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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam: off the top at 11. the asian markets are open and for a second day. although other markets in asia are rebounding. it is already tuesday there and chinese stocks fell 6-point-4 percent in the first few minutes of trading. this comes, after china's market had its worst day in eight years monday. that triggered an unprecedented one- thousand point drop on wall street for a time today. but things pulled up before the close. the dow jones ended today down 588- points. good evening, i'm pam moore. among the concerns after todays market plunge in the u.s. investors possibly getting skittish. which could mean trouble for local start-up
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companies. kron 4's kate cagle reports. >> : "the problem with running a start up is that you never have enough cash." >> reporter: steven hoffman - or captain hoff - knows a lot about running a start up. his incubator - founders space - helps start up companies all around the world. and today's giant market swing.has him a bit spooked. >> : "i lived through the dot com bubble burst and the financial collapse of 2008 and if it happens again. it won't be fun. i won't be excited about it. " but hoffman says today's young start up workers have a short memory. an opportunitynot a worry. >> : "i'm an optimist. i think the stock market will always go back up. and when it does, i wont' have regret." >> : "there's a lot of starts ups who get funded when we have good tiems, who shouldn't
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hoffman warns it may be time for some companies to trim the fat.and look at their long term if strategyespecially if funding from venture capitalists get's tightjust like it did in 2008. >> : "the best start ups ccome out of the downturn. air bnb. twitter. they came out of times that weren't the best of times." correctreporting in san francisco kate cagle kron 4 news japa >> pam: new at eleven. a warning for marin county residents tonight. officials have found evidence of e -coli in the marin headlands water supply. boil water before drinking it. the national park service is of the contamination. about 90 -water hookups are affected by the bacteria, och e. coli can lead to stomach or
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eldest of powerful 6-point-0 magnitude earthquake struck the napa area. it hit at 3-20 -in the morning. on august 24, 20-14. however. it was not until first light, that people could really see the damage. today, the city of napa marked the first anniversary with a kron 4's charles clifford talked to those who attended today's event. the left and in the community gathered a deterrent to last year's devastating. --to remember set
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we were out in one of the hardest-hit neighborhoods and the entire community-bonded together cooking meals for each other and it was really awesome >> pam :that 6.0 earthquake in napa struck eight- miles underground.. that same day. geologists looked for cracks in the ground. where the earthquake might have reached the surface. large ruptures were found in roads. fields. and driveways. a week after the quake. geologists noticed that the ground was still shifting. >>:ops some places that really had not crack much at all during the earth quickly saw have cracked up to me before teen hinges. --15 inches >> pam :brocher also says, it is possible that a year later. the ground in napa could still be moving. albeit very slowly.
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the other thing that surprised researchers about this aftershocks. the strongest of which was a magnitude of 3.9. which is considered tame compared to similar events in soft we have a special section on our website for the napa earthquake anniversary. there. you can find more video, as well as a guide on what to do if an earthquake hits. it's all on kron-4-dot-com. what started as a joyful event on the napa wine train for eleven bookclub members. mostly african american women. quickly grew sour. about 45 -minutes into the trip on saturday. train officials told, the group they had to leave and would be escorted off the train. train employees said. they were laughing too loudly. one book club member describes the experience. as humiliating and degrading. >>:we had to walk all the way through all the additional five cars to be able to get off the train, so they took us and they operated us through every single
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car with all the passengers watching us. it was horrible and humiliating and degrading and that is the part that i've never ever forget. >> pam :a train spokesperson says, the company refunded the womens' ticket money. and offered them a free ride back to their starting point. the posey tube. which runs between alameda and oakland. will be closed for the next three nights. the tube closure started tonight at 10. it will be undergoing maintenance work. until 5 a-m. motorists are being told to find alternative routes and expect delays. transit officials say, some stops will be bypassed. you can visit our website - kron four dot com. to see the alternative routes and buses that will be available. new at 11. san jose police are seeking the public's help in identifying additional victims of a sexual assault. police arrested 25-year-old mark west. last month. officials say west had met a 15-year-old girl through social media in january. he was charged with two counts of soliciting lewd material to
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a minor. and four counts of molesting a minor. police believe there could be more victims. sayswest is a recreation leader for ask fuhr he has been placed on administrative leave pending investigation. city officials say west was not involved in any programs that put him in direct contact with children. a warning for parents tonight. after an 11- year old girl spots a man behaving suspiciously in palo alto. police say, last friday, the girl was riding her bike home from school. when she spotted a car pulling over, after passing her. moments later, the same car passed her again and pulled over. she told police the man was behaving strangely. and described the man as inappropriately touching himself. the girl described the man. as thin and in his 20-s. driving a small s-u-v. just ahead. changes coming after high profile and risky security breaches at one local airport. heros in france and back here at home. three northern california natives. getting praise from around the world.
