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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 13, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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was strangled stabbed and also raped. 15 year-old adrian gonzaleses behind bars being tried as adults for the murder. also lived in this apartment complex. authorities said he lowered her into our his apartment before dumping her body in the recycling bin in the downstairs grosz. could face life in prison. ben and contact with the district attorney's office if and when we get new information rieti here on kron 4 news. >> pam: the violence continues in san jose. homicides in the past six weeks,kron 4's rob fladeboe tells you what police are saying about the >> reporter:homicide investigators were still at the scene here on lundy avenue in north san jose thursday afternoon where a man was found shot to death inside an office complex. sergeant enrique garcia. clock"in for a better person was shot officers arrived found the
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victim and sell the building and a partial call it the so have. the victim's identity was not immediately released. police are vehicle, which according to jesus alzamo, who works in the building, belongs to another "all the time a little worried about at." >> reporter:police could not confirm any of that or information that the partially vacant office building was being used by transients. police did say they were interviewing potential witnesses and canvassing the neighborhood for surveillance video and a possible motive for sot sgt. enrique garcia "industry right now put need the pieces of the puzzle together. exactly what was the victim doing their, who did the victim show up there with, how did he show their, was the connection to the place, did the shooting occurred here and was outside,
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why didn't he go inside a lot of unknowns." >> reporter: compared with 24 on the this day one year ago. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news > >> grant: this is the 19th in san jose so far this year. here they are, at the mall for you majority of them right here in a san jose area. two were stabbing fatalities to people beaten to death. rest were shot last year in total 32 people were killed in san jose. >> pam: sunnyvale this afternoon. left the homicide was reported around 1 today in the 1200 block of vienna drive. one dead, one detained in another is dead of a suspected
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suspects pleasea bay area fugitive on the run and investigating and not the scene for over a decade. is now behind bars. the suspect is alleged to have abused children while working as an elementary school teacher. kron 4's haaziq madyun talked with f-b-i investigators. about how they finally tracked him >> reporter:one of northern california's most wanted fugitivesfrank joseph montenegrocaptured in los angeles wednesday by a the federal bureau of investigation's fugitive task force. a los angeles f.b.i. spokesperson told me by phone that the case dates to back to 2001 child molestation case montegro was working as an elementary school teacher in the fremont unified school districtwhen he was charged by the alameda county d.a.'s office with multiple counts of sodomy of a child under the age of 14 against the victim's will, oral compulation and the continued sex abuse of a minor.
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the fbi got involved after montenergo fled across the border to mexico. he has been on the bureau's most wanted list for the past 14-years. that is until a tip led los angeles police to his locationa community home. the f.b.i. spokesperson told me he was cooking breakfast when they found him. he tryied to get away but after a brief struggle he was taken into custody. the current superintendent of the fremont unified school district had this to say about his arrest of how"of the district were extremely grateful to the police department and fbi law- enforcement that really after this length of time followed up to bring justice in this case on behalf of the students who were involved." >> reporter:frank montegro is still in custody in los angeles. he is in the process of being transported back to alameda county where he will finally face the child molestation charges against him. in fremont haaziq madyun
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>> pam:a man who was found dead inside his west oakland apartment after an explosion tuesday. has been identified as 45-year-old john navarre. the explosion occurred, while the alameda sheriffs deputies were serving an eviction notice to the home. the blast happened in the back of the building. and set the home on fire. oakland firefighters were called to put the fire out. the man was found dead in the back of the three unit building. no other tenants were in the building at the time, but the explosion did about 300- thousand dollars in damage. investigators are still trying to figure out whether navarre set off the explosion. or if it >> cath >> grant:happening five of the jerusalem firefight.burning in lake and now napa countes.south- morning.that good progress was made overnight.increased humidity helping.
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the last update.indicating more than 23 thousand acres have burned.containment jumping up to 33 percent. mandatory evacuations still in effect. some 50 homes.threatened by the fire. joining us now live on the fire spokesperson daniel berlant. things for joining us what is the latest now this jerusalem fire? "continued three additional firefighters to help slow down and has been a very fast-moving wildfire, where conditions to the iraqi fire. we are working to get an updated estimate of how much of acres have burned by this fire and police. report we had 23,500 a. 33 percent contained on this fire. making good progress today though we've been expecting seeing all lot of stronger winds that will test airlines making share we hold it back with number one goal today."
