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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 22, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the men took down the suspect on a train headed for paris. scott race joins us now. pretty heroic actions by these three young men. >> reporter: absolutely. these fine young men, very heroic what they did on this training. they 1-zprobably saved several lives, vicki. an incredible amount of bravery shown by them. now family and friends in sacramento as well as everybody around the world praising them for possibly saving hundreds of lives.6%;]ñ >> we couldn't let everybody die.le a vacation quickly turned to horror for three sacramento men on board a train bound for paris on friday. >> a guy with an ak-47 entered the cabin. >> reporter: the men knew something had to be done. ehrman spencer stone was the first to h9?step into action. >> i think spencer is the real hero. he was the first one to jump on him. he is the one who got cut up. >> reporter: ehrman stone suffering several cuts as the gunman took -iqf&s at him. anthony sadler and alek
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skarlatos who serves in the national guard jo6jpin the fight. >> that's our friend. we had to join in. >> reporter: the passenger tied up and subdued the attacker who had a loaded ak-47 and several rounds of ammunition on him. the train was rerouted to a city north of paris where the gunman was arrested. french media is reporting that the suspect's name is elkazani, a moroccan national. back in sacramento, the men's parents say they couldn't be more proud of their sons. >> i raise those kids to do the right thing at the right time. without them taking immediate action, it may have been different results. great kids. grade boys. >> reporter: president rocco bohne praised the men for their actions.]qzml ehrman stone was treated and released from a french hospital. thankfully he is expected to be okay, vicki. >> all right, scott.
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chris norman has also been credited in taking down the gunman. norman said he was working on the computer as -- at a time when he heard glass breaking. he was the fourth portion to join in. the gunman was small and not visibly strong but he put up quite a fight. he explains why he decided to 3p take the man down. >> what else is there to do? either you sit down and you die, or you get up and you die. there was nothing more than that. >> norman was returning from a business trip in the netherlands to his home in the south of france at the time of the attack. breaking news tonight, san francisco police, highway patrol and coast guard stepped in to make an arrest of a suspected gusman -- gunman. highway patrol pulled over the suspect on the bridge. then the suspect took off. authorities ran onto the island where a short foot pursuit took place. then they were able to detain the suspect. a weapon was recovered nearby. no shots were filed -- fired
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and nobody was injured. i'm going squabble between two brothers in fairfield turns deadly ending in a murder suicide, so say police. >> reporter: two lives lost, both brothers. siblings at odds for quite some time, police say. culminated in a spat next door to this woman that ends in a deadly double shooting. >> i can't imagine it getting so bad. he wish you could do something to help. we didn't talk to our neighbors very much. we didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: r2#the brothers, we're told, the two often argued in his home. things reached a head late friday night when one brother pulled a gun out and shot the other before turning the gun on himself.?xuñ correa says a third brother upstairs heard the gunshots, ran downstairs, and discovered
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the bodies. >> we don't really see the police here ever. that was very shocking. especially that time of night. they came to knock on our door. it could -- it took us a couple hours to go back to sleep. >> reporter: for the city of fairfield, this is the fourth homicide of the year. kron 4 news. more than 250 wildfires are burning nationwide including some in the bay area. nearly 400,000 acres are smoldering in washington state right now. president obama has approved an emergency declaration to get more aid to the hotspot. stephanie even with our partners at cnn has more. >> reporter: across the country, more than 250 wildfires are burning in 17 states. really, really bad, and all at the same time. >> reporter: in hard-hit washington state, 390,000 acres are on fire. more than 3000 firefighters4kpy 26 planes are battling the flames. >> it's all hands on deck.
