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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  August 28, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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yes it concerns me is weird. >>pam moore: there on the can for the driver who head and killed woman as she walked on the sidewalk early yesterday morning she died at the scene and police say the driver drove away in a ditch the car a few blocks when. >>reporter: police could be seen
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patrolling the area for much of the day on friday that the following are of these images from home security system official man in the driveway of a home on bronson avenue not far from a hit-and-run driver ditched his car in the months following the deadly accident we have blurred the man's face at the request of police were with daminozide and in the public before an arrest could jeopardize the investigation the victim in thursday's accident has been identified as 460 who lives nearby in was struck and killed on the sidewalk and bring many neighbors who say they have complained long and loud about the driver is going too fast here are run will part the
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vehicle despite the driver was reported stolen his maroon mitsubishi eclipse is not often in the official description their hunting based on a secure the images one of which showed the men walk away from the camera with a said he is wearing a dark shirt and red short they reiterated the call on friday for a hit-and-run driver to turn himself and. >>pam moore: happening now san quentin state prison a marin county is trucking in water and pour restrooms all because of an inmate has been diagnosed with legionnaires' disease the illness as a form of pneumonia and it is spread through water mist and same officials confirm the case yesterday afternoon now discover has prompted officials to shut off the water at the prison until the source of the disease is identified also about 20 other inmates are on the watch because they have symptoms of legionnaires' the
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sunglass similar to the flow. >>pam moore: an oakland police officer who shot a man dead after he attacked and injured her yesterday and has been released from hospital also plans to not release the name of the also they say she is doing well police a man attacked with a metal chain while she was responding to on the sold at a housing complex on a park avenue thursday morning police say the she then opened fire on the suspect killing him in the name of the suspect also has not been released the pilot of a small plane that crashed to the evening in san carlos walk away on injured this said the small plane had just taken off from a san carlos airport before it came down on surer way road in some bushes the short of the end of the runway the pilot was on a person on the plan officials tell us that the plane had engine problems the governor of virginia and the father of
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murder television reporter alyson parker was visited the station where she worked today and they both had strong words about the on air killing of parker and her. >>catherine heenan: 10 of the emotional day in this time it really is the media in the cross hairs of the deranged gunman allison park as father heard that will be a game changes in the press for tighter gun controls on gun sales gov. terry recall says he is listening ims had deep psychological problems but he had no problems buying guns with no criminal record he passed the background checks virginia has no restrictions on the purchase or owners of guns even after this the deadliest rampage in u.s. history today on a college campus in virginia the
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disturbed tutor who massacred 32 people and virginia tech in 2007 bought his weapon in roanoke just as flanagan said parker students from the tv station today and won the reporters there that the hot air murder of his daughter and adamant could inspire a copycat he called his its politicians hours for their failure to act he said she never talked to him about feeling threatened on the job.
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>>catherine heenan: he fired a total of 17 shots from the glock 9 mm semiautomatic pistol to describe the attack as well planned and premeditated. >>pam moore: he was robbed at gunpoint early this morning about 1:00 a.m. a male suspect but into a business on jefferson street and embarcadero and placed an employee in a chokehold he then held a gun to the employees had and demanded he opened the safe the suspect tied up the victim took the cast that was inside the safe along with the victim cell phone police said the suspect fled on foot and has not been seen more rested police are looking for man and the one responsible for burglary in mountain view sit in gardens never could this is a picture of the parent taken from a surveillance camera 20
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residents who were evacuated from the west oakland home on monday are still waiting to hear when they will be able to move back and this is video of the damage the underside of the second store walk away collapse exposing instance of dry rot luckily no one was hurt but the building has been ransacked and property management company says a structural engineer should have a plan to fix the damage soon they're also trying to come up with the way residents can get into recover their belongings stifling the company is cutting checks for the displaced tenants who cover some of the relocation costs but only one tenant so far was to move off permanently will talk to one this this was a noble cause family of five into or relatives two-bedroom town house she said she was worried that she cannot
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afford to move anywhere else in this pricing housing market housing advocates said that is not enough and adds that the ordinance was covers these situations should be revised to reflect current market rate housing prices. >>pam moore: tropical storm card erika hess landed to the dominican republic leaving 12 people dead and is now has its sights set on the southwestern united states people in florida are getting ready as the storm is expected to hit this weekend from our partners as cnn's steve
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nance have more. >>reporter: of storm error code is common in parts of the caribbean and is now setting its sights on the state of florida at least 12 people are dead and more than 20 are missing on the island of dominica their reports of its one airport was badly damaged the dominican republic to take the brunt of the storm friday morning for reconversion either of also hit a heavy rain and flooding in 4 6 in. was expected would of to 12 in. in certain areas most of the projected models of the storms could be headed straight for the and gov. rex scott is taking no chances he's declared a state of emergency is been almost a decade since the hurricane last made landfall in florida will was category 3 storm that killed two to two people and cost $21 billion in damage.
