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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 10, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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additional vehicles. this is what is left of the school bus's driver's side windshield. the highway patrol had to navigate vehicles around the accident scene, bringing traffic to a stand still, while paramedics from the berkeley fire department assessed those who were injured "looks like bumps and bruises at this point nothing more serious" berkeley fire department batallion chief brian harryman "we had about 15-students transported by ambulance, about 20 to 22 patients transported to local hospitals but it could have been a lot worse, there was some front end damage to the bus but for the most part the kids were okay" "i thought it was pretty scary for some people especially the ones who were sitting in the front cause like they saw it" >> reporter:a rendevue location was set up in this parking lot on university ave for parents who wanted to pick up the children. the remaining youngsters returned to keetov summer camp. chp officials say 4
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adults on the school bus and drivers of two of the other vehicles involved in the collision were also transported to local hospitalsall with minor injuriesin berkeley haaziq madyun kron4news >> catherine: please investigating had potential carjacking in san jose parking lot of easter small the toll. thus the three suspects were last seen running across the street in that area we will keep you up there with more information as we did it on that story. a raging wildfire in lake county has burned more than 5,000 acres so far. it started just yesterday. and just south of the huge wildfire we've been covering. called the rocky fire. cal fire is calling this new wildfire. the jerusalem fire. because it's near jerusalem
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valley the terrain is rugged. kron 4's emily turner is tonight. >> reporter: strong onshore winds those coming through the golden gate pushing up to pursue in bay. into lake county lake berryessa to the southwest of the lake at those peak winds over 30 m.p.h. guy. still wins all around the bay area and lake county. right up the fire area there is a weather center here letter winds and that's good news up to 14 m.p.h. but very warm today in lake county and the low 90s dry conditions humidity at 21%. just to the northwest up toward clear like we have seen wind gusts surpassing 20 m.p.h. sort of crazy all around this area for today. and the one good part of this is that the whimsical bring higher humidity causes they are
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coming on and off the ocean. for tomorrow look for another breezy day talk more about the coming. >> catherine: modifier burning near the fire in the county the rocket fire began july 29th. has earned nearly 70,000 a. and like yellow and all evacuation's for the rocky fire have been lifted kozlov fire reinvestigated 5. aircrews quickly being moved from fire over the new pricking fire and if was killed over the we wildfire areaa firefighter was killed over lake tahoe area. he's been identified as 21-year he was hit by a tree while working in a remote area on he's the second firefighter to be killed this year on the scene of a california wildfire. another firefighter who was injured in that accident has been released from the hospital. drones are continuing to cause problems for firefighters.
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the u-s forest service has tallied thirteen wildfires where drones have interfered with firefighting planes and helicopters this year. in the wildfire that closed i- 15 last month -- five drones were spotted in the area -- which minutes. nine of the 13 sightings this year have been in california. law makers want tougher penalties for drone users who get in the way of fire crews. san jose police are investigating two officer involved shootings which happened within six hours ---- from sunday evening to early monday. as kron four's rob fladeboe learned late this afternoon, police say they shot and killed one man while the other took his own thought police >> reporter: on the whole month to marcus drive a fire on a man who brandish
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shotgun before barricading himself inside the heard loud arguing shortly before it the team arrived. "as voice of ben chen to stay here and then the door slammed he left. the sec >> reporter: yourself 343 virginia and then turned with a knife. the police foot chase of the corner of san antonio. the spot"to investigation of a very violent events. the victim in critical condition as we speak. to follow-up, were able
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to locate the suspects it was the context of the suspect of a pursuit and sued the. suspect was armed with a knife. at what point their forced return fire." another >> reporter: victims identified officers involved on paid administrative leave please. say they are not related with these ... incidents mark the second third officer of all shooting in san jose in the past we., even as police are beefing up patrols around town in response to an uptick in violent crime. >> catherine: talk to a family filing the lawsuit joins us with more. >> reporter: man involved in this case all of a is striving black lawmakers. all heating pianist and leaving foley were not physically harmed police must answer for their conduct.
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>> reporter: newell stevens on the way home from this market and send us a alden valley. the notice to they were being followed by some as a police car all the middle of the driveway officer in vault support of their vehicle in things to a term of the worst. >> reporter: daughter helped to open the garage and he helped with this firearm. and i notice perhaps so i look back an officer with his gun drawn and telling her to get over here and hopped out of the car inside what's going on. >> reporter: thing stevens knows he's handcuffed in the back of a patrol car now stevens and his fiancee falling of federal civil-rights lawsuit against the police claiming racial profiling. i can"just let the see if we let this sit someone will be indeed murdered in san jose very soon." >> reporter: at the has the police? "yes"
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steel >> reporter: and does being detained because police had received a call about a suspicious black man. "followed because he's an african-american and termed suspicious becomes an honest with suspicious because there's nothing about his conduct or demeanor that indicated he should be the subject of the police attention." >> reporter: as a teller who pulled stevens over pulled out his pistol leader threatened to jail his teenage daughter when she is told to get cellphone the film incident. >> reporter: active litigation's as the d.a. he got no comment he did confirm this is the second federal so its lawsuit against the police department this year college what cleanup we tell you what the police department or two-family about this incident and kron 4 is a six. >> catherine: back to jerusalem
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fired a large wild fire began just yesterday already burned 5000 expect. family turner covering the story and like she joins us on the phone what is happening tonight? >> reporter: this some good news tonight the first bit of it the fire has split northwards toward pataki fire eventually will bring itself out because it is no fuel left. it's already been burned and the other bit of good news in this is that it's under east away from home so last night a hundred 50 homes at risk title is only 58 mandatory evacuations. five people in the shelter here last night and miltown and then we do know for about 5,000 a. are bring. estimate was to get 8:00 this
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morning we. are expecting a new estimates are 6:00 tonight or 630 tonight. i continue at 9:00 p.m. last night 3:08 a.m. 5,000 a. have burned as. bidding it will be much larger than 5,000 a. because at that fire control and the east and a half day and 21. judging by the massive plume of smoke of seen driving around out here in the county it is still a very viable fire. ossetic chance to drive to the area of a burned out overnight and did nothing left everything is so dry up here that looks like kindling where. expecting a more up-to-date and 60 tonight also expecting to talk to fire officials again they did tell me know holes have been damaged and people still say that is too close for comfort. close to homes letter threatens?
