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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  September 2, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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.. >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now >>george: and will check with the chp and caltrans there was one report that have not been to confirm if in further the been
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reports of an problems. >>james: an equal right to the afternoon install cp ready for school here is the fourth as a contract leaves the next hour we're looking at in a plot for the start of school to be nice and cool steel 59 to 06 it from much of the bank it will still be hanging around a low cloud for the marine layer will be inundating the inland valleys and by noon time were looking for temperatures to warm slightly. >>james: yes it would in the mid to upper 80s today much cooler mid-70s by the bank of the stock will cool down even more and
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friday. >>george: the approach from the insurer freeway to the macarthur maze and highway 24 and the approach from 880 of which are very normal this morning we have no consensus on the bridge and the drive times attracting and about 18 to 21 minutes depending on one's approaching panic the 880 approach however is given a little slower than usual for the west about ride if the nimitz is your approach to the bridge if you're heading out you might want to give yourself an extra five to 10 minutes that
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stretches 90 to get to release all the wanted sent you one thing allow quick then it may be an incident just coming in hand. >>darya: where a lot of the bart station to tell us what is on. >>will tran: the west oakland station open for business the trends are coming and going and that is good had been shut down in water and a traffic nightmare with the planned to law rama's place it was close their berlin
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by and pending the investigation it all started because the man according to the police department was smoking a cigarette on the platform which is no this and then at that point there was of violent confrontations where they felt they needed to tays him which is exactly what they did after they did that the man referred to his waistband and fired a shot himself in the stomach he was rushed to hospital is there this morning in critical condition the police officer never fired a gun to the point where they quickly told the public of those police officers and is the for summer can remember there were wearing by cameras at the time so the police to parma of course they're doing their on investigation and that salomon,
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a district attorney's office to conduct a parallel investigation and to look at the video. >>mark: the massive search for a killer continues well over 100 law enforcement agencies are looking for these three killers as a breakthrough of the mars and the heavy water community the 60 mi. north of chicago a no-fly zone over to the search area. >>michelle apon: 3 people gunned down a police officer tuesday morning chill before 10:00 a.m.
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a small memorial from 30 a veteran stands outside of the police department known as g.i. joe we have audio police dispatch the massive manhunt continues as also is look for two white males and one black male with% fall this african story and on our web site. >>darya: a recent retired teacher is behind bars this morning accused of possessing child pornography and the 660
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taught english and auckland high school for 25 years he was a well-liked and respected teacher and a retired in june it was is yes today with an and the crimes against children task force shall report his home in walnut creek the have a search warrant and they found child pornography on his home computer they arrested him the score this is now working with police and said there's no evidence the to see to the part in any illegal activity reduced teaching. >>darya: this is the first offense if convicted he faces three years in prison and is
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unclear the victim is a student police a heart is are asking for the unidentified armed robber to pick out here a surveillance video that is still feel this happened a month ago and 76 attention on will have no it to see what the to the register pointed a gun at the cashier and demanded money he was so calm of the customers and store the not even know that it was happening they believe the estimate of the
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crimes in the area. >>darya: this saw a man or woman and four to the trunk of a car monday night the men and still lose and they're looking for to your black car from the 2000 model year. >>mark: were there when the salmon that announcement decimus and also will hold people accountable for 32 euros death as you shot and killed in july as she was walking on pier 14 with her father a suspect
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undocumented immigrants francisco sanchez has been charged with murder and released them from custody in a poor despite and immigration hold on him. >>mark: for the phalluses know when a second response to the before her death this suggesting changes that the refuge to transition this happening there but of the shooting of a share department have not spoken since the family announced a loss to
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it could bring much more than much-needed rain to california that could be dangerous as well what we will we face and to woman on a lot of trouble because what they forced preschool kids to do this story is just a few minutes away.
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>>darya: snowstorms ton of the water makes infant and warm and will send a lot of a wildlife fifth.