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>>reporter: this era cool like to remind a tropical storm as it approaches the u.s. on the internet is expected to weaken somewhat over the next 24 to 36 hours as it passes over more land but is still too early supper did what type of impact it will have on florida. >>pam moore: a sad day for a bay area bakery chain is closing for good to have 530 who cases of the popular back three blame for the shut down + the hot new party favor in the mission district that takes a whack at donald trump and next howe some state agencies to wasted millions of your tax dollars.
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>>pam moore: one of the three american heroes to stop the terror attacks on french train last week is getting for the recognition from sacramento state university has set up a scholarship fund to assist the two to three year-old and his studies the money was settled to
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raise money in response to people who want to recognize him for his career is on the french attack the money will go directly to him to help pay for his tuition his books and other expenses he is a senior who was studying kinesiology gov. jerry brown issued an executive order yesterday to wildfire recovery in central and northern california the zero releases emergency funding to help residents and business owners affected by a wildfire the mosby's of the removal of hazardous debris and it waives fees to replace lost documents such as driver's licenses and birth certificates and brown are declared a state of emergency because of those wild fires was brought last month the largest fire the rough fire was in fresno. >>pam moore: that found widespread waste.
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>>catherine heenan: california highways are crumbling the talk of raising gas taxes for repairs but the caltrans engineer ms this set of working he was playing golf as much as possible california should be cutting 3500 redundant positions a caltrans mechanical did the
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have lost out in close to $900,000 caltrans to gonna much better deal for taxpayers was being done about that we provide
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training to all our staff the from many billings were vague but the department paid anyone. >>catherine heenan: that produced this a couple of changes. >>pam moore: it was told to in july and the state park scientists hope to determine the cause of death marine mammal measures 52 ft. long edge of the term to be a male often well scientists will try to find out if it is the same well carcass reports will farm out about the large and the bay area this week that well as the latest of several to turn up in the bay area this year.
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>>reporter: during the last six to seven years is the dramatic increase in the number of quakes have been triggered by human activity mainly in the midwest u.s. geological survey geophysicist adjusted rubinstein still is the problem rubenstein said the recent increase in quicks is probably the result of changes in how energy companies extract oil and gas from the ground the question some time be very powerful here in california
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most hours which are naturally occurring in is unclear this in the human and squeaks you can visit us online. >>pam moore: we have an entire section dedicated including a map for your contract earthquakes and a list of what you need to keep your family safe in a case of an emergency. >>diane tuazon: window of the
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nine is an even hundred and about locations it will cool down with a slight chance of rain showers at the golden gate bridge low clouds and fog in place and more of it as we continue into the evening hours to purchase right now still in the nine differ much of the nevada location 95 intact and the more 94 of the concord 80 for the east bay shoreline and hayward as well san francisco planner sustain the night seven is maybe the low sixties as well timbers' would then dropped 80 degrees in about a location by 10:00 p.m. there is conditions of to and the five lost ark the attempt as will be 60 degrees low 60s across the board tomorrow morning a slight chance of rain shower between the of an eye out for friday and early morning saturday in is to
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clear a by noontime here is our do with the sullen writers liu pacific storm from weather patterns on the pacific moving over to our region a lot of the rain showers out of the system is thank to the north of us the wind speeds right now on onshore breeze aside 24 oakland 15th i would a 60 m.p.h. from livermore 17 out of fairfield will jump into our afternoon highs for tomorrow are from 3:00 p.m. if you notice when the bill was much of the '90s and all we have the 90s and 100 for the past couple of days here pulling things done quite a bit. >>pam moore: 5 of klamath is the
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local police department the evidence they say will show officers are not being forthcoming about the death of their son a list of best places to raise a family is out where some bay area cities like coming up.