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as you can imagine with so many fires, it's tough. >> reporter: president obama signed an emergency declaration allowing federal resources to move in. as firefighters worked to save homes and evacuate residents from harm's way. >> they are committed. they are tired. they are working long hours. not getting sleep. they are getting chased from one house to another. but there giving it their best. doing a great job. >> reporter: what was once a three-story home is left smoldering and reduced to ashes. >> i don't ever remember being like this. i've lived here my whole life. >> reporter: some evacuees can't in a home depot parking lot. >> it's so sad. because i love where we live. i love the grainger, the beauty. the wildlife. >> reporter: with resources stretched thin, about 200 active-duty soldiers from the joint base are joining the fight against the fires. this situation is so desperate
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the state is now asking volunteers to help dig fire lines. and these residents helped to knock down flareups close to their homes with potentials. >> everybody is so stretched thin right now. is just what we do. we protect our own, our friends, everything. >> we come together when we have to. >> reporter: the state is mourning the deaths of three firefighters who died earlier this week in the small town of twists when flames overtook their vehicle after it crashed. for others -- four others were also hurt. one critically. >> you know the danger is always there. you hope it never happens. when it does, it's tough. >> this just in, firefighters are battling another fire right now in lake county. according to cow fire, that started at 5:30 tonight, peterson lane and adobe creek road is the location. it has burned 400 acres so far
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threatening nearby buildings. there are no evacuations in place yet. the cause of the fire, under investigation. kron 4 will be keeping you updated as more information comes in. the tesla fire pit -- burning has torched around 2700 acres. it is now 95% contained. crews at this point are securing the fire's perimeter and cleaning up the areas that are still prone to catching fire. they are hoping to have it fully contained by monday. one building was destroyed. no injuries have been reported. the jerusalem fire that has burned over 25,000 acres is 98% contained. the fire has destroyed six homes . that fire started on august 9. it has -- its cause is still under investigation. all evacuations are lifted. celebrity sharon stone and joe jonas were in the bay area to host annual hotbed gala in tiburon. that event raises money for the nonprofit organization 10,000 degrees, which helps
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send low income students to college. kron 4's alecia reid joins us. i can only imagine how it's going so far. >> reporter: vicki, this is going to be a night to remember. the red carpet is right behind me. guests are getting their photos taken. that's just the beginning. they have a lot in store. tons in store for the 300 plus guests on the list. models are in the back getting ready for a fashion x& ñshow ths in the making. petrone will be flowing all night while guests are entertained. they purchase art from the gallery. all this fun is for a great cause. this is the fourth year the family foundation is posting its hotbed gala to support 10,000 degrees. 10,000 degrees provides college access programs, scholarships and college completion support for students of all ages.
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the family has given time and money to help young students for over 35 years. and this event is and addition to the host of things they do to the community. shenstone and joe jonas raised the red carpet before posting tonight's beautiful event. >> to be here in this beautiful place and do something great for the young students out there are -- i think it's incredible. >> education is one of the most important things we can get our country. i'm thrilled to see that this is an opportunity not just for people that go to college but for people to continue their education in any way they would like to. >> coming from some of the worst circumstances possible, the success rate has been unbelievable. but 10,000 degrees, the normal graduation rate is 50%. 20% for kids underprivileged. 10,000 degrees, it's over 80%. how can you not support a group like this? they do so much good. >> reporter: the family foundation raised $140,000 at
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last year's gala. it was double what they raised the year before. they are hoping to do the same this year. reporting live in tiburon, alecia reid, kron 4 news. >> thanks. hundreds of people turned out for the breast cancer challenge in oakland. the 5k run raises funds for uninsured or underinsured low-income men and women undergoing cheapened for breast cancer. our very own pam moore took part in this year's event. and is on the board for friends of faith, the bay area reporter who died from breast cancer in 2003. throughout her six and a half year battle against the disease, she worked hard to raise awareness and money to benefit low income women with breast cancer. members of friends of faith are continuing to work to complete the work that she began. >> carolyn, why do you support this cause? >> faith was one of the most
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dynamic people i got a chance to work with in my career. her legacy and what this means to all of us is something i couldn't miss ever. never. >> 's event also featured some live entertainment and a raffle prize drawing. hundreds of fans came out for a golden bear stay at the university of california memorial stadium this afternoon. cheerleaders, the band, they welcomed cow fans who lined up for autographs. -- california fans. the entire football team also signed memorabilia for the eager fans. formerly known as football appreciation day, the event now includes all 30 university athletic teams. >> it's very exciting. it's a great chance for the athletic department. not just the football players, but all the athletes. tremendous athletic program here, great women's and men's athletic. the band and cheerleaders, it's a great way to start the year with all the fall sports
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coming. very exciting. great for the kids. >> the women's soccer season has already kicked off. so to speak. bears football team opens the season september 5 against grambling state university. coming up, an there stunned goes terribly wrong. what happened to the military jet that sent it spiraling out of control? how much did the epa really know about the chances for a toxic spill into a colorado river? we look at a wide -- why the agency didn't heed the warning before it was too late. a san jose teen shows how to grow money, turning $100 into 40,000. where she spent it, next. a tropical depression is spinning around in the pacific and taking aim at the islands for next week. we may even see impacts right in the bay area. i'll talk about that coming up. do you like the passaaadd?