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no homes a drug and threatened their still 15 amendatory of occasions the water the say it's safe the sorry. but having driven back here the portions close to homes are ok there is some stuff and burned around one home literally burned on three sides firefighters had a heck of a job being able to make sure those homes were safe. again right now they say those homes are directly threatened they are working really hard to make sure it to get the fire line in place. they're hoping that that when it will work with them said keep moving the fire away. >> catherine: will greater say in oakland or will the move to l.a. or levitt nfl owners meeting the future of the team was a for the debate. at another murder california appear shooting
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a connection and why the police chief lending california and federal lawmakers if a judge in san francisco big changes calling this a big what you need to know next
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>> catherine:thick black smoke had firefighters at a maintenance yard on maybury road in san jose this afternoon.
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to distract drivers on highway on fire -- rubber and garbage. no word on what started the were threatened. and there were an early morning stucture fire in san leandro. forced the evacution of a nearby apartment firefighters on the scene said the blaze started inside the marina supermarket. on doolittle drive. the store blew out. and flames raced along ceiling to at least two other neighboring busineses officials say the 4-alarm fire generated a lot of smoke. so residents in the apartment evacuated as a precaution. no on was injured. the cause of a murder case in santa barabara county is being compared to the pier 14 killing in san francisco. in this new case - one of the two suspects is in the country illegally and had been earlier arrested and released on minor drug charges. as stephanie elam reports, the local police chief is blaming national and state immigration policies. >> reporter:the attack was
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brutal. it was just before 10am on july 24th when two men broke into the home of marilyn pharis. they beat her with a hammer and despite her injuries, pharis was able to call for help. police found 29-year-old victor martinez ramirez hiding in a nearby home. 20-year-old jose fernando villagomez -- born in san francisco -- was arrested 5 days later. the charges include attempted murder, sexual assault and residential burglary. for martinez ramirez, the but 64-year-old pharis died of her injuries on august first, upping the charges against the men to first degree murder. "these charges carry the possibility of the death penalty or life without possiblity of parole." a native of mexico, martinez ramirez is undocumented, but had tangled with law enforcement before. "so two weeksbefore this murder santa maria police officers arrested him for possession of meth, and you know what we had to do? we had to cite him out, that's the problem with this santa maria, this is all over the state of california and all over the united states."
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in fact, martinez ramirez was booked at least 4 times in santa barbara county since 2009. in may 2014, he faced felony drug and assault charges that were reduced to misdemeanor battery. immigrations and customs enforcement - or "ice" - says it lodged an immigration detainer on martinez ramirez and asked that ice be notified before he was released to quote "enable the agency to take custody to pursue possible administrative immigration enforcement action." but the sheriff's office decided the request did not meet immigration detention requirements. so martinez ramirez posted bail and was released. according to ice, nearly 178- thousand undocumented immigrants who were also convicted criminals were deported in 2014. that's 56-percent of the total number of people who were returned to their home countries in the same period. "this is a national issue, i think it starts in washington dc with this administration that we see and their policies, i think you can draw a direct line over to sacramento with the policies i'm going to say this governor
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and the legislature, and i am not remiss to say that from washington dc to sacramento there's a blood trail leading to the bedroom of marilyn pharis. >> reporter:martinez ramirez is due is court august 13th. >> catherine:a high speed truck chase in the los angeles area ended peacefully today but not before the driver tried pulling off some stunts. he tried to get onto an off- ramp on interstate five but some barriers got in his way. the driver then ran through traffic and was spotted running through a nearby neighborhood. the c-h-p caught up to him after about 30 minutes. the truck he was driving was reported stolen and charges are pending. a big change for drivers in downtown san francisco starts tomorrow. one of the signs that will be going up.says - "no turns onto market." that will apply to private vehicles between 3rd and 8th
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streets. the goal is to reduce the number of cars on the congested road - and make streets safer for those walking and biking. four of the intersections in that stretch are among the top 20 for pedestrian injury collisions in the city. >> reporter: war than 60 percent of occlusions walking sold no one who's walked on services co should be placed their risk of serious and near-death just trying to enjoy all really is one of our most beautiful local streets >> catherine:police and traffic control violators will get a $238-dollar the new restrictions won't apply to buses, bicyclists, commerical vehicles and taxi's. ride-sharing companies like lyft and uber will have obey the new rules of the road.
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>> reporter: to look over here for picker in see the smoke plumes from jerusalem fire 70 mi. away all for coming today and the golden gate into the bay for today and the strong sea breeze has made for cooler temperatures. '60s and '70s by the bay area for the south bay today and then these rate about 70 degrees in some places because of a strong push coming in off the ocean at will be with us tonight and tomorrow. suez 8:00 p.m. in the flux in the bay and will continue to make its way inland into tomorrow morning a big woman on the way and talk but that later on. >> catherine:you've probably heard of from trees.but what about a horse from a well. sunday night near fresno - a
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one-thousand pound horse fell into a 16-foot-deep well filled with sewage. the owners thought someone had stolen him.. soon after they found him in a large hole in their backyard which had been temporarily covered with planks.that's when they called firefighters for help. a crane was brought in to aid the rescue. "does a little hoarse but probably why it came out ok and did not break anything. mr. sher is very scared good to see all these people out here helping." it took about two hours to get the horse out. >> catherine:still ahead. donald trump's new war of words over megyn kelly. next - a former apprentice star comes to trump's defense. also- troubling new revelations about air traffic controllers. the report which the government didn't want the public to know about.