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this >> grant: the fire started on sunday some 50 homes said to be threatened as the fire still moving away from those homes? "we continue to see much of the fire progress in the easterly direction versus. southeast of the versus it is moving away from a majority of homes evacuated earlier sunday. it'd have to call for additional evacuations earlier in the week just to make sure residents. some scattered rural areas notified that they do need believed. this fire continues to burn in a very rural area away from those homes. that makes the challenge and very difficult for us to get in there contain it conditions were made very very dry and. but brushed the grass the trees even though they may seem green and pictures can't to dry and bring quickly." the good >> grant: news is homes are not imminently threatened the we do still have those mandatory evacuations just
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burning through a ton of dry brush that's been trying for years now or talking about? "absolutely fourth year of drought seen the impact the brush and trees especially. they are very dry drier than we would normally need this time of year and the gunfire and spread very rapidly. reconditions macy later in the fall months it significant wins. little the wind in these extreme dry conditions fires like the rocky fire are burning. at a rapid burning. and that's where so hard that the public health us from 95% of the fire is a sport with activity people from preventing these, fires from starting" >> grant: aggressively vigilance strong winds and issue is supposed to get a lot hotter this week and cut. and then
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again live tonight at 6:00. >> pam:a new prediction today from government climate experts: the el nino which is forming now in the pacific ocean is likely to be one of the strongest ever and they have come up with some pretty colorful names for it. scott rates is here to fill us in. scott? >> reporter: his having fun o'neill is back with the help of a wet winter no one predicting the end of the four year drought this are happening in all right now all we do know this year's i'll new he is going to be a monster. when nasa scientists cause the kernel milhaud godzilla right. white indicate rising sea temperatures stretching westward from south america. compare that to the strongest previous semiannual back in 1997. the winner of 98
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1997. the following winter brought san francisco twice its annual weather here? in el nino years the tropical jet stream that usually dumps shifted north. back to 1950. since then the seven el ninos have produced three wet years, three dry years and one average so even the experts are guessing. in an average year, chances are equal for above, below and near a 60 percent chance of bringing more precipitation. >> reporter: would not replenish the subtext close and below are with. >> pam: the california wildfires
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continue to spread kron 4 gets an upclose look at the air tankers. and that red liquid cal-fire uses to battle the flames. plus. dozens dead in china. after that powerful blast. just ahead, the latest on the search for a cause of the explosion. and next. as the beginning of the school year quickly approaches. parents raise concerns about safety in one north bay school district. >> dianne: he being back with temperatures close of 100 degrees set. and they forecast coming up in just a few minutes. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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>> pam: to one school district particularly concerned the students' safety. stan kern enliven vallejo tonight to explain. >> reporter: outside vallejo high-school tonight there will be listening session several school board members in superintend will be here listening to current concerns lay out a stranger on campus and off campus.
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"their concern for the safety of their kids on the reasons why some parents take their kids out of school district could high-school." >> reporter: will come out of control must and make more changes. "safety on the campuses more site security more cameras more. authority coming from the administration." >> reporter: right now only one school resource officer a police officer in fact he says there should be one for each of the middle school campuses and high school campuses. whether or not that will happen will have to wait and see. tonight as a listening session also a town hall meeting with school
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violence coming up on august 24th. >> pam:a dead bird found in pleasant hill. has tested positive for residents spotted the bird near the corner of chilpan-cingo parkway and camel back road. birds can carry the virus and pass it on to mosquitoes. and the insect can then pass it to humans. so far this year, two groups of chickens. have all tested positive for the virus. officials say, 54 people in contra costa county. have been diagnosed with the disease in the past ten years. and two people died from it in 2006. >> catherine:a 67-year-old california man was attacked early this morning by a black bear. it happened just outside his home early this morning.and he had to fight it off. he lives near highway 140 in county. rangers say the bear had probably been rummaging through the man's trash when he stepped out of his house before dawn.and
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he was bitten and scratched on the legs, arms, and stomach -- but managed to get away and drive himself to the hospital. now people in the area are being warned to be on the wildlife wardens search for the continuing our coverage of fire season. we see them all the time. air drops from planes. of that red fire retardant. and with the massive size of the current fires burning combined with the drought this technique is being used more than ever. kron 4's justine waldman spent the day with cal-fire. learning all about this critical firefighting tool. she shows us how it works. nats?? >> reporter:the fires are raging and it is non-stop at the sonoma county round of firefighting aircraft them on their way before the flights take off each plane gets loaded with gallons of mvpx that red fire retardant it is a critical tool in the fire fight.
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cover sot it is more effective in slowing the spread of fire than strictly water the retardant is a mix of water, salt and coloring. the bright red shademakes it easy to see where it has been dropped. just in the past few days calfire has dropped 200- gallons of retardant on the fires burning right now. that is more. than what gets used during some entire fire seasons. sot the draught necessitating more retardant "the fire retardant in this bucket right here is called mud. it feels like slim. it needs to be thick enough to be dropped accurately but loose enough to coat the vegetation." nats inside the planes the pilot pushes a small button. that
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opens up the doors underneath. dropping the fire retardant in sot it is essential in slowing this fight from the sky precise in sonoma county justine waldman kron 4 news. >> pam:a huge crowd came out to lake tahoe to remember and honor the life of 21-year old firefighter michael hallenback. michael was killed last saturday when he was struck by a tree while responding to a wildfire in the south lake tahoe area. even strangers came out to pay their respects to a man who died doing died defending it. close to will remember even if used in contact with he keeps up with your heart amazing person from defending our wild fire and wildlife are home he died
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defending it. onamong the tears there were laughs remembering michael for doing what he loved. organizers said they expected around 100 people at the memorial and 350 people attended. >> reporter: to clear skies would looks like right now those temperatures still in the '80s for some inland valley locations in 83. antioch and concord. east bay shoreline cities more like close '70s san francisco is staying in the upper 60s. to its planners 7:00 p.m. clouds rolling in clear night so ladies for inland valley locations '70s for the east bay shoreline 63 along the coast 10:00 p.m. and at that pettifog only in the peninsular regions along the coastal region by 5:00 a.m. mostly sunny skies gradual clearing along the coast temperatures more in the low 60s. f three highs warming trends tomorrow you'll impact to
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vote saturday sunday will feel that he. a former the compared last couple days. a seven antioch's and find out livermore east bay shoreline more like the '70s san francisco state los '70s and daly city in the peninsula upper 60s if you think this will be the warming trend impact but until saturday sunday it will get hot and close to 100 degrees of talk about that in just a few minutes. >> pam: latest on the search for causes of the blast. the new option growing in popularity hospital delivery rooms. i don't want to live with
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it also should not be taken with any other containing amiodarone, medicine that contains sovaldi. i am ready to put hep c behind m i am readyfects may include to be and headache are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni >> pam: falling a lawson delivers refinery explosion happened back in february. the
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blast injured for contractors heavily damaged equipment and and white ash a car and home investigators are classifiying 18 out of the 19 citations as serious because they could have caused major injury or even investigators found that exxon did not take action to eliminate known hazardous conditions at the refinery which could have prevented the explosion. in china -- emergency crews are suspending their efforts to put out a raging chemical fire in the city of tianjin - at least for now. they first want to learn more about exactly what they're dealing with. update. >> catherine: the official death toll in that disaster stands at 50 -- with a port company says dozens of its employees are still unaccounted for -- after yesterday's fiery explosions at a warehouse packed with hazardous chemicals.
