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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 1, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>pam m: it is the biggest day of the 2016 primary season super tuesday thousand voters and a dozen states minute to the poll today into names have repeatedly come out on top of every continent on the trump or tied in the grips of the democratic and republican president nomination clinton and a campaign rally in miami florida and trump and palm beach florida tonight we bring you team coverage and start with vicki liviakis.
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>>: they're declaring more or will be of the big loser of the night which is true vicki liviakis: they are amazing he won ga. alabama tennessee virginia and massachusetts you heard earlier to congratulating for winning taxes but said that he was the big loser even though it is early on but he is ahead at this point in minnesota to cruise the other hand asking republicans and the president to raise who have not won in the primaries to prefer to consider dropping out to the front of trump from winning the nomination crew scorned a must win victory in his home study also one neighboring oklahoma
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and supporters in houston that his campaign is now the only one that can stop trump. >>pam m: it has been a big night for hillary clinton but not a sleek. catherine h: helleri clinton going into super tuesday huge lead in the polls the expectation she will walk away tonight with an is to mount believe bernie sanders is still in there pitching absolutely refusing early tonight there were sounding very much like a presumptive nominee and taking aim at the republican mr.
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clinton's ninth so far strong support is sent to the super tuesday victories in georgia and virginia tennessee arkansas was to the first recourse and alabama and texas she was expected to do their wellness out is a very strong support of minority voters in taking a look to bernie sanders he did when his home state of vermont we will hear more from sanders coming up and we are following seven as yet undecided races.
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>>pam m: former political reporter now polemical communications consultant if he gets to the convention was summoned amazing people were supported him that would not be right to not give him the nomination. >>reporter: donald trump on the other hand is doing the same thing trying to present the softer side to that is more appealing to independence and democrats they're the big losers
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to nine descended no matter what they have done so far there proved to be all but irrelevant the first person and/or jim bush gone. >>reporter: he is calling for marco to drop out but of course you would like to cruise for java and they're both like jon casey to drop out and none of that is going to happen there
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was always the possibility that hillary clinton will get in trouble legally if that does not happen clearly she is a great summoning. >>pam m: in the last 24 hours police in richmond have arrested for known gang members this comes after two murders in three days this of the mug shots of those individuals the city most recent, involve the 14 your boy the have not directly link the suspect to the case but they do said the car they were and has been linked to recent shooting case since the suspect carpeting 21 of 24 years old two
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loaded guns were taken off the street as well. >>j.r.stone: some of those and spoke with this afternoon on the richmond city council meeting directly behind in making the voices be heard and said the community here should be of rage that 14 your who was killed should have been on his way to mississippi with his family to start new and fresh that would happen today but certainly will not happen. class is a family members of 14 what is a democrat and say his smile will not be forgotten--it is a beer muckland hand >>j.r.stone: he was a still and
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the kennedy high school of the police say he had not attended class for some time tuesday family and friends showed up at the location where he was killed some made signs of a slab flowers and many remember his cousin at the some of those stops. you did hear pam talk
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about the suspect to have been arrested and again for them now behind bars all the known gang members but they have not been directly linked to this latest crime. >>pam m: 3 san francisco share of deputies are facing charges after they allegedly forced to miss to fight one another while in custody in the county jail former deputies and card packaging gel that clifford chiba has been charged with connection with the alleged jailhouse by club prosecutors
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say arrest warrants had been issued for the three deputies the accord is have been set for their arraignment would like to have the game with reaction from the fans that have to be disappointed. >>jeff b: thousands have come
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out here tonight to see the warriors play several was hoping to see stuff played tonight but everyone agrees that we need to let him feel completely before he goes back on the competition you have to do was right for the team a lot of disappointed fans that room and talked to tonight i hope and he well enough to play in thursday night's game
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ahead tonight the popular gun range on the verge of being shut down the fight over the castro valley gun range + purchasing tobacco and san francisco might become a little more difficult for someone to tell you why and the cleanup continues to move homeless encampment off the streets of san francisco.
