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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 11, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: that these were entering the duplex at 14th and peralta street at about 11:00 a.m. when there was an explosion in their rear of the home. the explosion set on fire and oakland firefighters respond to put the fire out not to sit to deputy suffered minor injuries and were taken to highland hospital. >> reporter: firefighter then put up the fire ant and bali--a badly burned body was found. that body may be the person that they were tried to keep it separate likely due to natural gas in regard to the explosion. but in manhattan in an accident --and may not have been an accident. >> reporter: again, this
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lake news that we are just hearing from oakland police, that the gas bomb inside the building was deliberately disconnect it. they still have to determine how that happened and why that happened. the coroner's office will decide if the person was inside the unit and was it the badly burned body of the person that was to be effected. >> reporter:--e did it-- evicted. >> pam: the san francisco medical an examiner has wrapped up one of the cities must recent bizarre cases. the office announced today the body parts discovered stuffed in a suitcase back in january is a homicide case. the medical examiner now confirms the body is that of the 15 your--58
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year-old omar. of ellen and vallejo. --of vallejo. >> from the board based off the exam worst-case he was a victim of a homicide. >> pam: at the time, police are arresting more interest in connection with the case but was--but he was released and later died. , san francisco police have not said how the victim died. but with today's report, they say their work is done. >> grant: the latest now and those two wild fires burning in lake county. the jerusalem fired, doubled in size over night and is now 12,000 a.. it is burning
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just south of the massive rocket fire am right now crews are hoping the two fires to not connect and become one. >> grant: 50 homes are threatened because of this jerusalem fire and still no containment. but, cooler temperatures early today have helped crews slowed it down. the cost of the fire, which started sunday afternoon is unknown. as for that rocky fire creek also near clear lake. it burned nearly 7,000 a. and is 80 percent contained. this is one that started almost two weeks ago and has destroyed 48 holmes--43 homes and all the evacuation orders have now been lifted. >> pam: the men are arrested for the murder of a 17 month old redwood city girl makes his first appearance in
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court at the same day the district attorney fun and more disturbing charges against them. maureen kelly was in the courtroom. >> reporter: 27 year-old daniel wore a red jail uniform with his hands shackled to his waist, a senior unshaken and compos anti-cancer the judge and the up formative when asked if he received a copy of the complaint. >> yes, i did your honor. >> reporter: the list of charges against him, stomach turning. >> the crime happened over a couple of hours purity affected the lee beat the child to death after sexually assaulting a 17 month old girl. >> reporter: alleged assault happened on the first with
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the first time he was left along with the child. in the courtroom and see him, covering with his public defender. -of farming. >> reporter: what you can see is what happened in the gallery. the man who is said to be the victims biological father had to be held in his seat by a female companion. in look of raids on his face what a plan close member of law enforcement stood over to make sure he stayed there. the victim's mother was also in the court neither parent wanted to talk to the media. >> reporter: but sunday, daniel todd to kron4 from his jail cell at the time he said the baby fell on of his stance on to the floor several times and then when she was right away she tripped and hid her face on the ground and stop breathing. he says she lost her life and it was my fault. i cannot just say i'm in a separate--innocent.
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>> pam: on the san mateo sheriff's office is one of the public to be cautious of a suspicious person or people in their neighborhood this follows an accident or incident where a woman was sexually assaulted, while house sitting in san carlos home. at around 1015, a woman in her 30's answered a knock on the door and the 200 block of chestnut street. the suspect told her. he knew the owner and his personal belongings were in the home. >> pam: the woman then allowed him to enter or in to the surest part the sure that indeed, what's inside the suspect sexual assault to her. the suspect then walked out to the front door and left the scene creek no further details about him have been confirmed by police are warning the public. >> island in the police have
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released surveillance photographs of a man who say they'd say, may be tied to a series of early morning berkeley and a sixth assault trick in each of the six as it is someone was at home at the time. kron4 least to read reports while police are telling residents to keep their wooded their doors and windows locked. >> reporter: surveillance cameras from the end tout-- cup because of this man that matches description of the men and all of the burglaries. , 100 and it becomes with a hair cut with crowley on top and short on the side. this may be the same individual. and that method of entry is also the
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same period to have an increase of patrol at night and try to find the person responsible for half a dozen break-ins. >> pam: said francisco police are still investigating a shooting that sent to people to the hospital late last night. they say, they are not getting much help from the victims. but as kron4's will try report what they do know. is that several people were involved in the shooting in the cities is a mission district. --inner mission district >> reporter: the victims also split the area creek they succumb to their injuries and called paramedics that rushed them to the hospital. they were here over night with one shot in the abdomen and the other leg and the rest patrick they should make the recovery of their interest rate at this point, they
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have no most behind the attempted murder spirit and it and working with the police department. --they have no motives behind the attempted murders. >> pam: the future of the raiders in oakland is not looking so bright tonight. next at fight. we all live at the national football league owners' meeting, where there are signs the team could be done in the east bay. >> pam: plus, a planned protest by cyclist in the streets of san francisco tonight. coming up for it what is behind the cycling slowdowns and running dry. next the told the drop is taking on the bay area river and strain.
