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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  August 25, 2015 4:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>james: thank you for joining us. >>michelle apon: temperatures are little bit cool or too close mid to upper 50s as of right now low to mid 60s across the bay in the inland spots within the to a little bit of patchy fog and low clouds will have some mid to upper 50s and they listed the looking at a lower 60s across is to bay shoreline the south and the '60s north made minutes of persistent shut
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sun shines much warmer for the inland spots of for 70 to ride around 80 degrees. >>michelle apon: very similar to the upper 80s and to the afterworld into the after the outdoor activities is going to allow worm side across the bay mid-70s across the close was part of the '60s if you are in san jose to that as of right now mention low 60s of our seven is a few degrees warmer into the
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afternoon with more '80s by 6:00 to buy this far into the upper 70's talking about tropical storm erica of and what to expect over the next two days. >>michelle apon: track the global was bombed out and no delays over here if you are continuing into down to the san francisco and looks pretty good about a six minute drive traveled less low-cost land to the lace over here if a very easy drive of very small drive but as i continue closer we could start to see a little better pettifog quick check of the golden gate bridge no delays over here drive traveled into san francisco about 5 minute drive looking at the richmond san rafael bridge traffic moving stock rather westbound across 580 very quiet
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as of this morning at 4:00 or four or two no delays on the bed of all but will sister sunshine later on today. >>james: firefighters battle blazes left as the school's mission district this is the picture when the fire happened it was the 20th the shock will streak this in the flat tax is spread to other residential buildings as well but no injuries were reported the of the big bills been falling for you a third straight day of stock declines in china but is not as severe as it was the previous day that started the day off and eventually pulled back just a little bit the dow and the down 580 points in the
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day. >>reporter: he knows a lot about our running room his incubator from the space helps companies all around the world is rent one of the best buy for today's starter workers have a short memory they see it as an opportunity and not a warrior castes kids love the look at the
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long term strategy especially farming from bed to capitalist who just like it did in 2008 fell. >>james: you'll love to stay connected by dow learn the application for free award for parents this morning about an 11 year-old she spotted a car pulling over after passing her moments later the same car pastor again she told police the
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man was behaving strangely in said used improperly to to himself labor approved a bill that will consider drop a fly over private property of trespass a violation will make a trespass crime the bill passed by voters 43 to 11 assemblymen said it makes sense as it becomes more popular some concerns were howe would affect businesses it would not impact the peninsula humane society has examined the dog who we have video of for so he's a six year- old spaniel they said that he is in good health despite the when he was treated you could see in the video that allegedly abused
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them and here is the video is difficult to watch that cited a case over to the d.a.'s office and expect charges to be filed. >>james: it hit at 320 in the more obviously fourth fifth. >>charles clifford: the community gathered at the memorial park in downtown to remember last the is devastating earthquake safe this a block away from the ceremony and the was downtown buildings the still being repaired.
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>>james: a lot of activity over the summer of public-school some of the seismic improvements. >>maureen kelly: it was a lively event for the unified school district licentious fell from the ceiling to one legend
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concerns have you bookshelves and file cabinets shift it was especially worrisome of that have occurred to walls and floors if you could always get into this area and get out you may have to crawl over something but you will be able to get out
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light fixtures to also replace with one less likely to snap off another big chunk of the $2 million spent over the summer what estivate in the ground must turn are to be much closer to the fore and realize this video from last year we saw how lost of plastic pipe and stretch twisted all that had to be replaced. >>james: special section of the web site all available on all
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our web site daly city police have released a sketch of a man who this is inappropriately touched the child this is an of the that we brought you on friday we have a sketch of the men are looking for they said the crime happened as i live look restaurant at the shopping center back on august 8th. talk sent forth as a short >>james: the drug laws the store bird really clobbered
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>>james: the problem has existed since 2010 and has been criticized law makers in the california will lead to delays for writers or
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>>james: we're keeping an eye on top will store as it heard store-bought islands that and the west in these places want to keep a diary. >>michelle apon: us put this into motion you could see where it is headed by this weekend in the bahamas by sunday maybe even into monday as a category one
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hurricane we want to show you what we could expect this is what it looks like giving southwest florida district you could see all the different models that they're off to the right away from the united states but we have a few isolated that will track possibly south of florida you can see the green light of their that track often to the west fifth the half of the fifth is for a few coastal spots look to mid-60s across the bay by lunchtime temperatures will start to warm up and to lower '80s during the lunch hour for the location across the bay in the upper 60s expected by 5:00
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it should be warmer upper 80s to be very toasty across the bay wrapped around average and low to mid 70's and across the coast midst of the '60s. a large >>michelle apon: low 60s as of right now are if you are heading into san francisco dropped a few more agreed before the sun comes out by and turn upper 60s and will lead a degree of the big warmer than yesterday by 8:00 of cool live with temperatures and low to mid 60's were born to be warm and toasty with sunshine upper 80s terrell are 90 degrees lower to mid '80s the
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consent francisco 70 degrees the other areas across the peninsula if you are in the road they lower to mid '80s as fast forward to tomorrow will be very similar to which her a little bit cooler for the weekend it will be tracking a few showers possibly for the north bank on saturday will talk more about that coming up at 445. >>michelle apon: 580 west bound to 680 more unpleasant and all the way because of the accident will keep you up-to-date arm that but keep in mind this is going into the commit direction if you have to travel and you may want to leave little bit earlier it will be about a five
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to six minute drive into downtown san francisco across land to know the leisure make a counter or maybe even a little bit of list looking at the golden gate bridge travel south no delays over here you may start to see it develop latin 11:00 this morning and it's pretty good pretty quiet as of right now if you're traveling across the dublin you could see possibilities for a few delays. >>james: their expenses overall 45 minutes at 5:00 this morning if it was close less riflemen this work unified another way off of alameda and are to oakland and for that answer is you go to our web site
4:20 am it is an easy commute for writers there are major delays caused by a series of incidents of frozen died after jumping in front of a train at the embarcadero station that left the blaze for three and half hours a roberts suspect to please allow one our pursuit through the tunnels to track him down the left the station is packed show the market or station reopened at 5:00 the san francisco ferry ran an extra fare to accommodate the large crowd there are able to catch the suspect the president of the full of the train died instantly of the changes are called to letterset jose airport
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after security breaches at least to involve intruder scaling the airport fence most notably the april 24th team a 15 year-old boy how to fence and head and allied air libeling 767 amazingly he survived the flights tomorrow we the doldrums of to the ground was the arrived at the airport in march of this year 20 your will and skill the fears and led away across several rays before they spotted by a free worker she was caught by security in the restaurant >>emily turner: we notice how it is much taller and much bigger it as some of you instead for a little harder to see it but it is for safety this portion of
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the fence is a preview of what is to come for more feet offensive line aviation demonstration awarded $3.4 million for the project after a series of security breaches at a big push for local government scores. >>emily turner: the completed the new fence in spring because of high traffic the of the future locations were chosen based on security analysis and should be finished by may of next year it will look just like this one 10 ft. high, and even smaller chain links but it will have a copy portion at the bottom.
