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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-7:01pm PST

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deputy for the role last march allegedly forcing inmates to fight each other on the seventh floor of the county jail evidence also indicates that there will force in this to them for food clean clothing and bedding and other possessions while in jail. >>dan k: he sure to two felonies and also alleged to force in mystified each other definite clifford is in charge of two
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misdemeanors for the to be present during the fight and you're nothing to stop it more on that coming up tonight. >>pam m: protesters showed up at the federal building this
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morning in support of palestinian tome he was a 28 the road and shot a san francisco police back in 2014 while the four officers involved in the shooting were clear of any crime and his family filed a federal the preliminary hearing continues in san jose in the case that three santa clara, journalist accused of killing an inmate during their watch the prosecution says the house is the 31 year-old michael what he was in custody last august. >>pam m: after class started on
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tuesday and the campus was swept by the sheriff's department bomb squad class's will pass it for them it is official and garcia has been named the permanent san jose police chief the city manager made the announcement today after the city council approved an city officials say they're glad to have someone with so much experience leave the department. >>pam m: our tech trans reporter
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went to tell us what happened at the hearing today. >>gabe s: it was very heated the title of that hearing was encryption type wrote balancing american security and privacy most experts agree about that apple's hold on this until the committee and the sentences of this issue is the old family of the 14 killed in a terrorist attack in san bernardino to fully investigate this crime and mention that not everyone was responsible for this.
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>>pam m: they're casting their votes today in the one i could then commanding leads over their rivals. >>pam m:
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grant l: democrat bernie sanders as expected winces home state of vermont senator sanders talking moments ago about not along the donald trumps of the world to divide us but sanders even though his dominant performance here certainly has an issue that is more immediate and that issue is heavily clinton because while sanders did tech vermont secretary clinton winnebago imagine him 67 percent of the vote compared to just 32 every clinton is just points to have one of the biggest rise for career donald trump has steam rolled into the super tuesday
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both of them could and even with all but as the model leaves for the presidential nomination. catherine h: depending on how this percentage is played out he might have to share the delegates with the second place winner but again look this is almost a 50% tennessee and alabama holes closing and they are projecting when is there and then as expected off tennessee and alabama also projecting hillary clinton on the democratic side of donald trump
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on the republican side and it's been pointed out that this could be the first time in u.s. history for a woman is on the way to run from the presidential nomination at this toy in the campaign and the first time in u.s. history for a polar renegade can. catherine h: it can be a very interesting evening. >>pam m: additional news today for wrongful death civil rights lawsuit has been filed against the contra costa county sheriff's office for the shooting death of an antioch man that happened in his home back in february and the mother of the deceased man tells us the she called low and for some for help the day her son was killed. >>haaziq m: she is told in the fall for a son back on february
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3, 2015 he was shot to death and their antioch apartment following a confrontation with the deputies from the contra costa county sheriff's office is different helicopter partnership with abc seven you as much as she called the sheriff's office looking for help. >>haaziq m: the a trend toward was filed their ride to remove water from the apartment the civil rights attorney john bears filed a wrongful death lawsuit against shares office she says
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she and her son were really close. >>pam m: the owners of the san carlos, assessed the damage after a runaway dump truck slammed into the home coming up the change that they are calling for + as police in the east of a search for the killer of a 14 year-old boy with a hammer from the voyage fran and classmates.
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will t: to come he went to kennedy high school and was shot behind the leaders will bottom mile from this location is a mission of the classic that time the shooting took place at 920 in the morning efficient and schools will reason he was not it was shot and a very popular will control at this plant police that have a motor behind the murder were you when your
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doctor friends deaf?