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>>james: for a giant mass of red past looks like the park in las other rash gone on that is the red blob of were talking about the is the water like of storms have caused to sit there and that is why the will to come closer to the shore and the this this is a few but the red stripe citizens to share it with a lean young. >>james: this looks a lot more
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intense monad to come and set a look at the forecasts of of have the marine layer pushing for other and and we have is a valve is also seen some calls this morning court to start san francisco 63 in oakland 58 in san jose state and in the upper 50s for most of the morning will then send the pretty much all morning long 30 mi. an hour winds of the cost of the rest of the bay area looking for a single digit wind speeds temperature to quick story will keep were looking at about 60 degree weather bay area wide and by noon time will the senate to take over most of the bed the '60s were pushed up to the coastline is a hit for 3:00 in the afternoon '80s will begin to filter in the differences today we're talking low 80s minister in the bird with the u v in the
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mid '80s but know it is up for seven is for the inland east the balance is a quantitative scores of his labor day holiday weekend, will answer that come up in the fourth check and bought a half an hour from now. >>george: the back the beginning of course and the boy on a road outside of the camera view and
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then gradually starts to back of all the way to south main street with his right of the here and that is of course we are facing this morning we now track a 22 minute trip time it is all normal for the southbound 680 ride with and set free for you're ride to the bay bridge on the east bay into san francisco drive times are running 22 minutes with the back of the into the macarthur maze san mateo bridge and 19 metric time across the span was bound and no delays reporter on the west side of the bridge getting out to 101 mission there is the report of an accident will want to track the drive times where is getting a little slow on the northern side and into marin the of the richmond bridge to back up to the rich and partly that is a typical 14 minute trip time here the promise look of the north they ride the sea where thinking
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of some heavier traffic for the ride. >>mark: it brought to shut the flooding to california in the south is their ice storms in the northeast tornadoes in florida and across the u.s. the winter was one of the warmest and what is on record but this said it will probably peak between october and jane wearing the first half of one to the new report notes in national news a
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fight clove added they care to women are accused of forcing children to five that encourage preschoolers and kindergartners to fight each other on the playground is said to woman made videos of the fight and then shared the videos with their friends using social medium. >>mark: the city's police chief as jensen concern with the
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recent killings of police officers. >>darya: it killed eight people cling to children the fire started on the ground floor berets of the stairwell they're still looking into the possibilities that could have been intentionally set presence of california will spend less time in the hole and is part of a settlement delays of the state policy the pelican bay when california's toughest prisons brought the case to court they claim the state was using crueler usual punishment and putting in is to secure the house and for long periods of time the expense of the three hours a day and sell for more
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than 10 years with little or no access to outdoor times that in 2015 and it was far been moved out of solitary into the general population in prison as soon as it's known know this morning with helps run a former fan favorite in the world of professional wrestling is now facing murder charges he was arrested yesterday in pennsylvania for the 1983 death of his then girlfriend the just announced the results of the grand jury investigation and may be a rest yesterday 23 year-old was found dead in a hotel room and that was his girlfriend an autopsy found that she had been
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beaten she had to math brain injuries and they said that it was a possible sign of a domestic abuse that led to the death a homicide but they did not do anything and all those years until yesterday he was not involved was is your friend to death and that it ruined his life is now 72 years old he was once one of the divi-divis biggest name on all fours high- flying finishing moves. >>mark: the effectiveness gilson and san jose mountain view and los altos and los altos hills this said the bill befog from 11 to 9 until 4 in the morning their place in door and a notification on residents' homes to issue gonna notice until everything fog to in that area and your advice to keep the windows closed and avoid going
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outside to avoid exposure to pesticides that granting class- action status to a case involving the drivers in california they're suing the company for taking part of their tips the giants to their old money because it includes gratuity in the affair with a key part of the tip of the selling that could increase the number of drivers to chlamys should be treated as employees and and the contractors it only applies to jarvis to work for over between august 2009 and june of 2014 but released a statement said it will appeal the decision more than a year until the next presidential election is heating up between two of the top republican contenders they're taken to the airways that story is next.
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>>george: and fled their no hot spots currently that is a good thing
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>>james: union rejected as a half to the bus stop this morning 63 as well and the more the was what continues to the center of an 52 the rest of the school they've had no time will be looking for tenants is right around 67 to 68 degrees to pretty uniform no. 73 in an olmecs' of clausen son of that
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point. >>james: 69 on the coast of that is your school forecast for today. >>george: is right out of the system over the west about ride here out of the east bank heading for the pressler clocking at about 19 minutes right now that no problems on the span is just as no pattern of heavy air traffic in the breast and accommodate at the bay bridge the west about ride is backed up into the macarthur maze where now talking 26 minute drive times coming from highway 24 saw the back of here has been steadily building of the end of the ride to the rich and branch
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was on tobacco was typically goes to the richmond parkway is this morning all the way back to harbor when for the westbound ride that puts it now at a 16 to 18 minute trip time from the beginning of the back of over to san rafael and the ride into more recounting. >>darya: 8 prices dr. rosen all- time high as this was affecting millions of chickens where up live this morning in san francisco to take a look of how rare or to pay for that and a restaurant. >>reporter: 10 the first thing with gravel will go to the grocery store are dozen eggs but lately given costing a lot more here and mel's drive-in employees and side tell me that those prices have gone up twice this year to order to let some from the usda and deductions here in california has gone down by 63 million eggs since
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this time last year off many of lenin that price hikes on the avian flu and a swim in the midwest now a dozen days and cost as much as $5 for you to register as in the bay area. >>reporter: >>mark: the train service was over from san francisco will be shut down all day saturday
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september 5th through labor day monday and september 7th and back on to some they're replacing thousand feet of track insider the transmit to this is the work will allow trains to switch tracks more easily when it's finished they will double its usual we can service and a limit oakland san francisco route and enhance service on the vallejo san francisco route with a lot more information on this close to an alternate buses and wasted a line and is of the web site. >>mark: if you're taking tuberoses holiday week in your own luck of drivers are paying the lowest gas prices since 200411 years the national average price for regular unleaded gasoline for 10 straight days and 20¢ per gallon california dropped 41¢ the last month still high getting better 315 for the average gallon of
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regular and san jose for a 10:00 san francisco's at 331. >>darya: we're planning to move homeless encampments off of the embarcadero and the lead of to the super bowl is a difference to move some of the homeless to the navigation center that opened last month 500 units of affordable housing are also expected to open by the end of the year the mayor says the possibility of a storm system this on to is more reason to get people off the streets critics of the plan say this is just an excuse to do a major sweep an incredibly close call for were caught in an explosion at a construction site in the valley medical center in san jose.
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>>darya: the commerce official the side in that blast same of their whereabouts safety and a hospital as a total early this week is already two years behind schedule and millions of dollars over budget in a statement the fish traps assess safety and their top priority in the company accuses the concept of using the blast had one year ago as a way to say that the construction companies the blame for the delays and the construction company says the accounting is to blame for all the delays the president, as a famous bear on his trip to alaska.