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>> catherine:the road to the white house made a stop in the bay area today. as bernie sanders made a campaign stop in oakland today. the vermont senator picked up his first major labor largest nurses union. the 185,000-member "national nurses united" is endorsing sanders for the democratic presidential nomination. the group says it is supporting sanders because of his record on expanding medicare, challenging wall street's role in the economy and opposition to the trans-pacific partnership trade deal. meantime. sanders main rival. hillary clinton is in new hampshire. she is only six points ahead of him in the latest polls. today she weighed in for the first time on donald trump's controversial remarks about fox news anchor megyn kelly. "megyn kelly is a strong woman and more than capable of defending herself against donald trump. i'm worried about what
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republican policies will do to the rest of america's women, and i will continue to speak up and speak out about that." clinton is in the midst of a two day visit in new hampshire where she unveiled a plan to rein in student loans and make college affordable. republican presidential candidate donald trump's new war of words over megyn kelly is sparknig another controversy. is the donald sexist or an equal opportunity insulter? >> reporter:catherine. tonight donald's most infamous apprentice comes to the insider to share her personal trump tale. as we go inside the if you are covering a presidential primary you report the facts not your opinion not your inference. you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. i heard someone report it as if he said the actual words that
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she was going through some hormonal changes that never came out of his mouth vo#1 call it donald's bad blood moment, which fueled speculation he was making a sexist comment about pms directed at megyn kelly. now our trump insider, omarosa comes to donald's defense i can understand that people may donald trump as sexist but knowing him as a friend there is no man who loves women more than donald trump donald; i was referring to nose, ears. they're very common statements. and only a deviant would think about what people said." defiantly unapologetic- trump continued his twitter take down of the fox news star todayvo#3 "oh really, check out innocent @megynkelly discussion on @howardstern show 5 years ago--i am the innocent one!". he then linked to that sirius interview intv_rzt 7:10 megyn: yeah these are real, they dont look fake, please. my husband calls them killer b's.
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we'll have so much more on this story tonight at 7 on the insider, for kron 4 news, i'm catherine. where will the oakland raiders we're live from the owners 5:30. also - a state of emergency in ferguson missouri. after new violence - on the anniversary of the shooting of michael brown. what the city is doing tonight -- coming up.
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>> catherine:this week. the future of the raiders will be in front of n-f-l owners and league officials. they're taking up the team's proposal to move to los angeles diego chargers. kron 4's j.r. stone is in chicago where the meeting is being held. jr? >> reporter: i did detect kathryn these runners took that in meetings for much of the afternoon spoke with mark davis for quite a bit of time this afternoon and didn't say a whole heck of a lot in see this video smiling saying to me he is taking it all and all pretty much remaining hush hush kit is say in the past they would like
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to stay in oakland in this shot agency davis walking a saucepan us the honor of the san diego chargers. keep in mind to our other will be to presentations given all nfl owners are the presentations will involve a plan that would bring the raiders and chargers to carson just outside of l.a.. woods would stadium, the plan would bring the suit was rams in the wood it outside of l.a.. insiders that talked with say about the raiders and chargers to the top to fan bases in southern california but certainly the rams cannot be far behind now to stadiums would be very unlikely here also told that this carson deal could be done with all one team out just to city officials from st. louis also san diego here as well and even with the nfl officials of a stroke and say they were not invited to this meeting. but they did meet with the nfl officials late last month it does not appear were going to
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see any sort of decision this week a decision on asat team relocation that could come and october or early next year but talk about the folks i spoke with today they say this as a very important week for all the teams that are here. >> catherine:meantime. twitter and the n-f-l have a new plan for the upcoming season. they've been partners since 20- users access to more n-f-l content.from pre-season through super bowl 50. users can also expect to see things like custom game recaps, video highlights of best plays. the twitter blitz starts with thursday's preseason games.
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>> reporter: close bubbling up those are poised to push in the bay for tonight going to see a lot of low clouds the next few days but distances just offshore spins around and he says fairleigh fog in the morning mild for the afternoon right now temperatures in the '60s by the bay we have a strong onshore push coming and with when surpassing 30 m.p.h. and that's cooled things off and land values just in the upper '70's and low 80s now here's the storm system i am talking about producing rate offshore of eureka none of the rain is going to make it here to the bay area there maybe a few sprinkles for wednesday morning with that a big impact from this is that as and hang out here for much of a week and keep us fairly mild after this goes by. and toward friday and the weekend the big time warmups' coming our way in the meantime look for fraud in the morning 64 going to new and mild crazy for the afternoon more details coming up.
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the city of st. louis and the surrounding county is under a state of emergency tonight. the county police chief has orders to use all his powers to of citizens. that, after a new police shooting in ferguson during a protest of the killing of an unarmed black teenager one year ago. "we're trying to work with the community. we're explaining to them their rights, and we just want to be as patient as ferguson's interim police chief was explaining how he wanted to avoid inciting the crowd when shots rang out. nats officers and reporters scrambled for cover as the gunfire more nats >> catherine:police say two groups of armed men unleashed a "remarkable amount of gunfire" against eachi'm guessing 40 50 seconds, it could have been a little longer a short time later undercover officers confronted a man who they say began firing at them.
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they fired back, critically wounding 18 year old tyrone harris. his father says he was a close friend of michael brown, whose death one year ago touched off violent protests. >> catherine:this afternoon, demonstrators gathered at the federal courthouse in st. louis to demand that the ferguson police department be dissolved, nearly 60 people were arrested including princeton university professor, author and activist cornell west. we gonna be all right! police say they made four arrests last night. three officers were hurt. two of them were pepper sprayed a third was hit in the face by a brick. a newly revealed study says air traffic controllers are struggling with fatigue. their schedules often lead to chronic fatigue -- a problem that endangers air travelers. that's according to a study the government has kept secret for nearly four years.