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>>: they lied to the public and came out with a one press release that contradicted and how the different story so i do not trust them. the plan >>pam moore: is simply the problem may be faced with loss of just after the family of the man killed in the city's office of off should no more than a decade called a legal claim against the department alleging of cover-up. >>phillipe djegal: our source for the pleasanton police department from off of a still mourning the death of his 19 year-old son and desperate for answers backed by a high-powered
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attorney marked their nose and his law firm on wednesday and john damascene year and his family filed a claim against the city of presents and and its police department and nine year veteran reserve police officer with the police department deming says 01 renowned forensic pathologist will be some of the claims police have made of their accounts of what led of into the on july 5th pleasanton police say it also responded to on the unarmed john diamond jr. trashing the car dealership and offices made an attempt to crown him please say he fought back seriously injuring an officer
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who eventually opened fire killing him. >>phillipe djegal: ahead in the panic at colleges review the evidence he disputes the police department claimed that he was shot at close range the forensic pathologists also find nothing to indicate that the taser was ever deployed. >>pam moore: as of yet the department has not responded a saturday for some bay area coffee lovers law blancs closing its doors for good customers are blaming for the change the-+ how some of the bay area as taking a swing and donald trump. swing and donald trump. emale announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train, swing and donald trump. save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic.
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of ctom -homservesidea riet r yo agi lov one incling dicaon rinde and ansptati to e ctor ♪ >>pam moore: it is the end of the line for a popular back to the trend in the bay area lollands bakery and shutting down after years of serving croissant and lattes to devoted clientele.
5:30 pm
>>reporter: customers tell me what they will miss most the people there very nine is the market street location is one of 15 in san francisco the bought locally owned chain that in 2012 announced shutdown of the entire chain back in june calling the shot unsustainable.
5:31 pm
>>pam moore: only two of 23 bakeries closed today. >>diane tuazon: it's about 20% and pass on in the north to bay region attempt to stay in the '60s by noontime sunny skies was the clouds pull back on the bed
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talk about how long the: sunglass and forecast a return with the forecast. >>pam moore: it rot in the elite new hampshire border and scores today to dree from 19 your on the brink of sit on five charges including three of mr. men as sexual assault but he was found not guilty of the more serious charges the writ was accused of raping a 15 year-old girl at st. paul's school prosecutor said in prepared
5:33 pm
carefully planned out but he testified that what happened was consentual he faces a to 11 years in prison when sentenced the cases brought unwanted attention to the school whose graduates include center stage john kerry and half a dozen members of congress many of the major presidential candidates will visit on the campaign trail we're back now with a few of the highlights from the friday on the campaign trail. >>catherine heenan: senator bernie sanders is drawn big crowds clinton was one of canada's leading high-profile speeches today the members of the democratic national committee meeting in minneapolis and other candidates are clearly on her mind, trump
5:34 pm
today the party of lincoln has become the party of trump. >>catherine heenan: it was the first chance the democratic penitence to appeal directly to a gathering of current and former elected leaders republican jeb bush meantime was making early campaign stops of virginia this is a town hall meeting and are for this morning to talk a little about his strategy and beating his democratic rival he says he hopes congress opposes the iran deal he hopes there is a two- thirds majority noble to the bill is killed. >>catherine heenan: is from since offer a plan with an month to overhaul the tax system.
5:35 pm
>>terisa estacio: the republican presidential candidate is one hot commodity that is what the dollar is the success story here in the mission and probably not
5:36 pm
in the way he may want to be is a popular of the spin that was the owner of discounts cities is the for the month of august he sold hundred his come under attack for, cement he says
5:37 pm
despite his liking, he really does like the cells of plants to get more to do will stop for the weekend. >>pam moore: are you looking for the best place to raise a family the dow fell 11. .