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$40,000 is a whole lot of money to a high school student but one team in san jose is giving it all away. live from delmar high school with tonight's my kron-tv's story. w >> reporter: good evening, vicki. the student we're talking about is a sophomore at delmar high school. it all started back in middle school when she got a christmas present from her parents. it was 100 big ones but there was a catch. she had to spend the money in a way that would make someone else's life better. then it a want from there. >> this is my kron-tv's story -- kron 4 story. >> reporter: it's a pretty common saturday chore.-bkç the pile of bottles and cans grows every weekend. >> $2 per pound of cans.
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a dollar per pound of plastic bottles. $0.10 per pound. >> reporter: she is saving the money for cleft palate surgery. >> it really affects their life. >> reporter: she's been doing this since she was 11. >> they can't talk properly or can't even smile properly. >> reporter: the surgery costs $250. poor families can't afford the price. so senali has been turning these cans and bottles into dollars and cents. the recyclables come from her , e mom's office and nearby businesses. over the years, she has raised enough money to fix 160 smiles through the help of charity smile train. more than $40,000. >> it feels really good. i really wanted to give more and more. >> reporter: now, the student,
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her fellow classmates, they are always a on the bandwagon. they know where their bottles and cans are going. if you'd like to get involved, senali says, just sent a donation to the smile train. live in san jose tonight, kate gable's, back to you. after a lot of cloudiness in the morning, the sunshine managed to come out in san francisco here at union square. for yoga, it was a nice day with temperatures up into the upper 60s and low 70s. this is yoga for hope. this event is designed to bring awareness to the benefits of yoga. and especially helps when you have some nice weather out there like we did today. we're going to have more of the same for tomorrow.ñ!4> what look at this, a time lapse and all the sunshine we had today.kyksoñ now being replaced by the low clouds move into the bay. the low clouds already!½iu into east bay right now. that's been keeping temperatures cool with all of the cloudiness to start, then
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the seabreeze this afternoon. readings relatively myopic you might remember last weekend, we were in the triple digits and 90s by the bay, about 25 to 32 degrees cooler today with highs in the 70s.q"m bayside, low 80s for the south bay, east bay valleys and here is the current view, life bay bridge, there is all the fog up rñ low clouds are going to push inland for tonight.alk t$tt bay valleys, also into the south bay after midnight. we have a cloudy start for tomorrow, slow clearing, a little bit of drizzle. then&vñ sunshine and breezy win for the afternoon, very similar to what we had today. here's a look at fog tracker, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. low clouds bayside, north bay, east bay, and even though the forecast model doesn't show it,2 i think we'll have some low clouds to the south bay. south bay and east bay clouds clear out by 9:00 a.m. we will still have the fog, )n8v:rbe northbay, late morning
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r out around 11:00. the fog hanging onrhvu all the through the afternoon at the beaches. look for temperatures pretty similar 'sváztoday with 60s in san francisco, 70s in bayside, perhaps a couple reid is getting close to 90 in the inland valleys. i'll have an update on the weather for the weekend coming up, vicki. f÷with the release of the film "straight outta compton," critics are saying the movie ú dr dre's history of physically abusing lñ women. dr dre has since issued an apology, saying he deeply regrets what he did. contest to criminal battery charges after he allegedly vrlback in 1991. his former girlfriendrçc,ñ -- girlfriend has also claimed he was violent toward her. next up, protesters take to planned parenthood centers all over the country today. re demanding the government stop funding. coming up,cvp tickets ,]wer
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handed outv)tu in redwood city drivers. i'll tell you why in the next edition of people behaving badly. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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this driver in the blue car is backing up to an intersection in redwood city. a police officer just happened to be standing there. the driver gets waved over so they can have a chat. what's interesting chat this fc5to be. >> you cannot back up in the middle of the intersection. there's oncoming m fhítraffic. they could have hit you. right? there's oncoming 0.btraffic fro that way. for her information and then i y san mateo county saturation