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fires whipping through the west. an update on the wildfires. coming up.
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whose hand wh >> pam :another wildfire is burning in lake county tonight. the "peterson fire" is burning in a remote section near kelseyville. according to cal -fire. the blaze has destroyed 215- acres and is now 60- percent contained. the fire started on saturday.
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there are no road closures or evacuation orders in place. the cause is under investigation. fire crews from new zealand and australia have arrived in washington state. to help battle raging wildfires there. firefighters from across the more west and military troops are also being joined by an outpouring of volunteers. the monster wildfire in okanogan county on the canadian border. has scorched more than 400- square miles. fire in state history. at least 200 homes have been destroyed. last week. three firefighters were killed. and four others were injured. getting a handle on drones. we'll tell you about a new bill getting attention in the state four- thousand jobs opening across the country. all on one day next month. details ahead. >> j.r. :and in sports we are talking about the sentences go forty-niners, highlight being
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the australian you've heard about. we will show you highlights and you'll hear from him after his big game on sunday >> diane : sunday warmer temperatures but will they last --slightly [female announcer] for thousands of local foster children, extracurricular activities help provide a sense of identity and a path to success. joining the soccer team... getting help with math... going to prom. i want to learn to swim.
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>> pam :it was a hectic commute for thousands traveling on bart today. there were major delays this morning and throughout the day.. all caused by a number of incidents.
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kron 4's alecia reid reports from the embarcadero station in san francisco. >> : it's bad >> alecia :just before 1-30 this afternoon a man jumped in front of a train at the embarcadero station. for 3 and a half hours no trains stopped to load or unload. commuters found things to do in the hours long delay. >> : i took my sons to play and get food. >> alecia :it wasn't the same approach for everyone. people went to the montgomery station to try and get on a train, but that didn't work. >> : it was a health hazard. >> : told my husband to come pick us up >> alecia :that wasn't the first problem for bart today. around 11:20 in the morning a robbery
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suspect took police on a one- hour foot pursuit through bart tunnels near the lake merritt station. the man is accused of taking a cell phone from the victim he assaulted on arain, before hopping on the tracks and running towards the fruitvale station. >> : i never heard anything like that before >> alecia :police caught up with the man 40 minutes later, and trains started running soon afterwards. the victim in that attack suffered minor injuries. the person that jumped in front of the oncoming train died instantly. reporting live in san francisco. >> pam :there are big changes coming to mineta -san jose airport. after several high profile security breaches. at least two. involved intruders scaling the airport's fence. now.there is a new fence in place. and airport officials hope. it will stop breaches like those, from happening ever again. this portion of the fence is a preview of what's to come. for 86-hundred more feet of fence line. the federal aviation administration awarded 3.4
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million dollars for the project. after a series of security breaches and a big push from local government. >>:we work with our life--law- enforcement partner to find a way to the fruit are crammed%--t scoffso improve our perimeter sensing >> pam :the airport completed the new fence across from avaya soccer stadium in the spring. because of its high traffic. the other future upgrade locations were chosen based on a security analysis. the project should be finished by may of next year. california lawmakers have approved a bill that would consider drones flying over private property. a trespassing violation. the bill creates a trespass crime for drones, less than 350- feet above the property, without consent. the bill passed with a vote of 43 -to- 11. assemblyman mike gatto says, the bill makes sense. as the drones become more popular. some concerns were how the bill
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would affect businesses. but gatto said. it would not. >> diane : the overnight lows through the inland valley location an east bay shoreline, your san francisco peninsula area will stay in the upper 50s with that patchy fog in place you can see the satellite radio --radae we have a bit of a warming trend in place and really it is only going to warm things up as we get into the upper 80s what that is going to do for us is close down back in the inland valley locations all the way down to the peninsula even parts of the east bay shoreline
