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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  September 10, 2015 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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more day of for a much warmer the mouth of interest are a friday 99 degrees in the delegations the custody that this the knife 79 degrees and then of relief for us cynical things off partly sunny skies 91 inland valley 85 for the base 73 along the coast sunday much cooler temperatures 89 degrees on average one more day pretty much mile the warm temperatures milelong east bay shoreline warm in the delegation and then we have conditions for the weekend that will last through the russell week and right now back live out in the market there when deconditions picking up ever so slightly 50 m.p.h. on average for the rest the evening with the twins beat the leases cooling things down for those instances along coasts while inland valley will have to wait to about 8:00 p.m. tonight to get some relief from the he. >> pam: he will discontinue
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service the need for bay area residents to get relief from these soaring temperatures. the marine kelly brave the hot weather of clinton's today where she found people trying their vesicle downfall. no short >> reporter: a job cars pulling into loss carry drive-in downtown pleasanton. overheated people roldan for ice-cream cones or repair freezes. people looking for the opposite of indoors came to share a cliff regional recreation area.
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>> reporter: mother took her kids to school to get some relief letting them/run in the cool water. "husband has the day off if we decided. to the fig decided. >> reporter: family is looking for the cooler weather of life's. >> pam: right now if the nfl is taking off the season with the road to the super bowl 50 levi stadium where the concert and several of the sky tonight. j are still alive that nfl kickoff concert with more. >> gary: you hear the music of directly behind me. >> gab>> reporter: the misplayig right now i see the people some people here don't let this fool you there are thousands of
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people on the opposite side of the fence off in the distance the see the bright lights that. as where the music is playing this is what it looks like from in their this is video shot earlier of train the band. from san francisco took the stage earlier this afternoon again alley golding is playing right now the biggest pop stars than all the world on the stage right now. that has nfl makes all this happening because tonight is the kickoff for nfl season next. here in san francisco but kick off elsewhere even jerry rice was here earlier took the stage spoke a little bit about his excitement here is what the fans had to say as well. and a"excited this year we have a great opportunity."
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>> reporter: come out? "if the little nate had a weird to come out for a thickening of gunmen. dan and gotten in" >> reporter: new england patriots about anything you can imagine folks are wearing their nfl gear out here of course certainly all of the half as well and a throwback to you much quieter studio. >> reporter: the and tell you
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the mayor few weeks ago talked- about free sleeping now acceptable during the week of suitable 50 next year this is not that way offices are run up to the superbowl philip off in the justice herman plaza behind me along the embarcadero what really stands out there are no street people. b-2 during in a black area attractions we contacted the mayor's office employees can department of health services no one seems to know anything about this nonspecific our rage the most people of this area i can tell you this area is free of street people much more so than i've seen in the last several years, with advocates say that the difference story. >> reporter: as july leave seen
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a 30% increase this year as the attraction are heading aguilera " talking to folks a lot more sweeps and ps/2 one today no asked to move mulled on the day pretty intense for folks out their particular areas getting hit constantly >> reporter: did announce today it $3 million more for the expansion of navigation so far in the last five months this navigation center moved too injured homeless people in the housing or on the road housing and double those numbers million dollars and challenging corp. to match this number.
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>> pam: costa county sheriff and some paulo investigating a homicide. a video of the scene here in the carriage hill neighborhood video. cut up a partnership with abc seven. reports say the new the elementary school bring you more information on this continuing story as it becomes available for. a bicyclist who allegedly attacked a car with his you lock last month's critical mass event in san francisco charged with four felonies that happens today aeon of san francisco charged with assault vandalism false imprisonment than friday his object of a car the attack happened august 28th all caught on video posted you to concede a confrontation between several bicycle less and driver in the video. authorities say that the cause $2,000 in damage to the vehicle.s we have been
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reporting the murder of an inmate of allegedly at the hands of the guard has led the call for reform at the sackler county jail of san jose now as a lot of flat or ports the sheriff on for that. "by staff and board of supervisors i will leave no stone unturned in our effort to improve safety transparency accountability in custody of the facilities and anything we do with and the sheriff's office." "tests with producing top to bottom review of all customer operations.
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>> reporter: a setup an anonymous hot line for inmates and staff to report suspected abuse end of the thinly veiled reference to the three deputies accused of murdering a mentally ill inmates like goldfish tariffs of the reform plan has no room for which he says are factors. "mr. carver bad actors non and what make it absolutely clear if you break rolf's for law where one of our uniforms we will investigate you to the fullest and hold you accountable for those actions. your reward being offered help oakland police are now getting an effort to close this cold case plus houses
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washed away entire towns engulfed by raging waters. the intense flooding in japan. next a devastating fire rips through east bay homes injuring a number of people was sparked the blaze next
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>> pam: 10 fire at a point with this video a little more than an hour for firefighters to stop
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the spread but by then the fire already consumed three homes damaged another push several families out into a street the alarm fire reported about 115 this morning on intercourse a few blocks west of chicago highway avery harbor on the scene where investigators say the fire started in a minivan parked next one of those homes. >> reporter: home on fire investigators say burn patterns pointed them to the source of a fire. sledders' in the back of this event here point to them to the cause of a fire illegal drug use never say the complaints of police about a suspicious people come in and out of this home. people prefer not life-
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threatening injuries after the fire one man suffered from a second-degree burn officials say the next at the fire investigation the find out who caused the safest little too late. >> pam: school bus to erupted into flames irvine last night the kids got off before dramatic ways no one hurt officials say the bus was carrying 40 high school students on their way back from a water polo match the fire official says that the driver noticed the bus was losing power while driving on the freeway when the students still smoke the driver then pulled over and asked the students to evacuate students went to the shoulder of the road and then the back end of that box covered in smoke and fire cause of the fire under investigation.
