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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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we're learning a local artist who was going to play at the outside lands piesk festival had his concert scheduled after being arrest bid police. >> reporter: vicki, fantastic negredo says he was detained for 3 hours. sfpd says it was just an hour and a half. he says he was supposed to go onstage to perform. sfpd says they were tipped off
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by an employee with another planet entertainment that 3 men had allegedly sold wristbands on craig's list. one of them was fantastic negredo. he was scheduled to play on the panhandle stage. negredo says it was actually an intern who worked him who admitted to police that he sold those wristbands on craig's list. the artist says he has no control over the wristbands and he's not happy with the way he was treated. >> the san francisco police department should recheck their policies. when a guy confesses that he sold these tickets, why are you detaining me? why? when this intern donnesses to sfpd, what do you need me for? let me go to my show. and why do you handcuff me and stick me in the back of a paddy
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wagon like corral? i'm not a criminal, i'm an artist, i'm a father, i'm a husband, i'm a person that goes in the streets and plays music. >> reporter: all 3 men were cited by police. i did reach out to another planet media. i reached out to them for comment. so far swrib not heard back from them. >> probably some dispinted music fans. nearly 70,000 people cram into golden gate park for day 2 of the festival. pelipe jegal said they're having the time of their life. >> reporter: the long trek to golden gate park, the long lines to get in, worth a pretty penny to dawn milan and catch what's becoming one of the
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fastest-growing outdoor music festivals in the united states. >> wellton john, for sure. >> maybe the cold war kids. >> reporter: some like this guy sprinting throw thru the crowd after jumping the gate to get in. after 2 attempts, the trespasser daught and thrown out. police say a special chip embedded in the wristbands is putting scalpers out of business. >> before, we had 20, 40,000 selling tickets, feed, just 2. >> reporter: they create memories to last a life full- time. >> it's fun to get with my boys right here. >> the atmosphere is amazing. >> reporter: sir elton john will take the stage on sunday night at 7:35 sharp. a san francisco resident is the first woman to swim from
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the ferilon islands to the golden gate bridge. kim chambers began swimming at 11 p.m. last night in waters known for the shark population. chambers conquered the 30 mile stretch in just over 16 hours. that's in the water, fishing her record-breaking swam this afternoon. chambers took up swimming to rehabilitate from an accident in which she nearly lost a leg. a big swimming event had to be evacuated after organizers noticed an overwhelming smell. kate kagel has the report. >> reporter: the crowds have cleared out for the day and fortunately, so has the smell. this is the field that had to be evacuated because of that really foul odor.
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the gad goode news is it's cleared out. >> reporter: as organizers met one they noticed an overwhelming, paint-like smell. the odor was so bad, 2 small children were overwhelmed. a dozen people reported feeling business spin. >> it was a fear of unknown initially. i think people smelled some gun any odors. >> reporter: 7 fire engines, 5 ambulances, 2 hazmat police, and may not fans workers came to the scene. the fumes were determined to not be tox ping 2 people were givennings gen but did not go to the hospital. others reported feeling better once they got away from the
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smell. the smell did dissipate over the course of the day. eventually, parents were allowed to return to the area near the track and pick up their belongings. >> reporter: this is a popular meet. it's estimated that about 3,000 females will visit the high school over the course of this weekend. i'm kate kagel, kron 4 news. over 150,000 are expected to attend the filipino-american celebration. this year's theme is home away from home. following the parade, festival goers enjoyed some free food
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and art. >> a lot of things people will find familiar. there's a filipino noodle stir fry and everybody's favorite filipino dish, odovo. we're going demo food you can get here in san francisco right now, and people can learn what filipino cuisine is. >> very delicious the festival continues -- very delicious. the festival continues tomorrow. coming up, donald trump dumped from 2 events. and protesters storm the stage at a democratic event. and people gather to remember the historic atomic bombing of
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a ceremony is underway in nagasaki, japan, commemorating the atomic bombing there 70 years ago. a moment of silence was held at 8:02, the time the bomb was dropped, killing 102,000 people. the bomb dropped in hiroshima2 days earlier -- in hiroshima 2 days earlier killed 140,000 people. lot of fog and a calm sea breeze made for highs in the 70s and 80s. but it's warming up tomorrow.
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everyone's business, specifically the ones who are not as affected by the wart water woes are the ones that are farmed -- the ones that farm in it. >> reporter: there's sail very lining in a half shell. >> that's an oyster from tamal e bay oyster company. >> reporter: this farmer wanted to farm something that didn't d not rm rely on rain. the drier it is, the more oysters he can harvest. >> if we get half an inch of rain we're closed for 5 days. if you have consecutive rains, it can extend 10 days, 15. >> reporter: but when is the last time that happened? there's been about 1/3 fewer rain closures this year. that means he's less reliant on out of state oysters, and a local product has a better
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bottom line. >> the production cost for your own oyster might be 37 cents, 40 cents. there's savings for sure. >> reporter: while business may be good, he says, he would gladly trade a little bit of money for some rain clouds. >> the drought is not good for anyone. but we're rare. we're one of a kind. >> emily turner, kron 4 news. an american airlines flight landing in boston made an emergency landing after hail damaged the plane. plane was supposed to fly to salt lake city, but hail pelted the plane, causing damage to its nose cone and cracked the windshield, as you can see.