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>>pam m: tonight pose a started to close the cost country with a single canvas bill was a lot of the nomination tonight and sent to the washington dc news room. >>reporter: tested and the will
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of the races is closing over the last 15 minutes forced this close to call an alabama massachusetts oklahoma and tennessee in america to do very well on all of those states they expected to be donald trump's debt to lose taxes this one area where look and and senator ted
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cruise. >>pam m: terrell or to move on to some of the news from now to the peninsula where the all my of the san carlos home all but
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destroyed by running a dump truck is success in the damage to nine not only assessing the damage would call for some changes if. >>reporter: the insurance people and contractors could be senses and the damage on we to drive the it team or a truck
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which is still here of control and literally wrapped inside off the home never say the crash was knocked out power felt like an earthquake was worse pay rectus and various after the first crash but they were simply mowed down by the big reagan whose driver claims his bridge realm.
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>>pam m: the latest measurement in the sierra indicates an intel has failed to deliver the drought busting storm is the we have all been waiting for today's compact measure and this year showed 27 in. of water that is a big improvement from the 6 in. statewide the snowpack that provide much of the state's drinking water is just 83% of average water official said that as far below the level needed for recovery from california's five-year long dry spell. >>reporter: these changes are on to give us more rent for even a chance of snow as a headed to the first two weeks of march there is a little hope for the record makes some improvement.
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>>reporter: 69 and not to purchase a san jose and 60 degrees will have a few exceptions 74 degrees in pleasanton and 67 currently in the more the temperatures closer to the they will be 6 to 2 degrees by 7:00 p.m. dropping down to 59 at 8:00 p.m. the hi ron the region for tomorrow's summit will be sought to them to 71 degrees and seven in the cemetery in san jose and 72 in fremont. >>pam m: this and if san francisco shuts down the homeless encampment under the central freeway once, the latest
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super tuesday results as they come in 12 states and to the pole today we will have updates throughout the night on air and online.
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>>pam m: the tent and cameras were long division tree on the the central freeway were there and the city workers will about the campers and start to clean up the garbage along the streets. >>charles c: that had official
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said there was some 200 tents in the area of division and 13th street fall to men did the department of public health step stand and said they had to leave class of the occupants were told ahead 72 hours to the cave and this morning about 50 were pushed from the d.c. the be moved in and removed those who lead remained the homeless outreach team from the city showed up to help find shelters for those who had nowhere to go
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by 11:00 a.m. on the camps were taken down without any arrest. >>pam m: the action school officials are now taking to try and stop the spread of the north driver status next 530 and is a blockbuster day in the race for the white house super tuesday and the have the latest results next.
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>>pam m: uc-berkeley health officials are trying to stop the spread of the highly contagious and or virus those to get the virus can get very sick very quickly. >>terisa e: at uc-berkeley officials are not sure how the nor virus got here but they said that now that it is here that need to talk with the for more students to get sick this is uc- berkeley is medical director of university health services he explains the so far the have
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three confirmed cases and 29 people was sentiment he explained that the virus is like the flow but with the specific difference the doctor said that the health center and sounding the alarm throughout the community work with the environmental health services to clean some campus areas as well as corn and ephors were born in the greek system that also brought enough to social media to spread the word and a curse to the to protect themselves
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tested continue to see if there are any more cases here a uc- berkeley. >>reporter: when our rotted tracking another ronald changes as we go to tomorrow night here the systems as organizers of and will be here after even commit which is could this ticket today and wednesday with could see a little bit more shower activity going into thursday and even to fight another chance to showers where really entering into more with. over the next really two weeks to 34 cash shows that
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chance to showers over the next three days will have more details on the weekend storm coming up. >>pam m: we're monitoring the results the super tuesday and results coming in at this hour grant l: donald trump has interjected the when john cases coming in second followed by more or real tanker crews not in the top three in massachusetts and oklahoma and the projected winner but critical saw hillary clinton with about seven or six point lead over bernie sanders also calls on the republican side of home track with a slight lead over cruise a rebel in oklahoma, trumbull the victory
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projected victory just 7% the replacing supporting but still awarded a donald trump tech, as well will move on to virginia for hillary clinton has been projected a pretty large winner over bernie sanders and virginia. catherine h: months ago with her in the hillary clinton is the projected winner of the democratic nomination in arkansas and the results for the alabama and tennessee primary is come in down the trunk the projected helleri clinton the projected one of the democratic side money sanders coming in
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significantly behind her and in the republican sidetracked again for trucks significantly ahead of crucial was in second place rubio and third-place and baddest of a for a small percentage reporting. catherine h: 4 on the republican side same-store donald trump of significantly ahead of his two rivals donald trump's success with evangelicals that is expected to help him down and make those numbers are expected
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to be high again. >>pam m: so far doesn't in the big surprises in the first place your same second-class c'mon out to be pretty interesting.