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>> pam: the future of the raiders in oakland does not look good tonight. at the national football league owners have been meeting near chicago, to talk about relocating the team to los angeles. and, the national football league and executive in charge of the leaks relocation task force made a very ominous comment about the team stay in the east bay. kron4's j.r. stone is at the meat and joins us live with more. --meeting
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>> i certainly do think brit unfortunate i have been seen that we will have a team a loss angeles. but i think there's a real tangible reasons why we would anticipate 18 more today than four or five years ago. -- a team >> reporter: pitching the ideas of the raiders and chargers splitting the elena. in los angeles. there were shortcomings that were
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made close to the heart when they close the meeting. >> i have now seen anything that would be a telling to any national football league owners at this stage. i have a passing anything personally. --i have not seen any think personally. >> reporter: was told he was unavailable to talk to us today. the assistant has told me that they have kept talks opened with the national football league. the approval here, will likely happen at the end of the year creek j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> pam: the seventh fiscal
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police department and the san francisco-supple transportation agency are cracking down on motorists who ignore the do not test locker it the high in the streetcar or trolley. >> pam: within the past two months of their collisions resulted in two operators been sent to the hospital because of injuries. >> well, it is illegal to pass a cable car while they are servicing a boarding area and these two incidents is were zero occasions where a car and the motorcycle tried to pass a cable car while the operator was out on the street and both the cable car operators was struck. and so right now, one is in critical condition and the other is like the rehabilitation. >> pam: both the m t eight and the s f p d are putting an additional safety measures such as increasing
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cable car size and increasing stronger law enforcement against violators cable car operators will now also have a mobile scud site to hold up for trevor's well servicing is under way. >> pam: the drought dried up rivers and streams across the bay and taking a toll on fish and wildlife. and as kron4 rob fladeboe reports now from san jose, the guadalupe river is no exception to rid >> reporter: here is an image the pre much says it all. i am walking along the bottom of the channel of the guadalupe river where along coleman avenue just north of downtown san jose as you can see the river is completely dry in this area. you can walk along kuwait what without seeing a bird or any size of wildlife for that matter. the beavers and ducks that depend on the
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river have moved on and the guadalupe river conservancy ms. lee hamilton is worried about what is left of the fish. >> reporter: water releases from calero and other upstream reservoir have been cut in half leaving the river in worse shape than anyone can remember you can still see a few stagnant pools of water here and there and i did see a few hardy fish. in one spot suggesting all is not lost. at least not yet. >> reporter: here are a few photos of the guadalupe in france just a few years ago before the drop dead serious. today, the driest for your stretch since 1850 has led the guadalupe week chilled i score some of the highway 85 north. a stark reminder to visitors about the need to save water. ironically, the guadalupe has been engineered to
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handle a 100 year flood but not this year. >> diane: 76 degrees for the inland cities. with temperatures in the low 60s, gradual clouds with partly sunny skies. we do have eight creek off the coast in the northwest region, we will get more air. killeen down just a bit. on the course site for the next couple of days. the low 80s, for the low inland valleys locations and south bay. >> diane: i will talk about when we can warm things up, back into the 90s and how long that will stick brown? in the next forecast the ground!--stick around!
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>> diane: >> grant: brett up against the road legacy crews tried to extinguish the fire at it does look like they had made some headway recently. off guard and highway in sacramento. no reports of any homes been desperate to do see things being blocked off the roadway in that area. 89 degrees with meant picking up. we will keep you posted on the situation with a small grass fire. >> pam: kron4 is getting ready for school. the bay area children are getting
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ready to head back to class for the new school year. but many districts are facing a major problem derrick they do not have enough teachers. we san kron4 vicki live the caucus to the south bay, where classes are about to start in class just a few days. >> reporter: these high school students in san jose may know their dance routines. what they do not know is who will be teaching a class on wednesday. yes, san jose unified school district as a teacher shortage george of the district says they are hiring even now for about a dozen of openings. but parents should not worry. >> reporter: >> have a number of substitute teachers. and they are ready. >> reporter: the average pay here is seven $5,000
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but quintana says the cost of living makes it hard to lure teachers to the silicone valley. plus, your college students are graduating with a teachers credential pricked something that is starting to sound attractive to this high schooler. >> i thought about becoming an art teacher or the math teacher. >> reporter: bottom line, if you are a school teacher and you know something about matt, science or special education creek unified school district would sure like to hear from you. kron4 in this. -0---kron4news >> pam: hollywood weighs in on the donald trump, a controversy and next here was making kelly had to say about the donald. and later.
