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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 15, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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: police are looking for a black man in his 20s wearing blue jape and a red or orange shirt. motor vehicle smoke fills the skies around the bay area. get a look at this video xup see the haze hanging in the air. a lot of people also smelling sphier today. the smoke is actually drifting from the wildfires burn together forth. in some area, officials are warning that if you have breathing problems, you really should be staying inside. tonight, we have you covered.
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meteorologist brian van aiken tracking how long the smoke will stick around. first, scott shows us the impact that the smoke is having. >> reporter: a plain credit of haze covering most of the bay area saturday afternoon. the sky filled with thick smoke. for some, the conditions mean means health concerns. >> i thought it was a fire in antioch. >> we were driving over here and noticed it was are the smoky. >> reporter: people in the east bay remain hopeful that
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california will soon get some relief. >> we need a big el nino to come right now. >> a spare the air alert will be with us tomorrow. >> we have not only the particulate matter in the air, but also a high ozone concentration trace. we've seen a shift in the wind pattern. typically, they push out through the delta. today, the winds have changed directions, now coming out of the the north. i think the wind, sin stead o of coming directly out of the north, will be come more out of the northeast. there cowl be some improvement as far as the haze and smoke
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and poor air quality go go. you can't see it, but perhaps can you smell it. we have visibility below 5 miles still in some locations. that will be in place for tomorrow. another smoky sunday on the way. things improve for monday because the air will shift. the air will be coming in off ocean. not only will the air quality improve, but temperatures will start to come down vicki? >> you can get a view, more photo, ab more on
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and the rocky fire that start on july 29 is 100% contained tonight. this fire torched over 65,000 acres in lake, yolo, and kolusa counties while destroyed 43 homes and 68 other buildings. police have shot and killed a man believed to be the target of a 2 week listening manyhunt. he's believed to be suspected of killing a dentist in july.
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here's pictures from a water main break. earlier today, customers in a 20 block radius might still be having some water issues tonight. residual kepts might experience discolored water or low pressure water. we twaukd residents in the area today. >> e can't do anything with the water. we can't wash our face or take showers. coming one, in the height
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of fire station, neighbors want to know why a multimillion dollar fire station is sitting vacant. and millions of gallons of toxic material is dumped in a colorado river. and how a man survived a viers vicious attack from a 250 pound bear. the buttery jack was a huge success.
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one man is happy to be alive after he came face to face with a 250 pound bear. on thursday morning, larry ye perks z stepped outside of his home and met a bear. >> i could hear the crunching when he bit down on. when it kicked in, i said, man, you got to fight, harry. >> fight he did. he managed to fight the bear
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off. his yorkshire terrier managed to distract the bear long much for both of them to run away and survive. ahead at 11, get to the bottom of why a local fire station has been sitting vacant for months. and a major glitch snarls flyings and delays travelers. female announcer: sunday's your last chance to save big
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lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. an air traffic computer is up and running, but not before the problem caused some pretty big delays and flight cancellations. something broke noundown in the computer system that produces flight plans in virginia. delights to and from airports from new york to the carolinas were delayed or canceled. airports can already be a hassle, but travelers sure had some extra stress added today as you can imagine. samples are still being taken after $3 million of contaminated best water was spilled into the colorado animus river last week. officials said contamination levels were still too low to be a concern to public health. outside, experts warn that any contamination in the water
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could be stirred up by future throughing, which could pose a risk to human health and the environment. state officials say their next goal is to reopen irrigation ditches. but first they need to make sure any contaminants in those ditches are washed back into the river. the sea breeze pretty much shut down for today. without the sea breeze, temperatures also warmed pup as can you see here live on pier 15, and for tomorrow without the sea breeze in place, that will allow things to warm up once again. right now, we are looking at temperatures pretty warm even here at 11:15. over 80 crease in concord, current 14reu8 dreets. we have 70s in pleasantton and livermore.
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san francisco, because of that bit of a breeze, we're getting ocean air coming in. right now, mid 60s. and for tomorrow, look for lot of sunshine in the morning. we're still going to have the haze and the smoke, although i think it won't be quite as bad as we had for today. temperatures could be warmer. perhaps up to over 105 degrees. it will be a good day to head to the beach, just like today. look for more warm temperature. santa cruz forecasting for 92 degrees. vicki was telling us bad traffic on highway 17. i forecast another day of bad traffic on highway 17. some 50eu8s too. triple digits in the east bay. perhaps close to 110 degrees.