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>> pam: some legal incentive played out during her time in office finally wrapping up kathryn is here now with details on the story. >> catherine: to be the final chapter the all began with reports of the mayor behaving badly in the words of our own stanley roberts. >> catherine: local and $57 to driver clinches injured in this accident june 8th of 2014 of a car being driven by the mayor gene klein one of the disputed details woman claimed in court complained that she had seen the mayor talking on the cellphone while speeding through the intersection the mayor denied she was on the phone that was particularly interesting the kron 4 yours because days before the accident family roberts broke the story mayor kwon had
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been seen using her cellphone of driving. >> catherine: worsening furrow's if this one showing her holding her phone eighth and broadway on holding the phone from like to hurt your she agreed to talk the stanley. stella >> catherine: plan out he did need to follow her around oakland citizens first 5 problem on kron 4 than those photos which bid surfaced and people getting badly in that case referenced and the initial complaint. >> pam: lanes open in one person recovering after sam the tail bridge crashed today the vehicles damaged in that crash as cbs and dan chp says that although with the bridge were blocked while they worked to
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clear the same balance seriously injured only minor injuries were reported there traffic backed up this morning on the bay bridge with this happen after motorcycle crash for rush-hour traffic chp treated about the incident 830 this morning that accident happened westbound side of the bridge. cleanup underway in during county after big rig still doubtful bring county sheriff says a has that team was called in to deal with that spell. >> grant: is not stopping
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national forecasters today saying are powerful el nino is strengthening and this was predicted to be one among the strongest on record this is projected to peak late fall early winter taper off by next spring. 95 percent chance it will be as strong as forecasters think even if it is potent that if predicted it's not certain covering george shearing rain to the bay area the strongest el nino on record is a 1997 stripping of to be the second most powerful prolonged heavy rain to much rain and caused flooding and mudslides tonight on kron 4 news at a week tell usf francisco preparing for this predicted el nino meanwhile across the pacific intense
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flooding an issue in parts of japan-bringing record breaking rain to areas north of tokyo. nine people missing tonight you see folks being air lifted by choppers at least 170,000 people ordered to get out of their homes after rivers burst their banks some 2 ft. of rain fall and there since monday this video courtesy a helicopter partnership cnn it is dramatically keep you posted on the situation there. and expect >> pam: pedestrian he waved across the bay area from this morning fell francisco fog came out this morning and of consumers as well people call the fault carl and fact that twitter page named carl for the fog try and keep cool and cool off early hit later on in the afternoon and cleared away by noon time making way for temperatures in the '70's 80's near the water today.
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>> pam: with dr. upset and now saying next later inside look at the movie apartment color and a movie theater shooter/
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"the sun gets on very low key he looks like he makes bush looked like the energizer bunny. republican front-runner donald trump turned on his closest rival planning. ben carson and then fell raging other candidates with rather snarky commons about carli feria looks capt. is back with more on the
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new levels of nastiness in the presidential race. running for governor nearly 50 years ago ronald reagan called it the 11th commandment of shall not speak ill of republicans and crowded presidential race sell trump taking the opposite half obviously nylon. "by humility year of the lord for his honor life a very big part of who i am a don't get that impression with. >> catherine: carson just a swipe at me. new cnn research survey trump's popularity all- time high among republicans
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carson the only rival in double digits trump also going after carly feria in the magazine calls watching her on tv saying what if that face would anyone vote for that. feria responded on fox news. / "he emerges love to debate him. clinton >> catherine: and phasing in new hurl bernie sanders taken the lead among iowa democrats. major turnaround since july puts the self- described socialist on top in the first two primary states. as
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critics include all the other republican presidential the exception of had cruised through so as not made much of any headway in the polls. >> pam: coming up at 530 oil the feds are now involved in the case plus popular east bay you fastball coach battling the and after the game and he to whom he said the texan. fastball coach battling the and after the game and he to whom he said the texan. to a better night's sleep.t because when brands compete, you save. through sunday, during mattress price wars, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ today we're gonna talk about trucks. works for me.
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i'm a gas service my nrepresentative. n. i've been with pg&e nine years. as an employee of pg&e you always put your best foot forward to provide reliable and safe service and be able to help the community. we always have the safety of our customers and the community in mind. my family is in oakland, my wife's family is in oakland so this is home to us. being able to work in the community that i grew up in, customers feel like friends, neighbors and it makes it a little bit more special. together, we're building a better california.
