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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  August 29, 2015 12:00am-12:31am PDT

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j. law and amy schumer go wild on billy joel. the show ending stunts, their foot on his piano. jennifer kissing amy's feet. we'll tell you how they're becoming new comedy dream team. >> created 100 pages. >> plus, who is sandra's new man? we'll show you the date night, parties overseas and at 50. >> then -- >> are you in love? >> yes, i am in love. >> we have justin bieber on the record. new music, new image. >> is there any regret? >> probably stay away from miami. >> and before justin hits this
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weekend's vmas, we flash back 15 years. ♪ oops i did it again >> britney at 18, j. lo dating diddy. >> the fashion, the arrests. >> a little shaky right now. >> and what brought some of your favorite stars back to prime time? >> must-see television. >> it's exciting. i love this show. >> i was broke. i was just down and out. >> now "e.t." with our take on today's top stories. hey, everybody. thank you for joining us. kevin frazier and nancy o'dell have the day off. >> we have big headlines to wrap up the week. here is tonight's top story. inside summer's show-stopping moment. j. law and amy schumer barefoot and dancing on billy joel's piano. this was epic. and the uptown girls had a blast dancing, laughing, and surprising the crowd. here's how it unfolded.
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amy's friend posted and then during joel's encore last night, he mentioned schumer's latest movie. >> any of you guys seen the movie "trainwreck"? >> there's a monumental scene where amy schumer takes to the stage as it were with a bunch of cheer leeleaders and does a ro t rockettes style of dance. >> i had to train to do the dance. >> halfway through the song, the ladies climbed on to joel's piano. j. law playfully licked the feet and unfiltered fun. >> honestly, these two are a match made in heaven. >> we're calling this the next big girl power duo. you know, like tina fey and amy poehler. >> amy schumer and jennifer make a great pair. they are a blast. >> jennifer and amy vacation together this summer.
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>> we wound up going jet skiing. i was like, i'll drive. i've got this. she was like -- >> you know what that is? that's the next movie posting. >> and j. law announced she's writing a screen play with schumer telling "the new york times," quote, we've got a hundred pages right now and amy and i were creatively made for each other. >> if this goes well, we could see a lot more collaboration from them in the future. >> now in front of some more headlines. first off in tonight's quick hits -- we are on the trail of sandra's new mystery man. smiling sandra bullock with reported new beau, model and photographer brian ranrandall. sources reveal he's super normal and just like sandra, he's a single parent. she even took him to pal jennifer aniston's wedding where they were said to be very affectionate with one another. from boyfriends to beach bods. sarah jessica parker rocked a
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classic one piece. we have some serious swim suit envy. the 53-year-old mother of three showed off toned legs. cohen instagrammed this photo for lea. up next, dude, where's his car? no, seriously, where's his car? >> crazy, huh? >> looks like ashton kutcher's driver was late as he faced an onslaught of camera flashes. kept it cool while publicist did best to stop the paparazzi invasion but things got a little heated. until another photographer stepped in. >> enough. it's not worth it. relax. and finally, lucy liu's got a little bundle. congratulations are in order. by a surrogate. introducing the new little man in my life, my son, rockwell lloyd liu. in love. >> oh my, looks so familiar. >> liu's got more to celebrate.
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home to her series "elementary" and "person of interest" part of the prime crime line-up later this month. justin bieber did the guest vocals on one of the biggest hits of the summer "where are you now" but dropped the new song all his own. it's called "what do you mean" and we joined forces with elvis durand to get all the details. justin sat down with elvis where he hosted elvis durand and the morning show. >> these last couple of years have been a learning process for me. i'm just happy to go back out here. >> i never thought you did anything wrong. >> i never really thought i did anything wrong either. just under a microscope and there's certain things i can look at and say, that wasn't me. >> this is the first in-depth sit-down justin has done as he continues his image rehab. >> would you really do anything different? >> microphone. probably stay away from miami.
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>> bieber's smart putting himself down using laughter to address his miami arrest charged with a dui and drag racing. he also spoke about the time he did his business in a mop bucket at a restaurant. >> it's like if ozzy osbourne would pea in a bucket, be like, you're a rock star. me, it's like, what a bad kid. >> justin walked in the opposite of guarded. he was ready to talk. it's been a while since he's had new music out. been a while since he's talked to the press. i didn't know what to expect. opened right up and just let it all hang out. >> maybe i'm a bad influence, but for me, i was like, i'm going to do this until i feel like i shouldn't be doing this. maybe i was wrong, but that's how i learned and i feel like i'm much better for it. >> are you in love? >> yes. i am in love. >> with what?is esther.