5:25 pm
today - a man caught who lived nearby -- talked to a cnn crew about what happened. personnel saw the flash he his wife migrant construction workers to of the 15 million citizens a city jolted awake by powerful explosions strange. pulled them barely filling the jagged broken glass and the street. carried some clothing left their money behind choking chemical smell filled the air no choice but to breathe again as they ran to this convention center parking lot. severely burn and as fast others collapsed from pain or anguish of losing a loved one.
5:26 pm
during a live report and said the hospital tempers flared. an angry mob demanded to see the photos for some of their pleas to not stop them sleepless terrifying night and exhausting confusing day still no answers for the people now surrounded by devastation aerial views giving an idea of the scope of this devastation the buildings and neighborhoods practically flat and.reporters are being kept far away -- and social media users say their posts have been deleted. >> pam:two front runners emerge in what's become a marathon for the white house coming up at 5:30. the important candidates. plus. a close call. police
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chase and an eye opening ending. what police found when they caught up to one wreckless driver.
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>> pam: now at 5:30. we are staying on top of the growing jerusalem fire that has now grown to more than 23 thousand acres. mandatory evacuations are in place as the massive wildfire threatens some homes and buildings. kron 4's jeff bush is close to the fire line tonight. he joins us live with the >> reporter: jerusalem fire continues to rage on 10 mi. to the store location here morgan valley road care right to the video you can see roughly 2000 firefighters are hard at work putting out the hot spots they can but the fire continues to rage on more and the mountainous steep terrain and the rugged areas of a very steep area very difficult for firefighters to fight to talk to a couple firefighters and hellfire public informational office the wind is causing problems event.
5:31 pm
the the"uptick in wind which is expected scamander southwest france certain problems with calling retaining winds to the possibility of embers blowing all over those containment lines right now cruise out they're concentrating on control and getting contemning lines in place a contingency lines in case is a possibility embers from the containment" >> reporter: these firefighters have not your hard work for some time and they showed up here opera at the iraqi fire last week and now they move over here to the jerusalem fire some saying they've been here for close to two weeks of thing is lassa a lot of fire raged on talk to one the firefighters to said there is a different spotty. they've heard the member is jumping over catching other fires in a blaze.
5:32 pm
>> grant: breaking news now have a name and face tied the unbelievable the bird story overnight yesterday's chp says this is a suspect harlan case sanchez edwards richmond investigators say she crashed the car reported stolen out of l.a. on the bay bridge today and yesterday and over the bike lane fence wrestle free for a chp officer 75 ft. in the bay somehow made it to the toll plaza and some derive from a dump truck driver and then abated police cents we have a name and face tide that case to keep posted on developments there. >> reporter: skies tonight patchy fog along the coastal regions the show's inherent feature cast 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning was still on a coastal regions you see the pettifog and
5:33 pm
even at the oakland hayward area borderline of that east bay shoreline. and then they transition 11:00 a.m. all clouds there plenty of sunshine brought the area and to be that way all through saturday morning saturday afternoon. saturday night because of the high ridge pressure system keep things up into the summer heat back to the '90s upper 90s at that. forecast for 86 degrees from and to about 30 degrees warmer saturday 99 degrees. an inland valley locations with sun. 97 degrees set a sunday will be a hot one there. in 74 cass' how long he will stick around and return >> pam:officials with the environemntal protection agency say the tainted animas river in colorado.appears to be restoring itself. e-p-a crews accidentally released an estimated 3 million gallons of heavy metal contaminated water while flushing out a defunct gold mine last week. the agency has taken full although the river seems to be
5:34 pm
returning to normal. experts say adverse health effects from the spill can take years to become apparent. bag recall been denying sam-sex marriage clerk kim davis has refused to issue couples the marriage beliefs. davis could be held in contempt which could include a heavy fine or even jail time for defiying a federal judge's orders. one man who was denied his right to marriage said he knows the issue will be resolved it's just a matter of when. with the g-o-p race still wide open.and the democratic race anyone and everyone who wants to be president will be making a stop at the iowa state fair.which is currently underway. from our partners at c-n-n.ryan nobles has the latest on the state of the race in iowa. the
5:35 pm
20 >> reporter: as impressive i was a fair one example of the mad dash of crowded a canid it's waiting through in the heart i stay. first-place voters will go into the race for president. a race on the gop side remains under the control of one dominating figure. as no. 2 in the polls on no. 1 by quite a margin very honored by that. >> reporter: holes and scott walker despite the big trump lead still a long way to go/ democratic side hillary and still leads by wide margin vermont senator bernice standard