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>>james: it does not cover all of it just the portion of and after is complete they will look for learning to efficient and look toward biotechnology coming up the suggestion of messages left for female college students at a home in virginia here is a lot of the outside the toll plaza camera at the bay ridge, as a nice easy commute will be tracking the morning ride at letting you know when it builds throughout the morning back with more news in just a moment.
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>>james: she was a blessing thursday after their the
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national guard is helping to look for more than a dozen shells deputies-7 for 30 members live take a look it is made by members of statements like freshman drop off in this is the matter of the group said the fraternity members are
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responsible will be held accountable some new or suvs control away unexpectedly and that has federal safety officials looking into the issue that covers will the 40,000 and cheap trick. he's from a 2015 model years and before too complex for driver two said the big lake after they put the impart includes five crashers and that caused three injuries plans to the new coliseum city and oakland get a boost to that of track on a bore the wine train service of the four groups of women who feel they were kicked off because of their race.
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>>james: meanwhile the assembly approved a bill of private property it will create a trespassing crime within 350 see how both private property without consent.
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>>james: it began just after 11 and a mormon woman roberts suspect led police on a chase catholic larry station and delayed trains for hours before 130 in the afternoon he jumped in front of a trend the was killed instantly this issue was closed for nearly four hours what investigators look into what happened. >>michelle apon: plenum is seven is across the coast a little bit of thought maybe even a little bit of cloud cover most of the
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fog and clouds lifting of sunshine for ellen spots occur '60s with falwell in a raw fiber 6:00 as a threat now opportunities across says francisco and across parts of the allotment to your cross oakland san jose concord and in the room or lower 60s to start off the tuesday morning was of the loss san francisco said hausen--san jose. >>michelle apon: by 5:00 tim rogers will start to fall into low to mid '70's like a slowly falling into lower '70s looking
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at the dublin to chavis' yard drive when 580 west dark red to 680 north about the pleasant overturned truck and it has spilled some gravel on the road there are invited to expect delays and avoid this area traveling westbound you can see that all have a few minor delays we wait for your taking the fast-track plan very easy drive to commit this about 16 minutes the quick check of the san mateo
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bridge west about across 92 track to disclose as to continue into san francisco the ramp to 680 growth about unpleasant scent will have a crew on a wide. >>james: firefighters battled the blaze and san francisco's mission district you to see evidence of the damage on side of the building this is a pitcher with the fire happened it was accorded their 20 if fire
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official said the have flames for at no injuries reported to bay area news a warning today for people in marin county is found evidence of a call by in the marin headlands water supply in the will to boil water before drinking it they're still searching for the source of the contamination about 90 water hookups are affected by the bacteria including the housing area and drinking fountains dr. higgins are wrapped in plastic to prevent any water access it can lead to stomach or intestinal illness police in the south they want your help in identifying additional victims last more they're arrested a 25 year-old they met with a 15 your gross social media back in january he's already been charged in that case he is a record is a leader for the city of san jose is a pleasant little leaves and they say he was not
4:36 am
involved in the program that would have direct contact with children left with a possibly more victims, police and the you might have been victimized. >>james: the group will present its coliseum city plans there's already been a lot of criticism about the proposal when it comes to funding the multibillion- dollar project a weekend trip and the wine country turned into a nightmare their african- american and white woman was apparently the one who complained about the often police to show up.
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>>reporter: it quickly grew sour on the napa valley wine train even before the train left the station for five minutes into the trip there were told they had to leave when that happened a further indignity and they said there was only one reason this happened a spokesman hired
4:38 am
by the company issued a statement apologizing for the experience the member say that it misses the point they never in the whole incident made accommodations for us it was about us having to make accommodations for other people did not know what the next that will be but they are exploring all their options including legal will take a quick break if you're looking for jobs the chp is hiring will tell you how many and they hope to recruit their story is still ahead and later a
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visit to the exhibit proves to be very costly a clumsy mistake he made neighbors complained of one home and the oakland hills that was wasting water will surely with the water company did in the next edition of people behaving badly. for
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>>james: is being blamed on a bird for our break that killed almost 50 million chickens
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coming up, a man who got plastic surgery to look just like dustin is now missing we have temperatures and the upper fifties to low 60s san francisco come in at the 60 degree mark should one of the 70 by 2:00 this afternoon.
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>>michelle apon: we could sit a little bit of rain and is not going to be today or tomorrow is possibly to be on saturday if it may be even sunday will have
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some sunshine and warm and conditions here is what to expect today of the fifties as of right now all of their to the desire to lower to mid 60's ' across parts of the north the east bay shoreline looking toward the lunch hour about many hours away by three cloud warm temperatures in the inland spots appear 84 goals and locations
4:46 am
mid-70s and across the coals by 3:00 p.m. of the '60s to ride around 70 degrees temperatures as of right now, here is what looks like it as we get through the day to the to start to one up mid-70s for eastman shoreline locations looking at this out to a temperature range from the upper seven is closer to the water would concede some temperatures and the lower 90s farther south across the south back and across and was 83 santa clara 85 by 3:00 p.m.. >>michelle apon: the cool air
4:47 am
will start to filter in the impetus for few showers for saturday maybe even sunday by monday timber this will be allowed to mid '80s will have most of cloudy skies in the morning turning to mostly sunny skies by early next week. >>michelle apon: 5 any westbound ramp 26 a northbound and pleasanton and overturned truck and gravel has spilled more rest will expect delays of the area there is no estimated time on when it will be open if you have to leave and drive through
4:48 am
the interchange plan on leaving sooner than later no delays over here in the second is to drive about a 12 minute drive a quick check of the golden gate bridge the richmond san rafael bridge looks good and quietly concede fog is to be closer to marin county and the lay across the dublin into chants keep that in my league illiterate early. >>james: sergeant scott was on a traffic stop when he was shot and killed the man accused of killing him will be in court
4:49 am
this morning to enter a plea he was a 15 year veteran of the hayward police department and a respected leader of the hay was what came also happening the chp is looking to hire charges of new recruits statewide and to do this is made changes to the application process to track more qualified candidates. >>reporter: choose someone to become one of 600 cadets they're looking to except across the state to is already well under her trying to get into the academy and work for to become a chp officer there now is looking to hire the cadets dropped the state but there are some changes in the application process
4:50 am
because the test was not available might have lost to another agency they were made to be up to speed on technology they're also reaching out for the to to penitents who may be interested in more than a traditional patrol duty the sea its fee also wants them to work good citizens complain important role in their community.