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my little puppy. >> he makes a cameo riding a skateboard in the "what do you mean" lyrics video that drops today. >> it's only going to be easier if i have people supporting me. if you want to ride this train with me guys, i'd love to have you on board. if not, don't be in my way. all right? >> justin will perform for the first time at the mtv music video awards on sunday and still ahead, it is our vma's flashback. we were there back in 2000 and we will show you why those very first vmas of the new millennium was one for the ages. >> all those faces look so familiar. that's because we've been watching them for years. it's kind of like comfort food every time we get to see them. we get the chance again this fall in tonight's cheat sheet. your favorite stars.
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>> how does it feel returning back to tv? >> it's exciting. i love this show. i was looking for a really worthy successor to "parks and recreation" because people love that show so much and i feel like the grinder loves that show. >> the defense calls mr. albert kran. >> do you mind? back flip. you know what you're doing. >> rob lowe and christina applegate as old flame and callista flockhart is back. >> if you proceed anything less than excellent, isn't the real problem you? >> she's uncompromising, unapologetic, slightly nasty. funny. rich. powerful. all the good things. >> 20 years after "full house" days, john stamos is heading up on fox's "grandfather". >> i love family things, kids. we want to sort of come up with
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a character like me. a guy people think has it all but there's something missing. >> next, from "saved by the bell" a new nbc comedy "truth betob be told". >> she's hot. >> our television show will tackle things people think about but never really want to talk about it. >> and welcome back "the muppets." >> i'm so excited for the show. we're getting a behind the scenes look at the reality series almost. kind of similar to the kardashians, almost. >> sure. who doesn't know about the kardashians? their lives are exposed all over television. which is kind of what's going to happen to me, i'm thinking. a little scary. >> tv, "miami vice," don johnson back on prime time "blood and oil" and this show feels familiar too. >> do you think i'm just going to toss you the keys to the kingdom and watch you drive it
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over the cliff? >> fans are already comparing it to dallas. to larry's character. how do you feel about that comparison? >> if we're fortunate enough to be on the air as long as dallas was, that wouldn't be a bad thi thing, would it? >> also stars chace crawford from "gossip girl". >> eawhy's the time to come bac to tv? >> i was broke, doing awn and o. no, honestly, i loved the script. >> not the only one. ed west plays a serial killer on "wicked city". with celine dion, back to the stage after caring for her ailing husband. >> i'm not quite sure if i was ready to be here tonight. plus, katy perry. baring nearly all on broadway. our fashion fix is ahead. catcthe ttery lo.
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on select ats models, in stock the longest, for around 269 per month. celine dion is back on the vegas stage. yes, she has taken a year off to help care for her husband, rene, who is fighting cancer. but last night with her husband's full blessing, celine made a tri um fanlt retuumphant
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caesar's palace. >> my three children wanted me to be here because i'm not quite sure if i was ready to be here tonight. >> celine held back tears talking to the press before the show and when the curtain opened, rene was not there to see the audience stand and cheer for his wife. too ill to attend, rene at the couple's home. he was also watching earlier in the day when celine sent him this message. >> we love you. just enjoy. just enjoy. just let it go. i love you. ♪ you're here in my heart and >> she said her hit songs have new meaning now that rene is fighting for his life and earlier this week, she told me it was his dream for her to return to the stage.
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why do you think he encouraged you to come back? >> because i'm his favorite singer in the world. and i'm his wife. and i'm the mother of his three children. and we have the same passions. we love each other so much. >> i saw her years ago and she is so incredibly talented, of course. celine will play 39 more shows between now and january 17th. so if you want to get tickets -- >> get them now! get those tickets. >> up next, before miley goes wild on mtv this weekend, britney was not that innocent and beyonce was just a destiny's child. and then our friday fashion fix with must-see katy perry, leggy bindi irwin in "dancing" before shows off. and with judge judy. how she's tackling bullying as the kids go back to school. >> stick around. closed captioning provided by --
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couples to the fashion mtv's vmas are always crazy fun. before we hit this sunday, the fun we had in 2000. ah, this is the britney we fell in love with. 18 years old, a dance machine. so toned and skinny. she turned sideways, out to prove to the world. ♪ i'm not that innocent >> she started the performance in a tuxedo and then she stripped it off and was wearing this nude colored body suit clo covered in see quinns and for a minute, everyone thought she might be naked. she shed her mickie mouse club image and proved she was all grown up.