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>>pam moore: sarsen jose and san francisco landed in the top 10 of the best places to raise a child into account data on hospital schools and topping the list dallas tx second was boston san jose came in third san francisco came in ninth the
5:41 pm
academic ranking of four university release in the the data from six areas including the alumni the staff of nobel prizes and articles published cover top the list of the 13th straight year and this is san francisco tied for 18th with the university college of london still ahead could it be that and for the cheating web site acid madison.
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>>pam moore: we now know he is apparently a client from his
5:45 pm
high profile members exposed to its pending lawsuit is finally the end of past madison the insider is following the fallout from los angeles. >>reporter: the king is dead wrong he had multiple extramarital affairs the revelations come just months after he gave was the standard response when asked if he would ever use the site itself he
5:46 pm
believes like many of the cause of madison users rebuilding trust may be a loss calls.
5:47 pm
>>reporter: the durable on a raised and how will loss biggest allure from all i'll have you the perspective we tried to bring to the table in front energetic you see the camera man produces easy the public's this is the people on hollywood boulevard our location where at
5:48 pm
hollywood boulevard is the morning america sometimes they're a little bit heavier. >>pam moore: you going to be new to our audience will be in 50
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percent of the country
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>>diane tuazon: 20 percent chance of rain showers in fact here is what we show you by 5:00 a.m. a lot of heavy clouds along the coastal region fairfield we move over to 11:00 a.m. the last of the remaining out unfair for a little more as well if you look at the venice of the low 60s low seventies will across the bridge and its michelin the mid-70s and in the balance will have 100 phil did all the degree
5:52 pm
mark monday and tuesday by wednesday thursday clear skies arise most part of the temperatures. >>stanley roberts: people be have been badly coming up next
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>>pam moore: is forcing crew to shut down some rules to complete the work however when you reroute traffic often creates new problems. >>stanley roberts: red light and read carl meade and his down the wrong side of the street that is close because lobar construction and some dozen the hit me on twitter and said the jobs for ignoring red lights and stop signs he was right in with the town section of san jose randy townsend park with flying to things for stuff in the lane on the streets where the tech appliance second we route for traffic to residents and never could this will send to include
5:56 pm
many people a block away towns and avenue of tons of park circle this stop sign and all three stops seemed to the suggestion the driver is the red pickup truck picking back of a bmw. >>stanley roberts: stop signs actually do not mean slightly attack from the pedal immense come to a complete stop and look for other cars a bicyclist and the duchess dish if more than
5:57 pm
often why see the drive is behaving badly to towns and section of san jose the wrong frustration on this one mother who cannot get back into if even 10 years later the devastation of katrina is still vivid a woman who made the bay area her home says her heart is not far from borland's that is new at 6:00.
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male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 evening news starts now. >>pam moore: and oakland mother struggles after she and her family of four top of their homes on the steps to walk when they used to get into their homes little league collapsed the residents of apartment buildings still the place to live tonight five days after their homes already attacked there still no plan to fix the damage or to help the displaced achieve their personal belongings. >>maureen kelly: jessica was home when her apartment and marketed and for st. monday afternoon she thought of another earthquake had struck the star on the side of the second-floor walk voice suddenly collapsed it was a close call but no one was hurt but the failure exposed would contract the letter said
6:00 pm
appeared to the exodus of dry rot including unborn crammed into her aunt's two-bedroom town house in york the donated toys but most of their personal belongings are still inside of the red tagged building fish in terms of how i still i feel completely harmless completely helpless i do not have access to
6:01 pm
my children who are not able to go back to school if i do not have answers for anyone the property manager said the of the plan drawn up by a structure in an era of the fix the damage by early next week the also try to figure all with all the tenants to return to the unit safely. >>pam moore: he does the car following a deadly hit-and-run and san jose and tonight he is still lose tech a look of the security system video capture him and the driver of a home on bronson ave we have an
6:02 pm
emergency and hear of a man believed to be behind the wheel of the stolen vehicle we have blurred his face at the request of police they worry that make his identity public before an arrest could take the investigation the victim is being remembered as a loving mother and grandmother whose life was cut short and she was all for her morning walk >>rob fladaboe: and they're running high on friday as family members and friends left hours at the corner from courage driver or pedestrian was killed early thursday by a hit-and-run driver the victim identified the 460. >>rob fladaboe: the lesson she
6:03 pm
was walking along the sidewalk, and drive one car jumped the curb and ran her down the driver left the scene and ditched the stolen car a few blocks away family members called on the driver to turn himself in will prefer to talk about the woman who they say it was a heart and soul of their family if she was a good mother if she was a good wife from my brother-in-law. >>: did not deserve this i hope someone catches the guys that did this because she did not deserve it.