4:51 am
>>james: according to reports from people magazine he may be driving a toyota camry and hebrew called him before he went missing but they do not fit this is a suspicious case he played hardball laws of plastic surgery to look like him. >>here is stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly: >>stanley roberts: that was a complaint from neighbors regarding this house and a five for the block in the oakland hills according to them and is
4:52 am
like a few days water spraying of malathion or until could this to be a case of paul le not been home of the time that is just
4:53 am
one of 4000 complaints in fact over corn in 2014 there were 65 for the waterways reports for the entire year in the last eight weeks they received over 1400 nearly half our resident water runoff from the car water use restrictions were exactly are those restrictions? in the oakland hills. >>james: here is a live look outside as to take a quick break low cloud cover had once again will track any delay is that maypop over the course of
4:54 am
the morning.
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>>james: putting a baseball through window this boy mistake told or $1.5 million he slipped considerate in his fall he broke a 17 sentry on obtaining it was valued at one-and-a-half million that is the businesses he should not be blamed the family should not have to pay for the damages there as debentures company to cover the cost of the first hole in that painting. >>james: some free where fish are turning up in rivers and lakes the case in point is the pot to finish it was found roberts lays the full pull that
4:57 am
out of the water and it was he would like teeth and is a relative of the parana illegal in california the question is how did it get here they've known to buy them outside of the state. we will be right back.
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>>mark: another rollercoaster day on wall street and they are way up this morning but we could be in for another by the writer
5:00 am
there such a format will follow a young girl or she was walking home from school in the south bank after the to alarm fire in said francisco we are live on the scene with the latest. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: stock market and initial 1000 point drop at the opening bell. >>mark: was more trouble for the stock market which had its main stock market and to another beating seventh when 6 percent this morning there were down across the border as you look at
5:01 am
the numbers for the year down over 10 percent for the year at 2000 points for the year down 4.4% after bank of 6% and as to the 500 if you look at the numbers but above the summer to close at an all-time peak or ascii down 13.3% from high the main reason is the chinese of over 40 right now is going to be scary for those whose retirements may ride on the stock market's roller-coaster that recommend getting to know
5:02 am
what is in your portfolio stay with us because were getting another day on wall street. >>darya: stay connected and the best ways to be connected is our mobile application will send you alerts if anything happened that you need to know about it opened 630 our have recovering live report. >>james: the glow of the city in the airport will letting some of the global clouds and a bit of fog is not big or not intense is a little bit of a out there at the airport and along the peninsula to that we're looking for mostly sunny afternoon temperatures are as you might expect in the upper fifties to low 60s 59 in san francisco 58
5:03 am
in concord 57 santa rosa and low 60s and oakland 61 san jose 62 livermore, >>james: right now as we said low clouds out there patchy fog with the temperatures on the cool side by a known time of the increasingly sunning temperatures at the close and by the bay in the upper 60s to near 70 and already be looking at near 80 degree weather and not a little above that. >>james: a little warmer than it was yesterday by a few degrees 69 to 70 degrees by the close of its upper 70's and a little could be looking at the upper 80s to maybe even low nineties for have locations as for the traffic it what to expect out
5:04 am
the door. >>george: expect trouble in the dublin pleasanton interchange was about 582 northbound 680 this record has been shut down by a truck that tipped and spilled a gravel to blocking the wrapped the sea is is issue a special traffic advisory to allow murderers to know that this grant is close and we have some live pictures of the clinic operations under way as to concede there is a lot of equipment and a look at the crews are working right now to get this work open onto northbound 6 aiding it looks as though will be tracking the hot spot that has to switch back to
5:05 am
the traffic map will show you that the backed reaches so how yard road that would not by the way be a good alternate route and a good place to exit of course you could go past the tech san ramon boulevard no delays for westbound 80 leading to the toll plaza at all 92 to the san mateo bridge for the light and easy ride with no delays and an 11 minute trip time over to foster sitting. >>mark: 1 person injured in a to our house fire in san francisco's nisan district to happen for income o'clock last night we have live look for when the fire happen and were told was a residential care facility for the elderly about six people forced out of their homes this morning the say they fled to to residents of buildings as to concede the charge side of this home one person said to hospital suffering for smoke inhalation
5:06 am
but there were no other serious injuries. >>darya: 01 and goes out to parents and howe told police are looking for a man who acted suspiciously when a young girl was riding her bike home from school. >>jackie sissel: we're out here and come out to on the was rolled the 3800 block of this incident action took place on friday it would not report until saturday we were just notified yesterday about the incident that took place there warning people about this person acting suspiciously in they say on friday afternoon around 330 and 11 your girl was riding her bike and a 30 heart block she did not really make a note of the she past the vehicle and think much of the a little while later the vehicle passed her again and
5:07 am
again hit the pit vehicle for over as the girl passed the vehicle she noted that the driver inside was acting very suspiciously she continued home the good news is that person did not try to make contact with her they're looking for the suspense is vehicle there inside and described as a white male in his 20s with a thin build the as you did it is described as a dark colored or blue or black as u v with a spare tire on the back obviously they're interested in fighting the vehicle and see if this is connected to any other incidents the man of occurred and also. >>mark: he will be in accord for preliminary hearing to determine
5:08 am
whether there's enough evidence she was lower father and san francisco in july. >>darya: this morning residents are warned to boil their water before they drink it if you're in the marine area the park service is still looking for the source of the contamination the are about 90 water hookups affected by this that could have the bacteria including the housing area defined as the rocky headlands are wrapped in plastic solid use those believed to stomach and intestinal
5:09 am
illness set of syphilis are looking for possible victims of sexual assault he was arrested last month officials say that he met a fishing your girl through social media in january he's been charged to cause of soliciting lewd material with a minor and four council molested a minor they believe there could be more victims out there because his recreation leader for the city of san jose he has been placed on administrative leave pending the investigation but said he was not involved in the programs that put him in direct contact with children. >>mark: the group is hosting this presentation this morning his revised plan to kick the two teams and town there is hope that we will hear about the plan this morning the last randy kent with was slightly criticized.