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it was done - after the national transportation safety board suggested that controller schedules be changed to provide more rest periods. it found that nearly 2 in 10 controllers had committed a significant error in the previous year - such as bringing planes too close together - and most of the controllers attributed the errors to coca-cola is funding a health research group that doesn't blame obesity on sugary soft drinks. the new york times reports the 'global energy balance network' was started last year from a one-and-a-half million dollar the group's website is also registered to coca=cola. 'global energy balance' argues that americans are too focused on what they eat, and not enough in a statement, coke says it has a long history of supporting scientific research related to its drinks. still ahead. a bay area hotel that's using robots to serve guests. and next. the celebrity who took a tumble during her show.
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a dress worn by singer katy perry is at the center of a legal battle. it's the one she wore to the met gala back in may. a detroit graffiti artist says the designer - jeremy scott -
5:40 pm
stole his work. scott posed behind perry on the red carpet. the artist claims the patterns on the dress and scott's jacket match his street art. artist is suing for. jeremy scott's fashion house moschino denies the claims and plans to fight the lawsuit. >> catherine:wendy williams fell off a stage in houston. it happened during her "sit-down tour" - and of course someone posted it on you-tube. williams wasn't hurt -- and just got back onstage and finished her show.
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>> catherine: this welfare has been burning since yesterday remains out of control that is a full-court press by hellfire aerial assaults on this fire will have the latest information on the second wildfire disgorge lake county that is coming up tonight at 6 and august as a popular month for moving whether to move back to school and to a new apartment is busy moving but not all moving companies have the same track record cnn. >> reporter: kept moving could have a big share of. 1.5 million inquiries related to moving companies last year. 6500 complaint damage or missing item's price increases over
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earlier originated quotes and light deliveries went.. consumers find that information to the agency's website and protect your move. and consumers also wrote and can warning signs include estimate given over the phone without an on site overview of how household items. asking for cash large deposits of from failure to give information without licensing our assurance and arriving at a generic drug from the one marked by the company. consumers should to hold on to key documents written cost estimate. for service listing all duties the overs will perform dates of pickup delivery that contrasts inventory list of all items to be shipped. >> reporter: clouds pushing in the bay and the time lapse bay bridge this afternoon. the fog pressing up against the oakland berkeley hills all the way
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through the afternoon. a relatively mild temperatures in the upper 60s low '70's by the bay and now live you this is the embarcadero notice of it is windy out there. i and the wind is really blowing and then part high clouds overhead from a weather system sitting offshore end these high clause the next few days this thing parks itself up out there over the ocean spins around no rain for us to for tonight gusty winds through much of the evening a surprising 30 mi. per hour in some places will clause pushing invalid's overnight and the clause in the morning by the bay and then for the state ballet's through about 11 the sunshine breezy once again tomorrow afternoon in the very similar to what we have today feature castling another system offshore spring around out here centered offshore and then it will really get much closer to us as a hangs out here
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for the next couple days while the rain is associated with this just to our west. it will let up a lot of high clouds the next few days and keep us fairly foggy to the morning hours for tomorrow and into wednesday through much of this week before things really start to change later the week for wednesday morning perhaps us few sprinkles as the skiffle little bit closer so look for fox to our morning through 11 high clouds sunshine for the afternoon some breezy winds again and again close to within a loss of our for wednesday clouds early on possibly a few sprinkles with a slow clearing the most decipher the afternoon again the sea breeze will be strong for the afternoon much to of this week and a little bit faster clearing for thursday little warmer as chicken and the afternoon for friday that's when the system finally goes out of here and we're going to see much warmer temperatures tend the week going up the '80s by the bay '90s and land friday
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perhaps some triple digit heat into the weekend. this robot is now servicing guests at the crowne plaza san jose silicon valley hotel. service robots dash sits near the front desk and when a guest needs something i witnessed dash delivering a tooth brush to room 333 he used wifi to call the elevator he cruised down the halls and
5:49 pm
found the room with no trouble. when he arrives he calls the guests phone to alert them nats - phone once the door opens up his lid popps open to reveal the goods. you do not tip dash you don't have to get dressed for dash it's very convenient. you can rate his service through stars if he gets 5 stars he does this dance. nats - dance dash seemed to work seamlessly. he is a smooth sophisticated delivery bot. crowne plaza is testing this system built by sav-ee-yoki and may use it in all their hotels in the future. loving it sot - steve cousins / savioke service robots >> catherine:google is changing its operating structure and will become part of a holding company called alphabet.
5:50 pm
it will house the main google businesses - like search, maps and youtube. also - businesses managed separately like fiber, nest and investing arms like google ventures. larry page will become the c-e-o of alphabet. "markets and the big rise to a creek banks warren buffett of big part of it today. will merger positions of very boring company and cast parts pcp i see a deal here that's this the concept of the like mergers and acquisitions people pay $37 billion for something precision cast parts and out of portland oregon and basically they do airline parts and aircraft engines industrial gas turbines 10 billion revenue billion dollars in profit last year so that's the warren buffett way to fitness system r
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around what year did your birth date make an annual event will save thousands and thousands of dollars. good credit. coming up: i ain't answering nothing until my lawyer comes they were only in the bus lane for a second so why is he going to jail, i'll explain in the badly
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down town you often hear people say, i was only in the bus lane for a just a second well here is a case when all it took was one second why were you smoking weed in the bus lane i not smoking week in the bus lane i was smoking weed before we continue with these two let me explain exactly what's going on, you see i'm in san jose on first near san fernando where there are rail tracks during certain times of the day commercial trucks can use the lane in designated areas to make deliveries, other than that its just for transit buses that being said, it's not hard to find people stopping or parking in the bus lane like this man who is dropping off a tray of food, or this driver picking up a passenger everyone has an excuse as to because they don't want to pay for parking, or they were only nats: ambiance
5:56 pm
which brings us back to this guy, he and his weed smoking buddy popping out from the bus lane, only to be flagged down by a san jose police officer the officer smelled weed after he approached the car and it turns out the driver had one not so minor issue .he was on the passenger presented however recommendation letter and admitted he was the one smoking a weed named thin mints cookies passenger in the bus lane and got pulled over by sj pd i was amoking out of this pipe right here so the next time you see you buddy driving down the street you're going to say what stay out the bus lane because this will happen thin mints hahahah well what happens next is the driver's probation officer violated his probation but the officer moved his car so it wont have to get towed with some help from a bystander i called his girlfriend who is
5:57 pm
8 and a half monthys pregnant she is about to baby boy abd she on her way right now with a cap i ain't answere nothing until my see what could happen if you are second in san jose stanley roberts kron 4 picture evidence of just how bad the situation is pouring colorado contaminated by a still cause the agency is supposed to protect us from pollutions what went wrong what's going to happen next coming up the next hour on kron 4 news at 6.