6:04 pm
>>pam moore: a disturbing story at berkeley there are looking for this man accused of groping several girls while they were swimming it happened yesterday at the strawberry canyon pull on the campus of uc-berkeley under the eye of three lifeguards. >>emily turner: disturbing is ride it is certainly something that parents did not expect because 3 nascar's we bring their kids to pull take a look of the screen if you're not in from the television this is a picture of the man the berkeley police say did this they say he's an adult manner in the picture is hard to tell the has already swim trunks this and he is a pot belly he has brown hair and his facial stubble of
6:05 pm
what he did to several girls between the ages of 9 and 13 years old he was one of to them in a rather on their legs a worm on their buttocks and immediately swim away because of that uc-berkeley police have this description and asking for their help the uc-berkeley please also asking for any of the victims and never occurred to come for the also ask if anyone knows this gentleman or this man that there will come forward and talk to police about that and oakland police officer
6:06 pm
who shot a man dead after he attacked and injured her yesterday has been released from hospital. >>pam moore: she is doing well police said a man attacked her with a metal chain what she was responding to an assault and housing complex on macarthur avenue thursday morning this issue then opened fire on the suspect killing him the name of the suspects also has not been released, the gun was stolen near a shopping plaza and for bill have enough just a few blocks away from the fruit and a bart station. two men accused of robbing and shooting a tourist on san francisco's russian hill near the famous lombard street
6:07 pm
had been charged with attempted murder the incident happened to take just a block away from the crowd the stress of lombard street this said the taurus was robbed of a camera he reportedly started running after the suspect he was shot by another man police arrived the suspects took off and headed toward the bay bridge the chase ended near the oakland and rebel border where both men were taken into custody. >>catherine heenan: is a form of pneumonia spread through water stain and missed the case is not proper to prison officials to shut off the water until the source of the disease can be tracked down bottled water headed for was orders given the limits and mason only necessary visitors by prisoners family are being allowed into
6:08 pm
san quentin to visit. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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>>: make sure your taken the time to understand the impact of this said carolco will remain a tropical storm as it approaches the united states sunday and monday.
6:15 pm
>>catherine heenan: 10 years after the demonstration was blasted for some response to hurricane to track.
6:16 pm
>>: the former president enjoy the high school visit and he then to some of the members of the school band he did not take questions from reporters on this for. >>catherine heenan:---->>pam moore: including many right- hander bay area news tonight he spoke with one woman who shared her memory 10 years later. >>: she was a student how to be a doctor when she evacuated under the convict trained as a rival instead it goes to state shall with the new reality and her life has been forever altered because so much
6:17 pm
displacement with family members very traumatic and unfortunately requested that we would hang out are still shut down and those never reopened if it did not happen whereby be read now what will my life the different but every circumstance the different tsk is unfortunate to years has passed and there is not for recovery in tenures. >>diane tuazon: but a p.m.
6:18 pm
increasing calls and placed him to drop to the '80s and invalid 74 degrees for the east bay shoreline 7:00 a.m. have called early morning and mid clearing by an 7:00 the wind speeds right now on the onshore breeze 70 mi. of our even the slight chance of rain to our headed our way because as the pacific weather system all this activity to see low clouds and placed the stock much as well from the screen indicating things could go quite
6:19 pm
a bit 1 have sunny days of this weekend your highest amount this peninsula where dylan with a persistence for daly city and all should be to 07 for san francisco and san bruno will move across from the eastman shoreline cities 75 semiannual 72 out alameda 76 for cash a valid and invalid location were we have the 190 is the islamic hot spot cities where the school and things of the low 80s in general. >>diane tuazon: most a summit
6:20 pm
conditions on the afternoon of they were more cloud cover in the north eye for much of the day tomorrow and will clutter up from 1:74 cast 82 degrees on average tomorrow mostly cloudy skies sunday as well intense corp. will cause clouds come monday and tuesday and things pretty much stay consistent always long next week staying alone is on the most reckless guys and that is a war should be this time of the year thing score and have nice temperatures for the rest of the work week. >>pam moore: the ceo of ask the madisons' parent company is stepping down it would not only the sea of but also kind of the website fact he is married he
6:21 pm
ever is a list of companies and information about millions of have asked the madison uses mac in july men released the data on line this month. >>pam moore: it continues his children and his widow are now fighting over the late actor's lot to bicycle collection the right to be concerned lesser parts along their homes in the
6:22 pm
event which celebrate our and free expression of the panel said there are believed that it has already left the area coming up tonight he helped get rid of a terror attack overseas + no information on the journalists killed on live television how the government likely found his targets.
