and now the thunderstorms produce rain and that is good but they also produce lightning and strong winds and that is really bad for fire danger and the negative affects out weigh the goods. we have a red flag warning into the mountains for the rest of tonight and the thunderstorm threat will continue for tomorrow also before it begins to move out. here live at the golden gate bridge, the fog is making a return after a sunny afternoon and the fog is going to make
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for a cloudy start tomorrow. look for widespread low cloud, drizzle bayside, sunshine for the afternoon. it's going to be a mild day with gusty winds. pacific, an intensifying hurricane arthur gain, category 2, maximum winds surpassing 100 miles per hour and it's taking aim at hawaii. it's only moving to the northwest at 14 miles per hour. this is forecast to get to the hawaiian islands by late wednesday or early thursday. as is typical with tropical systems out in the pacific, as they start to make the move farther to the north, they go over cooler waters and move into areas unfavorable and they weaken. this may weaken to below hurricane status by mid week and this could track way off to
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the east or farther to the south. this far out it's still uncertain. here is fog tracker, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, lots of clouds . those green blobs shows areas of drizzle. this clears out late morning toward noon and then sunshine poking through at the beaches in the afternoon hours. temperatures a little cooler than today by about 3 or 4 degrees. low 80s for the south bay, inland temperatures coming down also. mid-80s in the warmest places, 60s and 70s, san francisco going up to 68, low 70s oakland and will are some 80s up into the napa valley. i'll talk about cooler weather coming our way later on. >> a crash along the main route
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between san francisco and vegas up on the el cajon pass. a motorcyclist cut in front of a charter bus. an oxygen tank being used exploded. that person is facing serious burns. a brushfire in the same area burned dozens of homes a few weeks back. a small plane crashed killing the pilot. the plane was found today. according to the faa, the plane appears to have crashed several days ago. it's unclear when or where it took off from. >> friends and family gathered in georgia to say their good- bye s to bobbi kristina brown.
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she was treated for six months about being found unconscious in a bath tub. bobbi kristina is expected to be buried alongside her mother in new jersey. next up, outrage continues over the killing of a lion in africa. why the cubs may be at risk. >> coming up, i say it once and i'll say it again. you can only get hit by a train unless you're in onuaku the train tracks. i'll explain next in "people behaving badly."
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e a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar
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♪ ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ ♪ and under the stars ♪ [♪♪♪] . there is one location where delivers are constantly looking over their shoulder. this lady is not looking for police. neither is this driver or this driver. what they are looking for, well it ice simple. a 79-mile per hour train.
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why you ask? because they're sitting on a set of active cool tran tracks. this driver could careless that he's on the tracks. he takes time to look at his phone. you can't make this stuff up. this van is signature on one set of tracks. as soon as he starts to move the signal starts going off. people seem to have a fascination with stopping on active tracks. maybe it's a thrill of living on the edge. you can only get hit by a train if you're on or near the tracks. the law says you have to be more than 15 feet from the tracks. chevy has a motto for their trucks, find new roads. if a train was to hit this truck it would be finding new roads. this black and white sign means it's a requirement, not a request. if you ignore the requirement and get caught the fine is
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$500. the cost of a train hitting you cannot be calculated in dollars or cents. what i find interesting is that i always talk to people who say they'd never stop on active train tracks yet i find people doing it within two hours. this truck was able to back up but you may not be alto have that option. train tracks are not a joke, especially if will is a train coming. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at >> how crews rescued a man stranded on ice. we'll show you why people are opposed to the giant telescope
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in the hawaiian tropics.