5:36 pm
skining grounds and vice president joe biden now not even the race has earned 12 percent of the support. a so much time to go these canada it's taking nothing for granted shaking every hand taking advantage of every moment. >> pam: strikes being launched turkey's month negotiation for the the has of turkey is the time increase is a time span cease-fire original resisted access it was turkey resisted access until a recent string of isis attacks
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>> pam: is outside once widely used in united states during
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labor fell out of favor 1960's due to epidural now fda has approved special equipment to deliver laughing gas during labor holly furfur has details. a line >> reporter: left her with almost no pain control the second time around curlicues laughing gas nitrous oxide, among the growing number of women in the united states choosing nitrous during labor as the same gaseous for painful enteral procedures widely used during childbirth and europe canada the gasworks but quickly wears off quickly when women can move around freely during labor after delivery experience is inspired. that just does not
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block plan like a bad girl can but instead helps women disassociate from pain for safety research and national institute of health shows babies born to mothers using matches have similar scores to the babies born with women who use other pain relief options are not all. these are while work in the wake coz it so quickly eliminated from the body. >> pam: please officers get an eyeful after a wild chase. complete forecast immunex. coming up
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5:45 pm
allred has been one of cosby's most persistent legal foes. she was asked about getting information on some of the women she's 'not' representing. "there were permitted asked about allegations other accusers is an important question and also inquire about allegations of other accusers to the extent they are relevant. this applies to its longerthe latest cover of new york magazine features 35 of the women who accuse cosby of sexual assault. he denies any wrong-doing - but has been ordered to testify under oath in california suit. the magazine article also includes more of the court documents from a deposition cosby admitted to getting sedatives to give to women he wanted to have sex with. >> pam:everyone talking about the 23-year-old pennsylvania
5:46 pm
beauty leukemia diagnosis. the insider's louis aguirre is in los angeles with more on this question >> reporter: tonight did she do. crowning achievement to what a shame miss pennsylvania u.s. international sits behind bars charged with theft by deception receiving stolen property accused of masquerading as a cancer patient to raise money and pocket the funds. they stood for those with a shaved head wearing a mask and seagrams celebrating a medical milestone i can't believe it's been a week already since i found out i'm intermission again this posting your lower back covered in gauze caption
5:47 pm
reading, marrow biopsy number to don getting results next week then jumping into making a schedule also reportedly held fund-raisers including one that raised $14,000. fools' family members into waiting for her to hospital all she's efforts and achievements. rehearing next wednesday pageant organizers reckons with fully. listing on the web site effective immediately she's no longer representative of the miss pennsylvania u.s. international organization. be required to return her crown stack in sash upon release from being detained. >> pam:wisconsin police got an eyeful when they caught up with a driver who drove right at them. you can see the man crash through a fence and barrel toward their cruiser. he then makes a hand jesture at them. back ups and drives off. the man then led police on a three mile chase , before totalling his vehicle.
5:48 pm
he then got out of the pickup and that's when things got "unbeknownst to them up to this point we realize we have a guy that's walking completely naked." in addition to wearing no clothes, police say the man was high on l-s-d and is suspected of battery against his girlfriend in a domestic incident that happened before his run around town. >> reporter: here's what to and tonight mostly clear libraries in the afternoon sun skies and the warming trend continues friday. week and dry and hot conditions upper 90s for that cell. it is sunday as we have that high pressure system. a smaller one green some light
5:49 pm
rain showers and diarrhea but cooling things down for our region. bigger wind out and beat southwest rain heavy rain and nevada. internal cooling things done for us in northern california area/so/apache fog and tomorrow evening to money and should stay clear. by tomorrow evening and pencil locations here and the upper 60s and along across the bridge they're " upper '70's and the oakland san leandro 79 castro valley 71 out in berkeley and the. and allocations not a lot of 90's but britain would 91 degrees over all looking at the upper 80s. 87 >> dianne: agrees on average down to the south bay regions much of the same deal with those temperatures of sunshine in place or more tomorrow but will feel this not to set a sunday at least a difference in temperature was no. their regions scattered clouds 85 degrees for your average temperature 74. cast 86 and then
5:50 pm
saturday 99. some monday tuesday 85 degrees to. days of summer heat and the upper 90sher name is jaynelle st. jean but most people know her as. the pie lady makes incredible her at her pop up called pie- tisserie near jack london and just like the old spot - jaynelle bakes up all sorts of pies.
