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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 11, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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know better sleep with sleep number. >> pam: at eleven. an explosion rocks a west oakland home. injuring two sheriff's deputies. now. officials are saying, someone intentionally cut the gas line. triggering the explosion. and a burned body was also found inside the home. good evening, i'm pam moore. tonight. we are getting a first look at what happened behind the scenes. kron 4's emily turner shares with us. the police dispatch from minutes after the explosion.
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>> emily : and it blew up to officers or injured in the blast-two officers >>:i need all units to be on the lookout >> emily : officers did not make their way inside of the house because they were afraid it will explode again, so they did not know that there was somebody dead inside of the building. answer of the questions will go along way to figuring out what triggered the explosion >>:it could have been the drilling that said a spark that set the gas off or someone could have ignited it knowing that the deputies were coming
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>> pam :today. a meeting of n-fl owners in the chicago area. brought a lot more uncertainty. about the future of the raiders stay in oakland. the fate of the oakland raiders was the main talking point at the meeting. an n-fl executive says, the city of oakland has not made a viable proposal for keeping the silver and black in oakland. meantime. raiders owner mark davis, was involved in a presentation. the presentation was about the plan to move the raiders and the chargers to the same stadium in carson near los angeles. >>:mark has clearly stated that he wants to keep the team in oakland, but it has to be viable >>:these two facilities predated candlestick in terms of accommodating football, they are very dilapidated >> pam :it is likely that the nfl will make the decision on the fate of the raiders later in
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the year >> grant :we are seeing the updated numbers for the jerusalem fire were 50 homes are threatened with mandatory evacuations, that fire is burning south and east of the much larger rocky fire. the rocky fire started almost two weeks ago and we just learned that the jerusalem fire has burned 14,000 a. and it is now 5 percent contained, meanwhile the rocky fire is 88 percent contained after tearing through almost 70,000 a.. here is a scene of when it was much bigger fire officials say it is the extremely dry brush grass and
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trees thanks to the epic dropped >> pam : bicyclists are upset over a recent crackdown in san francisco on stop light runners. and other traffic infractions. tonight, they and made their voices heard to the police captain who ordered the increased enforcement kron four's jeff bush is live tonight at the park police station. where the meeting was held. he has the details jeff. >> jeff :about a hundred or so gathered at the monthy park station community meeting to get to the bottom of the uptick in tickets written along the popular bicycle corridore called the wiggle. the increased enforcement started at the beginning of summer and caught a lot of riders off guard because they have been rolling through stop signs for as long as anyone can remember.but, the captain of the park station says his in box was filling up with
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complaints about reckless bicycle riders and he had to do something. >> captain john sanford jr. : when we get complaintsas we didmany complaints about cyclists ignoring red lightsignoring stop signsrunning into people in the roadwayhurting and injuring peoplethese are complaints that come from the community. >> jeff :which all sounds reasonable but most of those cyclists in attendance say a few reckless riders do not represent the majority of riders and say the police are going too far with enforcement. >> liz rahaner : i just think it's unnecessary for them to target people who aren't stopping completely when no one's life is in dangerand, as a cyclist, my life is in much more danger than the motorists who are behind the wheel.
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>> jeff :many of the bike riders in attandence tonight say the time has come to change the law and allow them to roll through stop ba signs as long as they are careful about it. i'm jeff bush, live in san francisco, kron four news. >> pam :a neighborhood in san carlos is on edge. and on alert. after hearing about a sexual assault that happened sunday night. a woman in her 30's was housesitting on the 200- block of chestnut street. officers say, a suspect. claiming to know the homeowner. came to the door. asking to pick up some boxes. the assault happened when the woman allowed the suspect inside the home. neighbors never saw or heard anything suspicious. but news of but surprise. >>:the way i grew up was to never open the door to any strangers
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>>:it is sad because there are many nice people here but there's definitely a good majority of drawbacks --dirtbags >> pam :deputies are working with the victim to make a sketch of the suspect. he is only descriped as a possible hispanic male. meantime. police say. residents should never let strangers into their homes. new at 11. a coast guard vessel is returning to alameda tomorrow. following a drug seizure mission. officials say, the stratton. gathered more cocaine than any other coast guard crew in recent memory. this is video from one of their most recent seizures. they spent over 100- days at sea. patroling the pacific ocean. during that time. the crew seized 33- tons of cocaine. worth more than 1-billion dollars. the crew made 23 different interceptions. and dropped off the drugs at a naval base in san diego. the vessel is expected to pull into port at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. just ahead. a controversial vote by the san jose city
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daredevil nik wallenda. has completed his longest tightrope walk ever. he covered almost 16-hundred feet on a wire. suspended above the wisconsin state fair near milwaukee. the wire was ten -stories above the ground. and it was slanted downwards. wallenda has successfully wire- walked above the grand canyon. niagra falls. and between two skyscrapers in chicago. new developments out of ferguson,missouri. after another young man is shot by police. lowe's dismisses three managers.involving a case of discrimination. >> gary :and we will have all of the highlights for sports coming up with the giants and a's spher a little bit later in the broadcast dand your seven day forecast is coming up next
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>> pam :police in san jose are one step closer to using drones in dangerous situations. as kron 4's alecia reid reports, the city council has given the go-ahead. >> alecia :the city council voted unanimously to approve the san jose police department's use of they will be used for emergency situations, such as hostage, search and rescue, and hard to reach areas. during
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community we outreach, a major concern was audio capabilities and infringing on perosnal space. the primary use of the unmanned arial system, or u-a-s, will be for the bomb squad. >>:we need to focus the use of these devices up on those circumstances where we have a live show so that we can figure out what is going on without sending a police officer in and exposing them to severe risk of harm >>:i think they need all the help they can get, there is not enough of them >> alecia :this now goes to the faa for approval. once cleared, the sj police department will use drones for a one year pilot period, then make adjustments from there. reporting from san jose city hall >> pam :officials are releasing
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new surveillance video tonight. which they say. shows the 18- year-old suspect who was shot by police in ferguson. the video shows. tyrone harris grabbing a gun. moments before being shot by police. he remains in critical condition. it happened sunday night, during protests marking the anniversary of the shooting death of michael brown. police say, harris fired his gun at police. enforcement. a lowe's home impovement store in viriginia is in hot water tonight. after three employees granted a customer's request. to prevent a black driver from delivering to her home. a company spokesman says, three managers involved in the incident are no longer with the company. he says, lowe's has quote - "no tolerance for discrimination of any kind." driver marcus bradley says, a store manager ordered him off a delivery at the customer's request.