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>>darya: he was shot to genet a struggling to hardship the president toward the end of the glacier and southern alaska them
7:40 am
is will survival sex with their grills and the president said he is glad that this would only bear the man of the park he will be appearing on an episode of running wild witches and their grills tv show and that will be later this year.
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>>darya: and atlas 5 rocket successfully launch from cape canaveral air force station to liver communications satellite into orbit the navy in the amount has already sent the three other satellites the expected to use fully tested next month.
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>>james: we will be right back.
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time for the world according to gary:presented by hershey >>darya: the dodgers beat the giants to warn that one and that was a snooze a four tommy he is asleep this is a video is continuing and he is slipping the oreos and they are the second-best record and all of baseball and that is a chicken pox outbreak that the 12 game
7:46 am
lead and they're looking good but it is not often the to see chickenpox in the seat of baseball team. >>gary: look and of that and can go either way was.
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>>gary: if what showing the arsenio hall but we like to see it in real time of the will to see if he was released within the long,
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>>darya: that the khaki campaign to monitor its debut we're talking about fat and when everyone about this guy but he attacked a lot of attention especially when it you're undefeated this is the
7:49 am
celebrated most anticipated in college football history. >>gary: the comes down to if they win howe q his stables of the few that a lot and i'm going well them the plans will not be that great.
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. >>gary: would continue to hear
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east bay guys and they say if tickets to know he's a really great guy he's having fun. he has to do 10,100 and and 24 hours.
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>>darya: hi challenger to do three, >>darya: he's doing it for 24 hours.
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>>james: here's a quick look of the forecast for today will begin with a live look outside were we see conditions on the cot beside sfo a live camera showing just follow clouds hanging over the airport and as expected it is causing delays for and bomb flights in and out and score minutes for a slight headed to sfo because of low visibility.
7:56 am
>>james: temperatures cool 58 degrees in san jose only slightly warmer and oakland coastal cities come in and 63 that is the same temperature we see out in concord and the more really uniform temperatures with your san francisco or in the the more we're looking arad, temperatures and to help the door this morning given a little greasy on the del sol mile-long fairfield been reported a 21 mi. an hour sustained winces with came on the air for this morning. >>james: 00 enough for the high 9 mi. an hour sustained when of the moment to talk about temperatures this afternoon will can expect the cause or to linger in the system version passes for north and that is bringing us a call cover strong winds and cooler winds for that matter that is what temperatures will be a touch a chord in it were yesterday and. >>james: 79 to 82 down and sobbed in the north and with temperatures are born to be
7:57 am
mild and partly cloudy let's call it back to the afternoon for the inland valleys most clouded by the bay and along the coastal temperatures of the coast off in the upper sixties to low 70's. >>george: the bridge is backed up into the macarthur maze for the west about ride drive time running above 26 minutes out of the maze 92 in the san mateo bridge ride is running 28 to 29 minutes out of hayward heading over to san mateo 18 to 20 of that on the span golden gate bridge problem free no worries here and is in iran ride the richmond bridge is backed up to harbor when a worm now looking at instead of a 14 minute drive
7:58 am
the 22 minute time tracking some east bay traffic for your is heavier now for the highway for ride westbound and 34 minutes and even heavier steel for southbound 680 in 24221 minute trip time down to walnut creek.
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only from xfinity. >> darya: the manhunt underway for three killers who killed a police officer. >> george: there has not been
8:01 am
any major incidents really time that the ride even though drive times were fairly slow. >> james: weather will be in the course i'd for the inland valleys which is good news. that is the san ramon valley and has said these and other morning on . here is you're ready for school forecast. the start of school will be upper fifties to low 60s with some clouds out there for most of the day. by noon temperatures will be '70s and land and 70 by the bay. as
8:02 am
was wrapping up we're talking about comfortable a degree weather in land and '70s by the bay with the coast by the '60s. >> george: that sense of hot spots does not mean the absence of slow traffic will. are backed up out of the east bay toward san francisco into a maze of the way to highway 24 which is a 26 to 20 minute drive time. at the same tale bridge 2229 misheard from hayward all the way to san the tail. from the slow traffic at the toll plaza we see how slow traffic on the 880. the
8:03 am
richmond bridge has been backed up to harbor way. >> darya: the big news this morning is that the bar station is open after a man shot himself last night at 8:00. >> will: i can hear when the trains running and that is good news for the thousands of people that rely on the barked transportation system--bart. this man is on the platform smoking a cigarette which is clearly illegal. the man was
8:04 am
confronted by didn't want a a violent confrontation. he was shot with a taser. then he drew out his own firearms and shot himself in the stomach. he is taking to the hospital and died of his injuries. the bart police officers have been on paid in administrative leave. the man who died his name has not been released this morning. >> mark: there's a massive manhunt for three men accused of shooting and killing a police
8:05 am
officer in illinois. >> michelle: law enforcement is scaling back that manhunt as the investigation continues. police are telling us to still stay inside. when communication was reset after disruption that accuse the--killed officer had gunman's.--gun wounds. we will
8:06 am
continue to follow this breaking story all morning long on kron- 4-dot-com. >> darya: a recently retired east bay teacher jujuy is behind bars today after possessing child pornography. he taught english for 25 years and retired in june. officers had a search warrant and went to the man's home and found child pornography on computer. officials do say there is no evidence that the teacher took part in any illegal activity what he is teaching. if he is convicted he faces three years in prison.