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>>reporter: which returns have them come from there but the surprise is the time of year earlier and a couple of state john case it is answer complaints that much of this pretty much torn with in one thought it would you do that is the time of the better than people had expected his and said in a vermont and second in massachusetts and that could be in trouble for more real who was tried to address himself as the alternative to donald trump's.
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>>reporter: one of the interesting things on super tuesday is this is the first test centers upon the started getting more aggressive than have been arguments and there's some evidence that trump's margin of victory are a little
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bit less sanders is hoping for strong numbers of minnesota called of all, massachusetts and is already run vermont.
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>>reporter: he's had the effect is doing what he wants to do so even if his support for was to try and hit a rut of the well not a threat to return to the he's doing as good as expected he will stand for nothing else than to continue to influence the debate the warriors are back at all or or arena tonight for a softer amazing of a time when over the weekend but there is the question of whether matt steph curry will play to my letters from their land, up five for defier.
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>>pam m: stones as chattel has scorned and yemen task will be asked to stop borland the stickers on their school id badges the show the image of the team ran inside of a circle with a line drawn to rent about a dozen students start to worry them last month the first school district said they were protected by free-speech rights of after some students protested the school says it is asking that the stick is removed while the matter is under investigation.
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>>pam m: and s.i. featured article gives an exclusive look hand side of the unique team dynamic.
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>>reporter: this is the first tile and the stain has played on the course of late january to have the all-star break in the one on the arduous road trip to records are played to my if one the one to stage and surpassed chicago's seventh to win season the best record in basketball also if they went to nine and thursday in oklahoma city that will tie the mark for the longest home when streak of 44 games he was on to play when he
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had practiced the last two days the expecting word on 545 6:00 when coach turned address the media to the ftc's staff and those pregame warm they've
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already made the playoffs now is just about securing the no. 1 seed. >>reporter: there was also the the much respected headed to tomorrow track and manage and into wednesday night as it pushes to thursday and the lingering showers throughout the day once again toward the evening sky and then we'll also sequel conditions and more rainfall this test for shows us
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a little patchy fog to start within the cause to continue to increase heading into the rest of the afternoon. >>reporter: will see another round of shower activity between 7 and 8:00 p.m. on thursday and then as we head into friday it was the driving force but by friday evening was another round of showers scare
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the hi ron region tomorrow so the getting closer 74 tassel's all the changes and will be another one that more than a this time you have two wins and i will seem a little bit more rain moving in the temperatures it is time to close look at the ski report.
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>>: i am so delighted to be here with you in florida minute of a lifetime to travel to all the states to tell people about the candidate they know into the hundreds of thousands of people now this campaign move forward to the crescent city the motor city and beyond this country
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belongs to all bust america is strong when we're all strong we
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have to make america whole and we have to fill in an will have to make strong the brokers places to restructure the bonds of trust and respect across our country now and might be unusual as said before for the presidential candidate to say this but we're going to keep saying in i believe what we made in america today is more loves and kindest.
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>>: trying to divide america between us and them is wrong we
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all have to do our part but unfortunately to many of those of the most welcome and the most power in this country today seem to have forgotten that a basic truth about american. >>pam m: she is running so far on super tuesday with much more news ahead we will be right back.