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>>:and then i got a phone call over the phone saying that i could not do the delivery, and i asked why could not do it and they said because you are black and i do not want you doing the delivery --they do not want you >> pam :bradley says, when he returned to lowe's. a white driver replaced him. hillary rodham clinton will give up the personal email server she used while secretary of state. at issue is whether classified information was improperly sent or stored on the device, which ran from her house in suburban new york city. she has directed that the server be given to the justice department. clinton's use of private email has been targeted by congressional republicans and white house rivals. >> diane : it is too dark to make up the clouds but morning lows will be mainly in the upper 50s
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here is your forecast for what to expect in the afternoon will have we have that warming trend just ahead of the forecast that is going to cool things down and it was foggy conditions in the morning hours right around 6:00 a.m. we will transition to new time the north bay and the south bay as well as we transition to 10:00 p.m. evening wednesday we'll have much of the same pattern with the fog that is it for the two days ahead of us an afternoon high as tomorrow around 3:00 p.m. as i mentioned are a little higher than average and mid to upper '70's for the east bay shoreline, your seven
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day forecast will heat things up come friday saturday will be the hottest day of the week and. by monday and tuesday we're dropping it back down to a seasonal average >> pam :today marks the one year anniversary of robin williams' death. the 63-year-old hung himself in his tiburon home last year. the one made famous by a 19-93 blockbuster movie. kron 4's vicki liviakis went to the "mrs. doubtfire" house. and talked with fans who came to pay their respects. >> vicki : it is the house that robin williams started and as mrs. dowd fire--doubtfire >>:is my first day as a woman
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and i'm getting hot flashes >> vicki : fans have come to pay their respects everybody loves him >>:he was a comedian and i really think he was a great person. he was very humble and very real it's >>:he touched a lot of people's lives >> vicki : fans learned after his death that he had health problems and suffered from depression for years, and they renamed to the tunnel and the robin williams, >> pam :in sports the dodgers get a big night from their
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>> gary :giants centerfielder angel pagan placed on the 15-day disabled list with patellar tendonitis. meanwhile. fans coming out to see madison bumgarner deal but first bottom 1st matt duffy robbed of a home run
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by carlos gomez who makes a brilliant catch over the wall and he is pumped up! bumgarner was the boss strick out 7 straight at one point including the side her ein the 2nd : complete-game 5-hitter, 1 run, 12 k's bottom 4th/ scoreless brandon belt solo home run off former oakland-a scott kazmir. 1-0 giants bottom 6th/ 1-0 giants belt does it again off kazmir this time to the opposite field. his 9th and 10th home runs of the season 2-0 giants final: 3-1 giants
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they snap their 4-game losing streak 5-0 dodgers giants stay 2 1/2 games behind san jose cambien park little little team was eliminated today in the western regionals in san bernadino by nevada 9-23. the little league world series newly acquired troy tulowitski sunnyvale native signing autographs top 2nd after an a's error tied the game 1-1 justin smoak goes off the left field wall russell martin scores 2-1 blue jays bottom 5th/ 3-1 blue jays bautista solo hoem run off kendall gaveman 4-1 blue jays
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final: 4-2 blue jays. theyve won 9 straight games this is one of those stories where there is just ignorance all-around jets quarterback geno smith will be out 6 to 10 weeks after suffering a broken jaw at the hands of a teammate. sources say reserve linebacker ik enemkpali sucker punched smith after a dispute over 600 dollars. enemkpali repordatly bought smith a plane ticket to appear at the linebacker's minicamp, but he did not show. enemkpali was released from the team immediately following the incident. jet's head coach todd bowles was asked about the incedent. word leaked that the warriors will begin defense of their nba
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title at home against the new orleans pelicans october 27th. four warriors at the mendenhall center in las vegas for usa national team minicamp steph curry and draymond greenklay thompson and harrison barnes michael jordan is seeking 10 million dollars in damages from now defunct dominik's supermarket for using his name without his permission. in 2009 they used the slogan "michael jordan, you're a cut above the rest," on a 2 dollar off steak coupon. he was in court today for jury selection. jordan has a net worth of over 1 billion dollars.
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>> pam :good night
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donald trump's campaign chaos. his former advisor speaks out to "inside edition." >> i'm the only adult in this campaign. >> as megyn kelly doubles down. >> i certainly will not apologize for doing good journalism. >> then, ben affleck's first public appearance since nanny gate with matt damon. >> he had a spoil on his face. >> he is still wearing his wedding ring. >> and mom versus the bear. moments after a family selfie, her violent encounter with a 150-pound black bear. >> that's the claw mark. >> then, gossip girl courtroom drama. why an angry judge took away


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