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>>pam m: they said they have now identified the man who was swept out to sea from the beach in half moon bay yesterday afternoon that call triggered a mass of air search and more to the aircraft invoked the continued into late monday evening and around 11:00 p.m. the wire family contacted authorities then found his chief and the beach parking lot the also searched the coastline here
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on tuesday there is a very popular spot which beachgoers and surfers piece of tear for decades in said the ocean can be treacherous new tonight in san francisco you now have to be 21 or older in order to buy tobacco. >>pam m: there will be given one year there were some rain in our
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forecast letter on this week that another day of of whether. >>reporter: it is in pretty nice for but it's been really dry and now we're going to switch out of the bed like a small night where track the rain as it headed to thursday from the minds want to linger 61 of redwood city 62 degrees in san jose a close look of the san licardo shot the systems wanted a little more organized tomorrow we'll start
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off a loss of sunshine a backdrop today another round of really like showers by 8:00 p.m. strong wind speeds expected possibility of flooding to small 66 degrees and santa rosa 74 cash shows then we have a few chances of the the showers and ran over the next weekend.
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>>pam m: we have nearly 50 city workers moving the campers out that canada has been a continuing issue the office issued the order occupants forgiven three days to pack up that was a week ago they have since started cleaning up the garbage and clearing the sidewalks in the area still ahead tonight the crews continued to clean up debris after a truck slammed into home in san carlo.
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>>pam m: in the house judiciary committee over the issue of a corruption and what to do with the locked i found that is used by the san bernardino terrorist map in december that killed 14 people.
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>>gabe s: this was members of congress and both sides try to learn about the issue in this will lead to a second action to settle this dispute fbi director and the committee told the understand the essence of the issues with the old to the families of the 14 killed in the terrorist attack in san bernardino to fully investigate this kind chest.
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>>gabe s: this is not a marketing issue that is a way of demanding the other side of the argument we don't care of build boards to stock of the security without ads and marketing in corruption where the on this because we think and protecting the security and privacy of hundreds of millions of users is the right thing to do. >>pam m: will bring you the
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results from super tuesday.
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>>pam m: it was heavily damaged by a big regret the truck on monday is now demanding that those types of trucks be banned from the neighborhood he returned home from vacation in hawaii to find his home near the destroyed it happened on windsor drive 1 and 18 will gravel truck lost control on monday ripping off the side of the home he says
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he would demand the city take steps to keep those large trucks off of-st in that area of a health alert tonight on the campus of uc-berkeley official said several students so far there are three confirmed cases and 29 students with nor virus symptoms mickey of people very sick and very quickly symptoms typically last about 48 hours official said that are coordinating their efforts to the impetus to be the nation's next leader more catalytic converter stolen from bart stations howe please plan to crack down on the thieves plus
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automatic a video of a woman trapped outside at a cornell sweet by and hear from the woman as she talks about how she survived.
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>>pam m: we are continuing to track the results from super tuesday, trump and hillary clinton dominated tonight's races so are the president's nominees finally said probably not the national correspondent with a track and the numbers will live in washington d.c. tonight. >>reporter: even now in his later in the last seconds we saw the minnesota is on to be called for vermonter bernie sanders the which is when carlton the last hour this comes at a vermont oklahoma to what hillary clinton did have a very strong night across the board from the state in the democratic party voted it is interesting than bernie sanders has forced this in his pocket would not necessarily expecting to have those winds this late in the game tonight but we have to talk about the republican race. >>reporter: the florida center
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explains his first victory in the race so far and will mature minnesota caucus and is also being called with the last hour so it was looking ok in virginia but he pulled ahead troubling freewill across the doing well in georgia and alabama tenancy is a list they stepped from looking to do well and he did deliver on that when n.c. votes and a few other states florida is going to be so much in contention you could fill it these can this man is will move to miami because they realize how much is up for grabs and the
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sunshine state the last debate with the gop candidates have a big influence on at least nibbling away and possibly some of don trump to voters. >>reporter: some tonight instead of having the big rally the crews had or real had assam's tell clinton hit with a press conference reported that his resort in florida and gives us a little different perspective it was trying to change the negative way into the inevitable talk more of the presentation donald trump may have to change its strategy a little bit not allow he's still the front lawn of his leading
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intelligence it will pick a plan of delegates tonight but in terms of what comes next in florida you have to be ready for just about at. catherine h: senator bernie sanders said he is an ad for long-haul he's not talking about that type of history just did he talk to support early tonight and vermont his campaign has many enemies but will persevere