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>> pam: fbi now involved in trying to solve a cold case murder in oakland. on usual moved but one that will become more common house the many reports bay area family is happy for the fbi's health they plead for more information that will lead to an arrest of their son's killer. "please help us the justices left is deserved. >> reporter: heart wrenching holy fasting for the public's health help the find the person of color 23 year-old son. rao
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said oakland police headquarters family friends to announce increased reward of 125 fell to dollars information leading to an arrest of a person responsible for shooting her son following a fender bender back in june 12, 2013 north oakland. nothing"more than to keep our streets safe for children and families no other apparent would have the needlessly more tragic loss of their children. >> reporter: contributed $25,000 florida federal agents announcing the action moving and zero p d headquarters to jointly work with police on solving violent cold cases like this. "part of a broader fbi strategy that the collaboration of local police department will targeting the most volatile crimes.
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never be"closure because it won't bring my son back to us we certainly owe it to him to give him to catch the people who did this and took him away from us. >> diane: sunny day today a lot of hot temperatures in the and allocations right now along the embarcadero wind is certainly helping with that behind me see wind speeds picking up quite a bit averaging 15 mi. per hour if that's gonna stay with us for the rest of the evening with those wind speeds temperature is right now be hot in the inland allocations were out to antioch 103 livermore pleasanton currently 1 01 degrees concord on east bay shoreline cities of
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oakland eight degrees hayward 87919 fremont richmond currently 70 degrees in the north face one of three for nafta right now for santa rosa and 91 degrees redwood city things cooler though all of us ever cisco peninsula. the law the national service lifted the heat advisory for that area but not so much for inland valley locations in the east bay shoreline heat advisory still affect the 7:00 p.m. tonight for those areas because of the stock of warm temperatures have lost by 8:00 p.m. got things down to 82 degrees for inland locations they should be 81 degrees cussed a comfortable 65 by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning when you wake up and temperatures and low 60s across the board finding time tomorrow we will have temperatures once again that cribbing up to the low 90s for in the allocations 86 for the east bay shoreline 78 for a long coast there the cool down temperatures cooling trend heading our way for the week and
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have three left leave the lot of people waiting for will come till saturday sunday one more day with mild form conditions cooling trend will continue to the weekend. >> pam: popular east bay youth basketball coach is recovering tonight he was attacked allegedly by parents coaches from another team and charles cooper spoke with the coach what led up to the attack. . >> reporter: bryce clutches the space soldiers the faculty made up of all of the region's past week and schott says that he admired disagreement with the coaches from another team for the ages of other players. . >> reporter: news confronted by the coaches and parents from that team/ "to initiate the if it pushed me from the side willingham the
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coach hit me from the back when i went down a fractured my kneecap and up here in houston today is in the hospital's surgery on his lefty and facial fractures will heal unacceptable that these coaches and parents fail in their jobs as role models to the kids. . "this is something that the lesson that should never be taught. >> reporter: hope he hopes that the attackers will be brought to justice. >> pam: lawmakers activist rally on capitol hill to do whatever it takes to end gun violence
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among those leading the rally and the parker his daughter television reporter allison parker killed two weeks ago by gunmen during a live broadcast fannie parker called soft supporters could do whatever it takes a including calling on congress to pass legislation which would strengthen background checks for gun buyers virginia's governor to stay u.s. senators also participated in this rally. . "unless continue to put pressure on our elected officials overwhelming majority of americans for with common-sense reforms but to many members of congress remain in the pocket of the gun lobby that has to change. carfuls >> pam: show cause
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surviving family members in the shootings with arizona and virginia tech charleston's of carolina or colorado all in attendance today officials arizona and investigating possible shooting this morning interstate 10 in that state if confirmed it be the 11th such is shooting in the area in the last couple week. to investigate on their own. arizona department of public safety says the agency would prefer the investigation left to the detective investigators say no suspects at this time. >> catherine: holmes a court and the man who killed 12 people and these gunpowder fuses and hope
5:36 pm
to have anyone inside/bill with gasoline and tended to accelerate the flames after the bombs went off and jars of phillips the will thing to be trapped. very carefully pick apart all the explosives three and men. >> pam: an ad tech foot stop the terror is a tactic they will celebrate the bravery of a hometown to figure is parade. fence and a stone fox fall on vacation back august 23rd. armed gunmen entered their train carrying an assault rifle and handgun and a box cutter. friends of be the gunman after his rifle jammed fails certain time tomorrow kron 4 and
5:37 pm
sacramento all morning long as the city prepares for the special parade of for. if the watch the morning coverage starting at 4:00 a.m.. more and >> pam: more people are bicycling forsaw is proving to be dangerous for the explain that 545. as states enters the migrant crisis will street markets closed higher for the latest news on the job market and
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>> catherine: 4 million roughly syrians playing homeland damage four years of civil war footing a refugees today who were crossing the humvee border for a few refugees admitted to the u.s. this year president says this time to up the ante. this year and the fiscal year at the end of a small united states on traffic and 1500's circassian refugees. then directed his team to skillet that number next year he is informed his team would like them to accept at least mid operations lisa thousand syrian refugees. america >> grant: >> catherine: for the most money in aid of the refugee crisis. for the $574 million. >> pam: apple says it was
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revolutionized the television experience and tech reporter gave slight pop close look up the new apple he the next. >> diane: the round of the summer heat today will only get the tab pitchers and are forecast sunday forecast. it took serena williams years to master the two handed backhand. but only one shot to master the chase mobile app. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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it's t lite thgs ilifethatake . i don't e sur pogripor ld, becausmy dturefit ll. before tho lite pies wld t inetwe my ntur and my g andt wa unmforble. even well fiing ntur letin fd pe just a fewabs sur pogripree is clinilly oveno se oumoreood rtics so you'rmoreomfoablend nfidt whe yoeat. so it's t abt keingmy dturein, it'sbouteepi theoodpartles t.