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>>pam moore: we are here to tell you about the practical show of gratitude. >>catherine heenan: his getting a scholarship from sacramento state in setting this up and said the money will help pay his tuition his books and other
6:26 pm
expenses a is a senior this is the 23 or after he returned to sacramento this week he into france stopped the man with ties to radical islam who was caring and have a gun and assault weapon on a high-speed train last week the president of sacramento state says everyone at the school just wants to recognize his courage and again all through the young men will eventually be given a big welcome home parade. >>pam moore: new details on the shooting of two journalists on live television what we learned about the hours leading up to that tragedy plus a new report suggests san francisco law is on top hot among cities to raise children take a look at donald trump pinata lettuce line off store shelves and san francisco's mission district if. seek
6:27 pm
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>>reporter: a second store walkway collapsed monday afternoon luckily no one was hurt manila between people forced to leave their homes and
6:30 pm
many of their belongings and side the landlord is cutting checks to cover relocation expenses to retrieve their belongings the search for hit- and-run driver continues a few moments earlier he allegedly jumped a curb the family is devastated because police say a man came to the strawberry
6:31 pm
canyon and sexually battered several young girls ages 9 and 13 yes 7 this said the man swim to the girls and pull the legs and pulled on rather buttocks and then swam away and that are not asking for the public's help in identifying this man he is selling so many of these economic hard to keep them in stock this said did not live with the have to say it in them get back at him by smacking at his figure pinata.
6:32 pm
>>catherine heenan: well planned and premeditated the words used by investigators to describe bryce williams on and murder of two virginia journalists monday this and evidence found in his apartment in his car when he shot himself that put together a time line of the tragedy he may have been watching from this from his apartment across the street from the station the
6:33 pm
heard the victim's screams a station cameraman watching at home by 840 the station manager went on the air revealing the killer's name along with the tragic news he went on social
6:34 pm
media and said that he stem the shooting himself and posted on facebook list of 50 minutes later he was spotted on interstate 200 mi. away he ran his rent-a-car onto the median and shot himself. >>diane tuazon: 10 to will be in the mets' 7 is for the invalid cities and seven degrees for the east bay shoreline 61 from the coastal regions we do have a slight chance of rain showers
6:35 pm
sunny skies for the rest of saturday but simply as overall still in the upper seven is the weather forecast for you for this weekend looks like this 82 degrees saturday 81 sunday and 82 on monday will talk about what we can expect warming trend to continue again will have the summer heat and return the 74 cast coming up in life after heart surgery include baby steps in order to get your help back in water will have details straight ahead.
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6:38 pm
>>pam moore: the process is not complete it takes work to get a hardback or chemicals full potential. somewhere on the mend after having surgery early this year to repair heart murmur it turns out one of the tar balls was leaking to assess mogul's
6:39 pm
sons of opens a life back to normal as a vice the others and some a situations they remain positive and do not take anything for granted.
6:40 pm
>>pam moore: were going to lose its top spot they're shuttling around to of the barricades and stadium way unveiled in carson city would as of may for the raiders and the coliseum. do you like the passaaadd?
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it's a good looking car. this is the model rear end event. the model year end sales event. it's year end! it's the rear end event. year end, rear end, check it out. talk about turbocharging my engine. you're gorgeous. what kind of car do you like? new, or many miles on it? get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 passat models. or lease a 2015 passat limited edition for $189 a month after a $1000 bonus.