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the sequel to the classic and bacon & swiss, topped with the same melted garlic herb butter plus portobello mushrooms and grilled onions. spoiler alert: it's awesome. is. >> still ahead, a new season, a fresh start, we take you to 49ers training camp as they gear up for their first practice. >> the fart pouf the plane floating in the sea, analyst looking at a missing piece of the puzzle that could solve the missing malaysian airline mystery. we show you adorable penguin chicks graduating from fish
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. >> this is the bay areas news station. kron 4 news continues now. >> happening now, the very first 49ers practice of the season is underway. this is the coach's first practice as head coach. kate joins us live from santa clara where she attended tonight's practice. kate, how is it going? >> reporter: you can feel the energy out here. people are excited for the season. it's a new era. we've been watching people taking selfies out in front of the big helmet. they're eager to get the season started. more are yelling about their fantasy league than how the 49ers are doing. it was great to see coach jim out there in his element. this is his first season as a
8:30 pm
head coach in the nfl. quarterback, colin kaepernick looked optimistic. he's been working hard on improving and this was the first practice for reggie bush. he's lobbying to be the team's punt returner. jared hanes is a star in australia. he played football and rugby over there. the nfl is a completely different game talking pads and helmets. australian media was out on the field today. this morning he talked about how he feels about his new coach. >> yeah, i think he's very concerned about his players. that's something that you pick up straight away. he definitely cares about the individual and wants the individual to not only be a great football player but a
8:31 pm
great man. >> he's always asking guys if will is anything he can do for them. they feel like he actually cares. i've been on teams where coaches try to run you in the ground. that's just the way it is. >> reporter: now if you're eager to get out hero levi stadium there, are 16 more practices. the games start in september, 41 days away. i'm kate, back to you. >> the suspected debris of missing malaysia flight mh370 arrived in france today. a truck carryed the debris into amile tare testing facility. authorities are scheduled to
8:32 pm
analyze the piece on wednesday. >> a saudi official says three members of osama bin laden's family was killed at an airport west of london on friday. they were visiting the uk on vacation. the family of the late al-qaeda leader is large and spread out around the world. >> wild life authorities in zimbabwe have suspended hinting in the area where cecil the lion was killed. the cubs may be at risk from other males in the land. cecil's brother jericho is said to have been killed to day but it was not true.
8:33 pm
one survived for two day ons a sheet of floating ice. we have more on this incredible story of survival. >> reporter: 49-year-old sergei was not just issued a temporary pass port at the embassy but also a reminder of his close encounter of a polar bear in davis strait. >> i jumped out of there with all of my forces and i kicked him and he ran away. >> reporter: last week he was nearing the end of an incredible six week adventure. he was trying to set a world record for flying solo around the world in a small helicopter. over davis strait the chopper developed a problem with the
8:34 pm
gear belt. >> you put yourself in the water once on the water the small machine sinks in 30 seconds maximum. >> reporter: with his survival suit on, set out swimming to an ice float 50 feet away. he towed his life float behind. >> i had a better one here. it's 15-meters in diameter. >> reporter: help spent two days on the 50-meter ice float in dense fog. he fought off hypothermia, three polar bears. as the fog lifted he saw a boat in the distance. within minutes he jumped off the float and hugged his rescuers. >> they calmed me down.