8:07 am
>> mark: the woman said she was attacked on the campus library at 1230 lesser morning. >> this is very disturbing because libraries are supposed to be safe. >> you're supposed to be the go there and do it every need to do. >> we're in a big city in aegis have to expect this to happen so be ready. >> darya: a family of the pier 14 shooting victim. there suing immigration officials as well of
8:08 am
the sheriff of that county and the the law of the land right there. francesco sanchez had killed the girl and the sheriff county release him even though he was close to be deported-- supposed to be deported. >> we were walking with my daughter she stopped to take a selfie she turned around and then was shot and fell dead. this is my bad story every night. if you want this to be your bedtime story every night and do nothing.
8:09 am
>> darya: the father said known is taking steps to make changes that this never happens again. the sheriff has not made any statement cents charges will be placed against them. >> mark: white animal control is desperate to find a big bear. land rovers are built tough but not tough enough
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monterey farms chunk cheese, two pounds are just $5.99. grocery outlet. bargain market. >> mark: $150,000 cars going up in flames. this happen in that west yorkshire area and. this land rover exploded in flames. the driver is putting on a spare when pulled over. three land rover explosions were discovered and firefighters put out three. the james a. should be 69 in the city this morning and i will be back with a complete forecast that a look ahead of your holiday forecast this weekend in a minute.
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8:16 am
is a one and a half year-old male who has a record of bad behavior. experts say the cellphone video of the stock have scared people. >> his view her as a potential prey item as he sizes europe mark >> mark: they're trying to trap in the jelly doughnuts and will be put down before he seriously injures someone. experts say that he is a real threat to people. some people want to save
8:17 am
them but he's just being a better!--bear! >> james: rest assured the whether we're seeing right now is not we will have come sunday and monday for the holiday. temperatures right now about 63. san francisco is forecast for today climbs to the '60s upper 60s by known--noon. then
8:18 am
will climb up to the '70s and then down to the six days in these--'60s and evening. we're staying cool through the 9:00 hour. at our warmest time of day we will have low eighties into the inland valleys. but most of barry's bay valleys will be in the 79 to 81 degree range. we have mostly cloudy around the shore line and then clouding right along the coast with upper 60s. thursday and friday we will see it the week
8:19 am
around out with a cuomo.--cool note to. but for saturday's sun in monday that temperatures will cool up. >> george: from the east bay toward iran and toward san francisco we're seeing long *. *. times. the golden gate bridge is kind of quiet. northern marin is kind of slow. here at the
8:20 am
richmond bridge we have a bigger backup than we usually see. we are tracking delays on the 101 through san jose because of a motorcycle accident northbound on the 880. the truth is the traffic remains low on the 101 northbound past highway 237. >> mark: there is a port saying
8:21 am
that there is a behavior in the pacific that might bring rain to california but in might bring destructive flooding. the last time we had something like this we had the warmus west flood and winter recorded. we do not know how this el nino will affect whether in the end. officer don allen by family dead. this comes in the wake of several killings of police officers.
8:22 am
>> we do not want a community where it is a test of verses of them mentality. if we get there we have lost. >> mark: there is a professional wrestler with worldwide fame who is being charged for murder of his girlfriend in 1983. an autopsy showed that her body showed that she died of trump a dramatic bring injuries. the
8:23 am
california department of justice will be revealing a new web site for long for some interactions with the public. it is called open justice and has been the works for months. people can access information on law-enforcement. this and a clear county district will be mosquito fogging after they found it mosquitos testing positive for was not--west nile virus. notes will be placed on your door if you are in that
8:24 am
fogging area in your recommended to stay inside. donald trump has some bearing on republican ideas even though he is the of front runner.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> mark: a political ad by donald trump claims that bush is fraudulently getting funds. the chef >> this man is not a conservative. >> donald trump said that bush gets his money from lobbyists. >> mark: donald trump is
8:28 am
fighting a very public an idea which is that taxes should be lowered for hire people. donald trump said he would change the tax structure but not with the republicans want to. the fog is hanging tough on this wednesday morning.
8:29 am
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>> james: when i woke up and in an east bay valley i thought only a few stars because of the clouds. this is the live you from the bay bridge and you're looking up to the east and you conceive open house in the background shooting straight over the hills down to the east bay. there is patchy clouds and sunshine throughout the bay area this morning. we have places like livermore approaching the mid-60s. there are few more
8:32 am
clouds out there to deal with. hope by the afternoon this morning will see breezy weather the rest of the day. by the base 75 inland at about 80 degrees, and we will look it tune decrease even more tomorrow. good >> george: at the bay bridge westbound the background into the maze and the drive time is around 30 minutes. this industry for highway 92 in the san mateo bridge where traffic has been very slow but especially on high
8:33 am
with 92 leading it to the toll plaza. your drive to the richmond bridge is slower than we have seen in a while with of back up from castro and other valleys. from northbound highway 101 at to interstate 880 the motorcycle accident has been cleared by the traffic is still heavy. >> mark: a the inflow affected millions of chickens and is costing a lot of money for restaurants and people. >> reporter: egg prices are going way up and they're affecting local businesses. as
8:34 am
to conceal the breakfast servers are already going and this is the many: there are so many dishes with eggs. today we're talking with john fehr the manager of this restaurant. how large egg prices affecting your businesses? >> there is not a huge effect on my business. most people in this industry know about these types of things and are prepared for these kind of changes. it just happened to be one of those
8:35 am
things. >> reporter: how long--how much is the difference between the difference and egg prices from last year? >> it has increased about 10¢ and we try to keep everything as low as we can. we price that if we need to. its people from north dakota and the like that come here and in food is too expensive. >> reporter: prices have risen more than 150% and it is affecting local businesses hut. >> mark: part to will completely
8:36 am
shut down the trans way to. her it will start this friday and going to san francisco and oakland it will be shut down all the way through labor day monday. art says this will allow trains this which tracks easily in the future. for all information on the closure we have a map on kron-4-dot-com. this holiday weekend is nice because we're spending less and gas than halved since 2004. we
8:37 am
are down 20¢ a gallon gallon. however prices are still well above $3 a gallon. there's an explosion that hit a certain employee when they're testing high-pressure steam pipes about a year earlier. the worker was not injured. of the new hospital wing that is being bill is considered a little and
8:38 am
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>> mark: fizzy drinks could increase your risk for heart attacks according to scientists from japan. they monitored cardiac arrest over six year period. scientists found that the link between cardiac arrest in fizzy drinks is real sign. to say of the coffee tea or other drinks like that have no fat effect on heart age.