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>>pam m: to happen that an antioch in february of last year and that antioch mother has fought a wrongful death civil rights lawsuit against the contra costa county sheriff's office she's plain why she believes her son did not have to die that day. >>haaziq m: the closure is talking about her son toward were shot to death and their antioch apartment from a confrontation with deputies from the contra costa county sheriff's office she called the shares off looking for help with the sun who was suffering from some sort of mental illness the
6:02 pm
genetics of the missing impaired person to act in a reasonable way because they're likely to be exposed and there might be are controlled the to the nature of the illness and have.
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>>pam m: this after to should adjust to the one involving a team who was killed the 14 year- old boy has been identified as a savior muckland and freshman john f. kennedy high school he was shot yesterday morning on the rich and green went trail and pronounced dead at the same as it occurs in our helicopter partnership with abc seven the shooter is still loose and then yesterday afternoon of 25 young men shot and wounded nearby the word among the two incidents are connected. >>pam m: the most serious
6:04 pm
charges carry the possibility of tenures as they present realize also at the hall of justice with more on this story tonight. >>dan k: the district attorney says instances like these make all cops and all law enforcement officers and all share the deputies look bad it is here on the seven for the san francisco county jail when last march prosecutor sale to locations that is forced and mystified each other for their own pleasures prosecutors said that is threatened a bishop did not comply he faces a felony and is
6:05 pm
accused of forcing and mystified the dipody eugene jones's charge to two felonies and is also a less 2/4 and rectify an epic clifford has been charged with two misdemeanors for allegedly being present during the fight and do nothing to stop the. >>dan k: senses a new share of the key hennessy says to the for stan office to britain to increase accountability in her apartment,
6:06 pm
in addition to that the share sister plants to improve training especially for supervisors and managers also oversee the deputies. >>pam m: it is super tuesday voters from 12 states making their voices heard on who the one in the white house long lines across the nation adjutancy these videos from virginia and from taxes the results are still coming in tonight. catherine h: in just moments ago we learned the republican ted cruz is the projected winner and taxes the first time we've heard his name to track of what people
6:07 pm
said he was going to be over if he did not win his home state but he is the projected winner in texas tub clinton the projected winner on the democratic side and clinton and texas revenue and remember taxes is the crown jewel because it is a huge number of delegates to be had that is the latest on the numbers and thus take a look of some of the other members and all of them on the democratic side and again the same to name to keep coming up hillary clinton has will head a bernie sanders and dow trump will have his rivals haven't clinton went
6:08 pm
ahead on the republican side again trump but at least one more name in the masthead cruse the projected winner and taxes began it really was believed that he had to win in texas tonight and he did. grant l: where going to mark live. >>: these things are non- negotiable the adoption of the tax will you take sides when you
6:09 pm
take sides with israel and friends of the sediments and he said he is not taking sides donald trump says he is not taken sides it was to be impartial. >>: for the first time in eight years we will have a president did follow the constitution not violated every day and it will begin my first an office because of my first day in office i am on to cancel every single one of
6:10 pm
president obama is unconstitutional executive order. >>pam m: of course he is not winning any of these races so far nor is he really place in as many stasis he hoped in second place to die when nonetheless he is addressing his supporters and for. >>reporter: with an watching the races it would mark or repeal has given his speech to supporters that come to supper for him to nine if you have to look who's smiling and is wanted texas senator ted crews not
6:11 pm
because he has a wide spread victories across the country right now projecting oklahoma and texas but these two states to really do make the contest between him and got some he cannot claim a single state that he's carried florida will be looking to march 15th to design the two weeks away and but even then the polls still show and floor for that matter that donald trump has a sizable lead in track as in florida tonight. >>reporter: this on a bottle or the delicate thing awarded to map the trump had overwhelming victories in states like georgia
6:12 pm
and when virginia and is massachusetts these other states the the really hard to see how you could not consider donald trump still the front- runner after tonight even in arkansas right now more or will be is down by a thousand votes but it is still about complete. >>pam m:. grant l: other than that helleri clinton is cleaning up as projected must take a look for some the results we had we have virginia were held a clinton has won decisively than a truck when it for the republicans if we have those graphics -- from the
6:13 pm
one in five states so far but he did not when oklahoma taprooms takes oklahoma that was just called the which is projected for 10 cruise with and move on with the graphics to oklahoma were 10 cruise has just interjected the winner bernie sanders and hillary clinton close in oklahoma the this was just called was only 29 percent of the precincts reporting the 10 cruise on to second state after taking his home state of texas massachusetts and new
6:14 pm
england certainly sanders have lost support the clinton with the league right now in massachusetts clinton winning a sixth its trump winning five states so far on the super tuesday. >>pam m: we hear from the bay area man back home from hawaii after a truck slammed into his home what he is demanding tonight. ♪
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>>pam m: the owner of the home and san carlos they're demanding for the first time to return from vacation he described the damage the city take steps to take large trucks off the narrow winding streets where he fears a somewhat later someone might be hurt.