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how often do you run stop signs well we got you on video running a stop sign my question is how often do you run stop signs
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let me just say one thing, then i'm going to go away. i don't think you are a journalist i think you are a cameraman. that was the end of our conversation, here is the beginning
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oooo oooo oooo that was me talking as three cyclist blew through a stop sign at the wiggle in san francisco nats: siren gentlemen i need you all to stop as the officer from sfpd's park station talked to the riders lets listen in none of you guys stopped ok you are not associated with the police no i'm not ok then i rather not talk to you just because it's kinda weird well i'm with channel 4 how is it weird talking to me or taking to anybody else because you did introduce yourself.
5:56 pm
a motel where for how was it weird if you introduce yourself. and onand while the officer wrote the tickets the conversation then so now you say i'm in your face but you walked over to me i'm signs how often do you run stop signs umm i'm actually not sure i don't need to answer that. then is buddy told him that it yea but i's just like officer
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kron 4 news
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>> pam: sanchez a board of
5:59 pm
richmond authorities say she crashed a stolen car yesterday morning on the bay bridge chp says sanchez edwards managed to jump off the bridge swim to shore where she reportedly picked up by a dump truck driver taken san francisco glassine in the area of fremont and folsom streets in this city a few of her whereabouts and jurassic contact the california highway patrol today ought tester results released gemstone live in our newsrooms details a real
6:00 pm
shuster >> j.r.: analyst tabret we're first report that body found and recycling container at her apartment complex a day after she is reported missing 15 year-old aging gonzaleses behind bars being tried as an adult for the murder. he also lived in this apartment complex authorities said that he lured her and headed into his apartment before killing her and eventually dumping her body in the recycling bin in the downstairs cry themselves as being tried as an adult and could face life in prison there are still a number of unanswered questions in this case the d.a.'s office has not yet even given us a time frame on all this and it's not said if they a good from an actual murder weapon tonight at 8 ago when death with a child advocate to get his take on all of this information.
6:01 pm
vallejo school board member sounding the alarm about safety concerns with the city's schools. as stand prepared had backed the class. three months since mass next rest was murdered near campus send. then kron 4 tonight some vallejo's school board members and superintendent are meeting with parents with what can be done. >> reporter: a listening session it was informally scheduled. they are listening you want to hear from parents and what exactly what their concerns are what they want the school board to do. it was in may when just
6:02 pm
about a high-school student mass next rusk was murder off-campus and vallejo and. the time parents said harsh words about security in the school but the violence the tote rusks life was not violated more and more fights are happening to vallejo. school >> reporter: board member says parents are telling them that the republican safety and now's the time for the school board to take action. i think the kids will start pushing very quickly when school starts see what they get away with again this year. yet one school resource officer we need a minimum one more of like this
6:03 pm
see him one on each high school campus and want every middle school campus. >> reporter: is money for it bush's safety and another scheduled for the 24th action must be taken at that point he says time to talk is over and then it's time for action. >> pam: fairfield police oliver road back avenue police shortly after our arrested this man 47 year-old david lofton arson release it related charges. a citizen called in a report of a suspicious person standing watching one of the fires. this is responded and found this man with a lighter and box of matches in his pocket. the wildfire across the state tonight can. fire is battling
6:04 pm
more than a dozen major fires right now to the largest in northern california finding your light yellow close to townies in jerusalem home fired continues to burn and napa county.grant is here with a closer look at where the jerusalem fire has burned.and where it's if the >> grant: do in fact merge iraqi fire is burned out and that probably wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen right now firefighters are facing the jerusalem fire moving right now an easterly direction jeff bush shot this video yesterday afternoon liven just a moment with the latest and set the stage nearly 70,000 a. rocket fire. started two weeks ago almost fully contained. the jerusalem fire
6:05 pm
that started sunday is still raging. smaller es over 23,000 a. now 33 percent contained. it is burning in this direction actually did it is always from 50 so homes still under a mandatory evacuation orders. lost annual will work to regain the connection meanwhile ogata kron 4 jeff bush on the fire lines the past two days i note the streusel fire pretty intense where singer now doesn't look too bad when heavy seen driving around? >> reporter: today that was yesterday roussel fire is continuing to burn a few miles east of our location here morgan by road some fresh video we shall just a short time ago in see the towering plume of smoke
6:06 pm
still rising off of the mounds right now about 2000 firefighters in place putting out the hot spots on the side the road also battling a fire along steep rugged terrain as you mentioned the wind is causing fire fighters a bit of a problem. but the really concentrate on having contingencies in place and working a perimeter control >> reporter: is concern is just a few embers could get launched in the air and the winds can't go over a broad new fire and they're hoping more hard to keep that from happening. >> pam:this blaze is large
6:07 pm