5:10 am
>>darya: there is a new sense of place an effort officials are hoping that will stop riches that have happened from happening again the faa awarded $3.4 million for the project and series of security breaches in the big push from the local government the import completed the new fence across from the soccer stadium in the spring because the high traffic the other teacher or relocations
5:11 am
would chose to carry analysis is to be finished by may of next year. >>mark: in the event of a mall lined a counter they're reminded to face the animal make noise in the bigger than you are and for things we have that coming up and up for this morning after a group of african-american women were kicked off in wine trend for being too loud the story is getting less attention and we have a response from the company jet is considering a recall of the driver support a serious problem will tell you what the problem is when the news continues.
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>>mark: the fifth name on the hurricane season so far. >>michelle apon: 800 mi. east of the island maximum sustained when the 45 m.p.h. the of have potentially damaging rains this week looking at spaghetti plots for the measure and this should be is all the different models where the to possibly go a majority of the storms is moving to the east of the u.s. letter of this week a few models do have attracted to the gulf of mexico. >>james: hayward 61 as well san
5:16 am
jose 62 and lived does depend on where you are the upper fifties to low six is the general to the range and to take a quick example look at oakland temperatures are always aware of this afternoon star of the low 60s will still be flat for most of the morning by 10:00 we see movement by noontime we get it close to the seventh degree market will settle open the 7475 the grays and on afternoon it will be calm western five the to moscow our and the sock that to this is all roberts of the nine it would have future cast set for '50s and '60s at that point not a lot of movement until after to the clock by noontimes
5:17 am
thus would assemble is commonplace the '80s come to view as a headed to the afternoon in a bid is a worm to losses and low 90s as well 76 percent measured in hayward woman to 81 degrees of hell but as a secular deeper into the east bay valid that is where we get into the updated the test for places like danville unpleasant 88 libyan missile low 90s where bird were possibly the 93 in the pretty closely aligned for antioch and deliver more with 80 and 89 degrees prospectively san francisco to come and run 70 degrees exactly. >>james: that will continue to award aside as a hitter to tomorrow wednesday with the last
5:18 am
day of hot weather and then restore to the full this summer to run the down beginning thursday calling it off there is a slight chance aware track in a house of the dublin pleasanton interchange the connecting wire from interstate 580 westbound leading onto interstate 680. >>george: it was only the northbound or those affected britain now you cannot get from interstate 580 on a to 680 north 40 to 680 south both of those rooms are closed here is a live look at what's going on at the scene here at caltrans) of four write-in the gravel truck the citadel was overturned on this
5:19 am
connecting ramp and when it did is spilled some of the to bring an at they're getting this video for us tells us that the good news is the does not look like it is much gravel nedda's down on the roadway cleanup may not require a full suite for to come to the same if it does that commit additional delays you're looking at the traffic that the stopped trying to get past a scene of this would to the connecting ramp for was about 581 to 680 north and six in the south as you go back to the traffic map the extent of the backed up with his daughter to grow back toward the more what to do a few beheading in this direction you want to use either the hot yarborough offered or san ramon those x's are both available for you hussein is
5:20 am
true for 92 new delays to recounted 23 drive our novato for the golden gate bridge and to mourn the the richmond bridge with west from 580. >>mark: the fire's cause of the summer fire burn just south of big bear near a small summer resort including gov. jerry
5:21 am
brown from 2005 scores more and 3,000 a. that blaze and the other server is concern about the amount of money setback flowing into the lake when the rains four years of drought of wildfires increase democrats and republicans before agreeing that they need help. >>reporter: cannot look at it without thinking forest fire and what it would do to this like. >>mark: there is a deep divide on how best to preserve of the rise in a hundred $50 million specifically took the not vitreous what he calls a to expensive piece of for an hour housemother that extends far less $40 million to prune its off access timber will the 11,000 firefighters are currently battling 60 at the wild fires.
5:22 am
>>darya: the program's existence since 2010 and criticized at the taxpayers' handout to the wealthy and there are now restricting the rebates to californians will make two hearts and 50 brand as an individual or double that for couple there are a to a confirmed suicides as a result of the vastly better leak the hacker's least 37 million user name and addresses the cit is web site is not offering half a million dollars for interim is a leading to arrest of the hackers use at all to give an extortion in males and a first of excellence will be a race for free the lentiviruses the more problems for people police are working with them to catch the hackers.
5:23 am
>>mark: been admitted to access to about half a million fatal accounts and setting that adds to the french request over three months. i also admit he bought a court order not to access the computer networking was charged with fraud and criminal content office into the 50,000 line and a to three years in prison. >>darya: the weapons are blunt impact projectile's using but its mere rubber with the silicone and at that tech expands and friends of impact that will make people doubled over in pain but not cause any serious injuries the project has already been bought by six in law enforcement agencies across the country and uproar over
5:24 am
some such to suggest the banners and virginia house were several fraternity members will the banners and japan see here made by members include statements like freshman the dollar's drop off with an arrow pointed towards the door they start out raids also some media the national organization has suspended them for turning his activities at old dominion university in north fog what it is investigating this what he is saying to legged kelly this morning. what he is saying to mexicali this morning.
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>>darya: that are investigating complaints that new or jeep suvs can roll away unexpectedly after you put them part it covers 408,000 jeep grand cherokees from 2014 and 15 model years the national highway traffic ministrations and there has been forcing compliance from drivers including five crashes and three injuries there to give their toll customer confidence in america is a less happy with the
5:28 am
cars and trucks and in time more than a decade last are meccas recall our record 64 million vehicles for problems ranging from exploding air bags and mention switchers also pick etiquette unexpectedly cause engines to stall rising prices are contributed to a frustration with the vehicles at this severe hit mitigated after being kicked off the line trend will have that story coming out of live look from big embarcadero watching the clouds and fog ron the forecast coming. o don't ve aoodmakeer. here y go. it's shor?! it's shor! but 's ahowewithove dy sh. with itsreakrougforma alit tes ijustne ower for soer, ooth ski wanna el? fee reay od! really sky soth.
5:29 am
it's asomei lo it! doveody sh. soer, ooth skiafte ju onehowe abnt-mdedld tonackg?how d itecom eati onefterhe nt? we are areamchee tha stl beeves in saving r fo. thlaugng c. inve snaing.
