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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 18, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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obnoxio obnoxious? >> the paparazzi grilled kanye about his so-called feud with stay already swift and it was a wild afternoon, 3:00 p.m., kanye was al chatty, talking taylor at l.a.x. >> just one hour at 2:00, taylor was moving on, dress shopping in beverly hills after calling out kanye monday at the grammys. barnies apparently shut the entire second floor for swift. amthat, at 2:31p.m., cbs released a secret recording. the rapper's rant about swift. >> but a source close to west tells "e.t" quote, he did not well at "snl" staff, his audio
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was secretly recorded while he was expressing a -- his change design was taken apart without his team's approval. >> 50% more than any other human being. >> next kiley's secret shoe deal with puma. remember how kanye tweeted 1,000% there would never be a kiley anything. well, puma, j announced she's joining their team. and kanye was all smiles talking about another wild tweet, the one where he said he was $53 billion in debt and wanted a loan from facebook's mark zuckerberg.
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>> i just wanted to make sure that all entrepreneurs in america could possibly under and still make it out. >> with all of going on, kanye's got some people wondering what is wrong with him. kanye sent out this quote, my number one enemy has been my e he goes on to say i only have one throne and that's god. >> put it in your mouth and chew >> that is the craziness that happened when ellen sent adele into a with an earpiece. it was a riot but the two also sat down to talk about te not laughter, michelle. >> adele got really candid about her grammy performance. turns out she was devastated by the techn difficulties during her song. >> kcried almost all day yesterday. >> it went really well, yes, but
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if it would have been a standout performance, i would have cried as well. >> adele ad that it's been a wild ride since monday night's mishap. she even got a do over, singing "all i ask" flawlessly today. ♪ all ask >> i'm always a bit pitchy anyway. i am. it's emotion. i was embarrassed, i woke up the next moment to tweets say we still loveyou, don't worry. i said i didn't you if you loved me. >> here's another shocker, she stills get s stage fright. >> the more successful i get the more pressure there is. >> adele, let me say this, pitchy voice or not, -- her first u.s. tour in five years begins july 5 in st. paul, minnesota. got a little less than five
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months to figure out how to get ticket inside. >> thanks, michelle. new york's fashion week came alive today to make sure that nobody repeated the fashion faux pas that blake lively committed. it's just awful. >> here's the oops that had fashion insiders crying foul. blake sitting in the front row at new york's fashion weak with her legs crossed. >> when you sit down the show, the first thing that the producers shout is, uncross your legs? >> there's 100 photographers on the run way, and we don't want a bad shot. >> blake wasn't the one to commit offense. and elvis's granddaughter did it too. if blake is going to be accused of being a fashion criminal, at least she's not alone. her mom elaine gave her a sassy
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spank on the behind. >> blake lively, she's one of best stars on instagram. and af she posted a picture of herself. >> last night she gave us all fashion goals. 8 months pregnant and stunning in this black bodython halter. >> crihrissie and john -- she td people, quote, i was getting my shots and everything in zanzab had a little me kit. >> let me show you my favorite gift of the day right cri chrissie giving a little lift and a >> she is magically delicious,
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honestly, she i so muc fun. now, a little different situation for real housewife teresa giudice and her husband she just got out of prison and he's abo to go in as you know. t is that they got busy and created a >> i have to ask you to address these reports of today that you are expecting a baby boy, is that true or not. >> no,no, no. look at that tummy, completely flat. >> no, and believe me, that's not happening. i'm sure joe would like a little joe jr. running around. like 43, done. >> next month joe will enter this prison in ft. dix, new jersey to begin his sentence. >> i'm going to a single mom shortly, so i want get businesses going again, i have got four mouths to feed.
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>> last night she partied to celebrate her b selling book "turning tables" bravo's andy cohen was there to su and now she's back shooting "the real housewives of new jersey". >> are the girls happy the cameras areback? >> my girls, they go with it, but not theirthing. she was going to do t whole singing thing, now she says she wants to be a criminal attorney. a angel what's family -- recently she sat down with dr. oz after the throat cancer spread to her brain. >> the reason she came on the show is to make sure everyone knew that cigarettes have her life. >> she actually quit smoking on
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the dey she found she had cancer, but obviously it was too late. jamie lynsigler gives us an update her battle against m.s. and we go inside the se of online dating. what our undercover investigation revealed. and we get some
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rumors. that's next. just added the to the li of presenters for next sunday's academy awards, (scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at katy perry and orlando bloom, people have been wondering, okay, are these couple or are they not? and cameron may have just gotten the answer. >> jason bateman was mart of the big dinner celebration that included katy and orlan so when i saw them at the hollywood premier, i gave it my best shot.
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>> katy perry and orlando bloom together? >> they are so much fun. >> the co-star glowing for a different reason. jennifer goodwin expecting another boy. >> shakira had to make up her character a little bit more hippy. >> i love that, no, it's gorgeous everything's against an actress going into this business, and i'm not crazy skinny, so i'm extremely lucky. i expected them to say, put some meat on those bones. >> and joseph fine's family meet and greet with the pope. >> my daughter's really too young to understand. thought the act press at the utopia premier acted pretty good. josepjoseph's kids will follow him one day.