8:42 am
a new release by the center for disease control say that three out of four americans have a heart age or older than their active age. part age is determined by certain a measurable indicators like blood pressure. >> george: this entail bridge route is backed up all the way to a word--hayward. i will have more of your traffic news when route is backed up all the way to a word--hayward. i will have more of your traffic news when the kron 4 news returns. you save becau, during mattress price wars. and through labor day, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2019 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts.
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>> mark: and the dead is taking the pain out of needles >> reporter: going to the doctor is not much fun especially if there is a needle involved. this new technology promises a painless pension. pinch. >> i have good painful disease there requires a lot of needles . honestly we thought this little be is going to make a
8:46 am
difference? but we figured let's give it a try to sue happens. >> reporter: the $40 usable device has been developed by a pediatrician and mom. >> you don't feel the needle on the >> stanley: >> reporter: this helps her monitor her condition when she has been her bones i took this device to a pediatrician to have it tested on me. the frozen winds up to now my arm. then i had a quick shot of vitamin b 12th. >> could you feel that? >> reporter: it works i barely
8:47 am
felt anything. my brain had a time of very hard time registering the cold of vibration and pain of the neil-- needle. i did it get some energy from that shot and a b cost $40. this is a nice option if you drag needles. >> mark: a giant snake verses a giant fish. this is often destroyed coast. and a fisherman catches the battle. the
8:48 am
fishermen tried to save the snake bite when in for around two. >> james: at sfo has been cloudy all morning. and no surprise: delays. we are seen breezy cloudy weather bay area why did . we are seeing '60s throughout the area except for san rosa which is warming up but still in the mid '50s. fairfield has been
8:49 am
gussie all morning long. the winds are beginning to intensify a little bit and we will expect them to stem the strong side especially on san francisco throughout the afternoon. we have the rest of the work week with temperatures climbing and skiing on the cool side. but
8:50 am
then on saturday sunday and labored in monday temperatures start to climb to about 88 degrees in land for sunday and monday for one last barbeque her raw--hurrah. >> james: >> george: the back up into the maze is now bound to grow because of an accident. look at this 880 ride which is not moving here late in the commute
8:51 am
. forget about good traffic dying down. between hayward and san mateo there is a huge traffic. there richmond bridge as a back up be on the richmond parkway to san rafael. >> mark: it looks like the iran deal the proposal will go through. secretary of state john
8:52 am
kerry will send a letter to a centers to let them know about some details of the security of that you run agreement i ran the agreement--a round agreement-- iran agreement. there is a james bond novel is to said that elba is not fit to play james bond. the a novelist has apologized for causing the elbe street--calling it the
8:53 am
actorelba tool"freaked."--too street. there's a world record attempt of a man in nevada the number of burpees done in 12 hours ending 24 hours. imagine in automated restaurant one. just opened in san francisco. this is a fast-food
8:54 am
restaurant. it is healthy and based on quinua. the customers didn't seem bothered by the lack of human interaction. there is a team of kitchen staff meeting the food so humans are not eliminated completely from the restaurant's. you can see the san mateo bridge has bumper-to-bumper traffic. we are watching the fog and we'll have more on the forecast for your labor day weekend
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> mark: remember this scene from back to the future? now based technologies has, but this however board--hover board. this board was about 16 mi. per hour
8:57 am
and has a wheel in the middle to give it the hover feel. prices for the board will start at about $4,000. this is pretty cool looking. a few broken hands and springs but it will be fun. >> george: san detailed bridge has been incident for even though slow. lookit this back up through the macarthur mace. >> mark: winners and losers on wall street. when will the
8:58 am
markets get back to normal? >> reporter: the west oakland bart station has reopened after a man shot himself on the platform last night's. >> mark: we will have whether traffic and top stories in the next few minutes.
