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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> vicki : breaking news tonight. a wildfire that broke out in lake county is forcing more residents to evacuate the area. the so-called "jerusalem fire" broke out earlier today near the community of lower lake. is more than 2,000 a. at this point it is only several miles south of the massive "rocky fire" in napa county. good evening, i'm vicki liviakis. kron 4's emily turner has reaction from those who were forced out of their homes. >> emily : the people who evacuated from the rocky fire were just able to get home only
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to have to turn around and leave again. the jerusalem fire that started last night could get worse firefighters said it today was a bad day. they had jumped to 3,000 a. and was 0 percent contained. >>:we are taking this very seriously and we are mobilizing very resources and there'll be more coming tomorrow to try and stop this fire. >> emily : right now the fire is burning eastward but officials are hoping it will turn north going to wear the rocky fire has already destroyed and already run out if it doesn't it will feed on all the vegetation on the area in the east and more homes could fall into line of fire >>:i have everything valuable in my truck, but everything else is
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this stock because i do not have a trailer to get out--just stuck >> emily : because of how quickly this fire is moving firefighters are asking everyone in the movie to be ready to evacuate yet again >>:we're just celebrating that we survived the fire and a megaphone calls and it was burning on our road so we headed out to evacuate the second time >> brian :just to the east of the community of hidden valley we have temperatures into the mid-90s, very dry conditions with humidity down below. 20. tonight we're looking at temperatures in the lows '70's
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with humidity and temperatures rising for tomorrow the winds are going to intensify and it will be breezy but those winds will bring in cooler weather >> vicki : the san jose police department is currently investigating an officer involved shooting. around six-thirty p-m.officers responded to a report of a stabbing. officers arrived on scene and located an adult male suffering from several stab wounds. the adult suspect fled the scene prior to police arrival. officers conducted a follow up investigation where they confronted the armed suspect.and fearing for their safety and the safety of the public.fired their guns striking the suspect. the suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene. scott rates is following the
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details >> scott : the one year anniversary of the shooting death of michel brown in ferguson. and just in the past few hours tensions their have escalating quickly -- gun shots rang out forcing reporters and police to take cover, take listen >>:take cover >> scott :scary stuff right there, now according to the st. louis county police department, one of their officers came under heavy fire and had to return shots during protest tonight. the department confirming to the associated press, that at least two unmarked police car were hit by gunfire several hundred protesters have gathered to mark the anniversary of the shooting death of 18-year old michael brown. demonstrators blocked traffic tonight and are being warned to
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clear the roadway or they will face arrest. now as right it unclear if anyone was injured. we will of corse keep updated both on air and online, vicky >> vicki : the 27-year-old man accused of killing a toddler is speaking out tonight. kron 4's kate cagle sat down with the man. and explains what he had to say. it's a story you'll only see on kron 4. > >kate : he does not have an attorney at this point and he has not yet faced a judge. it was to 30 in the afternoon when police received a 911 call >>:based on the information we obtained in our investigation and the preliminary information from the autopsy, >> reporter :they arrested him on charges of homicide and child
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abuse >>:the mother is very distraught and it is tragic for everybody involved she told me that " this shouldn't have happened to me" >> reporter :he described as beautiful land will and curious. thursday was the first time that he watched the baby by himself, and he went on to say " she lost her life and it is my fault" he won't say exactly what happened, but it appears that he says it she fell off the table, and out of his hands, and
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ran away and fallon stockbreeding --fell and stopped breeding breathing >> vicki : coming up at least eight people are dead following a shooting in houston. we have the latest on the investigation. plus. a woman completes a dangerous 30-mile swim across the san francisco bay. hear what she has to say about and. a missing police k9 is now safe at home. where they found the dog. next.
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>> vicki : niko.the fremont police dog who escaped from his yard friday night.was found hiding in a san jose creek bed this morning. the fremont police department announced niko's safe return via twitter around eleven-thirty a- m. the dog is just sixteen months old.and said to be one of fremont's newest k-9s.having been with the department for just a few weeks.
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police say niko is going to be checked out.but appears to be in good health. still ahead. at least eight people are dead following an investigation, millions of gallons of toxic water spills into a colorado river. what officials are saying about the potentially hazardous wastewater. and a record-breaking swim across the san francisco bay. how long it took one woman to complete the 30-mile swim. >> brian :and things are warming up with temperatures into the 80s and 90s in the inland valley, but tomorrow a change is coming up which i will the chino about in the forecast--let you know about about in the forecast--let you know about reliable power to our customers. pg&e is dedicated to the community. i love working here because this is my home. oakland is my home. this is where i'm raising my children so it's important to me to make sure my family and friends have the power
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and energy that we provide. this is very personal to me. it makes me work a lot harder knowing that this is my community. together, we're building a better california.