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forest service firefighter killed over the weekend. >> catherine: to drybrush caused by the " the fuel was flames. and lee turner lives in middleton's night and are the crews making more progress? >> reporter: the crews are making progress in fact the progress i have for you new members joined by hellfire those numbers just him and what is the update right now? >> reporter: thousand acres have burned and is of that is that we have increased our fire personnel by getting the other
6:00 pm
personnel that's fighting this fire. >> reporter: 6,000 a. at 8:00 it was 5000 so looks like it's been slow down but there is a little bit of a change for the letter other. "this particular time when the fare increases and it burns little hotter so we often have a window were dealing with another camera can see it but i would definitely affect. >> reporter: unchanged today and direction? "has changed one direction that a certain time can be different increases later firefighters out there" >> reporter: in the north and the rocky fiery here and this is true sofa where we're talking about moving north. moving this way does that mean maybe it will back toward the direction of some homes at this point has that changed at all? "have an answer for that it's moving toward new homes or not
6:01 pm
what. until used to things when it's good if it's moving back toward the rockies as bring it to an area already burdened, we do know is that the 50 residents are affected hundred 51 people currently affected. >> reporter: but a good news you guys have had some of people here which you necessarily expect it has worked out well how did that happen? "sinn situation we were able to take resources from the rock keep fire aboard a staging area so it researchers immediately on the sense that. >> catherine: now we're learning more about the firefighter killed over the weekend hallenbeck was from shingle springs and was a member of organized crew 36 on the lake
6:02 pm
tahoe basin management unit. hallenbeck is the second firefighter to die battling a california wildfire this year. july 30th, 38 year old david ruhl was killed when he was trapped by a wall of flames. he was from south dakota, but had been on temporary assignment in california since june. yesterday.hundreds attended a moving ceremony in his hometown. family and friends held a private ceremony this morning before he was laid to rest. cal fire says the rocky fire - which is burning in three northern california counties - hasn't grown much over the past it's destroyed 70-thousand acres and is now 85-percent contained. over the weekend.all evacuation orders for the area were lifted. officials expect to have the fire fully contained by new numbers from calfire reveal the scope of the challenge facing firefighters,
6:03 pm
as of last weekend, the state has recorded nearly 44=hundred wildfires, burning almost 118=thousand acres, an area three times the size of los angeles. those numbers are way up from last year -- when california had 3=thousand fires, covering 88=thousand acres. brian van aken is tracking the conditions in the weather center crews? >> reporter: this to the strongest since the venice have all the and the after maurice to replace passing $3 per hour like area stood just a southwest of dallas peak when. over 30 also a clear lake winds have been surpassing 20 m.p.h.. at the fire area we have seen generally lighter winds but still between 10 and 20 m.p.h.. the area this fire in the valley where islamic
6:04 pm
protected from the when. on the ridges it has been pretty windy today as a has been with temperatures over 90 degrees at the firestone. timidity down a 20% paring dry conditions on those wins a factor also. now for tomorrow it will be another breezy day especially as we get into the afternoon evening hours. this will be a problem once again if there's a benefit these winds coming in off the ocean and bringing in cooler temperatures reach. and the drug for tomorrow afternoon as a result committee will rise. >> catherine:for updates on the jerusalem fire, and all your news and kron 4 mobile app. we will send you push alerts of the big stories of the day. the app is free at the apple store and android market. the c-h-p says a school bus rear-ended a mini-van --- causing a chain reaction accident involving 6-vehicles. it happened around 10 this morning on westbound i-80 near ashby avenue.
6:05 pm
the bus was carrying around fifty3rd graders on a field tripfrom keetov summer camp in berkeley "it was jarring to hear there was accident. but always a concern also so concerned about the other kids." "there her on my forehead and armor nothing serious" "and kids pump their heads and one kid got a bloody nose" "but an answer to my knowledge" >> catherine: a very minor injuries for adults on the bus and two drivers of the raw other vehicles involved in this accident also taken to hospital but again minor injuries please looking for a few people believed to be involved in a carjacking in san jose.
6:06 pm
the incident included shots not much information has been released so far -- but this is what police had to say. by the suspects. "it was a carter aide suspect shots fired and that in the incident right now really fresh were getting a lot of information and now. shots fired by the suspects." >> reporter: >> catherine:police have been searching a san francisco police just gave us an update on the number of arrests and citations issued at the outside lands music festival over the weekend. 77 people were caught trespassing without a ticket.26 speeding tickets were given out in the area and nearly 100 tickets were given for other vehicle violations. one los angeles man.zach holland. tried to enter the venue sunday without a paid
6:07 pm
police. during his attempted escape one officer was knocked to the ground and lost conciousness for eventually a security guard tackled holland and police brought him into custody where he was booked for tresspassing.battery on a peace officer and resisting an officer by violence. ferguson missouri bracing for possible new violence tonight. all of st. louis county is under a state of emergency, with police ordered to use their powers to protect life and property. last night a peaceful protest on the anniversary of the killing of michael brown ended in chaos and gunfire. police say there were as many as each other. officers pursued one man with a gun and say they shot him when he fired at them. "we can't afford to have this kind of violence, not only on a
6:08 pm
night like this.but at any point in time if we're going to really move forward in the right direction." a banner saying "racism still lives here" flew in front of st. louis' gateway arch today two women with an activist group raised the 40-foot banner using two large weather balloons. they say it's not vandalism or trespassing since they didn't attach the banner to anything. among those arrested.princeton professor and civil rights activist dr. cornel west. authorities say west, and more than a dozen other protesters breached a police line in front of a federal courthouse in saint louis two men are dead in connection with not one but two separate occurred in just six hours. * * * in the most recent incident, officers opened fire on a man who confronted them with a shotgun and then barricaded inside a home here on san marcos hours later after taking his own life, say police.
