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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 2, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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governor brown has declared a state of emergency because of the wildfires scott rates has been tracking the fires. and joins us now. scott, this has blown up overnight. >> reporter: in ohms doubled in size sun since last nine. this is the day when we been talking about. it's for 6000 homes to be evacuated. this fire was 26 a. now it's 54,000 a. cres.
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it is hot, it is dry, and it is windy, there are fires burning all over the state of fires burning all over the state this one is the worst, it is threating more than 6,000 homes tonight. the rocky has exploded overnight; i was up there yesterday this fire was about 26,000 acers then, now accroding to calfire it's 54,000 acers just to put this in perspective for you, san francisco is about 29,000 acers, so this thing is huge, and it's
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>> vicki: u-s forest service officials say an autopsy is scheduled this modoc national forest. engine captain david ruhl's autopsy will include lab tests that may take up to five weeks for the results. officials say ruhl was in a car thursday... fighting the blaze his body was recovered friday. firefighter in bit central. >> reporter: they will get a little bit of relief tomorrow. lots of sunshine today really hot temperatures. temperatures this afternoon in the high 90s.
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gusty winds approaching 20 mi. per hour. >> vicki: in other did well has been found. it starting to be a summer turned. >> reporter: people are trying did take a lick this well. take
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pictures. for the third time since april . a dog walker discovered the well. to torras it was hard to look at. they're investigating what happened to the well. they're collecting samples for deeper analysis. other test that can back inconclusive. some locals
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is this part of life. >> reporter: it just seems that it's happened a lot but this had been watching a two popular beaches. >> vicki: the transit opens again since been closed for the weekend. how are people feeling
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about it today. >> reporter: people said there really glad that it's opening up again tomorrow.
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seraph year of planning to ride bart tomorrow everything will be business as usual no buses. this will be happy again during labor weakened >> vicki: for the rodeo community in fire at the phillips 66 refinery. officials first issued the advisory around 3 this afternoon after receiving a report of a flare up at the refinery. firefighters were able to extinguish the fire within an hour. the health alert was lifted around 5 tonight. no injuries were reported.
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the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> vicki: a parolee at large was captured in walnut creek today.less than 24 hours after police requested for help from the community via social media. james g. beldin was wanted in connection to a case that occurred on friday. he reportedly came up to a woman who was shopping in a store. cut off a lock of her hair. and ran away. he had then cut off his ankle monitor. beldin is on parole for committing lewd and lascivious acts. >> vicki: that means no getting behind the wheel while under the influence, or distracted. each day, nearly 40 lives are lost on u-s roadways to drunk and distracted driving. as kron 4's alecia reid reports the buzz-free coalition used today's earthquakes soccer match to build awareness. >> reporter: while children play in a make-shift field, and the earthquakes battle the portland timbers center stage, there were important life-saving
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conversations taking place at avaya stadium. >>: think about the last thing you did on your phone. was it more important than my life? >> reporter: left with handicaps that'll last a lifetime, jacy good lost her parents in a car crash the day she graduated college. she says a distracted driver talking on his cellphone, ran a red light and slammed into her family's car. >>: can you live without your parents? what if you can't have those kids you've always dreamt of having? put yourself in someone else's shoes and have some empathy like on the roads we lack. >> reporter: >> reporter: good teamed up with mothers against drunk driving, the c-h-p, and the developers of lifesaver, the free smart phone app that prevents drivers from using their phones while behind the wheel. >>: these are problems that are affecting families everyday >> reporter: c-h-p gave visitors a chance to try the fatal vision goggles, that similates a person's blood alcohol level between.07 and.10
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>>: just easy easy simple tasks they are able to complete with no problem, then put the glasses on and do the same thing again. 2012,2013 we're talking about hundreds and hundreds of crashes resulting from driving under the influence or distracted driving >> vicki: >> reporter: these folks pledge to never drive while distracted. reporting in san josealecia reid >> vicki: a manhunt is underway for the suspect involved in the shooting officer. officials have identified the suspect as 29-year-old tremaine wilbourn. officer sean bolton was shot while on duty saturday. his death has left both the community... and the police force in shock. from our partners at c-n-n andy rose has the story. >> reporter:>> reporter: authorities
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say officer sean during a traffic stop in memphis saturday night. witnesses heard the gunfire. >>: "i heard it, just 'bang bang, bang.'" >> reporter: to call for help. >>: "they actually picked up the police radio and spoke into, and >> reporter: neighborhood residents say they emergency responders rushed critical condition. injuries. >>: "we want this person brought to justice, and out of our neighborhood, and out of our >> reporter: officer bolton pulled over was >>: "there are so many guns on our streets in the wrong hands. >> reporter: memphis police director toney armstrong says another police death on his watch is difficult to face. >>: "sadly to say.we've been here before. this is my third time in the four years that i've been the director. and it >> reporter: saturday's shooting
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death of a police officer comes on the heels of several deaths of african americans at the hands of police that have received national attention. invoking the "black lives matter" hashtag popularized after those shootings, director armstrong asked: >>: "do all lives matter?' regardless of race creed color, economic status what profession that person holds.all lives matter." >> reporter: >> vicki: coming up at eight. survived to tell about it. you're fired! donald trump's some facebook posts. what he said that caused him to get the boot. plus. we'll show you the east bay city where more illegal guns are turning up on the streets
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he's not going far. they're local. introducing fresh and natural chicken. california grown with no added hormones. from foster farms. simply better. >> vicki: a gun recovered last weekend in connection with san leandro's first homicide of the year.