8:59 am
whene goo the stor find my x of hon bunes of oat d i'm chking to seif i pact >>: >>male announcer:this is the bay area news station,kron 4 morning news starts now
9:00 am
>>george: the bridges are where we're looking right now for the soul shall sit in the bay bridge to the san mateo bridge and even the rich and bridges the bay bridge and was an accident that occurred within the last half hour on the upper deck of the old suspension span westbound if this was just before the san francisco and bridge on the seashore freeway when bathtub onto highway 24 because the drive times are going to continue to climb and not ready to go down yet we still have to
9:01 am
clear all the traffic off the span was bombed and then start to speed up these metering lights. >>george: the san mateo bridge a slow roll with the backed up at solid all the way out to highway 92 and 30 + minutes. >>michelle apon: how little the of mr. and drizzle a specific door across the golden gate are closer to the coast
9:02 am
temperatures will start to want into the mid to upper 60s for those bay in coastal's what they will fill that difference of the temperatures if smith 7 is possible by the lunchtime hour and by early afternoon is going to be cool across much of the bay and then especially lower '80s you many to take a little slow on a drive from looking outside we have some grace guys still with those cloud still lingering of the bay bridge looking at a little fog across the golden gate it will move out until about 10 or 11:00, the 67
9:03 am
t and 66 degrees san jose 62 looking a low 60s across the north bank of your cross san francisco 61 degrees. cook and >>mark: a man was shot themselves and have been around a glass like the station shut down for several hours with and live at the session this morning that maybe tell what happened. >>will tran: trains are running but i was not the case after the shooting is because the trains were told to blow by the west oaks a session to allow investigators to have the platform to conduct their work this could write to the video this all happen at a 15 exactly what happened was the bart police officers approached a man telling him that you cannot smoke on the platform that is illegal but the man refused they get into a confrontation the police officers he shut himself
9:04 am
the bart police department said none of the police officers on the platform fire any shots the man was rushed to the hospital he is still in critical condition this morning name is not been willie's the police department or quick to come out last night in a news conference to say the police officers will robotic cameras that footage would be reviewed by the police department and not only them but also the alameda county district attorney they're having an investigation as well pick.
9:05 am
>>james: after learning a longtime teacher is not behind bars accused of possessing trout cannot defend the to jerusalem retired from our call on the high school after teaching there for 25 years he was well liked what he was there a pork. >>reporter: the english teacher minutes students knew and respected was arrested for storing child pornography on his home computer he fired from high school in june a number of agencies across the bay area also took part in the pro the school edition is working with police and says there's no
9:06 am
evidence to suggest a 66 year- old former teacher to par in any illegal activity in during his years at the school to of the children attended at delaney he is appalled. >>james: he is a first-time offender is found guilty of the charges against them he could spend up to three years in prison. >>mark: 01 students about sexual saw reported on campus the 20 of the victim did not tell police when the incident happened she also did not tell police which librarian happened and and i give a description of the alleged attacker the campus
9:07 am
police did, a woman telling students about the attack they say it is unclear if the victim is a student. >>james: the family will file lawsuits against san francisco sheriff's the bureau of land management and federal immigration officials there were there when famine in announcing yesterday conceded stand man behind the podium the loss to hold people accountable for a 32 year-old she was shot and killed in july she was walking of your 14 per father the suspect and documented immigrants francisco sanchez has been charged with murder the share of the proper release him from custody back in april despite and immigration hold on him the shift from was
9:08 am
citing the central loss of that decision. >>james: the family says no one has taken responsibility for the death or even suggested changes that to prevent anything from like this happening in the future have spoken since the family announced the lawsuit but had defended the department's decision in the past to listen to the entire press conference on our website. >>mark: the political ad war has
9:09 am
erupted between republican presidential candidate and jeb bush in a new and the with cnn the claim that they are painful political the lobbyists and special interest groups they're firing backed this is not a guy who's an server uses on words of economist interpretation. >>mark: donald trump used to be a democrat liberal views and turns it posted a video of pointing to the nice things and had said about hillary clinton. >>james: his father was an interesting and his campaign read my lips no new taxes down and talk now threaten to do the very opposite he like to raise taxes on some of the americans, from ron hextall of writing ideas including easing the
9:10 am
burden of work and families with lower tax the middle class cutting back on government spending and considering making some rich people pay more he says he can bring you the company back to overseas by lowering the corporate taxes some groups were with heavy taxes on investors and punish a company is shipping jobs overseas will kill incentives in growth in that state of what jobs and productivity. >>mark: will tell you what happened coming of--up.
9:11 am
andothin besfood is hven in a jar. th's bauseur ingrients come from... farms coitteto respsiblsourd oi... endewithinedies ke ce-fr egg m. hven. re ingdien. that howe're rkinto ing t thbest >>george: mazatec a live look good to bay bridge and here is a look at the traffic heading westbound into the sitting adjutancy we are solidly backed
9:12 am
up into the macarthur maze and traffic is backed up to about a 35 minute drive times for west to bomb trip into the city was an early, accident the back of the ride. >>mark: 0 hundred 50,000 other cars on the inflames and completely destroyed is up against and west yorkshire in when when they exploded into flames the driver escaped with in seconds to spare after falling on the freeway would is a said the cars were exploding three of the land rover discovery to complete the destroying the weapons to save four of the cars. >>michelle apon: the ones look like this across the bay area across the east with shoreline from the west and moscow or the logic of this just across the coast and the holiday weekend forecast coming up after the break.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>>george: most of the way for the mid realize out to the new span ham from the island much slower than usual out to the san francisco and reach 40 minutes plus drive times here number to break into san mateo bridge even though the incident free were also looking at over 30 minute drive times out of hey what into san mateo the golden gate bridge ride like in a problem for a soap that is some good news for the commute if you're the richmond bridge you're ride out of the east bank has been over 20 metric ton from richmond into san rafael this morning.