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new revelations and and look at the crash was badly injured comedienne tracey morgan.
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>> catherine: >> catherine: kelly clinton continues to pitcher plant to make college more affordable. she was in new hampshire for a second day. the democratic candidate for president is pushing a brief the billion dollar plan. that is aimed at winning instant loans creek--student loans. >> >> i think this is a major challenge that i want us to address it. not one word from the other side. >> catherine: clinton is
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trying to reclaim some of the populist momentum of her democratic challenger bernie sanders. he has been hammering the issue of college of portability for much and it appears to be resonating with voters. >> catherine: the next big debate between the republican candidates for president will be hosted by nancy reagan at the reagan library in simi valley creek the former first lady has invited 16 candidates to join a debate next month that is also hosted by sea and sand. -cnn >> catherine: the 10 candidates for in her last week prime-time box to they got invitations so did six of the seven candidates who took part in the earlier debate former virginia gov. jim gilmore has not been
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indicted yet creek tennis this has to average ellis' 1% of the support in three major national polls before september 10th. >> pam: the social media's plan continues to follow republican presidential hopeful donald trump! and hollywood is weighing in big as hillary clinton sounds off on his feet with fox news riegle made in kelly. >> reporter: pam, it is megan who has the final word at least right at the very second explanation. >> i discover that from a weekend at the beach with my husband and three kids, did anything happen in the news while i was gone? >> you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, but coming off her wherever. >> i think that one way overbore offensive our
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richest. >> trump is the front runner and would not apologize and i certainly would not apologize for doing good journalism >> reporter: and with that, the fox news post make a brief opening comment on her show. she stands by her like a question which triggered dawdles big. many interpreted to be sexist p.m. as comet which he denies. >> i was refering to nose, ears only in deviant within about what people said. >> glad you are back with us and glad we are friends again >> pam: we will be back! and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: right now at 530, a live look asset the cisco is lower haight neighborhood creek that is where members of the samper and cisco bicycle coalition are holding a protest to rid it is because of their recent crackdown on cyclists by the city's police department. >> pam: officers from park
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station have been ticketed cyclist who rolled through the stop signs and red lights. and who do not yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. it is an issue that kron4 stanley roberts has covered extensively in his people behaving badly sekhmet spirit that lee has a closer look at the issue .--stanley >> stanley: fischer camry even recording it not because the red lights are on >> stanley: red light or no real like the camera is almost always recording san francisco police from park station is just one day handing out 45 tickets in just three hours for various bicycle related issues. i spent time talking to some of the people called
5:32 pm
and talked to them for it remembered this writer who was stopped for rolling a stop sign creek. >> stanley: >> i was coming this way pretty fast, slow down and make sure i looked over to my left and aren't there is no traffic. it looks safe the intersection of safe to cross as she was one of the few that was not a ticket. >> stanley: i appreciate you being honest, i am going to give you the opportunity to make a complete stop at the next intersection. ok, and you are the first one of the day. >> stanley: are you going to stand here and take over my job back at people to make a full stop for me?
5:33 pm
>> stanley: you want me to stay here until the to make a full stop? the feat no record in the red jacket, and use the slowdown is coming up to the intersection and i look and see if there any cars or pedestrians and it is safe for me to keep going. >> diane: as we transition by midmorning at 11:00, the deceased and the sunshine including the inland valleys and the north bay regions. >> grant: >> diane: jumping by seven to 8 degrees different spirit with 90 degrees by friday, with talk more about how that warming trend " last coming up next!