prison inmates are being called in to these inmates are not murderers or arsonists. instead. lower level felons who have proved they can work as a team. it's exhausting work and long hours.but for some inmates it beats being in prison. this not only adds significant manpower to the fight, it also save the state a lot of money. roughly 800 inmates are fighting the jerusalem fire in 24 hour shifts. and there are about four thousand inmate firefighters in california. >> pam: daniel with hellfire
6:08 pm
give us an update with a happening at the jerusalem fire in particular can you hear us? at the clock is awaiting a new numbers regarding how many acres have burned with the jerusalem fire what are the new numbers? so low growth know where to the same extent activity level it's been the last couple days and firefighters continue make good progress but it is like the wind conditions 50 percent contained this fire continues to be very active in eastern side of the fire which is where there's not as many homes it's a lot more
6:09 pm
sparsely populated. slick continues to make our jobs somewhat easier but was still a lot of work had a loss and it's definitely good news not as much fire as we've seen the last couple days east of the nature of a good line up on this fire. the forecast is for hotter temperatures of the next couple days with your concerns? continue to monitor the weather very closely gusty winds today even have a red flag warning for high fire danger a lot of sierra many parts of california where were continuing to see a higher than normal fire risk as you mentioned though temperatures on me may hit triple digits and some areas in just a couple days. we're definitely bracing for what would be working against us with a lower 2000 firefights continuing to build continue on this fire. sure real good line
6:10 pm
around a before the weather starts to seven. how many firefighters, fire is fighting and also describe the conditions of the firefighters that have been going from one place to another. currently battling 16 active wildfire's tool ignited this afternoon when san diego and one in calaveras county. the rectifiers over 12,000 firefighters from across state political bay area fire departments districts all helping out in this battle. leaving our resources out estate even california national guard all i firefights on the front lines of these fires some of the counties of the north part of the state trinity those areas hit very hard with lightning last several weeks. fires burning in california and that's how we've continued as the
6:11 pm
public to prevent sparking fires that can be prevented. >> pam: juice and fired a 50 percent contained that is good news. center tonight. the warmup on the way is probably not good news for blaze.right? >> reporter: u.n. conditions. >> dianne: 2 mi. per hour wind speeds surly won't die down anytime soon add that as well as the heat or target of things heating up here pretty quickly so. it before you 10:00 a.m. already in the '80s for much of the area the transition up to about 11:00 a.m. here in 2 2:00 where we get to our daytime high and we see the red area indicating upper 90s even when hundreds were talking about the summer heat that will stick around for all the north bay in the valley locations parts of the south bay east bay shoreline in the upper 80s it will. be a hot one saturday sunday saturday
6:12 pm
been the hottest of the weekend. that will stick around as well in the forecast by 6:00 p.m. still cut images in the forecast next couple days for use here friday yes it does continue but you'll feel the impact to about saturday and that's when all the heat comes and. clouds and the skies that will feel the heat on saturday sunday as well drop it down to 97 still fairly high conditions a breezy conditions at that., and he will stick around when i return. california >> pam: record drop could pharmacy the beginning of the end the prediction. says the coming winter is likely to be what one scary why the government's monthly report says the one forming in the middle of the pacific is the strongest on record. and if the past is any for california. the pacific ocean is heating up. the red and white areas on the
6:13 pm
map indicate where surface temperatures are the most above warmer seas equal warmer air. and as it rises, it pushes the jet stream north. tropical storms that normally soak the jungles of central america head up the coast to california. in 1997, the strongest el nino previously recorded brought 47 inches of rain to san francisco, twice the average rainfall and the most since 1862. but in 1965, another el nino year brought drier conditions to the west. all we have is guesswork based past el ninos, and records only go back to 1950. a normal year has equal chances of above and below average precipitation. in an el nin year they go up to 60 percent for more rain.
6:14 pm
mudslides could cause damage and plan for 17 deaths. a month in another city fall the for homicide city's new information new video of the deadly blast that brought the ♪ ♪
6:15 pm
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6:17 pm
police and civil releases picture of a woman ruthlessly beating her mother to death. to carol lynn adrian smith murder suspect lives the house with the victim her mother 80 one- year-old and francis smith. the suspect used a hammer to kill her mother homicide police ceylon please respond here early this afternoon same argument may have led to the attack other details not being released the suspects. was at home when police showed up as. the senate bill's first murder of the year and to post the details as. >> pam: 11 killing in san jose in the past six weeks running extra patrol
6:18 pm
but there are few clues to the latest homicide where a man was found shot to death early this morning in a partially vacant office complex on lundy avenue in north san jose. police did not immediately release the man's identity or reveal any information about possible suspects or a motive nor could they offer an explanation for the recent up tick in violence crime. your concern about the violence is occurring not only to residents and citizens but look at the tax other officers have had people willing to take on the pleas. if the will and take us on watering and do for the public. that's why we need to step up our efforts to the community and elicit the help of the community. the missing people can do these pieces suspicious activity cars people in the neighborhoods that along:.