8:23 pm
traffic enforcement, which is a traffic enforcement, whibetweeny law enforcement agencies. heresn& at veterans boulevard in redwood city. causing a problem. the 0hvedriver of this hondalk was flagged over by a redwood city police officer.uñxél4 >> how are you doing, sir? i saw you pull the vjbturned ba there. you cannot f/r"link change ove >> reporter: let's just say >> is there a possibility you could call somebody to pick up mz >> reporter: she was missing a drivers license. so was this driver. maximum enforcement.?icñ:j@çb -÷ get caught, more than likely you're getting a ticket like >> reporter: you rolled right through that thing. >> yeah. ñ else. >> reporter: or can't piggybacking at another dqyrive >> you need to make a full stop
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before you pro;÷qwgçjh) >> do not -- that's so mean. >> reporter: in the end, she was ticketed for unsafe backing up and blocking the which means oíñno traffic school. >> okay. >> reporter: in redwooóm city, stanley roberts, kron 4 b.9byne. storyidea, notify stanley roberts.r!4ñ coming up at 8:30, a big win in a fight against isis. gupaddling fast to escape a lightning strike. we we'll show you kayaker who got too +(á@mclose for comfort.
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still ahead, and angry mom post a video that she says shows class in her with -- in her baby wipes. what huggies had to say. a puppy stuck in a pipe gets a helping hand. a deadly erika -- airshow crash.@ what made that jet lose control and smashed into a nearby road.
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new tonight at 8:00, seven
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people are dead following a plane crash in the united kingdom. it happened during an air show earlier today. scott rates is back with us, he has video of this awful crash. vçwrong? >> reporter: it's still too early to know what went wrong but investigators are trying to figure out exactly that, vicki. absolutely frightening scene out there at this airshowuárñ i southeastern :jaú÷england. all the people could do in the stance was look on in horror. this was a cold war era military jet. lost control during the show, highway killing seven people on the ground. the pilot amazingly survived. he was pulled from the wreckage and airlifted to thepuq hospita. this was a hawker hunter jet, before it hk=jstarted to nosedi there have been several pictures and video taken by people watching the airshow. investigatorsy>:&x reviewing th pictures to try to figure out ° search teams are looking for anyone else who mightókd on the ground. authorities still not exactly
8:31 pm
sure what went wrong up there, if (q was pilot tk?error, or what. hospital and remains in critical condition, vicki. >> scott, all right. services were held for a parachutist who was killed at the chicago air and water show last week and. friends and family gathered at a local high school football stadium to say goodbye to corey. he and another parachutistiú)fñ collided during a drop. a member of the army golden knights diving team completed five tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan. his brother and law -- brother-in-law says who qk was . h:qqg c happier than more fulfilled than he has been these past few years. he loved being a part of the golden knights team. he loved to be on the jumbotron'su8÷ giving interviews to the n%jlp he was living hisñ
8:32 pm
we got to leave it with him. >> hood earned two pron stars in the army. he was posthumousläh promoted t master sergeant earlier this week. another closed beach in southern california. smelly, f sarvof
8:33 pm
new mexico and utah. officials say the river is back to normal but some experts say the river beds are still toxic. protesters gathered atm planned parenthood clinics today, á£rand for the governmen to cut federal funds for the healthcare provider. the protesters participate in prayers and chants and held j planned parenthood sells baby parts. this was fueled by videos released by antiabortion activists that show planned parenthood officials engaging an selling fetal tissue for profit. planned parenthood [!8/denies allegations and(su claims the videos were heavily edited. here is the turnout in north carolina where four people gathered outside the charlotte planned parenthood center to create awareness on the impact of a portion. in a statement, the vice president of planned parenthood said these rallies are just meant to intimidate and harass patients. a big win in the fight against isis. the white house issuing a statement that a u.s. 4eçdrone strike has killed a high-value target. barbara starr with our partners at cnn has details.