5:30 am
hot >>james: customize forecast
5:31 am
the forgive you can give the customized for past live look the golden gate bridge tremor given us a really nice shot there is a little bit of haze as it to see the street lights it is not a big issue as you're making your way down 1014 marin county here is a storm track planning for the forecast bird in the day down right now where the to the opera's 52 066. >>james: we are looking at him to that will be near 80 degrees was of for 6770 by the bay and along the coast will start to
5:32 am
come down off the high temperatures 74 by the bank since december along the coast before task for a drive of and what today to talk to the next hour will have the ready for school forecast if you want to know how to adjust the kids. >>george: it has been completely picked up now and saw less shot the have a small suite already on seen the matters to get the small amount from was about to stay 580 and you could see the traffic is moving for a while and not only close the
5:33 am
right to ignore about 680 and while they it right the truck the close the branch of the southbound side that is really affected the ride to switch back to the traffic map and will show you the location you to see the back of has grown beyond how the our road and lee back toward livermore this portion of your commit is starting to fill in as a head to the livermore valley the drive times will normally be about 35 minutes now 47 minutes she does cortical a lot of pressure on balance to this road all lanes open and no longer in the obstruction to traffic the truck overturned and spill the gravel has been told from the same.
5:34 am
>>mark: they grow together in the sacramento area and go slow the man as friends. >>mark: they always remained a close friend, they are all sending teenagers--outstanding teenagers. >>: he was a big-time team type guide the three fought off headed for paris. >>darya: it turned into a
5:35 am
controversy and 11 women were asked to get off an apple wine train because officials say they were being too loud and most of the women in the group are african-american the spokesperson apologize but downplayed the issue of race they're talking about being escorted off the valley wine train along with 10 of the book club members saturday into the waiting arms of police because the maitre d on the train said there were too loud she went
5:36 am
along with the whole conspiracy and say you are right now i see all of that happening you need to get them off over the weekend person like the wine trade issue of post that made matters worse if the accused of was being physically and verbally abusive to passengers and their staff on board and it was truly not the case a spokesman hired by the company issued a statement apologizing for the experience but club members say that mr..
5:37 am
they did not know what the next that will be exploring all their options including legal. >>mark: sergeant scott was on the traffic stop when he was shot and killed the man accused of killing him will be in court this water to enter a plea will show you the video that has gone viral gonna try taking shots at fox news tanker mega kelly once
5:38 am
again with his same about her this morning after the break of boys visiting art exhibit of troops to be very costly the clumsy mistake that he made will have to pay for tickets to live look here at the approach to the bay bridge plenty of company early on this tuesday morning but now he's back to we will be right back. to feel is scial. you ed teat isl kellogs spial .. madeith ole ainsnd fer to hp a dy tive. ♪ foliacidnd vamin... to maka bo feethisood. stt yo dayith 0 urisng corie.. in bowof scial. eat ecia feespecl. spial red rrie now wi morrealtrawrrie
5:39 am
anhing. ywhere. ytime. anne. spad the deliousasteyou knownd ywhere. ytime. hehey's isine, anne. spad the deliousasteyou knownd ywhere. yurs,.
5:40 am
>>george: we've been tracking a hot spots as the early morning hours of truck overturned in the double pleasanter to change spelling all load of gravel and shutting down the ramp for westbound 580 on to 680 northbound and southbound the good news is the rep has been reopened all ramps have traffic is moving again for the dublin and pleasanton interchange however it is backed up solid into livermore and beyond will of that the drive time coming right up.
5:41 am
>>darya: on normal but costly mistake for two of the road went on hold when the domestic total $1.5 million here is the video and it shows some slipping it is pretty expensive and the question is what is he to do is valued at one and half million dollars as the exit businesses should not be blamed and family should not have to pay their as in the insurance company to cover the cost of justice size hole because his fist through the painting as he tried to steady himself. >>james: featuring san francisco and the peninsula where is supposed to be 70 degrees downtown today with the
5:42 am
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5:45 am
>>james: she lives show you what it will be like san jose was far off with a glimpse of what we can expect to produce will be a low 60s to start as a currency to turn the clock and then will get into low '70's of to leave the low 80s to lead on this afternoon write about a to agree should arrive in the 2 3:00 time frame with the winds on the lighter side northwest at about 5 to 10 mi. from our it is a glimpse of san jose later on today a free to get out the door to the to you and, to 58 in san francisco and, of 6 to 2 in san jose will also settle six is requested like richard and of livermore all come in ross 60 to 61 degrees it is a little breeze is out of the delta fare fell 23 mahler or sustained wind at the moment with everyone else in single digits territory.
5:46 am
>>james: at the moment not a lot going on across the entire state specifically in the bay area just below cloudberry lear pushing and the clouds mainly confined to the media bay and coastline here is an assemblage of a letter on this optimal talk about san jose come in the low 80s it will warm as it headed south toward the all but about 88 there and as it had downed 101 for morgan hill euboea the leidy's with 90 to one of those cases will see the majority of the south of a low to mid '80s however if he had sought far enough to get into the upper eighties to low 90s. >>james: brought what tracy the sea temperatures there and learn these in the immediate they will
5:47 am
be much louder minutes of the '70s here is the extended outlook as to set another warm day in fact it might be a little warmer than today if saddam sunday looks pretty good low 80s mid-70s by the bay will tell you at this for watching the possibility every desperate for arriving on saturday it is just a slap shot will keep silent and the doctor turns into anything. >>george: the brand had been closed for lost about 5800 to 680 initially northbound the north and south about it reopened but the damage has been done here is a look at the traffic flowing in is a live look through the interchange in the offer is available but
5:48 am
because it was closed for so long and manage to back up the ride all the way into the more so things are jammed up and if you're going to be heading out the door was should be a 35 to 37 minute time has turned into a 52 minute drive is especially heavy through livermore and dublin produce a your catch a break at least every traffic for balance to this road and highway 84 to the pigeon passed this morning track in the ride to the bridge to the bay bridge back of all the rate reaching through the past 880 of a crossing with a 16 minute drive times expected to continue to climb the 92 ride still looks great if you get out the door within the next 45 minutes a lackluster ossified offered ride coming up by an hour from now we should see things start to back up for your golden gate bridge trip still an easy ride through marin county we are delayed free across the
5:49 am
span the richmond bridge ride is without delay giving it in a minute drive time heading over to san rafael and coming out of richmond. >>mark: the daly city police reaching a sketch of a man who improperly touched the child care is a sketch the crime happened inside of a public bathroom answer my to shopping center of the suspect was caught a surveillance camera there this photograph of the man who described as being between 70 and 80 years old drive away in an door model honda big news this morning charges could be coming to a pet sitter who abuse of a dog and arlington this is for school a six your spaniel the peninsula humane society examine him and then there is as his and the health despite the way he was treated, and may
5:50 am
society's turn over to the d.a.'s office and expect charges to be filed their celebrated his 99th birthday with a gift to you free admission to all of its 400 parks today ahead of the 100th birthday will mark the company's first-ever national career back in on that day's it to my management team or hold interviews of to 60 people in all of the u.s. locations and more restaurants are open but there fewer job applicants this is due to a stronger economy and increase the minimum wage.