6:19 pm
police were still at the scene late this afternoon, interviewing other tenants of the building and canvassing the neighborhood for surveillance video. they say violent crime is a rare which is largely occupied by companies. a child molestation suspect on behind bars. 52-year-old frank joseph montenegro was arrested in los fugitive task force. according to investigators the former fremont unified school district elememtary school teacher fled the bay area back in 2001 after .for those families" montenegro is currently in
6:20 pm
custody in los angeles. he will be transported back to alameda county where he will finally face the child molestation charges >> reporter:new details today about the nasty fire that burned a mission apartment complex killing one today we have learned the displaced tenants have filed a lawsuit against the landlords, claiming negligence, and much more. the tenants say the landlord didn't keep fire safety equipment updated, and that smoke detectors and fire alarms seeking compensation for loss punitive damages tianjin. temperatures >> reporter: and '80s. >> dianne: east bay shoreline cities low 70's and here's how the rest of the evening will play out for you we have a patchy fog and our area for the
6:21 pm
coastal regions at that the low pressure system surrounded by a week when off the coast bring some light showers that will give us cool temperatures and a patch of fog in place for tomorrow morning but the will of low pressure system off the coast as well and the desert southwest also indication of where we of color tablatures past couple days. as we get a high-pressure system in place next few days talk more friday to set a sunday. things will quickly heat up and upper 90s and 100 so feature cast a cloud again the patchy fog really will stay in the san francisco pencil regions and even along the border lines of the spate cities for the. most part those are high clouds in place and then never lost an chanfron and allocations north bay area as a. also on the peninsula during the afternoon hours. by 4:00 a.m. saturday mostly clear skies normally have patchy fog in these areas because high pressure will be strong this week and getting caught to
6:22 pm
buttress for the weekend. tomorrow warmer not into the '90s at all in the peninsula locations upper 60s obviously with microclimates and then east bay shoreline and '70s under mostly clear skies you're involved locations 90 degrees here 91 for brentwood overall as you concede mainly in the upper 80s 87 danville wall the creek or end up some. the bay area's as clear skies here as well average there is about 85 degrees and the north bay region 88 and general for categorized average there said. and they forecast color for one day but again notice the warming trend kicking in saturday sunday and it said it the hottest of the week and 99 degrees and problem reach 100 spotlessly brentwood easily sunday in 97 degrees clear skies clearing up monday that offshore breezes returns tuesday cooler temperatures for the rest of a week next week. >> pam:
6:23 pm
>> catherine: a warehouse full of hazardous killing at least 50 people -- with more than 700 injured. the explosions shortly before midnight demolished a workers' and tossed shipping containers as if they were toy blocks. most of the fires in the area have been put out -- thanks to the more than one-thousand firefighters on the scene. but isolated pockets of the region are still burning. rescue workers are still at work -- and have evacuated hundreds of homes and neighborhoods that have been damaged. disruptions in water and sanitation service are among the many problems that city officials are dealing with. >> pam: lines and livermore dozens of new stores open up just in time for back-to-school shopping. later aircraft pilot reporting a dramatic increase in
6:24 pm
drones' sightings of the faa pushes on the crack on those on many machines
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
square-foot expansion is our large sense and a stay store is open as a supply opening dish in the disney 580. store as a compelling lineup to the outstanding collection iconic brands to their names. we will go from hundred 30 stores to hundred 60 support stores today at least 20 more for opening address the year. premium of light cast there to shop today. just remember that there could
6:27 pm
be extra traffic in the area. more trouble with drones in california.and beyond. autopsy offering more disturbing picture of how and a year-old santa cruz girl was killed we were from cal fire grew it drew some wildfire 50 percent contained but female announcer: sunday's your last chance to save big
6:28 pm
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looking for one of these? yoplait. smooth, creamy, and craved by the whole family. the topic school violence. as you know in may suggests the bethel high school student murder just off campus many
6:30 pm
fights on campus throughout the district one school board member says that he thinks the best.
6:31 pm
another at 2000 firefighters on the line check and make sure those hot spots a stay cool. that doesn't happen. in san jose recent uptick in violence continues please investigate city's 19th homicide so far this year. investigators say man was found shot to death and at north side office complex here along the avenue. the daddy was not immediately released and please revealed nothing about any suspects or witnesses in the case it was the 11th homicide in san jose in the past six weeks.
6:32 pm
anytime law-enforcement follows through and is an amazing job of following up some years later is always a comfort to the school district and community at large. i think one of the things were most grateful for is that for the families with the students it does bring closure to those familiesan air ambulance helicopter had to swerve wednesday to avoid a drone -- just north it's just the latest in a string of incidents involving drones -- and aircraft. the problem is multiplying.month by month. the government says that pilot reports of drone sightings this
6:33 pm
in all of 20-14 - there were 238 drone sightings nationwide. this year already -- the f-a-a 650 reports. in california - firefighters at the scene of wildfires are particularly infuriated. an example - this recent fire on i-15 in southern california. different drones. since they can be hard to see and can bring down a plane if they get into the engine. pilots are grounded until the it also happened here - on the edge of the san bernardino national forest in july. again - air tankers were called in for a time.bringing and it was the same story - at several other wildfires. it's why state legislators are now working on a bill to make the penalties much tougher. and it's not just small planes or helicopters.major airlines have had run-ins with drones too. and that's not counting the strange encounters between wildlife and drones.