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>> vicki : a record-breaking swim. 38-year-old kim chambers is the first woman to swim from the farrallon islands to the golden gate bridge. it took her nearly 16 hours to complete the 30-mile swim. scott rates sat down with her. and talked about the epic swim. >>:i feel really subdued right now and i think that is because i am physically exhausted. but for me it was sort of a major accomplishment >> scott :what was the most challenging part? >>:i think the hardest part was slipping into the water at
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night. it was very eerie, and then about halfway through the night i was moderately ill, and i could not keep anything down, but i had a wonderful crew that was giving me anything that they could via a rolpe >> scott :word of the strength to persevere come from--where dit the strength come from? >>:it was my crews help i just want this to be a inspirational thing for girls everywhere >> vicki : today. alcatraz received a 7-point-3 million dollar donation check from the golden gate national parks conservancy. it was presented during a
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special alumni weekend. where a number of former guards and inmates returned to the island. they were able to share their stories of life on the island with visitors. today. trip advisor also named alcatraz the number 1 landmark in their 20-15 traveler's choice awards. the guadalupe river which runs through san jose has dried up. according to san jose officials the river went through years of restoration and had become a source of civic pride and a home for wildlife. the state drought has turned the river into miles of cracked and dried riverbed. as for the animals that considered the waterway home such as beavers salmon and trout.they have either died or gone missing. many of the states rivers and creeks are withering away or in some cases disappearing from the four years of historically dry weather. >> brian :the river was a source of some flooding in years past but obviously it is not the case right now the fog is beginning to redevelop and push into the day and we also have some high
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clouds above less from a little weather system that has been spent up from moderate day-- spinning up from monterey bay sunshine for the afternoon but the sea breeze is going to penetrate into the east valley and that local fix--will cool things down considerably all three cities with a high of 83, just a few degrees cooler in send francisco and oakland this is a weather system that is coming up on us right now and a couple of sprinklers here's another weather system that is going to park itself out here pretty much all of the week and will not able to advance until friday. you will see temperatures cooler than
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average but it will commit 80s in the east bay valleys--low to mid 8 0's for wednesday a little bit faster clearing and slightly warmer for the afternoon, but the sea breezes going to stick around and that weather system goes by for friday it is going to weaken the sea breeze and things are really going to warm up by friday saturday and sunday >> vicki : an official with texas child protective services says the agency had prior contact with people at a houston home where two adults and six children were shot to death. rather, the suspect
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a spokeswoman says a preliminary review found the previous involvement. officials say deputies doing a welfare check at the house discovered that daniel conley. wanted on aggravated assault charges. was inside the home. this led to a standoff with conley.and after an hour of negotiation.police took him into custody. >>:once again a senseless tragedy has stuck our community. our hearts go out to the family and friends of those lost in this tragedy >> vicki : conley has been charged with three counts of capital murder after the discoveries of the bodies. authorities say conley has a violent criminal history.and had previously been in a contentious relationship with the mother. a dead body was found at the confederate monument this morning in pensacola, florida. authorities say the body of an adult male was discovered on a park bench in lee square. an investigation is underway. the identity of the victim has not been released. residents of the area say the downtown area is safe and that nothing like this has happened
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before there. people with information related to this case are asked to contact the pensacola police department. an environmental protection agency official says she does not believe wildlife will suffer significant health impacts from the large volume of wastewater that spilled from an abandoned mine in southwestern colorado. today the e-p-a says the amount of wastewater spilled in the animas river is three times larger than its initial estimate. the agency says 3-million gallons spilled into the river wednesday and thursday no word on any possible effects on people nearby. in sports. the giants try to avoid being swept by the chicago cubs. and an a's o-dot-co coliseum. j-r stone has the highlights and all the sports.coming up
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we had a big sunday for sports the we're starting with a sad story the nfl hall of fame player turned up newscaster died gifford led the new york giants to the championship he was known as a broadcaster for cbs and then monday night football and the giants are trying to avoid being swept by the cubs.
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beautiful weekend for baseball but not so much for the giants he would bring in the run that would make it one to zero for the cubs top of 3 nori aoki gest beaned 92 mph to the head he seems to be okay jake was dealing struck out 3. top of 9, bases loaded, 0 outs all go down swinging final 2-0 cubs hours after the game ended the field was evacuated due to a bomb threat. they scoured
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it with bomb sniffing dogs about 30 min after the game ended. no credible threat discovered we start with a special ce rremony for scott lunger they put his jersey up in the dugout recently acquired danny with teh homer a's to up 1 having a career day pitching 1 of ten strikeouts for the
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day edward gives up 3 runs 4-3 astro's bot of 9th, bases loaded that's an a's walkoff to win the game, final 5-4 a's no serena williams, but here's stanfomd rrd stanford kerber is the 2014 champion first at stanford back to vicki
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>> vicki : i am here with a cool-, to send up the weather is cool-- here with a cool guy who is saying the weather is cool >> brian :it is in the inland valleys that will really feel a difference, and in the afternoon the sea breeze is going to come rushing in all the where--way to keep things on a cool side i should not say cool because they are still technically warm days but colder than average and will remain that way until thursday, with a big change on friday heading into the weekend where the sea breeze pretty much just goes away and temperatures warm up temperatures approaching 100 degrees in various places of ea
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>> vicki : that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow ♪ we invented low fares. then everyone else pretty much tried to follow. we call it the southwest effect, but other airlines probably use more colorful language. low fares. we don't just have them. we invented them. and here we go again! book for as low as 73 dollars one-way now at
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the "weekend insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. the big wedding coming up, right? >> right. >> jennifer anniston pulling off the best secret i dos of all time. >> lifting me up. >> that's part of the good week -- >> bad week. >> including the details of the up expected girlmance. >> i look like her coach in all the pictures, like, listen, jenn! >> and gwen's divorce leaves social media spinning, and gavin's excomes to us exclusively. >> people want to hear i'm somehow to blame. >> just a scorned lover seeking attention? >> we were very, very close for a very long time. >> i'm jessica alba,


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