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try sur pogripree. >> pam: you earlier on kron 4 news here house some people beating the heat today trying to do tonight and kron 4 news of 6:00. the paul poled heat wave is taking on aspects of bay area life even though we're in a drought the and so keep your class lives in a blistering hot have the heat oil. learn from experts today coming up on kron 4 news of 6:00. >> pam: who lost her lawsuit on and venture-capital firm dropping her appeal on the case pedophile said today she no longer afford to fight is not
5:46 pm
reached any settlement with the firm will pay selling its legal fees a judge ordered to pay kleiner $275,000 in legal fees back in march a jury found kleiner perkins did not discriminate nor retaliation against: the firm fired her in 2012. apple >> pam: trend revolutionize the experience with the new apple tv device tech reporter gave slight was there during the bigger deal and give us up closer look at the new apple tv. >> j.r.: it's been three years >> gabe: big push to take on amazon global and all the other string players out there if you. interface has a whole new look and feel much smoother easier to take an and navigate. "believe the future of
5:47 pm
television"as television >> gabe: the applications for the ltv the thousands of applications made just for the living room coming out in the near future in a way. this device turns your television into a big i thought i had. things just on your tv. use this new remote-controlled opera that will feedbox. a glass touch sensor sliping in tapping. that integrated apple pvc research across occupations for content by speaking into the remote control. . makes tv viewing experience what only easy bill thinking of every doctor couch. cubs were
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measured $50 for a 32 bigger $2 for 64. >> grant: holes big announcement to this effort cisco purchase some funny internet items the. kids call them memes produce and was using probably any see the pictures i've had images godzilla even struggle in the hole that this big says the it's the first customer leading bus by with of my money's on that big classic tv whenever. like this one problem the best the self stick for the i had big construction crane people also giving apple part-time pencil stylist something microsoft's already had an like steve jobs once ridiculed. >> diane: numbers for you right now won a one manioc one of
5:49 pm
three livermore pleasanton currently east bay shoreline 84 for oakland a's 7 he word much cooler staying average mid-60s and he advisory effects 7:00 p.m. for inland valley cities east bay shoreline south bay at north bay the pencil is clear from the heat advisory there and tonight 9:00 p.m. tomorrow morning by need as well 9:00 p.m. tonight in the valley 76 for east bay shoreline clear skies tonight a.m. tomorrow morning was lisa deconditions temperatures low '70's edwin valley 67 degrees for east bay cities meantime sunny conditions warm temperatures will not be as hot as it was today mid-90s by noontime for inland valley cities as salary are showing high ridge pressure system for the heat that would have the past couple days relief in sight they have it very moister
5:50 pm
indicated on the map here coming in from the southern california area will move up to our regional to watch ran out of that and getting instead moister cooling things down for us also giving us high cloud in place afternoon hours. your highs tomorrow and so location 4:00 tomorrow afternoon at 77 daily city ocean beach on average east bay shoreline cities or like mitt upper 80s 88 oakland 83 all need a 79,000 richmond didn't telecines hundred for danville lot when martine as and brett would waddle 4 degrees that as hot as we were last couple days one more day for the healing valley locations and much relief in time for the weekend. and south bay cities for 95 cupertino 99 moscow is 100 morgan hill 92 mountain view and then move over the north bay scattered clouds in the morning otherwise form commissions
5:51 pm
across the board 74 passes for you we see a cooling trend heading our way saturday sunday 91 degrees and that will have more cloud cover for the weekend and don't expect to be to sign for the weekend it will cool things down quite a bit when cloud settled into our skies and then monday tuesday backed him '80s for in the diet location of for seven days for east bay shoreline. >> reporter: hitting the road to wheels is a great way they get some exercise however increasing number of adults riding bikes are getting injured and then american medical association reports adult biking and harry jumped 28% in 2013 that
5:52 pm
translates to 120 injured people 100,000 adults injuries requiring a trip to the hospital increased 5.1 to 11.2 per 100,000 adults. and largest increase in injuries involve those under 45 jumped more than 80% with 19982013 mainly because more adults riding bikes for exercise or commute to work also an older writers more significant than a number piker. of the impossible to avoid all injuries hurt safety precautions can help. things like wearing a helmet and reflective gear having lights for night writing and sticking to bike lanes. for today's hot minutes. >> pam: by pd apologize and led to the tape on next.