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speaking of social media, it wa most liked instagram pic of grammy night. and i thin joe zee would agree. >> oh! >> there was no manipulation. >> i'm serious. >> this is amazing. >> she definitely served up some serious seappeal, the makeup, the dress and that gorgeous hair. >> i f like even fashion week can go even a little more overboard than you norma would. >> the 23-year-old is the face pantene. pantene wants to tell you about it. >> they were literally like -- >> pantene is all about strong
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women and strong hair. >> whatever you go through in life makes you stronger. >> what's next? her revivallworld tour. >> this album means so much to me and i'm ready to do it. >> her tour kicks off may 6 in las vegas. and we reveal which stars are on this new celebrity dating app. it's so private, but what's so secret? >>comment. sopranos star jamie lyn steger talks about keeping up with her young son. >> i'm doing everything i can. >> that is next.
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it's totally unfair what mom is doing, now she's making this little mo scene. >> that how we first met jamie sigler, on the
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sopranos when she was only six years old. >> she was halfway through that first show-now she's not hiding it anymore. she's telling our samantha harris how she's living and working with ms. >> how have you had to alter your approach to a shoot day? >> it's sort of like a gas tank and you have your amount of energy for the day and you just sort of allocate and use it where you know you're going to be needed. so i rest when i need and i' here and ready when the cameras are rolling. >> cameras are let's go! >> cameras are now rolling where jamie lynne is a teacher. >> it's been overwhelming in a good way. everything i feared about com out about it has not hap i'm working likecrazy.
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>> jamie has battled m.s. for years, jamie lynne was still arrive to go public. >> i thought it would mean that people were going to judging me and i don't feel that way necessarily. and also it been fun. and he's coming to an age he will be aware, i don't want him to think i held anything back. >> her son beau is 2 1/2. >> i don't run the bases, but i'm up and doing everything i can. >> actually cutter and jamie lyn got married just last month. >> you married your baby >> finally. i used to call him my baby daddy and now he's actually my husband. >> you're with cutter now? >> wrooe're four years into our relationship and we didn't think it would be necessarily any different, but it's fun to say
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husband and wife. >> now jamie lynne has said that she and cutter happens to beeo o a baseball pla would love to have more babies and just keep having fun. >> jamie lyn sigler has found man, but for many, find the right one is not as easy. for them exclooue safety is key. >> we hear maria is the new hot date. >> no comment. >> it's an amazing aapp for the elite. >> have you guys heard of the apperia? >> it's lake a dating site where you have only approved people on it.
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>> how exclusive? and just what are on the secret app? keltie c sounds like raven simone is too. >> it's a secret society like illu illume minute natty. it's a secretsociety. >> also claimed that patrick schwarzenegger, patrick swroens that. but the selection process appears using a mix of fame, looks and instagram nofollowers >> we asked one member who agreed to talk if we kept her
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identity a vet. >> so the application process starts by just entering the instagram handle of the friend who referred you, they have to be a member of the app already. and they have access to y instagram. waiting to be accepted to ria- >> nosurprise, a lot of applicants are wait listed, but if you're accepted, the app costs $7.99. >>. i immediately took a screen shot and sent it to my girlfriends and notification popped up on the screen telling me that i should protect the privacy of other people on the app. >> and kelly told us it's more about seeing who's out t >> it's an interesting app, but what i like about it is that
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everybody actually has to do a video. i'm not really relying on technology. >> we are in the vetting are session to get on maria is skrikt that some people end up on an indefinite waiting list. >> we have no issues with that at which a actress started on the first season of facts of life. the answer is next. >> pam:next on kron-4 news at eight: breaking news out of the east bay. where police are looking for a suspect targeting and attacking women. >> pam:a tragedy in the north bay, when a fire destroys a family home.and kills a baby. >> pam:dangerous stunts on the bay bridge. >> pam:new video of an illegal sideshow surfaces on social media. now police are trying to track down the driver. i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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has only ever had one boyfriend. welcome back, everybo the show. in tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which actress starred the first season of sthch"facts of and the answer is molly ringwald. >> 35 years after his biggest hit. how he's still got it. tomorrow on "e.t." (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.
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>> grant:now at eight. tragedy in vallejo. we are at the scene of a three alarm fire that killed a baby and left four families homeless >>whoosh >> grant:what we are learning about the disappearance of a 22- leaving a party in the east bay saturday night. >>whoosh >> grant:going, going, gone. we take you to cliffside in pacifica, where condemned homes were destroyed to keep them from falling into the ocean. >>whoosh >> grant:dramatic images of a tour helicopter plunging into pearl harbor. what we have learned about the fate of the five people on board. >>whoosh >> grant:surveillance images of a pair of brazen burglars as the break into a bay area couple's home and make off with money, jewelry and family memories. >> grant:this is a full hour of your choice for prime time news. >>


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