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a cause of concern for police there -- who say more and more people seem to be bucking the firearms. four's philippe djegal joins us >> reporter: the police say it's an issue that is making the streets of very dangerous. >> reporter: shot in the back a man shot on the freeway by his own gone-gun. >>: was a question why the the victim was carrying a gun. >> reporter: the gun was a legally registered. >>: it's illegal to carry the gun in private property places.
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>> reporter: that amount to guns a week he believes that those numbers will surpassed numbers from last year. 14 per cent in increase in fire arms seizures- >> reporter: california is now one of them. he says not defending the criminals bubblies more gun on the streets doesn't necessarily make the streets more dangerous. >>: and there's a lot of guns
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out on the streets there might people might not commit crimes because there on a who is carrying a gun and who's not. >> reporter: as hard to believe that we had temperatures in the 90s and 100 degrees. it is much cooler now.
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sunday's weather will feature widespread morning fog and some drizzle at times. the fog will clear bayside around noon. it will be sunny and breezy for the afternoon with mild temperatures in the 60s at the coast, 70s bayside and for the southbay and low 80s inland.
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>> vicki: a manhunt is under way in central california for a man who shot and wounded a kern county sheriff's deputy during a manhunt for a murder suspect. sheriff's deputies were fired upon saturday night while searching farm outbuildings. deputies returned fire.but it is unclear whether they hit anyone. authorities have been searching east of bakersfield for the killer of a 64-year-old man who was found shot in a cabin on thursday. they have not confirmed that saturday's attacker is the killer. next. the president promising to cut greenhouse emissions at u.s. energy plants. why he's likely to face a showdown in a "power-play" >> reporter: coming up more
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>> stanley: if you like running red lights might i suggest you stay far specificlly the intersection of milbrea and rollins road because in the month a june the red light cameras recorded over 35 hundred suspected violations in just 30 days however after the violations were reviewed by police only 15 hundred were actually issued yes 15 hundred tickets in 30 days is a lot of tickets and the tickets are 480 dollars each >> stanley: the majority of all the violations were from drivers making right hands turns. for some reason many people believe that they don't have to stop
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when the light is red while turning right dispite signs at the lights which read righ turn on red permitted after stop. >>: ambiance >> stanley: the lion's share of the violations are coming from drivers leaving highway 101 this according to highway robbery dot net a website that keeps track of red light cameras the base finefor running a red light is 25 dollars which would mean more than 38 thousand dollars in fines were handed out however if you tack on all the court fees it jumps to get this more than 760 thousand dollars in red light tickets in the 30 days and unlike a police officer. red light cameras never sleep, they never takes a break and never blinks and you can't argue with a camera well you could argue with a red light camera but it wouldn't argue back people would just stare at you. >>: ambiance >> stanley: in the month of june not one single left hand camera ticket was issued out side of san mateo millbrea is one of the few cities that still utilize red light cameras so just remember if you plan on visiting millbrea the red light
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cameras are on guard day and night in millbrea stanley roberts kron 4 news >> vicki: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com. coming up at 8:30. a private limo and two cars tangle up in southern california. the smash up sending passengers to the er. plus sos at sea. for two missing teens. why the family isn't giving up hope.