6:18 pm
>>pam m: he will rebuild but he will consider a move after what happened the driver of the runner rick since his prick failed. >>pam m: we're here to details on the latest survey information. catherine h: the server is not awful but it is really way of what they've been hoping for pam the elemental stop living up to predictions is going to produce a lot more rain and snow than usual this particular spot
6:19 pm
action look pretty good to the survey team but they said statewide the percentages of average precipitation their fallen short. catherine h: the measure interest of better much better this time this last year and it might not be a drop busting year but that is less rescinded very heavy rain this month like the so-called march miracles of 1991 and 1995.
6:20 pm
>>reporter: it is not just a tomorrow night and even as we can win track multiple chances for to get more rain and snow and really needed for starting to fall behind the curve tree and the high average a close look at what to expect. >>reporter: this is the nexus of fun to organize itself and that is what will make it here we had into wins the night your commit to work to mount ill- defined men we saw was close to
6:21 pm
5:00 a.m. another ramos and closer to 8:00 p.m. you notice is to be really liked have been strained fall when sennight act as a disappointed by showers will see another round of light showers and into friday the hyatt on the recent war with pretty similar to what we saw today.
6:22 pm
>>pam m: you can down load the mobile application is the number-one source the company tried to send a decision to refuse the fbi's order. >>gabe s: this is members of congress on the committee both sides try to learn about this edition they said appleton as it can only into ways in the supreme court or the legislation that she did ask was
6:23 pm
this to the committee san the critical to break into locked phones and whenever we followed the wrong hands on the, to the refusal to pay paul with fbi of the marketing stunt the fbi also
6:24 pm
testified at the hearing complained it why so forth and to get into this foam will tear from tonight. >>pam m: a big help scare on the campus of uc-berkeley house officials are spreading the word about a narrow five this outbreak and our super tuesday coverage continues political communications consultant.
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6:26 pm
>>pam m: and they're trying to stop the spread of a more vibrant so far there 3 confirmed cases and 29 students with the no. 5 seconds helped experts say that the virus attack the pasture and test a system making people very sector quickly.
6:27 pm
the doctor said there coordinating efforts with the environment and health services to deplaned, mary campus as well as the dorms and restore the internet and how to separate their planning efforts are super tuesday coverage continues political communications consultant randy chandelle live in history as a result to come in + the warriors back in action at oracle a live report from the floor had to match the game and british open back to tell us when the rain will come back to bay area.
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>>pam m: toast this water on whole event to become the nominee for the democratic and republican party in the race for the white house right now as a diplomat who clinton of the don trump grant l: cavernous and is also
6:31 pm
winning his second state tech in oklahoma in addition to his home state of vermont focal home goes to cruise and sanders, trump tech charging the of the law to microbial who has yet to win a state and things are not talking grit on the stoop to stay down what trump really is rolling the to go through the of the states to have shown results and we do have oklahoma.