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>> pam: the case of mistaken identity. nypd investigating the officers involved in setter's leo carey is tracking developments from los angeles. >> reporter: when talking about
5:56 pm
the real-life grand slam was this more the case of mistaken identity. go inside blakes curious case of nypd blue's. >> reporter: today he got at new york city's top coughed kim's flag once were the top four plan that test is in the world one of people magazine's sexiest man alive yes. today on his way to u.s. open treated like common criminals york city police officer thinking like with a suspect and identity theft case today like talk about the offense. "video on line however pleased to have footage of the incident internal affairs is involved.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: and all the tickets for the budget and of his opening is because academy for kids we need a new american male tennis champion and seles wore on this story at seventh insider. >> pam: on making everything inside the year sweating it out if your plans are fighting the heat to for you need to do in this heat wave to keep your landscaping alive experts say it does not take much. then protester at oakland city hall minimum-wage workers for macrame restore hoping to get her support the healthy increase minimum wage in her city. more news still had next on kron 4 news at
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[female announcer] through sunday, during sleep train's mattress price wars, save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. but mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train.
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>> pam:the sweltering heat continue to sweep across the bay area. many people once again.trying to find ways to cool off. good evening, i'm pam moore. the calender says september, but it some parts it feels like the middle of july. especially in the east bay were some communities are dealing with a third day of triple digit temperatures. diane tuazon is on the weather deck tonight. did we break any records today? >> pam: the stuffedthis hot and
6:00 pm
dry weather is tough on plants.already thirsty from the drought. new at six. kron4's maureen kelly went to a nursery in dublin to get some tips on how those with home gardens can keep their plants from dying during this heat wave. >> reporter:brown might be the new green when it comes to lawns.but david roth, the owner of armstrong garden centers in dublin says that doesn't apply to most trees or shrubs. he says many plants should be getting two good, deep waterings per keep them healthy enough to withstand the exterme although established drought tolerate plants. such as this sage bush here can get away with one good dousing per week. but timing is everything early in the morning is the best time for plants. >> reporter:mulch is good for retaining moisture in the soil.
6:01 pm
and having a consistant watering schedule is key.but while some gardeners may be tempted to let plants dry up because of the stresses them out. it you keep them from getting under stress they will stay beautiful for you and withstand the fluxuations in tempartures. >> reporter:if you are considering switching over to using more drought torerate plants like this one here.the experts here say you might not want to wait until spring.october is an excellent month for planting.because the nights are cool and the soil is warm.good conditions for plants to take root. maureen kelly kron4 news >> diane: they conditions along the embarcadero in speeds cool things down out here with a record key element and allocations we broke some records. pharaoh's 0102 oakland
6:02 pm
1 05 livermore for we of the city never left that way caping out. a look ahead by 8:00 p.m. clear nights 55 degrees along the coast 81 thought east bay shoreline 82 inland valley locations 7:00 a.m. when you wake up mostly sunny conditions temperatures in the '50s of '60s east bay shoreline upper 60s for inland valley locations. then abandoned time warner to mild conditions sunday along the coasts 876 of 95 for inland. lapierre as hot as it has been the past couple days we will have mild temperatures and wind allocation. the afternoon highs tomorrow 4:00 p.m.. the couple 100 there. 100 and yet when all four f one to pleasanton and allocations will be offered '90s. east bay shoreline upper 80sn the mostly sunny skies and francisco peninsula averaging 77 degrees next. three days a cooling trend in sight
6:03 pm
friday at 91 and saturday mostly sunny conditions 89. we will have more clout in the sky for the weekend helped things cool down for the weekend. monday of next week will have cooler temperatures remain for much of the rest of the week. one more day of mild temperatures cool down is in place. >> pam:for the 4th day in a row. be closed tomorrow due to the sweltering heat. officials say the drought has made vegetation in the park even drier than usual. and that raises the fire danger. no word yet on if the park will reopen on saturday pkg >> grant: winter tigre next spring '95. percent chance it
6:04 pm
will be as strong as forecasters think. if it is a fez pro net predicted it's not having to gendering during the bay area california in general strong as all mignon record 1997 this is shaping up to be the second most powerful on record prolog heavy rain certainly help the drought but too much rain can of course caused flooding and mud slide and reminder kron 4 mobile application your source for the the weather conditions specially tailored for your neighborhood, the application for free and enjoyed market apple store. >> pam: protests on heard in st. croix. is a story earlier in the week a man beaten by guards at the verge restore. witnesses told kron 4 the what happened to men as cashier had some sort of this agreement. those nearby say didn't notice anything out of the ordinary about their interaction that security guards
6:05 pm
at been witnesses say the man was beaten strangled by the security guard wholefoods respond to a statement saying has a zero tolerance policy deported to violence. today jelly's friends from college students returned oakland tetrad help the police revitalize the case which has gone called. video picture of the victim involved remembering awhile circumstances of his death brought up some deep emotions for one of victims close friend spoke with kron 4 physique manufacture. "in my entire world kind of crash down." >> reporter: ears from eyes of lisa on her active in order. * * * >> reporter: return home after
6:06 pm
graduating from the university of oregon. down following the tragic at seven in north oakland. as a"life was taken away gesso unfathomable it's really tough rewarding. creased $125,000 for information leading to arrest of the killer. >> pam: in the south bay suckler cow leaders and of the plan this be of improvements at the jails there following the death of an
6:07 pm
inmate. michael was being held on drug and theft charges august 27th found dead in his jail cell. three correctional deputies pictures on your screen now face murder charges in his death. today, the leaders announced the formation of a blue-ribbon public commission to look at all aspects of customer operations. comprised of people with higher idea backrubs including mental health experts. no."the inmates diagnosed with severe illness increased as well as those serving sentences for more serious crime be to phase realignment will nine. operation >> pam: take about 90 to 120 days. among other things the jail reform plan calls for an open invitation to inmate
6:08 pm
advocates to have open access to the jail to interact with the inmate population. * * * the n.a.a.cp. was among the sponsors of a rally outside the jail last friday calling for the kind of action announced today chapter president jethro moore reviewed the plan, telling kron four he likes what he see's but wants there to be specific protection for jail staff or any whistle blowers who might come forward to report wrong doing.