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>> this was the scariest 10 minutes of my life. >> we went to the corner, and from the window, we could see the shattered windshield, we could see a hold hole where the light thing struck. >> when it was happening, i said, okay have i told everyone that i love that i love them? as soon as i said that, i was like, i did, okay, everything will be okay. temperatures turned cooler today. we had lots of fog this morning. the sea breeze was cranking up this afternoon. and readings are just in the 70s to low 80s.
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clear skies in the bay. for the afternoon, sanny, and look for temperatures to climb 5 to 10 degrees for the afternoon. but then things will cool right back down as we go to monday and tuesday. it's because of this weather system right here. it will increase the fog and the afternoon sea breeze. and that means cooler weather. tomorrow, a little warmer, though. up into the 80 this is fremont and san jose. so again tomorrow, starting out with the fog through mid to late morning, sunny and breezy for the afternoon. monday, i think the low clouds will hang on a little bit longer. also some high clouds beginning to spin up as we get later in the day. tuesday, pretty heavy fog, slow-
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clearing. i think clouds will stick around through the afternoon in bayside. those temperatures cooler. it will stay cooler as well for wednesday and thursday. but that weather system out in the pacific finally goes by us. by friday, we'll get some offshore winds and then warm things up towards the weekend. donald trump was in the in the lineup at a conservative gathering in atlanta. the organizer dumped trump after trump's most most recent controversial comment. andy rose has the story. >> i disinvited donald trump. >> reporter: news that presidential candidate donald trump would not be allowed to attend the red state gathering was met with a mixture of boos and cheers. the organizer withdrew trump's
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invitation following comments made about megyn kelly. >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, -- coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her, wherever. >> reporter: he reacted with his usual candor, tweeting political correctness is killing our country. >> it's not political correctness, it's common decency. >> reporter: trump's tweet met with a response from the organizer on twitter. >> he said i'm a weak and pathetic leader. i think that's okay. i think it's week to take a question from a europeist and think he's she's on her period. >> reporter: trump said he meant blood dpromg kelly's nose. >> the republican fair is not engaged in a war on women.
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the republican party is not engaged in a war on hegyn kelly. donnell trump is. >> reporter: trump also lost his campaign advisor. he says he quit, but trump said no, you're fired. stone says he resigned and gave the campaign a resignation letter. stone telling cnn that he was unhappy about the direction of the campaign and the controversies surrounding trump. >> i made a decision this morning that i was having no impact and i e-mailed a letter to donald saying that i wished him the very best, that i would have nothing negative to say about him or his campaign. >> cnn wrote that o stone would
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be saying more in a later date date. black lives matter protested interrupted bernie sanders at a social security works event in front of several thousand people, the group refusing to leave the stage and took over the microphone, chanting ab ferguson and the killing of michael brown. sanders stepped away. a peaceful march in ferguson tushed ugly when protesters brought a roasted pig's head to the police department. about 200 people arched in ferguson to honor michael brown, who was shot and killed august # opinion this sparked the gnash black lives meafort movement, but earlier this evening, hundreds of protester es ate out of the roasted pig's head that had darren wilson scrawled on the side.
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there was a lot of oyster shucking going on across the bay area. we'll take you to some local restaurants that celebrated national oyster day.
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if the world is your oiser, let's get shucking.
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nearly 2 billion oysters are slurped in the u.s., whether it's imported or farmed here, this little bivalve is a favorite. >> they're really fresh. they're not too big and have a great selection. >> some of the top spots appear in this oyster builder. >> i would recommend people gone any place to get oysters. >> reporter: fresh is always a must for this moll lusk. some like it hot. others want it in the raw. diners may want to wash their oysters down. here at hog island, their oyster win doesn't actually contain oysters. but here, the beer does. >> it's made with oysters. >> reporter: the oyster is an after are des yak -- an
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aphrodesiac? >> you get the mood right, the right lighting, it could work. >> reporter: it may be more fact than fiction. very typical weather for this time of year at the coast. we'll have readings in the low to mid 60s through the afternoon. the fog will continue to roll in for the evening. 80s in san jose. >> that's it for kron 4 news at
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newlywed jennifer aniston's honeymoon in paradise. >> wait until you see who she took with her on her honeymoon. >> and the story of jen is' first love. >> and we don't mean brad pitt. then, they picked the wrong house. >> a bounty hunter just banged on our door. >> big problem. it's the police chief's house. plus, ben affleck's nanny in a bikini. then, nice kitty. good kitty. >> face to face with a mountain lion. how he got out alive. plus the longest night. how he stayed alive after beg thrown overboard. >> i was going to die trying. hugs for the chopper pilot who saved her husband. >> i can't thank you enough.


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