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>> pam: protesters filled the streets of ferguson, misery and again on monday night. police say, there was no shooting or looting and only a handful of our restaurant catherine heenan is hit with more on the ongoing tensions on the anniversary of michael brown's death. catherine? >> catherine: tonight creek another ferguson teenager is in critical condition in a st. louis hospital. tyrone harris was shot by police on sunday night. his family cost him an innocent victim his arm rest record and online images take a different picture. >> catherine: undercover officers say harris was in block in a shoot out with other armed men following the lifting of a store on sunday night. today they're
5:35 pm
released this surveillance to the notion of the crowd on the street reacting to the gunshots. now let's roll the video that. they say this is harris with a gun in his hand. >> catherine: the officers say harris shot at their vehicle and was critically wounded when their return fire. paris parents say he was unarmed and was shot while running from brown while running from bullets. >> catherine: that he was at the demonstration because he was a friend of michael brown creek that he had a high school diploma and that he wanted to be a truck driver the cannot find work. >> catherine: but on line, harris presents a different image. posing with guns and calling himself to why g l o c k s. >> catherine: he is already
5:36 pm
facing felony charges as well and as a bullet next to his spine. the shooting prompted a state of emergency declaration from all of st. louis county. about two dozen people were arrested. st. louis county police say they approve of frozen water bottles or rocks at police lines. as officers to down one protester, a woman got to close and was blessed with pepper spray. >> pam: to an lee was accused of trying to joint ices will stay in jail. they were arrested while trying to board a plane in mississippi. the fbi, cystic plan to use their honeymoon as a cover to travel to syria and joined the terrorist organization. >> pam: corp. beckham is revealed, the couple describe their skill to an
5:37 pm
undercover fbi agent and ask how they could help the terror group efforts. today in federal judge denied them by god. --bond >> pam: today, federal officials charged nine people in a massive insider- trading scheme creek they said a group of u.s. traders and ukrainian hackers work together, to gain access to corporate press releases and then make the trades--and then make trades using the information before it went public the group made millions carry out attacks between 2010 and 2013. >> grant: the national transportation safety board is blimey fatigues wal-mart truck driver for a highway crash last year that
5:38 pm
severely injured comedienne tracey morgan and killed another comedian. >> grant: however, the board also said the dollar off more debt and other passengers riding in a limousine van to wear seat belts and a justin harris contributed to the severity of injuries when the limo was stuck by the strike by the truck derrick and that's to get is it that the driver cavan roper could have prevented that june 7, 2014 crash if he has slowed to 45 mi. per hour, the posted speed limit of the construction work songs and a new jersey turnpike area with the trash are--crash occurred. >> grant: incredible, scary be a short and home with the in thing in the exploding brit this last week in
5:39 pm
lansing michigan when a car hit the side of the home directory and gas line and the parents inside got out quickly. >> grant: was outside the couple's bagasse, jumped in there as you be in got a wake and the short distance they say their two dogs, but are still looking for their cat. >> pam: is being called a major problem a toxic spill in colorado river. just ahead how long in my take to clean up and next why you may want to avoid washing down that fried food with sugary drinks. we will be down that fried food with sugary drinks. we will be back y's e da down that fried food with re a morpeop wittypell be back abet areearng y'abt lo-actg lemir. as mdiabes cnged down that fried food with re a morpeop wittypell be back abet areearng itot hder conol blo sug. toda i'mskinnged down that fried food with re a morpeop wittypell be abt lemir.areearng : lemir is jectle iulin
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>> catherine: win hard line health cannot tell us that the fried foods and sugary drinks will kill us, it turns out that are absolutely right. a new study from the university of alabama has chilly the tilt is is that eating fried food washed down with sugary soda will increase your risk of a heart attack by 56 percent. >> catherine: research to say that regardless of your gender, race or where you lived they call it in southern style diet as it includes a lot of processed meats like bacon and ham derrick the stolidly also dramatically increases the risk of death from kidney
5:43 pm
disease and stroke.
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>> pam: it was one year ago today that robin williams hanged himself at his home and to ron. catherine heenan is here with how the much loved actor is being remembered. catherine? >> catherine: one of the most poignant tribute to win today. the steady stream of visitors to what is known as the misses doubt fire
5:47 pm
house in san francisco. it is the home associate one of his most popular movies. and all day long people were stopping by to mark the anniversary of his death. some were leaving messages written on leaves and rocks outside the home. most were simple, people quoting lines from his beyoncé or thinking him for the years of laughter.--thanking >> catherine: they want all locals, a lot of tourists were stopping by to pick and just last month, california state officials reading marin county waldo tunnel current the rob williams tunnel. the sides will be going up in the next month or so. >> pam: experts are calling it a major major problem in river in colorado was contaminated by accident
5:48 pm
when millions of gallons of chemicals were released. officials are hoping, however it will not leave a lasting impact on the local environment. see in an steve has the story. >> reporter: the animas river in colorado is normally crystal clear. the last week in a fortunate accident turned the river and a natural born with pete b.p. a mistake in releasing millions of gallons of contaminated water from the old mine into a nearby creek that beats into the river. the pollutants include heavy metals like lead and mercury. >> to a certain extent, you could say we dodged a bullet. >> reporter: by tuesday, the river started to clear up colorado gov. john hickel
5:49 pm
looper and local officials say they are cautiously optimistic the damage can be contained. >> at this point we do not feel there is a potential risk for him and helped it is inappropriate for livestock it is the proper for irrigating crops? we do not have those particular answers yet. >> reporter: the state of colorado and epa are testing the water and local fish experts say even if the water returns to normal, chemicals remain in the sediment. the epa has not declared the river water to be safe until it is. " residents are being told not to use it. >> diane: low pressure system off the coast and it will pretty much stay where it is that in the north of things for those showers. they will stay off the coast for us, we are dealing with cooler temperatures, cooler
5:50 pm
than average for this time of year. all around the 4:00 in the afternoon with the upper 80s in places like brett wood, antioch and concord as well. low 80s in general on average. pleasanton 83, and more 80 degree temperatures. >> diane: 75 for castro valley, 69 in richmond and south bay here with mostly sunny skies in the afternoon but otherwise, about five to seven degrees cooler than average. >> diane: at 11:00 we will have clearing and plenty of sunshine that will last all day long corporate about 73 degrees and the santa rosa area. although we are '60s
5:51 pm
and ocean beach and downtown san francisco. your sunday forecast, as we mission two more days for the cooler temperatures 3 with low to mid 70's for the eastern shore area. >> diane: by saturday we would jump into the 90 degree temperatures. pretty much stayed that way by sunday for mostly sunny conditions would monday tuesday and wednesday with 85 degrees on average. >> grant: it happen so fast with the final stage of utah. and the video, iris cyclist met bremer is try to catch up to the rest of the competition on a descending part of the guards and a
5:52 pm
past when he smashed into a team car, which slow down while turning on around the bed. >> grant: as other tanker are slow down and onlookers rushed to help him to other cyclist, who were oblivious to the crash collide with a motorcycle, which sent them flying. he was taken to hospital with injuries to his pelvis, out with a lump. luckily he did not suffer head, neck or spinal injuries at this and curly in stable condition. >> grant: he tweet out a picture from the hospital stay, " all good in the hood die spirit base for the messages " there was no word on injuries to the other to cyclists. >> pam: we are getting ready for school. next i 5 how to keep your kids healthy throughout the school year.