6:34 pm
this eagle in australia is being cheered for bringing one down. some people shivered at the potential - when a connecticut teenager figured out how to fire a gun from a moving drone. some aviation experts are saying the government is simply not moving fast enough to get a handle on all this. the f-a-a says that flying a drone "anywhere near" a plane can bring criminal charges dollars. so far -- any scare tactics don't seem to be helping much. >> dianne: amoco temperatures how he will make a comeback and for tonight clear skies afternoon tomorrow warming trends things warmup and then you really will feel the impact
6:35 pm
saturday sunday as we reach the dry hot conditions temperatures in the upper 90s even the 100 since some areas 87 for east bay shoreline even nice along the water a beach area 75 degrees sunday, conditions as well 97 for inland valley 84 east bay shoreline only will last for leaks and things will start cooling down for the week as that midweek shows and preconditions by wednesday. from hip-hop to spies to coming up theres a creek in is being trashed by people behaving badly you going to come out here and go pick it up im going to find you so you will
6:36 pm
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6:40 pm
has to team up with a russian k- g-b agent to stop an evil together on this." "man from uncle" is rated p-g- 13. buys his hometown, "jake" the two take to the soccer field with the future of the town in the balance. favorite foosball players, who, in this animated movie, come to underdogs is rated p-g. at 7:00 it's the insider, followed by entertainment then we're back with kron 4 news at 8:00 on one of the pga championship
6:41 pm
team often wisconsin the a's tried to avoid being stuck in toronto. kerrey has how little the sports coming upon.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
>> gary: deal of parkinson's francisco giants washington at the same spot can lose too much more ground and again for the proceeds into apathy minutes and the a's went for zero in toronto. he is fresh from the start you say all back spasms in jesse's shabazz was out there three run homer challahs not bad quick start sixth inning not sunray mark cannot believe burns and the score estimated its seventh foray trash credit on
6:45 pm
second marcus simeon trying to tie it up with its rhino the overtaken the yankees and coming from a, backing the days when. you start playing when they lose today baltimore next stop for oakland ron one pga championships year-ago. o also lost their cause a great jordan speaks not going for the grand slam but off today at - 1 in beautiful chip way back tie for 24 roy mcelroy back from a ruptured tendon in his left ankle finish. is less one tiger woods + 3 tie 487. that's the thing you keep seeing when his words to make it and make it today justin johnson though very
6:46 pm
good he. is the leader after round one he is - 6 first player shoots 66 a better in the opening round of a major three times and a major the single season. less clear and had a long time and good today so that's about it. >> gary: 7 5 million last year to listen to is the tired of talking and he can't commit the standard ridgy bush is not in play tomorrow on saturday announced today extradition
6:47 pm
football great has pegged vacation at this practice seems tom sewell said he wanted the other players to retain the chance and once again to me a loss see kron 4 hearst and a lusty folklore per cent but it spring training but all this practice see he's rehabing role in the complex more night and funny because grant company already. snow you have to have this done a little bit? >> grant: soar across every single august each credited to the preseason for a couple weeks this year's and different. have a good time down a wary eye on fresno again?.
6:48 pm
>> gary: all were going last night, a little bit for something and o'clock so. if your member house talking about allot 11 lozano. ending it the eighth pilots and so nice to know apples on those doing good he is right raiders' first exhibition game is tomorrow night, and relaxed and straight outta compton which pan this
6:49 pm
showcased sports note that shows sunday night at 91 recap of the week you got it last seven doing this trying to see if indeed you get more followers from the radio or tv a personal thing opinion of the insider going to occur on. there's little information and self-serving material about me. this is the world of sports that we love
6:50 pm
what my favorite stories a day after breaking in quarterback's job back in football signing with the buffalo bill make a long story short quarterback the jets are in $600 to got madam pores were exchanged today amid apologized. the consumers of
6:51 pm
9,000 cals a day since february takes in between six to 9,000 cals a day because he felt his body was becoming a week and his trainer suggest 50 slices of bacon 20 chicken breast the keyhole avocados and 9,000 cals. j.j. what again the the the outcome of a stricken breasts and 50 slices of bacon. >> pam: names getting creative the name of top list for wealthiest of
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>> pam: from bond you calling somebody will buy car owned by steve jobs s mellon thousand dollars for this 1995 bmw convertible. 138,000 mi.. the car has documentation indicating jobs was the original owner in the mid-90s all the car actually valued at nearly $2,400 close steve jobs than collector will be willing to spend the extra money for car owned by the tech genius. >> pam: owners getting creative
6:55 pm
by with names nationwide insurance for pets each year company has a contest with the public decide which pet name is the luckiest. this year's military and some leges dog names 2015 baren von furry pants fuzz lightyear this effort cost at six back in a clock we took this you then
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"the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> if i had my way, i would still be married to lamar. >> no khloe, right? >> the close encounter of the kardashian kind. was khloe really shocked to see her ex? >> nobody got followed. nobody got grabbed on. >> what sparked lamar's alleged outrage. is her reported rebound relationship the real trigger? >> delusion. >> how easy is it for a pedophile to pick up an underage child? >> social media makeover. the youtube social experiment that will leave every parent speechless. >> it's the scariest thing to think about.
7:00 pm
and "vogue." beyonce is taking cover. we go inside beyonce's stylist treatment. >> any questions? >> you think this is hard? from hell on wheels to the heavenly angels. why one on one with jane lynch as she spreads her tv wings. >> i've been in love with you for a while. my freak flag is flying. now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> khloe and lamar's early morning face-off. is her new nba boyfriend the reason for their volatile reunion? louis, this is straight out of an episode of "keeping up with the kardashians." >> drama after lamar ambushing his ex became a top shared story. >> then came the reports that lamar was not only harassing khloe, but also being verbally abusing. >> today, he's making startling accusations to blow the kardashian's cover fueling the ongoing controversy behind khloe's ex factor.


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