5:51 am
>>mark: right now the average price for a dozen large as this coming in at $3.61 it is partially blamed on a bird flew out the killed almost 50 million chickens in the midwest the prices for eggs or $45 doesn't the rollout of proposition to which mandated you may conditions often cause the prices to soar. >>darya: he is getting more support to make a 2016 bid for the white house he is getting support from the president himself president obama gave him his blessing if he chooses to run the have lunch meeting yesterday at the white house a petition rougher presence she was one of the things they talked about he had a meeting with anita dunn and bob bauer the husband and wife team led bed and president obama side for much of the last decade he looks to be leaning toward running but
5:52 am
stresses that he has not made up his mind quite yet sh. >>mark: he said there she was really off per game after her vacation in suggested she go back of vacation this comes after the canada was under fire for saying that he had blood coming out of her you know what after the debate this. >>darya: the quarterback and still has no feeling in his fingertips he had surgery on his neck four years ago since then he rebounder pretty nicely hiccups' america remembers he is losing the glove on his throwing hand they say he is not wrong with more zip on his ball instead of the ducks that he
5:53 am
throw doctor said he will most likely never regained a feeling in his fingertips after the single through the four innings and a doubling twice and oakland's seventh run fifth inning he went deep for the aids the giants up back in action tonight before you head out the door, temperatures around the bay area as we're watching all mild morning temperatures and 1/5 these a little bit of a warm-up or more on the forecast for your neighbor would come in right of.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
>>darya: is video of his son choosing in aerial ball from the movie as a new president you want to express his excitement and said they could always choose what ever they want regardless of the normal play it out, some video. >>mark: recall several developing story is for the opening bell on wall street after it fell almost a ton the point yesterday after being down a thousand were watching the number one for rebound of a 500.
5:57 am
not a kron 450 will have the opening bell coming up in the next hour like a noose over nine and two on 571 person to the hospital in san francisco may believe a care facility coming up an eye on bay area weather of live look along the embarcadero on this to the morning it is back in haiti out around the bay for now james attracting what it will clear and a little bit of a warm-up for the inland spots over the next few days keep our eye out of hot spots for your tuesday morning commute the morning news' returns in just two minutes. and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month,
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or purchase with 0% apr financing.
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6:00 am
>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: the mass of the orange yesterday morning right after an opening bell and the dow and japan and dropping over a thousand points right out of the gate in the first four minutes it was wild selling followed by a wild buying the rebound in closing down almost 600 points there are concerns that they are slowing down faster than with the chinese government is exploring.
6:01 am
>>darya: we saw a steady recovery and then drop the day but then there also more drops this something that we're going to be tracking this certainly do not think it was a one they built in the roller-coaster ride is over winding up down 588 down 180 and answer page of the more than 77 for the it was down 11% correction territory the nasdaq down 4% is down 8% is been about the summer to to close an all-time high may 19th to 18,312 it is down 30.3% from that peak. >>mark: the chinese and other emerging markets have faltered will likely continue which can be scary for those whose retirement may ride on the market will close to.
6:02 am
>>: that small about the returns and help investors deal with those compelled abided they recommend getting to know what's really inside your portfolio once a year you get a 10% correction sh,
6:03 am
>>james: the warm weather you will not needed this afternoon sure to nt should weather for lunch and recess as to get the upper eighties to low 90s between now and then does break down the forecast for today as you and the kid to get up and ran were looking at our fifties by the coast with low 60s and wells assisted on the delta and live in some of our delta community like fairfield places lybrand what is wanted a little windy this morning a life jacket not out of the question as to get out the door for school by
6:04 am
11:00 as a hit for the noon hour were born to be looking at temperatures that will be slowly warming is of the success of the coast we're looking at mid '70s by the back of the '80s and even some allies on to the hot one and again to draw more on that to come here is a lot of the outside the view from the embarcadero pretty for test this give you the quick glimpse ahead over the next three days temperatures warmed up a little bit more tomorrow and start to come down beginning thursday. >>george: the good news is it is clear now here's a look at the dublin and to change from the traffic map you will see the
6:05 am
extent of the backed up it is because the land had of a complete shutdown both to learn about this talk about interstate 680 here is a live look from the same currently here is a good news there is no longer in the obstruction and this grant is a completely open you to see the traffic amid the dublin to change it is moving much better if you're using this as part of your commute you're going to be delayed with sen the first downtick in the drive time from 54 to 55 minutes to jot down now taking the drive times like 10 minutes it is an easier time still having usual out of little more for the dublin and to change interchange. >>george: on 92 of the san sale bridge still enjoyed a good ride of your out the door in the next
6:06 am
30 minutes into the bridge we still think you find about 11 minute drive turned with cyclical was gone on this outcome of the next report >>mark: this happened at 11:00 last night this is ratified happen near 20th and shot well streets about six people were forced out this morning is purchase a residence the building's one person and hospital suffering from smoke inhalation but no other serious injuries. >>darya: they say he acted suspiciously would a young girl was riding her bicycle from school she. >>jackie sissel: this incident
6:07 am
took place on friday was not reported until saturday they got the word out to the media yesterday last night on larry people residents around the area specifically parents to be our lookout for this suspicious activity according to police to stay around 330 on friday and living your girl traveling southbound on the was rolled was riding her bicycle she sought as you the passer-by in for over-it passed as soon be the person did i make any contact all the while later he passed her again and then he pulled over this time she made note and said that the person inside was acting very suspiciously the good news is the person inside the vehicle did not attempt to make contact
6:08 am
with her and that was the last time she saw the s u v the parents contacted the paulo out to police department is said to pay leaks inside the vehicle is been described as a person in his 20s. >>jackie sissel: away man what a thin build and a dark u.s. view with a hot spare tire on the backed obviously they want to get the word out about the suspicious activity. >>mark: to the tar level there is a less evidence to try him on a murder charge he pleaded not guilty is the shooting of a 32 year-old while she was for too
6:09 am
far from clear 14 the san francisco the killing has stirred up a lot of controversy use the port repeatedly goes on the streets after the sheriff's department turned out a request from federal immigration authorities to keep him in custody will learn more about a new local stadium proposal for the raiders and the athletics listed a host of the presentation this morning the developer is the project leader and he has resolved revise the plan to keep them in town there is hope the will hear about the plan today the last planned a camel with a slab to criticize will have a crew of the presentation for a 30 this morning. >>darya: mobile high-profile security breaches to of those breaches involve people still in the airport fence now there's a new fence and place in the airport officials are hoping it will stop the from happening