8:34 pm
>> reporter: isis's number 2 was killed this week in the u.s. drone strike near mosul, iraq. a stronghold according to u.s. officials. a senior u.s. official tells cnn the u.s. had quote, actionable intelligence on this man, it the drone launched its missile. critical intelligence as the u.s. is trying to collect every scrap of information on isis leaders. using overhead reconnaissance, eavesdropping and spies on the ground. haji mutazz, a longtime deputy to the isis leader. haji mutazz oversaw operations across iraq and was a top financier. >> there's no doubt there could be a significant loss to isis. not only because of the very
8:35 pm
senior role in the organization, the chief deputy to the leader, but also because of his military expertise from serving in iraqi military intelligence in the era of saddam hussein. >> reporter: and very much in the u.s. crosshairs. >> somebody who would know how to organize a terrorist group, knows how to organize a military campaign. >> reporter: the white house called mutazz the primary coordinator for moving large amounts of weapons, explosives, vehicles and people between iraq and syria. he planned the isis offensive that overtook mosul in june of last year. iraq's second-largest city of 2 million people. and the so-called premier of baghdad. the big question, could the intelligence that led to mutazz also help find and kill key isis operatives? like the ones who executed
8:36 pm
western hostages? the u.s. looking not just in mosul, but also syria. isis has declared that the capital. the u.s. watching and help us -- helping kurdish forges advance on the city that isis leaders may be hiding in. >> they've been taking a beating for some time now. that will be seen when the ypg forces and the rest of the anti-isis forces continue their advance south. only then will we see how doug and they truly are. >> officials say mutazz was a key military planner. a storm brewing in paradise, can -- coming up. we are tracking what was once a hurricane as it heads for the hawaiian islands. next on kron 4 at 8:00 p.m., i'll show you a mobile app that can help students if they get stuck on difficult homework. and it's a nice evening and the fog is now starting to push into the bank and making for
8:37 pm
some great additions. we have temperatures in the 60s. i'll have the forecast coming up next.
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hawaii is preparing for destructive weather. the tropical storm has been downgraded to a tropical depression. state and local emergency personnel are keeping a close watch on the system that has the potential to become a hurricane by next week. here it was a pretty nice day. mild temperatures throughout the day. brian van aken has been tracking the storm and the forecast. brian, are we going to be affected by what's going on in hawaii? >> some of that moisture could actually make it right here to the bay area for next weekend. perhaps even bring a little bit of rain. still a ways out, seven days away. we'll be watching it.
8:40 pm
right now a tropical depression, which is a weak tropical cyclone, winds under 39 miles per hour. but this is the forecast to intensify pretty quickly tonight and over the next few days. this forecast to go up to tropical storm status, for tomorrow, which means winds greater than 39 miles per hour. by tuesday, getting to hurricane strength with wins over 74 miles per hour. and it's going to take a turn to the northeast next week. and perhaps take aim at the northern islands of hawaii, like kawhi and hawaii late in the week. as i mentioned, some of the moisture from this could get picked up by another storm system and make its way to the bay area next saturday with a rain chance. still just really an outside chance at this point. live view of golden gate bridge, fog pushing in, moving pretty fast for tonight. quickly going to make it out to the east bay valley, also into
8:41 pm
the south bay, fairly great at 7:00 a.m. clearing taking place between 7:00 and 11 tomorrow. sunshine on the breezy side, winds to 30 miles per hour. temperatures similar to what we had today. right now we have a pretty quiet weather pattern with typical summertime weather. all up the gulf of alaska, there's a weather system way up here and it is eventually slowly going to work its way southbound along the west coast all the way through the week. on saturday, it could possibly bring us some clouds and pick up a little bit of that tropical moisture from kilo and perhaps produce some rain. but it is seven days away. in the meantime we are talking about fog for the morning, sunshine for the afternoon, a similar pattern for monday although the next couple days, each morning we will see a little bit less in the way of fog and temperatures will go up a few degrees so very gradual warming trend for monday and tuesday as well. slightly faster clearing and for the rest of the week,
8:42 pm
wednesday, thursday into friday, a few high clouds and morning low clouds, temperatures fairly typical for this time of year in the upper 70s by the bay, low 90s england, there are the clouds and perhaps a few raindrops for saturday. 50? a mom claims she found small pieces of glass in baby wipes. what you should do about it and how huggies is handling it.