6:32 pm
grant l: to cruise does when tuesday on the democratic side hillary clinton during extremely well. >>pam m: the cash.... >>: imagine what we can build together as a chance to live up to as a herd own god-given potential i should also point
6:33 pm
that bernie sanders earlier talk to supporters and sounded pretty optimistic trauma obviously when there but texas more recently helleri contain the projected winner there and a huge lead over bernie sanders.
6:34 pm
>>reporter: he is one taxes and now oklahoma case is the abandonment expected in vermont and massachusetts and he wants to send to march 16th of ohio for review is finishing in second and most the state's the
6:35 pm
lally of canada stated in the longer the debate had and will go down into the gutter and that is not good for republicans in november. >>reporter: i was able present this point have a lot to be and just about and not necessarily
6:36 pm
supporting and because they love her and the supporting her because they're getting frightened the donald trump may be the nominee as a prize a better chance of winning would
6:37 pm
you want to have an november is for us to call before we announce the outcome as the winner the second place finisher and republican is 13 primaries and caucuses.
6:38 pm
>>reporter: it is to the storm system that organizes cell from the year by tomorrow 9 by 5:00 p.m. when starting to see to the north to santa rosa and some of the showers with to get to san francisco to 11:00 even a little bit later was a lingering showers and to the thursday morning the temperature to keep dropping will say in the '50s on sunday will have and a lot of the 74 cast.
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>>: really urging the sauna and heat have thousands of employees of the country and all of the world but the purpose of to nine was to tell the country and his
6:42 pm
band to a beautiful to watch this company grow their leaders and to small for our leaders and they did not have a clue and the trade deficit set for hundred million dollars and $500 billion to to much no country can sustain that type of trade deficit for low taxes and the
6:43 pm
middle class's. >>pam m: not every step predicted nonetheless how big winner tonight for donald trump across many of the super tuesday states will have more coming up tonight.
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>>gary: of course time to change but still in the magazine john and the question tonight have if this or what to plan did not move around during the morning practice again everyone wants to
6:48 pm
know. >>: this is the first time that an action center theater on saturday night against oklahoma city when he nailed a 38 ft. game winner the camera and
6:49 pm
addressed the forefront yesterday and he apologized to the scene and today we have players.
6:50 pm
>>: 7 tie at 44 consecutive homelands set by the bulls in the '90s. >>gary: no steph curry to nine a couple more and results of the
6:51 pm
star the superbowl bet known as the franchise tax on them they're not giving him what he won and which is a multi-year deal.
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>>pam m: to help scientists study the effects space travel on the human body is is part of the call to make sure astronauts can handle a trip to mars after he led until the phone to should tomorrow to undergo physical and scientific tests kelly is now spent the muscular to time and space of an american in history. >>pam m: it is the inside of all five attempts and that doesn't seven third half and then we're back with the news and talk
6:55 pm
>>reporter: is trundling into thursday morning were also see another round thursday evening friday another chance for showers and then saturday night into sunday that is a strong storm will get here and have temperatures and give us a chance of heavy rain. >>pam m:we will see you back at 8pm
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"the insider," counting down the biggest stories tracking today. number one, erin andrews' testimony in tears over her peeping tom scandal. >> everybody thought that i was doing it for publicity. it ripped me apart. >> plus erin forced to relive her violation in court, is she still being victimized? an>>inside the lady gaga effect. how her oscar "survivor" song encouraged another star to open up about her own assault. and number three, bachelor ben higgins breaks big news. >> i am engaged.
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you don't know how much stress and weight that is, finally. plus our "insider" bonus. meet elizabeth hasselbeck's replacement. >> good morning. it is 3:31. >> we're with ainsley earha for her wild first day at fox and frie can she live up to the high expectations? >> i feel like i've been working my whole life for this. now hollywood from the inside ou it's "the insider" together with yahoo! and bachelor star emily maynard is opening up to us. we're inside her north carolina home where she's revealing everything from her tabloid struggles to her chil paralysis and what she's never told anyone about the of her fiance. top sports reporter erin


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