6:09 pm
>> catherine: another incident sunday evening on packing place way when police shot and killed a man who they say threatened them with a knife after stabbing and critically wounding a motorist following a traffic accident. the shootings come even as police are beefing up patrols in response to a recent up tick in violent crime. police did not identified either of the two men who died. they said the stabbing victiim is in criitcal condition. these latest incidents are the second and third officer involved shootings in san jose in the past eight days.
6:10 pm
the san jose police department has been hit with a federal civil rights lawsuit. a family alleging racial profiling. kron 4's dan kerman spoke to the family and is here with more. >> reporter: stanley is angry they believe the color their skin led to this type of conduct pesetas a police. all began a man you emmanuel see this as his kids and trove of home. and he is followed by a san jose police officer ended up drawing his weapon he and his family. "i was afraid for what i did know was unhappy and. >> reporter: his way home us october. 714 year-old daughter's exited the car officer drew his revolver. "i got a firearm on kids was just way overboard. now steven
6:11 pm
straw and doc can cut the becker patrol car early to be let go. his fiancee jasmine following all fault reseau rights lawsuit against the police department. "bing of luck was a key for sure. he was >> reporter: racially profiled subjected the race is what forced activities. the family's attorney says police have stated they detained stevens because of reports of a suspicious black man. "nothing that it had put some attention from officered exit his vehicle in this fashion with a guarded chemical, acquired seven year-old daughter and mr. stevens as well was completely inappropriate. a violation of policies of these firearms endangered everyone who was present. and to >> reporter: real affairs review of the matter has concluded the officers' actions
6:12 pm
do not rise to level of misconduct. >> reporter: 8 tel out zinder keller please to not comment and neither is the city attorney family says they will likely move out of san jose and fear of retaliation from police. >> catherine: disaster declaration in colorado after millions of gallons of contaminated water spilled into a river whose taken the blame to my.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> reporter: ruling affects not commercial drivers on a particular part of. the of >> reporter: and it's going up downtown tuesday it reads now turns on the market. this map shows you which intersections are affected. all would third street eighth straight. their red arrows show privately-owned vehicles no longer allowed to return. the new change will not affect buses bicycle lists commercial vehicles and taxis. ridesharing companies like a list will have to comply with this new rule of the road. and
6:16 pm
the idea is to make streets safer for bicycle less than those on floor. it is part of this city's vision 0 gold toe may all traffic fatalities by 2024. this stretch of market street is home to it the top 20 instructions this stretch of market street is home to four of the top 20 change is a big deal. of a contrast from the streets and safer streets ultimately can get to our vision 0 goal. eli proponents say they expect the number of cars on the road to drop.and for travel time for market street muni buses to the reaction to the change was gets a good deal plenty of alternative routes we can take. one more way complicate our lives.
6:17 pm
traffic control officers and officers will be on hand tobut do this starting tuesday.and you could end up being slapped with a 238 dollar ciaation. maureen kelly kron4 news >> catherine:happening now. >> catherine: he does report but those of curly not in a statement tonight the sheriff says he did contact is insurance co. he was told everything was in order now he is trying to figure out where the mistake happened for now his license is suspended he's allowed to go into from work until he gets his paperwork filed. her voice >> reporter: seabury's
6:18 pm
over 30 mi. an hour lots of low clouds in the morning that's kept temperatures mild for this afternoon in the '60s and '70s by the bay for the south bay and then sells a up to 79 and just in the zero a's. these temperatures about by the time of the low normal and rural stay for a big chunk of this week. live via the bay bridge toll plaza the of low clouds stubborn holding on all afternoon long process and high wispy thin clouds from the weather system so park itself is just the west the bay area for much of the stake. high clouds and continuation of mild weather for now a. starting hour at 6:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m. rather let's make it 8:00 p.m. for tonight will see some low clouds pushing into the bay. gusty winds for much of this evening up, around 30 m.p.h.. the night spot will begin to make its way into the inland valleys, and for tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. fairly cloudy start
6:19 pm
by the bay into the east bay valets. out in the pacific another hurricane taking its way. moving to west very slowly in its forecast approached the big island by thursday morning as a weak tropical storm and a week troubled depression will be a big start and some heavy rain he. in the bay area start at small morning 6:00 a.m. fog tracker trying the low clouds and the bay. he stayed allies also said the north bay and. clearing starts east bay route 8 to 9 and out of here bayside and then through the day-clouds gone through time to time. the weather system offshore and producing those claws with onshore winds pretty strong for the afternoon. some are up around 30 mi. an hour. temperatures similar to smalto
6:20 pm
we had today. upper 60s low seventies bayside. lotus mid '80s and lends. talk about a warmup on the way coming upon. >> catherine: nfl owners in chicago they're there to talk relocating a team close angeles the raiders and chargers have a joint bid for a stadium in carson the. as if the team's chemistry deal to stay in oakland. san diego the j. r. stone live in chicago with a preview of tomorrow's big meeting for. >> j.r.: been very busy day here kathryn today was all about planning for a lot of these owners because the big meeting is tomorrow there'll be two presentations tomorrow with these bids to go and relocate in l.a. area. as i talked about this i do want to go to some of the video in this video you see at some of the owners have already arrived see mark davis and the owner of the oakland raiders side-by-side. this
6:21 pm
figure with the owner of the san diego chargers not as the raiders and chargers with one of the presentations about the possibility of moving to carson california. it's just outside of los angeles. it would split that stadium of the second presentation in false the st. louis rams and the idea of them relocating tanglewood. sources a talk with say it's very likely plea will go further both stadiums also tell me could one team not to teams but one team. good team that would be a possibility as well certainly in the areas not for bed and not to pitch being given to moral. with all these owners the will be here tomorrow listening to this end been told it's unlikely this see any sort of decision this week and. but certainly is important when it comes to presenting everything. in front of all this nfl owners because
6:22 pm
it could see a decision in october. court early next year. that also talk with carmen policy. used high executives in san francisco 49ers. he's on the one spearheading carson idea with the raiders and chargers spoke with him for a good while on camera here you to a gsa to add a clock on kron 4 news. >> catherine: nfl has been interested in being temporarily housed for one even to of this franchise last week the subcenter rose bowl pulled out of the running for this year's fifth there for 1994. ureter 40
6:23 pm
niner news of course carry will join us tonight at 645 stay with us that coming about trump is not backing down not saying he sorry for controversial comments he made about fox news correspondent mike kelly and has another chance to clear the air with the fox network in the millions of gallons of polluted water contaminated a popular now face downriver federal government
6:24 pm
6:25 pm
>> catherine: panza in the bay area today in oakland called punch with bernie. he packed up his first major endorsement national nurses unitedit's the nation's largest organization of nurses with 185-thousand members. on sunday.some 19-thousand people turned out for a sanders campaign event in portland.