5:53 pm
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>> pam: school is just a round the corner and kron4 is getting you ready for school. on average, elementary school children get up to 12 cold or cases of the flu each year. many parents and teachers refer to it as the back to school play. but there are ways to keep your kids healthy. here is see in in holly furfur with the story. >> reporter: what to do to protect your little ones pricked avoid water fountains, have your child bring your own water bottles to school creek and asked not to share with anyone creek use head sanitizer, especially for eating their lunch cafeteria trays are a hot spot for germ spirit and make sure they have enough rest to keep their immune system healthy. tenty in 11
5:57 pm
hours of sleep is best. keep your child active, and will fit creek in nutritionist what i see will build a resistance to germs. pam bundled up there over) people who protect themselves from old man winter's raft is likely or less likely to catch colds in the middle of the year. >> reporter: today's health net i am highly--holly firfur >> pam: new s six, getting teachers into the classroom brett why some districts are having a hard time finding teachers while the new school year is about to begin port be a more news stretched ahead at 6:00.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: a shift in the weather condition could spread trouble for firefighters battling a well fire. in jerusalem fired doubles in size overnight and showing no signs of slowing down brick 1200 were the firefighters are deadly try to keep the flames from curry it on. >> grant: these men and women are really exhausted " from fire, fire to fire. >> grant: 50 homes are threatened. with this
6:00 pm
existing fighter running south and east of a much larger brought fire. the jerusalem fire has been burning since sunday afternoon. crews are working to keep the fires from merging. the rocket fired did eat through a lot of deal. the dry vegetation is gone. >> grant: daniel, thank you for being here creek it has been a high spot recently print what is the latest of the 50 homes that were threatened in the jerusalem fighter? >> we still estimate over 12 of the akers. it's the same situation we experienced with the rocket fire united prick the dry vegetation, like the other one will grow very quickly.
6:01 pm
>> grant: your last update you say that it has been active. >> are working on it. temperatures are not too bad, humanity has been relatively high your into the early-morning hours it is dry conditions and a little bit of gusty winds with that combination allowing this fire to grow very quickly. >> those residences have been evacuated for several days. the fire is moving in the northeast and southeast direction. it's moving away from those homes which is obviously a sign of release. --relief. but there are overgrown brush that can burn. our crews have been
6:02 pm
working tirelessly tried to build a containment around the fire pricked i do expect, will we receive our estimate of the work that we have done it wishes the contended figure starting to grow. --we should see containment figures starting to grow. >> grant: we will keep you posted on both fire spread the rocky fire that is almost content and the jerusalem fired the started a few days ago, and is still an issue. .. >> diane: hot conditions will continue at the end of this week. but tonight, mostly cloudy and a light breeze creek let me show you
6:03 pm
what they are dealing with here. just off the coast of it may help them with a light showers. but it is giving them cooler temperatures as we zoom in closer to our region to see the pressure system from the southwest. closer to the '90s dealing with cool temperatures for the day it will not last too much on long corporate would talk about that in your 7 day forecast. >> pam: be sure to download the kron4 mobile application we will send you push all arts. is freak at the apple store and the android market. >> pam: would cause this was
6:04 pm
oakland apartment complex to explode just as sure of that these were serving a diction and is on the first ford unit? >> reporter: police say that a gas pipe was deliberately disconnect it prior to the blast spirit which makes it much more suspicious. >> reporter: what they do know is, a gas pipe was deliberately disconnected prior to the blast. >> was it disconnected and left on one then united that knowing that this person would be there. >> reporter: and bally
6:05 pm
burned body was found in the first four border unit and is believed to be the persons of police had the court ordered the to keep it creek--to evict. >> i went back to bed and at was still open capp smelling gas. she >> reporter: of the things the corners would decide if the person died prior to the explosion or due to the explosion. --one of the things the coroners >> pam: san jose police have not identified the suspects
6:06 pm
killed in to supper officers involved shootings. 22 year old was fined finally shot but officers on sunday night. they say, he was attacking another man. police say, when they caught up with the riviera he was brandishing a meat cleaver and was shot. six hours later another officers involved shooting responded to a disturbance at a home on san carlos tries. >> pam: and 30 year-old inland phillips was reportedly on the porch with a shotgun, and fired at officers predict they fired back creek there have been six officers involved shootings in san jose this year. >> pam: governor jerry brown has signed two bills relating to police misconduct in california prick the first games to make it clear, that it is