8:43 pm
my name is chris hughes and i am a certified arborist for pg&e. i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
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all this week, kron 4 has been getting you ready for school. let's keep it going. tonight i want to sell you some great mobile apps that can help students with homework. >> here we've got a geometry problem that i need to solve for x. >> reporter: jerome is a san francisco state university student. he shows how he uses snap solve,
8:45 pm
a quick on-demand help from tutors anytime you need it. me just take a picture of the problem you're working on and send it out. within seconds, a tutor sends back the answer and a detailed explanation of how they got the answer. >> i like how fast it is. in a way, it's like a snapchat. so i'm used to snapchat and friends and talking through snapchat sometimes. >> reporter: what help when you need it. you can take pictures off your laptop screen or books. whatever is something you. help is out there. if it's something that text messages can't resolve, you can do a snap session which opens up a realtime live video chat with a tutor who can work you through the problem on a shared whiteboard in the app. you will actually see and hear the tutor work through the problem. this way you can interact with them. it's the closest thing to an in person tutor. the app is free. some questions are free. the more complicated they get and time-consuming, homework help between -- will cost between two and $10. if it's more than one quick help
8:46 pm
problem, there are several apps and websites that offer on- demand in person tutoring. it's like a yelp for to this you get on there, enter your zip code and the subject you're looking for. once you find one you like in your price range, you book an in person session. at your place or a library or you can meet at a cafe. or anywhere you want. the tutors on here are thoroughly checked out with background checks, and they are rated and reviewed by the client so you get a good idea of who you're going to work with. tutors charge in the range of $15 an hour up to $50 an hour. some of them will negotiate depending on your income. what i saw in most cases, the tutors are cheaper than out of the phonebook. on our website, kron, you can find links to the services i should do as well as other apps that help students and parents deal with homework. and staying caught up during the school year. we also have a ton of other resources all ready for school.
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gabe slate. >> if you'd like to connect with gabe slate, you can add him on facebook, or e-mail. outdoorsman eric wallace was out for a fishing trip when a friend when his kayak -- he was out relaxing on the water when it's turned into a frantic scramble for safety. he caught it all on his go pro. a storm snuck up on him and got a little too close for comfort. he had to dodge the lightning strikes and get a short as quickly as possible. he said the 13 minute kayak ride soon seemed like it was never ending. >> every time the lightning struck i paddled faster. you can see i jumped. every time the lightning struck, i wanted to get back as quick as i could. being in the middle of that, striking all over, in front of me, behind me, i was lucky it wasn't on me. >> eric says he hopes his close call will be a warning to other boaters. parents using huggies wipes
8:48 pm
are voicing their concerns over what they say of their find in the baby wipes. some parents took to social media to express frustration in finding what they say is black -- glass. huggies has responded saying the shards are not glass but sometimes created by fibers during manufacturing. one mom says there shouldn't be any hard particles wipes. >> it is supposed to be soft fibers. there should be no -- nothing hard in there. >> the mom says the wipes are giving her child a rash. she plans to file a complaint. huggies says it ensures that have a long history of safe use and strict quality controls in place. the company also says it will not be recalling the product because it believes that it is not dangerous. a georgia girl has a passion for videography, but she was born without any arms. so a group of innovative teams came up with a camera rig that she can operate with her feet and pursue her dream of creating her own videos.