6:26 pm
he is set to hold a night time rally tonight in los angeles. donald trump's opponents believe the republican front-runner is on the ropes -- for what many consider a *crude comment he made about fox debate moderator megyn kelly. trump campaign. to her anger. i said nothing wrong whatsoever." surrounding the billionaire erupted after he said this about fox anchor megyn kelly, one of the moderators of thursday's debate, to cnn's don lemon. she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions, and, you know, you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her, wherever." trump was upset with what he calls unfair questioning from her during the republican you've called women you don't
6:27 pm
like "fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals." the gop frontrunner appeared on four sunday shows -- including cnn's state of the union -- saying he never intended to suggest kelly was having her period as many interpreted his comment. "i was going to say nose and/or ears because that's a very common statement, blood flowing out of somebody's nose. it's a statement showing anger. do you think i make a stupid comment like that? only a sick person would even think about that." in a sign of growing concern in some gop quarters, trump was disinvited from a conservative republican gathering over the weekend after the comments about kelly. many-- but not all -- of trump's gop rivals criticized the remarks presidential candidate do we want to win? do we want to insult 53% of all voters? what donald trump said is wrong. they were completely inappropriate and offensive comments. period. a comment that drew fire from trump on sunday when he tweeted:
6:28 pm
"if you listen to carly fiorina for more than ten minutes headache" that was cnn's athena jones reporting. expect more fireworks tomorrow. that's when trump will sit down for an interview with "fox and friends" it will be his first time on the network - since thursday's debate. contemn >> catherine: ended server now affecting water supply in three states and a good news for drivers gas prices are sliding sliding fast when you can see prices below $2 a gallon. crossfire at travis air force base in fairfield " we've learned coming up next.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
>> catherine: breaking news in
6:31 pm
fairfield fire on travis air force base. these pictures just in to lead kron 4 news room. the runway on the base has shut down operations of crise battle this grass fire. dark plumes of smoke that have been seen around the area for. aims are quite close to a radar tower of the spots they are worried about the. continued watch the situation there for a. manned >> reporter: aren't with a plot by to a life following a bear case the situation as hall on san marcus drive in the seventh day. six hours earlier another man suspected of stabbing shot and killed near san antonio packman place way after a foot chase also an east san jose. the market city's second and third officer involved shooting in the past week.
6:32 pm
family >> reporter: against the cell as a police car alleging racial profiling menu stevens says the only reason he believes used attained handcuffed and had the officer pulled over and over on he and his daughters because he was driving while black. this is the second federal civil-rights lawsuit in san jose police department coalition racial profiling this year is. city of san jose is not commenting. >> reporter: 1 inclusion with multiple vehicles and school bus with children called the berkeley's first responder to assist nearly two dozen injured most. of whom were third graders. we had about 15 students were transported by ambulance. probably about 22 patients transported to local
6:33 pm
hospitals. could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: starting on tuesday it non-commercial vehicles will long be able to turn onto market street from third allayed eighth. to make streets safer for bicyclist and those on foot. part of the city's vision 0 goal to eliminate all traffic fatalities by 2024. this stretch of market street home before of the top 20 intersections for pedestrian injury collisions in the city. before >> catherine: and after side-by-side of the and posturing colorado has its ugly yellow color after a mistake by the epa dumped more the 3 million gal. of pollutants in the water current governor now issued disaster declaration.
6:34 pm
discovered this bill is the times bigger than originally thought last wednesday epa team using heavy equipment tend to the gold king remind accidently released the contaminated sludge into the river. mustard color water contains iron are sick of zinc and copper said. news downstream in new mexico also at risk as the water flows into the san juan river. "completely irresponsible as to inform the state of mexico immediately because they knew that was going to flow on the street and cavort faster carter to minimize the impact. all real >> catherine: mess people with some the area told the have the water tested before using it for anything. >> reporter: storm system on the pacific also eureka and
6:35 pm
producing rain rain is not going to affect us the tools to enhance onshore winds from the system and high clouds those wins praise from for this evening. right around the grass fire travis air force base where. news are up around 35 m.p.h.. happens to be one of the wendy's spots in the entire bay area of. this system is going to sit out here for the next couple days and it's going the oscillate a little bit north and sets out through this week and keeps temperatures on the mild side. the issue pushes out later this week and we see a big change. in the meantime for tomorrow fog in the morning sunshine afternoon at. breezy conditions and mild temperatures for the afternoon hours. a little warmer for wednesday but still have the clause in the morning possibly a few sprinkles from the weather system as it gets closer to us. the two main rebel fall out over the pacific for thursday. faster clearing and the fault sunshine for the afternoon. the weather system
6:36 pm
goes by on friday. look at the change we are going to be much sunnier less fog tablatures warming in the '80s by the base. i news and and. for the weekend really will be hot triple digit heat in the east bay. >> catherine: prices going down analysts say the tens of thousands of stations across the nation could see prices below $2. by the time football season rolls around next month many refineries will switch to though less expensive winter blend the could job prices exceeded 70¢ lower than seeing today. california always paying the highest gas prices in the nation's. in the bay area the aaa says the san francisco on drivers paying an average of three 48 gal.. doubt that has as a week ago. it is improving in oakland three 48 gal.. paint.