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>> vicki: still ahead. california reservoirs doing a disappearing act. what's causing them to dry out so fast. the family dog lost and found. we show you the amazing journey one pooch took to get back to his owners. and a legionaires outbreak puts one big city on alert for signs of the deadly disease.
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>> vicki: a fourth death has been linked in the legionnaire's disease outbreak in new york. at least 65 cases have been reported in the bronx since the beginning of this month. from our partners at c-n-n. sarah ganim has reaction from one man who survived the deadly disease.
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>> reporter: the outbreak has caused 65 people to get sick. four people have died. residents and the south bronx are asking for more help. >>: we think the will be more cases and next coming days. >> reporter: legionnaires' disease is like for life sentence-symptoms. meanwhile
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residents or more to seek help in the first sense of the honest-illness. >> vicki: president obama is moving ahead with even tougher greenhouse gas plants.setting up certain confrontation in the courts with energy producers and republican-led states. obama will unveil the final version of his unprecedented regulations on monday. he says it is the biggest and most important step the u-s has ever taken to combat climate change. the president says power plants are the biggest source of harmful heat-trapping gases.but that until now there have been no federal pollution limits. >> vicki: donald trump's presidential campaign says it fired a staffer after racially charged facebook posts he allegedly wrote were uncovered friday.
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effective immediately.sam nunberg.a trump political adviser is no longer associated with the donald trump for president campaign. nunberg allegedly wrote racially charged and disparaging political posts dating back to 20-07. nunberg is denying he wrote the >> vicki: five people are in critical condition after a crash involving a limousine and two other cars in southern california. the chain reaction crash happened shortly after 8 p-m in santa clarita. the stretch limo reportedly braked late while approaching a red light. eleven people in total were both drivers and passengers.
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deputy sheriff thomas brooks says the limo was registered to a private party. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> vicki: 20 injured today... after brief stormy weather caused a tent's moorings to blow off at a festival near chicago. the incident happened just before 3 o'clock in wood dale...a city about 25 miles west of chicago. according to the city's spokesman...high winds and hail ripped the moorings from the tent. the annual celebration... known as the prairie fest... was on it's fourth and final day. the remainder of the festival has been cancelled. >> vicki: two women are dead from suspected drug overdoses after authorities say they collapsed festial. an 18-year-old woman and a 19- year-old were found unresponsive at the pomona festival yesterday evening. according to woman was transported to pomona valley medical center and pronounced dead shortly after six p-m. the other was taken to the same hospital and died at about eight p-m. their identities were not
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immediately relased. >> vicki: the u-s coast guard called off its search friday night for two 14-year-old boys missing at sea for more than a week. perry cohen and austin stephanos were last seen july 24th before they went fishing off florida's coast. their 19-foot capsized boat was found two days later, but no sign of the boys. even with the coast guard search suspended, the family isn't giving up hope. c-n-n's shyann malone has the >>: i believe that barry are out there. >> reporter: its 96 of the
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search and there's no sign of the 14 year olds. the what rescue teams to press on. >>: on people to keep searching because they are there. >>: the summit people that survived four months. >> reporter: they say that their son is not the average 14 year- old. >>: he would get done anything to survive. >> reporter: they give this emotional message to their son. >>: stay strong we are coming
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40.for you. >> vicki: cecil the lion's brother jericho is alive and well.according to an oxford university researcher tracking the animal. he said jericho's g-p-s tag showed nothing unusual. oxford tweeted a proof-of-life picture of jericho today. officials in zimbabwe reported saturday that poachers had killed jericho. they retracted the statement today.saying it was a case of mistaken identity. it comes as a relief to conservation sympathizers.after the recent killing of jericho's brother, cecil. >> vicki: the international olympic committee will order testing for disease-causing viruses in the waters... where athletes will compete in rio de janeiro's 2016 olympic games. officials previously said they would only test for bacteria in the water... but an associated press investigation last week revealed high counts of viruses directly linked to human sewage. the i-o-c reversed course after the world health organization
8:37 pm
advised for more testing. >> vicki: the drought is taking a heavy toll on our water supplies. coming up, some aerial views of reservoirs. that appear to be shriveling up. >>: i will show you doctors on demand. a way that evening can that with doctors from rome- home. >> reporter: i will have to weather as well coming
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8:40 pm
up. the agency says folsom lake measured at 34-percent of capacity. lake oroville was at 35-percent and lake 45- percent. >> reporter: that is a historic drought hopefully a l. neal can help with that. here's the time lapse from this afternoon from the golden gate bridge mostly sunny skies. if that weather system will keep a smile for the next couple of days. and where's the fog. it's not out there but
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it is posted come later tonight. the fall will most likely be go non through the afternoon tomorrow. hi off. here in the
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bay area look for cloudy skies in the morning sunny in afternoon. >> vicki: the bay area. made a life-saving operation possible for this toddler.