6:07 pm
illegal to record all for a police in public places. senate bill 411 clarifies that police cannot charge people with obstruction of justice for recording officers to rid the other, senate bill 277 prohibits using grand juries to probe of police shootings this measure is in response to the grand jury decision in ferguson jury not to indict the officers who killed michael brown. >> catherine: police and ferguson released a surveillance video today that they say show the man they shot on saturday night was armed. 18 year old thai raw harris was critically wounded after police say he opened fire on their vehicle. here is the entire video made public today, showing the crowded or the crowd on the street reacting to the sound of gunfire. >> catherine: while most of them take cover, the man identified as harris takes
6:08 pm
out a pistol and is clearly visible in his hand and in contrast to everyone else he then turned to the left, were shot appeared to be coming from. here is like the posters of himself with us on line in his facebook named is citywide g l o c k k >> pam: the police chief in arlington tx has fired the officer who shot and killed unarmed college football player last week. the chief will johnson says officer brett miller used poor judgment when he approached a 19 year old christian taylor alone. to critic for the show's hit a breaking the windshield of a car on the lot before driving his own vehicle into a glass show ron early friday morning creek miller shot taylor won the it team began to advance toward the officer. >> pam: but the chiefs is there was the most physical contact between officer anntaylor or before he was
6:09 pm
killed the district attorney would not decide whether to file charges. >> pam: the charges were filed against the men are rested for the murder of a taller in redwood city last week. the cemetery district attorney now accuses daniel of sexually assaulting the 17 month old daughter of his girlfriend and then be the little girl to death. the suspect appeared in court today but his or raise it was continued until next week. >> pam: the crime allegedly happened last week at this redwood city apartment building and it was the first time the child had been left alone with him. the district attorney says if convicted, contras could
6:10 pm
face the death penalty. >> what happened to her. >> pam: he did not enter a plea and is being held without bail peru on sunday he taught the kron4 news about the child's death and claimed it was an accident, say the baby passed away, what i am so sorry. he is back in court august 18th. >> pam: napa reno national football league owners are in chicago to discuss the future of the raiders in the bay area but it doesn't look good for oakland as will lead exec slams the city proposal or lack there of it which means the raiders could soon be called in los angeles home. kron4 j.r. stone is the only bay area tv reporter in chicago for the tall he is now to break it all down.
6:11 pm
>> local committees have made commitments to move we are at a different point now. so up my guess is that the answer will be desperate--the answer would be yes. >> reporter: inside say he and the chargers' owner opened and closed at 30 minute presentation he would not say anything about it. marin of the raiders in charge and sharing a stadium plan. a former niners executive pushing this joint venture. talking why this move is so important for both teams. it will >> restore california the l.a. market creek to have to
6:12 pm
remember that these two facilities, predated in terms of accommodating football. >> reporter: executives with the leak has several comments about the city of oakland brett would talk more about that. we will see what they had to say tonight. live from chicago, j.r. stone kron4 newsprint >> pam: gary radnich chip is your man. also, coming up san francisco says they are fed up with is happening now. plus, a teacher shortages across the bay area. astons prep to head back to class to read what
6:13 pm
one district is the way to get qualified applicants through the door in a hurry and is an environmental disaster that keeps getting worse by the day creek now there are fears of long-term damage from the toxic metal contaminating a colorado river through
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
>> pam: had reno. a protest by sampras's the cyclists are fed up with a police crackdown on what a popular bike route kron4 stanley roberts feature the be up patrols were features into episodes of people behaving badly last week. police say the bike riders are ignoring stop signs and traffic signals, putting pedestrians and drivers in danger. >> pam: a cyclist, are saying they are being unfairly targeted for it kron4 just bush is what in fact a fiscal floor haight neighborhood with more jeff? >> reporter: they are going to voice their concerns and criticism of the police department. but police say, the largest lender jump for it--but police i--say
6:17 pm
they're just doing their jobs. >> reporter: as recently, as two weeks ago bicyclist from all over the city are protesting with not too far from this location with a full complete stop. the idea of that was to show that traffic problems instead of allowing the attracted to float part because of them all motorcyclists the haste just fine print something, we have seen before some we have not accurate--some we have not. >> pam: this is just an to