8:35 pm
i was shaking, well done guys. >> reporter: he's now heading home to see his wife and children in moscow. he hopes to do this all over again next summer with his wife's permission once he checks over the helicopter's gear belt. >> in hawaii yesterday, people were ready to go to jail, protest the construction of a large solar telescope on the island of maui. protestors tried to backworkers from the sight by linking arms. more than 20 people were arrested. one protestor didn't intend to be taken away. >> when i heard the call i really had no choice. i didn't make the decision consciously. it was put on me. >> the protest was to protect
8:36 pm
state land from construction. bail was set at $600. >> on hawaii's island of oahu mistear yoshida tar balls washed ashore. the u.s. coast guard is investigating the origin of them. they can be caused by oil spill and can also appear naturally. they're asking people to stay away. >> a couple of chicks graduate at the top of their class. we'll show you these cute baby penguins as they finish fish school. >> we have a big weather system spinning out here in the pacific and it's going to head our way in the next week. i'll let you know what it means, coming up. dream big
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>> two adorable penguin chicks graduated this morning, aaron and steve, born in mid may. the two had to learn how to swim today before their ceremony. aaron and steve are native to south africa. the san francisco soothsays largest colony of those penguins. >> vicki, it was like a penguin parade out there. lots of sunshine over san francisco this afternoon. i noticed high clouds streaming this afternoon and those are the tropical clouds we've seen coming up from mexico providing extra humidity. this is a time lapse from 30 minute ace go. now we have the low clouds coming from the west to the east. they'll make for a cloudy start tomorrow morning. here is a live look at sfo. it's getting pretty gray out
8:40 pm
there, winds up to 20 miles per hour in some places. we're starting out with lots of clouds and drizzle in the morning. by the bay, san francisco, we'll see the fog begin to clear around noon. we have sunshine in the afternoon, gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour. wilins could be well up over 30 miles per hour and temperatures will be dropping as a result of all of the cool air. san francisco upper 60s, down 3 degrees. down 3 degrees for oakland, vallejo mid-70s, san jose to concord, some of the warmest places tomorrow, in the mid- 80s. that's readings below average. we have lots of showers and
8:41 pm
storms over the sierra. that's bad news for the firefighters. this is slowly going to make its way closer to us as we go through the next few days and that will make for lots of fog and a gradual cooling trend. tomorrow we have the fog in the morning, breezy winds and sunshine in the afternoon. fog starts out the day on monday, pretty much a carbon cop -- copy. tuesday we'll have extra mid and high clouds. brief warm-up wednesday and thursday and then another weather system on top of us friday. >> coming up, we take you to a little girl's special day that could be her last. rabbit... ...a rabbit genetically modified and bred with a panther... ...with turbines attached... ...on
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. >> time for the kron 4 tech report. >> yahoo's strange messaging app is generating quite a big bump. will it be a huge flop? in a nut shell, this app offers users silent video texting. you start a live video stream between you and your buddy and text away. it's a mash-up of live video streaming and texting. you exchange text only you can also see the other person's instant reactions to the ongoing text conversation. you just can't hear each other. will is no audio making it silence video texting. emojis play a part and you can switch between front and rear camera views. i have a feeling this will be a generational thing abig hit
8:45 pm
with teens and young adults an something is rest of us will not latch on to. i'm going to use it for a week and i'll post my experience on twitter. i'd like to hear from you if you use it. gabe slate. if you'd like to connect with gabe, add him on facebook, follow him on twitter or e-mail him. >> chrysler is recalling more than 300,000 sedans because of faulty air bags in certain dodge chargers are the 2011 to 2014. slam the door too hard can make the air bags inflate. last week more than 800,000 dodge ram pick-up trucks were recalled for the same issue. the company says it has caused three minor injuries. owners will be notifyed when they can bring in their cars. >> water managers and experts
8:46 pm
in northern california are noticing dramatic changes in the sacramento bay and the san joaquin delta, change that is called alter the region if it continues. we have a closer look at the problem and what it could mean in the long run. along the sang fran bay and the delta, they test the temperatures of the water, how much sediment is in it and the is a lynn ti. after the drought condition, they say there is less fresh water flowing into the delta and san francisco bay. this is creating two problems. first, the less fresh water, salty water is pushing further and further upstream. it could mix the point where it's mixing in with the fresh water supply. >> you're reducing the water
8:47 pm