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>> reporter: doctors on the man is a mobile apps you in contact
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doctors from your comfort of her home wandered have what or smart phones. >>: you done to get dressed in doctorow sit and the waiting room where everyone sec-sick. >> reporter: king and a point with the doctor can take two weeks are lawrence. >>: if you would of been a morning assault has a sore throat and my the take the day off to take into the doctor's. with the dues is pusher months. >> reporter: the doctors can
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also write out prescriptions. >> vicki: and if you'd like to connect with gabe slate. com. >> vicki: at a-t-&-t park. kids who have been reading all summer long were invited to attend the event. the festival features stations education, and reading. kids were also allowed to run in an obstacle course. their summer reading.
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>> vicki: at the end of the day, the kids were given a free book from the san francisco library. >> vicki: a lost florida dog found more than 700 miles away in kentucky is finally back home. for the last few days.tyson's owner has been trying to raise money through go-fund-me to get his owner says he escaped from a family friend's home and still doesn't know how he ended up so far away. >> reporter: it was a reunion days in the making. a cheerful hello from an owner who missed his one-year-old puppy. >>: "oh, hey buddy." >> reporter: tyson responded by wagging his tail when hugged and rubbed by daniel beverly. eight days before , misty short found the black lab mix 700 miles away in the middle of the road in brooks, kentucky. >>: "we made eye contact and i knew he was scared. i knew something was wrong."
8:48 pm
>> reporter: wanting to make things right it was tyson's microchip that connected her to beverly in saint augustine, florida. >>: "the thinking is maybe he got into a car or truck. somehow or another it went on a misadventures trek." >> reporter: saturday morning, jeff allen a pilot for the non- profit arrow fund provided tyson with his one-way ticket---from bowman field--- back to the sunshine state. an anonymous good samaritan paid for the fuel costs. >>: "i'll never forget him." >> reporter: it was a bitter sweet goodbye for short who helped a once lost pup with finding his way. >>: "ya'll be safe and thank you." >>: "happy ending to the story! he's going back home. he gets to swim in the beaches again." >> reporter: as for tyson's owner, he's beaming with joy.grateful for all those who assisted in his safe return. >>: "oh my god! i can't thank you guys enough." >> reporter: daniel beverly plans on keeping a close watch on tyson from now on. over three hundred dollars have been donated to the go-fund-me that was setup for tyson.
8:49 pm
>> vicki: grow-four-vets has been handing out cannabis to military veterans for a year in colorado. but the state's medical board has just ruled not to recognize marijuana as a treatment for p- t-s-d. so a cannabis-sharing social network. teamed up with grow-4- vets to host an impromptu rally on their save a million vets tour. grow 4 vets founder roger martin can't understand why the colorado medical board voted the way they did. >>: we have vets that take 20 to 25 drugs every single bit- day. >> reporter: the tor hopes to raise $250,000 to give a free cannabis to vance-vets.
8:50 pm
>> vicki: a young boy in dire need of a kidney transplant. received it, thanks to an outpouring of donor volunteers here in the bay area. kron 4' s j.r. stone has the story of two- year old jordan terry. >> reporter: this story was brought to our attention by a viewer.
8:51 pm
>> reporter: the surgery were well in its all about recovering. they say the tubes will be taking now and the next 24 hours. >>: we take our lives for granted. it's amazing to see him smile through all the pain we had to stay strong forehand and stay positive. >> reporter: they're hopeful that he stays good.
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♪♪ sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. ♪♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. >> vicki: endangered animals
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took over the empire state building saturday night. images of the animals were projected onto the iconic landmark to draw attention to their rapid mass extinction. the reported first-of-its-kind live video projection was put on by the oceanic preservation society in collaboration with the discovery channel. it was organized in memory of cecil the lion.killed in an illegal hunt in zimbabwe.and to promote the upcoming documentary "racing extinction."
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>> vicki: that's a different set a eight have denied everybody
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