9:16 am
>>michelle apon: plan as temperatures warm enough to near 80 degrees by the afternoon across the bay in costa) on mid- 70s and the coastline will have some reason conditions especially later this afternoon as to drive home do definitely feel the winds outside of the a little difficult to drive on your way home higher gusts of the credit 5 mi. from our keep that mine with the kids from school as a home from work ultimate seven the cost) still in him and to offer six is a live look outside still some cloud cover it is the main
9:17 am
flights in coming flights because of low visibility. >>michelle apon: phil have temperature is 9 to the mid-60s for those inland spots, of livermore 67 degrees san jose 6761 grad now san francisco from across the northern it will affect the drive times, you're setting eastbound will get to tell when if you're traveling anywhere on northbound the sock found the direction will be very difficult to drive home from a on the steering will keep him tonight 62 degrees on top of the oakland a's game will play against the angels are 1235 today.
9:18 am
>>mark: a bit of a bounce back to they were live on the nighttime show. >>rob black: were so revised
9:19 am
six. is sucking in the united states and that means a good thing companies often hire down the road and repay you more to get more out of you is that because the creek to wage inflation which is ok to be moderate it is not too high or too low productivity measures outpour worker and that is a good number with a lot of productivity gains which is thought to computerize the internet. >>rob black: libre crocker smashed records of land they can start to the trend of the called cutters and a travesty i haven't
9:20 am
is a relevant question in all their playoff games in the superbowl bet a stream called low regular-season games and one in london and one on thanksgiving the first time ever. >>mark: labor day travel around the corner a lot of people traveling. >>rob black: gas prices are cheaper and more people traveling with sometimes as
9:21 am
holidays like all interns the liver that are created so would live and spend into the day off of a travel and is at restaurants and gas this and hotels and a does very well from an 2% increase your of your another son of economy is working 33.5 million americans will travel in the system also a holiday weekend will spend an average $380 which is leveling it stimulates the economy.
9:22 am
>>mark: when will the market back to normal. >>rob black: i don't really know but it is fine with a 10% correction and to to go down another 4% historical will have 19 corrections since 1946 is about every four to five years it is normal and healthy and a texan to implement a lot of money and the time to get out exchange look as a good thing we follow the 5% be a buyer in the comes to doing well we have a job which we do of the numbers to be on friday the report and we can invest safely in a diversified recently sent 10,004
9:23 am
about what time the third thing to have bataan hundred and much higher for if you're behind catch up. i'm ke smalboxe ng. you n't pectuch. anthenwham i hit m wi hug crmy gdnes righrountwo! brg itgirliend rich, eamy100%natul chse. ni bybel ack litt bigr.
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>>gabe slate: were discovered a great resource for hanson, kids can get a great deal on textbooks and a way to sell them for top dollar rises uc santa
9:26 am
cruz student use the web site and to find the best deals on textbooks is like kayaking research to the books in your shower to find the best deals the university san francisco student's sense is centered time it keeps us from having to haunt all over the web for the best prices.
9:27 am >>james: >>mark: it may be vulnerable to hackers and and that is according to new record for server security from the research released today said 9 internet connect to big monitors made by a different companies and from security problems and design flaws and all of the cameras they tested some had had an unchangeable pass for the to be used to gain access in addition to have a camera to provide access to otherwise flat.
9:28 am
i'm cadee.i' hadodere toever plue prias most of myife. buthatasn'stopd mefromodelg. my doctotolde abt stara it hel keemy sn clrer. withnly dosea ye afr 2 artedose.. ...stela® hps mbe i seon. stelar® m low youabily fig inftion and incrse yr ri ofinfeions some siousnfecons quir hoitalatio before srtinstela® youroctoshou tesfortubeulos. stela®ay ireasyouriskof ccer. alwa telyouroctoif y ha anyign inftion have had ccer,
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9:30 am
>>george: we just caught the last drive times which was over for 45 minutes through the back of to get across the upper deck and into san francisco or
9:31 am
romance this morning and a lack of new which is usually a little lighter than the pick of the commute is not the case this morning traffic still jammed the solidly into a wood or 92 westmont were looking at over 30 minute drive times over a 30 minute drive times i went across the span and into san mattel this these are picking up on the bridge itself but the approach is still quite some hills where we see considerable mom of a improvement because what we're still back to the rich and are quite well and on the back of the harbor and castro the drive times of back down to around 16 minutes to get to time over to senator fell. >>michelle apon: if your cost
9:32 am
colors and no change in yes and you feel the wind it will be breezy especially on across the coast.
9:33 am
>>james: one of fans will hit you in the pocketbooks is at the prices they're at an all-time high right now and avian flu infections and may is to construct the midwest of the blame for a lot of this for live in san francisco this morning and checking in with a dozen restaurants in the area to try to see this impacting their prices is impacting prices at home. >>reporter: is definitely his in the pockets when you buy a dozen eggs lot more expensive than it used to being forced course on the bay area are no different here at the killed tools manager johnson tells us that they've been selling the effects of a shortage in the content of look
9:34 am
at this break down the prices then they say it is gone up in least a hundred and 50% in the past year and that is up from a $45 what does it last year until $3.61 a dozen this year and this is all because of that avian flu that has landed in the midwest and also here in california to which is a law that requires that hansel more space to move all around henhouses it is also and acting in the price of eggs right here in california. >>mark: if you're taking to the
9:35 am
rows of ribbons talk about gas prices are down the lowest level since 2004 the national average for regular unleaded fallen for two consecutive days now 20¢ a gallon and and 41¢ a gallon in the last month and california for the price of to give an
9:36 am
identical to fill up in a gallon of regular and san jose on average 315 open 318 san francisco lot more expensive a 331. >>mark: the city's housing ordinance had abandoned decades the price of housing continues to skyrocket according to the silicon valley renters' rights coalition abbas for sunny to make more than hundred thousand dollars a year to for the average rent in san jose would to $2,500 a month for two- bedroom the city council voted
9:37 am
us companies to be done to manage a situation with the changes have not been determined thousand farmers charge of figuring that out
9:38 am
there using this video of the explosion to distract from turn the same with the accounting is the one to blame for the project to lay. >>mark: the nuclear deal is going for it appears for now what to your house did ministration government enough to block republicans from blocking the bill to to live look outside out of san francisco to talk about the low clouds still hanging around.