6:09 pm
"and where it is safe for jailers and inmates. in addition the civil rights advocates like more terraform paddle include mental health experts clergy retired judge woman. hear about the bay bridge and now out on bail tonight sanchez edward's reign yesterday on charges of hit-and-run for the. same officer driving on suspended licenses officials say the woman was driving a stolen car when it crashed along the bay bridge statement by chp she and her two other passengers got out of the car and started the run when the car was crushed they were drunk officers arrived on the scene officials say evaded arrest after jumping off the bridge into the water below after nearly month-long search for they arrested her in oakland on monday.
6:10 pm
happening today. a renewed call for raising the minimum wage in right now. it stands at 12- dollars and 25-cents. for many who work in the fast food industry, they say it's not enough. and even though they have a job. they are still living in poverty. demonstrators took their voice to city all this afternoon. hoping to get an audience with the mayor and get her support. they say there is momentum in this country. and won't give up the minimum wage in oakland was raise on may first of this year. the next increase will be $15 dollars an hour, but that's not until 2018. california's senate today gave fears"in minimum-wage for unpaid workers were growing momentum eventually justice will prevail. >> catherine: final approval to a vaccination
6:11 pm
it would prohibit adults who have not been vaccinated againstat day care centers. workers who can't be vaccinated for medical reasons would be the shots would protect against the flu, whooping cough and measles. california already has some of the nation's strictest vaccination laws for school california public schools from for sports teams and mascots is on its way to the governor. critics argue the name dates from a period in california history when bounty hunters were rewarded for killing native americans. only four schools in the state still have teams or mascots called the redskins. a federal panel ruled last year that the team trademark for the nfl's washington redskins should be canceled.but the team is challenging that decision. and good news anyone who loves walking or biking across the golden gate bridge.
6:12 pm
a bill sent to the governor means that they'll be able to continue doing that -- free. there had been some talk about introducing sidewalk fees to help close a bridge deficit. but this legislation means that will 'not' happen. four bridges in the u.s. have a charge for pedestrians -- all are at border crossings with mexico or canada. >> pam:lucas valley road in marin county is expected to be closed until around 10 p-m tonight.but expect more delays tomorrow. clean-up from a paint spill will continue tomorrow morning with only one lane open from 7:30 a-m to 1-30 pm and the road will be completely closed from 1-30 p-m to 3-30. this is after a big rig over- turned spilling an estimated 15 hundred gallons of paint this morning. c-h-p says the crash happened around 6-30 a-m near westgate drive.southwest of navato.
6:13 pm
here you can see video of the scene from our partnership with a-b-c-7 crews are there blocking the entire road helping clean up the mess.a hazmat crew was also called in to deal with the spill. trevor >> pam: and phoenix dollar after another shooting on the highway for 11th in as many days + if the fall season arrived in the nfl celebrating with a huge party in the heart of san francisco city during the first verbal 50 we hit the streets to see what's being done to move people
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
6:16 pm
>> pam: all fans arriving got to the 2015 fall season if there are lots of people driven he did show that event. >> j.r.: you bet they did this place was rocking earlier and completely dead right now as that of the way you look off in the distance justin herman plaza keep in mind he would not see it now and would think about it now falls in the people in this
6:17 pm
plaza performances earlier now is the clean-up task nfl cruise getting this stage downfall and the silhouette looks like go to video as to what it looked like earlier couple hours ago as legal in here and she was the headliner here today performing lever songs nationally worldwide pops are at that from san francisco in the middle of the afternoon when the sun was beating down very tough for them fans out here and this is what they had the said. "here tonight in the morning becomes see her. his wife and
6:18 pm
the middle of that this bobbing in the air they did have water free of fat than a good time all-around here for. meet him tonight at 8:00. may >> pam: remember a few weeks ago said francisco mayor ed lee sleeping on the street would not be tolerated during several 50 celebrations food safety security reach in. also the city would work to find people who were homeless shelter and services..
6:19 pm
the so >> reporter: 7 and the mayor talking about the week of actual super bowl when you look out here take video " really stands out as he did not see any street people looked on the embarcadero in this part vestron of perimeter justin herman plaza and no street people contacted city of sampras's coat spoke with the mayor's office and police department also gone contact with the department of public health no coordinated sleeps the get anybody out approach to find people a third of housing facts remain a lot less three people in today than homeless advocates say it they're not surprised.