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then will have plenty of sunshine but will not get to 100 degrees or the upper 90s like we were just a few weeks ago tomorrow this is around 3:00 p.m. your afternoon highs and often san francisco endeavor where else will stay in the upper 60s we're going to drop things to the low 80s which is slightly below were rationed this time of year who today's of her cloudy conditions >> pam :they've already been given france's highest award---
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but two u-s service members may receive additional honors for their role in taking down an attacker on a train headed to paris. a pentagon spokesman says the military is considering appropriate awards to recognize the heroic actions of u-s airman spencer stone and national guardsman alek skarlatos. they were honored today along with fellow american anthony sadler and british businessman chris norman. french president francois hollande personally thanked all four men for taking down the suspect. the men subdued the suspect. who was armed with two guns and a box cutter. chipotle is looking to hire but the company announced today. it will try to hire four- thousand new employees in just one day. september 9th will mark the company's first ever national career day. on that day. managament teams will hold interviews for up to 60 -people at its u-s locations. chipotle's co- c-e-o say, s more restaurants are opening. but there are fewer job applicants. reports say, this is due to a
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stronger economy. and minimum wage increases. in sports. sad news out of auto racing as they tragically lose one of their own. and the a's try to ride another big inning to a come from behind win. j.r. has the highlights. and all the sports. next
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>> j.r. :the a's came in with a
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new third base coach 3 run homerun 4-0 mariners' a's explode danny valencia 7-5 a's score 7 in the 5th with 2 outs 11-5 a's snap their losing streak sad news tonight involving a driver who has raced here in the bay area several times.
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indycar series driver justin wilson . died this evening . after suffering a severe head injury at pocono raceway yesterday. the 37 year old wilson was hit in the head by the nose cone of another car . wilson was knocked unconscious and veered into a wall. . he was then airlifted to the hosptal. where he was in a coma. wilson competed in the gopro sonoma grand prix many times finishing as high as 2nd. he was scheduled to comepte in the 2015 sonoma grand prix this weekend. condolances certainly go out to his family. tonight we are less than 24 hours away from possibly learning about a new oakland stadium proposal for the raiders and a's. the group save our sports will have a presentation tomorrow. a coliseum city presentation. so much has been made about the plan in southern california. project leader floyd kephart will be there. kephart has revised a plan to keep the a's and raiders in town. there is a hope that we
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will hear about that plan tomorrow. the last plan he came up with was highly criticized. "save oakland sports" member chris dobbins spoke to me last night on sports night live with his take on the raiders staying in oakland >>:this is a $4 billion project. it is really about where the money is going to come from. we will put money for infrastructure >> j.r. :we are right around the corner from college football season. last weekend i went one on one with cal qb jared goff. this will be goff's junior season at cal. a guy who may be up for the heisman this year. experts say he is one of the top qb's in the nation. part of a high flying offense that
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averaged 38 points last year. goff is a guy who broke all sorts of records last year. he is reguarded as a top ten pick if he goes to the nfl after this season. we'll speak with him this sunday at 9 pm on sport night live. in addition we'll have the raiders highlights, who play on sunday night. they are at home against the cardinals. and of course the giants and a's breakdown. that's sports night live. every sunday night at 9pm. okay we're not in basketball season right now but here is a story that you love to hear if you're a golden state warriors fan. steph curry may only have 2 years remaining on his contract with the dubs but the 2015 world champion is not so interested in free agency. the 2015 nba mvp . will make $11 million next season . and $12 million in 2016-2017. steph admits that playing for his hometown team . the charlotte bobcats has been a long time dream of his but the bay area has become "his home"
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save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. ashley madison cheating investigation. >> the casey anthony connection. >> i'm not very proud of myself. >> he prosecuted casey. now he's caught up in the ashley madison scandal, and this husband's apology to his wife. >> she has forgiven me for this mistake that i made. >> and wall street yo-yo. >> 500, six hornings 700. >> the dow jones down over 1,000 points. >> extremely rough ride. real roller coaster going on, on wall street. >> what you need to know to protect your life savings. ready to get on the wine train. >> thrown off a train. for laughing too loud? booted off the wine train. >> we were like, are you serious? plus, parade of preppies at the prep


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