quality. >> reporter: they recently built an emergency barrier or dam to block the salt water from mixing in with the water supply. the second problem is that san francisco bay is getting saltier and warmer. salty sea water is lingering in the bay and heating up. >> increasing is a lynn ties could change habitat condition and could alter what animals and plants can live in a certain part of the bay. >> reporter: in the months and years to come they'll do what they can to keep it balanced. if the drought conditions persist there may not be much they can do. >> we expect the salinity to go up if the drought continues. >> the waters is rio de janeiro show a health risk to athletes and people in the
8:48 pm
area. they showed dangerously high levels of viruses from sewer in the water they've asked the olympic committee to test for virus levels in the area. they say the brazilian government has tested for bacteria but they savoie russs need to be monitored as well. summer olympics start august 5, 2015. >> it was a magical birthday night for a girl fighting cancer, a girl doctors say will likely not make it to her next birthday. an oregon community got together to throw her a birthday straight out of a fairytale. >> reporter: escorted by police, lie la may arrived at her birthday ball in a horse and carriage. the crowd looked on as she
8:49 pm
spotted her prince charming. he dad and step dad walked her to the reception line. lyla may headed inside her castle followed by disney princesses. hundreds cheered as she walked the red carpet. >> i don't know a lot of these people. it's the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: after watching her daughter battle cancer for three years, it was their dream to give her a huge birthday ball, tying in things that she'll never experience like a prom or wedding. doctors say this birthday will likely be her last. >> reporter: the family says hundreds of people contacted them after hear the story,
8:50 pm
offering to help with nearly every aspect of her princess ball. >> i think every little girl needs princess magic. sadly, since sheen doesn't have a lot of time left, i thought it was important to get as much magic as she could. are lyla may's dad twirled her on the red carpet in a dance that brought people to tears and then it was her step dad's turn. at the end of it, on one knee he pulled out a ring. >> lyla may, will you marry me? >> reporter: she said yes. >> you know, i wanted something great but this is beyond great. this is unbelievable. >> reporter: then it was time to sing. >> ♪ happy birthday deer lyla
8:51 pm
happy birthday to you. >> reporter: after blowing out her candles, i had a question for her. what do you think of your party? >> i like it! >> reporter: family and friends have also launched angelidis effort to send lyla may an her family on vacation together. if you're crazy about coffee you don't want to miss dine and dish coming up after the coffee break. a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at
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. time for dine and dish with vicki liviakis. >> it's hard to imagine starting the day without a cup of coffee or maybe five. >> the only thing i do is drink coffee. >> it's the daily addiction, part taste part buzzed. >> this will get you more jacked up than going to starbucks. >> bay area brain don has done a movie called simply, "a film about coffee. ." >> this is not just a flirtation or a hook-up. this is a love affair with coffee, your film. thank you. i'm not sure how my wife will
8:55 pm
feel about that. we're a coffee-drinking culture. any time there is a cafe that opens up in san francisco, will is a chance it's going to have better coffee. >> is there such a thing as a bad cup of coffee? >> yes. >> how can you kill a cup of coffee? >> coffee is is a fruit have a strawberry that's been around for months in a bag in a warehouse it's not going to taste good. >> when it comes to drip, drink up and don't let it sitton burner. >> it's no longer a cup of joe. it's now an adventure. vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. >> breaks news we're following to night a.woman was struck and killed boy a train in hayward around 4:30 near industrial parkway. we're sending a report tore the scene and we'll bring you
8:56 pm
more tonight. warming trend? >> well, cooler. >> i like to hear that. close, though. well, yeah. >> today was cooler. >> just a few days ago we were over a hundred degrees. that's of the past. look at tomorrow, 60s at the ocean, 70s by the bay and 80s into the inland valley. temperatures running a bit below average. next week we'll see a bit of a warming trend by the time wednesday and thursday roll around, a couple of degrees warmer. that's the warming trend. thursday's, 90s inland. >> it's summer so we can expect that, right? yes, warm, warm and cool. >> that's it for kron 4 news at 8:00. stay with us and stay connected with us and get the latest at our next news cast is coming up
8:57 pm
tonight at 11:00. we hope to see you then. good night everybody.
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gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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♪ ♪ >> whitney houston's daughter bobbi kristina's final farewell. we have the latest from atlanta. >> she's in much better hands now. >> dad, bobby, and stars in mourning. news on the wake of the funleral and burial beside whitney, and valerie harperbuju tv son. >> i love valerie, i hope she gets through it okay. >> her last photo before found unkshs unconscious, and what an eyewitness told us. >> we chose to get her to the hospital. >> ben affleck and the baby sitter? what we know about the claims that he's dating the kids' former nan pi.


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