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>>reporter: with three of the nfl preseason consider the main dress rehearsal for the big shots the ninth draft of the joint last practice before a small man to gain that to make sure the running back and kick returner and jeered and talked about how he's still making process.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>>: does not matter whether there is no one watching the have an off day here and there jordan severed his were start of the here yesterday at the berkeley and new jersey the texan hoping to turn at around and switch back to normal one in shot a 74 in the first round in nine different plays took it out on the crowd was close to the drive goes on to add ride in as of in the dollar reached check this out ball nails the kid in the thigh and leaks about but he would make it up to the young fan the kid a smile still is the
6:46 pm
sole leader at seven under or less to six days out for the start of the college football season. >>j.r. stone: the have to begin answering you can watch the full interview this sunday on sports
6:47 pm
not live also could tile rest of the ratings showdown and a full breakdown of both the giants and a's game with former oakland bid roberts from the oregon announced today that burn and adams will be the starting quarterback the man and high- flying offense is nothing new for the eastern washington over the last three years this creature given her run for her money. >>: not a game howe not a game practiced this was a dry run before it competes into malls in new york in the race has been sold out for weeks ago easy
6:48 pm
chose to take a drop instead of after to play through it and this is the result he's dangerously close from not making the cut which is unfortunately for him to give some time to do laundry sphere..
6:49 pm
and a restored mansion and a run county officially off the market the jaw dropping price someone filled out for this home.
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
>>pam moore: they would
6:52 pm
discontinue sales of the five city the five see his older features and a slower processor to make me a drop in sales so the company decided to take off the market according to the official there are working on a smart from out of 4 in. screen but the have no plan of revealing that ride away also to remind the will host an event to unveil the latest and whatever other gadgets that will surprise us with, is the tech off the market for nearly $50,000,000.11999 sq. ft. match in seoul on thursday for $47.5 million pish hist all the way at
6:53 pm
7:00 tonight it is the insider followed by entertainment tonight that is a 730 and then of course slotback before live tonight santa rosa would give most of the rain showers hayward livermore and and go over to 11:00 a.m. in fairfield not in livermore again after nine hours
6:54 pm
a lot of the cause for back live mostly cloudy skies high clouds and that still sunny conditions but temperatures will not be as hot as even expressing the past couple of days low eighties for the inland valley cities ms. 7 is for the eastman shoreline sunday more clear clouds monday and tuesday the rest of the workweek our temperature is pretty much the consistent and the low 80s of an invalid cities of the seven for the is to the shoreline and along the coast and in the '70s this is what the bay area forecast as like before you start your
6:55 pm
friday fund make sure you join us tonight at 8:00 will be back with an update on today's news weather and sports of the stores include the fact that the golden gate bridge as wants to have some closure you want to know about one of the many things will be covering to my we hope to see you then have a nice next hour.
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6:57 pm
ashley madison's ceo steps down. is this the end of a cheating site? >> plus, stars take sides on
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> do you take pride in being the king of infidelity? >> i would label it a lot more pride than shame these days. >> ashley madison outed ceo steps down. as more alleged adulters are leaked. >> all people want to do is come at me with venom. >> is this the end of the cheating site? >> the reputation has been completely destroyed. >> and what trump did. it's shone the light of racism. >> stars take sides over the donald. who's supporting him and who says enough is enough? then inside jill and jessa duggar's new molestation documentary as "dancing's" cheryl burke reveals her own childhood sexual abuse.
7:00 pm
>> as a little girl, it was hard for me to say no. and then miley slams at nicki for lashing out at taylor. >> is that wrong? >> will their bad blood feud spill over this weekend at the vmas? >> ladies don't always get along. >> now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> hello, everyone, and welcome to "the insider." >> let's begin with the top trending story dominating the headlines today. cheating web site ashley madison's married ceo is not elgt only the founder, but we now know apparently a client.on know apparently a client. high profile members exposed to pending lawsuits, is this finally the end of ashley madison? >> do you take pride in being the king of infidelity? >> i do. may not label it a lot more pride than shame these days. >> but now the king is dethroned. in a statement released to "the insider," ashley madison's parent company says, quote, effective today, noel


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