6:18 pm
the kron4 news room. a separate fiscal sheriff ross the just announced that the issue regarding his and >> drivers license has been fixed. yesterday's he was informed that the d a m. the has suspended his driver's license for fare to report to and not injury accident from last october. says he had reported incident but his insurance provider did not file the report as he believed. the report has not been filed and the sheriff is working with the city on competing a remaining requirements. >> pam: a teacher shortage is look--a teacher shortage is looming over the upcoming school year, which stars for most bay area students in just a couple of weeks. >> pam: in this segment of our continuing ready for school covers, kron4 haazig
6:19 pm
menu takes a look at one east bay school district and what they are doing to fill those bacon teaching positions. >> we are hiring. they have >> reporter: a lot of catching up to do to fill those vacancies. over the next couple of weeks. >> what all school districts across california right now we are facing a teacher shortage. something taking place in california following years of budget cuts, this is really the first year the school districts are seeing the impact of those budget cuts. >> reporter: at month have this deep high-school and danville there are some pretty important teaching positions that to be filled including biology, computer science, french map and social science. quite a few
6:20 pm
openings, what happens if they are not built they want?--filled day one? >> we do have a plan in place, we hire a substitute and we would continue to recruit cents to we have the best professionals in place for our students. >> reporter: the san ramon valley school district is rather confident that those looking for teaching jobs will like opportunities being offered here. >> the san ramon valley school district is a fantastic school district. it is one of the top performing districts in the state of california. we also offer a great benefit package, we also offer a very rich professional dup element opportunity for our staff to read >> pam: the drop is taking a toll on rivers and streams
6:21 pm
across the bay area, many of which are now all but dried. one of the more stark examples of this is the guadalupe river and san jose. one home to salomon, all matters of birds and even if you beavers in recent years, the guadalupe is not a week showed dry river bed. there are a few pools of water to be seen of string, but releases from calero and other upstream reservoirs have been cut in half because there just isn't enough water to go around. >> reporter: the scope of terrible contamination of the animas river in colorado continues to grow. >> catherine: this is the before and after look at how clear blue river became a
6:22 pm
mass of yellow toxic sludge. >> catherine: colorado's governor was visiting the scene today. word the epa last week accidentally let $3 million of wastewater from an abandoned mine gush into the river. >> catherine: this bill is also affecting the san juan river and could even reach the colorado river creek towns and cities in mexico have been forced to close their intake valve to protect water supplies. the sludge contains high levels of arsenic, lead and other heavy metals and the governor however is try to sound positive for it. >> it is not already there yet it is getting there before pre debt levels. >> catherine: farmers at thousands of local residents even while like activist
6:23 pm
think this is a problem with series along raging of facts. the epa is blasted meantime. for a response to scrap is too small and far too slow print--response described as too small and fartoo slow >> diane: so, storm and cloud will stay with us until early evening into tomorrow morning at around 5:00 a.m.. in part of concord and the north bay cities. at 11:00 a.m. print --giving us sunshine. east bay and cloud in place. >> diane: early morning, you
6:24 pm
will see mostly scattered storms and the morning hours. east bay inland temperatures, really at about 88 degrees for the inland valleys cities. and the low 80s, pence park and concord with 83 degrees. >> diane: east bay shore lines with scattered showers, mid '70s south bay, sunshine with gradual clearing overall career keeping things below seasonal average giving thanks so cloudy conditions, which give us cooler temperatures on average. >> diane: by friday, we would quickly jump into the 90 degree range that will be the hottest day of the week.
6:25 pm
that will stay with us until monday to stand. >> pam: my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman
6:26 pm
for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
6:27 pm
>> grant: is a whole new world on market street. major change has led to mass confusion on the first day of the new rule banning circuit certain turns to rid size of the reno turn spurred the rule applies to private vehicles. the goal
6:28 pm
is to reduce the number of commercial vehicles on the role and make you safer for those walking and biking. violators with a $238 ticket. >> grant: the new restrictions will not apply to buses, bicycles or commercial vehicles and taxis to rid the area is impact impact is market from third to eighth. >> pam: the jerusalem fire dangerously course-the- close to colliding with another wild fire.