6:37 pm
>> catherine: incredible video from inside the eye of a typhoon you'll believe what happens next. an exhibition of people behaving h,z/
6:38 pm
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6:41 pm
the car is only minor injuries. the same storm killed at least 24 people comedian and actor robin williams took his own life one year ago tomorrow the death of the 63 year-old was unexpected afterwards and was revealed he been suffering from early stages of parkinson's and dimension of the rainbow arched tunnel that connects the golden gate bridge has been named after the after expected for the robin williams toddle should be installed by early fall. flour of a timid news followed by entertainment tonight and then we're back here with kron 4 news and sports transkei have their eyes at acquiring a new infielder 49er finally get some good news will tell you what that is and the rest of sports next.
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>> gary: finally some 49 years the news. member last year willis sobor live at the davis retired when davis. to that will come back in 2016 saying it decided to i'll be best for me to take your so well from the nfl this will be time for my brain and body to heal. first- round pick in the 2000 round 10 drafts as really good player five more seasons under contract so and saying this about anybody who retires in the early the mid-20s label us enough to be able to make a living like that and supportive family and get the ticket manager of it and can't tell anybody how to feel obviously but could not be surprised if another player
6:46 pm
follows soon after this to chance to go one time around suffered concussions or just can't go on any further doubt like the game at all fine but it's getting tough year take a little rest and think about it the the ability to play football and one guy at the davis said i will back and build the next season our talking 49ers but roberts former major-league player who was part of the seven minutes for a show on crime. a friend of alden smith and talked about smyth's release last night. glenn >> reporter: and as though he's on our track of last year up towards the future. it's just sad i think he's in it some help off the field and i really worry about football or about his life that was more important. sport >> gary: so sports shows on at 9:00 sunday night. right
6:47 pm
place right time you feel like a little bit of this month plan work one time rear's quarterback brett and be a starter and boom bombed out. signed a one-year deal for 700,000 to no. 3 quarterback in new england could not pass the team physical so right now oakland's to seattle to new england flynn has made a total of 14 and half million dollars over the four seasons and will we started one game he ever see quarterback get a fight practice but there's kamen and not going to work there in the red jersey and a scuffle with josh norman braman intercepted the pass and still farmed the quarterback. use see here newton went to the ground. in other words this kid the quarterback is just try and make the team and as a hundred $3
6:48 pm
million contract fortunately quarterback josh norman did not hurt camden can newton with a hundred 3 million head of lettuce had. in a college teammate opposite. >> gary: will defend the pga championship he hit with the british open and he's coming back to attend one favorite to show you how tiger was has fallen 50 to one number two player in the world current red- hot king jordan speak 61 macro will return pga championship. giants of two games back dodgers hosting washington tonight. azof: backcourt tort target. giants for the record out there today. chase oddly onetime all-
6:49 pm
star second baseman philadelphia phillies might be interested in joining the giants. these reports joe panic will be the second baseman for as long as he stays healthy. it for right now he is a bad back. by late been the insurance policy. but lee's wife for northern california. the survey spurs on rumor. meanwhile barres ito placed on minor league disabled list this morning after a shoulder injury. if he's logged hundred and 37 innings for the nashville sounds. although about the as great run. not so great run with a lot of compensation with the giants. he loves the game after taking a year of. he just wants to come back and play. an atom now it's one of the store is the guy wants great you know and sounds. and of it the greatest of being an kron 430 years. somebody said would you like to be on and bakersfield. i
6:50 pm
just i would hope you should be a foregone. >> gary: scurry nba to pay 16 video. the story plank on the shadows in the shadows cast by a high. his daughters every major compass fold " wilder's story. >> gary: on september 29th also in the video anthony davis and
6:51 pm
jim harding capt. rinds meet on the morning show 730 mark that tells me he went down to cobble sam lucas the secant on the plane itself carry and click thompson going to wedding of on triggered della. so mark meets abela and channel for. the funny part the dollar the tells mark. white does come to the mark so marked as wife carry just one on the fringe before started and if i have the story right a dallas and wife and a mystic pacific will mark would be dead. you can't come to my wedding.. mark was in a. but the idea dollars invited mark and said lucas. mark, some palookas can beckett's ignoring now for a and here's the areas. but it's clear the week and.
6:52 pm
result >> catherine: are and find out which eight area landmark taken the top two spots of the whole country
6:53 pm
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>> reporter: just real fast look at whether. pretty similar to tomorrow we had today the and the afternoon. it looks gorgeous things for watching and stay tomorrow we had today the and the afternoon. it looks gorgeous things for watching and stay connected " to see tonight at ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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"the insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> i don't frankly have time for political correctness. >> the donald dominating post-debate discussion but who was bold enough to take trump to task? >> you once told a contestant on "the apprentice," it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. >> that was his job on the show. >> was megny fair and balanced? an easy to call him an idiot. s you don't understand why it's so difficult.
7:00 pm
>> it meryl streep going to be turned to her most devilish role. >> i heard there was going to be a sequel. now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> meryl streep from iron lady to iron maiden? but what everyone wants to know will miranda priestly make a triumphant return if there's a devil wears prada sequel? >> a lot of people want that to happen. >> but let's start with the biggest trending story of the day. donald trump's center stage moments from last night's first g.o.p. presidential debate. >> a record-breaking 24 million viewers tuned in to fox news to watch the donald take on his fellow candidates, but it's moderator megny kelly who put him on the defense. tonight we step into the ring with her. >> i don't want to waste anybody's time with too much politically correctness. you


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