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was what the standards nine so far he won an home state of vermont the cab hillary clinton from sweeping the south by winning the oklahoma primary but look at this come surprises just a few minutes ago and is projected winner in colorado and in minnesota and that is a bit of a surprise for some alabama and texas and we are following some undecided races no declared democratic grammar and the massachusetts and colorado with no republican winner in arkansas alaska. and alaska >>pam m: vicki liviakis is backed she have the latest numbers from the gop side of super tuesday and. vicki liviakis: unless several
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states that are still up in the air it was not a clean sweep senator ted accrues picking oklahoma as well as his home state of texas that is wrapped up rallied again the numbers so far standup like this cruise as a said earlier when in his home state in taxes next door open home also one reminder that i will caucuses last month and is about as archrival speaking to his supporters tonight is hr bridge is and in the gop will be a mistake that a truck on the other hand, about the super tuesday when i see one of the
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folks in georgia and alabama and tennessee virginia and massachusetts with in the last hour had arkansas he congratulated 10 cruise for winning taxes but to the sweet marker will build said he is the biggest loser but not so fast. >>pam m: so he goes on the campaigns and least through
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march 15th and that is with his home state floor vote i was presumed he bows out but that will be the clinton thinking of the commercial thinking has not won the day this year all the things he said over the last few months about mexicans and muslims and women had people with handicaps some to charge the republican consultant for real and proves another did not bring this up far sooner they
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were very very similar will be clinton is changing some of her positions on issues because bernie sanders has pulled her with the success one of young voters will want to check in
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with the weather of live look outside from our embarcadero time on this to the evening what a beautiful glistening sitting we 1158 come in the more we go
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to the rest of tonight temperatures will stay in the mid '50's so most locations will start to get down to low 50s and push into the 2:00 hour by 11:00 most locations in the low 50s hi ron the region for tomorrow 68 degrees and 69 degrees and not the 66 a santa rosa.
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>>pam m: there's been a rash of robberies at the east bay station while the drivers park their cars for the day these have been stealing the catalytic converter from underneath the vehicle. >>reporter: catalytic converters are hot commodity these days there was stolen from on the part of our station on monday and just last week for were stolen from vehicles parked at the north berkeley bart station these console this convertors a scrap yard and make a quick dollar the what is inside of them is what is really expensive to use a device that can be bought and cash bid could help prevent deaths he says for
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the victim replacing a converter can be expensive insurance companies normally cover the cost the decline has full coverage. >>pam m: the defense attorney could be heading to your home town will explain after the break
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>>pam m: the fate of the chabot got clobbered castro valley this decision made about an hour ago the east regional park said the ground that range is so
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contaminated with lead from the bullet that it would be irresponsible to keep open open and long hair for the 5000 people a year you to chabot gun club and even longer force was one number of bay area they are hitting the road for a series called a conversation on making
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a matter. >>pam m: the mri results and from hunter pence and his aching there would say how the rev. is doing to have all the sports coming up.
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>>pam m: choose to buy the tornado she had dismissed her bed checks delivered to a local hardware store when the storm hit security cameras caught video for coming up to the door and calling on them the coke
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machine followed their lead no words to explain how she managed to survive. >>gary: no steph curry no andre iguodala el with the sports illustrated the tip off against a land of the title of this is a movement the warrior ant toward nba history will on as we said it would and they doing without two of the better players there
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of the 11 halftime vs. atlanta.
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>>gary: the violence policy and the stem from alleged incident there were now in the nfl the franchise keg the superable 50 mvp as one year he jump on a
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trampoline and there's the on of the clippers and then he went up and slam dunk he promised and the receiver free pair of red sneakers and a good for one down and so now everyone in attendance of 20,000 there the young owner who actually is doing 37 years of age and after you saw the there is the author of america's grisly he did like the way in issues today he
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showed up along with teammate on a horse named can the table three luxury vehicles and is your memory as to the board to on december prompted the into it he strolled and on a horse and candy on super tuesday at all
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our brand data we will be right back with more. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. >>pam m: the company says no illnesses have been reported at this time in connection with the
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recall to nationwide recent testing but said and i were reveals listeria to the suspended production and distribution for the call to the problem and determine the city of san francisco still all the late apple co-founder steve jobs $174 at the of a pay for parking ticket the city officials have identified about 200,000 of unpaid tickets between 1995 and 2012 while the san francisco much of a transit does not clarify whether you have to be alive to receive your money there is a deadline of march the third to claim your turn otherwise the money goes back to san francisco.
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>>reporter: there is rain in the forecast finally over the next couple of days there is a lot a few chances to the rain will not move in for the morning or evening commute the best chance to have my come saturday night and sunday morning. >>reporter: we hope to see you then news weather and sports to always stay in touch
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