6:10 am
this portion is a preview of what is to come for all 8600 murphy of the fence line that awarded $3.4 million for this project after a series of security breaches and the big push local government groups for completed the new fence across from the soccer stadium because of high traffic the of the future of relocation were chosen based on security analysis and should be finished by may of next year. >>mark: not for being too loud because of their race with 11 mammon african-american posted a to online and showing what happened there is one of the trend after complaints say they're laughing loudly the
6:11 am
white woman was apparently one of the passenger brought up the issue a spokesperson issued a statement apologizing for the experience with the apology is not enough they're riveted taken back to napa and issue for refund with a seven made to reach out to go to list the concerns of the cause of gone on answer. >>darya: a mountain lion spotted last night and for toll valley he was seen on alpine road about 815 official warning hikers and jobless this morning to avoid going outside at dawn and dusk and a lot line of the most active in the event you see one experts say face to make
6:12 am
noise try to lebesgue and throw things at him for. >>mark: he shot and killed and the police chief is praising the samaritans for helping catch the killer new video this morning of a massive fire in tokyo will show you more read to you was all on had. ♪ because you believe in go. today's the day. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. tythe first is pain
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6:15 am
>>mark: in southwestern japan look at the damage 26 people and injured before the typhoon thankfully no deaths and reported the same storm is the one that struck the philippines earlier total of the four killed 15 people were still missing a will to take a look at all whether was looks like it will get pretty nice. >>james: some of the low clouds began to break up on the right side of the screen plenty of sunshine all around the bay today it will get past some of the morning low clouds but are out there right now cite breeze in the air feasted are you to see the flag atop the pier gently flapping in the when this
6:16 am
morning and quickly will expect in san francisco a snapshot is to take a look at the deck are forecast we should warm up to 60 been noontime that is will we expect in the financial district on par with laxalt about 70 degrees that will happen between 21 3:00 this afternoon there will be wind out there come from the ocean temperatures right not to look if you have to help the door immediately 50 in san francisco also look nifty concord 59 the pleasanton a mix of the upper 50s to low six is a cool spot in the breezy one in the delta of the latest when reading shows 22 mi. an hour sustained winds in fairfield.
6:17 am
>>james: probably robert was 93 degrees and where else ever look in a generally 86 to 89 degrees same holds true for the south and to build on the bay shoreline today your forecast calls for will sunny skies. >>james: they will continue to slide to saturday and sunday they will max out on the low 80s comfortable looking weekend. >>george: hot seller in normal
6:18 am
one of little like the the normal for the west about ride no stress same is true for the 92 allele across the san mateo bridge golden gate bridge ride 23 to 25 minutes that is a good commit as well earlier for a backup for the west to bomb ride not all the caslon's are open their no delays on the right side of the toll plaza distracts and drive times through the east bay clear of the dublin problem 238 to 37 course taught by my bad at all 29 minutes for the trip leading down toward milpitas his promise and of they
6:19 am
alsop a condition which look good 11 northbound and an easy drive to to 2 minutes from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway and well under 15 for the drive out of downtown. >>mark: is called the summit fire burned south of the lake the blaze and scores more than a hundred acres firefighters near big bear lake try to contain it. >>darya: how to protect elected become contentious issue it track the california and that the officials included the governor talked about what to do this for years of drought
6:20 am
while fire here has only increased democrats and republicans both agreed that didn't help his cause that to expenses and supported a house measure that is 40 million to prune its sell-off at sept.. >>mark: 2 killings in louisiana after a man shot and killed a state trooper he found his suspected killer and a truck on the side of the road the registered, and the truck has now been found dead as well.
6:21 am
>>andrew spencer: a truck registered to a man found dead at his home and moss bluff in custody the driver accused of killing the state trooper who may be linked to the other killing as well police said the trooper found in the ditch pick a which match reports to one seen driving erratically they said the 54 year-old was behind the wheel he shot the true for with a shotgun sybaris for to help them, strand amusing the handcuffs and a press
6:22 am
conference the reduce the man who foresaw to help the 24 the man did not want to speak but they spoke for him said he acted with total disregard for his own safety. >>darya: they're looking into less lift the weapons as a result of recent police shooting their blunt impact projectile's use embolus little rubber of silicon had that spans and fled in fact that people -- and pain but not causing serious injury the vari been bought by 16 law for some agencies in the country. >>mark: to south of the japanese stance of tokyo but the huge plume of on the premiere with massive rising from the scene of the city of tall saki running
6:23 am
along the length of a building their turn to determine the cause of this massive fire a line and zimbabwe killed a safari guide of the same national park and was home to cecil who illegally killed by an american dentist in july he was leading a group of stores of its product lines with their coats became hostile in the scare them off this and another line came back and attacked him so none of the taurus arm of a battle over heinz products in israel and whether or not they should be called ketchup a rival company and also said its tests found hines only contain 21% to metal concentrate the claims is products have 61 percent of to metal concentrate the health ministry agrees and says the simas brand can no longer
6:24 am
classified the product as ketchup this sell 2 million bottles around the world every single-we will be right back.
6:25 am
6:26 am
>>darya: be careful the next time to get on an airplane that showed the dirty area is on board a plane the number one is the trade table immediately touch the flight attendants say passage use it also to change their baby's diaper you want to be careful the blanket and the
6:27 am
poor law goes all dirty areas
6:28 am
their rebound back quickly there of 560 kids to grow together in sacramento and grow of to stop an attack on a train headed to paris.
6:29 am
hodid bece sentindey eating o aft theext,aftethe xt? so pdictle a sounsasfyi? what aut plingp a air,a stl, a bebag,nd aualltastg r fo. we a a camy eesehatstilbelies in t beay of kni, inhe eganswip of a . . spe. coue, at dsn'tean you n't nk uor sop u up enjoy ery ngle soi-tay bi. the laugng c. inve snaing.
6:30 am
>>mark: opening bell on wall street on this tuesday morning today after major hang over this morning where do with the market dropped over a thousand points guest tonight is the really concerns weighing on the market and the interest rate cut coming in china this morning not a lot of future despite the eighth rate cut in the last three months the also set the rate that banks give you for saving the government set the rates this is yes to that with yesterday's losses the dow jones industrial average into correction territory down 13.3% from high double setback in may
6:31 am
when it was over 18,000 for the year is down it never percent the nasdaq down for quick for it was up 6.6 point for the year continuing to climb with the futures 580 may sit up from 400 points within the next few minutes. we have not had a correctional close to three years old dow jones industrial average.