6:20 pm
"never sleeps services copley's apartment living coming and having people move several times a day. there >> reporter: indicated city allocated to million dollars to its fans and navigation center homelessness the housing have moved to unrepeatable along that road in the last five months of this service double the number of people also call and corporations to match the 3 million to expand the program even more >> diane: temperatures hot and limbs and wind speed of it on a breezy side places like oakland 10 of our 13th fairfield and wind blowing at 12 high ridge pressure system triple digits
6:21 pm
past couple days and then move off weaker we do have some relief in sight the voice you see in the south. seven california moved up to northern california and what it does for us close down significantly and giving us a lot of high clouds in place saturday and sunday speaking of clubs feature cast 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to lot of it stays back quite a bit coastal regions of the water there. and and allocations of a north face plenty of. sunshine of. and then transitioned saturday morning for the clouds pushing and now at the east bay shore line border their oakland hayward livermore. fax. sending over to england value locations livermore even now the south bay and then comes saturday while to warm temperatures and warm temperatures as locations for
6:22 pm
8288 oakland 79 berkeley 83 for all via east bay and locations of 100 degrees of be as hot and then the broken records yesterday " really have records for tomorrow sulphate city's 99 campbell cupertino 957 if forecasts for you and one more day tomorrow pretty much done with the he and saturday sunday forecast dropping things down 89 degrees to 487 in the valley and to next week for the upper '70's.
6:23 pm
please >> catherine: 71 spot to another at the now 11 confirmed reports of the calls being shot last few weeks most recent case involved commercial truck driver today aboard a hole in the cargo area currently happened at some point making deliveries people on edge in that area south organized volunteer is showing up all roads in the tories a very mixed feelings about that public safety department saying it would prefer the investigation be left to his detectives. to our >> grant: of parade for hear us talk sacramento three young men stop the terror attacka for heroes. tomorrow in sacramento.the three young men. who stopped a terroist attack on a train headed to paris last month.will the city will celebrate their bravery. with a hometown heroes parade. nd alek skarlatos . were on vacation back on august 23rd, their train, carrying an assault rifle, a handgun and a box
6:24 pm
cutter. the three friends subdued the gunman after his rifle jammed. morning news. "in fundus to the stars and learning a skill" >> grant: >> pam: 3 men our service members to are no coincidence event will be at capital mall certain noon will trend will be reporting from sacramentowe'll have a crew in sacramento to honor the three heroes. that's tomorrow morning, starting at 5:00. >> pam: after the break 74 covering tonight fire gutted to homes and damaged two others in the east bay will authorities
6:25 pm
think sparked the blaze dollars trump takes aim at republican challengers for of words of head of the next gop debate.
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>> pam:stunning images of a massive blazefrom the viewpoint of a firefighter. it happened early this morning on anchor drive in bay point. investigators believe someone smoking drugs in a van sparked the three-alarm blaze. two homes were destroyed, two more damaged. seven people were injured, one with minor burns.the others from smoke inhalation. all are expected to survive. >> pam: mathias crashed their roof of this column in modesto what's left of it. the homeowner says she her family sitting in their living room last night her a large crash she, notice the gaping hole in her garage. faa now investigating try to determine if the ice came from a
6:28 pm
plane. >> pam: and his republican challenger now presidential are firing back 645 gary your before as a before that's show down at the viking this. store it's a knife if sofa in temperatures of the bay area once again fad is back with your
6:29 pm
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recreation >> reporter: area people come out to get some relief from the blazing heat. "in he being outdoors. visit >> reporter: smother to occur to the school and the addendum/run in the water from looking for the cooler weather on life. >> reporter: your family and friends called case murder victim via joined by the fbi for and officials of announcing the increase for war $125,000 for information leading to the rest of conviction of a five killer.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: official called for more transparency, ability of the county jail heels of the guards and a second inmate will procedures of the bottom she says called for a lot at night on this hot line report abuse larry johnson and advocates for input and fast track. >> reporter: the second to
6:33 pm
recover a lot of physical therapy and will share the driver of the cart was arrested. >> j.r.: of underwear and a folk concert here a dozen herman plaza from. why they had here because superbowl is an sec laughed this year illegal during world wide pompous star right here in san francisco. it really stands out fizzle lack of street people less than you normally see contacted mayor's
6:34 pm
office they say there was no reward if coordinated effort. and the facts speak for themselves the street people live here now during. though if we go to rule 50 next year and a couple of people sitting on the street especially along the embarcadero will make a big push to find them other accommodations. >> catherine: insult his rival the five woman republican holders love him the title. the trump increased lead in the latest cnn opinion research full other gop candidates are hoping that tactic works for them to.
6:35 pm
>> catherine: trump's latest feud is with hisses competitor for. mocking the low-key campaign of dr. ben carson. "looks like he makes will foot the bush look like the energizer buttoning. "the question"chum's question beliefs "to not deny my faith in god think that probably is a big difference. >> catherine: twisted no-fault time are applied. democratic side of barry sanders not have a hillary clinton. of her in new hampshire other early primary state sanders admitted today he is how many people are responding to his message.