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♪ bye-bye bye >> the most memorable of the night. ♪ may i have your attention please ♪ ♪ will the real slim shady stand up ♪ >> eminem, all had hair dyed platinum blond and won video of the year for "the real slim shady". >> her man at the time was a guy named puffy. >> it was a big couples night. we had j. lo and puffy and britney and justin were still an item at that point. >> hi, "entertainment tonight." >> 15 years ago, queen bey was still part of destiny's child. >> being here is definitely a highlight. we're nominated for three awards. >> for real. we're survivors. we're still here. >> kate hudson three months away from marrying chris robinson. >> the ring.
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i'm in love and we're just so happy and having a great time. >> and this is what the rock looked like. >> i bet jennifer lopez, that's one down. >> "e.t." online has the breakdown of the craziest looks but no could top the most bizarre event of the vmas 2000. >> while limp bizkit's fred durst was on, climbed a palm tree and refused to come down. the audience started calling for him to jump. he spent the night in jail. >> somebody from rage was up on top while fred durst was accepting an award. it's unbelievable that happened. i'm just shaky right now. i'm a little overwhelmed. i don't know what to think. >> i love it. now the big winners back in 2000 were nsync and eminem. they took the big moon. what kind of controversy will
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miley stir up? we'll have it for you on monday's "e.t." >> no one on "e.t." is better than laying down the law than judge judy shynlin. she shared her wisdom with more than a hundred lucky high school graduates. >> judge judy shinelan. >> they know i have a television program. i've had a relatively successful life. >> she's being a little modest. at chipua high school in new mexico, she created a contest to speak at a graduation. alexis won the contest with a heartfelt daessay. >> hoping it would be a place more geographically suitable to where i live but then i started to go through the letters.
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and the letters from alexis was compelling. >> we encourage deserves. there are 117 graduates and i believe that we are in the opportunity to have an amazing guest speaker at our graduation. >> judge judy really believes in passing on her wisdom to kids. recently did an internet chat on how to stop bullying in schools. >> you don't teach morals and ethics in crisis in school. you teach that at home. and children learn by example. >> her honor is epibrac embraci web to reach a wider audience. >> you only have a chance to make a first impression. i don't remember who gave me the advice, but i've been dishing out that piece of advice for the last three years. >> to ireland with twitter followers but told us, some have become too addicted to technology. >> there are too many secrets.
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too much, you go into a restaurant and you see actually four people sitting at dinner and everybody has some sort of a device that they're either hiding in their lap or not hiding in their lap. >> when it came to inspiring these recent graduates, she thought being there in the flesh and sharing her own story would help them achieve their dream. >> in my early childhood, suggested to anyone that one day i would be standing here and be known simply as judge judy. really felt that by coming here today would be meaningful. perhaps more meaningful than a high school in a big city or even suburb. there was a sense that it would be a really special memorable event for these kids. >> judge judy told us the one thing she would tell her high school self is to read more. she just didn't have an inquisitive enough mind. >> i would have given my high school self the same advice. what was on katy perry's
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fell hard for a friend's dog? find out in our star shot gallery on "e.t." online. that is all the time we have for tonight's show. don't forget to check out our web site,, to stay on top of all the star news anytime. day or night. >> we are there for you, always. and we will leave you with one more thing before we go. we call it, not your average friday fashion fix. first, we got to say, we're not too sure we can get behind this look, katy. sure, our eyes can't see anything but that perfect cleavage, but we're a little confused by the dress, bra, and all those tassels. add those two huge silver cups and we're just done. bindi irwin gave us something fun to look at the first shot of her wearing "dancing with the stars" costume.
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body glitter, sequins fringe, please. and yeah, we know fellow "dancing" star val has no clothes on but naked fashion that looks like this? amazing. sorry. not sorry. "the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> do you take pride in being the king of infidelity? >> i would label it a lot more pride than shame these days. >> ashley madison outed ceo steps down. as more alleged adulters are leaked. >> all people want to do is come at me with venom. >> is this the end of the cheating site? >> the reputation has been completely destroyed. >> and what trump did. it's shone the light of racism. >> stars take sides over the donald. who's supporting him and who says enough is enough? then inside jill and jessa


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