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90s for the south bai. -- south bay. haze and smoke and hot weather. for monday, a little bit of a comaipght sea breeze will get just lightly stronger. still hot inland, and a gradual cooling trend through the week, and it will be very slow to cool down as we get little bit more fog each day. just as use getting a handle on tbiers burning in lake county, concerns are rising in one north bay community people living in santa rosa are worrying about the response time of their local fire department because of a mix-up on federal building regulations. >> i am elena warren. this is my kron4 story. >> reporter: in 2002, a grand jury told the city of santa
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rosa they needed to move fire station 5 here. while it took -- it took them over a decade to do that, and now that the building is here, it still isn't being used. >> reporter: california is in the heat of fire season, and just up the street from elena warner is a new fire station. >> my major concern is that we have intense fire activity in the lang county area, and now it's in napp -- in napa. we're not terribly far. we need this fire station open, because we have a major issue up here. >> reporter: but there's a major issue the station. the $2 million bran-new facility isn't up to code for people with disabilities, so thai thai couldn't move in. the facility has been sitting empty for 2 and a half months. >> the building was designed for able-bodied firefighters with ada in -- with a.d.a. in mind.
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we just fell through. >> reporter: when the funding came through, the billion plan changed. >> this peninsula needs to be removed. there needs to be a 60 inch clearance and a kitchen of this design. we clearly don't have that. >> reporter: $60,000 has been set aside to make changes to the bathroom, door, counters, and more. but there's no timeline on those changes or price tag. >> we have major danger. there's no excuse for a taxpayer to sit there and watch this fiasco. >> reporter: in the meantime, fire department is working to get a temporary certificate of occupation so they can at least move in and make changes later. >> reporter: the fire chief says they should have that temporary certificate in the next 2 weeks. >> this story was brought to our attention by a viewer. if you have a story, sun mitt your idea on our website,
11:20 pm new video shows messages and names written to people missing after the explosion in a chinese port city. the death toll is up to 112 now in the port city of tianjin -- in the port city of tianjin. sphier still smoldering in the area. one of the chemicals there is cyanide which is very deadly to humans. an australian rugby star called football -- rugby star for unturned footballer runs all over the titans. we have your highlights coming pup.
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filling in fort f sports tonight. i don't know how good i'll be at this. i can guarantee that i'll be the tallest gentleman ever to anchor spears her. the scwients hosting the washington national, looking to better their wild card chance. top of the 2nd, this one, 1-0 right here. jake peavey gives up a solo home tore ian desmond. 5 and 2/3 in, 9 hit, 5 earned runs. government 3rd, guess who answers? the duff man. giants go up, 4-2. the duff man wouldn't be done here. giants would score 5 runs in the inning. bot toll of the 8th, 11-5. buster posey line one to left. that scores duffy. posey now, 78 rbis on the year.
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giants cruise. they win, 12-6. climb back 1 and a half games back of the dodgers, because the dodgers lost today. the a's in baltimore, taking on the orioles for the second night in a row, and there would be a game win-ing home run. that's a game-winning home run to chris davis. 2nd night in a row. davis hits 2 home run. orioles win 4-3. let's talk about football. football is back. first preseason for the niners, they were in houston take on thens. here's what it looks like. nrg stadium. colin kaepernick, 49ers end zone, finds ankwon boldin. that would be cap's only drive of game. blaine gavert takes over for quarterback, hands to jared hanes. look at him bust loose.
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53 yards, vicki me looks good. he returned a few kick. 120 yards total. he looked great. the niners, not so much. they lose, 23-10. but it's preseason. means nothing. that's what gary always said sai. raiders open their first preseason game at hoing rams, lighting al davis thorning, fielding raider nation there. first drive of the game, quarterback derek c rarks. latavius murray has 6 carry, 35 yards. same drive, carr fakes out, rolls out. aamari cooper, super cooper from alabama, 3 receptions, 22 yards on the game. carr when 6 for 9, through the ball 43 yards. raiders get the win, 14-3 over the rams. the sabercats are in their
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playoff game. i was at the game last night and they won. >> i know you're a big football fan. >> big arena football fan. i just recently discovered the excitement of nap. keeping an eye on the skies, when is this stuff going to clear out? i was coughing all day long. >> you can actually smell smoke in the air. i think we'll be smelling it again for tomorrow. although not quite as bad, because the winds are shifting a little bit. as we go into monday, the clean ocean air will sweep out the wind. 80 this is san francisco. look at those inland temperatures. not only getting to 100, but getting well over 100. we could be at 107, 108. closing in very close to 110 degrees. another hot day tomorrow, and then gradually cooler next week. i would like to be the tallest.
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>> nature's air-conditioner. >> bring it. >> cool is good. >> good-bye, everybody. see you in the morning.
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>> let my niece be okay. please god. >> the amazing rescue caught on tape. >> i got you sweetie. >> the hero uncle speaks out. and mom versus the bear. just moments after a family selfie, her violent encounter with a 150-pound black bear. >> that's the claw mark. >> plus, how could one of the most handsome men alive end up looking like this? >> courtroom artist didn't have a good day. >> the tom brady courtroom sketch artist everybody is talking about. >> then, presidential proposal. the wounded warrior who popped the question in front of two presidents. >> two former presidents, a


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