8:49 pm
with our cnn partnership, fredricka whitfield has more. track haley horan is a spunky confident happy 13-year-old. >> reporter: she has her own unique way of getting things done. she was born without arms. she writes scripts with her toes. she hopes one day to own her own camera and to somehow use it to make her own videos. >> maybe i could go and buy a camera and try to actually do a couple of videos. >> reporter: suzanne is a summer camp director at green room. a weeklong summer camp where young people of all backgrounds make connections and learn videography. she is passionate about encouraging budding young producers like haley. how do we help make things easier for her? as far as connecting her? for me personally, she is a total inspiration. ms. favors took part in the project to find a way to help haley, somehow, hold and
8:50 pm
operate a camera. >> at first we came up with his headband under -- idea. unfortunately we didn't have all the right pieces. so we brainstormed more and then we created his wheelchair idea. unfortunately we thought we could make that but then came the shoulder camera idea. the goal is to make haley's dream come true and make her happy. track -- >> reporter: it comes with a brand-new camera and has controls she can use on her feet. a camera of her very own. now haley is one step closer to doing what she dreams. and she has a message. >> just watch. watch me. >> reporter: fredericka whitfield, cnn. a puppy has been reunited with his mom after being stuck in a 35-foot sewer pipe for nearly 10 hours. the puppy is too small to open her eyes, but she fell into
8:51 pm
this open sewer pipe outside of a home in south phoenix. police happened to be nearby on a drug-related call. after law enforcement and humane society couldn't pull her out, they called a plumber. that's when after nine hours, the dog was finally freed. >> there's a lot of heartache. there's a lot of negative things that we see. but when we have something like this, it's what keeps us going. >> since the story broke, many people have been asking about adopting the puppy. humane society officials say the entire litter and her mom will be with the foster family for up to eight weeks and then will be available for adoption. no dogs allowed at this restaurant, but felines are welcome. we will take you to the cats cafe. one of the first in the nation right here in the bay area. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop!
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it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus.
8:54 pm
it's very hard to be a kitty cat. >> reporter: not hard to be a kitty cat here. this cafe is for you. >> i'm a cat person. absolutely cat person. cats rule. the cat town cafe in oakland is america's first permanent cat cafe. started by friends of the feline adam and anna.
8:55 pm
here in the cat zone, patrons can pet the cats and even take one home. >> i'm a sucker for cats. >> these are all cats. mostly from oakland animal services. we are a nonprofit organization. our mission is getting cats out of the shelter and getting them adopted. >> reporter: anybody can come here except no dogs allowed for obvious reasons. you can get your cat fix and caffeine fix at the same time as well as cookies for yourself or snacks for the cats. if you want to be really popular with the clientele, a little catnip goes a long way. >> do they have a favorite? >> no. i love them all. >> my name is everett. you can't go wrong with cats. also, pandas are cute too.
8:56 pm
the national zoo says the giant female panda has given birth to a cup. gave birth around 5:30. if the cub survives, it will be the third surviving offspring since 2005. mei shong also gave birth in 2005 and 2013. we want to mention that the san jose saber cats have won the playoffs against the arizona rattlers. it was fierce competition. 70-67 in stockton. >> the snakes went down. >> they're headed to the arenabowl. august 29. >> exciting. >> it's a big deal. the weather has been really mild. kind of a relief. >> the heat last week was incredible. we have a brick and we're going to continue mild tomorrow, temperatures in the 70s by the bay, upper 60s in san francisco, low 80s for the south bay. the warmest readings in the mid- to-upper 80s. antioch, looks like we are going to
8:57 pm
stay like this for several days. >> that's it for kron 4 news at 8. stay connected. get the latest development, or download one of our mobile apps.
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♪ i'm grateful for my wife. it's just such a blessing when you can honor each other. >> the hypocrisy of this. >> what the family's activist says about the second life. >> a sociopath. >> will she stand next to the cheating man? >> megan fox files for divorce. inside the papers. >> no intimacy whatsoever. >> they have been split for months now. >> blake and miranda, what the man 2349 middle told us. >> i feel i have to say something about it. also ten years after katrina, our look back with brad pitt building houses for the homeless. >> in the tragedy, we help the most vulnerable. >> exclusive inside melissa's


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