6:29 pm
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>> catherine: people are remembering rob williams on this one year anniversary of his death. it was one years today of his death. >> catherine: fans all over the world was paying their respects. they all say that they would never forget the actor and comedian. >> i think he was a great comedian but a great person to. quiet >> an actor and brought plenty of entertainment for many people.--quite and
6:36 pm
great actor. >> catherine: fails lark after his death that williams had health problems and has suffered from depression from years. last month, state officials remained marin county water the tunnel. the robin williams tunnel. the signs will go up in a month or so. >> diane: the cooler temperatures will only last for about a couple of days. wednesday 83 degrees thursday 32 creek >> diane: friday, clear skies. digging and for the inland valleys. 72 degrees for along the coast after it will have more of the
6:37 pm
forecast and a few minutes! >> pam: coming up one of the most important back-to- school test is getting your child vaccinated accurate will have some tips after the break.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
>> pam: the school year is upon us. some bay area students head back to class this week. and as april williams explained that means getting up-to-date with your child vaccinations. >> reporter: reading, writing and arithmetic are all important but what it comes to a student's well-
6:41 pm
being, public health officials say that these are the best way to ward off diseases. so, is always good to update your child immunization records, that's because at adolescents get older, some of the protection from their childhood shots began to wear off. >> reporter: plus, children can develop other diseases as they age. what vaccines to health officials still are necessary? for preteens, the center for disease control and prevention recommends that seems to protect against meningitis, h p before the human papillomavirus, t d ap for tetanus and more creek on including the flu.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: eliminated today in the western regionals. little league world series begins. in toronto newly acquired all-star from sunnyvale now they bring him to canada. jose batista and company doing the same thing here. >> gary: batista, one more
6:46 pm
time will pump something out. now, and the ninth inning the a's with no score poorest of our connection in canada giving you that final. toronto for with oakland a's. >> grant: (male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. from the corresponding in canada. >> gary: i love it. we have someone in every port. >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: is one of those deals where you go, my gosh?
6:47 pm
>> gary: this guy makes 400,000 creek but the guy you looking at ocean $600. >> gary: now chino is out 10 weeks. >> can do anything you want but when you point somebody in the face that is serious stuff. we talk about it creek and i kind of stood my ground.
6:48 pm
>> gary: did not pay a lower tier guy $600. the guy asks them a few times and then there was a sucker punch. >> gary: j.r. stone reported earlier work on more sound bite... the raiders may move down to kirsten california. do not hold your breath and does not seem like much has happened right now >> no multiple team interested in where you are locating to a market where you have to different solutions. our focus on that is if they meet the relocation policy that we have a solution that will work for a long term commitment in los angeles.
6:49 pm
>> gary: and denied j.r. stone back from those meetings will be your host on sports program to rid we have the p g h championship. we will show you practice because with 61 i asked to when it. mclemore is at 10 to one. and where is tiger woods? when you look a mclemore back from injury. woods, was the king has become a 50-1 long shot and has not won a major in several years. >> i am trying to get up there where i can when tournament. on a consistent basis and give myself a chance to win on each and every event that i plan which i have done over my
6:50 pm
career. >> gary: not mess with michael jordan creek do not mess with his money poured he won $10 million from dominicks supermarket that is now defunct corporate in 2009, they used a slogan michael jordan print on a $2 off coupons for it may laugh at the idea but to let everyone know that you cannot mess with my boyfriend and went after dominicks supermarket. >> gary: donald sterling is back in the newsprint can you imagine? take the camera out and follow the one with a visor all day? he claims that he was illegally recorded while talking with heart and that she gave the tape to tape and see. which
6:51 pm
started the reports would t in zepa. --tmz >> gary: there it is. kron 4, we will see if the tv what outpull the radio? >> pam: well, all right gary! >> pam: we will be right
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
>> pam: coming up for our
6:55 pm
entertainment news is on the way fall by insiders and entertainment tonight sprit then we are back at its o'clock. diane will have the details on this hot weather ahead. >> diane: friday, saturday and sunday with the 90 degree temperatures returning. >> pam: (laughter) >> diane: (laughter) >> pam: will see you then! is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. right now, save up to $1000 on select mattress and adjustable base sets.
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"the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> donald is glad we're friends again. >> we are friends, steve. >> drop off an olive branch as hollywood deals with the donald's popularity and why his whining has him winning even after the debate. >> trump thought the question i asked was unfair. >> and then megyn kelly standing her ground. >> i certainly will apologize for doing good journalism. >> who will be trump's next target? >> i think the guy went overboard. and to hollywood. "straight outta compton." and ronda rousey, straight out of opponents. and the whoop fights back.
7:00 pm
dicaprio wins damages. his love child with riri debunked. we go inside the case. and then one hot husband, six kids, three dogs and a nanny. mama zolciak and her house rules. why does atlanta housewife turned mama bear? >> a whole new level of anger. >> ah! >> now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> move over, david hasselhoff. the rock just added another hard body to his "bay watch" movie arsenal. this is the casting news trending for all the right reasons today. >> cue the slow motion, ronnie but let's start with the social media sprint that continues to follow donald trump. >> yeah, hollywood weighing in big time as hillary clinton sounds off on his feud with fox news rival megyn kelly. >> but it's megyn who has the final word. at least right at this second. let's go inside the nationwide hot topic dealing with the donald. >> i just got back from a weekend at the beach with my husband and three kids. anything happen in the news while i was gone? anything?


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