6:36 pm
>> pam: house planning to bring more assyrian refugees they're fleeing the country ravaged more than four years of civil war 1500 migrants often pitted the united states this year so far the u.s. the fed had the smallest syrian of refugees out of the country since the will and the migrants united nations without america has given the large insurer aid to the syrian refugee crisis. human-rights groups, the u.s. to accept 65 balls and assyrian refugees by the end of next year. >> diane: chilly out here on the embarcadero wind speeds are picked up averaging between 12 1/5 and of prowler blowing right now on the embarcadero behind me no clout in sight continued roll through san francisco also regions as well here and look ahead for your tablatures aid. p.m. and valais
6:37 pm
82 degrees east bay shore line 81 at the close 65 degrees 7 and tom lange was a sunny skies temperatures rarely in the upper six days of bellicose averse fifties noontime warm smile and have the jurors 95 in line to fe should be 86 degrees severs its bellicose averaging 78 after a high small round 4:00 p.m. fee 100 mat there any awkward hundred livermore won a one east bay shoreline upper 80s all severances of stays at that make up for seven days fit of forecasts for you cooling things down quite a bit and then dropping 89 degrees either in the valley temperatures under partly sunny skies and one more day after a much felt warm temperatures tomorrow saturday sunday " in place on average stay at way of a portion of next week gerar by our forecast by doubling our free kron 4 multiplication.
6:38 pm
>> pam: had a shocking new study shows half of population united states as of the by diabetes next and health is
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
♪ ♪ yoplait. the smooth and creamy yogurt your whole family loves. yoplait original with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup. >> pam: bestial condition only treed if you know you have it. is the concern revealed by a new study would shows not only does
6:41 pm
the illness affect half of be nice if adults many of those cases go undiagnosed hall in. furfur has the story. >> reporter: what's worse is about a third of them don't even know about their condition. according national institutes of health 5062% diagnosed with diabetes who died be 30,011 to 2012 about 14 percent of those people have diabetes 38 percent have pre didies for abnormally high blood sugar. then if african-americans have highest proportion of diabetes long all ethnic racial groups the. their research shows more than half of asian-american diabetes cases going on diagnosed. hispanics almost half. good information for health officials better address the health of those groups if a. left on treated for
6:42 pm
diabetes lead to blindness and kidney disease lots of land and even deaths. but doctors say it is treatable of dedication lifestyle changes. losing weight exercising. >> pam: lead may whether firing back claims he used banned substances before the fight with many 49ers baby without their rugby star turn fall and gary has all the latest
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> gary: falsies under way patriots' leading 14 nothing tom brady very sharp as the lead pittsburgh early in that game 49ers they tell monday 715 kickoff levi stadium host
6:46 pm
minnesota forty-niners practice today and said clara tons to a specialist team coordinator holding back on mr. haynes australian the star the preseason for the forty-niners word is very well on special occasion he may not be activated from monday. but as mark carpenter feel about the forty- niners and mark from santa clara. this team is reenergize
6:47 pm
refocused commodity that matters most offensive leadership search of a quarterback now more than ever on park: catholic with an overnight superstar a stroll into thousand 13 ultimately ending the season with 1910 interception ratio. . mandaean if and michael crabtree just offense defense will start of the swiftest and smith and chris
6:48 pm
snell a few one day and night undefeated so does have the see if he's able to rekindle so that magic. >> gary: sunday host cincinnati we keep saying their car when you're in your second year of the league and team " cocaptain fed is precooled full bore and a talking today been grateful he is honored by this team may.
6:49 pm
"fire up and got to compete if" >> gary: on the night and ready for the forty-niners 9:00 sports program right here on kron 4 phreaking nfl quarterbacks a jaw gets suspended four games for came down for that of the new york jets at a pauly via smith the 600 bucks a bottle of cheap shots whole business released by the jets immediately and he is going to sit out four games the deep breath the assessment has said he has not led of charges and that will miss the first four games late may whether supposedly not selling enough to get saturday night's fight any something was done, may be
6:50 pm
little blessing in disguise flight gets planted at a report may whether received an injection eve of the fight against many pactel banned under the world and tight grouping agency guidelines. he denies taking any substances and the u.s. anti-dumping agency in the guidelines of the world antidumping agency said today may weather did not violate any rules and. he was in need of something to get his name in headlines. >> gary: he's fighting a guy named for a total of turbofan and have nearby officer fan you in mind this fight would you
6:51 pm
were here together every night as and benefits was the grant on a sixth of
6:52 pm
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coming up tonight on kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m.. >> pam: we leave you what to expect slight >> diane: the condition of temperatures drop mid-70s in the valley locations cool down for the weekend 70 forecast friday one more day with a warm temperatures upper 90s called out in place for the weekend of terror next week fact that at 8:00, you join us then stay connected at kron4news-dot-com have a nice ♪
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x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. "the insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> a tennis star mistaken for and tackled to the ground. this advantage. how the retired. >> body slam me. >> and then from colbert to the jimmys. legendary rivalries replaced with love and laughter. plus, a family trip to shonda land. >> why, kerry, viola, and ellen reunited under one roof. >> emotional. >> and then the amazing race
7:00 pm
goes off. why the eccentric diva thinks today's stars are stealing her style. >> searching for inspiration. >> calls out gaga, miley, rihanna, nicki, even the queen bey. now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. the donald burning up the hot topic table criticizing his own "rolling stone" interview and throwing more shade at his political haters. the world according to trump getting juicier and juicier. >> the trump can't get stopped. speaking of no love lost, everybody is talking about the u.s. open's retired tennis star james and his real life grand slam outside of his manhattan hotel after a case of mistaken identity. now let's go inside blake's curious case of the nypd blues. and today, he got it from new york city's top cop.


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