6:32 am
>>darya: it is really high is indication of futures trading short-selling and ended cater to go into the fix.
6:33 am
of 337 and 16,000 to 05. . >>james: 50 added to your liking as the head and then a live look outside the clouds have some breaks in the sun began to come up the breeze their fair you have sustained winds at 22 mi. per hour and has been like that all morning long it will be when the start
6:34 am
temperatures here are on a to be in the upper fifties to low 60s and is well with the two and have been for so far in the weeks on end here is how the day is going to break down to talk about conditions by noontime it will become sunny to purchase up the coast will want to buy 70 degrees with inland temperatures already at that point approaching '80s with a persistence along the coast will leave you with this quick look the three debt outlook shows it was that a little bit more in about 15 minutes listed
6:35 am
over to the traffic center. >>george: the bald cree cried westbound interstate 80 looks great will have an easy time for the trip hercules to berkeley that was certainly not the case yesterday 680 ride slower than normal problems at concord avenue south about their already looking at the 20 metric ton, down from 242 on to 680 and then headed to walnut creek will have
6:36 am
an easy trip was about and still tracking just another government drive times if if all the typical pattern likely within the next pediments. >>darya: they stopped a train from being taken an attack of a weekend it was headed to paris and that it brought together as kids in the sacramento area and all those who know them are singing their praises teachers say the three met at a private christian school in there and still-france the always remain closed this morning to of their high school football basketball coaches are speaking about the man as they knew the when they run out synthetic teenagers.
6:37 am
>>darya: the three middle schools grow to be the man you see there they all metaphor vacation in the end of fighting off a gunman the man suspected of shooting and killing a hayward police officer is due in court and the man accused of killing him are pacha will be in court this morning to enter a plea their 15 year veteran of the hayward police department and a respected leader of the
6:38 am
hay was octane and his gang task force. >>darya: still had hillary clinton is firing shots and donald trump and the political campaigns are heating up the fire storm is all calls and had your mentor of the mistakes of his life's and the vertical bar to show the big mistake to see what happened.
6:39 am
6:40 am
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6:41 am
>>george: a small commuter right up to the toll plaza without delays all the way over to the half and split. >>darya: you have to check out the two of you wrote to up that and costing a million dollars to clear that the mistake if he broke through a 76 sentry oil painting the painting is a diet that will play $5 million
6:42 am
they're asking the insurance company to cover the costs of this size hole that is now the patent timber to to get to the low 90s for some will to a close look coming up. hey there fellow californians i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use...
6:43 am
which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at
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>>michelle apon: the maximum sustained wind at 45 m.p.h. the show you the weather graphics they're expected to strengthen over the next few days in they become hard came by friday night early saturday morning of the northern league with island quarter recall dominican republic heydey eastern cuba will have the potential for damaging winds the bahamas may be affected this weekend looking at spaghetti plotzed these all the different models that forecast the storm so you concede that most of the lack the right hand turn of the u.s. if will monitor that all week long. >>darya: to look at the weather
6:46 am
in the next couple days will feel and what of start today a live look outside of the '50s in
6:47 am
san francisco mid-50s in novato and santa rosa and out of is one of the cooler spot at the north bay wine country a mix of of the fifties to low 60s right now and a little breezy for folks in fairfield a lot of the delta committed near fairfield sale wins ride not about to be lost our sustained its breezy but everywhere else is going to kill the warm side in the south of 83 in san jose low 90s down near morgan hill. >>james: downtown san francisco 70 and mostly sunny will be a good one to be downtown and financial district temperatures warm little bit more before they
6:48 am
start to come back down began on thursday saddam and sunday looks pretty good as to take a look the and the highs and the low 80s right now is over the some shot. >>george: starting to back up 16 minutes the to men as the drive time this does not look very good to men attracted backing up on the 80 ride that is a bad sign could be required to see law or delays for the 92 ride westbound things are really doing for well still no delays
6:49 am
across the span for the golden gate bridge to track all ran an easy ride from are recounted the incident free and just beginning to see things back up for the ride into marin at the richmond bridge toll plaza where the back of reaches about 50 ft. or so from the toll plaza is only adding to a minute or two to the west about ride tracking some drive times to the east bay as we look first at the commute on highway 680 in the southbound direction a little slower than usual we've had a couple of accidents minor ones and the southbound direction. >>mark: the have the numbers to prove they say between all the seventh and the 21st two weeks after the gop debate the game as
6:50 am
much coverage as all of the 16 candidates combined he reports he mentioned 318 * as the hundred 38 more mention the neckties candid and three times as many as governor scott walker. >>mark: the cause of the immigration plan catastrophic and it features new supports the conservative commentary slam in the trenton for 11 million undocumented immigrants
6:51 am
if that is the position the some of the republican debate this catastrophic the fall to gop nominee mitt romney anti- immigrant rhetoric. >>darya: her campaign is estimated price order to repel
6:52 am
bush would do anything to out do donald trump who she also criticizes for use in the term tanker babies which is children who barre--born in the u.s. to illegal immigrants. >>mark: the agency will continue to test cadets during open enrollment law are making the switch to a mixture does not lose out on in the top applicants who cannot wait until the testing. that could be anywhere from for six months to rehire 600 cadets for various roles and they will go far beyond our control of the road. >>darya: it would try to hire 4000 workers and one that the date is september 9th if you're looking for jobs to the new
6:53 am
hires lack entry-level positions that average of $10 an hour with for benefits and many of the and promoted to management they say in one year more restaurants are opening but there are few or job applicants expect to give more money for a carton of eggs in california have gone up by hundred and 50% the average price for a dozen eggs is $3.61 there been partly blamed the bird flew out bridge that killed almost 50 million chickens mostly of the united states get an update we have the san mateo bridge this morning low clouds and fog and because of the lead for private flights traffic moving fairly smoothly westbound on the right-hand side. a new season brings a new look.
6:54 am
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>>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>mark: the wild ride on wall street big losses over the last three trading days including yes today where up to 390 it is down 11% year to date this correction to your tour the nasdaq down four. for territory is the of all resources to close the all-time high may 19th 18,312 it is down 13.3% from that peak in may and the volatility looks to continue on wall street which can be schering scherin------scary.
7:00 am
>>mark: experts recommend getting to know what is really in your portfolio in keep in mind for all long-term investments that will eventually pay off the does correct itself usually close to every year and we have had a correction which is tim for some more and close to three years sh. hist scotts >>james: warmer temperatures than we have right now


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