9:39 am
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9:41 am
>>mark: they're blocking the nuclear deal with chevron and related news have been sent to state john carroll the sun in a letter to congress to outline you to the commitment and the gulf arab states in light of the airline nuclear deal a little bit central before secretary delivers a major policy speech on the run agreement in philadelphia the speech will focus on how the ability was an ally safer and also just a false claims about what that bill will do. >>mark: it could bring more
9:42 am
demented iran to california this and dangers will break down for you have.
9:43 am
9:44 am
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9:45 am
mi babel. snaca lile bger. >>george: there was one official report of this this morning from the speech came to this and you has come to caltrans is sent out to check and put the cameras on the bridge no one can find.
9:46 am
>>george: is up 04 five minutes that is ride over 45 minutes in a trip time come from hybrid 24 westbound and to get through the back of an across the upper deck
9:47 am
the san mateo bridge is not a good alternate although the drive times on now dropping below 30 minutes with the still slow the entire line of the span. the rich and bridge west on interstate 581 with are no longer backed up to harbor we are still backed up to the richmond park when and because of that the drive times are still of from 18 minutes over to san will sell last in east a check for you're ride, a walnut creek and into the san ramon valley while we're not solidly backed a with a still sluggish for the southbound ride and that
9:48 am
is why the drive times down to the long form of a creek is still nearly 21 minutes. >>mark: there's evidence ellen daniel is forming in the pacific and is getting stronger is special assistant to bring a badly needed moisture to the drought-stricken california. >>phillipe djegal: the w memo said that average temperatures across the pacific will likely reach two degrees celsius above normal listened as one among the four strongest defenses 1915 the current started the form less wanted and then extract of the sense experts believe it will probably pick between october and jane wary and then start to fade off the last time the plan and saw the strong will the winter of 1997 when there was a destructive flooding here in california was one of the
9:49 am
warmest and what is on record of the w. m. all. >>james:--->>michelle apon: as
9:50 am
we get closer into the lunch hour and known temperatures of one to one of just a living for those in one spot on the intimate seven days by the the loss of this once again of the 60s across cause much of the day later this afternoon the drive, especially will the breeze with those ones from the west and southwest if you're driving around the bend and five of the skin mine is going to be breezing. >>michelle apon: looking at some
9:51 am
of its upper 50s and and 62 right now on san jose mid-60's across the northern and the wine country area was slowly war regiments of for seven is run around 80 for the is the shoreline from a seven is wanted in oakland 74 across san francisco by 3:00 this afternoon at 69 degrees will continue on with the cool weather pattern and that of a low blow come to move to the region and a ridge of high pressure will start to build and for the holiday weekend will have some sunshine and warm temperatures mid to upper 80s for a lot of those spots to inland and the committees across the bay if your car is the close of stock to one of come sunday and monday with the mid-70s. >>james: stones a one missouri
9:52 am
high school walk out of class for two hours and a protest over a classmate the student wants to use of the locker room for jim class and as the report is sparked fierce debates. >>reporter: wrong to want to walk out the rationale of the two hours at a high school 30 to 40 joined a support for senior to you the girls locker room during jim she was born a boy of the session identified as the woman since age 13 come straight from school to men who claimed they had relatives with high school held signs the school
9:53 am
officials have been very accommodating understanding in compliance with federal law also the consequence is also a private agenda neutral restaurant she turned it down that as of all this is an act to get in the girls' locker room, a veteran not gender therapist says it is not a choice or rules. >>james: secession no longer take a gym class out of concern for safety and she does want to continue using their women's rest room. >>mark: the big drop in the market yesterday with over down 4 1/7 points to play in person
9:54 am
rebounded 1% today and is a correction territory over 18,300 for higher early this year and is down are 16,000 to 23.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>>james: is 956 was left experts in connecticut or try to catch a bear the key to getting away and if getting too close to people receive a conference call on camera and was spotted to let brazil she was hiking in the woods on friday she was often self became right of to were in fact this is on the video when they're put his mouth on her front has tax agencies so they for a sudden fiat has once and have your old male known as 065 this and he has a record of bad behavior if he had removed from the airport in june and he tried to get into an office building
9:57 am
in july figure into someone's house of 1.4 is there for a few minutes of the fact of this there has no problem walking right up to people and touching them the same that is a dangerous situation and they may need to put him down if he cannot seem to keep to himself. >>mark: his of the austral vehicles and the catching the ball room, a said he was heading back to harvard when he noticed a snake and the stone fish biting at each other and realize in the sncc will die from the fish's foison he grabbed the stick to its roof off the official noted that in the water became background to return and then a to the deadly fish. >>james: 9 small weather for the next few days and then a beautiful one of the just-in- time for the labor day holiday weekend before us. >>mark: stay connected with our kron 4 mobile app,,facebook,and twitter feeds.dr phil coming up
9:58 am
next have a great day see you tommorow at 4am.
9:59 am
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